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YES I want a tron-nor gta or five night collab (I love reading your tags)

okay but I don’t think you’re processing how much im LIVING for this mental image like ??

imagine connor playing gta and feeling the need to constantly apologise when he shoots someone and ignoring the way troye contains his giggles when connor spends more time customising his characters clothing and car as opposed to ACTUALLY doing missions because god forbid he’d actually have to do anymore to harm characters that he treats like real people in the game ?? or the way he’d attempt to throw gang signs similar to the ones he did in dans video to ‘fit the games aesthetic’ and try to rap along/sing badly to the songs that play as he cruises around in a car that took far too long to customise and when troye does too he makes sure to compliment his ‘beyond heavenly’ voice.

but then it’s connors turn to laugh when they play fnaf’s because he just KNOWS how much troye hates being scared and he can’t help but smile when troyes cursing under his breath because since when did a simple game based on such a childish concept have to be so damn scary? it doesn’t help that connors constantly making him jump by digging his fingers into his sides or shouting 'boo’ loudly at the most inconvenient moments and when the jump scare finally arrives troyes screeches so loudly that connor isn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when the other boy is on the floor saying every bad word you could think of.

and when connor brings forward the idea of playing the other installments of the horror franchise, troye just gives him that dubious, famous 'are you actually serious’ kind of look but then who can deny those puppy dog eyes ?? even if there’s some mischief hidden within them, before troye knows it they’re attempting to play the next game and somehow they’re now sharing controls and they’ve moved closer together and they’re grinning even if they’re terrified out of their minds and suddenly fear feels like the best thing in the world to the both of them.

neither of them consider themselves to be gamers but when they’re in each others company it doesn’t matter - because whether the cameras on or off, they’re having way too much fun and there’s no place they’d rather be or any other people they’d rather be with.

The phrase “rolling in the deep” is sort of my adaptation of a kind of slang, slur phrase in the UK called “roll deep,” which means to have someone, always have someone that has your back, and you’re never on your own, if you’re ever in trouble you’ve always got someone who’s going to come and help you fight it or whatever like that.
—  Adele for Rolling Stone

i get so mad when i see a nice gifset….. but then a poc is white washed. sigh.