and you know what

  • me: [undergoes many years of french education, achieves high marks in every exam, writes full essays in french, full of confidence]
  • me: [receives one phone call from polite and understanding french man speaking slowly in small words]
  • me: uhhhhhhhhh........ pardon monsieur...... mon francais, uhhhhhhhhhh, c'est ne pas any good......... pardonne-moi, je, uhhhhhhhhhh, suis un silly rosbif avec no skills........

PSA: Don’t ‘ship’ idols and sexualise every thing two males do together if you don’t actually support the LGBTQ+ community. Don’t. You can’t have it both ways, you can’t use our sexuality as a means of entertainment and to get yourself off, but then turn round and not care about REAL people in these situations.

The amount of bullshit I’ve seen excusing what Jaebum said on Celebrity Bromance is fucking ridiculous. Here’s some words from an Actual LGBT Person: It was homophobic. There’s no misconstruing or people overreacting. Saying you would beat someone up for wanting to take a guy out somewhere is homophobic. I don’t care if he was nervous or it was a joke or you show me a picture of him holding hands with a guy once. It. Was. Homophobic.

If you excuse people’s comments as not serious or just jokes instead of actually calling people out just because you like them as singers, you are being homophobic too. Listen to actual LGBTQ+ people who are telling you this was wrong of him to say instead of taking it as just a part of his personality or his culture because you don’t want ‘drama’. There are real fans who must feel fucking heartbroken at someone they love using threatening language about LGBTQ+ people. It’s not people overreacting. It’s people hearing an idol say something that we hear time and time again out of the mouths of homphobes, and we have every right in the world to be upset and call him out.

If you shrug it off or actively defend him, you don’t support LGBTQ+ people and you can unfollow me right now, and take your shitty attitude and your love of fanfic with you. 

listen up you guys, seeing as k*ke can be reclaimed, and is sometimes reclaimed by people or radical organizations for a specific purpose, Jewish people are now universally the Kike Community because I said so! don’t tag k slur or else you’re reducing our reclaimed identity to a dirty slur. u know what I don’t even think it matters that it’s a slur because technically, Jew could also be a slur seeing as it’s been used derogatorily by goyim. I totally know what “slur” means!


Tiger’s Eye vs Sailor Uranus
Hawk’s Eye vs Sailor Neptune


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I know what I'm about to suggest will probably be met with that gut fandom internet reaction of Blasphemy but what if endgame: Jess and no one? This show puts a lot of emphasize on relationships and relationships seemingly being endgame for the 30somethingcrowd but I think it'd be interesting to see a complete 180 for the show's main character to just not end up with anyone and be perfectly at peace with it. Thoughts?

maybe in another show

Talkin' Black

Sirens screaming through the night,
Another black life lost in the fight…
Against oppression and division.
Indoctrination of our babies,
Disrespect and mistreatment of our ladies.
Viewed and handled as less than human,
Told that our experiences are figments,
Blinders against differing pigments.
Like-complected faces spew self-hate and impropriety,
Brainwashed by a mindless society.
Appropriated, insulted, silenced and demeaned,
Women of melanin are caught between
Protecting black men and boys
raised to subjugate their own women
And discard them like toys.
Or turning on them,
Because they took the village it took to raise good black men.
So then all that’s passed down
are broken fragments of heritage,
Stripped of culture, robbed of their crown.
An unending cycle of sublimated self-hatred
and a systematic destruction of they who are melanin based in nature.
Hierarchies built upon hovels,
Cemented with ancestral blood -
buried with their own shovels.
And all we’re left with are the pebbles,
trickling through our fingers,
their cuts guilty reminders
of countless black lives lost at the hands of men on higher levels.
Assimilation is survival,
and we’re pitted against each other-
unlikely rivals.
Criminalized, dehumanized,
Told we’re not enough…
held to higher substandards
and judged for our demise.
Blue-eyed copycats
Rock our hairstyles and then deem ours unacceptable,
No apologies for the privilege
to which they’re all susceptible.
Their women chase our mens’ strength and virility,
expecting our women to pander to their fragility.
“They talkin’ Black, they wanna be like us so bad,”
And yet…we refuse to talk back,
Caught up in the lies presented
by redactive trends and fads.
Unable to move higher than
Our higher learning;
Condemned by their hatred,
We’re forever burning.
Eurocentric beauty standards
Lay askew like traps -
Don’t step on these mines;
These are warnings we never received.
Wired to blow, and fuck the aftermath…
They’ll expose your insecurity
And rob you of your beauty divine.
They told me, they told you, him, her, she, he, us,
They said we’re lazy, trifling, disgusting, and worthless.
Ugly, unattractive, “they all look like monkeys,”
Meanwhile they still
Hypersexualize our women.
And force hypermasculinity on our boys,
Showing emotion - taboo,
“You’re too strong to play with toys,”
Come away,
Come away from childish tings,
Childhoods taken away, destroyed
by those who seek to consume,
and mothers feel their loss
As a baby stripped from the sanctuary of its mother’s womb.
Our bodies are living tombs,
We have our fight and our pride…
Somehow still too helpless to keep our brothers and sisters alive, and…
With each death we die a little more inside.
So we shout #blacklivesmatter,
But they refuse to hear it,
And counter with bullshit hashtags
That conceal truth and soothe their fragile countenance.
At its finest, it leaves death in its wake,
At its worst, empty shells of humanity
with smeared blood on their stakes.
But we’re not empty, we’re full of life and wonder;
And those who wonder why
are those who are only capable of creating confusion and hapless blunders.
Attempting to vanquish our happiness and light,
Unable to anticipate that we know what’s right.
Why not, what for, where at?
Common questions of selfish defensiveness…
We ask these and more
trying to make sense of
Cultureless, lacking in history,
They’ve stolen so much from us.
Our complacency a forced memory
of revolution and rebellion;
In hidden truths our power lies,
keeping us in our element.
They all assume we want to be like them….
Not realizing that their authority
is one that is created;
From origins murky and undefined…
Unaware of the difference between what’s forced and what’s fated.
We just wanna be us,
The one thing that’s so hard to be,
for when we find ourselves, scourge rains upon our identities.
“They talkin black,” or so we say,
but when talking about our day to day,
They’ll never be able to understand
That our silence aint quiet,
Because we never ask for the retribution we demand.

Since these seem to get around faster than full promos (and I haven’t had the chance to make one yet), I figured I’d go ahead and do this: could you please like/reblog this post if you’d be interested in RPing with a barn owl Faunus OC for RWBY who’s loosely based on Patroklus from the Iliad? I’ll check each person’s blog out and/or message you about possible threads!
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Rules | Muse

I am pretty glad/relieved that no one got mad at me for not taking away a kid’s tennis ball because I was legit thinking it was potentially a stim for him and I’m always afraid of causing harm or taking away things that students need to keep themselves focused and in check, since school is such a nasty place.

He apparently didn’t need it and wasn’t supposed to bring it to school. But still, I try to consider all of their needs, since a lot of the time I’m not properly informed of what’s going on. I really wish I were.

Even if it’s one of those Love It Or Hate It  movies, I adore the fact that those who do end up loving Strange Magic go into watching it for the first time a wee bit warily but then proceed to watch it again a dozen or so times.