and you know what is even worse

Support your daughter by overtly telling her that you support her, not that you would still love her “even if she is gay.” When you tell someone, “I still love you even if you are gay,” what you are really saying is this: “Obviously being gay is worse than being straight. It would be an obstacle in the way of my love for you, but I am willing to overlook it.” Say, rather, “I love you, and I’m so sorry that I’ve let you infer by my silence, that I would love you less if you were a lesbian.” […] If you want anything resembling a loving, honest relationship with your daughter, don’t perpetuate the silence and avoid speaking directly about sexual orientation. Be clear, be direct, and be affirming. Your daughter deserves it.

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WHAT would be the brothers reaction if their s/o was really good at artistic gymnastics.???

Totally did not have to look up what that was, so if I butcher terms and shit just know that I’m not a sports person… at all.


Shu - Doesn’t care as long as you let him sleep, does like to watch you every now and again, may come to the occasional game or two.

Reiji - He really would rather you pick a more ladylike sport even if the sport isn’t really extremely brutal. He’d much prefer you taking something with less flips and the like because one wrong move and you’re whining about a sprained ankle or worse.

Ayato - Really likes the concept of the sport and comes to all you practices and tournaments, he’s your biggest fan.

Kanato - Doesn’t really care for you doing it and would much rather you stay at home with him… you are staying at home with.

Laito - You are bendy and Laito likes bendy… Laito likes everything.

Subaru - Does not see how you can flip like that but he likes it…


Ruki - Another who prefers you to not take up this sport, he’d rather you not hurt yourself.

Kou - Loves the way you move and actually asks for help with dance routines, a big fan of you.

Yuma - He never thought he’d take to the sport but he really likes it and enjoys watching you. Watch him though because if someone knocks your routine in the stands he’s fucking their shit up.

Azusa - Likes to watch you do your routines, comes to every game and practice, buys all the merchandise… Biggest fan of you.


Carla - He can appreciate the artistic and interpretive quality of the sport but you’re gonna have to do something else because Carla doesn’t like it.

Shin - “Do. Another. Flip!” You know those hardcore football dads who yell at their son from the stands… now imagine you as the son and Shin as your dad except he’s not drunk or wearing an overwashed jersey from his highschool days.

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For me, the "I need to move on" line isn't actually real, but rather are two scenes sliced together. Maybe it's just me, but there seems to be a brief pause between "I need" and "to move on". On the other hand, maybe I'm just being stupidly optimistic that the writers aren't going to actually make Emma try to move on after one night just to milk this soap opera drama more.

I think you might be on to something here, because I noticed that too.  It’s entirely possible that they spliced two completely unrelated lines together in order to make it sound like Emma is saying something that she actually doesn’t say.  This is what promo departments do after all.  This is also why you can’t take random lines from a promo out of context, because for all we know that’s not even how the actual line goes.  I guess we’ll see, but I’m leaning towards this whole thing about moving on sounding worse out of context than it will once we know the actual situation.

this years holocaust remembrance day is very important, given the current political climate. take today to remember the horrifying acts committed against jewish and romani people. take today to recognize the beginning of those same acts forming against PoC in america today. take today to resist those in power however you see fit, and after today, dont stop resisting. i am a jew still personally affected by the holocaust even 2 generations later. every jew is affected by the shoah, but there is a special pain to know what happened to your own family. or worse, not knowing what happened to the unknown people you see in old family photographs. we as a people will never be the same. remember the holocaust today. dont let this happen again.

i’m proud of you for staying alive. and i’m grateful. i don’t think that gets said enough, but thank you for taking care of yourself. thank you for doing the hard stuff. thank you for making yourself live even when it felt like living was the worse of the options. thank you for fighting. and thank you even if it’s ugly and doesn’t feel good and barely even looks like recovery. relapse happens. i’ve been where you are. people like you pulled me out. thank you for pulling me out. and know that if you need a hand i’m here and so are so many other people who have seen into the night and know what it feels like when it bites. so just. thank you for being alive.

There are a lot of things that seem like the end of the world. Like when the person you like stops talking to you once you sleep together. Or when you have to watch a person you’re supposed to be over date someone else and you realize that sharp pain in your chest probably means you’re not actually over them.

But what’s even harder is losing someone without getting to say goodbye and not having anyone to talk to about it. Or having to hurt someone you care about because you know what’s best for them and it’s not you.

There are so many times in our lives that our hearts will break. And the bad news is, one of those times will be worse than all the others. But the good news is, it’s probably not what you’re going through right now.

Mike Zeroh, three months ago: Rey is Leia’s kid, Kylo’s half sister!

Mike Zeroh, yesterday: Exciting news! Kylo Ren feels compassion for Rey! Kylo is Rey’s love interest!

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You know what’s sad? Even if someone curses out Jackson and hates on him, he’d probably still wish that person the best for his/her life and family. He’s just that kind of genuinely good person. 

It’s terrible that there are people who would say disgusting things about anyone who is down and sick. It’s even worse that those people would do it to such a sweet and beautiful person.

i know we’re both just messing around pretending to be whole but look at me. if the train was coming would you move. if the ground was falling from under your feet would you even notice or would it just be another tuesday for you. if somebody stabbed you could it hurt worse than you already do. what i’m saying is that i love you but i think we both drive over the speed limit when it’s raining. what i’m saying is that i want to hold your hand and i understand about how you sometimes have to sit down in the shower. what i’m saying is that i’m here for you and if the train comes please move.

“I grew up, like, savage. My stepfather abused me starting at the age of four. My mother threw me out when I was fourteen. I became addicted to drugs. I fell in love with a drug dealer and we had a daughter. He hit me but I had nowhere else to go. I tried to get away from everything when I turned nineteen. I thought: ‘I’m leaving Puerto Rico and I’m going to change.’ But on the plane to New York, the guy next to me was a heroin user. And he convinced me to try it. And things got worse in New York. It was even harder because I was alone. I ended up in the street. I was jumping from house to house. I was doing what I had to do to survive, you know. The government took my children away. I was lost for so many years but I’m a new person now. I’m sober and I’m working and I’m going to church. But I struggle a lot. I have all these emotions and I don’t know where they come from. It’s like I can’t control them. And when I’m with other people, I feel less. My past always comes back to me. I say to myself: ‘Who do you think you are? You’ve done so many bad things. And you don’t even know how to talk right.’ I can never get away from the things that I’ve done. But Jesus forgives me, you know? He knows that I’m a sinner person and he still loves me. My past does not matter to him. He is changing my thinking. He is helping me start new. Without him, I would have nothing to hang onto.”


Don’t leave me,
at least not yet,
Stay for a while, let me
change your mind.
There’s no turning back,
what if you survive?
Maybe don’t die?
What if the state you’re left in prevents you from doing it again?
Life would still be hell…
Just worse.
Now you can’t get up and walkaway
pick up your headphones and listen to music,
and wasn’t it you who told me that life is nothing without music?
Well…just thought I’d let you know, even though you aren’t here…
You were right.

Best Friends Forever

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson

*Requested smut, read carefully ;)

Imagine: You are angry because you ex seems to be really hitting it off since you two broke up. In order to help you through it, Klaus Mikaelson, your best friend, shows up in your place. There, he decides to come clean about his own feelings. After that, things get a bit hot in your room.

Word Count: 3043 

A light rain was pouring outside, matching your horrible mood. Today you had the misfortune of bumping into your ex boyfriend, Matt Donovan, and, to make things even worse, he looked like he could not be any happier, babbling about his growing success. Like you wanted to actually know that! Urgh! And that son of a bitch still felt in the right to comment about your life and fucking laugh about it. So what you had been going out and drinking more? It was none of his business.

Taking a deep breath, you turned on the radio. Music helped a lot to discharge the anger and keep your emotions together. Right now, it was exactly what you needed. Luckily, your girl power song was on: Beyoncé’s hit Single Ladies. A smile fastly appeared, as you started to sing and dance along.

“Acting up, drink in my cup! I can’t care less what you think.” You swayed your hips to the tune and rolled your eyes, wishing you were telling him that. “I need no permission, did I mention?”

“I take you are in a good mood, Y/N.”

The singing stopped and strangled scream came out instead. It took a few seconds for you to realise who had barged into your room, invading your privacy. After the fear went off and Klaus was laughing out loud, you frowned, angry. 

“This is not funny. I could have had a heart attack.”

“You’re a banshee, I’m pretty sure you are able to predict your own death.” You narrowed your eyes. “I’m just kidding! I came back town yesterday and heard Matt was at Mystic Falls as well. Thought I’d come to see how you were doing.”

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“Oh,“ the girl said, shaking her head. "Don’t be so simple. People adore monsters. They fill their songs and stories with them. They define themselves in relation to them. You know what a monster is, young shade? Power. Power and choice. Monsters make choices. Monsters shape the world. Monsters force us to become stronger, smarter, better. They sift the weak from the strong and provide a forge for the steeling of souls. Even as we curse monsters, we admire them. Seek to become them, in some ways.” Her eyes became distant. “There are far, far worse things to be than a monster.”  
 ―    Jim Butcher, Ghost Story    

Dear Ultima Almighty

You know, I really don’t like drama. I hate petty fights and arguing over things that don’t matter. I hate not forgiving people over simple MISTAKES.
Because mistakes do happen, they really do. You might forget to do that thing your friend asked you to, or you might cheat on a test because you were so stressed out you couldn’t study. Those are mistakes. Those are things that can be forgiven easily.
Let me make this clear: Sexual assault is not a MISTAKE. Sexual assault is a crime. Sexual assault is abuse. Sexual assault is something that cannot be forgiven simply or easily, if ever.
Telling people you made a “mistake” is bad enough. Telling people that you’ll learn from it is even worse. Because clearly you haven’t learned, considering you COMMITTED THE SAME CRIME AGAINST 8 WOMEN. The only thing you’ve learned is what happens when you get caught.

Did you really think you were above consequences?

I suppose you did. But know this.

Every single one of those women are better off without you. You say you needed Stephanie. You say she made you feel complete. You say it was the perfect relationship. A perfect relationship doesn’t rely on manipulation, force, and abuse.

You say you needed her, but you don’t deserve her. Or anyone, if you decide to treat them like that.

And to every single person he’s ever harassed, abused, stolen, or copyrighted: you deserve much much much more than his lies and abuse.

And to the people who helped and supported the victims of his, thank you so much. Thank you for being there when we, the fans, couldn’t.

In response to this video: and the text post written by @starbotdubs

  • professor: if the translation is good, people won't realise the text has been translated at all
  • students: *take notes*
  • professor: if the translation is bad, people who know the original language will be able to see it through the translated text like bones on a rotting corpse
  • students: wait, what?
  • professor: if the translation is worse, people who don't know the original language will still notice something amiss and hate your guts
  • students: can we go back to the zombie part? because it seemed kind of -
  • professor: if the translation is worse than worse and the text stops making any kind of sense, it will probably be the last thing you ever write
  • students: ...
  • students: ...
  • students: ...
  • professor: are we clear?
  • students: so if we do our job badly we'll die, and if we do it right nobody will even know we exist?
  • professor: welcome to hogwarts, dobby
Sterek Ficrecs...

In Some Way, I’m There With You by TroubleIWant [M | 6196 | (temporary) MCD, Angst with a Happy Ending]

Scott slows to a jog as he sees Derek upright and moving, but Stiles keeps running hard. He slides to his knees on the dirt and moss next to Derek and grabs at his shirt.

“Der?” he asks, over-loud and panicky. He’s oblivious to the gore around them, even though he’s kneeling in it. His hands flutter over Derek’s shoulder where the bite is already healing, patting his chest and face like touch is the only thing that will assure him Derek’s truly in one piece. “Derek, are you okay? Talk to me, say something, please.”

Derek’s not sure what to do with all this unexpected attention, and fights the urge to brush the probing hands away. He’s taken worse in fights before, which Stiles must know. Though, he supposes, they’re something different to each other now.

OR – After years of assuming Stiles would never want more than his friendship, Derek is pleasantly surprised to be drawn into an intense relationship with him. Being with Stiles is good, great even. But then why, exactly, does it feel like they’re more distant than ever?

Panthera Leo by msbugz (kpumsy) [WIP | 33160 | 24/? | lion!Stiles | BAMF!Stiles | Drama Form]

Derek thought he’d seen it all but off course, when it came to Stiles, the rules always seemed to bend or stretch or find new ways to confuse everyone.

[Or the one where Stiles gets turned and immediately goes into a full shift… and refuses to let anyone but Derek touch him]

The Circus at the End of the World by mikkimouse [E | 91049 ]

Three hundred years ago, the world ended not with a bang or a whimper, but with magic.

Since then, magic has been outlawed, and the world has clawed its way back to some kind of stability, with people and shifters alike divided between living within the walled safety of the Havens, or the small, less protected outposts dotting the frontier.

Derek Hale and his sisters, Laura and Cora, are the proprietors of Hale’s Circus of Magic, Monsters, and Mystical Wonders, known colloquially as the Circus at the End of the World. They and their ragtag pack ride the rails between the outposts and the Havens, performing for those who can pay (and some who can’t). Their circus is a small haven in and of itself, a place of safety for those who have nowhere else to go.

It’s a quiet life…until Stiles Stilinski joins the crew.

The circus has something Stiles needs—a ticket into the Haven of Santa Francesca. His father has been abducted, and Stiles is determined to get him back no matter what he has to do.

But Stiles has another secret, one that puts him and every member of the circus in danger. And if he’s not careful, it could get them all killed.

We’ll Weather the Storm by hazelNuts [sterek| T | 2569 | 1/1 | 2015-04-21][High school, Camping, thunderstorm]

anonymous asked,“Punks can get scared of thunder storms too”

When Derek and Stiles get paired up for a school trip, Derek thinks it’s going to be disaster. Because Stiles is mouthy and smart and gorgeous, and that’s exactly Derek’s type.

Room to Breathe, Part 1 and 2 - by SixSpades

Sterek comics, Magic!Stiles

Derek Hale’s Possible Heart by MellytheHun [T | 4301]

An anon sent me a sterek prompt for Laura teasing Derek and Stiles joining in, then somehow sharing their feelings for each other in the mess of things.

A Wolf’s Ribbon by Dexterous_Sinistrous [E | 36091 | Royalty]

Derek had been coached on how to approach the child heir apparent while hundreds of eyes watched him. He kept his eyes focused on the cradle, leaning over the edge as best he could to see the baby everyone had been talking about.

Stiles smiled when he saw Derek, kicking his legs out as he reached a hand up for him. He cooed at Derek, his fingers grabbing at the older boy in an attempt to touch him, all to no avail. He gurgled out a laugh when Derek reached a hand down into the cradle, snatching hold of his fingers as best he could.

Derek offered a small smile in response, allowing Stiles to playfully tug on his hand.

The two children made an adorable sight before the Court and their parents. That was the moment Queen Talia and King John decided to arrange their marriage. Every second was planned out without the voiced concern of the children.

Heroes By Night by charlesdk [sterek| T | 16,782 | 1/1 | 5 Jul 2016][Superheroes AU]

The street was full of people going to work, as Derek headed for the entrance of the Whittemore building. He wasn’t paying attention to the people around him, despite being a nightly crime fighter. That was his night job. During the day, he didn’t do it.

Not unless he had a bad feeling. Like now.

He stopped dead in his tracks when he felt a pair of eyes on him, the hairs on the back of his neck standing up as a chill ran down his spine. He ignored the man bumping into him and calling him something rude, and instead zoned in on the feeling.

A tight grip around his bag and the coffee cup, he turned his head and looked over his shoulder.

OR Derek is a superhero. So is Stiles. Neither of them know this about each other though.

A Wrinkle in Time by LoveActually_rps [G | 2894 | De aged Derek]

“But Deaton, how do we change him back?”

“I don’t know, Scott.”

“Does this potion contain wolfs bane?”

“A little.”

“What?! But he's… he is… ” Stiles watched as Scott struggled for the correct word, totally freaking out, and gestured at the twitching blanket in Cora’s hold. “… so small,” Scott murmured after a beat.

Stiles let out a heavy sigh. He strained his neck to get a better look at him, his lips curving a little when the two tiny hands peeked out from the edge of the blanket and tried to grab a gleaming stud on Cora’s dress.

“Aha, d’you like it, baby bro?” Cora cooed at the baby, rounding her painted lips for unnecessary cuteness, as if that would work. He might be a baby, but in there, somewhere, he was still Derek Hale for god’s sake.

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get to know me: [2/?] favorite people → Taylor Swift

↳ “Maybe you lost someone you never expected you would lose. Maybe you lost yourself. That’s even worse. When you have bad days that just won’t let up, I just hope that you will look in the mirror and remind yourself of what you are and what you are not. You are not your mistakes. You are not damaged goods or muddy from your failed explorations. You are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you. You are a product of the lessons that you’ve learned. You are wiser because you went through something terrible. And you are the person who survived a bunch of rainstorms and kept walking. I now believe that pain makes you stronger, and I now believe that walking through a lot of rainstorms gets you clean.”

Lemon, dogs, garlic bread, laughter, friends, nature, animals, bad movies, worse jokes, rainy days and Ikea. That is a list of things that make me happy. Your list of happiness may not even touch on the things that are on mine, we are all so different. What makes one person happy may never cross the mind of another, it is unique for everyone. Don’t judge someones good places or joy, you never know where you might meet.

happiness by Amy Kennedy


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