and you know how i like a good so impossible but beautiful its a tragedy


William Shakespeare- the Bard of Avon, Legendary Wordsmith, was, in all probability, super queer. We’re going to look at the evidence, read some lovely poems, read some raunchy poems, and generally just talk Shakespeare.

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anonymous asked:

I know you are happy for the Klaroline endgame but don't think that it is sad that Caroline was the only vampire left? She will live for ever or at least get to live for a more extended time than humans do and she will see everyone she loves die. It has already started. Her father, her mother, her husband. She will outline her children too. How is that a good end for her?

How is it not?

Let me start by saying that despite JP’s obsession for turning TVD into a human soap this show was originally based into the vampire mythology. It is meant to deal with vampires and their existence. The pros and the cons and the darkness and the grandeur and the immortality. Ships and endgames aside Caroline Forbes ending up the only vampire in a show that is meant to be based on the vampire genre is an honor and a homage to everything this show once stood for. Every vampire of the show faced the same destiny you describe here. Damon, Stefan, Katherine, the Originals. And yet when their stories began and they were introduced to the audience everyone took in their story expecting to feel their age and get to know their ageless journey throughout the centuries. No one complained about their predicament. Everyone wanted to get more into it. Either their story was tragic, or intriguing, or dark, or hopeful. It was interesting because the very concept of immortality is an unachievable dream that intrigues humans. So many writers get to write for Vampires, Demons, Gods, Immortals, etc. Because their stories are enveloping every hope and aspiration and tragedy and epic emotion a human can have and dream of. The unreachable. The impossible. Even something to sent the human soul straight to damnation. All those elements hide greatness and misery in them. And Caroline Forbes was meant to endure and persevere and become a Vampire. She relished in her nature. She owned it. She accepted it and craved the perks that come with vampirism. She would not turn to a human if she had the chance. She never wanted or expressed that wish. For the simple reason that she likes been strong, ageless, fearless and she prefers who she is not to the girl she used to be.

On the other hand everything you describe in your ask are things that can happen in a human life too. So what happens then? You give up? You curse your life? You find no meaning to it? A person can outline others and can outlive even love and memories and things he or she never thought possible. Calamities and tragedy are part of life either that life is meant to carry on for a few decades or longer or less. It is what we do with our time and how we face the things that happen to us that make life worth it. It is even how we stand in the face of loss and loniliness. How we grieve. How we move on. How we hope. How we persevere and if there was one motto that Caroline Forbes ever had in that show was perseverance.

That does not take away the importance of the things you write in the ask. If anything they give more meaning to Caroline’s existence because facing these losses will make her live every day to the fullest. Will make her wiser. Will make her not lose track of time. Will make life have meaning.

Do you know who else also contemplated the very same thing you ask me here? How eternity would have no meaning? How it would suck? How it would be a source of depression. How it would take away and take away and leave no meaning?

Caroline Forbes did. In her birthday in season 3.

So much so that she did not want to celebrate her birthday and ended up giving a funeral to the human girl she buried behind.

And do you remember who exactly showed her that very same day that while life takes something from you it gives you something else back? That there is meaning to found in forever. Because truth is that loss will come and you contemplate giving up.

“ And I could let you… die. If that`s what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning.

I`ve thought about it myself once or twice over the centuries, truth be told.

And let us face it. Who doesn’t think of that in their lives? In our human lives fantasy aside have we never thought of that very same question? Of how to endure with loss? Of how to go on? Of how we can outlast the pain and not break? How to hold on to people that leave us behind or we lose them by death or any other reason? There is always a time even for the most optimistic people where they think that life has no meaning or ask themselves what is the meaning of it all.

So here Caroline’s immortality is a parallel to what we face in real life because art in its own way tries to give answers to such questions.

So what is the meaning of it all? How could Caroline ever move on and why should she want to? Why would that be good for her?

Because with the loss there is also the gain. Because life is not black or white. It has endless colors and twists.

Imagine that. Let it sink in. Life does not end with loss or with pain. This is why we are alive after all. There is whole world is out there still waiting. Genuine beauty. And music. And art. And more birthdays. More chances. More dreams. More potential. More possibilities.

A thousand more birthdays.

Because life does not end with loss and misfortune. You do not get to sacrifice your life in the name of loss or lost love or broken dreams. Life moves on. With endless possibilities ahead. With optimism. You grit your teeth and you move on until you can smile again. Life continues with pain and loss and tragedy and laughter and love and joy. Because every turn gives you something and it is in your hand to take that something and make something out of it. Something for you. And this is why people still dream of immortality and want to live longer and crave stories of ageless creatures. And admire those tragically and gloriously beautiful stories. Because life goes on and is full of wonder. And people can only wish to be able to be bigger than life. With everything that includes.

Time is unrelenting and brings change and with it society and culture and life itself alters and people want to be there to see it. To experience it. To live it. Because people reading history and get fascinated by it and then dream of the future. And Caroline Forbes will be there to live all that. Maybe she will outlive some people and maybe she will carry their memories with her but she won’t outlive everyone. Because she will get to meet more people. She has endless possibilities ahead. To love again. To laugh again. To be an extrovert. To be an introvert. To find more questions and answers. Endless horizons ahead and this is why Klaroline and the idea of a vampire Caroline Forbes was always so alluring to begin with and enchanted so many people. Because it held the promise of eternal. The promise of however long it takes. The promise of genuine beauty. Because it was brilliant and ugly and the truth and the lie and it was about brutal honesty and manipulation and rage and soothing silence and it was challenging and unpredictable. Just life is.

And how important is to actually be able to grasp that? And by that I mean life. To have nothing more to do than ask? Because this is what life is. It is your choice. It is as good as you let it. Because you need to want to live it. You need to want to ask. All you have to do is ask. And then take it step by step. Let me say it again. Life does not end with loss or grief. Emotion is not finite. Relationships come and go. Love can be replenished or be found in so many places even unexpected ones. Hope does not end. Meaning is always in different things all the time if you only open your eyes. Pain does not last forever no matter how cruel and unforgiving it seems at first. You fight back and you live. And all you have to do is ask.

And this is one of the many reasons why I personally like Klaroline so much and why their endgame was so important for me. Because of this very message that you sent me. Because Klaroline began with the very same core of question you put in that ask. Their very first defining scene was about what you ask me here and it answers your question perfectly. And that was why I was so moved by Klaroline chemistry and potential aside. Because of the promise of endurance. Because it was a promise of how Caroline could live and become greater than life and …loss. This is how it all began. And this is how Caroline will move on because this has been her origin story and not the end. It is only the beginning. But that is the beginning of another story.

So you tell me anon? How is that good for Caroline? Or for anyone for that matter? How is it good for anyone to actually live their life? To find meaning in that kind of existence?

Maybe simply by living. And that is a good thing.

A Love That Is More Than Love [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: Okay I really don’t know where this came from I’ve rusted though holy shit this sucks okay

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: None…

Word Count: 891


There hasn’t been a love that existed that was as strong as the love that Jason Todd felt for you.

What he felt for you wasn’t part of this world, it was something more. It wasn’t merely a feeling, a wave of passion and lust. It wasn’t just admiration either, it was much more than that. It was devotion at its finest. It was alive, and it could move mountains, turn night into day and cripple entire empires if need be.

It was paradoxical how he needed you like he needed air, yet whenever you were around it was as if he had forgotten how to breathe. His heart wouldn’t race, it would cease to beat entirely, and with another glimpse of your smile, it would restart again. Your very presence made every inch of his body feel alive, more alive than he had ever felt in a long time.

When he touched you, no matter how minimal it may be, sparks would fly. Your smile made butterflies appear in his stomach and although he had been known to be quite the charmer, with you he was a mess. He couldn’t get his mind straight, he was never prepared for you. You came into his life like a whirlwind, catching him completely by surprise. You had scattered all the broken pieces of his soul then mended it one by one into something new, something… real.

When he first discovered this feeling, a feeling of something more, he wasn’t just scared. He was absolutely terrified of what it would turn into. It didn’t matter if it was a disaster or if it would turn into something beautiful, he was frightened to stick around to find out. He pushed you, drove you to the edge and demanded you never come back.

But you were a whirlwind, a force of nature that cannot be controlled.

He should’ve known that you would come back, that you would make his walls topple like they were made of brittle sticks. He should’ve known that someone as amazing as you would see right through his deception. He may be good at hiding his vulnerability, but to you it was as if he had become transparent.

No matter how hard he tried, you just kept coming back without fail, without any hesitation. You pushed him to the edge, and he finally gave into you, gave into himself and temptation. He allowed himself to be selfish and have you.

It was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Being with you, it was surreal. Every single day he opened his eyes and he was greeted with the sight of your beautiful face, and he didn’t understand why or how someone like you would love him. How did he manage to get so lucky?

Each little giggle, each little kiss and ‘I love yous’ you gave him made him feel warm inside. The world became brighter with you, as cliche as that sounded. He wasn’t as angry, he didn’t fall out of sanity as much and even if he did, you were his anchor. You brought him back and no matter how bad things get, no matter how dangerous it became, you stayed.

It wasn’t perfect all the time though. There were fights, bad ones. He was too selfish sometimes, and you were too selfless. There were other times where you couldn’t understand him, where you never listened to a word he said. Those were the worst times, times when he questioned everything he had with you.

But whenever he thought about that, there was an ache in his heart that reminded him that no matter what it was, no matter how powerful the fire or how dark the times, he would still love you and he would do anything to make it through, and he knew you’d do the same. He had many doubts, but somehow the fact that you wouldn’t try was never one of them.

It wasn’t perfect, but both of you loved with a love that was clearly more than love. It was so much more and the two of you deserved more than this world could offer.

There wasn’t a word to describe this love.

It was simply the most beautiful thing that had ever existed in a world where love was never meant to exist in the first place, where beautiful things were ruined.

And that was exactly what happened. You, his lover, his world, his everything, was taken from him in a horrific accident that could only be blamed on Fate.

Your death broke Jason to pieces. What you had fixed became shattered and he turned into an even bigger mess. It felt as if a part of him had died with you and there was nothing that could fill the gaping hole in his heart. It was simply impossible. For many years to come, he would be unable to rid of the emptiness in his heart.

He knew it was inevitable. After all, his life was a tragedy written in the stars.

Yet there is one thing in the tragedy that never changed, that will never change, no matter what the ending may be, and that is the fact that there hasn’t been, nor will there be a love that is as powerful as the love that Jason feels towards you.



 Warning: None, fluffy things and good feelings. 

Summary: It’s hard to shake off the boy who’s caught your eye. 

I forget what my friend said his name was. But he’s an unfathomable concept to grasp, and here I am, already looking at him. He’s right before my eyes and I can’t help but be in denial about him. Purposefully, I did not ask for his name. The mystery of him makes him more lively, and he seems so surreal. But here he is, here I am, we’re away from the party that fate has helped guide us to. We’re on the beach, a red solo cup in hand as we look at the night sky. 

 "Tell me something about yourself.“ 

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anonymous asked:

Hello :) I was wondering what your favourite Drarry fics are?

alEeee. :)

Bounding-Heart’s Drarry Rec List:

The Killing Moon by Inkandfakefurs: “Harry Potter’s saving-people-thing is set to become the bane of Draco Malfoy’s life - alongside Dark Lords, werewolves, ex-teachers, Horcruxes and not-dead-enough ancestors. Set post-HBP. Deathly Hallows - what’s that?”

This is my all time favourite ever Drarry fic. And it’s a horrific tragedy, because it’s unfinished and will never be finished. That doesn’t stop me from reading it over and over again. I still find it worth it. I love it because the characterisations of every single character, Harry and Draco in particular, are spot on and beautiful. Any Drarry writer who gets Harry right owns my heart and inkandfakefurs does so so beautifully. The writing is wonderful, professional quality. You’ll forget you’re reading a fanfic. It’s also got an intricate, gripping plot and some wonderfully complex magic that builds on what we’ve seen in canon. Oh, and Draco is a werewolf. Draco’s struggle to come to terms with the resultant helplessness and self-disgust breaks my heart in the best way, but there’s zero woobification.

Who Will Guard the Door by musamihi: “The day his father is sentenced, Draco takes the Mark and is given his impossible task. Thorfinn Rowle, assigned to be his mentor, is less interested in assisting him than in satisfying his own appetites. As Draco sinks further into failure and watches the war sweep his parents away from him, he takes refuge in the Manor – a member of the family he never knew he had. But the Manor suffers its own wounds during Lord Voldemort’s residency, and the Chosen One may be the only force that can heal them.

It’s the best and most accurate exploration of Draco as a character I’ve read. Also strong, beautiful writing with depths that go well beyond what you expect from fanfiction. It follows Draco’s experiences through Half-Blood Prince and a bit beyond and fits perfectly into canon. It’s got some very harrowing bits, so read the warnings. 

The Waters Know their Own also by musamihi:Harry and Draco decide to spend Christmas with the Notts, although neither of them seems to know precisely why. Harry finds most of the company lacking, and some of it downright dangerous.

Honestly, I recommend anything she’s written. (She wrote a John Dawlish/Rufus Scrimgeour fic that was wonderful.) I am not generally interested in established relationship fics, but this is an exception. It’s a melancholy and beautiful take on Harry and Draco.

The Light More Beautiful by @firethesound :  ”Thirteen years after Draco accepts Potter’s help escaping the horror of his sixth year, he returns to England where he makes the unfortunate discovery that Potter is still as obnoxious as ever. And worse, more than a decade overseas hasn’t been enough to dim Draco’s obsession with him.

The story takes place in an alternate reality in which Draco flees to America during his sixth year. He and Harry have a particular past, however, and that complicates things. It’s hilarious at times, incredibly hot, and has an intricate plot that comes together so perfectly in the end that I wanted to throw confetti. Good writing, tons of feels, and enjoyable characterisations.

At Your Service by Faithwood: “Hogwarts students are in danger; Harry is determined to save them all. There’s only one thing he knows for certain: Draco Malfoy is somehow involved.”

From my original rec: It’s like getting the chance to read Book 8, where Book 8 is Harry/Draco. The writer makes every single character come to life, complete with strengths and flaws. She uses the canon setting beautifully. She tells a story complete with a gripping mystery and heart-swelling, slow-building romance. And everything is woven together. Everything is seamless. The female characters are treated with respect and the writer’s love of canon shines through powerfully.

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice by @letteredlettered : Harry Potter is an Unspeakable. Draco Malfoy is the wizard who shagged him. Adventure! Intrigue! Secret identities, celebrities, spies! It’s all right here, folks.”

The summary really doesn’t do this fic justice. My god, the emotions. And it’s so clever, with a great central concept allows Harry and Draco to discover each other all over again without the baggage of their pasts. Also fun and super hot. The kind of fic that breaks your heart and puts it back together again. I can’t remember how many times I’ve read it.

The If Sieve by Cest-what:An If Sieve lets you see how things would have unfolded if somebody had made a different decision at a particular time.”

 I was just talking about the fact that it was much, much more than Draco’s refusal of Harry’s handshake that prevented them from becoming friends. This story explores all that. It’s one of those fics where you sense that the author knows the books inside and out. Lots of canon detail and perfect, perfect characterisations.  There’s also a brilliant sequel.

Drop Dead Gorgeous by Mistful: “Draco Malfoy is Harry’s Auror partner and one of the few people immune to Harry’s super Veela charms.”

 I don’t read Veela fic, so it took me a long time to get over that and read Drop Dead Gorgeous. It turned out to be one of my all time favourites. Don’t let the cracky Veela aspect stop you. It was written pre-DH, the writer is SUPER sympathetic to Slytherins, no one is really in character, she breaks Ron and Hermione apart (which is normally a dealbreaker for me) but I still love this fic beyond reason. It’s hilarious and grabs your heart and refuses to let go until the end. Also a great mystery plot. It’s not online any more because the writer went professional.

The Empty House by Hollycomb:Harry is separated from his friends during the war and stumbles into an empty cabin that happens to belong to the Malfoy family.”

I love the progression of their interactions in this fic. They start out truly hating each other, but are forced through circumstances to, well, get over that. It’s beautifully written and ultimately very sad, but I really love it.

Such Great Heights by Softlyforgotten: “Draco Malfoy, wide-eyed and pale and in a decidedly ragged shirt, was crouched next to the pile of whatever the dragon had been eating.

Harry threw himself to a halt and yelled, “Merlin, how many times do I have to save your life?”

I read this very recently and fell completely in love with it. Great writing and I liked the characterisations. Both Harry and Draco are lost after the war, and finding each other, eventually, helps them both move forward through their trauma. Also there’s a dragon. And a wonderful portrayal of Ginny and the other characters.

Nightingale by Michithe_killer: “God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.-Jacques Deval”

From my original comment on the fic: My God. I can’t stop sobbing. I’ve been hiding in the bathroom for the last half hour. I think that may have been the most heartbreaking fic I’ve ever read. I’ve been completely immersed in it for the last three days, looking forward to getting back to it whenever I had to stop. And now I’m finished and I just want to die because I’m in so much pain. God. Which is a testament to how amazingly powerful this fic is. The writing was just beautiful. Funny, gripping, hot and devastating in all the right bits. Seriously, I’m just cut into pieces. It really struck home in a lot of ways. That said, I’d never want to un-read this. It was so worth the pain. An amazing accomplishment, I think.

Eternally Consistent by Kitsunealyc: “Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter assumed they would never be anything but civil enemies, until Potter lands on Malfoy’s doorstep, bleeding, covered in curses, and acting very strangely indeed.“

I loved this fic… so much. The writing is strong and intelligent. Draco is not only so much fun, but he’s got a depth and complexity that feels completely in character for canon Draco plus 8 years. His dialogue, his mannerisms,  everything. And Harry is wonderful too, a great contrast to Draco. We get both of their povs and that works in the most interesting way. The story is clever and nail-bitingly tense at times, but left me feeling happy and completely satisfied. There’s a weird Hermione/Millicent element, but the trio is still tight as friends so it didn’t end up bothering me that much. Overall the fic is funny, heart-warming, and all around wonderful.

Due to popular demand, I now present to you

marauders-groupie’s Bellarke fic rec!

These are my top 20 faves, in no particular order because that would be impossible. Expect fluff, angst and everything else imaginable.

“The one hundred sent screaming down to Earth are not just juvenile delinquents. They’re genetic anomalies; mutants. Chipped, collared, and completely expendable. But they’re not going down quietly.”

WIP. Canon ‘verse. Definitely one of the most amazing stories I have ever read. Bellarke development is incredible, the plot is intriguing and this fic definitely deals with topics such as survival and trauma in a unique way, plus - this writer’s style is absolutely breathtaking and fits the atmosphere of the fic.

“Clarke’s jaeger goes down on a Thursday.”

Pacific Rim AU. This one is going to stick with you. Its beauty is going to haunt you for the rest of your life because the pain and the joy are tangible, the relationships radiate understanding and honestly, I’m still stuck in this magnificent world full of hurt, comfort and wonder.

“Bellamy and Clarke have known each other almost all their lives. Life got in the way, though, and two of them drifted apart, but when tragedy strikes again and again in a few months, Clarke runs away, and Bellamy, as he always has, runs after her. Picking up Raven for the ride, Bellamy embarks on a day-long road trip adventure chasing Clarke’s trail as she rights wrongs and tries to learn how to cope with life as it is now.”

Childhood friends, modern AU. Let me put this simply - this is real, raw and gripping. We’re talking serious literature here, friends, and that sort that you’ll want to postpone finishing because you want to stick around in that world for a long time. 

“Clarke Griffin is a pragmatist and Bellamy Blake is a fucking romantic.”

Modern AU. This fic takes place before an apocalypse. A meteor is about to hit Earth and Bellamy and Clarke are pining after each other.
Now, wait up! I know you think it’s going to be sad, but this is one of the happiest fics I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Trust me on this one. It’s quite literally Earth-shattering.

Clarke Griffin’s first introduction to the industrial town of Mechton is the gruff, harsh Bellamy Blake, and from that ill-fated meeting alone, she can’t imagine how she will begin to call this new place home. Soon, though, she finds that places grow on you, and also that people change, but only if you are willing to let yourself change as well.

North & South AU. The thing is, this fic is so well-researched, the character interactions are amazing, it deals with class and sex-related issues. There is bickering Bellarke and take-no-shit Raven, but that’s not even the best part. No, the best part is that this writer has a unique style that brings the whole story to life, as palpable as the screen you’re reading this on. 

“Fourteen nights that brought royally messed up Clarke Griffin back to life and the one man that made everything right again/ Bellarke modern au Prague-Lourdes-New York and back home.

This fic is poetry and magic. The atmosphere is tender and dreamlike, a bubble threatening to burst any second now, which fits perfectly with the premise - travelling, meeting a stranger to whom you open up to and who changes your life forever. It’s full of beautiful moments that are going to strike a chord deep within your heart (and maybe even break it, only to put it back together right away).

“The au where Bellamy prefers calls to texts and Clarke prefers to make fun of him over outgoing message. Also, they fall in love.”

In this modern AU, Bellarke is told through voicemail and I guarantee that you’re going to laugh out loud, but also clutch at your chest dramatically. One of the best fluffy fics I’ve ever read. 

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Yoonbum's (Shattered) Perfect Illusion

Since my Sangwoo Meta was so popular I decided to do the follow up focusing on Bum. Warning though - while I think Sangwoo has definite feelings for Yoonbum (which I’ve discussed in detail elsewhere) I read Bum completely differently.

Things to keep in mind while reading:

1) This is completely focused on Yoonbum’s thought processes, rather than a combination of the two.

2) Like with the Sangwoo post I will continue to use bl tropes in my analysis.

Tw: mentions of sexual assault

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Drunken Confessions

Summary: Sam and Y/N share a bottle of cinnamon whiskey after a hunt goes wrong. With the alcohol in their systems and the nightmarish scene they managed to get away from, Sam tells Y/N a shocking confession.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester (mentioned), Reader

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,172

Warnings: Mentions of death and gore, self hate, angst, some fluff

Request:  Hi can you do a Sam x reader where they both get drunk and confess their feelings and Sam says he was scared because he thought he was poison? They kiss and later wake up in bed Thanks - Anonymous 

A/N: Ah my poor Sam, you go through such pain. You need lots of cuddles my dear! I hope y'all enjoy feedback is always welcomed! ❤ Thanks to @impala-dreamer@impala-dreamer for being my beta for this! 

Originally posted by weeklyspn

The sweet amber colored and cinnamon flavored whiskey flooded your mouth as you laid on your bed staring at the ceiling. The after burn of the alcohol was a satisfying feeling as you screwed the lid back onto the bottle. Closing your eyes, you hummed in contentment as a warm feeling coursed through every nerve in your body. Sam laid next to you, gently taking the bottle out of you hands, sighing loudly. Sharing a bottle of whiskey was the only thing that could possibly make this hellish hunt better.

It was suppose to be a simple rugaru hunt, while Dean was helping out another hunter two states away. You and Sam could handle this, it wasn’t like a vampire nest, it was just one monster. What had gone from a simple hunt had turned into a bloodbath. One of the victims boyfriends insisted on tagging along. Of course when you and Sam protested he did not listen to your warnings.

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Day 2 - AU

There were those born in the world with a red string tied to their finger which connected them to their soulmate.

Angela did not have one. This was fine.

Whenever anyone found out about this they would always act as if Angela had gone through some great tragedy. Then they’ll give some half-assed story about how their aunt’s friend’s roommate didn’t have a red string and lived a happy life in some weird attempt to make Angela feel better. Honestly? Angela never cared. How could she miss something she never had? Not to mention it just gave her an excuse to dive into her work. So instead of worrying about some mystical soulmate she become a doctor, joined Overwatch, and went on with her life. It was fine.

Until one day, about a week after she answered the Recall, a red string appeared tied to her pinky.

This was not fine.

“Angela, love, calm down.” Lena held out her hands in an an attempt to pacify her dear friend. “I know you’re probably all super-happy-thrilled at this turn of events but-”

“Happy? HAPPY?” Angela angrily chugged the cup of coffee in her hands. “I have work to do! Battles to fight! I’m part of a secret vigilante group! Why did the stupid thing have to show up NOW?!”

“It’s not the end of the world.” Emily said as she unhelpfully poured Angela another cup of coffee. “Lena and I are connected and we make it work, despite the whole secret-agent-thing.”

Angela glared down at the string. Thirty-seven years and the damned string decided to show up now. Which raised another question. “Why now? Aren’t people born with these?”

“Maybe your soulmate is an omnic!” Lena pushed the sugar jar towards Angela. “And they like, just got switched on!”

“Or maybe Angela’s going to be a Sugar Mama at age sixty with a cute twenty-year-old hanging off her arm.” Emily said as she pushed the sugar jar away from Angela.

“Har har.” Angela sighed. Great. Now she was going to have to deal with a partner. A spouse? Romance of all types just had always seemed more like a bother than anything else. She picked up her coffee cup only for her hand to suddenly jerk. “Hey!”

“Aww, your soulmate is saying hello!” Emily cooed.

“They’re doing what now?” Angela watched as the red string bounced, as if being pulled.

“It’s a thing couples do. Sort of a way of saying ‘hey, I’m here, you’re not alone’. See?” Lena smiled and wiggled her hand. Emily’s hand wiggled in response. “Cute, huh? Whoever is on the other side is seeing if you’re there.”

Angela put down her cup and picked up the slack near-invisible string instead. She could almost feel it, but not fully. Like steam that was thick for some reason. Maybe it was the fact whoever was on the other side spilled some of her coffee. Maybe it was the weird mixture of anxiety and mild terror that filled her heart over the idea of not being alone. But instead of a nice little tug she wrapped both of her hands around the string and pulled as hard as she could.

Far in the distance, sorta in the direction of the landing pad, there was a loud scream followed by a sound that could only be described as ‘someone slamming into a bunch of crates’. All three women in the room froze.

“Bollocks, it’s one of us.” Lena said, her eyes wide.

That’s all it took for Angela to act. Grabbing her caduceus staff (oh God what if she maimed her soul mate what if she killed them oh God) she ran out the common room door as fast as she could. The fear, the anxiety, all of it vanished under the combined rush of ‘someone needed her’ and ‘she had to do her job’. Somehow despite the fact it was technically impossible Angela beat Lena to the landing pad. There, standing in front of the transport, was an amused looking omnic facing a pile of slightly-destroyed crates.

“Do you need help, my student?” Said the omnic, clearly trying its best not to laugh.

“I’m good! Great! Ow.” The largest of the crates was pushed out of the way as Genji picked himself up. “Okay. Change of plans. We go find Angela first, then we unpack.”

“Angela, Angela…” The omnic looked in Angela’s direction, “Is she the one you keep describing is a literal angel in every sense of the word? Glowing radiance that fills your heart with joy every time you looked at her? The one you wished you could share every sunset you witnessed, every moment of beauty that took your breath away with her?”

“I didn’t sound…that…sappy…” Genji’s voice trailed off as he finally looked to see what the omnic was staring at.

There was Angela. Silent. Wide-eyed. Staring down at the red string that connected her directly to Genji.

Angela was vaguely aware of the flash of blue light in the corner of her eye, and Lena’s sudden appearance next to the omnic.

“Hullo hullo!” Said Lena, grabbing the omnic’s arm, pulling him towards the base,“You must be Zenyatta! Genji sent a message about you! How about I show you around the base as far away from these two as possible?”

Zenyatta probably said something, but Angela didn’t hear it. Genji had removed his visor and despite the fact she had seen his face a thousand times before this time was different. This time Genji was smiling.

“Angela.” Genji said as he walked up to her, “It’s good to see you again.”

“String.” Angela blurted out. “Red string. Wasn’t there the last time I saw you, is there now. How? How?”

For a second Genji moved as if he was going to shorten the distance between them, but he held himself back. The smile on his face faded a little. “I believe it’s because the last time you saw me I was not whole. That was before Zenyatta saved me, before I forgave my brother, before, before everything. But,” He nervously coughed, “Just because the string is there doesn’t mean we have to act on it, or rush into anything, or-”

Genji never finished his sentence. Angela sprung, closing the distance between them on her own. She pressed her lips against his for a kiss that she never expected to happen. But now that it was real, now that Genji was there in her arms, now that they were connected it was fine. Better than fine.

Russell T Davies Dialogue in Doctor Who

When I first saw Doctor Who, I was struck (amongst many other things) by how fresh and wonderful the dialogue was, miles beyond other TV shows. Three things to note about RTD’s dialogue:
1) witty, quippy dialogue that sounds natural and spontaneous
2) deeply emotional statements simply expressed
3) fitting and well-earned moments of lyricism

Under the cut, examples of this in Rose and Love & Monsters, as well as a few quotes from The Writer’s Tale

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Running Away Part 2

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Part 1

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Word Count: 1,818

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Your eyes were closed, but you were awake. You don’t know how long you’d been asleep, but you just wanted more of it. The more you slept, the more you’d forget about why you left, the crucial pain in your chest, and the boy you left behind.

Giving up, you groaned as you grabbed your phone and saw the time, 4:30pm. Right now, it’s 7:30am in Beacon Hills. It’s only your first day here, and you hate that you still couldn’t shake off the jet lag. Jet lag and living in a different time zone isn’t something you can shake off and get used to in one day. It takes time, but you hated it. You’re in the city of love, not that you were remotely interested in love right now, but you wanted to explore most of the city as much as you can, knowing you don’t know when you’ll return back home, and might not have time to see everything.

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Top 50 Björk Songs (Part 2)

10. “Isobel” from Post

Watch almost any Björk music video and you’ll be inspired by the creative genius that the Icelandic singer possesses. Whether visually or melodically, she has the ability to pull ideas out of thin air and turn them into magic, both in the fantastical and the prodigal senses. “Isobel” is fiction, pure childlike delight epitomised with its nostalgic lyrics and “na na na” refrain. It’s proof that music doesn’t need to take itself too seriously to be timeless, wonderful and cinematic. A flute trill precedes the string section that glides into the chorus like a magic carpet taking flight in a Disney movie – it’s slightly cheesy, but entirely picturesque. Whether by watching her unforgettable videos or listening to her beautiful melodies, Björk can transport even the most staunchly serious listener to a place of wonder and whimsy, and leave them feeling giddy.

“My name Isobel, married to myself.”

9. “Quicksand” from Vulnicura

More than any other Björk album before it, Vulnicura felt like a living, breathing organism, probably due to the sequential story that it told. “Quicksand” is chronologically the story’s conclusion, but it feels more like a coda; a moment of exhalation after the emotionally tumultuous journey before it. Its frantic percussion is as if SOPHIE produced Homogenic’s “Pluto”, but the elements around it keep it at bay. With the string arrangement swelling but never peaking and Björk’s singing measured and calm, the heartbeat of the track – that scattered drum beat – is contained as an underlying tension in a lithe and elegant body. However, as the song nears its finish, it becomes apparent there will be no denouement. The violins are cut off mid-bow and the living creature that is Vulnicura ends its life cycle by switching off like a machine.

“When I’m broken I am whole, and when I’m whole I’m broken.”

8. “Pagan Poetry” from Vespertine

I once read someone describe the music box line that opens “Pagan Poetry” as sounding like a riff that plays in a CSI-type drama during a moment of suspense. To them, this ruined the effect of the motif, but to me, it makes perfect sense to have this song soundtrack a spy thriller, even a generic franchise one. The entire song is over-dramatic, from the aforementioned music box patterns, to the murky whisperings in the background of chorus, to the imminent-doom-evoking bass synth. Even its video was totally over the top, in the best, most Björk-like way. It’s a fantastic exercise in maximalism and mood creation, and ends with one of the most striking moments of her discography. Björk manages to sound at the same time desperate, unsure, vulnerable and deluded during her repeated whisperings of “I love him” in the track’s outro, and it’s the perfect end to a very memorable single.

“Swirling black lilies totally ripe.”

7. “Bachelorette” from Homogenic

With its sinister cello melody, forte piano chords and tango groove, “Bachelorette” is immediately arresting. Björk emerges as if from a volcano or a chasm in the earth, spitting fire and blood and venom. Listen to this song on full volume and let it grab you by the shoulders, twirl you, dip you, and throw you into a brick wall. It is a monumental track, but for all the ballroom grandiosity, there is an equal amount of little touches that speak volumes about Björk’s production talents. From the subtle shift to industrial percussion during the pre-chorus to the accordion in the outro, this song is full of carefully-placed embellishments amongst large-scale events. The artist transcends her physical form to become a fountain of blood and then a broken branch, and her powerful, tortured wails towards the end of the song paint a picture of her at her most vulnerable, evoking the image of a chained dragon.

“I’m a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl.”

6. “Who Is It (Carry My Joy On The Left, Carry My Pain On The Right)” from Medúlla

Medúlla is my least favourite Björk album, which isn’t that bold a claim considering I love them all, but it’s still noteworthy that from it comes what I consider the singer’s most unbridled moment of joy. Björk wrote the song coming from a deep place of strength, and it shows. Pure, extroverted jubilation is a considerably rare emotion in her catalogue, so to hear this gem sandwiched within Medúlla’s a-cappella doom and gloom was immediately cathartic and spiritual. It’s an uplifting feeling to hear that the people you love are happy, and the same applies for your favourite singers. It doesn’t hurt that the chorus melody is near-unparalleled in its glory, and that the album’s beat-boxing gimmick is utilised here to its greatest potential. “Who Is It” is the musical equivalent of two fists raised in the air in triumph, and wrapping those same two arms around the person you love.

“Who is it that never lets you down?”

5. “Unravel” from Homogenic

A huge part of why I love Björk is her unique vocal enunciation, and there is no better display of this than on “Unravel”. Few other artists could pull off the cracking of her voice as she sings “our love, our love”, her imitating gasping for breath singing “while you are away”, her rolling of r’s and of course her Icelandic/British hybrid accent peeking through. Björk is a vocal acrobat and virtuoso and to hear her one-of-a-kind voice harmonize over itself during the climax of the song becomes more jaw-dropping every replay. There is a hidden, slow-burning magnificence to “Unravel”, which sounds somewhat unassuming upon first listen (it wouldn’t have made my top 25 a few months ago), but grows on you like a vine. With a basic structure, minimal lyrics and a steady vocal melody, the song doesn’t reach to do too much, but Björk has the ability to pull beauty out of simplest of ideas, like thread from a never-ending spool.

“The devil collects it with a grin, our love in a ball of yarn.”

4. “Cocoon” from Vespertine

When you write a song about fucking that gives you actual ASMR tingles, you know you couldn’t have done a better job. The percussion on “Cocoon” is so delicate, so faint, that it recalls insects treading across water. It also deliberately brings to mind fingertips gently tapping on and tracing the body’s most sensitive areas. It’s so calming and intimate that it’s easy to get distracted and forget that Björk is singing about waking up after sex with her lover still inside her, and describing ejaculation as “a train of pearls”. Björk infuses more poetry into sex than most, but by not shying away from detailing her pleasure, she avoids the pretentiousness of sounding overly metaphorical. We can all relate to the feeling of connectedness during and after making love to someone we really care about, as well as the starry-eyed disbelief of being lucky enough to have such an experience. Björk taps into these fundamental feelings in a perfect and endearing way, creating a gem of a song in the process.

“He slides inside, half awake, half asleep, we faint back into sleephood.”

3. “Hyperballad” from Post

Often called the best song of her career, and with good reason, “Hyperballad” is a remarkable achievement in storytelling, imagery and composition. Its lyrics have such impact and attention to detail that they would work as a prose piece, and its instrumental combines orchestral, house and IDM genres in a way that still sounds ground-breaking today. Combining words and music thus creates an objective masterpiece, one that never loses its emotional resonance regardless of how many times it is replayed. It’s a track with a fantastic level of intricacy, the centrepiece of Björk’s most successful album during arguably her greatest era. The song is a huge accomplishment, which makes it surprising to revisit that it’s about the simple feeling of not wanting to lose yourself while being in a relationship. “Hyperballad” has provided me a lot of solace in times of self-doubt, and is without a doubt the track I turn to first when I need to inspire in myself some moments of introspection.

“I imagine what my body would sound like slamming against those rocks, and when it lands will my eyes be closed or open?”

2. “Stonemilker” from Vulnicura

“Stonemilker” documents the downfall of Björk’s 13-year relationship with Matthew Barney, featuring her rawest most unfiltered thoughts sprawled out on a blank canvas, and then arranged in detached, matter-of-fact phrasings. In gorgeous ways that are impossible to replicate, the vocal melody hesitantly meanders around immediately striking lines like “What is it that I have, that makes me feel your pain?”, “I wish to synchronize our feelings”, and the quoted lyric below (my favourite). Cascading strings underscore the emotions of realisation and hope that the song is based upon, and everything feels positive, even if just for a minute. But later, as Björk tiredly and helplessly sings to her life partner that she wishes to “find our mutual coordinates”, it is a tragic moment for her and the listener both. We know that her relationship only goes downhill from this point, and the song appropriately concludes instrumentally, with Björk having spilled all that her heart can bear. Seemingly defeated, a long decrescendo signifies her descent into beautiful tragedy.

“Moments of clarity are so rare, I better document this.”

1. “5 Years” from Homogenic

“5 Years” was my favourite from the start. It’s the song that transformed me from a casual fan into a Björk devotee, and I haven’t looked back since. It was a single moment too that hooked me, on a track full of ones I adore. From the fade-in of the gritty, industrial beat over the blocky intro synth, to Björk’s passionate “I dare you” starting the second verse, to the string cadence almost 3 minutes in, and finally the abrupt, foot-on-the-brakes end of the track… every few seconds of “5 Years” possesses a moment I hold dear. However, my favourite part comes 2 minutes and 23 seconds in, when Björk growls at her lover with such ferocity and authority that I was immediately shook. I still am. For me, “I’m so bored with cowards”, growled like a lioness, is one of the most powerful moments in any piece of music I’ve ever heard. Angry Björk is something to behold, especially over an instrumental that sounds like World War 3 set in Space Invaders. Listening to your favourite artists show vulnerability is important, but there’s nothing better than listening to an iconic woman telling a weak man to fuck off.

“I’m so bored with cowards.”

The Rantings of an Irrational Fangirl

This rant is so long it’s been helpfully divided into sections for easy browsing!


They’ve been casually hanging out in my peripheral since season 8. It’s not that I don’t love them, I do. Its just my tunnel vision and manly incapacity to multitask means my focus has been on Merder, Crowen and now Omelia ever since they’ve been together.

At the end of season 11, I was a bit disappointed in April for going back to war a second time. For all the reasons I think it’s wrong of Jackson to serve her an ultimatum, I think it’s more selfish of April to see only her need to heal. They could have done that together, helped each other through. Instead, April found the satisfaction of helping those in need where she could fulfill the nurturing maternal instinct whilst Jackson got on with life- something the majority of people have to do after such tragedy.

So starting season 12 I was leaning towards Jackson’s side. However, what I overlooked is that Sarah Drew is a fantastic actress and can make me feel the need to desperately protect April Kepner. She came back, she said sorry, she had that beautiful hair, those heart-breaking looks, and after episode 5 I was basically watching a high speed tennis rally- didn’t know where to look, who to support…

Episode 6 told me everything I needed to feel and it’s the main reason I enjoyed the episode. It doesn’t even take my 5-year-old nephew to figure out that the impossible hope April had for that adorable kid (amazing little actor by the way) was a direct metaphor for the hope she had for her marriage.

Throughout the episode you saw Jackson begin to realise he needs April more than he thinks. He survived without her as she escaped to the other side of the world and the stubborn part of him probably thinks he doesn’t need her… But he does. To be better at life, he does.

That hug at the end was LIFE ITSELF. I have had the misfortune of having one of those hugs. The way it was acted- ugh, I just wanted to kiss them both with a lot of love- it was superb. It’s that tension that you’ve been building up, frustration stored over months (whether related to the person or not), any hate, any love, any emotion full-stop basically… It all dissolves when you feel the familiar sense of security in those arms. I repeat, that hug was LIFE ITSELF.

Big kudos to Sarah and Jesse for the Japril storyline. They made me miss Omelia 0.1% less.

Maggie (and Richard)

I was about 5 minutes into episode 6 and tweeted something along the lines of “does anyone else sometimes forget that Richard is Maggie’s father”. Let’s be honest, we had those couple of scenes near the beginning of season 11 and we’ve basically not heard from them since.

Maggie is turning into a potential favourite. (I desperately want it to stay as Amelia but I’ll explain that later.) Maggie is consistently good at her job and doesn’t feel the need to have a song and dance about it, meanwhile her personal life is just… Well, for me, her storyline is the most relatable. Any character who can play a UTI storyline so adorably can surely not be hated by anyone.

She is caught between two very stubborn women at home, she’s conflicted about DeLuca, she’s got Richard as a father, her parents are divorcing, she’s a mentally unstable drunk… I mean, realistically I just think Kelly is adorkable and delivers lines like “it doesn’t burn when I pee anymore” and “I can’t have sex with you” perfectly!

I don’t know whether they’re actively avoiding repeating the estranged father relationship storyline (as we saw with Meredith and both Thatcher and Richard) but considering how well Kelly handles the comedic aspect of her role, I’d like to see more of Maggie’s dramatic side to even it out.


This lady deserves a section for herself. Firstly she’s a widow raising three children (whether these children are figments of her imagination is yet to be determined, although rumours of sightings in season 11 have been heard). Granted, she has help from many people including day/night/any care but with a full-time job… She’s a hero basically.

She was even heroic enough to teach the idiotic resident a lesson or two whilst taking her husband off life support. Derek dying was MAJOR. We all know this. I’ve not sobbed or ugly cried like that for years. It was DISGUSTING. End of season 11 gave Omelia some hope, the family love fest in the finale made me happy, summer hiatus came, and I learned to get over the loss of Derek. It all felt final and ready for a fresh start, new life… “turn the soil” I think Ellen said.

So why in the hell drag it up again?! They promised a lighter season, a romantic comedy vibe, and that lasted for all of 2 episodes before babies were dying in handsome men’s arms and awkward AF dinner parties were being held. Penny can fuck right off, the storyline is pointless in my opinion.

I’m also not buying into the comparison between Meredith coming in as an intern and Penny coming in as a resident that Richard made in last night’s episode. None of that is the same Webber, shush your face. You had an affair and were worried about the past coming to haunt you? Meredith’s HUSBAND DIED. It’s not the same. Shush.

Callie, Callie, Callie. Still to this day, my favourite scene of Grey’s Anatomy (which is ridiculously hard to pick) is Meredith and Callie getting drunk and singing the vagina song. As with life, new and exciting relationships come along and people drift apart. I can’t help but feel Callie and Meredith’s beef is going to be rather toxic with Penny in the mix. That friendship group of season 11 has potentially served it’s purpose?

To end Meredith’s section, I present ALEX FREAKING KAREV. Season 1, Meredith throws him against a locker and says “And for the record, you smell like crap.” Season 12, they sit in a chapel in silence, hoping for divine intervention. Gizzie and Mertina were so obvious and easy to fall in love with but little did we know Merlex was on the back burner. For me, all their friendship scenes are so simple, so supportive and so… real. They always have been. She’s his big sister and he’s her big brother. It works both ways- it just works.


Finally, the main reason for my rant: Owen and Amelia. Whilst the ridiculously pointless Penny storyline grinds on, it’s taking away screentime from more important things- like Omelia. I know this is biased as an Omelia shipper, but come on, 3 out of 6 episodes so far have had NOTHING.

If I weren’t shoulder-deep into the fanfiction world, I would think little of their relationship given the amount of time being dedicated to them from the writers. The first two episodes held so much hope and I was even willing to let episode 3 slide because of the wonderful Jolex screentime that week, but my patience is now wearing thin.

My issue with lack of screentime for couples is that it detracts from their individual characters. This is why Maggie has been creeping forward- they’ve satisfied both Maggie as an individual character and MaLuca as a couple. For Amelia, I’ve spent most my time when she’s on screen wishing her to randomly bump into Owen and smile at him. ANYTHING. The lack of development between them is a mistake I think because if anything happens now, to people not reading fanfiction or shipping them like a freight train, it’s going to look forced, unnatural and too sudden.

I’m looking forward to the next two episodes because I have a feeling a lot of shit is going to go down between Owen and Riggs (is that his name? Also, that accent… LOL.) All Kevin and Caterina scenes tend to be acted beautifully and I genuinely think they deserve a lot more than they’re getting so I expect it from the next two episodes. It goes for them as individuals and as a couple. Caterina in 12x05 and the consequent Omelia scene… They make my heart sing and bleed at the same time and I want more of it.

In summary:

Get Japril to hug every episode until they get their shit together, let’s see more Maggie drama, stop wasting valuable screentime with the Penny storyline and transfer her to some mediocre low-level trauma centre in Ohio already, comfirm the rumours that Meredith actually has children, make sure Alex always knows where Meredith is and GIVE OMELIA SOME FREAKING SCREENTIME.



I’ll never forget when my older sister came home distraught and shaken.  My parents asked her what was wrong and she broke down into tears and admitted she was horrified from having just seen The Silence of the Lambs.  Since then I always wanted to see it.  I was 4 at the time.  It wouldn’t be until years later that I saw the film.  It became my favorite movie at the time and Hannibal my favorite character in fiction.  He was just so classy and in charge.  Since then the Hannibal Lecter franchise has seen plenty more literary and cinematic incarnations, most of them lame, with Silence arguably standing as the unmatched artistic achievement.  That was the status quo of the Lecterverse until NBC released the television show Hannibal last year.

Over the last few months I watched and re-watched Hannibal.  I don’t watch TV, but being a sometimes very disappointed fan of the Hannibal franchise, I gave it a shot.  I remembered seeing adverts on New York City buses of a non-Hopkins mouth posing as a posh Lecter and thought that it couldn’t possibly be worth anyone’s time.  Just another money grab.  I consider myself a very jaded viewer of entertainment media.  This is likely because I’m a filmmaker, actor, editor, writer, and composer who was raised with the media-bashing antics of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 crew.  This means I’m not easy to please when it comes to entertainment media (I always see the strings, the plot chasms, the ham-fisted expositional dialog) and I’m far more likely to amuse myself by riffing a show or movie to death than I am to sink into the world that it’s trying to make me care about.  This is not my fault.  If you can’t rope in someone then your work needs work.  The bar is set even higher given we’re all more-or-less filmmakers, producers, and celebrities now.

Hannibal however left my jaw open, drooling, looking around my room as if more Hannibal could be found in the corners or under the furniture–and I wasn’t alone.  Hannibal became one of the most popular and hilarious fandoms online.  These fandoms include your typical memes but even dip into photo-realistic sketches, incredibly deathy renderings, and even yaoi (Japanese-style homoerotic drawings–excellent).  Fannibals and Hannigrams they’re called and Tumblr and DeviantArt is saturated with them.  The sheer volume of material this relatively obscure show generated is staggering, addictive, and certainly worth your time.  Most of this work came into being long after the season finished airing.  Very few people, including myself, watched the show while it aired.  If it wasn’t for this fandom explosion there was a very strong chance that it wasn’t going to air again.

Hannibal was nearly cancelled entirely after the first 12 episode season.  It was banned outright in Salt Lake City for its extreme violence and themes; but it’s probably the darkly nuanced hyper-intelligent psychoanalytic humor that disturbed so many viewers. This combination builds into a raunchy exploration of human darkness with unlikely mirth in a way that often leads other writers, filmmakers, and television producers astray into the limp and cartoonish.  Thankfully, Hannibal, though often impossible in its ultraviolence and pulp logic, is carried by a cast (including the X-Files’s Gillian Anderson and The Kids in the Hall’s Scott Thompson–that’s right, Agent Scully and Buddy Guy are in it) that are all scarily lovable despite their tragic psychoses.  These characters are presented in gorgeous and visceral nightmare-scapes that I haven’t seen as well imagined or realized since the 2000 film The Cell. Everything visual in the show is superb. From the impossible hell of psychopathic crime scenes, to Hannibal’s library office, to Will Graham’s lecture hall and fever dreams. Even the transitional and establishing shots are art. Though it’s the infatuation with the characters and their diving into the psychoanalytic self with bone shaving humor and tragedy that has made it my favorite media monster in a very long time.

The show deserves special accolades to Mads Mikkelsen, who has done the impossible by creating a new vision of Dr. Lecter that matches and in some cases eclipses Hopkins’s iconic role.  The Lecter in Silence is probably the best in the cinematic franchise, but Mikkelsen approaches Lecter with a new script and completely new method.  In a way Mikkelsen lucked out, as his Lecter has yet to be found out as a cannibalistic serial killer.  This Lecter is not the over-the-top creep that Hopkins is rightfully loved for.  Instead this Lecter is a valued member of society and a sought after psychiatrist with a devastating (and often hilariously joked about) secret agenda.  Mikkelsen’s reading of Lecter is an entrancing one:

“Hannibal Lecter is as close as you can come to the devil, to Satan. He’s the fallen angel. His motives are not banal reasons, like childhood abuse or junkie parents. It’s in his genes. He finds life is most beautiful on the threshold to death, and that is something that is much closer to the fallen angel than it is to a psychopath. He’s much more than a psychopath, and there is a fascination for us. We can’t understand it, but we want to understand it.”

Like Mikklesen’s Lecter, Hugh Dancy’s playing of reluctant profiler Will Graham is widely more interesting than the everyman hero Edward Norton played in Red Dragon.  Dancy’s Graham is so empathic to the killers he pursues that he can not separate himself from them.  This turns Dancy’s Graham into a hallucinating nigh manic-depressive with crippling social phobia.  This dynamic between Graham and Lecter is far more fascinating to watch than anything that has happened in the Lecterverse since the Starling-Lecter dynamic over 20 years ago.  Since Lecter in the series has no empathy at all, yet feigns it frequently, and is secretly committing murders while his comrade Graham is shot through with empathy to the point where he is psychologically disturbed by the violence inherent in his profession, a teasing cat-and-mouse game is created between the two of them that remains wonderful long after the first viewing.  This is probably why all the other incarnations have fallen so flat since silence.  Horror often fails because the characters suck.  We don’t really care if they live or die.  In fact we want them all to die. The sooner the better.  They were written to die.  Then we want the crew, the producers, the writer, and then whoever gave the project the greenlight to die too–on screen and awfully.  It was overlooked that Silence was secretly a character-driven movie with a ticking clock in modern gothic.  That’s why the lead actors won Oscars.  The most moving sequences in Silence centers around the dialog between the characters.  Demme’s characters talk straight into the camera, making it a film about people and the thoughts, feelings, and motives behind their eyes.  This is what Hannibal the TV show retrieves that everyone else lost along the moneyed way.  Characters you care about with a dash of surreal violence and a little genius-level dark psychological humor.  In Hannibal, you don’t want anyone to die.  Everyone is too enjoyable to be sacrificed, but you know that they must.

So without spoilers, the first season closed with the most satisfying moment in the long shaky history of the franchise probably since “I’m having an old friend for dinner” in 1991.  It was well worth the wait.  There is finally a genuine successor to Silence.  Hannibal is more than dark, moody, bloody (you will not be prepared for how bloody it is), and funny.  It’s good art.  Indeed it is the best thing since Silence.

This is definitely not for everyone, but for those who it is for, this is what you’ve been waiting for.  You early have no idea what you’re missing.  Goody-goody.

Hannibal airs this Friday at 10pm est.

Destiel Fic Recs

Check out my blog for more recs if you like these!


Every Living Thing

36,144 Words

Jeezus. Put down whatever you’re doing and read this. Eerie and flat out amazing, I didn’t even realize it until I stopped reading, but I legitimately felt like I was in the story. Not in the usual way either. I was actually somewhat frightened for my life. It’s not horror, more of a take on biblical plagues. Really, an amazing read I’m not likely to forget.

Askance’s summary

When a pair of hunters on the eastern coast witness the arrival of a very disturbing omen, it isn’t long before the news hurtles across the country, piquing the interest—and fear—of people everywhere. In a matter of days, the new, safe world that Sam, Dean, and Castiel have been inhabiting is flipped upside-down. Something enormous is coming—and this time, it’s something they can’t fight.

Faced with rapidly diminishing prospects, holed up in a tiny, empty Nebraska town, they are forced to confront fears, secrets, and emotions that might have otherwise never seen the light of day. It seems every story must end somehow, and the only thing that remains to be done is to make the most of what little time they have left.

Das Mervin, Mrs. Hyde:

The Writing On The Wall Series

~550,000 Words (ongoing)

Ok, this right here is my all-time favorite. These two are amazing with their work. A lot of Destiel fics are cute, but completely unrealistic in how they get together. This work is as close to canon-compliant as you can get (they started this series a while ago and have actually predicted events that occurred in the TV series). It starts at the end of Season 6 and features human Cas. Basically Bobby, Sam, Dean and Cas living at Bobby’s, but so much more. I’m honestly in love with this series and drop everything the second they update. Dean and Cas’ relationship is beautiful here and true to both their actual personalities. 

Some of their summaries:

-The writing was on the wall—and now Dean just had to try and understand it. A Post-Season Six alternate universe, going a different route from what happened in Season Seven and exploring a long and difficult relationship between Dean and Castiel. Canon-compliant up through the finale of Season Six, with some Season Seven thrown in.

-Cas copes—or rather, doesn’t—with guilt and his new humanity. Bobby and Sam try to help him deal, and Dean is still hiding.

Gabriel, Stand By Me:

Twist and Shout

97,556 Words

Almost everyone in the fandom knows this one, and I will be 100% honest, do not read this unless you WANT to cry. I know, you think I’m exaggerating, I thought that about what other people were saying. Trust me, I’m about as stoic as they come. In fact, before Twist and Shout I had been considering the reality that I had misplaced my tear ducts, but damn did they come back with a vengeance when I read this thing. Chapter 11 left me a sobbing mess and I don’t think I’ll ever be completely the same. I can’t listen to Elvis anymore. That being said, it really is a terrific read, just only do so if you’re ready to: cry, change, frantically slap the skip button whenever Elvis comes on.

Here’s how they describe their heart wrenching terror (I’m not going to lie, I had a tear in my eye just re-reading this damn summary, wtf did they do to me?) :

What begins as a transforming love between Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak in the summer of 1965 quickly derails into something far more tumultuous when Dean is drafted in the Vietnam War. Though the two both voice their relationship is one where saying goodbye is never a real truth, their story becomes fraught with the tragedy of circumstance. In an era where homosexuality is especially vulnerable, Twist and Shout is the story of the love transcending time, returning over and over in its many forms, as faithful as the sea.

Stand By Me:

Stand By Me is one of those authors that a) if they haven’t already been published, they damn well should be. b) you just want to stand near in the hopes that their talents will even barely rub against your consciousness. I don’t have the words to describe what Stand By Me does with words, but I wish I did!

The Angle of Repose

45,035 Words

A fic about mining… mining. Seriously? If you told me I’d fall in love with a mining fic I’d ask you who you were because I definitely don’t know you or vice versa, yet here we are. I’m not surprised I end up loving it though. This author could probably write about peoples’ bowel movements and it’d still be awesome. An eerie story with a beautiful relationship between Dean and Cas. Bonus points to Sam and Jess who just work so perfectly. Not my favorite of Stand By Me’s works, but definitely worth the read.


By the year 1972 the State of Kentucky had produced over 100 million tons of bitumionous coal. When Castiel, the new continuous miner operator at the Venus coal camp’s no. 6 mine, begins to sense something strange is happening underground, the lines between the possible and the impossible begin to blur, and Dean may be the only one who is willing to believe him.


All Things Shining

141, 906 Words

Road Trip with Sam, Dean, and Cas. Hauntingly beautiful prose and a ridiculously refreshing plot, I don’t think I’ve ever read something quite like it, though the bones are the same.


Something in the world is waking up.

It isn’t long before it’s brought to the attention of the Winchesters and Castiel: miracles are spreading across the country, the paranormal seems to be shrinking back on itself—and it all has something to do with the missing prayer book of a traveling preacher who died over a century ago.

Dean is convinced it’s all the lead-up to another Apocalypse; Sam and Castiel aren’t so sure. Regardless, it sends them out on a less-than-typical road-trip, following the Mississippi and remnants of a very old story that seems increasingly to call to them. And along the way the trio learn much more about themselves—and the consequences and origins of love—than they’d ever have anticipated.



300 Things

76,863 Words

I just really loved this story. The writing doesn’t make me want to frame the prose in my living room or anything, but the characters are just so real and the relationships between Sam, Cas, and Dean are heart warming.


Dean’s life at twenty-four makes him feel like he’s forty—he works two jobs to help pay bills for his house and put his genius little brother through private school, and has spent six years (on and off, let’s be honest) working on his mechanical engineering degree at KU. With so much of his life devoted to his family, Dean has little time in his schedule for class and no time for social interaction. Then, while getting his classes together for the fall, he finds himself in a do-or-die situation: He must take his last literature class now, his spring already filled with those left for his major…except that none of the English classes will fit his schedule.

This is how Dean grovels and begs Dr. Castiel Milton to make a special arrangement for him, and Dr. Milton does.

kittensandrighteousfury  asked:

Hi! I've been reading - and loving - your fics, and I'm not sure if you take requests or not, but I'm re-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and all I can picture is a Bellarke au: (Bellamy to Clarke) "I know it's the middle of finals week and you're a crazy-stressed pre-med, but it's 3am and if I hear you singing along to the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. credits one more time..."

This is a truly beautiful prompt and I’ve been excited about writing it since you sent it to me.  Thank you!!

It was finals week and Bellamy was exhausted.  He’d spent the last week coaching Octavia through her first set of college finals as well as studying for his own, which were absolutely kicking his ass.

Between Roman Art & Architecture of the Late Republic, the Language of Greek Tragedies, his Medieval Catastrophes course, and starting to plan out his thesis, Bellamy was pretty sure he’d never been drowning in as much work in his life.

Which was why the sounds coming from the apartment next to his were really driving him up the wall.

It was a testament to how great of a neighbor the resident of 4C was that he barely even knew her.  She was an senior at the university studying pre-med and her name was Clarke something.  Other than that he barely knew anything about her.  She was always silent except for the clockwork sounds of the Jeopardy theme song at 7:30 and whenever she vacuumed her apartment (always on Saturdays around lunchtime) which was why tonight was such an anomaly.

Because it was 3 AM and all Bellamy could hear was the ever-dripping tap in his bathroom and the fucking F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme song on repeat at an ungodly volume.  And that wasn’t even the worst of it.  No, that would be that his neighbor was singing along.  And boy, she just could not hold a tune to save her life.

Now Bellamy wasn’t usually one to go hammer at his neighbors’ doors at 3 AM.  He wouldn’t be doing this if it hadn’t been going on for over an hour.  And don’t him wrong, he really did like F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  It’s just that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  And any theme song could reduce him to a raving mad idiot if he had to listen to it for more than 15 minutes at a time.  (don’t even get him started on when Octavia stays over to use his Netflix to binge watch her new obsession).

So that’s why Bellamy was standing on the landing outside 4C at 3:15 in the morning the day of the biggest final he’d ever taken, in his boxers, angry as hell, ready to lay into his neighbor.  He knocked.

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wiz-witch replied to your post: if i ever had a large amount of disposable income…

I believe there was one done at one point…

we don’t talk about that one

okay but in all seriousness it was a p terrible show with a tiny budget (if you want to laugh check out the andalite puppets they used, good god). there were some cool ideas that would’ve been interesting to see more of (yeerk resistence organisation) and it was nice in a lighthearted, goofy way. its fun. it was nice to see all my favs happy UNLIKE CANON but it wasn’t… Animorphs? it wasn’t the story & characters I fell in love with. the actors were too old (they were THIRTEEN. THAT’S PART OF THE TRAGEDY. THAT’S THE POINT) & ax’s human form was whitewashed. it never got into the gritty violence and themes the books did. i mean, the books are brutal (in a ‘this is for kids so obviously we don’t go outright and say it but kids can handle heavy stuff & kids aren’t stupid. they don’t need to be babied’ kind of way), my god, thirteen year olds kill people on a regular basis because they have to. its child soldiers in an impossible, unwinnable guerilla war. the show never got that, the tragedy and brutality and awful underbelly because it was on a kids channel. once you cut out all the subtext it becomes goofy and silly and not what Animorphs is.

i mean. thats why i kinda think it would be best as a netflix one, with the first or second season ending on #22 depending on how many eps in a season because that triology is THE DEFINING MOMENT of the characters reaching the Point of No Return. they’re unquestionably, unarguably irreversibly changed by what they’ve done and what they’re they’re doing. its such a What The Hell, Hero moment. and then it gets worse. 

i want a show where marco’s selflessness and ruthlessness is explored with cassie’s selfishness and belief in people and how goddamned complex both of them are. sarcastic, loyal to the bone, bitter marco who can make the hard decisions and was willing to kill a kid to protect everyone. willing to do terrible things to save people. cassie’s hope and idealism and kindness that both keeps them grounded, she’s the heart of the team- but these same traits nearly destroy everything they’re fighting for because she didn’t want to fight anymore and blindly trusting in a gambit that could’ve ended everything. i want a series where cassie’s character is explored and defined b/c she’s the only one of the original six who never got a breaking crisis moment. i want her fear of taking responsibility explored. her asking jake to kill someone so she didn’t have to do it. i want all of her. her passion for animals and life. her hatred for killing but her ability to manipulate people unmatched, and most importantly, her FEAR of her talent and her unwillingness to use it. the killer with a conscience. i want rachel in all her bloody, brutal glory. i want bi marco w/ a crush on jake. i want chubby jake bearing all the burdens of leading the group and becoming older and tireder and so cold inside and i want to SEE his light dim more and more. he’s kinda bland in the opening of the series b/c its ‘everyday guy’ but man, that is the tragedy of jake. but tbh by 21 its like. WHOA. OKAY. WE’RE OFF. he takes a lot longer to build up than the others & his relationship with his cousin rachel is THE defining jake relationship tbh??? it really shows his ability and willingness to be callous. to use people with no regard for anything but winning.

i want tobias as an abuse survivor and the push and pull of predator and prey, and the way he holds onto his morals despite the fact he is trapped as a hawk and nobody noticed he was gone. i want him and rachel and everything they could’ve been. the way tobias doesn’t always make kind decisions, but he’s honestly the only animorph who keeps in line with his morals and weathers the storm. his bravery and honesty and struggling to find where he fits in the world. play that off ax’s struggle of loyalty. build their friendship more rather than just out of the blue. i want ax’s recklessness and honour and privilege and pride. and i’d like a fair deal of ax more deeply explored b/c he had the least amount of books and i feel like he stays static for far too long throughout the series and goes through too many of the same conflicts over and over again. and marco. my fav. my god, marco would be beautiful. but rachel and cassie. holy shit. they would be SOMETHING. i gotta say. rachel is a blood knight and descended into fury and hate and loved every minute of the fighting and violence. and its like??? so few female characters are coded as super feminine and pretty and girly and then have this dark, twisted, violent side that ends up engulfing almost everything that was good. (”scared?” i said, almost laughing. “you should be” THIS MOMENT IS EVERYTHING TO ME TBH)

tbh i’d want to show to rewrite a lot of the 30′s and 40′s since i feel like they are the definition of filler minus a couple (30 & 31 spring immediately to mind. Those books are KILLER. Both are in my top 5 of the series along w/ 19, 22 and 53). idk i feel like there’s a lot of things that could be expanded on in that universe. keeping with the original concepts ofc just. bringing more depth into them?? idk idk idk. like 32 has potential but its written so poorly and 41 is probs my least fav book of the entire series. and the last rachel book is just. bad. i love this idea on how to rewrite it tbh. i feel like the book just slows it down way too much. like we were leading up to the end. it needed to be hectic and violent and frantic & instead it was poorly written with jerky pacing while trying to be ~groundbreaking~. the ending was something special tho.

GOD…. i’m sorry… this was long but like… animorphs has so much potential & i’m obviously passionate just thinking abt how great it could be.

You Rock-efeller My World (aoU) Pietro x Reader

Title:  You Rock-efeller My World

Pairing: (aoU)Pietro x reader

Warnings: Language

Genre: Romance, fluff, friendship

Prompt: The Avengers rent out the Rockefeller ice rink for an after battle celebration.

A/N: What even are titles?  This will probably seem a little disorientated mostly because I wrote this at two a.m., but whatever. I hope you guys enjoy it and I just want to thank you all for the positive feedback I’ve gotten for Winter Wonderland, each and every one of you is amazing!

Word count: 1,906

This wasn’t your idea, let that be known.  You prefer to be planted on solid, warm ground rather than on slippery, wet ice. In Fact, the only reason you had agreed to go ice skating with the team was because they promised to get you pizza afterwards. Actually, it was pretty impressive that Tony had managed to rent out the entire Rockefeller plaza and ice rink for the little outing you guys were on. This was especially good because you knew you’d make a fool of yourself by the end of the night. You guess Tony can be somewhat useful at times. However, what was really impressive was how insanely amazing Pietro Maximoff and Wanda had been at ice skating. In reality, the only things you imagined Quicksilver being good at were sarcastic remarks, being really fast, protecting his sister, and making your heart beat a few seconds faster than is healthy. Banner had confirmed that last statement.

The scenery was so beautiful, so perfect, with the stars illuminating the ice and the glow of soft light from the surrounding buildings permeating the darkness and making the whole seen almost magical. Yet, you were very distracted with something else in your eye’s horizon.

You aren’t proud to admit this, but the fact that you couldn’t stop staring at Pietro’s ass in those jeans (you mentally put 50 cents in to Steve’s swear jar) was probably the number one reason you had your little accident. Well that and the fact that gravity apparently hated you with a fiery, burning passion. The accident mentioned is, of course, referring to the way you completely kissed the ground with your face, just like you wished you could completely kiss Pietro’s face.  But with less bloody knees and more romance, of course. In the background you were pretty sure that you heard the ironic clapping of Natasha or Tony, admiring your beautiful performance.

You felt someone pick you up and wrap your arm around theirs, holding you firmly in place while they checked your face. Looking in to your (Y/E/C) eyes was two of sapphire blue and the very face that had made you crash in the first place. “Making friends with the ground, I see?” You heard the single snarkiest voice in the world tease. Of course he had seen you fall, and of course he had to let you know that. “I am sure you could find better company than that, my friend.” He laughed.

“Oh I don’t know, I’m pretty hard to get along with.” You joked through the pain.

“Maybe, but very entertaining.” He led you around the rink in soft, dance-like motions.  You were almost positive you’ve had this exact dream at some point, without the injuries obviously.

“Thanks, I call that little one-act play ‘Idiot on Ice’.” You couldn’t believe that you were skating hand-in-hand with the only person in the world that could make you feel faint by simply existing.

“Well, Wanda and I happened to enjoy it very much.  But let us hope there will not be an encore.”

“If there is, we’re both going down, so lets avoid it.” You felt too embarrassed to even look at his face and you two just slid around in a peaceful fashion before the silence was too awkward to bare and you couldn’t justify not speaking to him anymore. “So, where did you two learn to ice skate so well?”

“Well, our country is very, ah…” He brought both of his hands to his shoulders in a shivering motion, trying to convey something he could not find the words for. The language barrier between Wanda, Pietro and yourself could be strong at times, but it was never something that could change the way you felt about him or make you think any less of them.  You joked with and  teased them about everything else, but not their English skills. You knew that their culture and language were two of the most important and integral parts of their life and you respected that.

“Chilly?” You offered, smiling.

“Yes, ‘chilly’!” He nodded and steered you slowly around the rink and in little circles, ensuring there were no further mishaps. This was pretty much a miracle because you’re you and that means everything is a potential health hazard. “Our lakes are frozen for most of the winter and do not thaw until summer, and we were very poor.  After our parents died, we could not afford to do much, we did not even have a television until we were much older. I bought Wanda a pair of ice skates for our birthday one year with the coins I had saved from doing little jobs in the town, so that she would never again be bored during the winter.”  You could tell it made him uncomfortable to speak about his childhood, but the way he spoke about Wanda seemed to bring some life and happiness into his sideways smile and sky-like eyes. This Pietro was different than the one you usually saw, caring and thoughtfulness where there was usually sarcasm and boasting.

“Oh Pietro, that’s so sweet!”  You wanted to smack yourself for sounding so fangirlish, it’s not like you were the founder of the first ever Quicksilver fanclub or anything.  And that’s totally not the reason that you cleared your browser history whenever Pietro asked to borrow your computer. ‘He must never know…’

“No, not really.  I bought them in my size, she had to fill them with dirt and rocks for them to fit her tiny feet.”  You pushed him playfully, immediately regretting the decision to do so when you realized that your crutch was suddenly gone.  “What? It was my birthday before hers!”

“By twelve minutes, brother!” Wanda gracefully slid past your idiot, yes that idiot, and wrapped one arm around your waist, gliding you carefully back to her brother.

“Yes, but twelve minutes is more time than it takes for me to run 20 kilometers. It counts!” He bantered back and forth with his sister and you sat there, back on his arm and supporting Wanda’s side of the argument.  You never side against mind readers, this should be common sense. Also, she might reveal your fanclub if you did, and that was not something you could risk.

After the bickering ended and the score was settled the two of you continued to slide easily on the ice. Well, Pietro managed to slide around, you just clinged to him for dear life. He began to get antsy, however, and you noticed that he sped up slightly.  His fingers drummed quickly against your captured arm and hand. With how quickly his system metabolized energy you assumed that taking things so slow and easy was probably frustrating him.  

“I know you’re dying to do laps or spin around or just do whatever it is fast people do when on ice.” You joked, placing your free hand on his upper arm and beckoning for him to stop.

“This is true, yes.” He laughed, smirking that beautiful, stupid little smile that totally isn’t your header image on Tumblr, because that would just be ridiculous. You swear that the ice should be melting beneath him because he is just so damn hot when he smiles like that.

“Alright speedy, take me to the railing before you start doing figure eights and backflips.” You sighed.

“Are you sure? I have a few super fast moves planned just for you, maybe some ice dancing or an arabesque or two?”  You didn’t even know what an arabesque was and you sure as hell weren’t going find out, even if your partner was the beautiful and elusive Pietro Maximoff.

“While that is very tempting, I will have to pass this time Mr. Maximoff.”  He laughed that sexy throaty laugh you loved so much, you know which one, and led you to the railing of the rink, ensuring that the exit gate was well within reach. He knew you were a beautiful disaster on the ice.  Or anywhere, actually.

“Very well, miss (Y/L/N).” He played along, poking fun at your abrupt change in formality. “I guess this is the end of our little ride, no?”  Even the ‘no’ at the end of his question seemed impossibly attractive, you noted.

“Ah, yeah, I guess it is. And ‘parting is such sweet sorrow’.” You couldn’t believe what just came out of your mouth, this wasn’t exactly the most appropriate time to be quoting Shakespeare to someone who clearly would not understand the reference. You didn’t really even understand the reference, but there it was.

“What?” He questioned, looking appropriately bewildered as you stood there and questioned your life choices.

“It’s Shakespeare, specifically Romeo and Juliet.” Somehow, mentioning that the phrase was excerpted from the famous tale of love and tragedy might make it seem almost casual, you hoped.

“That is the tale of the two lovers?” He asked, suddenly very curious about Elizabethan literature. Something about the way he asked the question made it seem almost flirtatious in nature, this was good. You nodded, not exactly sure what reaction he wanted out of you.  “Maybe you could read it to me sometime?” Alright, this had to be flirting, you reasoned.

“Yeah, I-I think I could manage that.  It’s pretty boring though.”  You knew that there was no way he could sit through the entirety of that play without complaining at least a couple of thousand times.

“No matter, I will enjoy the company.  It is a date then?” He was becoming much better at American colloquialism, you noted.

“Ah, sure. A date.” You didn’t think he knew what that word meant because he certainly couldn’t be asking you out. You were at least 150 percent positive it wasn’t a “date” date because who the hell reads Shakespeare on a first date? 

You were too busy contemplating the complexity of the simple word ‘date’ and all of its meanings, such as a romantic dinner or a small purple fruit, that you noticed last minute that he was leaning awfully close to you. ‘Oh God, is this classified as kissing yet?’ you questioned yourself. No, it wasn’t.  He reached his arms out and pulled you into an incredibly warm and unexpected embraced. This was classified as hugging and it still made your whole body feel on fire.

You watched him whirl whimsically on the ice with his sister on the side lines, butt planted firmly on the bench beneath you. How can two people so amazing at life even exist? You weren’t sure, but you were sure that you were terrified when Natasha crept behind you and asked,


“Oh god, Natasha!  You’re going to end up really killing me one day. I swear, you and Tony seem to want me dead.” She rolled her eyes and smiled, persisting. Once again, you were expected to tell her every little detail of your time with Pietro even though you absolutely knew that she knew everything already, which meant so did everyone else. You knew that she knew that you knew and just wanted to prolong the torture.

“You certainly had fun out there, didn’t you?”  See?  You didn’t even have to say one thing to her and she could just see right through you. It was essentially her secret superpower, you were certain.


A/N: I added that little bit with the language barrier as a pre-cursor to something I plan on writing where he helps to teach her some Sokovian (I’ll be using Serbian as a base). And also because I think that it’s important to at least be a little serious in the middle of all my sarcasm. If you guys have any headcanons about that, please send them in an ask and I’ll try to incorporate them. Thanks for reading, you beautiful people! REQUESTS OPEN

Kathryn’s favorites

As many of you may know, this past week was Author Appreciation week. If you haven’t already, please take this opportunity to send a note to the MANY talented Captain Swan writers we are blessed to have in our fandom. Have a favorite author or a favorite story? Message that writer and tell them. Let them know you appreciate their tireless work. It only takes a second to brighten somebody’s day. A housekeeping note: there will be NO new Kathryn’s favorites next Sunday due to a  combination of work and personal commitments. But I’ll return the following Sunday (August 2nd) with a brand-new batch of stories to share. 

Happy Reading! 

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Breathe Deep, Breathe Out, Breathe Slow 
by i-know-how-you-kiss

Official description: Co-stars that hate each other

Rated: Mature       Genre: Modern AU      Chapters: 1/? WIP

This story grabs you from the first word and doesn’t let go. An intriguing premise combined with unbelievably good writing and some top-notch sexual tension is a guaranteed win. I love that Liz chose to place readers in the midst of the chaos, rather than beginning with the traditional boy meets girl plot; adding a sense of intrigue to the story. And Emma, even though a movie star, is still very much Emma. So much so that I could envision her wearing her signature red leather jacket over some red carpet worthy ensemble. But seriously, what makes this story so extraordinarily good is the unbelievably seductive imagery that Liz creates. The attraction between Emma and Killian is palpable. You can almost see their tension boiling over into some seriously hot hate sex at any moment. You need to read this. Immediately. 

Dark Horse by initiala

Official description: Emma moves back to town following the highly-publicized scandal that leaves Killian Jones as the new owner of the Huntsman’s Horn Stables. She’s determined to help pick up the pieces in the wake of the tragedy, even with the eyes of the racing world on Storybrooke Downs–and the eyes of the new trainer on her.

Rated: Explicit     Genre: Modern AU/Fluff/Angst/Romance   Chapters: 16/? WIP

This is such a multi-layered story that it almost defies description. As expected, there is the Emma/Killian romance aspect, but there’s so many other facets to this tale, as well. Amanda has cast a wide range of characters in this sweeping saga; many of whom are shrouded in mystery. Undiscovered tensions are simmering below the surface that as a reader you’re dying to uncover. A lesser author would find all these subplots impossible to maintain; inevitably the reader would become confused. Not the case in this story. Amanda manages to juggle several balls at a time without breaking a sweat. As for the Emma and Killian of it all, sparks fly immediately. We witness their mutual (and unique) ability to get under each other’s skin underlined by snarky; witty dialogue. Both characters have SERIOUS baggage in this tale, but that’s what I loved–that authentic emotions proved more powerful than all the Machiavellian horse racing intrigue. And Liam as Killian’s moral compass? Perfection. 

Love At First Fight by startswithhope

Official description: So, this can absolutely be read as a silly AU one-shot by anyone who feels so inclined. However, readers of 7 minutes, this is actually the story of how Killian and Emma met in that story. I’ve been wanting to write this out after the brief mention I made of it and well, this just happened.

Rated: unrated.    Genre: Modern AU    Chapters: one-shot

This prequel to the tremendously fabulous 7 Minutes, featured in an earlier issue of Kathryn’s favorites is just as delectable as the original story. What it lacks in length, it more than makes up for in charm. Dee humorously incorporates OUAT’s fairy tale mythology into the character’s Halloween costumes. Ruby naturally dresses as Red Riding Hood. And Victor? Do you really have to guess? I love how Emma and Killian’s first meeting…in an Enchanted Forest of sorts… isn’t all hearts and stars, but rather, love at first PUNCH. Yet despite what would seem an inauspicious start to a relationship, there exists an instant attraction. Killian’s his impossibly charming self, while Emma is as prickly as ever. But that combination just works for them. And better yet, Dee makes it work for the story. A bonus, Dee’s subtle allusions to the Snow/Charming relationship weaved a touched of magic into the tale. So, go read this wonderfully fun piece. And after, if you haven’t already, delve into 7 Minutes. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Search and Rescue by navykillian

Official description: When Killian Jones, a rescue swimmer for the US Coast Guard, pulled Emma Swan from the unforgiving sea he had no idea she would end up rescuing him right back.

Rated: Mature        Genre: Modern AU    Chapters: 12/? WIP

Full disclosure, I love everything that Haleigh writes. I’m a big fan. She just has this innate ability to translate to page what Captain Swan fans most desperately want to read. I feel like she’s peering into my mind (in a not creepy way, of course). Seriously, who doesn’t wanna fantasize about Killian dressed up in his Coast Guard uniform, the wet suit clinging to his well-toned body, as he saves Emma from drowning? Yeah. Haleigh knows what we like. She has our number. On a more serious note, Haleigh is inordinately skilled at drawing readers into stories and hooking them early on. This tale is no different. She’s created a community surrounding Emma and Killian and has deftly integrated those characters into the tale. But what I love most here, is that Haleigh has constructed such multi-faceted roles. Killian is undeniably charming and we get to experience his cheeky side more than on OUAT, but he does have a past. He has issues but its those issues that make him so well-suited for Emma.  A charmingly, beautiful read. As always. 

so come out of your cave walking on your hands
by bluestoplights

Official description: Post-finale oneshot. Emma has a lot of experience sitting alone in a cell. So, Emma waits.

Rated: Teen & up          Genre: Angst          Chapters: one-shot

This story can be a tough read, I’m not gonna lie. It’s hard to witness the emotional torture that Emma, as the newly appointed Dark One, undergoes. But the writing is so incredible, it’s worth the pain. The Darkness almost becomes a living, breathing entity in this tale. It draws you in–tempts you–and you can understand why Emma may have a difficult time resisting it. Emma is a strong person-she’s the Savior-so the Darkness has to break her down in order to be let in. And that break down is harrowing to see. Sandy’s unbelievable use of imagery really sells the story–it’s downright poetic at times. What I found most fascinating about the tale was the affect the Dark One Curse has on Emma and Killian’s relationship and how Emma’s perception of that further influences her. Throughout this fic, Sandy shows such a clear and complete grasp of Emma’s character. It was such a wonderful experience to focus on Emma’s internal struggle as she’s battling this sort of alien being inside her. A truly magnificent piece.

Three Times Emma Swan Married Killian Jones 
by cutieodonoghue

Official description: “The first time Emma Swan marries Killian Jones, it is spur of the moment. He’d proposed like that, too, yelled that he wanted to marry her in the middle of an argument regarding the latest villain to come to town. She’d yelled back that she wanted to be his wife, and it sort of all just happened.”

Rated: K+        Genre: Romance/family       Chapters: one-shot

This is my pick for feel-good fic of the week. Really, it’s like sunshine in a bottle. Megan has struck the perfect balance between romance and fluff. It’s dreamy, you’ll sigh with delight and find yourself grinning like a fool, but it’s not overly saccharine. Megan writes Emma so unbelievably well that there’s never a point where she’s not the kickass; slightly prickly and cynical Savior we all know and love. Basically, it’s not Invasion of the Bridal Body Snatchers. And the fact that Emma (and Killian) remain in character is why it’s so deeply romantic. Plus, the writing’s simply gorgeous. Megan’s gifted at incorporating vivid imagery so that when Emma and Killian are standing on the beach, you almost feel the sun kiss your face too. I challenge you to read this and not feel instantly happier.