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You're always going on about how great Michelle is but you've totally overlooked the interview in which she blatantly engages in erasure of NB people

do you mean the interview where she blatantly catches herself and Pearl and goes onto be like “actually, well, grey areas” in regards to their discussion about gender? that interview? 

(you know that a lot of people still haven’t heard of non-binary gender at all, right? which isn’t necessarily their fault, simply a lack of education?)

she was as supportive of non-binary genders in that interview as I could hope anyone her age who isn’t involved with LGBT politics to be, stop looking for reasons to write off celebrities man, she’s got more to learn but she means well and she’s making an effort

(it’s like how Moffat has been super vocal about canonical non-binary Doctor recently, but still doesn’t seem to understand that singular ‘they’ pronouns are a thing. it’s not any kind of malice on his part, simply a lack of education, I bet if someone sat down and explained it to him, he’d be like “oh my god thank you this helps my brain so much I’ve been in pronoun hell”) 

you have to make accommodations for the older generation and what they know about these kind of things, and look more at intent, I’m not going to participate in Tumblr’s fucked up “this person did one bad/not-perfect/ideal thing and they’re Toxic Forever” culture

Soft looks and touches

Summary: Y/N and Tom are starring in a romantic comedy together and when on Jimmy Kimmel Y/N can all but recall things Tom does and how they link to a memory

A/N: So the italics are flash backs but there small and in the middle of sentences if this makes sense fantastic if not let me know! 

You enter through the curtains and Tom has a hand on the small of your back, guiding you to the sofas where he sits on one of the blue ones and you sit on the other. He only removes his hand when you give him a reassuring smile and a pat on the hand that still sizzles from your own touch. He greets Jimmy for the both of you, he starts firing question straight away at both of you.

“So…” he starts rubbing his hands together so fast that he could cause a fire, “…this movie looks amazing but its different am I correct?” You, being the less experienced look to Tom for the answer like most Sunday mornings when you lay wrapped in each others body in a heat haze of your New York apartment, you’ll look into those exact brown eyes and ask questions like “what’ll happen next” or “you really think that?” “We decided to put a different spin on it yeah, my brother Harry had a really big part in the production and Y/N is just so creative you know? She’ll be up at two in the morning just brainstorming on this massive white board she has in her apartment.” With that the audience laughs and so does Jimmy but so does Tom. And this ripples around her mind like a woodpecker waking them up when they visit his family back in London. The rain splats on his bedroom window and she lays displayed in his arms like art and it hit him in that moment that he wanted to paint her but paint her future on her body for everyone to see. To flaunt marriage on her finger, a child on her stomach and Tessa’ s lead around her wrist but mainly his hands burnt into her hips. 

“So Y/N you were a small time actor if I’ve got that correct how is fame hitting you so far?” He enquires with a wink, bowing her head with a blush splashed on her cheeks she answer back with a wobble to her velvet tone. “It’s umm insane, I’m quite a closed person so when they told me to you know make my Instagram account open and my snap chat open it was strange. Then I had to post more and welcome hate accept it.” A lump form in her throat at the flicker of a memory she long hoped to forget but a trailing hand on hers sees to push it back to her mind. His fingers curl around hers in the same way as before, ‘Y/N isn’t pretty enough for the role’ the words were burnt in the news article and were the match to light the tears dripping down her face. Not knowing where to go she stands, paces, sits on the balcony for two hours until Tom comes how and finds her in her state of void where no one can reach her and she clings to rail like its the only this bounding her to Earth. A hand curls towards her and she clings to it.

After an hour of interviews they were roped into playing beer pong on live TV and Tom can’t throw to save his live but her on the other hand had gotten Jimmy’s team two parts drunk just by her throws alone. His hands rest on her hips and each time she he misses a head falls to her shoulder and a kiss is pressed into her skin before her go. They stood in an English pub surrounded by Tom’s old family and friends all for the Christmas holidays. She was deep in conversation with his mum when they heard cheering in the corner of the bar, giving a confused look curiosity ropes them to where Tom and his dad are almost chugging down beer after beer. Not in the families nature everyone laughs and Tom seems to glide over to her where she is ordering a coke, his hands slide over her hips in the black body con she sports. “Drunk by any chance?” She whispers, he giggles and right now she thinks he looks beautiful, heavy lids, pouty lips and flushed cheeks he simply kisses her shoulder and stumbles back to his contest that he does not win…

Let me know what you think, did you get a poetry vibe if so did you like it or not let me know, lots of love xx 

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Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Derek has like amnesia and doesn't remember the pack but somehow he acknowledges Stiles as his mate and thinks the rest are threats, do you happen to know what fic it is? Thank you, have a nice day

til-i-change-my-luck thinks it might be this one! (these tags are whispering sweet nothings to me, this fic may have to be my bedtime story tonight) -Emmy

Fault Line by MadcapRomantic

(11,869 I Explicit I Complete)

When Derek comes to, his head hurts.

No, hurts is the wrong word. It’s not strong enough. His head feels like it’s being split in two, down the middle. His ears are ringing, and his vision is blurred.

But despite it all, strong and crisp and clear, is the underlying scent of home, pack, and mate.


fujisan-ni-noboru-hinode submitted:

So I’ve got something I think you’ll really like if you haven’t seen it already Enrique, it’s a very underrated Russian military film from 1998 called Checkpoint. It’s a favorite of mine and I’ve seen it many times and I thought you’d like it, too. It’s free, with pretty decent English subtitles, on YouTube!

Directed by Aleksandr Rogozhkin, the film follows a squad of Russian soldiers, stationed to operate an isolated road checkpoint, guarding the route from a remote local village to an old Muslim graveyard, for 46 days, somewhere in Chechnya. It’s a very personal film where you’ll come to know the characters, like a Russian version of the Vietnam sequence of Full Metal Jacket.

The men battle against boredom, hostile and threatening locals, shady individuals who wander to the checkpoint looking to trade, and occasional sniper fire, as well as against their own army itself, as they are under a legal investigation for the shooting of a civilian on a previous mission.

I’m this film you may be able to draw a lot of similarities between the attitude that came of the Russian presence in Chechnya and the Caucasus and the attitude that went along with the U.S. involvement in the Middle East. Plus, the Russians were conscripted into the military without choice, so you can see the resentment as they go about their mission.

Being soldiers of the Post-Soviet Russian Army, you’ll see many a recognizable uniform, weapon, and vehicle, including but not limited to the:

SVD & SVU Dragunov
GP-25 Grenade Launcher
AGS-17 “Plamya” Grenade Launcher
RPG-7,18, and 26
RGD-5 Grenade
TM-62 Anti-Armor Mines
UAZ-469 4x4

It’s a very good film and I hope you guys check it out!

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Hope you get everything done ❤ Um so I was looking through your mole tag to find this picture if ksoo when in the vlive+ where he was cutting something (???) And you could see the moles on his back and neck and it looked like Orion's belt I'm sorry it might sound weird thank you

i think it’s even more weird that i know exactly what you’re talking about and it’s just like a couple seconds in a video

omg i just remembered the most hilarious thing.

a couple of months ago i went to the grocery store right after work so i was still wearing my blue scrubs. i wasn’t getting much so i didn’t have a basket or anything. anyway it was really busy and i was walking down one of the aisles when i hear someone behind me yell “EXCUSE ME!” and i ignored it because although it was busy, i wasn’t really near anyone or blocking anyone’s path so i was certain she couldn’t be talking to me. 

for like 2 minutes straight i hear this lady’s yell escalate to a scream and she keeps saying “EXCUSE ME!?” finally i turn around thinking i must be in someone’s way, and she is pissed. she looks at me and says “um. do you know where the rice crispy treats are?” i’m a little confused and i say “no?” 

she’s like “you don’t? you really don’t?” like getting even more mad and of course i am still confused like “no ma’am i don’t.” i see her look me up and down and she’s like “oh. you don’t even work here.” 

“no ma’am i work at the hospital, i’m just grocery shopping like everyone else.”

omg she was so mad.

first dates w/ mark lee

• ok so
• you’re at the mall just minding your own business
• (looking at your phone and not knowing where you’re going tbh)
• when you bump into this boy
• and that’s how you end up with a smoothie all over your shirt
• you’re kind of dazed still from the collision
• but when you snap out of it
• there’s this adorable boy in front of you apologising repeatedly
• avoiding your gaze but you can see the blush on his cheeks
• and you can feel your heart skipping a beat when you make eye contact with him because he’s actually so adorable???

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Do you know please how to do a border in ps which is not around the image but a little bit of space at the top and sides? maybe with a dotted line please? I looked in your tutorials but couldn't see anything similar.

ok i’m not sure if this is what you’re asking for but 

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Why I Like You - Peter Parker

summary : Y/N is known to be ‘popular’ because of her looks, but no one knows just how sweet and smart she truly is. Except for Peter Parker.

word count : 1.7k+

warnings : nervous peter, shy peter, flustered peter,

pairing / characters : peter parker x reader, Liz Allen, Ned

prompt : “Could you write a Peter Parker imagine where the reader is like best friends with Liz and is really pretty and nice but she’s also super smart and Peter has a crush on her? I love your writing btw❤️ “ -anon

A/N : well thank you lovely anon! I hope I did this request justice. :D lol I hate this so much but I hope you guys like it.

master list | requests | prompt list

Originally posted by tom-is-bae

Everyone thought of Y/N as the prettiest girl in school, well next to Liz Allen she was the second prettiest girl in the school. Most people just liked her for her looks, but Peter Parker? He liked her because he knew that she was a kind, and smart girl on the inside.

Y/N stood with Liz in the lunch line, talking about her latest book idea. Liz nodded along, listening to her friend. She was kind of listening, but kept glancing behind her friend. A few feet away at a pretty empty lunch table, sat Peter Parker and his best friend Ned. Liz had noticed that the two boys were staring at them for quite some time.

When Y/N realized that Liz was barley paying attention to what she was rambling on about, she twisted her head and saw who she was staring at. Turing back around to Liz she said, “They’re staring at you again.” The lunch line moved up and you and Liz grabbed your food.

Liz chuckled. “No, Y/N/N, I think they’re staring at you.” Y/N rolled her eyes at her friend. They walked towards their usual lunch table and sat down. “You don’t believe me?” Liz tested.

Y/N shrugged. “I think you’re just a bit crazy, Liz. Everyone knows that those two boys over there like you. Not me. You.” Liz took Y/N’s tone as a challenge to see who was really correct. Getting up, Liz left the table and started to walk over to the two boys. “Liz! Liz what are you doing?” Y/N shouted. Her friend only winked back at her.

Liz sat down right in front of Peter and Ned, grabbing their attention quickly. They both paled instantly when they saw who sat in front of them. “U-uh, L-Liz. Wh-what are you doing over here?” Peter stuttered out.

Liz chuckled. “You see my friend over there?” She turned and looked at Y/N, who was hiding her face in her hands. “We’re having a little argument over whether the two of you like me or her. I can obviously tell that one of you likes her, but who?” Her voce trailed a little as her eyes scanned over Ned, who was just staring at Liz, so her eyes landed on Peter. “Do you like Y/N, Peter? Or do you like me?”

Peter gulped. “I- uh, I um..”

“He likes Y/N!” Ned shouted. Peter quickly looked at his friend, his face turning red. Y/N’s head snapped up at the shout of her name. Liz chuckled, thanking Ned and then going back over to her own table.

“I told you.” Liz smirked. Y/N rolled her eyes. “You better go over there and talk ‘to Peter, or I’m going to have to do it for you.”

Y/N shook her head quickly. “No, no, you have done enough Liz Allen. Quite enough.” Y/N slung her bag over her shoulder and stood up from her table. Giving Liz a playful glare she walked over to Ned and Peter, who were still shocked that Liz Allen had just talked to them, so when Y/N sat down at their table? They were even more petrified.

Peter snapped out of it quickly, when he saw her raise an eyebrow at the two of them. “Y-Y/N.” He stuttered. You had to admit to yourself, but he was probably the most adorable human being that you had ever met. “Do you, do you need something?”

Y/N shrugged. “Just came over here to apologize to you guys about Liz.” Peter shook his head.

“N-no need to apologize.” Y/N gave a small smile. Ned excused himself, saying something about a project he needed to finish. Both Peter and Y/N knew he was lying, but they let him leave anyways. Peter looked back at Y/N, his eyes going over all her features.

Y/N turned back to Peter and smiled. “Is what Ned said true? About you liking me?” She asked.

Peter froze. Oh god, the girl he liked was really asking him that question. He couldn’t just lie to her, he had to tell her the truth. “Yeah, it’s- it’s true.” He said slowly. Y/N smiled a little.

“Give me your phone real quick.” She said. Peter looked taken back, but he did it anyways. He handed the device to her and she quickly typed in her phone number and address. She handed it back to him with a smile. “Swing my apartment sometime, we could hang out.” She got up from the table and left.

A week went by before Peter took Y/N up on her offer for the two of them to hang out. It was Saturday afternoon, he had just finished his morning route as Spider-Man and decided to head over to Y/N’s. He changed quickly in the elevator, and then looked for Y/N’s apartment number. It took him a few minutes to find it, but eventually he did. Taking a deep breathe he knocked on the door and waited for it to open.

Y/N swung open the front door, not expecting to see Peter standing out in the hallway. “Oh, Peter. Hi, I didn’t know you were coming over.” Y/N said. “Come in.” She stepped to the side and let Peter walk in. “Sorry the place is kind of a mess right now, I was finishing up my art project and then I lost my power for a little bit.” Y/N started to ramble on but Peter just smiled and let her talk.

She was in sweats that had paints all over them and a baggy t-shirt that also had paint on it. She looked down at what she was wearing and blushed.

“I-uh, let me go shower real quick and then I’ll be right back.” She said. Peter nodded, letting her go get herself cleaned up while he sat on the couch. She had a pretty nice place, and in his opinion it wasn’t really messy.

It took Y/N roughly fifteen minutes to get herself cleaned up and dressed before she headed out towards the living room. She through her hair up in a messy bun, tucking stray hairs behind her ears. “I have some brownies in the fridge, do you want one?” She asked Peter as she opened up the fridge.

“Uh, yeah sure, thanks.” He said. Peter thought Y/N was pretty when she dressed up and put makeup on, but seeing her in just sweats, a tank top, and bare face? He thought she looked gorgeous. Y/N put a few brownies on a plate and walked over to the couch, putting the plate on the coffee table in front of her.

“So, what brings you by Pete?” She asked as she took a bite from a brownie.

Peter coughed. “I uh, just wanted to hang out with you? Since you know, you offered and everything, last week.” His eyes darted from her to his hands which were fidgeting with his sweater.

Y/N smiled. “I didn’t think you were actually going to come over, since it did take you a week and all.” She teased him. He gave her a nervous smile which only made her smile. “Well, let me order some pizzas, grab a few movies and drinks? That sound good to you?” Y/N asked as she pulled out her phone to dial the pizza place.

While they waited for the pizza and drinks to arrive, the two teens talked about school, movies, and of course, everyone’s favorite superhero. Spider-Man.

“He’s cool I guess.” Y/N said as she leaned against her couch cushions. She watched Peter’s expression harden.

“W-why do you say that?” Peter asked, shifting in his seat. Y/N knew she hit a nerve.

The girl shrugged. “Maybe because he keeps trying to go after people he shouldn’t.” Peter’s faced softened a bit. The way he was reacting to this made her thing that maybe he knew Spider-Man…. or maybe he is Spider-Man. Y/N went to say something but their was a knock on the door, making her get up. She grabbed about twenty dollars before opening the door. Outside in the hall stood the delivery guy, holding two large pizzas with a bottle of soda in a bag. Y/N and the delivery guy traded off items and parted ways.

Peter sat up and moved his feet from the coffee table. While Y/N got napkins and glasses for the drinks he began to take some pizza. y/N walked back over and handed him a glass full of Dr. Pepper. The two ate their pizzas in silence for a few minutes, before Peter spoke up.

“Who do you think is under the Spider-Man mask?” He questioned, glancing over at Y/N.

She shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe it’s some kid who doesn’t know what they’re doing.” Her voice trailed off and she looked Peter straight in the eye. “Or maybe it’s the person sitting in front of me.” Peter stopped chewing his food. He almost stopped breathing.

What was he going to say? Was he going to lie to her? Or tell her the truth? “Umm… I um…” He mumbled, not knowing what to say.

“Your bag wasn’t zipped all he way. And I pieced it together by the way you were reacting my to answer to your questions. Not that hard o figure out.” She took another bite of her pizza. Peter sat there, surprised that she just… figured it out. “Are you going to tell me I’m wrong, or can I take you silence as a yes?” Peter stayed silent. Y/N smirked to herself.

“You, I can’t believe you figured it out, wow. Um.. wow.” He stuttered.

“I’m a smart girl, I’m not dumb like everyone thinks I am.” Y//N stated.

Peter only smiled. “That’s why I like you.”

vernon using you ↴
  • prepare for some angst guys
  • vernon was given a task by jihoon and pledis
  • to compose a song that’d be on svt’s new album
  • but vernon had no inspiration
  • he had no idea where to start
  • and jihoon was too busy writing his own songs to help him
  • “what wrong man?” 
  • mingyu looked concered
  • vernon sighed before answering
  • “I don’t even know where to start on this song”
  • mingyu sat up before asking
  • “what’s the concept you’re going for?”
  • “romance? first love? I don’t know”
  • vernon rubbed his face in stress
  • “have you even experienced those things?”
  • mingyu let out a chuckle but it didn’t ease vernon
  • “no” vernon was salty
  • how could he expect to write a love song
  • without experiencing love first hand?
  • “maybe you should try” mingyu suggested
  • “who? I have less than a week”
  • vernon’s mind was racing, desperate for ideas
  • “what about y/n?” 
  • “no, no way!” vernon shook his head
  • “come on dude, you guys have been friends for so long”
  • vernon stood silent before responding
  • “I don’t see her that way, she’s like a sister to me”
  • vernon and you had been friends for six years
  • “just try, there’s no way a male and a female can be friends that long without catching feelings”
  • mingyu was really pushing the idea
  • which only made vernon consider it even more
  • “where do I start?”
  • mingyu explained the steps to being romantic
  • he gave him tips on asking you out to lunch dates and movies
  • so vernon took his advice into action
  • he asked you out to lunch at a famous deli in seoul
  • you showed up in your best attire
  • you knew vernon was too busy for you
  • but that didn’t stop you from catching feelings for him
  • you’ve seen him in his worst moments
  • and of course a girl with a crush would dress up to impress
  • “you look amazing y/n”
  • vernon stood when he saw you
  • “thank you, not too bad yourself”
  • vernon helps you sit and pushes you in
  • you’re confused at first because he’s never done this before
  • you both were always comfortable around each other
  • and he seemed a little tense
  • “what’s wrong? are you okay?”
  • “yeah! why? I can’t treat my best friend nicely?” 
  • vernon laughed and you blushed
  • his smile lit up the whole world
  • and it sent electricity through your body
  • you and vernon ate lunch together
  • and afterwards you both went to see a movie
  • vernon paid for the popcorn and drinks ofc
  • “here” he handed you the popcorn
  • but it slipped out of your hands
  • both you and vernon bend down to collect the wasted popcorn
  • but your heads bump
  • you and vernon make eye contact 
  • and you laugh while you rub your head
  • vernon’s expression was surprising
  • he examined your smile and your eyes that lit up
  • you were beautiful
  • and for the first time, he saw you more than just a friend
  • “vernon? you okay? hit your head too hard?” 
  • you touch his forehead 
  • and he flinched underneath your warm touch 
  • you look at him confused
  • but vernon was feeling a thousand feelings all at once
  • “im sorry”
  • he clears his throat and continues to pick up the popcorn
  • vernon arrived back at the dorm
  • and mingyu perked his head up, eager for details
  • “how was it?”
  • vernon drops the keys on the table
  • “I think I like her” 
  • he couldn’t believe it himself
  • “I think I didn’t understand my own feelings”
  • vernon was in love with you
  • but he didn’t know it
  • “dude this is great! this could be a good song!”
  • days passed and vernon was spending so much time with you
  • more than usual
  • but you weren’t complaining
  • you loved when he gave you attention
  • and you couldn’t help but think he has feelings for you too
  • it was friday and vernon called you up for a day at the beach 
  • you happily agreed 
  • vernon picked you up and you both drove off
  • “the guys are meeting us there later, is that okay?”
  • “yeah that’s fine!”
  • you both arrive and vernon sets up with towels
  • you removed your shoes and headed towards the beach
  • but vernon’s hand stopped you
  • “y/n I need to tell you something”
  • your stomach dropped
  • your immediate thought was negative
  • “yes?”
  • vernon guides you to sit down on the towels he set up
  • vernon’s hair blows slightly in the wind
  • and his stare was towards the sea
  • you admired him even more
  • he cleared his throat before speaking
  • “I like you, a lot”
  • he finally turns his head and looks at you
  • you almost choke on air
  • taken aback by his blunt confession
  • but you were washed in relief 
  • “I like you too” 
  • vernon’s eyes didn’t leave yours
  • and it was only seconds before he closed the space between you
  • with a kiss
  • it was like everything you had imagined
  • everything you hoped for
  • he pulls away and rests his forehead on yours
  • you both smile at each other
  • “now lets go play”
  • he gets up and removes his shirt
  • he begins to run towards the water
  • you gave him a head start while you removed your cover up
  • but you hear vernon’s phone ding
  • “hansol! you got a text!” 
  • “check it for me!”
  • you followed his order and picked up his phone from his backpack
  • you read the message from the lockscreen
  • jihoon: so did it work with y/n? were you able to catch feelings for the song?
  • your mouth dropped
  • your hand dropped the phone
  • your heart dropped
  • everything dropped
  • tears threaten to spill from your eyes
  • everything vernon’s been doing…
  • was for a song?
  • you didn’t even want to face him
  • you grabbed your bag and slipped on your sandals
  • and you ran off the beach
  • “y/n! where are you going?!”
  • vernon runs but you’re already off the beach
  • he stops at the towels and reaches for his phone
  • he read the message and sighed heavily
  • “oh god” 
  • he threw his phone and rubbed his face
  • days passed 
  • and you kept ignoring vernon’s calls and texts
  • until vernon had enough of it
  • he went up to your place and knocked on your door
  • he wanted to get the misunderstanding clear
  • you open the door and it reveals vernon
  • but anger rises up in you as soon as you see him
  • you attempted to close the door but he stopped you
  • “let me explain myself”
  • “why? so you can use me again?”
  • he sighed before looking straight into your eyes
  • “please”
  • “three minutes”
  • you remove your hand from the door and let him in
  • “I was tasked to write a song, and I was stuck. It was supposed to be about a first love, but at the time, I had no idea it was you, until that day at the movies, when I saw the way your eyes lit up, I knew I had more than just friendly feelings towards you. And I know your feelings are way too precious and I shouldn’t have played with them, but now my feelings are real. And it took me a while to figure it out because I was so confused! But now I realize -”
  • vernon took a closer step to you and spoke softly
  • “I realized that I love you”
  • you were heartbroken his intentions weren’t real at first
  • but you knew he was being honest 
  • you could tell
  • and vernon was never good with feelings
  • he was just confused
  • and he didn’t understand
  • and you couldn’t lie to him
  • you felt the exact same way no matter how bad he hurt you
  • “I love you too”
  • you barely heard your own voice
  • but vernon sure did
  • he quickly pulled you into a hug 
  • quickly kissing you after
  • “I don’t deserve you after what i did”
  • he rubs a tear off your cheek
  • but you just smile at him
  • “of course you deserve me”
  • you sniffed and vernon smiled warmly at your cuteness
  • “I love you so much” he hugged you tight
  • “I love you too”

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requests are open!

THAT WAS SO FUN TO WRITE! I hope you guys enjoyed it! x.

Kings & Queens {Ch 4}

Summary: Six students, from six different cliques, are trapped in the same room  for Saturday detention. They cannot stand one another, but find that they are not all that different. Inspired by The Breakfast Club (1985), characters from Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass series.

Author’s Note: Decided to post early, since I finished it! It’s official. I like writing from Rowan’s POV the best….I hope you all like where this is going. Let me know what you think!

Two years ago, the summer before Sophomore year…

“Hello.”  I had been staring at her from my table for the last hour, and I finally managed to gain enough control of my thoughts to approach her.

She looked up at me, her eyes gleaming with beauty and mischief. “Hi.”

“I’m Rowan,” I stuck out my hand, and she narrowed her eyes at it before she grasped it, as if she were deciding if I was worthy.

Apparently, I was.

“Aelin,” she smiled, and her smile made me breathless. “Junior?”

“Sophomore,” I pointed to my badge the orientation leader had gifted me with. “Unfortunately.”

I had gotten held back a year, but I decided to leave that part out.

“Unfortunately?” she smirked, and I felt something in my stomach that I hadn’t for a long time. “But, I’m going to be a sophomore, too. Most people would consider you lucky, Rowan….”

I cleared my throat. “Whitethorn.”

“Whitethorn,” she finished. “Aelin Galathynius. I think you and I will get along nicely.”

And we did.

Until we didn’t.


9:05 a.m.

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Hello. Any stories where Steve and Bucky parent either a little Peter together or even grown Peter?

sure thing! these two are all i know

All Those Things You’ve Always Pined For by LavenderProse

“Steve Rogers. I haven’t thought about him in…God, at least ten years. Probably longer.“
“Who is he?” Sharon asks, and perches on the corner of his desk, hands folded in her lap. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
Bucky clears his throat, tosses the sticky note onto the desk. “Steve was…my college boyfriend. We almost got married.”

It’s been fifteen years since Bucky Barnes left Steve Rogers standing in a New York airport and never saw him again. Those fifteen years have brought him wealth and stability; everything his lower middle class Brooklyn upbringing had not provided. He is happy. He doesn’t want for anything.
He doesn’t need anything.
That’s about to change.

this is not a drive by by plutos

“God, he can’t stop smiling, and it must be infectious because a slow grin is stretching across Steve’s face, and now he’s the one looking at Bucky from up under his eyelashes and asking, “How have we not met before?”

And, really, that’s the question isn’t it.”

Otherwise known as: The Bucky Barnes Hot Dad AU or The One Where Steve Crashes All Of Bucky’s Dates Without Really Trying

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Hi! I really like your design of Hak and Yona's daughter! *_* (super cute!) can you do more drawings of her by herself?? or maybe playing with Yona and Hak? (whenever you have the time for it, course)

I’m rather fond of how she came out too. Look at this faaaaaace. 

(And in case this gets spread around, here, go take a look at the post where this pic and AU came from. There are more babies. Ha ha ha.) 

With a face like that, this little stinker can get away with anything. 

(I can’t take credit for this idea. The whole fandom can take credit for this idea, really.)

And no matter how much she spends her life on the road and roughing it up with the family, you know she’s bound to be spoiled rotten everywhere she goes. 

You know how lucky and loved you’re gonna be, Baby Thunder Dawn?

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Bucky goes to Pride with his pansexual daughter every year. They take Steve, Nat and Wanda along, and you go along with them too. Everyone of you is decked out in bi or pan colours, glitter everywhere and flags all around. The first time they go, your daughter beams with happiness; she'd been so scared to bring her datefriend back to meet her dad. He's protective though, make sure she has enough water and a visor and sunscreen. She doesn't care though, and is just happy to be accepted.

You know she’s terrified to tell him she’s pansexual. She wants to but she’s scared how he’ll react. Your daughter is dressed for pride already in her rainbow flag tank top and is hoping her father will join the both of you -and her date-in the parade. 

He’s sitting watching tv when your daughter asks if she can talk. 

He looks at her, surveying her outfit. “Where are you going?” he asks, switching the tv off. 

“The pride parade” she says, somewhat timidly. She had no idea how her father would react you know Bucky loves his daughter more than anything but he was raised with different value. He doesn’t say anything just yet because your daughter begins to ramble about her sexuality. It’s a couple of minutes later when she finally says the words.

“So what I’m trying to say is. I’m pansexual, dad” you smile proudly at your daughter who is wringing her hands nervously. Bucky nods once and you prepare yourself for the minuscule possibility Bucky has a problem with her sexuality. He stands, your daughter mirroring him before he once again surveys her outfit. 

“Did you put on sunscreen? How many times did I tell you to put on sunscreen and did you get me a pride shirt because otherwise I don’t have anything to wear” Bucky says pulling her into his arms. 

Daddy Wednesday™


No one has to know how much you love that feeling

waking in the darkness, no one looking

just the poor souls taking that road where

you forget about your secrets and come up with an alibi,

as the truth struggles to be kept inside

be careful, you never know when someone is watching from afar.

45 w Castiel

Promo 45 with castiel, please ? Thank you !!!  

“Wait a second…are you jealous?”

A/N: this was probably bad but,,,  finally got my internet back on, also keep requesting i lowkey love the attention

you were sat at a table with both winchester brothers and Castiel, you were giggling at something Dean had said something and you replied along the lines of  "this is why i love you"

Sam and Dean were like your big brothers, they looked out for you, protected you, and made you feel welcomed. you loved how you can joke around with them.

you couldn’t joke around with Castiel, he took everything a little too seriously, you had felt love for the angel but obviously couldn’t tell him about it, “what if he rejects me and our friendship is ruined?” was a constant question to yourself.

abruptly Castiel vanished in thin air to who knows where, it happened alot so none of you questioned it. you just continued your conversation , sipping on your drinks.

but the flapping of wings had all three of you staring in the direction it came from, Castiel stood in front of you all with a serious look on his face

“I need you to help me with a hunt” the three of you stood up at the mention of hunt

Castiel immediately turned his attention to you “no, just Sam and Dean ,  you have to stay here”

“what? why?” you asked.

“because the- the monster is- going after women” he got out, his eyes on anywhere but yours

“i can still help!” you raised your voice

“no” Sam and Dean said in sync “Cas is right, it’s too dangerous, they’ll snatch your pretty ass up real quick” Dean winked

Castiel quickly grabbed Sam and Dean and zapped them to where ever the hunt was

you sighed to yourself and sat at the table again, “what’s wrong with Castiel?” you thought to yourself, taking a drink of your beer

after what felt like a few minutes Castiel appeared in front of you, without Sam and Dean

“i thought YOU needed their help?” you asked

“they told me to come back and watch over you” he sat in front of you and watched as you opened your laptop and began typing on it

“what are you doing?” he asked watching your every move

“i’m going to find out everything about this case, so if they need backup, we can help” just as you said that your phone began to ring

Sams caller ID popped up on your screen and quickly you went to grab it.

but Castiel got it before you and chucked your phone across the room, breaking it

“Cas what the hell!?” you asked him

“there’s no hunt” he said fast

“what do you mean there’s no hunt” you yelled

“i lied to you, i do not like seeing you in love with another man” he said in the stern raspy voice of his

“seeing me with another man? what do you mean?- wait ” you paused to collect yourself, taking a sharp breath in the middle of it

“ wait a second… are you jealous?” you asked him

“well, i believe that is the term, so yes” he said, avoiding to look you in the eyes

“and you thought i was in love with Dean?” you almost laughed  at the thought

“Yes” his tone was serious

“Yes i love Dean.” you began not missing the sadness wash upon his face for a minute before returning to his neutral expression “he’s like my brother, him and Sam, i love them both”

before he could say anything, you grabbed his tie and pulled his face towards yours. your lips touching his.

Castiel didn’t move at first, you were about to pull away when he finally reacted and put his hands on your waist pulling you closer.

you pulled away to catch your breath, but you were far from done with him, your hand in his you guided him to your room.

maybe you could have him zap the winchesters in random places often.

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I just read your post "D&D 5e: The Secret Railroading," and the part about how "players don't want to fight in a cramped hallway, they want to fight on their own terms" really got me thinking about how making them go into that hallway could be a good way to 'physically' get them into an interesting situation and make them play cleverly. Are there any other things like this you can think of/find?

Looking back, that was a pretty narrow example as far as level design is concerned. A narrow hallway is exactly what will get your players to where they need to go, and even narrow featureless hallways have their place in a dungeon. They can contrast with large open areas to highlight importance and grandeur while inviting entry to the large area. However, a narrow hallway still begs to be investigated when contrasted to a large open room.

If you’re looking for ways to move players where you want them to go, you need to know how players act. As a generalization, unless the players have a time limit or a major threat to avoid, they will check every room. However, they will check the rooms in a pretty consistent manner. First, the most open, unlocked areas. Wide open rooms. Then, they will go to doorways that are open that can be easily checked, but long hallways will be avoided until the room is checked. After that, they will check the closed doors closest to them to check which ones are unlocked and search for traps. After that, they will try to force their way into locked rooms. Finally, they will make a last-ditch effort to search for secret doors if they even think to do so.

Use all of this to funnel your players to rooms in the order that you want them to explore it. I may go into this further at some point in the future for map-making so I don’t want to go too far with this answer!

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Do you know why when nanika makes their requests, their face doesn't replace Alluka's? You'd think that since they're the one talking they would come out

oh! actually, i believe i know why.

nanika’s “face” only appears when she is in wishmaking mode or when killua specifically requests nanika to come out. there are actually a few moments where alluka’s face looks totally normal but it’s actually nanika who is conscious (one example is this scene, happens after nanika grants the wish to heal tsubone’s hand so she’s no longer in wishmaking mode).

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Hey hey! I've decided to step up and take my Korean learning seriously. But I wanted to know if y'all could recommend a pathway to learning Korean. To further expand, where should I start? And do you have any tips? Sorry if you've been asked this before. I eagerly await your response~

Hello😊! We recommend looking for classes if you are willing to pay, they will really help, you’ll also hopefully make friends with the people in the class which means, if you don’t already, you’ll have friends to practise with plus you’ll have a teacher who can answer your questions! If you don’t want to take a class we recommend following the ttmik website/textbooks as they are vvv good. You should also consider making a schedule or allocating a certain amount of hours a week to learning Korean as consistency will definitely help! It also helps to practice and review the things you’ve learnt so once you have finished the lesson, maybe on another day, go back and review to make sure you understood and remembered what it was teaching you! Obviously total immersion in Korea would help a lot but its definitely not always possible so try to surround yourself with as much Korean as possible, maybe watch films and dramas, we know that on Viki some of the dramas even have Korean subs (I watched one once with both Korean and English subs on) which means that you’ll be able to follow along with what they are saying even if you struggle with listening and easily translate/understand sentences or words you didn’t know. You can also listen to music and look up words that you hear often or are curious about!! We hope this helps - Good luck! 

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No, random guy on the street, I don’t want a tube of toothpaste. Sure, there you go, put it in your sock. Box and all. Also pull up your pants. Cool, spit right where people walk. Yeah everyone dumps their entire bag on the sidewalk looking for one thing and yells until they find it. I don’t know what you’re saying to me but I’m not taking out my headphones to find out. If you puke I’m quitting the city. Where is my ride already?