and you know theories about it

flower, burn and shine
make your power mine
time resume its course
let age and pain combine

harm what has been healed
fates redo what’s thine
lose the saved once more
let age and pain combine
and pain combine…

idk man I should be doing homework but I absolutely cannot get this moon theory out of my head. I had this idea that some kind of witch would know the truth about Varian’s birth and would show him his power. she’d know the song. and I think the moon flower’s song has the power to destroy; to undo spells and reverse what the sundrop flower has done. I credit @tangledbea for writing the lyrics to this song!

if you ask me, I reeeeeeally don’t think Varian would be comfortable with having magical moon powers.

Quick thought on “Big mood”

So by now yall know about the .02 second frame in the Big mood video today right?

In case you don’t it’s these:

So let me get this straight:

In “Don’t remember”, the entity (as i’m calling it until further evidence is provided otherwise) tells us to “go back to sleep” and in these frames, something else (mark maybe?) is telling us to Wake up.

Contradicting itself, don’t you think?

Well the thing is i went back to the older Van videos and remember the video “Man’s Not Hot”?

Remember how it started: Us asleep in the Van. Mark told us we can’t sleep in there (at the time, it was because it was too hot in the Van) and then asks why we were asleep in the van to begin with.

So clearly Mark doesn’t know why we’re out there, or that we sleep there to be gin with (?)

Then in Don’t remember, we wake up in the Van, startled by the TV….

So my question is why are we sleeping in the van?

is mark trying to wake us up from something?

is this a fnaf 4 Game Theory thing where we’re in a coma?

is this a matrix type deal?


so this might be the slowest realization of the century, BUT i just noticed that rachel lies to you during two truths and a lie. and i mean, like, not during the part where she’s supposed to be lying.

when she calls you out on your broken hand story, depending on how chloe chooses to ask ‘how the shit do you know this’, she gives two wildly different answers: 'i broke my wrist when i was ten’, versus 'last summer i performed a one-woman doctor who homage entitled 'weeping angel’’.

now my question is, why the fuck?? that seems like such a completely insignificant thing to lie about. and since i don’t think there’s any explanation with substantial backing by the story thus far, i’m just going to spew some baseless theories into the wind, here:

1. rachel is a compulsive liar. she casually lies about irrelevant shit all the time, doesn’t even think about it.
2. rachel broke her wrist under considerably less pleasant circumstances, that at the time she deemed fit to keep from chloe, still practically a stranger.
3. rachel never broke her wrist. she knows chloe broke hers skateboarding 6-7 years ago because she remembers it. rachel has been interested in chloe for much, much longer than any of us realize.
4. deck9 just wanted to put in some extra flavor text and i need to chill my ass asap

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You know the antis are gonna take Daisy's quote about FinnRey and twist it some way to make their theory's right. I can really hate them sometimes.

They’re also going to twist the fact that Daisy said if she had to choose a family, it’d be the Skywalkers – taking out of context that whole bloody rambling she went on about how family isn’t about the ties of blood for Rey and that she’s forming these relationships despite not being blood related. Lmao, I AM PREDICTING IT NOW FOLKS. There will be major out-of-context quoting for that article claiming that Rey is a confirmed Skywalker based on Daisy basically saying, “I guess I’d choose Skywalker bc that is literally the only fully fleshed out family on screen in these movies lol”

the more i think about it, the more possession feels extremely plausible in the van videos

“don’t blink” “don’t move” “don’t remember” 

it kinda sounds like dark wants fear and subservience to me. and it kinda sounds like getting into someone’s mind, yknow?

our theories of what’s next:

“don’t breathe” “don’t think” “don’t look” “don’t ____” who knows!

but, as hard as it is to try to explain, sounds like he is trying to wear down. like. the stages before a full possession???  weaken i guess. idk. i’m having a hard time getting this out.

with mark’s recent voice distortion and the double glitches, it sounds like MAYBE in don’t remember, or a video in the future, that mark may have gotten possessed by dark. maybe. it definitely seems like the kind of thing where a demon latches on and starts the torment. so. who knows.

he’s abilities are confusing, but it seems like he may have that kind of power to at least mind control. which in a way is possession.

i still think someone is gonna be possessed, maybe both.

maybe he’ll pull a jojo and try to attack us. and maybe we’ll fall under dark’s influence as well and attack him.

maybe he’ll take inspiration from tew2, maybe! who knows

detective synishade is confused

You know, there’s something that’s been bothering me about the whole deal with Monster bash, and that’s why did Star not look into the location she chose for the party?

I mean she could have, I don’t know, mentioned to her mom that she was throwing a party to strengthen the peace between Monsters and Mewmins and asked if this abandoned temple was a good idea because this literally meant the world to her. And before someone says something about her wanting to do this behind her mom’s back, let me remind you.

She had a petition signed by EVERY KINGDOME, her mom couldn’t stop it even if she wanted to. Maybe she could have found out a few things like … well …

Like how that temple was Meteora’a nursery? Or maybe she didn’t even have to mention that, just say to pick someplace else? It seems like a massive oversight for her, I mean what was she thinking when she picked out … wait,

She … didn’t … pick it out … wait a second, didn’t Rich give a whole speech about wanting to follow Star’s lead? He seems less likely to forget something like this, why would he-

Oh … you don’t think … I mean sure, Marco broke his leg but … he wouldn’t purposefully ruin Star’s party because of something like that, would he? His people are nice, they like being part of Mewni so why would-

… um … okay … why was it against pigeon law to learn to speak the Mewni tongue?

Pretend? Wait a second, you don’t think … I mean they did take that castle by force … and they are new … and rich … but … the pigeons aren’t evil … are they?

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Haily have you noticed every time bendy has an ink illness attack he grips his side and can you explain to me the adrenaline theory with the inkness please by love ya

*gasp* I’m surprised someone remembers my little theory.

From what we’ve been told about the Inkness, it causes extreme pain and heat suffocation and only happens once a day. We don’t exactly know what triggers it, but the adrenaline theory I thought of was that any type of adrenaline could lead to the ink illness.

Whenever we saw Bendy feel any type of adrenaline (being chased by Cup) (the constant fear of when the illness will happen), since we can’t always tell what goes through a person’s head, let alone Bendy’s. And I suppose if this were the case, if there were no type of emotional rush, then I suppose it could occur because the body needs the Inkness to pass, it demands it.

Still just a theory I’ve been pondering over, which shows a bit more in more present updates of the story. You know, Bendy feeling under the pressure of impressing his idol and feeling overwhelmed to protect the group.

The first night home following the creeping shadow incident is troubling. Lockwood finds that, with everything they’d discovered—and, more importantly, everything he and Lucy had experienced—he is completely unable to sleep. His head is full of half-finished ideas and memories he doesn’t know how to process. Theories about what Rotwell had been up to clash with feelings that he has no outlet for, and the end result is a spectacular mess of thought and emotion that demands his complete attention.

He sits awake for what feels like hours, trying to organize the noise into something manageable. Mostly he just feels like he’s drowning.

When he does surface from his self-made sea of chaos, it’s because someone has stepped on that squeaky floorboard at the bottom of the stairs. Lockwood is still long enough to comprehend what he’s heard before he’s throwing himself out of bed, his stomach twisting in irrational panic.

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Woah, that text about giving up shipping, triggered something in me….

First of all, if you don’t want to ship anymore, then just don’t. There is no need to rant about it or especially bash everyone else that does. You can leave quietly and no one would have cared.
Next, the thing about shipping is, that we don’t know what is really going on. That’s the fun in it. Because secrets are fun. Again no need to attack us, because we are making theories and suspecting stuff behind all of this.
Next one. Again about the we don’t know. We also don’t know if they are really straight. Just because of this heteronormality that is going on, we don’t know. Also fun fact, sexualities change. I also thought years ago that I was completely straight, but I am not.
And saying that they actually all have secret girlfriends, is on the same level as saying they are definitly dating amongst themselves. Just don’t assume things that we don’t know about.

Now the thing with reading fanfics… I also can’t read t/k or y/m fics. But that doesn’t mean I’m too extreme with jikook. God no. It’s just that I don’t like reading them and it feels weird for me. Even before I actually started shipping Jikook, I couldn’t read them. (kinda ruined one of my favourite ff that time >-<)

The “We don’t know” part includes both sides. Not just the side of shipping, but also the side of them having girlfriends.

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I’m a bit baffled by this fandom and the way everyone glamourises Jughesd’s Serpent lifestyle. In my view it’s just really heartbreaking that his circumstances have culminated in this way, having no other means of support and falling into gangs and violence.

I know that I have been guilty of this for sure. In theory, Jug and Betts as King and Queen of the Southside was attractive to me - and I’ve read some really great fic where it worked and was awesome.

However, you’re right. In actual fact - gang life isn’t glamorous and we’re seeing how the lifestyle is changing the Jughead that we knew from Season 1.

I saw something funny going around here a while ago where the post talked about how after E113 we were excited about how hot Juggie was in a leather jacket and now we’re all excited when we see him back in his Sherpa jackets in the bts pictures of future episodes. It seemed pretty amusing but also on point.

Thank you for this ask, Grayface. Lots to think about.

Hide this chapter: actually, in addition to knowing Kimi was here all this time working with Kanou, I also knew perfectly well what she was going to tell you we needed to do.

Ms Maria Reynolds wasn't at fault - an analysis of who was really at fault during the Hamilton affair

DISCLAIMER: While there are facts included, some are conclusions of these facts and little is opinion.

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of abuse and maltreatment.

I know what you’re thinking “wtf, of course she was!” but you have to really think about it.

We’re not given a lot of background information on Maria in the musical or history itself, however we know she was abused and mistreated by her husband. Having gone through, presumably, years of this torture, we can infer that she would be too scared to disobey Mr Reynolds due to the ‘punishments’ he would put her through. So already we can see why see was forced to keep going. For those who still don’t quite get where I’m coming from, Mr Reynolds was gaining money from this and if she stopped he would no longer be able to revive that money.

We also know that she had an unnamed daughter who she would have to fend for as her husband would most likely not want anything to do with her. She was sent away with said daughter to live in a separate 'house’. I have included quotation marks because they would probably receive barely enough money to take care of one person. So that night on the Hamilton’s doorstep she actually was looking for pity and help.

Then why did she do what she did?

Well, at the time many women would be taught by their husbands how to be a good housewife and social person. If Mr Reynolds had this much control over Maria, then it is safe to say he was the one who taught her to be a 'whore’. So in the line “ I didn’t know any better” she actually meant it. She was taught that it was the only way to get people to do something for you.

So that is why I believe that Ms Maria Reynolds was not at fault during the famous Hamilton affair.

Re-watching Woo-oo! because I can and

Can someone tell me why Donald wasn’t suspicious AF that Glomgold handed him a sailor suit that looked exactly like his old one?
Because you cannot tell me Glomgold didn’t hire Donald because he’s Scrooge’s nephew (he never even interviewed him! Donald stapled himself to a wall!!). You cannot tell me Glomgold didn’t know everything about Donald’s old adventures with Scrooge. You cannot tell me someone as obsessive as Glomgold did not learn every little thing he could about Scrooge, including his closest relatives.
(As an aside, are we ignoring the insinuation that Donald knew about Atlantis too, or are we assuming Glomgold knew everything and explained it to him off-screen when Donald said he didn’t know anything? Aaaaaagh)

So, why did that not set off a red flag? Like… there are different types of sailor suits- Donald was, very briefly, wearing one at the start (the one he called his uniform- maybe the one he wore while in the navy, if DT17 is going with navy sailor Donald?). Is the black and white sailor suit just the standard? Was it so common that Donald just didn’t think anything of it, dismissed it as just a sailor suit and nothing suspicious at all? 

And after Woo-oo! why does he keep wearing it? He obviously has other clothes, unless they were destroyed in the houseboat’s fire… and if they were, does he have to wash it every morning? Can he not afford new clothes right now? Is the sailor suit that resembles the one he adventured with his only option? I can’t imagine Donald’s wearing it just because he can. I mean, Glomgold tried to murder him and his family- I wouldn’t wear something someone who attempted to murder me and everyone I loved gave me… for a job that was clearly a set-up for my up-til-then estranged uncle.

Also holy crap what would Glomgold have done to Donald and the other hired folk if Donald hadn’t left the boys with Scrooge and Scrooge hadn’t decided to go to Atlantis?? There’d be no one for them to distract, sure, but Glomgold doesn’t strike me as the kind to want to share credit or split profits. Would he have still left them for dead?
Would Donald have died if he hadn’t left the triplets with Scrooge?!

Wait no I got off track dangit

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What do you think if Rick met a deaf girl? I mean he talks a lot (about science) so what do you think he would do?

Imagine you’re deaf. Rick is interested in you, but he knows you can’t hear his voice, can’t listen to its undulations, its gravelly notes as he discusses the finer points of String Theory or laments the lack of ingenuity on behalf of Elon Musk.

So he invents a device that allows you to hear him… and nothing else. He would place it in your ear, and at the sound of his voice it would activate. To Rick his gruff baritone, his stuttered words, his terrible displays of self-serving brilliance are the only things you ever need to hear.  

Because a captive audience is the best kind.

I don’t know why tf people say big mood. “Mood” occasionally is okay but saying “mood” or “big mood” after everything is so aggravating.

This is why I love @markiplier new video.

He made is seem like a thing he cared about what it means in a goofy manor. Which is understandable, this is Mark we are talking about here.

But the fact that he turned it into a “joke” is what intrigues me.

Now lookie here:

Does this looks like a “joke” to you? Perhaps a gaff to get people raising questions or theories (which I do admit, I will be coming up with some later~).

Mark knows what he is doing here. He wants us questioning everything. He loves the time and dedication we have to theorizing about his videos, especially as of late.

But for now, enjoy the screenshots. I do hope they serve someone purpose~

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Your "stance" sounds like a layman's take on a pretty complicated field of medical study.

My stance is from personal experience dealing with four psychiatrists, having been locked up in a psych ward twice, being given a total of eight different diagnoses throughout the course of our “treatment”, and also just years of emotional growth and development.

Not all psychiatrists are in agreement with the chemical imbalance theory, you know.

Unless we’re talking about schizophrenia, OCD, or autism, or anything of that nature, I just can’t take most mentally illness discussions on Tumblr seriously.

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About this family road trip, she’s probably going to Seattle because her boo is playing today, there’s a play Seahawks vs. Eagles, Just wait and see...

Interesting theory. I don’t follow american football but.. go Falcons??!?!! Let me know if you spot her there. Chances are she’s gonna wear a hawks cap, and a hawks jersey, and some climbing bag for the climbs you know?

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Actually I have a rebuttal against that theory, Shuichi. About Kokichi's death not being by the press. If Kokichi didn't die from the press, are you implying he died from the poison arrows? If that was the case, then wouldn't it be Maki that was the blackened instead of Kaito? Since Maki was the one that shot the poisoned arrow at Kokichi, then why wasn't she the blackened? It was already discussed that Kaito was the blackened in that trial, was it not?

“Yes, but remember, the cameras in the room were disabled and Monokuma had no way of knowing what was going on in the hanger. He didn’t even know which one of the two had died at first. He was relying on us to figure it out. So it’s wholly possible that Oma-kun died of the poison before he was crushed and then Momota-kun played it off as if the press had killed him in order to save Maki-san.”

“That is what I believe happened, anyways…”