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More midoriya and kirishima friendship theory please !!! How do you think mido and kiri relationship would effect the storyline , talk more about those two pretty pleaaaaaaaase!!!!!

Midoriya and Kirishima’s Friendship

I love Midoriya and Kirishima’s friendship. I know their relationship isn’t prominent, but they have a healthy and solid friendship that’s often overlooked. I don’t have a specific theory on it, but I’ll talk about it. 

Midoriya and Kirishima have had a decent relationship from the start. 

While Midoriya is against Bakugou during the Heroes vs.Villains exercise, Kirishima is concerned for Midoriya’s well-being.

Even though running away isn’t manly to Kirishima, Kirishima understands why Midoriya has to run away while fighting against Bakugou. 

Kirishima really starts to respect Midoriya after he beats Bakugou during the Heroes vs. Villains exercise. Kirishima is one of the first classmates besides Iida and Uraraka to befriend Midoriya. 

Kirishima thinks so highly of Midoriya that he’s fine with Midoriya being student council class president even after it’s proven Iida should be class president. 

Midoriya and Kirishima both like each other’s Quirks and find each other’s Quirks to be very useful. 

Kirishima keeps a watchful eye on Midoriya after All Might’s Fight with noumu. 

And even runs over to make sure Midoriya is okay even though Kirishima should be heading out of the USJ right now. 

Kirishima tries to protect Midoriya when it looks like Todoroki is being hostile towards Kirishima before the Sports Festival.

Not only does Kirishima think highly of Midoriya, but Midoriya thinks highly of Kirishima as well. Midoriya thinks Kirishima is very cool.

Kirishima understands the pain Midoriya feels for not being able to reach out and rescue Bakugou. The two of them relate to not being able to do anything to help Bakugou. 

Kirishima uses this understanding to successfully convince Midoriya to help him rescue Bakugou.

Midoriya and Kirishima are such good pals, that Kirishima gives Midoriya advice on how to act like a thug. XD

Kirishima notices that Midoriya’s mumbling habit has toned down lately and makes an observation when the habit suddenly comes back 

Midoriya understands Kirishima, particularly his relationship with Bakugou, well enough that he uses that understanding to rescue Bakugou. He knows Kirishima would be the only one who can reach out and rescue Bakugou. He understands how important Kirishima is. 

Midoriya’s understanding of Bakugou and Kirishima is correct. Kirishima can reach out to rescue Bakugou. 

They’re both pretty good friends throughout the series even though the relationship isn’t a huge deal. It’s very mutual, nice, simple, and drama-free.

They get a lot of meaningful interactions during the Internship Arc. I’d argue their relationship gets a lot of development and importance. Kirishima is Midoriya’s number one supporter during that arc and loves how pumped up Midoriya has been. 

As I said before, Kirishima is such a Midoriya supporter and raises Midoriya’s spirits. 

They work really well together. 

Also, Midoriya singles out Kirishima as someone he could share his problems with specifically. He specifically says he can’t talk to “Kirishima and the others” about his problems, implying Kirishima would be one of the first people Midoriya would turn to in order to talk about his issues. 

Midoriya and Kirishima both have heroic spirits. They both want to help people and both can relate to not being able to help others. They can certainly bond over that. 

 Their friendship makes sense since they both have similar values and are nice people. They both look up to each other and both work well together. They did well together while rescuing Bakugou and breaking down walls. I hope Midoriya and Kirishima talk more and team up more. They’ll probably both face hardships, fight tough bad guys, and get injured during the Internship Arc, and that will help them grow and bond together. That’s the closest thing I have to a theory on their relationship.

(I have such a love/hate relationship with this Ask. I loved making it, but when I was done making a long answer to this ask, I accidentally deleted my answer and had to redo the whole LONG answer again. I was tempted to just give up answering this Ask. Thank god I finished it.)

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what do you think of the theory that David has either anxiety or depression in Camp Camp?

Personally, I don’t think he has depression or anxiety - at least not any more than the average person would. I think that was the point in episode 8. 

The whole point of the episode was that David just… genuinely loves camping and really wants to share that love with the children he watches over.  

Yeah, in the finale he broke his cheery character for a moment.

David knows that people don’t care about the camp.  He’s not blind to how negative the world can be.  He does in fact hear all the insults the campers throw at him for trying to stay positive and I think deep down those insults do hurt him.  But I don’t think his positivity is a facade or his love of camping is a kind of escapism from some deep seeded depression or anxiety.  I personally think David just has a genuine love for Camp Campbell and the memories he had there when he was a kid.  Camping is something that really does make him happy and as shown in episode 8, his idea of relaxation is camping alone where the kids aren’t trying to knock him down because they don’t believe he can be that happy.  

So if you’re asking if I agree with the theory that David has anxiety or depression, personally, I don’t think he has any more than the average person.  As interesting as it is to have a really positive character secretly be just be putting on a facade to hide inner struggles, I think episode 8 shows us that this is not the case for David.  Camping is just his thing and he actively tries to ignore the negativity that is thrown at him because he doesn’t want to become jaded and forget the love he has for this camp even if he is the last one to care about it at all.  If anything, he’s probably tired of needing to justify why he should be happy as the pessimistic Max continues to try to push him to his limits simply because David doesn’t outwardly express how much Max’s bullying affects him.

Honestly, I really love and respect David’s character.  I hope he gets more moments where he can just enjoy making the campers happy.  That’s all he really wants and I hope he gets that,  

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I hope guardienne will discover her power very soon, and that we'll know what kind of faery she is. Some people think she might be a dragon or a deamon, what about you ?

if she’s half-daemon, things would start to get very angsty :^) because that would mean that she is literally the embodiement of what Eldarya hates the most : Human and Daemon :^)

also since i saw a post about it floating around in the tag today, what if Gardy gets contaminated by the crystal and discovers her powers this way ? what i find interesting about this theory is that, iirc, the contamination is usually a gradual process. but you can also force someone to “ingest” a piece of crystal. it’s a commonly used torture method


what if Gardy gets tortured in the future

Anybody else watch the ET interview with Sasha and Marlene? Gotta admit, I was very disappointed. There we questions (that we theorize over and over about) that Marlene didn’t even know the answer to. The interviewer asked who killed Wilden, and asked if it was Ashley Marin. Marlene said yes! It was Ashley. Then was all confused and was like wait no….charlotte! 🤦🏻‍♀️ like are you freakin kidding me, we know the show better than she does. They had a flashback segment, when Mrs Hastings sees Ali with a bloody lip, and Marlene says it’s just from “the older group of kids that she was hanging out with.” That’s it. I remember people theorized on that for awhile. A huge let down, but somehow not surprising in the least. The entire first HOUR of the finale will be a freakin wedding. 🤢she also mentioned there will be at least two masks In the finale. She didn’t totally deny spencer having a twin, but she did shut down the aria has Multiple personalities. I guess what I take from this is, to keep my expectations way, way waaaay low for the finale.

Edit: it was also confirmed Mona WAS the one who put charlottes body outside the church. Then why not show it?!?!

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Would you really not change anything in the OT or Pt? I also love both, but there are a few things in both trilogies (Jar Jar, Ewoks, way too many puppets in ROTJ, the way Padme died, etc.) that are kinda iffy. Just wondering, not trying to be hostile or anything!

No, i don’t think i would change anything.

Look, I’m not a fool, I know the movies are flawed and I understand where some of the criticism comes from but none of that ever affected my enjoyment of the movies. Do I agree with everything that’s been done or how it was done? No. Does it bother me? No. So I wouldn’t change it.

My favorite thing about Star Wars is its universe and how rich it is. If you dig deep enough you’ll find there’s an answer or a theory for everything. And I love the experience of completely immersing myself in this universe and digging for answers. In the past few years I realized the more I learned the less the movie’s flaws bothered me.  And to me, that’s the beauty of the EU, it turns flaws into interesting new stories.

Here’s an example: for a long time Padme’s death bothered me too, but then I read this theory that Palpatine pretty much sucked the life out of her to keep Anakin alive. Maybe it’s not canon but I loved it and it made everything even more tragic so I accepted it and now Padme’s death doesn’t bother me anymore. It’s the same with Jar Jar, the Ewoks, the dialogue, the cgi and everything else people might dislike about the OT or the PT. I accepted it because it didn’t change how I feel about Star Wars.  

I know that for the casual/first time viewer these issues might be a big problem but I’m not the casual view so I don’t really care. Maybe the sand dialogue could have been more polished so the casual viewer would better understand where Anakin’s awkwardness came from and that he was basically saying he associates sand with his traumatic childhood in Tatooine. But I already understand that so I wouldn’t change it.

Personally, give me interesting characters and an original story and I can overlook any production mistake. George Lucas and his team are not perfect. But they were trying to tell us a story, showing something we had never seen before at the same time they were changing the film industry and developing new technology. Both the OT and PT were groundbreaking in many ways  and I don’t care about their flaws because I respect what they were trying to accomplish, far more than I respect a company that’s playing extra safe to ensure ticket sales.

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You say you don't trust Boris, but I'm more worried about Alice tbh. Like, this is pure speculation at this point, but I could totally see a scenario in which she gets you to the exit, tells you to leave, and if you decide to stay behind and help Boris she'll try to kill you to keep you from meeting the same fate-worse-than-death Sammy and the other employees met.

You never know with the cartoons, but I really doubt Henry would turn down an opportunity to leave this hellhole when that’s been his goal for the last entire chapter.

PLL 7x19 (Last theory)

I’ve jump to the Ezra is AD theorist boat, and I aint leaving.

C'mon, who else looked suspious in this episode other than Ezra?


1. How piss he seem that the girls push Aria away.

2. How he grab Aria so hard when she was walking towards the station, if he didnt know she had the dead body wouldnt he just go: Aria? Where are you going?

3. He made her choose between the liars or him. Just like A.D

4. When Aria told him she wouldnt leave, Mary came to the rescue and saved all of their bacon.

5. The game ended when mona confess. And the only ones there were the Liars, Caleb and EzrA.

I been thinking about how much we have seen Ezra in this season, seriously. Caleb is there, yeah, but in a love triangle and majority of the time helping the girls. Toby is nowhere to be found (he was getting marry and then his fiance die, so thats a pass) but Ezra… Why would we care so much about him?? And his story with Nicole?

I didnt like that Mona killed Charlotte (c'mon they basically revealed it themselfs, wheb posting photos) I didnt like the episode.

And this is all really dissapointed. Pretty Little Liars is important to me, and deserves a better ending.

Also, did Mona ever suspect of Ezra? Because of what she says in the promo. I really dont want a twin reveled…

And I know, I’m the bitch that spend the last three months talking about it.

I want Ezra as AD. I dont want anything else.

Or Emily. Wouldnt that be fucking amazing??? I would kiss Marlene’s toes.

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is it just me or does it Jasper's physical gem grow bigger when she a part of Malachite? is there some sort of theory or speculation about gem abilities around this? do you think it was just an artistic decision for the characters? i feel like i have a lot of questions about the physical characteristics of gems now, but i don't know what to ask or if it's even worth asking.

That’s artistic license. The same kind of artistic license that gave us tiny gremlin Peri, but artistic license nonetheless. A Gem’s gemstone cannot change size or shape for any reason.

Social mobility on "Endeavour"
Social mobility on "Endeavour"

This time it is about social mobility in Endeavour and is partly based on the theories of Pierre Bourdieu. I talk about Morse but also about the ladies of the show! Sorry about the very meh quality, the file was so big that I had to choose a very lossy codec. I do plan to upload a whole package of my audio meta in the highest mp3 quality possible when I have enough metas to do so (although it will not only include Endeavour, but I’ll talk about that package later). Anyway, enjoy!

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Hi. 😊 kit said that Jon will have uncontrolled emotions and I think he was talking about Jonsa. This is why J*nerys : they don t know eachothers, Dany is his aunt. they fuck on a boat. Ok. So how this can be a bad thing and make their love angst and dramatic? Everyone wants J*enerys and targ fuck eachothers. They Can be in love. Jonsa : they are 'sibilings' they grow up together and their love is pure angst and dramatic = uncontrolled emotions. What do you think ? Sorry for My english

Hi there! And do not worry about your English. It’s totally fine! 

I absolutely agree. I just don’t know if I buy Jon and Dany passionate sex on a boat, like no, why? Jon isn’t the type to sleep with just anyone. He had feelings for Ygritte before he jumped in the sack. And I don’t see how he can develop feelings for Dany in such a short time.

As for Jonsa, well someone wrote a meta about Jon’s resurrection changing him, how he’s a little more reckless with emotions. They talked about the aggression he displayed during the Battle of the Bastards. I wish I could find the link (if any of my followers remember this, pls help!) but yeah, I totally think that those uncontrolled emotions are referring to Jonsa. I think Jon will struggle the most with keeping his feelings hidden and he will be the first to fall (so to speak). Sansa’s always been better at keeping her emotions in check. 

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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live ~

haven’t heard of it | absolutely never watching | might watch | currently watching | dropped | hated it | meh | a positive okay | liked it | liked it a lot! | loved it | a favorite

don’t watch period | drop if not interested within 2-3 episodes | give it a go, could be your thing | 5 star recommendation

fav characters: I haven’t watched it yet, but Naru is cute. 
least fav characters: not sure
fav relationship: not sure
fav moment: If its as over the top as the original pretty rhythm, im sure there are a lot of noteworthy moments
headcanons/theories: don’t have any
unpopular opinion: don’t know enough about it to know
how’d you find it: well, I watched pripara first, and i guess i just found it from there. 
random thoughts:

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Why is it so fucking hard to not call people what they don't want to be called??? It's basic fucking respect for others. Until every lgbt person is ok with reclaiming queer, do not call any one of them that without their permission. Using it as an umbrella term is calling people a slur without their permission which is you know a downright cruel and meanspirited thing to do just so you can use a word that you happen to like. Don't pretend you're not just a selfish asshole.

first of all, i’ve never pretended I’m not a selfish asshole, so jot that down

second of all, queer isnt a slur, and queer has been reclaimed since Stonewall–queer theory, queer history, queer studies in college, it’s all there, it’s academic. the only people throwing a fuss about queer these days have been gaslighted by terfs and neo-nazis into fake respectability politics and worrying about how it USED to be a slur in our lifetime. newsflash: “gay” is a slur commonly used too, yet i don’t see y'all trying to respectability politics it into a slur. this is clearly a glass-thin attempt to silence any who don’t fit neatly into the LGBT umbrella and highkey i will keep using queer as an umbrella term because a) that’s what it is and b) y'all need to learn your fucking history and that isn’t my problem

TLDR: i will continue to use queer as an umbrella term because it is one and i refuse to let TERFs and the like remove it from our usage

anyway there are multiple posts about this on tumblr connecting “queer = slur” to the rise of TERFs seriously Learn You A Thing before coming back and spewing this shit in my inbox

One thing about chronic illnesses that people really don’t seem to understand is that rest doesn’t make it better, at best it can slow down how bad you feel at that time or help it feel a bit more bearable but it’ll get worse if it wants to whether you’re resting or not

Sometimes you’ll be forced to rest because you can’t do anything else, but that doesn’t mean resting makes it better. When you’re chronically ill, you don’t get better, and rest definitely doesn’t leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy

If your whole body hurts and it’s painful to move then you have to rest but it’s horrible doing that the whole time, I know you’re supposed to rest when you’re sick but actually a lot of spoonies I’ve talked to hate it and would love to be able to be more active but we can’t - the last thing we want to do is spend more time at home in bed on our own

Resting doesn’t make anything better for me, it just helps to stop it being worse - everything can still hurt if I don’t do anything and I’d be happier if I could go out, even if that would hurt much more

R&V 4 o’clock ANALYSIS:  Who is the song really about aside from Jimin?

Do you all remember the moon & sun tattoo made of henna that V had in Hawaii ??? (Cr to @wingstyles) This means Taehyung thought of the song since then if not before. We always tought, why the sun and the moon? This song hold the answers.


It is said Taehyung wanted to write a song while thinking of Jimin as an element in it: 

If we consider Jimin being the moon. The lyrics of 4 o’clock “I wrote a long, long letter to the moon“. Maybe he meant by writing a letter about whenever he vented to Jimin about his pain. Also In namjoon’s rap “I collect myself that’s shattered beneath the moonlight“. Aren’t friends the ones who keep as whole when we are breaking? Or Taehyung was really in the park alone looking at the moon while thinking of someone, but who?


“It would not be brighter than you, but I lighted a small candle at a dusky park … where are you” Why would taehyung light a candle in a park? The ritual of lighting a candle to pay tribute to a life ‘passed’ has long been a part of many cultures.  Keeping a light burning in remembrance signifies that the memory still lives on and burns bright.  It is a ritual that promotes reflection and signifies remembrance. So maybe the song is at the end about Taehyung’s grandmother who passed away. V said that Jimin stood by his side the most during those hard times. The soothing ballad and the tone and feelings expressed in the song come to support this theory.


In rapmon’s part he raps about a moon child “I call you moonchild. The definition of a moon child is someone born under the astrological sign of Cancer. However when Rapmon says “We are the children of the moon“, knowing that no BTS member is a Cancer, we are left with the other meaning:  A unique individual, often described as being slightly crazy and over emotional. “Moonchildren sometimes say strange things”. Speaking of which isn’t Taehyung always described as the weirdest and most unique one in BTS?! Namjoon write the lyrics as if he is consoling Tae about his lost one as the lyrics says “Yes we’re livin and dying at the same time” aking him to accept the fact that all humans leave earth someday. V was so sad when his grandmother passed away because she was the one who raised him. So RM continues “but you can open your eyes for now” Trying to help him to move on


The lyrics speak of a bird “A nameless bird that sings“. Normaly we are used to birds singing during the day but Robins are insectivorous birds that are well adapted to foraging in dim light , and even continue to feed under artificial light well into the night (like the one in a park at night). It is one of the earliest birds to start the dawn chorus and one of the last to stop singing at night. With this tendency to be active at low light, robins can be easily triggered into full song by a streetlight or any kind of floodlighting. Since robins keep territories all year round, they also sing all round the year. I also searched if the species is available in south korea and it is HERE. But how does Taehyung knows about the existance of such a bird. Did this situation really occur? he  will interpret the singing of the bird as if he was too searching for that person “A nameless bird that sings where are you

In memory of Taehyung’s grandmother. May she rests in peace.
By @mimibtsghost


I did it again. Sigh. Can’t stop drawing him. ;u;

I’ve got a pretty cool AU/ Theory for Anti that goes along with this piece! Very proud of both, haha. Basically (and very shortly told); In my AU Jack is hallucinating himself being controlled by something and uses the ‘Anti’ persona as an excuse, to kind of blame someone for what bad stuff his mind is coming up with. Murder and all. At some point, I imagined what his head/ his dreams would look like in that scenario and - tada! This is what happened. :D

Obviously the theory is just a little plot idea I had. I know Jack is not actually a lunatic who goes on murder sprees, oml. I was just like; what if he really doesn’t want to believe that he could potentially become a murderer? Or maybe doesn’t want to believe that he already is one? And THEN blames a non existent character for the bad stuff he does? Craziness, haha! Gotta love them psycho-thrillers, amirite?

The theory isn’t meant to offend Jack or anyone else in any way! I hope you like it, though. I might draw some more stuff about it in the future. C:

Thanks to @therealjacksepticeye and @pixlpit for sTILL MOTIVATING AND INSPIRING ME SO MUCH URGH! I can’t wait for the amazing stuff those two will come up with in the following months! :D

Now I will go and get me a salad. A nice salad and some ice coffee. Nom.

Note; please don’t repost/ reupload my art! C:

Also, I suggest y’all go listen to ‘MISSIO’! Amazing musicians, way too underrated! I listened to them a lot while drawing this and bOI it is good!

that part where Blue Zircon had questions about Pink Diamond’s entourage during the trial

“Where were her Agates? Her Sapphires? Where was her Pearl?”

and everyone immediately thought of our Crystal Gem Pearl, that it must have been her who Zircon was referring to. while I am not at all discounting that theory, just hear me out

We know of another Pearl. 

A Pearl, who is possibly the conspirator, hidden in plain sight.

The Fate of Pink Diamond

Everyone is posting their theories on who shattered Pink Diamond. I’ve seen it going every direction: Yellow Diamond did it; White Diamond did it; Pearl did it. And while I’m a big believer that Pearl was, at the VERY least, involved in her shattering, I also have an alternate theory.

Consistently, whenever Pink Diamond’s demise has been mentioned–in her presence–Pearl has always shown great distress. At first I assumed it was grief; if you subscribe the the theory that Pearl belonged to Pink Diamond, it might be caused by any residual feelings she might have about her Diamond. Perhaps it has been because the act has ruined Rose’s name or because of how Steven found out.

We don’t know why, but Pearl has always shown great duress whenever Pink Diamond’s shattering is brought up.

The Crystal Gem rebellion was only as successful as it was in great part due to Rose’s healing abilities. So long as they weren’t shattered, she could bring her comrades back from mortal injury with her tears. It’s very likely that, particularly during the early stages of the rebellion, that their chances were dismally low.

Lots of people have pointed out that only a diamond can break a diamond, which has been one of the big reasons why people believe Pink was shattered by another diamond. The only problem is why? We’ve seen that Yellow, though she manages her grief well, is still very torn up by the loss of Pink Diamond.

Though she was hasty in The Trial and most of her actions could easily be perceived as an attempt to cover up her own part in the shattering of Pink Diamond, Yellow has never been a patient gem. She is quick to anger and though she may keep a calm facade, she has always been quick to lash out.

In Message Received, even when Peridot is still obeying respectful protocols, when she tries to convince Yellow to abort the Cluster and preserve the Earth she lays into Peridot. 

This is before Peridot outright disobeys her orders and calls her diamond a clod. She probably would have given Peridot the same treatment she gave the Zircons if she had been physically present. I really don’t believe Yellow had anything to do with what happened to Pink Diamond.

A lot of people have been concerned by White Diamond’s failure to appear at the trial of the gem who was believed to have killed Pink Diamond. It is very suspicious, especially since we know nothing of White Diamond. We only have the very barest of ideas of what she looks like because of the murals on the moon base.

We of course see something of her likeness on Homeworld.

Blue Zircon mentioned during The Trial that Rose Quartz had already been an established threat for a few hundred years. This means that Pink Diamond wasn’t shattered until a few hundred years after the start of the rebellion.

What if the Crystal Gems were losing the war? What if they needed something to turn the tide in their favor? What if they could get their hands on a bargaining chip? In the early stages of the rebellion, there likely weren’t many gems on Rose’s side. It seems possible that, even during the events of The Answer, that Rose and Pearl were the only rebel gems. After all, if they wanted to wage an assault against Blue Diamond and her court, wouldn’t they want to bring more than two gems?

What if they knew they didn’t stand a chance? So they wanted to level the playing field. If only a diamond can shatter a diamond, it’s unlikely that Rose or Pearl would have been able to deal the killing blow. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t destroy a diamond’s physical form.

What if Pearl and/or Rose managed to destroy Pink Diamond’s physical form and took her gem? What if they brought her gem to the diamonds and turned the war into a hostage negotiation? Pink Diamond could be safely returned but only if Homeworld abandoned the Earth. This doesn’t seem like too desperate a tactic, especially if there are only two gems standing against the might of their planet.

What if they tried to bargain with White Diamond? A diamond’s life for a single planet seems like a fair trade. But what if White Diamond wasn’t willing to negotiate. What if White Diamond forsake Pink Diamond, shattering her when her gem was put up for ransom?

After all, we’ve seen a mural depicting a gem of a very great visual similarity to White once before. A mural illustrating Rose Quartz standing before White Diamond, holding something very pink and diamond-shaped between them. All while White Diamond lashes out.

Maybe the reason Pearl gets upset at the mention of Pink Diamond is because they never meant to shatter her; but it was because of their actions that she was shattered at all.






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We all saw Blue Zircon, pls, just let me say she was amazing, she absolutely put out there what we’ve all been thinking. She absolutely tells the Diamonds they might be the murderers (one of them ofc)
Blue Zircon talks about how no one, none of the soldiers were around to protect Pink Diamond, none of them were close enough, how is it that a Rose Quartz could shatter such a big, high class Gem?


She mentions that how could it be possible that her PEARL couldn’t scream for help if her Diamond was in danger?

And then we see their reactions…


Look at the pearls faces…why would they make that face? For me, it’s like if they knew something…and the first that seems surprised is Yellow Pearl. 

Blue Zircon says only a Gem of the same range would be capable of doing such thing..

“Whoever did it was someone that was able to get near her, someone that her guards would allow to come closer, someone she would listen to as she had to stop her palanquin and step outside, and someone with the AUTHORITY TO COVER IT UP AFTERWARDS. Someone with supreme authority…someone…LIKE ONE OF YOU!”

WATCH THEIR REACTIONS AS BLUE ZIRCON TALKS, How Yellow Diamond is so ANGRY, and how Blue Diamond is so…surprised


After Blue Zircon talked, we see Blue Diamond reaction…

Though, Yellow Diamond, instead of being surprised, she’s apparently calmed, then straight poofs Blue Zircon. But you might say, well, that’s all, case closed, now she’s going for Steven and she’s going to shatter him…..but no. She goes for Yellow Zircon and poofs her too…

Why would she have such reaction…I mean, yea, Blue Zircon confronted them, so it was an excuse for poof her….tho, why not going straight to closing the case and shatter Rose/Steven? Why did she poof Yellow Zircon and then Start fighting with Blue Diamond?

As I see it….it’s pretty interesting all the reactions we get from them, how Yellow Rages so fast, how Blue seems surprised, how YELLOW PEARL reacts when they’re asked where Pink Diamond’s Pearl was..

It’s pretty suspicious…

Please, let’s have a talk about this, let me know what you think lmao, we have some big questions here…