and you just have to deal with it

feeling stuck with your art is not only a beginners problem. It will follow you as long as you are an artist. Never really go away. Sometimes it waits a bit to hit you again, but it’s never fully away. 

I feel terribly stuck right now and it feels so horrible with all the other stuff I am dealing right now. But I try to tell myself it will go away. The last time I had to fight with it it took me a while to figure it out but in the end I made a big step forward. I have to remember that. I just want to get better. I want to look at my art and be proud of what I created. And I know if I try and try and try I will make another step forward. It’ll just take a while …

PSA: imsarabum is alive!

Hello there you beautiful, kind and lovely people of tumblr! I hope you’ve all been doing well and having a good July (about to be August - where does time go?)

SoooOOo, I kind of wanted to give a brief explanation for my silence here this past month.

In a nutshell, I’ve been dealing with a lot of mental health issues. Mix that with having to work two jobs to try and fund my last year of University and you get a very unhappy individual. For a while, I just couldn’t sit at my computer and write anything. I wanted to, but my brain just malfunctioned and said no lol.

For those that sent me in lovely asks - I saw each and every one of them but I just wanted to be by myself for a while. I’m a very introverted and quiet person so I just needed a bit of a break in the hopes of regaining some writing juice to pour everywhere once it came back to me. Thank you to those people who were worried about me, it made me feel very thought of and loved to read them and I appreciate it more than you know ^^

ANYWAY. In light of JJ Project’s comeback (JESUS CHRIST I’M SO EXCITED SGHFVB), inspiration came flooding to me like a tidal wave and I have written a little Jaebum x Jinyoung oneshot for you all :) I’ll be uploading it in a few hours, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading it if you get the chance to!

And I’d just like to say I’m sorry. I feel like I’m a bit of a huge let down because I said regular uploads would resume - but I didn’t keep my word. So  apologise from the bottom of my heart if I let you down. Because it’s the last thing I’d ever want to do.

Thank you all so much for still being here and for still reading what I write! I’ll keep trying my best because I love writing and I love that somehow, what I write can make people feel happiness.

So yeah, new oneshot tonight! Jaebum x Jinyoung let’s get it!!

- Sara

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Does anyone else feel like theyre never in the moment? Like if someone gives me weird looks or says something not nice, i wont realise they did that like my brain wont process it in the moment but then ill go home and remember it and just get really upset. I dont react or respond to stuff in real time i feel like everything just happens really fast idk :(

Sometimes I definitely get that way. I think it’s part of having a slow processing speed. That means that we don’t totally absorb everything as it happens. It can definitely lead to missing out on things.

Followers, do you have this problem? Have you found a way to deal with it effectively?


hey y'all (esp folks who have irl activism experience)……. how do you deal with creepy men in activist groups

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I don't even care about Larry that much anymore, I just pray we are right and BG isn't real because I don't want Louis to have to deal with this disgusting family for the rest of his life, that would be a nightmare....

Larry aside the mess that is babygate is still fake. I’m sorry but there’s just things going back to the very beginning that point to how fake it actually is. There’s things that I will always hold as a measure of sorts of its fakery. Some we talk about frequently others not as much because of the sensitivity of it. For me personally you can’t convince me they would announce the he pregnancy that early? The fact people were getting anons about it in advance? Her mom creating her twitter and following those wedding and baby accounts in advance of the announcement? The moving bump at Manchester? The non existent bump at Christmas? The mole that suddenly appeared? The missing belly button ring hole? Getting papped outside the passport office? What was the point of that anyway? She supposedly already had a passport and we know now the kid didn’t get one until the last minute? An UA basically announcing the birth and cybergranny confirming it on a picture of trash? The pregnant Harry manip? The seats at Manchester reserved for Louis family? That had never happened before and never happened again. The van of brunettes when B was there? The pleather pants, heels and mini skirt after giving birth? Louis rolling up to B’s moms with a trunk full of baby gear that could have been delivered? Louis scouting places for pap shots? The 62873 pap shots before the kid was a year old when we have had one of Bear? The pics they tried to pass off as Freddie and Fiz liked it before finding out if wasn’t him which then escalated into a twitter fight between trashley and Fiz? No paternity test? I could go on and on and on and those are just the things I’m comfortable talking about. It will end. I have no idea when it will end but it will end.

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Hey. I've been a fan of yours for a while now but the other month I fell off a cliff when hiking, fell onto a sharp rock directly with my spine (I was not paralysed but I broke a few ribs and punctured my lungs) and have had it rough with my mental health (I lost my home, got dumped and attempted suicide). Basically what I want to say is I have just had access to social media again after taking a break and your blog is the first thing to make me smile in so long, so thank you :)

I’m really sorry for everything you’ve been dealing with. It sounds incredibly rough. I’m happy if my blog makes you feel even a little bit better. Please try to stay strong, okay?

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It is kind of an interesting thought that he might not be sure yet of his place in the community. Sexuality is so complicated and it's such a huge thing to fully come to terms with and esp for someone in the position he's in, the pressure to either be less or more Gay must be super complicated to navigate. Plus it would suck so fucking bad to finally pluck up the nerve to say you don't label your sexuality publicly just to have half your fans either ignore it or accuse you of doing it to be cool

yeah like i just always feel like people try so hard to almost politicise harrys sexuality or his relationship with the lgbt community when at its core its just such a……human thing? like idk yeah its weird i just always try to put myself in his shoes, like how would i deal with coming to terms with my sexuality and labelling it and expressing it to literally the entire world at the age i am now. i think when you think about it that way it sort of becomes a lot clearer and the things he’s said (or hasnt said) are a lot easier to understand. like you said its so upsetting to me that he can say he doesn’t label his sexuality yet still have people poking at him w sticks saying its not enough and he needs to ‘do more’ or just ignoring it completely and continuing to deny him the right to identify as not being straight when thats something he’s been trying to convey for like, years now. 

Such a perfect evening to drive away.
No destination,
just for the thrill of the journey
having the wind wave your hair back and forth
in a black and white scene.
A slower smoother ride than the real deal
with the smoke filling up and evaporating into thin air,
just like you warnings to not go above 90.
How many times do I have to tell you
I’m just in a movie,
there’s no real sun it’s the stage lights
and i’m not in the driver’s seat just wandering away
no real danger.
Just for the thrill of imagining a dream
an image that’s been living in my mind for
amillion thoughts that flash and blink
and never leave.
Just let me have this moment of happiness
It’s not real anyways.

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Rei's first impression of Zenyatta?

Well she was a baby so… she threw up on him. He was chill about it though. I’ve mentioned in a similar ask that I think Zenyatta’s very good with children and babies so she really liked him in their first meeting. He just has this ultra-calming presence and his voice is very soothing and his orbs of harmony make these gentle chiming noises and he FLOATS so Rei immediately got attached to him. As she got older she regarded him with a bit more reverence because even though Genji and Zenyatta have this very warm regard of each other, you can easily pick up how much respect Genji has for Zenyatta as a teacher so Rei kind of considers Zenyatta as this bigger deal as she gets older. It’s really hard for her to do the whole “rebellious teen” thing in Zenyatta’s presence because Zenyatta is like, “Yes, such frustrations are natural and their expression is healthy.” And Rei like… doesn’t really know what to do with that so he can pretty much effortlessly de-fuse her hot-headedness.

Hosts/Cores/Originals are Alters!!

Hey y'all, Mod Willow here coming in with a quick fact I often see missed in asks (and generally around the site!) - the host, and original/core are all alters.

As an alter is literally a dissociated, fragmented piece of the brain, you have to remember that so is the host/original/core. From the first split onward, no one in your brain has access to all the neurological pathways due to dissociative walls, and this, /everyone is an alter/. Yes, as the host, I’m out 95% of the time to deal with things, but that doesn’t make me any less of an alter myself. The other alters aren’t less than me and shouldn’t be approached any differently because they front less - I just happen to be the best one for the job called everyday life.

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Hi, Just wondering how you deal with the gay community being so messy & ridden with hatred/jealousy/superficiality? & how do you rake through those gays to find your safe circle? I'm so bitter against gays now due to MULTIPLE hurtful episodes of violence & catty shade from the gays.

i think there’s a lot of misplaced negative energy in community that have suffered not only oppression but prolonged, advanced forms of self-hate during the formative years of their lives - it’s hard to get rid of after that!  I think I’ve been lucky with finding my sisters when I did in Florida, and some while in Japan, but it takes work and luck, tbh. I would not say I have a group of gay friends surrounding me right now in North Carolina who I think of as a “safe circle” (despite going to a lot of queer parties and spaces these days. It’s mostly lesbians/queer femmes and a lot of my interactions with other gay men are slightly sexualized).  So it’s hard.  IDK you just kind of have to pick up the good ones when you see them and try to be a beacon for a social group yourself, get people together yourself (dinner parties, brunches, game nights, going out clubbing, traveling). 

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Thank you so much for fighting the stupid discourse, I'm so disappointed in this excuse of a fandom =.=

its immature and ridiculous how people are reacting to something they can easily ignore. it has no major effect on their lives, the only reason people even care is because the artist just chooses to not deal with the hate which is a pretty smart move imo. if i suddenly got a wave of hate for one piece of work, i wouldn’t continue fanning the flames by trying to defend myself against people who already have their opinions of me set in stone. there are plenty of artists who draw damien and brian in a way that isnt true to canon yet nobody decides to mob mentality on them. sure, they’ll get maybe one person talking shit about them but thats about it.

this artist, who literally nobody was aware of prior got targeted for reasons i genuinely dont understand why. either because their art is actually good or because they do art full time. whatever the case, people are treating the situation extremely poorly and need to realize that acting the way they are isnt going to make it all just suddenly disappear or change the persons mind. showing your ass isnt going to make someone like you and its not going to make them want to like you. you’re making us all look bad when you do this kind of shit.

Legit considering moving back to Oklahoma or Texas. Being in the mountains is wonderful and I absolutely love it, but it means nothing when your family and the people you love aren’t here. Maybe i’m weak or maybe I just don’t like being alone. Who knows. But i’m giving myself a year here and if I keep having to deal with these “locals” that are extremely rude and unwelcoming i’m definitely going to leave. I don’t think I have EVER met so many rude people in one place.

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MOM EMERGENCY: OK so there's this person on here who I talk to on and off and I think they're really nice and we're always complimenting each other because we're both self-hating pieces of trash. Anyway I think I might have a crush on them and they once mentioned that they would date me. We just started talking again though but we'll see what happens. They live all the way in Belgium and is sleeping right now I hate it.

I’m so sorry ): time zones are hell when you like someone
Would you be willing to deal with the time zones?

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hope this is okay :)

“I hate you. Now give me that hug you owe me.”

Anthony had been spending so much time going back and forth between various different places for filming that he isn’t even sure New York feels like home. There’s a sense of comfort that comes with being back in his apartment and waking up with Jasmine beside him, and now that he’s days away from having that be his reality again, he can hardly wait.

Filming ends up ending a day earlier than planned, and Anthony scrambles to find an earlier flight. He doesn’t bother telling Jasmine, instead deciding that it’ll be fun to surprise her when he walks through the door first thing in the morning.

Their FaceTime that night is just like it is every other night, and Anthony acts as though he doesn’t have the earliest flight out the next morning. “When you get home in a few days you owe me the biggest hug in the world for dealing with this long distance over the last month,” Jasmine laughs, and Anthony laughs along with her, shifting on the bed.

“You are definitely getting the biggest hug possible,” He agrees, and that’s enough for Jasmine, who quickly changes the subject to something else that she had done in her day.

He hangs up and finds that he has just enough time to get a few hours of sleep, packing everything that he had brought with him so he could just get up and leave.

The two hour flight feels like it’s about 8 hours, and landing in New York has never felt more like home than right in that moment. He feels like he can’t get back to Jasmine fast enough, and as he texts her a good morning like he does every other day, he’s praying that she doesn’t suspect anything suspicious.

By the time he’s back in Brooklyn it’s nearing 10 in the morning and Jasmine is definitely awake. He sends her a snapchat, confirming that she’s home as he makes his way up to the steps in their apartment building, his heart pounding as he fumbles with his keys.

Jasmine can hear the fumbling on the other side of their front door, and her heart stops. She isn’t sure what she’s supposed to do in the moment, but she’s in the kitchen, and there’s nothing for her to use to defend herself should something happen.

“Baby?” The voice is familiar, and while her heart is still pounding, she knows the voice.

“You’re such an idiot,” Jasmine mumbles, Anthony laughing as he drops the bag in the doorway.

“What?! I thought I would surprise you!” He laughs, Jasmine rolling her eyes as she walks around the corner, Anthony standing there.

“I hate you,” She shakes her head, opening her arms and looking up at her. “Now give me that hug you owe me,” She smiles, and Anthony walks right into her arms, holding her as tight as he can.

They stay like that for a few minutes, and Nala is nipping at their legs and wanting to be a part of it all. “What are you doing home so early?” She asks, pulling back just enough to kiss him quickly.

“Filming ended a day early, I thought I’d just come home and surprise you,” He smiles, Jasmine laughing as she leans up, kissing him quickly.

While it definitely wasn’t what Jasmine was expecting that morning, she has to say that she’s happy he’s home earlier than she thought he was going to be. She’s fairly sure she can forgive him for the mini heart attack she has because of him, more than excited to just spend the day with him after it’s been so long.

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i blocked hevel because hes annoying :T

well if this was @wormz then i just blocked you bc im not dealing with someone liking my posts about hevel and having him blocked. but who ever this was shut the fuck up and block me you ugly bitch

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hi! sorry to bother you but i was reading a fic a little while back and i can't find it anymore!! it's the one where isak is a ghost? i'm sorry if that's not very specific but that's all i can really remember! tysm <3 have an awesome day!!!

Hi, lovely ♥♥

You’re never bothering us, babe! We’re always happy to help :) 

Here you go… enjoy!

  • Bright Light Living in the Shade by IndigoDreaming
    Summary: Even is a single father of three, just trying to keep everything together. He has to deal with toddlers, work, his parents, and the fact that he has the ability to see ghosts all on his own. One day, Even meets a strange spirit, a type of ghost he has never seen before, and his life will forever be changed. TLDR; Even Bech Næsheim has always been able to see the dead. And well, Isak is dead.