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Will plushie su Bucky ever ask Tony out?

Unfortunately no. He’s not brave enough. He’s too broken. Some days he disassociates so hard that even Steve can’t handle sitting with him.

And Tony will never ask Bucky, because he’s afraid to push, afraid to make things worse, because what if it just stresses Bucky out more? What if this is just something that he does as a coping mechanism, and Tony is making it out to be more than it is? No. Bucky will have to come to him.

(Crochet Winter Soldier and Crochet Iron Man go on another adventure. CIM saves CCW like he always does. It’s very sweet.

“So, um,” CWS says, the hand holding him upright trembling a little. “I know this diner that still exists from the forties. Food tastes the same, even. Would. Would you maybe like to go there with me? As. As a um. Date.”

CIM is silent, and the hand holding him trembles, too, before the video abruptly ends.)

((Tony is breathless when he knocks on Bucky’s door. Perhaps running up from the workshop was a little overkill, but he’s nervous-excited-scared and he’d wanted to burn off the excess energy it caused. Bucky opens the door and he looks surprised and then so, so scared, but Tony bursts in past him, toward the living room.

Bucky swallows thickly when Tony turns from the coffee table, CIM in one hand and CWS in the other. Tony looks at him and his eyes are bright with unshed tears. Bucky doesn’t know what that means and he’s scared all over again.

“I would love to go to the diner with you,” Tony makes CIM say, voice shaking with emotion.

Bucky’s breath hitches.

“I’ve been waiting forever for you to ask me,” Tony continues.

A tear rolls down Bucky’s cheek.

“I’ve been waiting forever for you,” Tony repeats, and lets out a shaky breath, gulps another back in.

Bucky opens his mouth, but nothing comes out, he’s so overwhelmed.

“I’ll wait forever for you,” Tony whispers, then looks down at the dolls and bites his bottom lip. He brings CIM in close, so close, and brushes CIM’s face against CWS’s, in the softest brush of a kiss against a cheek that Bucky’s ever seen.

Bucky still can’t say anything but he walks over and gathers Tony into his arms.))

(((“I can’t believe you’re making little food for them,” Tony says gleefully. “You know they make this stuff, right? Plastic, even, so it never goes bad.”

“If you don’t like my authenticity you can fuck off,” Bucky says, meticulously cutting a little square from a leaf of lettuce for one of the teeny-tiny burgers. “I’ve been doing this Instagram without you for months.”

“You’re such a nerd,” Tony says fondly.

Bucky looks up at him sternly. It doesn’t quite cover the fondness in his voice. “You crochet, you big lummox. You can’t cast the first stone.”

Tony sniffs in disdain. “You wouldn’t have this Instagram if it wasn’t for me.”

“I wouldn’t have a lot of things if it wasn’t for you,” Bucky answers without looking away from cutting another square of lettuce. He’s sincere and it’s awful because Tony doesn’t know what to do with that.

So he turns back to crocheting another doll, this time without the mask or the removable goggles or the body armor. This one’s just Bucky.

He keeps it in his room to cuddle and Bucky only teases him a little when he finds it.)))


Rowan: “It’s going to be fiiiine. Trust me.”
Nina: “Nghrrr… I don’t know..”
Rowan: “Nina! You’re smart. You work hard. There’s no reason you would fail.”
Nina: “That makes it even worse though… What if I fail? And I’ve worked so hard..”
Rowan: “That’s not going to happen.”
Nina: “You don’t know that..”
Rowan: “I do know! I can tell the future.. Didn’t you know?”


Chapter 46: The King Eats…. of By Her Hand is posted!

“And now?”

“Now?” Cersei gazed idly at the rubies that gleamed at her waist. “What could Lyanna Stark’s ghost do to either of us that we haven’t done to each other a hundred times over?”

She remembered the cut she had made across her inner thigh their wedding night, after Robert had rolled on top of her sweating and stinking

“Lyanna,” he had groaned in her ear.

“Lyanna,” she had whispered, as her blood had stained the white sheets.

“You want to know the horrible truth?” Robert wasn’t speaking to her anymore. Not truly. “I can’t even remember what she looked like. I only know she was the only thing I ever wanted. Rhaegar took her away from me, and the Seven Kingdoms couldn’t fill the hole she left behind.” Robert looked up at her at last. “Does that make you feel better, or worse?”

Cersei shook her head, lightly. “It doesn’t make me feel anything.”

By Her Hand: Chapter 46 - The King Eats…

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Kat,,,, ima be real,,,, I would have reacted way worse if someone said that about Rachel,,,, it isn't toxic to want people to??? Not flirt with your partner wth???? I doubt that anon even knows what toxic means lmao

thank you amber

My whole life orbited around you. And regardless of whether that was right or wrong, I existed that way. I felt like it was you who made me exist, the way you touched me, the way you held me, and I inflated to occupy the space I had spent my whole life shrinking from. You fit like a puzzle piece around me, holding me close until your scent was the blanket that let me fall asleep, and your touch was the warmth of my beating heart, a reminder of all that was good.
You were what I had never felt. What I had always needed. And what would break me?
Once I had locked myself to you I never intended on letting go, like how ivy can become parasitic to the tree it hugs so tight; I forgot to let you feed yourself first. It led to pain…that key I had fit tightly into my heart wrenched itself out, slowly, day by day, until I was left with a cavern in my chest that screamed how alone I was; every day you stepped away, thought a little less about me, loved someone else a bit more.
For all I ever wanted was someone to unequivocally love me as much as I had loved them…and you gave me that, then swiftly tore it away, even worse, when I was already dying. How I managed to grasp the sinews of my body and hold them together in the light of fire and blood and tears and darkness of not waking up for weeks, I do not know. I did, but I don’t know if I ever returned to my body - dissociated now - and still, most nights, I can’t fall asleep because of you; my body has not yet healed from the shock of losing what it had finally needed after all those years of loneliness.
It all happened so fast.
I still crave you - and hate you.
—  januaryjaguar 

Just watched Gaga Five Foot Two and it made such an impression on me. I knew that it was going to be personal, but wow… It was so strange to see her like this. I thought I kind of knew her, through her music and following her carreer for so many years, but seeing her actual daily life was so different. It made me sad to see that she goes through so much pain on a daily basis. But also so proud that she keeps going, ‘cause she’s doing what she loves most. Making music for her fans. 

She’s one of the world’s most famous people and you assume that that means that her life is perfect and that she is happy, ‘cause why wouldn’t she be? It was eye opening seeing a woman of her status go through her daily life, dealing with so many struggles and still marching on. 

It was inspirational, sad and funny. I feel like I’ve learned so much about her as a person and I’m so grateful that she’s willing to share this side of herself with the world. 

I hope that she’s taking all the time that she needs to heal before going back on tour. I wish that I could tell her that she isn’t dissapointing her fans and that all we want is for her to feel better. I’m even more excited to experience her live again when she’s ready for it. What a woman. I’m proud to call myself a Gaga fan and I’m excited to spend the rest of my life supporting her and her carreer, if that means that I can pay her back even a little bit of the love and comfort that she provided for me through her music throughout the years. Wow.  

idk what’s worse.. being in love with someone who will never know you exist or someone who doesn’t even exist


When are the antis going to stop?

Bex >reblogs/likes proshaladin stuff

Gets harassed and tagged as a “predator”

Josh >says he’s on board with sheith

Gets spammed graphic images of pedophilia

Jeremy >says he sees klance as more of a brotherly relationship

Gets unsolicited comments regarding their disgust and disappointment towards him under his instg posts (and I know this is just the beginning, the antis are probably getting ready to do something much worse to him and I am praying so hard that they will have even the slightest decency not to)

So. What’s next? You pieces of shit going to get a bomb and blow up the world just because your ship doesn’t become canon?

Honestly, the Voltron creators and VAs deserve better than this. They work so hard for us every season every episode just to make us happy.

They are more than free to speak out their opinions and feelings on a ship. It’s NOT in ANY shape or form YOUR POSITION to force your views onto them. You do not have any right to threaten them to see things your way, or harass them with your ridiculous disgusting comments. Chill the fuck down you immature brats. It’s unsightly.

Mike Zeroh, three months ago: Rey is Leia’s kid, Kylo’s half sister!

Mike Zeroh, yesterday: Exciting news! Kylo Ren feels compassion for Rey! Kylo is Rey’s love interest!

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I hate that trope of characters who are like “oh being poor doesn’t scare me” like okay I’ve been financially unstable and lived in an economically depressed area most of my life and it scares the daylights out of me bc I know some of the consequences

like…this isn’t about how hard I’ve had it bc there’s loads of people who had it much harder, it’s about the fact that I /hate/ when people who have never really experienced financial hardships bad enough to compromise their ability to afford basic necessities romanticise poverty as somehow ~simple and ~wholesome in contrast to the ostensibly exhaustingly complex lifestyles of the rich

it’s not simple it’s complicated and difficult and can severely impact your mental and physical health and making it seem all rosy-tinted is just another way for rich people to make themselves feel better about wealth inequality

Can we talk about something? I’ve seen a lot of back and forth on whether or not Jughead regrets what happened with Toni so here’s my take on 2x06.

While it’s true Jug never vocalized how he felt about his kiss/make-out, I don’t think he needed to. Not after we see him make this face as Toni leaves the kitchen. To me this look says it all:

Regret. Sadness. 

Now let’s think about his narration here. He’s talking about masks and letting them down and having others see what you’re hiding. In this brief second his own “I’m fine” mask falls away and we get a glimpse at what’s really going on inside his head.

He then goes on to talk about the masks going back up, which leads us to the diner scene. I know this exchange between him and Toni is a thorn in the side for some, but I have a different take so hear me out…

At this point, he still thinks Betty doesn’t love him or want him. Couple that with his serious mommy abandonment issues and you understand why he isn’t exactly pushing Toni away. He’s taking what he can get, a consolation prize. But Toni sees through his mask and lets him down because she knows he’s not over Betty and whatever happened with them was just a rebound. His face goes from upbeat to a little angry at her words. He know’s she’s right - and the truth stings. He also looks a little fazed when she shuts him down. Not because he has romantic feelings for Toni per se, but rather he can’t believe he’s getting rejected again by a female, and even worse, by one that wasn’t even his first choice to begin with. He’s probably thinking “what is wrong with me and why won’t anyone love me” but instead of talking about it, he puts on his “I’m fine” mask and just goes with it.

I don’t hate what happened here. It feels realistic and relatable. I do hope think we’ll get more from him once the kiss+ comes out. Aside from Jughead not telling Betty about it, I’m okay with things as they stand. 

P.S. - let’s not forget another driving force behind the kiss and postmortem chat - establishing Toni’s bisexuality and to make it clear nothing more will happen between her and Jughead in that way moving forward.

Eight Months (part II).

You had been with Harry for two years when things started to go wrong. Like all normal couples, you had petty arguments and they usually ended with the both of you apologising profusely to each other and buying each other small gifts for forgiveness, but that was it. It never went any further than that, until the night you broke up.

You knew things had been wrong for a while, even though it hurt to admit it. Although you accepted Harry’s career, it was hard to be apart for months at a time. You both struggled to fit time around each other because of work and studying commitments, but you could both decided that you could and would handle anything life threw at you. Skype and FaceTime were your life savers and you used them whenever and wherever you could.

But in time, Harry became distant. He forgot little details about you; he forgot the smell of your perfume, he forgot about the little strands of hair that you could never tie back properly, and it was like he forgot how much he loved you. He soon started to forget about events that were taking place. Whilst you knew and understood that he couldn’t attend such events including your swimming gala and dancing competition because of the tour, he never bothered asking how they went. Instead, conversations that were once filled with passion and love, both interested and eager to learn about each other’s days, soon turned into silence down the phone, the occasional murmur here and there, before hanging up.


The clock ticked and the kitchen tap dripped and the rain pattered against the window. The tears rolling down your cheeks however, were silent, and the only noise your body could muster up was the occasional snuffle.

To say you were upset was an understatement. It was your birthday, and whilst it had never bothered you before dating Harry, you were now absolutely gutted that it coincided with London Fashion Week. Celebrities from all around the world had flown in and much to your dismay, that included Kendall, who attended with Harry.

When you had awoke that same morning, you thought maybe Harry was playing a trick on you, and that he was only pretending to have forgotten your birthday and would soon surprised you, but nothing. You had searched the apartment from top to bottom but to no avail, you found no hidden presents or anything that indicated a surprise for you. If you were honest, you didn’t really care for gifts or surprises; to spend the day with Harry was enough for you. But here you were, sat alone in the kitchen, whilst he was being paid to spend his precious time with another woman.


“It was a bit of a dick move, mate” Louis tells his best friend.

Harry sighs and shakes his head. “You think I don’t know that?!” he exclaims as he leaves the shop with the flowers he had placed on order as soon as he realised he’d fucked up. “These are alright, yeah? They’re all her favourites combined” he adds, gesturing to the beautiful bunch.

“H, I think it’s going to take more than a bunch of roses and lilies and whatever else is in there to make it up to her this time. She doesn’t expect a lot from you, you know that. She’s the least high maintenance chick I know. Hell, even Eleanor expects more from me than what (Y/N) does from you! I take El away for her birthday every year, we always do something nice. I wouldn’t dream of spending it with another woman” Louis tells his friend firmly.

“Fuck off!” Harry spits. “Management are the ones paying me, not you!”

“Whatever mate, but it’s your funeral. Didn’t you spend an evening with Cara a few weeks ago, when it was supposed to be a date night for you and (Y/N)? If you’re not careful, you’re going to lose her. Someone else will come along and treat her the way that you should be doing it now. Is that really what you want?” he asks.


“I don’t know how many more times I can apologise, baby” Harry begins, but you quickly hold up your hand in protest to stop him.

“Don’t!” you warn firmly.

Harry throws the flowers down on the table after your refusal to accept them. He shrugs his shoulders at your harsh tone. “What do you mean, ‘don’t’” he asks, quoting you.

You let out a sarcastic laugh. “Baby? You really think that by calling me pet names that I’m going to run into your arms and forgive you for forgetting my birthday, and worse, spending it with Kendall, of all people! How many other girls are you calling ‘baby?’”

“Oh don’t be so ridiculous, (Y/N)! I’m in a relationship with you, not anyone else!” Harry exclaims. “I’ve apologised, what more do you want me to do? Get on my knees and beg for your forgiveness?”

“There’s more than just us two in this relationship, Harry, and you know it. Me, you, management, Cara, Kendall. And that’s just to name a few! You’ve let me down so much the past couple of months. Do you even love me anymore?” you ask, dreading the answer as you softly chew your lip.

Harry scoffs. “Of course I fucking love you! I wouldn’t be standing here having this argument with you if I didn’t.” He closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose. “I don’t know what you want me to do or say, (Y/N).”

“It’s never going to change, Harry! Things will always be the same! You ‘forgot’ my birthday and you spent the day with Kendall. You ‘forgot’ our date night and you spent the evening with Cara. I know it’s what the media want and expect from you, and I know management want you to do this, but I think you want to as well” you sigh, the words you had held for so long in your mouth now finally spilling out.

“You’re joking, right? That was a joke? You seriously think I want to spend any spare time I have with Kendall or Cara over you? Management need me to do this, if I don’t, I can kiss goodbye to my pay cheque! Half the things I do in this job is for you! How the fuck else would you get the latest handbags and purses and shoes?! Who else is going to pay for your education? Because I don’t see you or your family offering to cough up!” he spits almost bitterly.

You gasp in shock at his words. He knew your financial situation at home and that your parent’s worked so bloody hard to provide for you, but it just wasn’t enough. Your future career depended on your qualifications, and those qualifications could only be acquired in higher education in which Harry had offered to pay for, before he knew anything about the money side of things.

“Really, Harry? That’s how you feel? You think I’m with you for the money? I don’t give a damn about the shoes or bags and purses or latest fashion trends. I love you because you’re my boyfriend and I see myself living the rest of my life with you. I don’t love you because you’re Harry Styles from One Direction!” you spit back, your words truthful.

“I’ve heard that one before” he tells you, his eyes averting to the floor.

“So now you’ve got trust issues with me? Other girls may have treated you like that in the past, but I’m not like other girls, Harry. Two years we’ve been together and you really think that of me? When you guys broke up as a band, and you didn’t know what was going to happen to your music career, who was the one sitting up with you every night holding you whilst you cried? Other girls would have run a mile because of the uncertainty of your future. I love you even if you have nothing!” you shout at him.

Harry shrugs his shoulders and bites his lip. “Look, it’s not even just this causing arguments. They’ve been going on for a while and maybe having Kendall and Cara as friends is something you can’t handle. But I can’t live my life like this anymore. I’m done arguing with you all the time” he tells you softly.

“You’re making it sound like I don’t want you having friends, which isn’t true. I want you to put me first, like you did at the start of our relationship. You would have done anything back then for me, Harry. I hate arguing with you too. Maybe if we arrange some sort of schedule and arrange dates in advance to see each other?” you suggest.

Harry shakes his head. “I think it’s too little too late, (Y/N).”

You frown, your bottom lip beginning to quiver as you ask the dreaded question. “Are you breaking up with me?”

Harry’s eyes avert to the floor once more and the silence between you both speaks more volumes than words ever could.


The first few months after the break up had been tough to say the least. You continued to work and study for the first couple, managing to get by. Once you finished work, you would go home and tuck yourself into bed and shut yourself away from the rest of the world. You neither needed or wanted any social interaction with anyone. You only wanted your own company, reminiscing over the fun times with Harry, overthinking each night what could have been done differently so as you wouldn’t be in this situation. Unfortunately, you could never answer that question. Nothing could have been done differently. You would have always ended up here.

A few months passed and life was getting a little easier, but the beauty of social media portrayed it to be a lot better than what it actually was. You were able to deceive your followers and the public that your life was good again because you were taking selfies at nightclubs and you were going out and having more fun. But you were still going back home to an empty bed with only a teddy bear to hold at night, whilst thoughts of Harry plagued your mind.

Within four months, you met someone new; Tom. You both met through mutual friends and instantly clicked. Whilst there was no original intention there, you quickly became friends. You took a few selfies, posting them onto social media sites, happier with your life. Tom was lovely; he was a young, handsome man, studying Law at the same university as you. He had ambition, as well as being fun, kind and caring, and within five months of the messy break up with Harry, you were officially dating Tom. Coffee dates, pumpkin picking, country walks, the typical couple dates that you would go on together, sharing your memories online.

You had plastered pictures of the two of you together all over social media by six months, but you weren’t portraying your life to be something it wasn’t. You were happy, genuinely happy, and whilst you weren’t in love with Tom, you loved him and could see yourself learning to be in love with him. The more time you spent with him, the more you learned about him, and the more you wanted to know him.

By the seventh month, things had changed. Tom had changed, and not for the better. You spent most of your time at his university flat with him, yet he still accused you of sneaking around behind his back, cheating on him. You would never cheat on anybody, it was against your principles and besides, you didn’t have the time to see anyone else between dating Tom, and going to work and studying. Small comments soon followed the accusations; he’d tell you that you needed to diet and join a gym, that you weren’t pretty enough or smart enough or good enough and that he could do better. Then he’d apologise and take you on a date and spoil you rotten. He would buy you flowers and gifts. “Please forgive me” he’d say. “I love you.” The next change was a push and shove here and there, moving you out of his way when he was angry. One night, he pushed you into a glass door. Your eyebrow split and you needed stitches. He vowed never to touch you like that again.

He lied.

Eight months into your relationship and Tom was putting his hands on you almost every night. No alcohol was involved, just his temper. Nothing warranted it, violence can never be condoned. Dinner wasn’t ready he got home? A slap across the face. His flat wasn’t tidy? A punch in the stomach. You went out with a friend? A black eye.

By this point, it was very difficult to maintain the lovely selfies you used to take. If you posted anything, it would be a cover up of how dreadful and controlled your life had become. You weren’t sure you could muster up the strength to even pretend that life was good anymore. Any bruises photographed would raise concerns and there would be unwanted comments posted on social media for the whole world to see, and you neither needed or wanted that. The less attention you drew to the situation, the better.

But tonight, nearing the end of eight months since breaking up with Harry, Tom had gone one step too far. The physical abuse was dreadful enough to experience and nothing condoned his disgusting behaviour, ever. Once your horrific ordeal was over, you ran. You refused to succumb to the darkness that had surrounded your limp body only moments ago. You ran as fast as your legs could carry you. You needed to get to a safe place. Somewhere close enough to get to, but safe all the same.


He was all that was on your mind. How could he see you like this? Would he even be at home?  What if he was with another girl? Would he let you stay the night until things were sorted? Would he judge you? Would he pity you?

Oh, Harry.

You needed him. You weren’t sure that you could ever bring yourself to trust any other man in the world again, but Harry, you trust him with your life. He’s the only man you could ever trust, and your heart shattered into millions of pieces because the one man you really can trust, was also the same man who broke your heart eight months ago.

You pant hard, your heart threatening to pound out of your chest, but the adrenaline pumps around your body harder when you see the apartment alight. So close, so fucking close. As soon as you reach the door, there’s no hesitation in knocking hard and repeatedly. When there is nothing, you bang harder, your fists pounding at the door as tears stream down your face.

“Alright, I’m coming!” you hear his voice yell from inside the building and you know he’s getting closer to the door and your heart pounds harder and faster than ever before. He sounds angry, probably because it’s late and he’s probably working tomorrow but you need a safe space and right now, he’s the only person who can provide that for you.

It seems to take a lifetime, but the door is swung open and Harry’s demeanour changes within an instant. He goes from seemingly pissed off to looking like he’s about to vomit at the sight in front of him, with anger and pity and fear and worry evident in his eyes, emotions taking over his body.

“(Y/N)” he gasps out, catching your petite frame as you collapse into him. Wrapping his arms around you and embracing you tightly, he takes in your features, swallowing the lump formed in his throat. He know’s what’s happened to you and you know that he knows, and he knows that you know he knows, but for one split second as he holds you, no dialogue is needed.

BTS Reaction ; Hearing You Have Sex With Your Boyfriend

Requested by Anonymous“Hellooo!!Could I request bts reactions to hearing a another members gf moaning so loud(outside the apartment) because of sex with another member.”

Note; Idk what you were expecting but..*snorts while trying to hide laughter* lets just be realistic here. /i apologiz e/

Jin ➳ Slamming the door shut and dropping his backpack to the floor, he sighed in relief to find the apartment flooded with darkness — slipping off his shoes as he headed to his own bedroom. He was beyond exhausted, peeling his own clothes off and slipping on warm pajamas as he plopped onto his bed and let his eyes slowly shut.

The moment he heard strange noises erupting from Namjoon’s bedroom that happened to be on the other side of the wall, he grabs his pillow to suffocate his senses — only for your moans to become louder. Groaning, his eyes blast open as he sits up from his bed in the speed of light; banging against the wall and screaming, “I didn’t ask for a poor excuse of a lullaby!”

All noises ceased for the rest of the night.

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Suga ➳ He thought it would have stopped by now, but it didn’t. He was annoyed, gritting his teeth together as he sighed and tried to calm his nerves only to never focus on his music sheets — jumping up from his seat and zipping through the hallways just to slam open Seokjin’s door where you both screamed in fright.

“What the hell, Yoongi, don’t you know how to knock–?“

“Don’t you know how to respect?” He asked, sipping his coffee nonchalantly as his eyes glared towards you specifically, hiding under the covers. “I didn’t pay nor sign to hear any hyenas inside my own apartment.”

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J-Hope ➳ Agitated, he shoved his hand into the bag of chips as he couldn’t even enjoy his favorite show when all he could hear was Jungkook dirty talk you through the thin paper walls, and to make it worse, your squeaky moans. He was annoyed, and when half an hour passed by — he pressed pause, setting his snacks to the side as he walked softly to Jungkook’s door, and..

Began to moan repeatedly and obnoxiously loud, in a mocking manner.

He was inwardly laughing boisterously, tapping against the door before he heard the only signs of life shut down their escapades. Smiling to himself, he went back to the living room and continued his reruns in peace.

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RapMonster ➳ “To think Jiminie can make his girlfriend do that,” Taehyung muttered, waving his hands in the air to signify your vociferous moans — or shall he say, hysterical cries. “He’s wild.”

“Who cares?” Namjoon shrugs, biting into a strawberry, “just imagine what kind of faces (y/n) is making while sounding so lewd.”

“Oh, I seeee,” Taehyung grins, wiggling his eyebrows as the older’s eyes narrow whilst taking a sip of his water, “you want to join them, don’t you?”

Namjoon chokes on air.

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Jimin ➳ He heard something rumbling in the kitchen, mewls, groans and ruffling of some sort as he carefully went to check it out. His heart was racing a million miles a minute, tiptoeing in the halls as he got closer and closer and when he could finally make out the dark shadow — his breath hitched.

There he was, finding Taehyung press you against the kitchen counter as his hand was pressed against your mouth to no avail — your moans still being heard upon Jimin’s ears. He retreated back to his room, and the following morning when he found the both of you eating breakfast; he pretended to be on the phone to avoid any sort of communication.

He was mortified.

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V ➳ It was way passed midnight when he kept hearing something muffled outside his own home, something specifically coming from his neighbor’s house. He yawned, crawling to his window as he opened it slightly and looked carefully to make sure his best friend wasn’t getting robbed while he slept — only to find Hoseok’s bedroom window opened the slightest

His heart stopped, squinting as he looked closer just for his eyes to focus on Hoseok sitting on the edge of his bed, naked, along with you on his lap. His eyebrows knitted together when he came to a realization that the sounds were your moans, and when you looked up suddenly to lock eyes with Taehyung’s, he gave you a ludicrous expression as you yelped.

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Jungkook ➳ He was playing Overwatch when he heard a sound outside of his blasting headphones, frowning the slightest as he slid the headphones around his neck and looked around the ominous dorm. There was no light other than the television hues illuminating around the room, and everyone was asleep, at least he hoped, until he heard Yoongi’s name being called out and held his breath.

He knew what that sound was, his eyes blown up wide as his cheeks flushed a deep shape of rouge. It didn’t even help when he saw you both the next morning, Yoongi’s hand resting on your side as you told Jungkook “good morning!”

“I, uh,” he was nervously scratching his temple, looking away from you as he blinked erratically, “yeah.”

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messy handwriting solidarity

people are calling shiro out for his messy handwriting (it ain’t even that bad y’all…), so i’m standing in Messy Solidarity with shiro by posting my own handwriting. 

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  • Find someone who feels more like home than your own. Find someone who loves you even after they've seen the flaws & know the wrongs you've committed. Find someone who gives you a taste of what it feels like to actually be alive. Find someone who loves and supports you during your highs and does anything & everything to pick you up and give you strength during your lows. Find someone who is willing to go on crazy, spontaneous adventures. Find someone who is willing to call you their world and love you when you act crazy, jealous, unhinged, or worse. Find someone who sees the ultimate beauty in you that you don't see in yourself. Find someone who TRULY makes YOU happy. Find someone who makes you say "I hate you" while smiling hard and rolling your eyes. Find someone who makes everyday a bright one even through the clouds and rain. Find someone who leaves you feeling loved and appreciated without question. Find someone who you can be yourself with. Find someone who loves you for you. Unconditionally.


So guess who was on an actual ship, shipping my ship, missing out on my ship sailing whilst sailing on a ship? (I’m sorry. Groan at me all you want.)

Okay so here’s the thing, thanks to my 2 week stint on an actual ship I haven’t been blogging or writing my reviews or meta and I am bursting at the seams to talk about what the hell has been going on over the past few weeks.

Because WOW. Guys… GUYS…

In case you have been living under a rock for the past two weeks (or in the middle of the ocean with no wifi and a maritime data package at £6 per megabyte like me…) then you may have missed the following HUGE advances in our ships development towards a canon happy ending…

  • First we get 13x03 in which Dean’s grief and anger over losing Cas was the trigger for Jack to use his powers to literally pierce through the veil of death and save the day… because we all know that this is a thing that gay love can do on this show – it’s a CANON FACT (thank you Ghostfacers)
  • THEN in 13x04 we are once again reminded that Cas’s “love” is a big focal point of his arc. The whispered “I know who you love” and the specific break of flow with the “who” rather than the “what” that the two neighbouring statements use forcing the audience to latch on to that “who” and question it.
  • In all three episodes we are shown JUST HOW DIFFERENT Sam and Dean’s grief is regarding Cas. To the point Sam is almost portrayed as not caring about his supposed “brother” and as much as this kinda sucks for Sam it is exactly the kind of exposition we need to get the GA to start THINKING about this stuff. WHY doesn’t Sam seem to care as much? WHAT IS DIFFERENT?
  • The fact that THREE times now Cas has been the episodes cliff hanger, and that all three times his moment has come shortly after Dean’s climactic emotional outburst in a way that is basically the television equivalent of hitting your audience in the face with a shovel to scream at them that CAS IS THE ANSWER. CAS WILL MAKE DEAN BETTER. DEAN DOESN’T BELIEVE IN ANYTHING? WELL HE BELIEVES IN CAS. LOOK AT CAS. CAS IS BACK. CAS WILL MAKE IT BETTER.  

The sheer amount of negative space in these episodes has floored me. There is a HUGE question mark hanging over the ENTIRE season so far. This plot doesn’t quite work if you aren’t “in the know” (in other words, a destiel shipper). But each episode 3, 4 and 5 have answered those silent questions perfectly with a big neon arrow pointing directly at CAS. 

Cas is the answer to all of Dean’s problems, that is the message that the show has shoved in the audiences face constantly since season 13 began, and the REAL silent question that the show is just BEGGING the audience to ask is WHY? WHY is Cas SO important to Dean? WHY is Dean’s grief SO MUCH worse than Sam’s? WHY is Cas the answer to EVERY. SINGLE. EMOTIONAL. POINT. SO. FAR for Dean?


What I am constantly being amazed by this season is that this isn’t deep meta. This isn’t some next level highly analytical picking apart of symbols and film theory that you need a degree in film or literature to figure out. This is so close to surface level you can see it floating just beneath the waves. As a destiel shipper at this point I am blinking and wondering why I should even bother writing about this stuff because it is SO OBVIOUS that at this point, if someone asks me where I see destiel in the show I can just gesture vaguely at season 13 and say LOOK. Because all you need is two eyes and a brain that is capable of consuming media with some degree of intelligent thought.

Honestly what else is there to do now other than to sit back and enjoy the show? I am desperate for them to finally bring it out of subtext of course, as my one gripe is that we are still not there yet. All the foundations are in place, but we still need a textual confirmation that what we are watching is not platonic love. My feelings on that matter now is that we are no longer dealing with an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ and I don’t say that kind of thing lightly.

Perhaps I am deluded in this thought, but every episode so far in season 13 has had me struggling to find the platonic reading. We are well and truly in romantic territory and I’m sorry but that final shot in 13x05 of Cas turning around to reveal himself to a shocked Dean, the slow zoom in on both their faces as they stare longingly at each other… in what way is that NOT romantic?

Never in any previous season of SPN have we had a consecutive run of 5 episodes where the overarching theme was all about Castiel. Castiel and grief and Dean’s love for him. Because that’s what it’s all been about. Sure we have had Jack’s story and Sam being a support figure and a source of conflict for Dean, and we’ve had some new bad guys, but ultimately, every single episode so far has been about CAS and how his death has affected Dean. This is what has stunned me. This is what I can’t wrap my head around. I guess being a Cas girl I am so used to being burned by this show that I can’t quite handle it.

Nothing is certain of course, and I don’t have a magic crystal ball telling me they are gonna go there, but with everything we have been given I can’t fathom how they CAN’T be going there now. I have never been more positive, and I only hope that the show continues to amaze me in this way. Judging by the promo’s for next weeks episode, I think I will once again come away with a huge grin on my face. Their reunion episode is COWBOYS FFS. I mean JESUS could they BE any less subtle?!?

I have rambled on for far too long, but I had to get this all off my chest. I am so very light and happy and gleeful about this all. I am basically Dean in next week’s episode! A giddy school girl fangirling over the thing I love and simultaneously revelling in the fact that the person I adore has finally returned to me. Oh Dean. Your happy face in the promo makes me happy. I just KNOW it’s going to be fantastic.