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I think what I like about the Two Ciel’s Theory is that when if it is canon Ciel will still be Ciel, even if he isn’t Ciel, which I know sounds super weird but let me explain.

Most identical twins in the media are, above all else, twins. For example: Fred and George, Hikaru and Kaworu, even if they have individual differences, their primary identity is just twins. Usually they’re characterised with mischief and stupid role switch tropes. If they aren’t characterised as a two-person unit then they weren’t raised together. Usually this is the factor in ‘secret twin’ reveals and the classic ‘evil twin’ trope. And don’t get me started on the fetishisation of identical twins but that’s a rant for another day.

The only fictional twins I can think of who don’t conform to these divisions are always canonically confirmed fraternal twins.

What I’m trying to say here is that a large number of other people reduce identical twins to being two halves of a whole. It translates into real life too. I cannot count the number of times people have called my sister and I simply “twins” or even worse “twinnies.” I understand that it can be difficult to tell twins apart, but the connotations between calling us “twins” and calling us “Alex and Lily,” are entirely different. “Twins” reduces us to a unit, whereas using our names actually acknowledges the fact that we are individuals. This isn’t just something that happens as a child, hell it even happens when you’re living in a different city or even country as your twin. Every birthday I have had people send us stuff to share. That’s fine, when material items are expensive, but Facebook messages are free. (Honestly I don’t care if people don’t write on my wall on my birthday, in fact for most people I’d rather they didn’t, but tagging me as an afterthought on a heartfelt post written to my sister – that’s not okay.)

This sort of behaviour is totally normailsed because that myth of twins being a unit is so frequently fantasised in the media. Yes that’s an important part of my identity and I love my sister to bits but before I’m a twin, I’m Lily. I know Ouran High School Host Club touched on this issue like super briefly but frankly Hikaru and Kaworu were too stereotyped and fetishized in the rest of the show for it to really be taken seriously.

So what the hell does this rant have to do with the 2CT you may ask? Good question. From here I’m just going to assume Ciel does have a twin – I’m happy to clarify if you need me to provide evidence for any part that’s unclear. (For convenience sake I’m going to call real!Ciel ‘his brother’ simply because that’s the part of the theory that’s most speculative at this point).

Most of this is entirely speculation, but from what I’ve gathered Ciel and his brother were incredibly close, yet still grew up with different personalities and experiences. In the flashback during the Circus Arc we can see exactly how different the two boys act. One is clearly more outgoing and eager to introduce himself, the other is shy and hides behind his father. We know that one was sickly, so his own experiences were limited compared with his brother’s. This of course, led to a difference in personality development. Nevertheless, they were still close. His Butler, Nursing shows how despite our!Ciel was sick, his brother still eagerly played with him and they ate together on the floor when he could have just as easily spent the whole day with Diedrich and Vincent. In Lizzie’s Campania flashback we can see how our!Ciel sits in on his brother’s fencing lessons, even if he himself cannot participate. Even in our!Ciel’s dreams in the Green Witch arc their personalities are clearly pronounced and it’s clear how much they care for each other.

If/When it is revealed that Ciel has a twin and IF that twin is alive, even though they were raised together they wont simply be ‘the twins,’ and because they were raised together the brother certainly will be more than just the ‘evil twin’ trope. This is primarily because Ciel has had so much character development. Whether he is a twin or not, this will not suddenly vanish. He will still be the same character as before, and he will still be an individual. If anything I feel like a confirmed canon twin will enrich his character rather than reduce it to a series of tropes.

Which brings me back to what I said at the start: Ciel will still be Ciel even if it’s revealed that he is not actually Ciel. As a twin I absolutely adore the idea because it’s the sort of representation I’ve always wanted to see; yes, he’s a twin but he is still, above all else, Ciel Phantomhive.

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Do u have a theory on Mor and Hybern? Or is it just a thought because u don't have enough conclusive evidence? Either way I'd love to hear it! :)

Hi Nonnie, I have so many theories, but zero conclusive evidence. Aside from Amren we know the least about Mor. 

Theory 1: When she dropped the knife, it’s because the king responded to her attack and let a little more of that poison seep into Az’s heart. She knew that the king could kill Az in the time it would take her to kill the king. This theory would mean that Az and Mor are mates. 

Theory 2: Before you read this. If this is true I will SCREAM and put ACOWAR in time out. The king and Mor are mates. She physically cannot kill him, however that is borrowing from TOG mate behavior. It has not been confirmed in ACOTAR if mates are able to kill each other. 

Theory 3: We often get lost in Mor’s bubbly personality. Rhys calls Mor in when his armies, Az and Cassian fail. Please let that amount of power sink in for a single moment. 

Deep in my bones I believe it was just her and Miryam marched in The Black Land and freed those slaves. 

Mor’s power is truth when she speaks to the mortal queens “Truth is deadly. Truth is is freedom. Truth can break and mend and bind.”

I have a sneaky suspicion that at that very moment she feels a truth, a truth that killing the king could break or bind something she does not want. 

I’ve legit got butterflies i’m my stomach i’m so excited? I entered the fandom during the hiatus so actually being able to wait for the new material is so amazing, I honestly thought they wouldn’t be making new music anymore when I got into Gorillaz so I envied anyone who had been a fan before the hiatus, there’s just something I love about the anticipation and the theories and the rumours that come with a newly announced album you know? I’m glad I’m here this time!

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So, uh, I'm kinda awkward asking this, but since you have chronic fatigue (right? I'm not sure..) I was wondering if you could give your opinion on something about it? Jacksepticeye on youtube played a game called 'Robin' which deals with CFS. It's not that long a video and I was wondering if you could say something about how well it's dealt with in the game? I just really wanna know so I can understand better and you're the only one I know who I could ask this... Anyway, hope you have a gr8 day

Hi! Yes, I do have CFS, as does my mom, so I’m decently knowledgeable about it, I suppose. I’ve never watched Jacksepticeyes’s videos before and I’m really not a video game person, but I just went and watched it, and I have to say I was pretty pleasantly surprised.

The game is pretty rudimentary and simplistic, but if you’ve heard of the Spoon Theory before - this is what it is. The game forces you to choose which tasks to accomplish with your extremely limited energy, then tells you how it feels to have not accomplished important things - to have not showered that day, or not have done the dishes, because you spent your energy on making food or working online.

Then you try again, showering and doing the dishes the next day, but then you haven’t done those other things you needed to do, and you feel bad about that. No matter what, you can’t accomplish all the things you need to do with the energy you have, and that’s exactly what CFS is like. You can take a shower, but you can’t do laundry. You can make dinner, but you can’t do the dishes. You can take care of a pet, but you can’t read a book. You have to constantly make these choices, and deal with the frustration of never being able to do all the things you HAVE to do. 

Obviously, Jack doesn’t know much about CFS, but I appreciated his attitude, especially his open-mindedness to how other people can be constantly exhausted when he isn’t, and his simple acceptance that CFS is a real illness, when even that is still rare. Like he said, lots of people just go “Well I’m tired, but since I can just try harder, so can you,” and that just really sucks. 

CFS is not ‘normal’ tired. CFS is a fatigue so overwhelming and so unrelenting that people who’ve had it for a long time have described it as “having the flu for twenty years”. I’ve described it as fatigue so unbearable that it feels as if my bones ache. And it just doesn’t go away. You wake up more tired than when you went to bed. You drag yourself from the bed to the couch, and sit there feeling like a load of bricks is weighing you down. Those few tasks you accomplish feel like they take every bit of your strength. But people still say it’s not real, you’re faking, you’re lazy, and sometimes you internalize it, beating yourself up for not being able to do more, not being able to try harder.

So anyway, this is a pretty simple and short overview of CFS, but I really appreciate that it exists, and that a popular YouTuber talked about it to spread awareness. And I appreciate that you wanted to know more!

Here’s the video for anyone who wants to see it:

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5 for the drabble challenge :-)

Prompt: I’m not here to make friends.


Spencer looked out across the table at the team as they tossed theories and ideas back and forth. Something wasn’t adding up and they knew it. Three incidents, eleven bodies, all poisoned but in each case only one or two of the females had post-mortem disfigurements.

“You know, statistically,” started Spencer. “This kind of attack is almost exclusively carried out by white males. Perhaps our unsub was trying to assert power over these women, saying ‘you aren’t safe, even in public’.”

Luke nodded, looking around to Emily and JJ; both of whom were accepting the fact. You, on the other hand, weren’t sure. Something wasn’t right about these girls and you couldn’t place it.

“So, he’s saying he’s willing to kill everyone around these women, just to make them suffer?” asked Luke. “Then, once it’s safe to enter the room again, he goes in and enacts his rage… because he wouldn’t be able to on his own normally.”

“Guys, look at this,” you exclaim, standing and walking to the board where the photographs of four disfigured, young women hung. “Look at these slash marks. They’re all in the same kind of areas of the face as if the unsub was trying to create the same disfigurement in each case.”

“So, he wanted them all to look the same way?” asked Emily. “Like surrogates for something?”

“I’m thinking not even he,” you answered. “I’m thinking this was a woman. The poisoning, the controlled rage. What if this was a woman taking revenge on those who’d looked down on her? Maybe even called her ugly?”

“Like the school smart girl who didn’t fit in is finally getting her revenge on the pretty popular girls?” asked JJ.

“Exactly,” you replied.

“That makes sense,” began Emily, standing from her seat and moving over to the marked map. “Look at the areas that are targeted. The store in the mall, the gym, the juice bar. These are all popular with the younger ‘in crowd’… I think we’re ready to give the profile.”

Each member of the team began to move, heading for the door as they prepared to give the local PD the profile. You were about to follow behind when Spencer turned, blocking your exit.

“Look, I know you’re new and wanna impress, but showing me up like that is not the way to go to make friends,” he said quietly but aggressively, anger in his eyes.

“I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to save lives and catch killers,” you answered firmly. “If I happen to like the people I work with, great; but I have my priorities straight. Maybe you should do that too.” With that, you pushed past him, following the others toward the main office.

28/hopeless romantic/Lawyer (I like wearing suits. Just fyi If thats what you’re into)
My romantic soul is about to give up. I have been hurt a lot and i need someone who wants to settle down and have a serious long term relationship.
I sometimes write poetry so I will probably write about you. I like horror things, animals, conspiracy theories and Disney. Im only into femme girls, who like to be the little spoon type and i like when they’re super affectionate. You will be Minnie, I will be Mickey.
I need someone who is genuinely interested in getting to know me and have real conversations.  Im from Mexico, so, something important is that you dont care about distance until we can figure something out that will bring us together, because i think my soulmate can live anywhere in the world and it would be stupid of me to think she only has to live close to me.
I promise i will protect and love every part of you, the good, the bad and the things you´re self conscious about. Let me be the stars to your galaxy?

To read more exactly about what im looking for, go to my blog or my insta

  • Taako: You know what, I don't trust anyone! I'm just not trusting anyone anymore!!!
  • Taako, an episode later: I trust you, Angus.
  • Me: i wanna mock him but i'm just really so emotional right now ;_;

people who are really adamant about not making their jargon accessible bug me i’m sorry like i know not everything is written for everyone in mind and to demand access to one’s theory for free can be fucked up but if you’re just shooting the shit on tumblr it’s not that serious and i am sure there are simpler ways to phrase things especially if your audience is a class of people shunned from academia

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If you feel like it, please respond with five things that make you happy when you get this. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼

  • when my hair looks perfect when i wake up
  • learning about conspiracy theories
  • the odd posters in my room
  • obscure stickers
  • mandarins!

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To CH: these 4 people had to meet but didn't know each other, hence the distinctive signs (pen, sequin handbag, ribbon: you don't take these to a party). They seem to have money issues (perfect suit but cheap pommade=facade ; nicotine addiction + handbag doesn't match dress ; not sure about the veteran tho). The man died in the bathroom, so killed by a man. Theory: the host is rich, they need money, plan a murder, the waiter kills someone, they steal the money when everyone focuses on the murder

Unfortunately wrong on most accounts, but I applaud the effort. We’ll have to work on your deductive skills. -CH

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I'm re-reading early recaps (ep.10) and it's cool to see how style developed into being longer and even funnier. Also, seeing you talk about how Yami and Kaiba have a bond in ep.10 is kinda funny in hindsight knowing how deep down the prideshipping well you must have fallen at some point later on ~

ahahaha so early on I was trying to keep the prideshipping low-key and later I just sort of … gave up and leaned it. I’ve been prideshipping since 2003….

I’m glad you’re enjoying! Sometimes I go back to look something up and it’s so weird to me how short and straightforward my early recaps are. Once I got more followers, I realised people were actually pretty interested in my ideas and theories and I got a lot more confident talking about them!

Okay guys, for writing/general reference, a bit about what a ‘blacksmith’ is and isn’t:

A blacksmith is a generalist, a person who uses tools and fire to work iron.  Some blacksmiths work more specifically, so you get, say, an architectural blacksmith, who focuses more or less exclusively on things like gates, rails, fences, or an artist blacksmith, who makes wacky sculptures or what have you.  These days, though, that’s a pretty blurry line.  ‘Blacksmith’ is a pretty damn broad term, but it’s nowhere near broad enough to cover everything encompassed in ‘metalworker’, which is how I often see it used.  There are a LOT of different skills for working metal, and no one knows them all.  Some other terms:

A farrier shoes horses.  They may make the shoes, or they may buy them and then size them, but they actually do the shoeing.  Unless the blacksmith is also a farrier, they don’t know shit about horses’ hooves and are not qualified to deal with them and probably don’t want to.

A blacksmith works IRON (or steel), usually almost exclusively.  They might work with bronze or do a bit of brazing, but those are really separate skillsets.  If you work, say, tin and/or pewter, you are in fact a whitesmith.  You could also be a silversmith or a coppersmith, and so on.

Knifemakers and swordsmiths have their own highly specialized and fairly complex specialties, and usually a blacksmith wouldn’t mess with that unless they want to pick up a new skillset or if they’re really the only game going for a long way around.  By the same token, a swordsmith might never have learned the more general blacksmithing skills.  They’re not the same thing is what I’m trying to say here.  Likewise armorers.  There’s overlap but it’s not the same thing.

If you make metal items via molds and casting, you work at a foundry and are a foundryman.

Look, when metalworkers and individual shops and masters were the height of industry, this shit got REALLY specific.  There were people who spent their whole lives making pins.  Just pins.  Foundries specialized and made only bells, only cannon, only cauldrons, etc.  This is scratching the surface, I just wanted to make the point that ‘blacksmith’ is not the same thing as ‘magical muscly person who knows how to do everything related to metal’.

So….I don’t know if anyone else has talked about this, but I think that Keith’s father left him. And though it is long, here is why:

When Keith hears his father’s voice, he’s shocked, but not completely horrified. The first words he says aren’t “I thought you were dead!” or anything similar, but instead

He even has the chance to ask how he might be alive (or like…anything similar) or what he’s doing there, but instead he goes right to, “What’s going on outside?” because that matters more to Keith than what his dad is doing back in their shack. And then his dad says:

“Don’t you want to catch up?” is not something you tell somebody when you’ve died, but when you’ve gone away for a while.

Keith’s response is “Of course I do,” but look at his expression. He doesn’t get it- and of course he wants to know what his dad has been doing, but he’s still confused and cautious.

Now, we already know that what these holograms do is pair Keith’s greatest hopes with his greatest fears. 

We’ve also seen it before- it showed him Shiro, but hologram Shiro told Keith that he should give up the knife, and that choosing to find out his own past was selfish. That doesn’t stop Keith, though: “I’ve made my choice.” He doesn’t care if Shiro thinks he’s being selfish. What Shiro says and does next, though, is what makes him stop:

And then Shiro starts to walk away. Only then does Keith actually stop. Only then does Keith decide that maybe it isn’t worth it. Keith actually calls out to Shiro, and then starts to run after him.

You can tell from his expression, and from the fact that he literally runs after Shiro to stop him that Keith is desperate. Why?

Because one of Keith’s greatest fears is being left by the ones closest to him.

Why would this be one of his greatest fears?

Because it has happened before.

He follows Shiro and finds himself standing in front of the door that another person he cared for walked out of.

And once again, one of his greatest hopes is paired with one of his greatest fears. He wants to know about his past- that’s one of his hopes, but why would his father be the one to show him that, unless

One of his greatest hopes is that his father will come back.

This also makes the line, “Don’t you want to catch up?” and the fact that Keith doesn’t even ask why his father is back even more important. This is a scenario plucked from Keith’s mind: it’s a fantasy. He doesn’t necessarily want to know why his father might be back- there doesn’t have to be a reason. He just wants him back, anyway.

His other greatest fear, though, is that the Galra will come to Earth, and destroy it. In the end, the Earth matters more to Keith than his own father and past do, and maybe part of that is because he knows that his father didn’t care enough about him to stay.

Keith still hesitates, though.

Walking out that door means turning his back on his father, and what he thinks might be the last chance he has to know anything about his past. But he walks out anyway.

He looks his father in the eye as he says this. He doesn’t apologize, he doesn’t justify himself, he just says goodbye and leaves. That doesn’t strike me as the farewell somebody who was close with his father would give them as they walk out. And look at his expression? He’s not sorry. Maybe he’s hurt and torn, but more importantly, resolved. He is leaving, and his father will not stop him.

And also- neither of them acted like they were particularly close, either. There were no reunion hugs, and the only one who even smiled was Keith’s father (albeit somewhat creepily, but that’s irrelevant). And Keith wants to see his father again, but that doesn’t mean he would be happy if it happened. They didn’t part on good terms, however it may have happened.

TLDR: Keith’s father didn’t die, but left Keith many years ago- and because of that, one of his greatest fears is that Shiro, the only other person he’s become very close to, will do the same.

Positive things about the SU fandom

- Low quality screenshots of a character in the background captioned ‘reblog if u agree’

- Those harmless ships that get little attention but have a few super dedicated fans

- Random posts at 3AM that just say “i love [character] so much??” like they were sitting there thinking how much they love that character and made a post about it. So pure

- The livebloggers

- Old fans interacting peacefully with new fans

- THEORIES. The simple ones, the complex ones, the ones that open your eyes, the ones that are really reaching – they all had thought put into them and you know that each one had that ‘oh!’ moment where they realized something new

- Fans with differing OTPs supporting eachother

- The pro-redemption crowd

- That strangely peaceful steady stream of content during a hiatus

- The entire community getting super excited on the day a new episode is gonna air. Like you can just feel it radiating around you

This fandom has it’s fair share of demons, but at the end of the day, there’s really somethin’ special about this fanbase.

So since there are a few theories going around I’d like to draw attention to the titles of some of the more recent videos on Jack’s channel.

What if this started with the first Resident Evil video? It says run for your life. What if it’s Jack trying to warn us?

Then there’s ‘In Plain Sight.’ You know what they say about hiding, it’s best to do it in plain sight. Anti’s probably in our view but he’s doing an impressive job of hiding.

Then we see Anti turn up in 'I’m so Sorry Wei’ when Jack gets scared.

Then 'Manage My Monster’ well, that’s self explanatory.

Lastly 'Why Won’t You Die?’ Is that Jack questioning why Anti’s still around after fighting him off at Halloween.

This theory could be blown out of the water in half hour once Jack uploads a new video but that’s my theory for now.

At this point I am so disappointed with the voltron fandom

Guys, we’re so lucky you don’t have an idea
There’s other fandoms that are on hiatus for YEARS
We just get an entire season in one day and some of us are still whining because of shipping. Like ARE YOU SERIOUS?

-The galra!Keith theory was confirmed
-Shiro is missing
-Voltron was built by Alfor AND Zarcon as an alliance
-There’s a prince Lotor, who we don’t know is less or more dangerous than Zarcon
-Haggar is Altean or part Altean
-Matt is alive

That’s the stuff we should be talking about


this is the simplest theory ever you don’t need to focus too hard to catch on trust me.

First theres mycrofts book in which he wrote “Call Sherrinford 2pm”. Mycroft doesnt have friends as we know so who would he be calling. Dont forget that this was 2pm on sherlocks birthday

in the original Conan Doyle book series “Sherrinford” was a possible name for sherlock before he decided on “Sherlock Holmes” BUT was still incorporated into the story as a vaguely mentioned older brother

we all know about their secret sister Eurus or “the east wind”. The therapist who had an affair with John and fucked Sherlock around a bit.

 (See my theory on her name in relation to the greek God Eurus here)

and of course theres Sherlock and Mycroft

Sherlock says “everyone stops looking after 3″ in relation to his 3 recording devices but this could also foreshadow the total of 4 siblings but we stop looking after 3

Sherlock repeats “its never twins” but a secret brother with a similar name to Sherlock and likely the same birthday sounds like twins to me (more foreshadowing?)

One thing about chronic illnesses that people really don’t seem to understand is that rest doesn’t make it better, at best it can slow down how bad you feel at that time or help it feel a bit more bearable but it’ll get worse if it wants to whether you’re resting or not

Sometimes you’ll be forced to rest because you can’t do anything else, but that doesn’t mean resting makes it better. When you’re chronically ill, you don’t get better, and rest definitely doesn’t leave you feeling refreshed and full of energy

If your whole body hurts and it’s painful to move then you have to rest but it’s horrible doing that the whole time, I know you’re supposed to rest when you’re sick but actually a lot of spoonies I’ve talked to hate it and would love to be able to be more active but we can’t - the last thing we want to do is spend more time at home in bed on our own

Resting doesn’t make anything better for me, it just helps to stop it being worse - everything can still hurt if I don’t do anything and I’d be happier if I could go out, even if that would hurt much more