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like it like it is pt. 2

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A series of drabbles counting down the six weeks from Iwaizumi’s birthday to Oikawa’s.

Tooru is talkative.

Sure, he knows how to be quiet when it counts, but his default mode is chatty.

When they’re tucked away in their shared apartment, limbs sprawled haphazardly over the other, breathing synced and the television on low, Tooru’s voice is what fills Hajime’s silences.

He knows how the silence eats away at him.

How it picks away at him, unraveling him; how hard it is.

How heavy.

Most people are turned off by the fact that Hajime doesn’t talk very much. They take his sharp looks and slow, contemplative silences as a signal that he doesn’t want to hear what he likes to say, that he likes the silence.

Liking the silence. It’s almost an amusing thought.

“Hajime,” Tooru says, his voice quiet and heavy with fatigue. He nudges Hajime with his nose, nuzzling against his chest. Hajime moves his hand up Tooru’s arm, thumbs brushing across his shoulder lazily. He traces patterns, soft swirls moving into circles. He hums to show he’s listening, as always, so Tooru keeps going. “You were right, too, you know? About that guy in my class? I thought he was just an idiot, but turns out he was just nervous about the presentation, too…”

Hajime closes his eyes, focusing in on the sound of Tooru’s voice, on rumble in his chest as he talks. Low, relaxed. Constant. He laughs, shifting his weight, and Hajime takes the opportunity to pull him a little closer.

“I wish you coulda seen him, Hajime. It was like watching a train wreck. I didn’t even know what to say - he just kept talking and talking and oh my god, even the prof was laughing his ass off by the end of it.” He snorts a little, trying to hide it behind his hand, embarrassed, but Hajime always sees it. He just smiles, pressing his nose into Tooru’s hair, leaving a small kiss there.

Tooru’s skin on his is warm and soft. The slide of their limbs together sends little shivers up his spine. He’s not wearing anything other than a pair of boxers, and Hajime appreciates the closeness, loves the skin-on-skin contact. Tooru keeps talking, warm and comforting and safe, each word breaking down Hajime’s walls. slowly. At just a pace Hajime is comfortable with.

He starts leaning closer the more he talks, the later it gets; he sighs into Hajime’s touches, which get a little harder, more insistent. Hajime squeezes Tooru’s shoulder blades, sliding his hands down his back, feeling the strong muscles there from much hard work. Tooru inhales when Hajime massages his fingers in, working out the tension in his back. Hajime knows that he spends way too many hours hunched over his desk, pencil in hand, agonizing over every little piece of the puzzle of his work, delicately creating works of art, sometimes getting so into it he forgets to eat.

Every day ends like this. Sometimes earlier in the evening, other times not until three in the morning when they’re smelling of cheap beer and cigarette smoke, stumbling in and laughing as they catch each other in the doorway, hurried kisses shared as they try to navigate back to the bedroom.

“How was your day?” Tooru asks, not opening his eyes. He shifts a little to give Hajime better access, stretching out his toes when Hajime hits a spot just right. “Good?”

Hajime nods slowly, now comfortable. It’s just him and Tooru, alone and safe in their bedroom; the curtains drawn tight and their phones long forgotten, tucked away into backpacks. Everything else is forgotten and finally, at last, the Hajime that only Tooru knows comes to light.

“Yeah,” he says, digging his fingers into Tooru’s lower back, smiling when he keens a little, “It was good… my train was late in the morning, though, so I was almost late to class. And my pink lighter, you know, the one with the flowers on it?”

“Your favourite one?” Tooru asks lazily, lifting his head to throw Hajime a smirk.

Tooru may be talkative, but he also really knows how to listen.

Hajime smiles. “Yeah,” he responds, leaning down to kiss the smirk right off his face. “That one. Well, I’d left it on our patio table, so I couldn’t even have a smoke while I waited for it…”

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I'm really sad. I can't figure out the point of being alive. I really don't know what to do. You don't have to respond to this. Just felt like typing it out loud.

I’m sorry that you’re going through that, friend, and that you’re feeling so sad. I know there isn’t a lot I can say that will change the way you’re feeling, but I just want you to know that you are important, and even if you can’t see the point, it’s enough that you are alive. Even if all you can do right now is stay alive, you’re so strong just for that. You’re strong just for reaching out to someone at all. 

I apologize if I’m wrong, but it sounds like maybe you’re dealing with depression, and I’ve been there, and I remember just how hopeless and empty and screwed up it feels. But I promise, no matter how much your brain tries to convince you otherwise, you can get better, you can feel better and recover. When you’re depressed, your brain is a jerk, and it lies to you, but there are so many people who have managed to get treatment and come out the other side. 

It’s different for everyone, but please try to reach out for support, because there is help out there, and you can be okay. 

If you’re in the US, you can reach the Crisis Text Line by texting 741741, and here’s a post with links and info for resources internationally. I hope that helps, at least a little. 

You matter, and you’re important. <3

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Kacchako is a disgusting ship I can't believe you ship it, guess you love abusive ships

First of all my dude, if you’ve been following me for more than a hot minute and actually paid attention to the things I post you’d know that that is Not Correct. 

Now, moving on to Kacchako. 

- just cus I ship it doesn’t mean you have to! Look at all these beautiful characters, pick two you think have good chemistry and BAM you got yourself a ship. Congrats on just figuring out what 12 year olds already know when they watch tv and whisper ‘kiss’ when their faves stand next to each other.

- Just cus you hate it doesn’t mean I have to! While I agree on being wary about power dynamics and not romanticizing abuse, I highly doubt that’s the angle you’re coming in from, in which case I have a place for you to shove your unnecessary adjectives. 

- My dude if you think that this ship is abusive then you need to go outside. Meet people. Have relationships with them (and no that doesn’t mean romantic don’t be a doorknob). Is Bakugou a massive prickly dick? Hell yeah! Does the child have a shit ton of issues to work through? HELL YEAH! As the character is RIGHT NOW he is in no state to do anything more than have rocky friendships, and not to mention how OOC it’d be for him to be seeking a relationship. 

- If your reasoning for the ‘abusive’ nature of kacchako is that they fought at the showcase then my dude. Buddy. Wet canoe. It was a fighting tournament. They were supposed to fight, and fight their hardest at that. Also there’s like 20 metas to show how their battle actually helped grow their relationship so…

- If your reasoning that kacchako is abusive is bcus you Bakugou being a giant asshole with anger issues guess what! You can’t ship him with ANYONE EVER. Bcus the dude does Not change around people, and if it’s okay that he acts the way he does with Kirishima or Deku or Todoroki but not Uraraka then my dude that’s your own bias coming through

The fandom fully acknowledges that Bakugou needs to grow up? Like legit everything I’ve ever read has been set YEARS in the future so both characters could develop and grow their friendship first, which, you know, happens in healthy relationships. 

If the ships squicks you out then let me know and I’ll tag so you can black list! That’s perfectly fine, some things just rub people the wrong way! But don’t come into my inbox with this accusatory tone and soap box when you’re obviously just a troll looking for attention and trying to shove your opinion (which I didn’t ask for btws) down someone else's throat.

BTWS didn’t mention Uraraka in the reasoning for not shipping it bcus she is the embodiment of sunshine and I can’t fathom of a way in which she would be the abuser or source of abusive in this ship, if there were any the way it’s done. 

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Could you write an asexual Percy that wants kids so he and Annabeth have brain babies using special child of Athena powers? Please and Thank you.

  • Percy looked over at Annabeth who was reading her book as he watched some TV in bed. He’s been having one thing on his mind for awhile and hoped his wife would be willing to help him figure out what to do. 
  • He turned off the TV and Annabeth glanced at him for a moment before going back to her book. 
  • “Annabeth, can we talk?” He asked.
  • Annabeth bookmarked her page with her owl bookmark Percy got for her as a birthday gift. She looked at him with slight concern. 
  • “What do you want to talk about?” She asked. 
  • “I want kids.” He replied. “I really want kids.”
  • “Percy, you know babies are made by having sex, right?” She asked.
  • “I know.” He sighed. “They won’t be my biological kids but there are other options, sperm banks and adoption.”
  • Annabeth moved over and hugged her husband close. She knew having sex wasn’t an option for Percy and wanting kids was a big deal. It would cost them a lot of money either for adoption or getting sperm for her. 
  • “I want kids too.” She replied. “Maybe adoption would be best, that way the kid doesn’t have any of our characteristics.”
  • “You sure you don’t want a kid with your blonde hair or gray eyes? Or your brains?” He asked. “Our kid would be smart.”
  • She smiled, thinking about a possible child that would have her and Percy’s qualities. “But you know what would be even better? If the kid had your beautiful green eyes.”
  • “Annabeth…”
  • “It’s just fun to imagine.” She replied. “I do think about what our kids would be like. What if they had my hair and your eyes?”
  • “A blonde with green eyes? What about my black hair and your gray eyes? And your brains with my humor.”
  • “Then we would be in trouble.” She smiled. 
  • He wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. Thinking about a kid that would be a mixture of the two of them. When he was younger, he thought his friend Sadie Carter would look like the child him and Annabeth would have.
  • “We would handle them.” He replied. “We work great together.”
  • Annabeth looked up at him with a smile. “So, our child would have my brains, your humor, your green eyes, and my blonde hair?” 
  • “Why are you so set on the eyes?” He asked.
  • “Because, your eyes are much more prettier to look at.” She yawned. “But can the kid talk wait until tomorrow?”
  • “Yeah. That would be a good idea.” He replied with a slight smile. 


  • The next morning, Percy woke up with a jolt. There was someone crying and he was worried it was Annabeth. But it was too high pitched to be her. 
  • He looked towards the sound and right between them was a baby. A newborn baby who was crying for attention.
  • “Annabeth! Annabeth wake up!” Percy said, picking up the baby. He slightly bounced it to see if he could calm the baby down. 
  • She woke up, bit groggy, but became alert when she saw the baby in Percy’s arms. 
  • “Where did that baby come from?” She asked, looking at the child. 
  • “It was right between us when I woke up. How is this even possible?” He asked. The baby calmed down after awhile, holding onto Percy.
  • Annabeth’s mind was working overtime as she tried to think of a possible solution. A gift form one of their godly parents? An unlikely event. 
  • Then she remember what she dreamed about last night, her and Percy’s baby. Could she have brain children like her mother? If so, why didn’t her mother tell her?
  • “I-I think I’m the one who created the baby.” She said. “I had a dream last night about having a child with you. And I guess I can create brain babies like my mom.” 
  • Percy looked at the baby in his arms then at Annabeth. “So…this child is mine?” 
  • Annabeth nodded with a slight smile. “Percy, this is our baby.”
  • “Our baby.” He smiled with tears in his eyes. “We had a baby.”
  • Me: *sees someone practicing Spanish verb conjugations*
  • Them: Dejar means to leave or to allow!
  • Me: well, yes, but,
  • Them: This is how you conjugate it!
  • Me: Yes, but,
  • Them: Moving on!
  • Me: No, please, wait, dejar means to leave only when followed by a noun, like leaving your keys behind. It means to allow when followed by an infinitive--
  • Them: *zoning out*
  • Me: But it means to stop doing something if followed by de + infinitive! Please! This is important!
  • Them: *gone*

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Hello! I want to teach myself how to draw, but I'm not sure where to start. Are there any YouTube channels that are helpful? Or could you give me any tips? Your art inspired me so much! xx

Youtube is a great place to learn drawing because you can see what’s happening as it’s being explained. I’m following Draw with Jazza on youtube and he has done a lot of tutorials which might be helpful to you. I also follow the Art of Aaron Blaise, but I’m not sure if it’s helpful for a beginner, but there might be something for you there :) I don’t really follow any other art channels, but there are lots of good videos out there, so if you want to know something about figure drawing or the human anatomy, just search for figure drawing and look for one that works for you. It might be useful to watch a few of them anyway, so that you get to know different methods and tips.

Hope that helped a bit! Good luck :)

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merchant!bakugou scenario where he comes and the reader has a plan by the king to kill him??

if anyone has seen magi or sinbad no bouken, i based merchant!bakugou off of the character sinbad soo yeah!

bakugou katsuki

You heard a very important merchant from Tokyo was going to land at the dock soon. You knew your King did not trust him so he decided to use you the only way he thought was effective. Using you and your body to lure the merchant to bed then killing him. While pulling on your sheer shawl, you remembered what the King had told you before hand.

“This… Bakugou, he is very dangerous and could bring ruin to our country,” The King began. Your fingers drew circles into his chest, your lips mouthing small kisses into his jawline. “I need you to figure out what he’s up to.” You chuckled softly while pulling your now entangled legs from his, sitting up and stretching your arms above your head.

“Are you asking me this because you know I won’t ask you any questions?” You said smoothly, your skin glistening from the sweat of the previous activities and of the reflection of the gold canopy above the bed. The King’s hand moved your hair away form your shoulder before pressing a chaste kiss onto the skin.

“Maybe, and also as your King, I can ask you to do whatever I so please.” His free hand running lower to cup your exposed chest. You decided to let out a slightly wanton moan, leaning back into the royal man.

“You’re right, and as your servant, I shall obey.”

The gold anklets jingled while you treaded through the market place, your eyes scanning for what has been described as a purple haired man. You gave small smiles to the townsfolk, hugging the small children who came to hug your legs.

“Ah, sweetheart! Are you in the market in search of something?” One of the shop owners asked when you turned on your heels quickly. With a small smile gracing your features, you fixed your shawl.

“Yes, I am currently looking for someone. Thank you!” You replied shortly before beginning to speed walk towards the end of the marketplace since you had seen a glimpse of blonde hair turning the corner. You brought your shawl up to cover your mouth as you turned a corner. Shit I lost him, You thought while looking around. How the hell did I lose him?

“It seems like you’re looking for someone?” Was whispered in your ear, but before you could jump, two hands placed themselves onto your bare stomach, pulling you back into a muscular torso. “Could it be me?~” Your turned your head slowly and saw the blonde haired man who fit the description given to you of how Bakugou looked.

“Maybe so, or are you looking for me?” You said slowly, lowering your eyelids to give him a sultry gaze. Your hands began running over his, lightly pressing into his skin. Bakugou gave you a small smirk, his hands moving towards your hips. “Now, why don’t you tell me your name?” While turning to face him, your hand brought your shawl down, letting it rest along your shoulders.

“My name is Bakugou and what is your name, beautiful?” He asked, his thumbs rubbing stars into your hips.

“My name is iishraq.” You replied smoothly, looking up at the merchant through your lashes. You ran your tongue across your lips, trailing your hands up and along his muscular arms, gold bracelets jingling by the movements. Although that wasn’t your real name, you liked how it sounded and whenever you did this type of work, you never used your name.

“Iishraq, huh? What a beautiful name for an exquisite girl.” His red irises twinkled from the lanterns around you both. Your plan seemed to be working but you knew from what has been told to you about this man, it was hard to keep him pinned down. So you decided to kick it up a notch.

“I must go, till we meet again Bakugou.~” You said in a smooth tone, moving back to turn on your heels and leave. But before you could leave, you felt his hand grip your wrist.

“Will I see you again, Iishraq?” He asked, a smirk present again on his face. You pulled your shawl up to cover the bottom half of your face before replying cheekily.

“You’ll see me when I want you to see me. Goodbye, Bakugou.” You pulled your hand from his grip, walking away from him. Making sure to sway your hips more noticeably, your jewellery jingling.

*iishraq in arabic means sunshine

INFJ Confession #3035

I have been wondering this recently of others, so I will ask. Do you find yourself changing massively every few months? For example, I have no friends that last longer than 4 months, (having just cut connection to the longest one so far.) I fear that I am crazy/sociopathic and cant seem to figure out why it is. Its like I forget who I am, then redefine my entire life around me without empathy…but I fear meeting new people because of what I know will happen… I am a INFJ 5w4/6w7 (not sure)

I couldn’t figure out what was going on during Trip Through Your Wires in Philly, that there was not one mention of Edge’s sexiness. Naturally, I had to find a video. In the middle of the song, Bono started talking about how Larry and Edge were once in a country and western band, and that the fellow whose band it was told them “not to stick with the rock, because if you get into real trouble, the thing that will get them out is a waltz.” Edge immediately corrected that it was a fox trot. 

My mom has alopecia, so her real hair is very thin. She’s been avoiding cutting it, but now that she wears wigs and it’s summer, she wanted to cut her real hair. And she wanted ME to do it. O_O She figured it doesn’t matter if I messed up since no one sees her without her “hair hat,” plus she had faith in me. LOL

So, I did my very first haircut on a person, not a cosplay wig! And you know what? It turned out pretty cute! She just wanted an a-line bob, which I’ve done to a wig before, and there wasn’t a lot of hair, so it was pretty simple. And with her natural curls, you can’t see any possible mistakes I made, hehe.

She said it feels so much better. I’m so glad! :D My cosmetologist friend would be so proud of me.

I Missed You - Edmund x Reader (Pt.2)

Characters: Reader, Edmund, Lucy, Peter and Susan Pevensie, and Caspian

Setting: Narnia, The Golden Age/LWW and Prince Caspian.

Warnings: None.

Summary/Blurb: (Requested by @creseselia) Edmund and (Y/N) have had a great friendship since Edmund had become King of Narnia. The problem is, they haven’t confessed their feelings for one another. But when Edmund disappears when going after the White Stag, what happens to her?

Note: Here are a couple of blogs I’m tagging! @superwholock-5sos @girl-obsessed-with-things @creseselia @bittersweet-imagines

Another note: I know this is way shorter than part one, I’m still figuring out details of the story. Thank you for your support and for helping me reach 750+ followers which is so incredible to me. You guys are wonderful and lovely and just bloody beautiful. Thank you again ❤️


Reader’s P.O.V:

“She’s dead.”

“No she’s not.”

“Well she definitely looks the part.”

“Whatever will it take for you to shut up for a moment, Nikabrik?”

You stirred in your sleep once more as the voices that you had thought were in your head, became louder. You’re eyes were weighed with the heaviness of sleep, but curiosity made you force them open.

As your eyes adjusted to the dim lit room, two figures were standing by your side; one was a dwarf and the other a badger.

You shuffled back in surprise, only to hit your head on the low ceiling.

“Ouch…” you muttered, the feeling of speaking was weird on your tongue.

“Oh good, she can speak,” said the fierce looking dwarf sarcastically. “Now we’ve got two of ‘em; she’ll never shut up.”

“Nikabrik!” The badger exclaimed. “Leave the other one out of it! She was unconscious in the middle of the forest; show her some sympathy.”

“W-what?” You stuttered.

The dwarf rolled his dark eyes and shuffled away to what seemed to be a kitchen, brewing something in an old-looking pot.

The badger nodded his head. “That’s right. We brought you here when we saw a storm coming; it seemed like you’ve been there for a while.”

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked around the hut which appeared comfortable and simple. You clung tighter to the blanket you were covered with.

“Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself,” the badger stated. “My name is Trufflehunter. You’ve met Nikabrik-” A grunt sounded from the dwarf. “-What’s your name?”

“(Y/N),” you said shakily, still trying to recall what the hell happened.

As silence fell across the room there was a large bang. You whipped your head towards the kitchen in surprise and heard curses that followed from the dwarf as he picked up an empty pot that fell.

“You mean…” the badger said lowly. “Lady (Y/N) of Cair Paravel.”

As the words fell from the creature’s lips, you ripped the covers off your body in a rush. The trousers and shirt you wore were baggy and seemed suitable for men, but you really could care less. You had to find them.

“The other one’s up too!” Nikabrik called out impatiently.

The other one?

“You said you were going to get rid of him,” The dwarf added impatiently.

Trufflehunter extended his words as he responded, “No, I said I’d take care of him.“

“Well, I don’t think I hit him hard enough.”

“Nikabrik, he’s just a boy!”

Nikabrik growled, “He’s a Telmarine, not some lost puppy!”

You intercepted, “Who else is here?”

There was a small twinge of hope in your stomach, and even though you couldn’t remember much before you were supposedly unconscious, you prayed it was someone you knew. Anyone at all.

Trufflehunter walked towards the pot on the fire and began to pour soup into several bowls. He offered one to you hurriedly and carried the another for what you thought was the other person.

“We can’t kill him now,” continued the badger, “not after bandaging his head. It would be like murdering a guest.”

Nikabrik scoffed. “Ah, and how do you think his friends are treating their guest?”

“Trumpkin knew what he was doing.” The badger sighed.

You looked down in disappointment as you realised you had no clue what a Telmarine soldier was, and your heart clenched at the thought of the Pevensie siblings.

There was a sudden crash and a figure rushed towards the door, making Trufflehunter drop the bowl of soup. Nikabrik yelled unidentifiable words as he stood in the tall man’s way. You were caught in a whirlwind as the stranger pulled a hot poker from the nearby fire and began to parry the dwarf’s sword.

There was a brief pause before Nikabrik began yelling, “See? I told you we should’ve killed him!”

“You know why we can’t!” Trufflehunter tried to reason.

The man suddenly spoke. “If you’re taking a vote, I’m with him.”

You noticed he had quite a thick accent, something that sounded unfamiliar and harsh. You took a step back as he made eye contact with you from across the room. His hair was brought down just above his shoulders and his broad figure seemed slightly intimidating. The man’s dark eyes looked confused as to what was happening.

Nikabrik speaks furiously again. “We can’t let him go! He’s seen us!”

The dwarf swung his sword a few more times, but the tall man blocked him.

“That’s enough, Nikabrik!” The badger then shouted, surprising you. “Or do I have to sit on your head again?”

Nikabrik stopped and lowered his sword by just a fraction, eyes still wild.

The beaver made his way towards the fallen bowl meant for the young man. “Now, look what you made me do! I spent half the morning on that soup.”

You looked up curiously towards the boy with the dark hair again. His face etched with shock and confusion; as yours was when you had first awoken.

“Wh-what are you?” The man stated, the accent heavy to your ears.

“It’s funny.” Trufflehunter said, turning away towards the pot in the kitchen. “You’d think more people would recognize a badger when they saw one.”

“No, I mean… You’re Narnians. You’re supposed to be extinct.”

You decided to speak up. “And who told you that?”

The stranger’s gaze met with yours but he stayed silent and lowered his head.

Nikabrik replied to the man with sarcasm lacing through his speech. “Sorry to disappoint you.”

You turned your head to see Trufflehunter return with more soup. “Here we are. Still hot.”

“Since when did we become a boarding house for Telmarine soldiers?” exclaimed Nikabrik.

The tall man said once more, “I’m not a soldier! I’m Prince Caspian…the tenth.”

Silence fell heavily across the room and you saw how quickly the two creatures’ facial expressions changed. You stayed silent in the growing tension, asking yourself where you were. Where you in Narnia? Dead? On Earth?

You had heard the tales of Earth from many of the Pevensie Kings and Queens and recalled the distant memories of Cair Paravel that felt like so many years ago…


“You really are incredibly stupid, Edmund Pevensie.”

You saw him smile from the corner of your eyes as he said, “If it pleases you, my lady.“

You rolled your eyes and faced him with a firm expression on your face. “Edmund, you’re being annoying stop it.”

Edmund bit his lip in attempt to block out his laughter. “If it pleases you, my lady.”

You whined and hit his arm causing him to crash onto his bed, laughing with his face squashed into his pillow.

“Ed,” you complained. “Stop, just finish the story.”

He turned around with his stomach being clutched by his hands as he wheezed out, “If it…if it pleases you, my lady.”

You frowned, witnessing that the Just King would never let this go. The night before, Peter hosted a ball in order to celebrate Lucy’s fifteenth birthday.

There was one prince that continuously asked you to dance, and out of pity and the kindness of your heart; you danced with him. The only problem was, is that whenever you asked him a question he would only reply with “Yes”, “No” or “If it pleases you, my lady”.

Unfortunately, Edmund was watching the whole time, and as soon as you made eye contact with him he noticed your predicament and intervened.

He still hasn’t let this go.

You rolled your eyes and stomped towards the door. You’d hear this story about Earth after he calms down; or maybe from his siblings.

“No, wait,” Edmund laughed lightly, jumping from his bed and towards the door knob; which is where you rested your hand. “Don’t leave, I’ll finish the story.”

“Ok, but no more laughing about- AH!”

Your sentence was abruptly stopped as Edmund tossed you over his shoulder, laughing like so loudly that the whole castle would hear.

You slapped his back multiple times before he placed you onto his bed, him hovering over you at a respectable distance. You felt your heart go wild and your eyes grew softer; and you noticed his did too.

You liked Edmund. A lot. You felt in your heart in some points in time that he may have felt the same; these were one of these moments.

“Edmund?” You asked quietly, sitting up.

His gaze was focused on you, his freckle-flecked cheeks tinged the slightest shade of pink. “Mhm?”

“Please, finish the story. I never hear ones like these.”

Edmund got down on the floor on both his knees and his large hands tapped on your knees, as he always did when he thought about stuff. Shots of energy rushed through your legs where he made contact, and it was enough to make you shiver.

“Alright fine,” he said, adjusting himself to be more comfortable. “Where was I?”

“The teacher was criticizing a student…”

Edmund clicked his tongue. “Oh, yeah. Alright; so this teacher was absolutely insane, I was about nine but I knew she definitely couldn’t yell at her students like that.”

“Oh wow,” you state sarcastically. “Intelligent Edmund Pevensie.”

“I really was.” He grinned and continued. “And the girl she was screaming at was someone I had a crush on, but that doesn’t really matter-”

You interrupted him. “What’s a crush?”

“It’s uh…someone you like. Almost secretly.” He tapped his knee out of habit. “But, you don’t- you don’t know if they feel the same.”

“Oh,” you quickly felt your heartbeat quicken and blood rushed to your face. Did that mean you had a crush on Edmund?

No that couldn’t have been possible. You felt something else for him. Something stronger.

“(Y/N)?” The boy in front of you inquired politely.

You flicked your eyes up to meet his instead of staring at the carpet on the floor. He gave an intense gaze; one not too rough but still strong. You felt his hands shift from your knees and to your face; brushing a stray hair behind your ear. You looked at his lips and in that moment you could’ve sworn that you would’ve leaped into his arms, and taken his lips captive with yours.

But he took his hand down and smiled, continuing the story to your disappointment.


You drew your mind to the present moment and stared down the Caspian boy.

Nikabrik inquired. “What are you doing here?”

There was a moment of silence before the boy replied. “Running away. My uncle has always wanted my throne.”

He moved towards the fire, staring into it almost as if he could see the memory dancing in the flames. “I suppose I have only lived this long because he did not have an heir of his own.”

“Well, this changes things.” Trufflehunter commented.

“Yes. It means we won’t have to kill you ourselves.”

Caspian looked up from the fire suddenly. “You’re right.”

Caspian began to move around, supposedly looking for something and soon enough he starts putting on his armor.

“Where are you going?” Trufflehunter asked.

“My uncle will not stop until I am dead.”

“Wait, you’re meant to save us!”

Caspian paused and turned towards the badger who had something in his hands and said. “Don’t you know what this is?”

The both of you drew your eyes towards the item lying in his hands. A memory immediately clicked and your heart began to thump loudly, almost as if it was trying to escape your chest.

Susan’s horn.

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why do I feel like Hal would be really into rope bondage, y'know, cause he's a farm worker sorta guy, and he would just tie you up against the barn walls and tease you for hours before fucking you with your arms still tied and your ankles tied to your wrists. And of course, the hand over the mouth so nobody will come into investigate what's going on in the barn, whispering "we don't want your old man to come in and see you like this, hm?" (kinky anon who hasn't figured anything out)

Why did I never think of this?????

Sinful Sunday™

whatlanguageisthis  asked:

Hey! I'll be studying in France next year and I'm currently looking for apartments. In my search I've stumbled upon some abbreviations that I can't figure out: Do you know what, in relation to apartments, GES and EDF/GDF stand for? Thanks a lot!

GES : Gaz à effet de serre : the level of greenhouse gas emission. 
EDF : Electricité de France : the main company supplying electricity
GDF : Gaz de France : same company, supplying gas this time. 

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do you have any advice for someone who's just starting to use digital art/a drawing tablet? i can't get a single line in that's not super shaky and i have no clue what im doing help snsjsksksk

Well, first does the art program you’re using have a stabilizer?  On sai it’s here:

And they’re pretty easy to find on other drawing programs! They smooth out your lines and such like this:

Also I found that using quick strokes when sketching makes my lines come out a lot less shaky looking! 

Also! I know this is like, heard way too much but practice practice practice, bud! Figuring out my own drawing tablet took me a good while and experimenting! I wish you the best of luck with your drawing~

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why do 9/10 camren fanfics end up on them cheating? i'm so tired and it makes me sad and angry. how difficult is it to write a healthy relationship? one where they try and figure out things differently? there's literally thousands of things other to add to a plot to make it interesting. sigh it made me so sad i think i'm gonna go cry

I don’t know what fanfics you’ve been reading sweets 🤔  Cause in all the fanfics I’ve read they’ve never cheated on each other - have you been in the Camren library restricted section?

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i am afraid to fail. the admission exam is in two weeks but instead of studying i find myself imagining how i will fail. this makes no sense i know. i dont want to waste another year but i dont have any hope.

One of the biggest mistakes we will have is being afraid to fail. I’m sorry you are going through this at the moment. Let me tell you this, take a minute and really figure out how much you want to succeed on this exam. Learn to change your perspective on your situation right now. I know studying can get incredibly overwhelming to the point of feeling hopeless.. Take it day by day, page by page, minute by minute and do as much as you can prior to the exam. Calm yourself down as you tell yourself you are going to be alright. Pass the exam or not, just know that you did try and it won’t be the end of the world (who the fuck cares what anyone thinks, this is your own journey). There are so many more opportunities out there that we have yet to discover. But as of right now, prepare at your own pace for this exam. The pressure you are experiencing now will develop you into a stronger and resilient person. 

Keep on going my dear. 
Keep going ever forward xx

The slash discourse makes me feel really really really dysphoric.

I figured out I was a guy because I wrote a lot of slash/’yaoi’ with my female bff. Roleplaying as a guy felt Right, in a way that performing femininity didn’t.  Roleplaying angsty queer boys being angsty because of homophobia helped me work through my own experiences with homophobia and biphobia and transphobia. Roleplaying angsty boys who were emotionally vulnerable or super femmey subby boys who ‘acted too much like girls’ helped me figure out that I could be masc and still not have to give up my ability to… you know, have emotions and be kind to the people around me.

Most of the slash I write - because I do still write it! I just don’t publish it anywhere- is like that. It’s extremely Slash Tropey. ‘There Is Only One Bed What Do’ tropey. Or ‘Queer Boy Has Angst And Insists He’s Not Queer’ tropey. Or ‘D/S with some Seme/Uke Dynamics Going On’ tropey. 

…and I feel like, because cis gay men don’t like slash, they’re saying I’m not supposed to either, and if I like it I can’t be a real man. It’s an irrational feeling, but it’s a feeling I have and it’s gross and I wish it would go away.

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Do you know what are Dan and Phil's fans for the next week? Phil said that his new LS will be in July, so are they done at Vidcon? Still in L.A.?

July is only five days ago, so I’m guessing they’re hanging around in Los Angeles for a couple days at least. He might be back in London by Thursday, but not want to say so because a) if he can get out of doing a livestream, he probably will and b) that gives too narrow a window for fans to figure out when they’re flying. 

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hey im about to start transitionsing and i really want to and all, but im scared of starting t because how do i know im doing the right thing oh god im really scared this makes me fake or sth, i don't know i don't know what to do, i so want to do this but it's so definitive, how do I know I won't regret it Am i fake because im thinking these things?

So many people have doubts like these, you shouldn’t worry about being fake.
Transitioning is a huge step to take and a big change for you so it’s normal to have doubts and fears. You should research the changes T would make (permanently and non- permanently) and try to figure out what you want.

If you aren’t sure there’s no shame in putting your transition on hold until you know what you want. 
And also, maybe you could look into starting on a lower dose of T, and that might give you extra time to see if you’re comfy with it - Matthew