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“For me the task is kinda be more involved and see how I can help, even if it’s just I don’t know, putting a smile on someone’s face or answering some questions or making somebody feel better. Listen, we’re all crazy anxious people, it doesn’t matter if I’m sitting here and you’re there. I’m awkward, I get nervous, I get panic attacks, I get crazy, depression. I mean it’s the world we live in. I think it’s important that we all remember that at the end of the day we’re just the same person [..] So, my job, I think, is to always just try to remain as honest as I can and just, I don’t know, help in some way.” - Sebastian on life goals (source)

17K+ followers!

[runs around screaming]


I can’t even imagine that number of people, let alone wrap my head around the fact that you’re all interested in my art blog. I’m literally just a normal person, sitting here in my dressing gown and slippers, drawing really gay fanart of my favourite anime characters. And yet here you all are, cheering me on! 

I am honestly so grateful to have such a wonderful bunch of people supporting me and indulging my fluffy art needs and silly AU headcanons <3 Thank you all so much! I hope my blog continues to be enjoyable for all of you! (≧◡≦) ♡

ok i know we all think the wedding is jake and amy’s but….can i introduce you to the concept of it being the celebration of the union between captain raymond jacob holt and professor kevin cozner?????

just imagine, after their reunion (almost one year apart!!!!) they decide that yes, they really do want to have a tasteful celebration of their love for each other and all that’s kept them apart. they plan it, kevin and ray show up in IMPECCABLE tuxedos. cheddar is the ring bearer. the squad does some like…honor guard thing down the aisle. terry is ray’s best person. idk maybe gina is kevin’s best person. idk. happy dancing where kevin and ray have slight smiles on their faces as they waltz IMPECCABLY to some meaningful song. maybe they do a slow dance to a jazz piece about l o ve. the end scene has amy and jake looking at each other, looking at the captain and kevin across the hall and how besotted they are, and just….”maybe,” they think. “maybe.” 

just…..the holt/cozner wedding we’ve been waiting for, with the couple that’s been apart for ONE!!YEAR!!! 

they deserve this. u know they do

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hey !! long story short today has not been my day so (if you're not too busy!!) could i ask for your thoughts on what would happen if/when les amis & marius were to put two&two together and realize the connection between eponine and cosette's childhood?? much love enjoy your day!!

Just imagine Marius casually dropping Eponine’s name in the conversation when he meets Cosette in her garden thanks to Ponine like:

“Yeah there is this charitable soul who knows Paris like the back of her hand, she’s been a great help! Her name is Eponine and-”


Let’s be real, there aren’t plenty of Eponines around, and Cosette is sure that this charitable soul is none other than the Thénardier girl who was so eager to emulate her mother as a child. She’s wary at first, but after all, she’s grown, hasn’t she? Surely she’s not the child she was!

Alas, Eponine didn’t grow up like Cosette did. When Cosette invites herr and tries to help her, she refuses her charity fiercely. But then, Azelma catches a nasty cold and Eponine resorts to accept a few scarves, if only to give to her little sister. Cosette truly wants to help her. Ponine may have been mean as a child, but she didn’t have any other example to follow than her parents’.

Before she knows it, Eponine falls in love with both Cosette in addition of Marius and it’s a big old mess

Shock is one hell of a drug

Lance: Huh.

Keith: What?

Lance: I’m sitting in a pool of blood.

Keith: Is it your blood?!

Lance: I think so

Keith: Do you know where it’s coming from?

Lance: Probably the laser wound.

Keith: Did you get shot?

Lance: Oh yeah, definitely.


Scarecrow Year One Text Posts

I can’t remember who requested more texts posts because I think I accidentally deleted the ask, but here you go~ I had fun with this one!  (click for full view!)

Holy shuppet, it’s been a bit over a month since I came back to tumblr thanks to my friend and I already hit over 100 followers. And to be completely honest, I don’t care much about follower numbers but when you stop and think about it that over 100 people have decided to click a button to get your blog on their dash, it just makes you feel honored and touched. I’m really grateful to have each of your support, it really means a lot for a shy person like me. So thank you all ❤ Also I wanna give huge hugs and kisses to my precious rp partners, thank you for sharing role-play experiences with me and Bito   There’s not enough words to describe how honored I am, even though 100+ ‘’isn’t much’’, it’s much for me and really means a lot to have all of your support.

I’m not good with words so guess I will just move to the list of wonderful writers which I recommend you all to check and support their writing too. Once again thank you all! ❤ And hopefully you enjoy of staying ^^

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