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what's an inner joke you have with your friends?

That me and my coworker, Tom, are sleeping together. We’re both gay. But we were stacking recliners in the back once and we were struggling to get it up and I was wearing a headset at the time. During the process of this the headset speak button was held down while pushing it up. So all the other coworkers could hear was grunting and me swearing. The others were all up front and talking to each other when this happened. And the manager was like “are know…in the back?” And another one said “really?! Tom and Andrea? The gay man and the lesbian?” So now it’s kind of a joke that me and him are sleeping together


MTR Fun Fact

Most people know by now that the Tom Selleck joke during the “Pop Quiz” scene in Meet the Robinsons is further highlighted by Tom Selleck actually voicing Cornelius at the end of the film. But did you know? Tom Selleck was not originally intended to voice Cornelius. The image of the famous actor was going to be used regardless of whether or not he was going to voice the character. The creators simply wanted a “manly” looking actor (Wilbur’s attempt to get as far away from what his dad actually looked like as possible) and Tom Selleck was chosen because even if younger audiences didn’t know who it was, they would still find the joke funny due to the sudden realistic human image instead of cartoon one.

Sweet as sugar

“… hard as ice, hurt me once & I’ll kill you twice.” - Said every Slytherin ever.

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  • *at a friend's house*
  • Friend: *serving coffee* So how many teaspoons of sugar for you two?
  • Person A: Two ple-
  • Person B: ALL.

please have this crappy animation instead of the dramas that has been going on in this fandom (thanks tumblr for ruining the quality)


Made some Muskies iPhone wallpapers 


sock fucked up jojo’s life and she died, she went to heaven and asked god (PROVIDENCE) if she can work as lil’s guardian angel (because lil is jon’s classmate, so she will be near to sock and finally get her revenge) THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!! because about about the shipping stuff… :V (you are free to ship everyone x everyone)

(I was going to give you some links but i’m too lazy to look out for all those posts (plusilovedrawingthisgirlsandihaven’tdrawntheotheronesbeforeasdfgh) mi inglés mata XQ) PD:tsundere*