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so today to make a long story short my dog bit me and i had to go to the urgent care and everything and my mom wants to put him down. my dogs a english mastiff boxer mix and he's a baby and the loml!! he's very protective and barks at almost everyone but my family and i. just the thought of him being put down tugs on my heart so much. idrk if i'm asking for advice or what but more to let it out. Ill update later when something happens but hopefully he stays.

I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through this. It is important to know that dogs do not bite out of nowhere, or for no reason. You need to figure out why your dog bit you and what you can do to prevent that from happening again. Perhaps if you identify what went wrong, you can convince your mom that it won’t happen again.

Dogs have several subtle hints that they give you before they are about to bite. So while it may seem like a dog does something spontaneously, they’ve actually already given much of a warning.

Some dogs, however, can be discouraged from warning you before they are about to bite. For example, if you ever scold your dog for growling. Growling is and acceptable form of communication and should never be discouraged. Growling is a healthy way to warn someone that they are going to bite. If you punish a growl, you are taking away the dog’s warning signal.

There are plenty of other signals that you can look for, but none are as apparent as a growl. Ears back, stiff body, closed mouth, whale eyes… etc.

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How about the UT/UF/US/SF skelebros getting the 'you mess with them and I'll kill you' speech from S/O's family and/or friends? :)

UT!Sans: Geez, kid. Your family really knows how to welcome a guy. It threw him off his edge for a few seconds, but he’s quick to return to his easy going attitude. He’ll promise that he’s never going to hurt you. And then do his best to seem like boyfriend material. The next few hours will be filled with jokes and a few puns. He’s quick to figure out everyone’s humor and what will appeal to them. It tires him out but he wants your family/friends to like him.

UT!Papyrus: Why?? Would?? He?? Hurt?? You?? Did he do something wrong that would cause them to believe that he’d do such a thing? He can’t find anything that would make them think that. So he loudly declares that he wouldn’t ever hurt you. He is far too great for violence, and you are far too amazing for anyone to ever hurt. And although his personality might be a tad narcissistic (in a charming and respectful way) your family and friends quickly catches on to the fact that this guy is just amazing. An hour with Papyrus and they’re ready to believe that he wouldn’t ever hurt you.

US!Sans: His reaction is close to Tale Papyrus’, albeit a bit more hurt. Why would he mess with you? Does he come off as a bad person? He does his best to seem like the perfect boyfriend when he spends time with them. Almost coming off as clingy and annoying, and also a little fake. Talking to him about it helps. But I don’t know how anyone could even think that this sweet blueberry would hurt you.

US!Papyrus: Well that’s a little hostile to say to someone the first time you meet them, isn’t it now? He keeps his mask on though, and calmly tells them that he wasn’t planning on hurting you. His social skills are pretty good, and he’ll be making funny one liners and puns through the evening. Keeping you close to show your friends and family that he cares about you. The hostile energi they’re sending out is making his anxiety flare up 10x. But he can deal with it.

UF!Sans: Okay first off, rude. He might be a monster. And he might be pretty scary looking. And GOD KNOWS he ain’t boyfriend material. And he’s also pretty mean and kind of an asshole when you first meet him and… Okay to be honest he wasn’t sure where he was going with that train of thought. He gets their concern, though. And he’s so awkward and stiff when he’s around him because he’s trying okay! He’ll tell them that he isn’t going to hurt you, physically or emotionally. But he’ll still notice how some of them are a little doubtful towards him. He’d be too.

UF!Papyrus: He really really wants them to like him. He knows, of course, that their approval isn’t necessary for him to date you. But he feels like he needs it to go on with this. He’s uncharacteristically polite and assures them that he’d do no such thing. When you both get home he sort of deflates into the couch. He is so tired from thinking about every little action and trying to fit into the human view of a perfect boyfriend.

SF!Sans: Is sort of offended. And that doesn’t mix well. Somehow his brain translates what they said into ‘’We’re not sure that you’re good enough for our friend/family member, and also you probably couldn’t even protect them’’ So he goes all out trying to show how powerful he is. And how magnificent and great he can be. It does more harm than it does good. And you’ll be leaving the gathering sooner than expected because he broke a vase and then offended whoever blamed him for it. Not a great first expression.

SF!Papyrus: He’d be offended if it weren’t for the fact that he looks like someone who could break both your body and soul. After calmly and quietly assuring them that he’s not going to ever harm you, he focuses on acting as non threatening as he can. Keeps an arm around you at all times. One part of it is to show that he’s your boyfriend and you chose him, the other reason is that he needs the physical comfort. His anxiety is through the freaking roof. When you get home he’s so tired that he pulls you onto the bed and falls asleep while holding onto you for dear life.

you know what…. i love andromeda. i love it. it’s so fun to play, the combat is amazing, the nomad is really fun to drive, all of the squadmates are incredible, the story is really interesting and engaging (so far), everything is so beautiful, the facial animations are 200x better than any of the previous games despite being a little off sometimes (also! bioware finally figured out how to animate hands), and despite its problems with the lack of mlm romances, there’s more lgbt characters in it than any previous game. mass effect: andromeda is amazing and i love it.

Everything Can Change (2/?)

Summary: Reader is pregnant and tells Dean who reacts differently then she expects. 

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader 

Warnings: There isn’t much just Dean figuring out what to do

Word Count: 1K

A/N: This is part 2 and I’m so excited for this series! If you guys want to be tagged just let me know, and thanks for reading. *Italicized part is flashback*

Part 1

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“Dean. Please get that burger away from me.” You said trying to calm yourself and trying to restrain yourself from strangling Dean.

“Y/N, you sure this baby’s mine? Because I like, excuse me, love burgers and that means she’s gonna love burgers too,” Dean replied not even bothering to move.

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Midnight Thoughts: Taehyung (BTS)
  • Um, hi 
  • you probably don’t know me
  • oh sure you don’t
  • I don’t know you either, I just randomly dialed your number to be honest
  • wait don’t block
  • I just wanted to, um, vent a bit, if that is possible 
  • Please don’t reply till I’m done tho, it’d be more comfortable that way
  • it’s okay if you aren’t gonna read this, I just need to let this out, it’s been heaving on my chest for enough time
  • uhh, so where to start
  • You’d probably find what’s bothering me ridiculous, call me weird. I don’t care. I just roll that way, maybe I’m depressed. Who knows?
  • I’m at a point where I don’t even know what’s bothering me anymore, you know, when a lot of things just pile up and you can’t figure out what you’re upset about
  • I broke up with my boyfriend a while ago, I mean he broke up with me, on my birthday. Funny, isn’t he?
  • We were supposed to go to Japan, you know, spend a few days there including my birthday. It was his idea, he paid and everything and I found it so sweet.
  • the flight was at 2am, two hours through my birthday. We reached the airport an hour before and If I said I wasn’t excited I would be lying.
  • it was time to transfer to the boarding room when he broke the news to me.
  • he said we had to break up. I still remember every little thing he said that day. the truth was that he had a scholarship to major in dancing in Japan, and while we were both studying veterinary together he was also studying dancing in parallel without me knowing. He said he didn’t believe in long distance relationships and that it was better if we stopped dating. 
  • He didn’t pay for my ticket or anything. He was going by himself and left me standing in the middle of the airport while he accessed the boarding room.
  • that night I got drunk. for the first time. I had a friend who worked at a coffee shop that turned into a bar by nighttime.
  • he tried comforting me and telling me to stop drinking. I couldn’t.  I just couldn’t. I wanted to forget about what had just happened.
  • of course, and you probably figured out that, I didn’t. 
  • My family knew about what happened soon after. My parents scolded me a lot. Since I spent forever to convince them it was okay to date him and that we weren’t going to end soon. I even thought we could get married. I tried to convince them that he was the one and that he wasn’t going to distract me from my studies, which seemed like the only fucking thing occupying their mind. I almost thought they don’t see me as a human anymore, but as exam marks.
  • They were really mad and I eventually got into a fight with them. They kept claiming they knew from the beginning that he wasn’t good news and he was going to dump be anyways. Goodness how would they even fucking know.
  • I was practically alone. I had a close friend who was in Paris by the time, and I really didn’t Want to bother her with my bullshit, the girl was living her dream of becoming a designer after all. 
  • I was lost. My marks started dropping and I didn’t contact my parents or they’d be furious with me. I had no desire to eat and skipped meals often, eventually getting sick a lot. I am sick right now actually, I keep on sneezing 
  • and to top it the owner of the apartment I’m living in informed me by the beginning of the following month that he’d increase the renting fee. And of course I had nothing to say about it. I spent forever to find this studio so I had no choice but to accept.
  • I of course had no money, and also no plans of asking my family for money. I didn’t have any one to borrow money from even if I wanted. How pathetic. life is funny 
  • I got a part time job. I started working at the coffee shop I had a friend in, Serving early in the morning and late in the evening before the place turned into a bar. Also known as the only free time I had from college. 
  • I didn’t want to work the nighttime because I honestly didn’t want to end up between someone’s legs.
  • I automatically got close to that friend, since he was the only one I knew there. we had been meeting for over three years and I felt comfortable around him
  • Until I fell for him. I didn’t know how it happened but I did. 
  • long story short, I confessed one day and he rejected me. Oh sure he would. He said he saw me as a younger sibling that he cared for. And here I had the tiniest hope he was doing so because he mirrored my feelings. I told you life is funny. Too funny that I just noticed that I’m crying now.
  • I told him to forget about it and that we should just stay friends like we were. I really didn’t want to lose someone else.
  • one day I got dismissed of college early and had a meeting with a high school friend. Of course we met at that same coffee shop. 
  • She saw my friend and she immediately fell for him. I actually didn’t blame her, he was too fine that girls would try to flirt with him everyday. 
  • Long story short she asked me to hook her up with him, since she knew I worked there and was close to him.
  • she started coming more often to the café and as much as it made me deranged I tried making the two close, and it worked. They started dating and I never felt lonlier.
  • I spent most of my time working, studying, working again, studying at home and chatting with a close online friend from Japan.
  • she had been my friend since forever and we never got the chance to meet. 
  • Then one day she told me she’d be coming to Korea for a few days, also informing me that her boyfriend was coming along which I didn’t bother about at all. 
  • In fact, I did. I still remember that day clearly. The day I was waiting for her to come in this restaurant and she came in, hand in hand with her boyfriend, who was none other than my ex.
  • both of us were surprised to see each other again, I had a terrified face on while he just looked at me as if he was saying oh hey you actually managed to still be alive. My friend was so confused when I suddenly ran away. I was crying. And no where in hell was I going to let him see me cry because of him.
  • just when I thought he was long gone and I could forget about him he came again 
  • and that’s how I started all the way from zero. Trying to erase him from my memory. I couldn’t forget the look on his face that day. He was almost smirking impressedly. He knew I was too attached to him and that I turned into a mess after he left.
  • My friend understood the situation later and apologized to me. I told her there was nothing to apologize about and there really wasn’t. Its not like she knew he was my ex and dated him on purpose.
  • So for now, I’m still working and studying. The others are still dating so I dont see any of them often. 
  • Exams are coming and I don’t really think I’m ready, which is not of me at all 
  • I’m kind of a perfectionist you see, I like to have everything prepared and set for anything. good grades, good looks, good manners. I wanted them all. Call me selfish 
  • I never had good looks to begin with. I never went out without make up. I guess it just worked out like this. I’m insecure about how I look and I would never lie about it.
  • I keep strict track of my weight and starve myself if I gain any. 
  • Even though people tell me I’m fine. What are 52kilos for a 169cm tall girl? I was already underweight. But I didn’t care. I would never be satisfied with how I look anyways 
  • I’m now just sitting here in my bed while hugging Baby Lion, my favorite lion plush. 
  • He’s better than them all I think. If Baby Lion was a person I would’ve dated him. He seems like he’d never leave me.
  • sorry for spamming you, I hope you aren’t bothered with all of my ranting -you probably are- 
  • you don’t even know me and I rudely interrupted your peace with my problems, really sorry
  • if you ever read this, thanks. It actually helped me out a bit. They say letting out your heart to a stranger makes you feel better 
  • If it’s possible can I vent to you whenever I’m feeling down? Id still do even if you say no tho just saying, you can not read them if you want
  • again sorry for disturbing you, take care 
  • good night.


  • Hello, you didn’t send a message in a while now so I think you’re, uhh, done now, or fallen asleep
  • Don’t cry. Trust me just don’t, it’s not worth it, everything ain’t worth it
  • I may not be in the right place to talk, I just got to hear your story, I don’t even know your name or whatsoever

  • but I believe you should just brush it all off.

  • Your ex? Screw him

  • so what if he went to Japan? Good for him. Are you really going to let him have all the fun there while you sulk in your bed bawling your eyes out about him? Guess not, if he isn’t bothered about leaving you, then why are you? Let him be, if he wants to be an asshole that’s his problem. Also if you think he might do it again, inform your friend.

  • Your family? Its about time they realize you’re not just about your grades. Have a serious talk with them. But before everything, I think you should apologize. You know for fighting with them. Then make things up.

  • Your job? I really hope you quit it. I don’t know why, but I’m not the least comfortable when I see a girl having a parttime job. Try to make up with your parents and ask them for money instead.

  • your friends? Let those two date, even though you might be a bit hurt seeing them together. Just make them notice they’ve been leaving you behind, and not just because they were dating that they can stop talking to you or seeing you often.

  • I don’t know about the Japanese one, I told you, if you think your ex might ditch her too, tell her to break up with him before it’s too late.

  • You do what you think is best.

  • And uh considering that I don’t know you and I never saw you I don’t think you’d believe me but I really think you’re beautiful. Everyone is. And there is no reason for you not to.

  • if you want to wear makeup, wear it. Just don’t feel insecure about your natural face.

  • Also don’t strave yourself. Like seriously, don’t. Youre more than fine so go ahead and eat whatever you want.

  • I bet you’re looking too unhealthy considering you’re 169cm tall (oh hey tall girl right there, that’s rare these days!)

  • You should really just feel good about yourself, because that’s what makes you different. No, that’s what makes you limited edition; if that feels better.

  • So for now please wipe away those tears and stop crying, that if you’re still awake. go take a good warm shower and sleep while, uh, hugging Baby Lion.

  • nice to meet you, if you ever feel down don’t hesitate to message me. Or we can do it face to face. Over two good warm mugs of coffee. You have my number.

  • I mean I’m not courting you or anything I uh

  • I would just also feel good about myself for helping someone, haha

  • Take care, good night

  • ps: I’m Taehyung
  • I’m Hajin.

“Hey guys, relax alright? If you want, I can take Rex back to my place. I have more space for him out there and I can work from home.” 

“You’d do that?” 

“Of course, just until you guys can figure out what to do. He’ll need somewhere stable to stay so please decide fast. Poor little guy must be so confused.” 

“I know… but I really don’t want him to leave. Not yet at least. Let me talk to Alaska in private” 

You’re Silly Part 2

Josh Dun x reader

Read the rest: Part 1

Summary: An old friend helps you with your car troubles. But is he really the old friend you remember?

Words: 853

Requested? Yup by @emmatrashfordanandphil. And, yes, @eyecandyucandy, you did mention wdbwot in the request. Glad you’re accepting my love for cliffhangers. Hope you enjoy this second part :)

A/N: Reminder that Y/N/N = Your Nickname. Also, if you figure out what the number that I mention corresponds to, let me know!

“Yeah, I am. Are you a fan?” The boy asked as he removed his sunglasses, folding them and hanging them off of the neckline of his shirt. You blinked a few times, surprised that he didn’t remember you.

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hey so, I need an advice. i have a bi friend, she's confided in me through her coming out, i've always been her number 1 supporter, never talking about her sexuality with anyone even when she wasn't around, I never outed her, i'm always really careful with not outing her to people in general even now that she's comfortable with her sexuality. But. I found out (understood more like?) that I was ace this summer, and I turned to her for advice. At first she rejected me, saying I just "hadn't (1/3)

(2/3) found the right guy etc etc, you know she was basically being acephobic. I kept thinking about it tho and in my mind I started to think of myself as ace, eventually I came out to two of my friends and they were totally cool, they at with me and I educated them about what it meant to be ace and that I was still trying to figure out where in the a-spec I was and that was it. Then i told this b friend of mine, and she was understanding this time. She told me she had made researches, and
(3/3) she got where I was coming from. The problem is: she is outing me left and right. I mean, she’s just randomly saying “well she’s ac,e and i’m bi” to people who go to school with us and I know she says it bc she thinks they won’t judge but neither of us knows them and I don’t know how to tell her it makes me uncomfortable without making her feel bad because she’s a very emotional person and i suffer from social anxiety and ?? what do i do ??? 

tell her about it. I know how tough anxiety is but you friend should respect you and your sexuality. You trusted her enough with that information, and she is obviously mistreating it. It isn’t her information to give out.


Shake It Out Pt. 1

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A/N- So this part was originally supposed to be longer, but I had so much written that I just figured you would get to meet Brett in the next chapter. This is going to be a slow burn fic, and please let me know what you guys think of this. Talk to me about the characters, the story, anything! Just message me or leave a comment. 

“And I am done with my graceless heart / So tonight I’m gonna cut it out, and then restart.”

“No! No!”
An girl with dark hair  writhed on the floor of the forest, fighting against the hands pinning her down. Fresh, cool earth filled her mouth as she screamed, choking on dirt.. “Mom, no! Don’t-get off of me! Get off! Please-”
It was dark, and warm, and a beautifully clear, spring night in the Oregon woods. It was much too beautiful for the scene going on inside of them.
Surrounded by dark shapes with no faces, another girl, not much older than the first, was in exactly the same position, except she wasn’t fighting her fate. “This isn’t your fault, Maggie.”
Her voice was broken, but accepting, and it did nothing to reassure the other.
“No!” the writhing one cried. “No, you can’t-”
She cut herself off with her own choked breath, lodging in her throat as the light in the older girl’s eyes suddenly seemed to die. It didn’t take long for Maggie’s screams to come, and as the shapes around them slowly disappeared, she found herself free of the cold hands forcing her down.
She scrambled up, darting over to the older girl on the ground. “Maya! Maya, please! Please, you can’t be… I can’t do this. I can’t-I can’t do this on my own.”
Her sobs came in short gasps, wracking her body and hollowing her chest from the inside out. She reached out with shaky fingers, not caring that her nails were caked with dirt as she placed her palm on Maya’s cheek. “Please.”
A flicker of movement in the older girl’s face caused her to blink, and the wistful ache of hope filled her chest. “Maya?”
Her hand suddenly shot up, gripping Maggie’s wrist and yanking her down. She screamed, but she couldn’t break the hold, and soon she was eye to eye with Maya’s colorless face. Her eyes were empty and accusing, and as Maggie would think later, dead.  Maya’s words came out as a sharp hiss, causing any hope Maggie had to shatter into tiny, broken pieces.
“This is your fault, Maggie. This is all your fault.”

Maggie jerked upward with a choked gasp, blinking in the light of her half-empty bedroom. Bright sunshine was shining in through the window, letting her know she was long past being on time, and if that wasn’t enough, her phone was vibrating against the nightstand.
It was one of the only things left unpacked in her room, but she didn’t plan on taking it. Quinn promised she had furniture, and the more Maggie was able to leave behind, the better.
She rubbed her eyes and shoved away the heavy covers, one of the things aside from the nightmare that had caused her to sweat in her sleep. She had been having the same one for the past three nights, and oddly enough, it was coming to her more often now than it had been when Maya first died.
She tried to remind herself that the dreams were normal, that it had only been four months, but she knew that it was probably because she was leaving.
It wasn’t like she didn’t want to go. She was escaping the terrible things that had happened in this house, but in a way, she was also leaving behind the last bit of Maya she had left- the memories they had made here.
Maggie swallowed, set her shoulders, and reached for her phone. It had stopped vibrating seconds ago, but as soon as she snatched it up, it started up again. When she picked up, the first thing she heard was “Shit!”
“Uh, hello?”
“Maggie, thank god!” a familiar voice cried. “I get that you’re tired, but I’ve been out here for fifteen minutes and I don’t have a key to get into this hellhole. Could you come down and let me in?”
“Oh god,” Maggie groaned to herself. “Quinn, I’m sorry. I’ll be right down.”
She hung up the phone and jumped out of bed, glancing down at herself. She had fallen asleep in her clothes from the night before, a pair of black shorts and a burgundy sweater, because she had been packing well into the night. She quickly dragged a fresh pair of jeans from an open box and threw them on, then headed into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She didn’t bother with makeup, knowing Quinn was waiting.
Then she bounded down the steps and wrenched open the door, only to be slammed into by what felt like a car. When she recovered, stumbling back a few steps, she realized what had hit her was Quinn.
Maggie brushed strands of Quinn’s blonde hair from her mouth, and smiled at her aunt, who ran her hands over Maggie’s own hair. “God, I haven’t seen you since you were ten.”
Maggie swallowed, remembering all too well the last time she had seen her aunt, which was at her father’s funeral. Quinn pulled back a little, her smile wavering. She was young, younger than Maggie’s mom had been, but she wore the weight of everything she had seen in her expression. When that brilliant smile wasn’t plastered across her face, you could tell that she was much more than just a woman with a pretty face.
“I’m sorry, Maggie, about…well, everything. I don’t know if I got a chance to tell you that before. All this death and tragedy, it’s why I left. Maybe if I had stayed…maybe I could have looked out for you girls.”
You girls. Quinn was right about the tragedy and death, and at her words, a shard of pain that had been lodged in Maggie’s chest since her father died seemed to dig deeper. Her sister’s death had only made it worse, and, surprisingly, even her mother’s had seemed to knock the wind out of her.
“It’s done,” Maggie said softly. “I just can’t be here anymore.”
“Of course,” Quinn said softly. “I have some empty boxes outside. Well, I had them before I dropped them all over the porch, just in case you need-”
“I’m all packed.”
Quinn blinked, looking at her skeptically with the same blue eyes that mirrored Maggie’s. It was a Monnoyer thing.
“Everything I need,” she promised. “It’s not much, but you said you had furniture…”
“I do,” Quinn assured her. “And don’t worry, if you need something, we can pick it up in Beacon Hills.”
“I really appreciate this,” Maggie breathed. “You have no idea how much this means to me.”
Quinn reached out to squeeze her shoulder. “You’re family, kiddo…the only decent family I’ve had in a long time. You’re crazy if you think I’m going to let you rot in this place.”
She peered into the rest of the house, as if she was noticing it for the first time, and Maggie watched as her shoulders stiffened. From the cold look her eyes suddenly took on, Maggie knew she and Maya weren’t the only ones who had made some terrible memories there.
“Besides,” Quinn continued, her expression lighting up again. “I need someone else to fill the space in my house. Sampson’s great, but conversation isn’t exactly his forte.”
Maggie’s lips turned up. “Sampson? He’s still alive?”
“Alive and kicking,” Quinn confirmed. “I’ve never met a more stubborn dog in my life. He might outlive me.”
Sampson was Quinn’s twelve-year old German Shepherd, and back when Maggie’s dad was still alive and Quinn would visit, she would always bring him with her. She had never met a dog as loving and sweet as Sampson, and she had never looked forward to being knocked to the ground so much as she had when she was knew she was going to be hit by 75 pounds of dog.
“Did you bring him?”
Quinn shook her head. “He’s back in Beacon Hills. I had one of Satomi’s kids watch him for a couple hours.”
“I’m her emissary,” Quinn explained.
“That’s what you’ve been doing all this time?” Maggie asked, blinking.
Quinn nodded, gathering up the boxes she had dropped and tossing them inside the door. Maggie walked out to help her, listening intently as Quinn told her story.
“I tried mercenary work for a while after I left Salem. I didn’t have many other skills if you know what I mean. That was what landed me in Beacon Hills, but when I got there, I realized that I’d rather help people than hurt them. I worked as a vet assistant for an older emissary for a while, and when your grandparents died, I inherited one of the houses they owned.”
“They had a house in Beacon Hills?”
“They did,” Quinn confirmed. “And I never even knew, but I somehow ended up there anyway. Life has a weird way of coming together.”
“Yeah,” Maggie muttered. “Tell me about it.”
“Anyway, the vet-his name was Alan-introduced me to Satomi. She was living  right outside of Beacon Hills, and she had just adopted a brother and sister whose family was murdered in a house fire.”
“House fire…” Maggie murmured. “The Hale House fire?”
Quinn shook her head. “That was something different, but Kate Argent probably set this one too. She’s responsible for much more than the media gave her credit for.”
Maggie tilted her head. Kate Argent had become a horror story among hunters, one that they told their children to scare them into following the code. Terrible things happen when you stray from the code, she remembered her mother telling her when she was twelve. There are so many different types of monsters, Maggie. Her mother had neglected to mention that she was one too. Every hunting family had a code, and while there were small differences, every one said pretty much the same thing. Maggie doubted that the Argent’s included a provision for setting fire to innocent families.
“Satomi took Brett and Lori in after the fire,” Quinn continued. “Brett’s your age, and Lori’s thirteen. They’re great kids, although Brett can be…”
Maggie raised her eyebrows as Quinn bit the inside of her cheek. “Well, you’ll see when you meet him. You ready to start packing up?”
Maggie blinked, contemplating all the things Quinn could possibly mean by ‘you’ll see’. She didn’t exactly love the idea of walking into something blind, but meeting family friends was a lot different than preparing for a fight. It’s probably not a big deal, she thought to herself. Stop thinking like a hunter, Maggie.
“Yeah,” she told Quinn, glancing throughout the house. Her eyes roamed across the walls, where the family pictures had hung before her mother took them down six years ago. They stopped on the stairs, which Maya had dared her to somersault down when she was seven, and broken her arm in the process.
Finally, her eyes settled on the bit of the kitchen she could see from the entryway, remembering the way she had leaned against the cabinets, sobbing with Maya’s arms around her as she tried to come to terms with the fact that her father was dead.
“Yeah,” Maggie repeated. “I’m ready.”Maggie jogged up the steps, ready to grab the last few boxes from Quinn and load them into her Jeep Cherokee. It was an older car, probably from the early 2000s, but as Quinn had told her earlier “It gets me around.”
“Besides,” she added. “I have a Camry too.”
Quinn popped her head out of Maggie’s bedroom, which was empty, aside from the bed, the nightstand, and the last two boxes of her things. “Are you sure this is all you wanna take?”
“I’m sure,” Maggie assured her.
“What about this?” Quinn asked, gesturing to the wall.
“Quinn,” Maggie said, her lips tilting up. “I don’t think I need a Twilight poster.”
“Oh, so werewolves were off limits, but vampires were free game, huh?” she asked, grinning.
“It was a phase,” Maggie said defensively. “Plus, it’s covered in knife marks anyway.”
“Edward must have really hurt you if you practiced your throwing on his eyes,” Quinn remarked.
Maggie stuck her tongue out in Quinn’s direction and scooped up one of the boxes. She headed out the door and hurried down the stairs, aching to finally leave. She had been nervous for weeks about going to live with her aunt, because even though she had met her, she hadn’t really known her all that well.
After Quinn left the hunting game, Maggie’s grandparents had basically disowned her, and the only person from the family who occasionally talked to her had been her dad. After he died, Quinn had given Maggie and her sister her email, and they talked secretly every few weeks. Their mother would have been furious, but she never found out, and when every terrible thing started happening at once, Quinn was there for Maggie.
She had wanted an escape, and even though she had only known her aunt from a handful of childhood visits and countless email correspondences, Quinn was ready to offer her one. After all, Quinn had done the same thing, and she had told her that her only regret was that she hadn’t be able to do it sooner.
Now Maggie was getting her escape, and for the first time, she felt excitement jolt through her, running throughout her body like electricity. She was getting the chance to be someone else, somewhere else, and the possibilities of what could be were infinite.
She crossed through the front door and breathed in the cool, fall air, letting it lift away her fear for a few brief seconds. She bounded down the steps, feeling a small smile curl onto her lips, but as she walked down the driveway, she froze. The cardboard box fell from her hands, thumping on the concrete as she caught sight of the dark SUV parked in front of her house.
The figure leaning against it caused her hands to curl into fists and her nails to bite into her palms, and Maggie bristled with rage. Memories flashed through her head, memories of blood, and bruises, and cold hands pinning her down onto the forest floor.
“Maggie,” he said, heading toward her.
“Stay away from me, Riley,” she spat, her voice shaking.
“Maggie, come on-”
“I told you never to come near me again,” she snarled, bracing herself as he walked forward.
He rolled his dark, green eyes, and continued to walk forward,  not bothered by her threats. They had been friends once, years ago, and at one point she had been grateful they had been born into the same type of life.
Riley’s dad was second in command in the large group of hunters that resided throughout Salem. He was a strong guy, and while not as ruthless as Maggie’s mom had been, his cruel tendencies had been passed down to his son.
Riley was protective, and dedicated, but when it came to hunting, and especially Maggie, he had always taken things too far. She remembered all the times in middle school when she had to break up fights where he was beating someone into a bloodied pulp, not even because she wanted to, but because the only person he would stop for was her.
Everything between them changed after her father died, and Maggie no longer wanted anything to do with the hunters, or Riley, but he had different ideas. He was still hellbent on making her what he thought she should be, and even after the death of her sister, even after what he had done, he just couldn’t let things lie.
“Mags,” he said, his voice wounded. “We’re practically family.”
“Don’t call me that.”
She reached up to shove him away, but he caught one of her wrists and yanked him toward her. “You can’t just leave, Mags. This is your whole life. What are you going to do without this? Without us? Huh?”
His fingers dug into her wrist, forceful enough to bruise the skin, and Maggie felt something inside of her snap. She brought her free hand up, slamming her fist into his nose, and reveled at the crack she heard.
Riley yelped and let go of her, but as Maggie started to back away, he darted forward and grabbed her by the shoulders. She gasped as her slammed her into Quinn’s car, her back pressing up against the red metal doors.
“You can’t leave,” he hissed again, blood dripping from his nose. “You’re a hunter, Maggie. This is who you are.”
Maggie felt a shock of fear run through her. Riley had taken things too far before, during training sessions, and that one terrible night four months ago, but never like this. She had grown up with him, with his family, and he wouldn’t have been acting like this unless he was pissed, really pissed.
“You were supposed to be the leader,” he continued. “It was supposed to be you, and I was supposed to be your second. It was supposed to be us, Maggie.”
She gritted her teeth and shoved against him, her voice dripping with venom. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I was never going to be the leader. I was never going to stay.”
“No,” he insisted, his eyes wild and angry. “You were always supposed to stay.”
Maggie tried to break away from him, shoving against his chest, his shoulder, but he simply grabbed her wrists and pinned them by her sides. He leaned closer, and Maggie could feel his breath on her face. His shadow swallowed hers in the late morning light, and she hated the way he made her feel-helpless, cowardly, and defeated.
“Hey! Get the hell off my niece!”
Maggie didn’t hear Quinn’s sharp intake of breath as she stepped out onto the porch or the sound the box in her hands created as it fell into the grass, but she did hear her yell. Riley jumped and looked back, but his grip on Maggie only slightly loosened.
She took the opportunity to shove him away, and he stumbled back in surprise as she backed toward the porch.
He made a move like he was going to go after her, but Quinn strode down the steps and came to stop by Maggie’s side. “Listen to me, Riley Durand. Stay away from my niece, or I’m going to break something your daddy can’t fix. It looks like she already did.”
Riley bristled, but then he took a breath and ran a hand through his light brown hair. He looked away from Quinn, his gaze settling on Maggie. “You know they say that when you run from the past, it splits in two. One part dies, and the other walks with you*.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Maggie asked suspiciously.
“You can’t just run away from this. You’ll realize that eventually.”
Quinn glared at him, crossing her arms over her chest, and Riley finally backed off. With one last piercing look toward Maggie, he walked back to his car and peeled away from the curb.
“That kid seriously needs therapy,” Quinn remarked, glancing over at Maggie. “Are you alright?”
Maggie nodded shakily. “Yeah. Thank you.”
Without another word, she headed back toward the house.
“These are the last ones,” Quinn called, pointing toward the boxes.
“I know,” Maggie said. “I just need to do one last thing.”Maggie walked up the steps slowly, running her hand over the wood of the banister. She trailed her fingers along it as she walked up to the second floor, remembering all the times she and Maya had slid down it with fits of laughter echoing around them. That had been a long time ago.
As she got to the top, she turned down the hall, but she didn’t go into her bedroom. Instead, she walked past it and headed down to a room at the end of the hall. Her mother had cleaned it out four months ago, almost directly after Maya had died.
Maggie remembered how she had screamed when she popped her head in and saw her mom throwing all of Maya’s things into boxes. It had only been three days.
Her mother had ignored Maggie’s protests, but decided not to touch the pictures that still hung above Maya’s stripped bed. She reached out to run her fingers over their glossy surface, listening to the soft sound it made in the silence of the empty house.
There were pictures of Maya with her friends and with Maggie, some of them from when they were kids, but a few that were recent. Her favorite was from the day Maya had passed her EMT course, and in it Maggie was leaning against her, arms around her sister in her new uniform. It had only been a year ago, but she remembered how happy they had both been, even with everything going on.
Maya was the one who had protected her her whole life. She was the one who was right there, through everything, until she wasn’t anymore. Maggie took a deep breath and felt tears pricking her eyes, but she reached forward and snagged the picture from the clothespin Maya had hung it up with. She spared it one more glance, then she tucked it into her back pocket, and headed out the door. 

*Riley’s words here are from a quote by Camille Rankin.

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What's your take on inpatient treatment? My therapist keeps bringing it up, but I'm scared mainly because I don't know much about it...

It really depends on what you are going inpatient for and the treatment you are looking at.

I was hospitalized for an eating disorder in my teens and it, without a shadow of a doubt, saved my life. It was the hardest 6 weeks of my teenaged life but it was a wonderful program. I made a lot progress what was then supported with extensive outpatient support. In practice, I’ve seen hospitalization be very helpful for figuring out treatment for psychotic disorders and severe depression. In my personal life, I’ve had friends who have had children in inpatient programs for PTSD and another one for depression - which have help. I have friends who are only now getting going through inpatient for eating disorders or for depression and they have found it helpful.

Inpatient programs have there place. It’s not a cure-all. You will not leave and have everything fixed. But it provides a safe place to do some really hard work. It can really help. You may to explore with your therapist which programs she recommends and why she would recommend it for you. Best of luck!

Gods Help Me Part Four

I’m back! I’ve got another installment of Gods Help Me for every one in the trashcan :) Now, Elide has just walked in on Connall’s  interrogation and the plot thickens.

Part 3 (Which has the two other parts linked) —>

“Now that you now know the definition of a bitch…”, Connall bared his teeth and growled. Rowan had never seen Elide look so cold. It’s as if she was possessed by the heartless Anneith herself. He sneaks a glance at Lorcan and sees the glint of awe in his eyes. “What do you want to know? You obviously lied to everyone when you said you were on a mission. If you were, you wouldn’t of  standing in the same place watching for a week. You wanted to be caught. I just can’t figure out why.”, Elide finishes, her voice as cold as the ice in my veins.

Keep reading

Beginners Guide To Being A Gay Part 3

The journey begins: So you survived high school hell, roughly around age 18 to 20. Now it’s time to actually learn how gay life work. Your going to college, or leaving home maybe. If not your probably ready to know what kinda gay life roams around your home town. This is where the opportunity to explore your sexuality. Figure out who you are, what you like and what you wanna do with that information moving forward.

Now here’s what I recommend while exploring, 18 to 25 should be your experimental years. You should figure out what you want by testing it out with different things (sexual and not. Yes now you can start being sexual!)

If your going to college this is a place you can be yourself and all of yourself you don’t have to hide anything you could just be your natural gay self from day one, no adult supervision. You get to be your own person. Nobody can tell you what to do anymore. (Of course be responsible with this power.) Now I believe you shouldn’t try getting into a relationship at least til 21 do to the fact you’re not sure what you like or who you like. 18-20 should be where you are sexually active with people and try to understand what it is your body likes and what makes you feel good. Sex isn’t a thing that is going to determine who your partner is in the future, but it will help you guide your partner to understand the things that make you tick. Experience everything you can sexually so you can better understand your body in the future.

If you’re not leaving home check out some local lgbt spots unless there aren’t any then we got apps for that nowadays so go forth and unleash hell.
Aside from the sexual aspect, maybe you wanna help out the lgbt community in some way. A great place to start would be googling lgbt friendly places and seeing if you can do anything to help people. With me I moved from my home town and now I live a few cities away and I am constantly volunteering at the local lgbt center in my free time. I’m constantly learning and growing within this community. It has also helped me coming to terms with also being bisexual as well as polyamours. Things like this will help you become and more confident over time.

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Hello! I've recently realized that I'm Agender and after coming to that realization, I have a small issue. You see, I'm going to be going into teaching and I don't really know what my students can call me instead of Ms./Mrs. Like, I'm fine with going with my assigned gender pronouns when absolutely necessary but I need to be comfortable in my own classroom. I was wondering if you could help me figure this out? Thank you in advance!

Hello anon, thanks for the question.

The most popular gender neutral alternative to Ms/Mr is ‘Mx’ which is usually pronounced “Mix” or “Mixter” (though personally I prefer the pronunciation as “em-ex”).

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Is being badly coordinated not part of ADHD? I tend to blame it on that but Simone Biles the gymnast has ADHD and she's the definition of coordinated. When I was younger I was overwhelmed by team sports because I didn't trust myself to figure out what to do on the fly if a ball came to me or whatever, you know? And choreography takes me a lot longer to get than most. Things like that

Dyspraxia is a common comorbid disorder. You probably have that. It can be diagnosed and treated by an occupational therapist or a physical therapist.


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Hi! This might seem kinda odd but are you all okay with people that just identity as queer here? I've felt like for the longest time that I was demipansexual, genderflux but lately I've felt almost not attraction to guys and my gender has only been agender and I'm questioning again so I feel like queer is what I want to go by but I've seen so many ppl say that because its a slur I can't identity as it and I'm kind of confused and I don't wanna upset anyone by using it, thank you in advance!

hey!! i’m sorry to hear that you’ve been confused and struggling to figure out your sexuality and gender identity; i know that can be hard, so i’m proud of you for hanging in there <3. queer is ABSOLUTELY a valid label, and if that’s what you want to identify as you, you should!! however, it probably is a good idea to note that some people will have problems with you using it. the word did used to be a slur, and even though it’s now been reclaimed, people who had it used against them a lot in the past may be a little opposed to hearing you identify that way. so i’d say yes, it’s totally valid and you should identify that way if it feels likes an accurate label, but i would also be aware of the word’s history; the key is just to be respectful, and then it should be fine :). 

-mod nova

Okay, so I’m rewatching the Will-free moments of 4,722 Hours, and like, Jemma spent weeks next to the pond with the monster plant. WEEKS. Which, you know, is smart, since it’s the only water source that she could find. 

She says something about losing her way to the entry site, which means that she tried to find her way back to where she left her necklace, and she couldn’t find it. Basically, she’s consigned to camping out at the pond until she can figure out her next move.

And then, she goes to investigate a noise, walks what, fifty feet(?) away from her campsite, and literally falls into Will’s cave place thing.

I mean, it makes sense that Will would stay near a water source. But he was right next door to a human woman for WEEKS, and didn’t give her any sign that she was there. Did he not need water at all that whole time?

AND THEN, according to the deleted scenes, when he does actually meet her and learns her story, he hands her the necklace that she left behind. Just hands it right over.

So did Will know she was there the whole time? Did he assume that she was Hive? I mean, he would have seen a young woman sitting next to a fire, talking to herself. That’s not a thing that scary sand monsters do. They certainly don’t keep it up for days and weeks and months.

And it seems to me that at one point, Will must have tried to figure out where she came from, right? Or maybe he just stumbled upon a necklace by accident? At the bottom of an arrow made of rocks? An arrow that was clearly made by a human and points in the general direction of the pond? 


I mean, I love Jemma for 85% of that episode. I loved her most of all in the pre-Will parts where she survives on her own. I also love her when she tries to find her way home despite Will the Downer. But we all know nothing this episode doesn’t match up with the rest of season 3 (Hive and the sand monster act completely differently; Will is apparently a completely different person with a different background; Jemma’s reactions don’t line up with her experiences). But, I mean, it doesn’t even make sense internally. 

They got such praise for this episode, and there is some justification for that because Elizabeth’s performance was fantastic, and we did get a lot of great character moments. But between the character-assassination of an ending, the way that the episode fits into the season, and the way the episode fits together as a whole, you really have to wonder what the heck everyone in the writing room was thinking.

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Reyna was quiet for a moment, looking down at her papers. She seemed to get her thoughts together and finally said, "As far as I'm concerned, Nico is his real name," she said. "However, I don't know what his birth name is. Even if I did, that's something he'd have to tell you himself. It's not my place to tell," she said calmly. Will nodded. He understood where she was coming from. "Right," Will said. He wasn't sure why he wanted to know so badly, but he found himself wondering how he could ask.

“Thank you,” Will spoke in a sigh, letting out a rush of air speak his gratitude. Nico groaned loudly across the room and Will figured his time talking to Reyna without getting caught was probably up. “Really, thank you. I think he’s waking up now, though, so I should go make him eat something.” Reyna nodded as Will glanced over his shoulder. “Will?” She called his attention back to her. Will hummed in response. “Take care of him.” It wasn’t a suggestion, but Will wouldn’t dream of ever doing anything to hurt Nico. “Of course I will,” he smiled. Reyna seemed satisfied with his answer just as Will heard a quiet croak from across the room. “Will?”

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Pardon my ask but how do you fold/make the stars? I'd love to have a few to either give to some friends in need or as a personal reminder but I can't seem to figure out how to fold them? You don't have to answer if it's some magical star secret but I'd love to see a how to! Thank you anyway!

There’s no magical star secret, don’t worry XP

I made a how-to page here you can check out if you want! I think it’s pretty detailed (if not feel free to let me know, I am always willing to edit what is unclear ^o^) and is a good place to start. If you have any questions feel free to message me, I don’t mind :3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney


Yesterday I was feeling incredibly impulsive and wanted to do something spontaneous so what better way of dealing with those feelings than to get some tattoos you’ve been considering for months?

The top picture is pretty self explanatory. I LOVE Star Trek with all my being and the quote “to boldly go…” represents living your life to the fullest and not being afraid of where it takes you.

The meaning behind the bottom picture is a little harder to figure out. As many of you know, I met Darren Criss this past year and as you can imagine, it was everything I had hoped for and more. I’ve been a fan of his for years, but never thought about getting a tattoo to symbolize the love and respect I have for him until he was standing in front of me and talking to me. I thought long and hard about what I wanted because I wanted it to be subtle but still represent him in some form. A song that has always resonated with me is “Not Alone” because when I was younger I was diagnosed with cancer and as a result of that developed horrific anxiety that still follows me around today. On top of that, I have recently struggled with depression so getting something related to that song seemed only fitting. I ultimately chose to get the notes that match up to the part of the song that says “baby you’re not alone” because when dealing with my own struggles, it was hard sometimes to understand that there are others who are going through the exact same things as me and though I may think it, I am never alone in this fight!

Sorry this post got a bit long, but I’m really excited so I had to share! Thanks for listening loves :)

P.S. I know that the sharp symbol is incorrect in the musical notes tattoo. Being impulsive can be great, but sometimes it causes you not to pay attention. I know if it really bothers me, I can get lines added to make it correct or I can just accept that as with everything else in this life, we are not alone in our failures!

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do you know what the thing frank draws boozey holding is? it looks kind of like a cross idk i can't figure it out. thanks :)

he’s not holding anything - boozey is givin us the middle finger