and you held us in your city lights

back to black [m]

Pairing: Reader x Jin

Genre: smut, tattooed!jin, cheating, angst

Word Count: 2.5k

A/N: I have been listening to a lot of Amy Winehouse lately and this is what happens. I’m tempted to turn this into a series, but we shall see.

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We only said goodbye with words, I died a hundred times
You go back to her, and I go back to black

-Amy Winehouse

“Hey! What’s your name?” someone shouted at you from across the bar. His words barely louder than the beat pumping through the speakers.

The bartender handed over your drink, exchanging whiskey for your bills. The whiskey ginger burned on your tongue as you took a sip, preparing yourself to face the owner of the voice. He was handsome, but the look in his eyes told you that your name was the last thing on his mind. “No thanks.” You smiled, slipping off the bar stool to make your way through the crowd.

You felt your phone vibrate in your back pocket, the screen sticking out like a sore thumb in the dim lights of the bar your best friend had dragged you too. And as if the universe was playing a cruel trick on you, his name flashed on your screen. You scoffed as you read the familiar words.

Jin 11:45 PM: Where are you?

You held your phone up to your lips, debating if you should respond. Jin was bad for you and you knew it. That’s why the two of you broke up, to begin with. That’s why you still answered his calls and text messages. You took another sip, hoping to find some wisdom in the bottom of the ice. The screen illuminating the glass in your hand as you sank the rest of your drink. He was not a patient man.

Jin 11:48 PM: Y/N, where the hell are you?

His brashness made you wince, quickly typing out a response. Two could play this game, even though the both of you were never good at following the rules.

Y/N: 11:48 PM: Out

You really must have pissed him off as your phone started to vibrate in your hand, he was calling you.

“Stop playing games, Y/N.” Jin hissed through the phone, interrupting you before you could even say hello.

“I told you last time that this was over between us.” You raised your voice, matching his level of annoyance although for a much different reason.

Jin scoffed, “You and I both know that last time wasn’t enough.”

“Fuck you.” you quipped, annoyed at how easily the sound of his voice turned you into putty. His words pushing and pulling you into shapes that only he could make. “I’m at the bar.”

“I’ll be there in five minutes.” was all he said before the line on the other end went dead.

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Anonymous (Peter Parker x Reader)

Word Count: 3,869

Warnings: some mild cursing, it’s also pretty long

The first night you ever met him was unforgettable; mostly because you could’ve died that night. Your boss had begged you to help close that night even though you had told him you had made plans for homework and studying that night. The diner had been hit with a sudden rush of people and none of the closing chores had been completed so he needed an extra closer. It was exhausting but you thought you could use some extra money; college wasn’t going to pay for itself. It was never too early to start thinking about it; even if you were only a sophomore. 

After he’d locked the doors and thanked you for your hard work, and you turned to start walking home by yourself. “Y/N!” One of your coworkers chased you down and you looked over your shoulder to the middle-aged woman who had acted like your mother within your group of coworkers. “Lemme walk with you! It’s not safe for you to be walking around this late by yourself.” She walked by your side for most of the walk back.

When you parted ways, you were anxious to get back home. Being outside at this hour in New York wasn’t a good idea in the first place. You were turning a corner and when you looked up from your feet you noticed a menacing silhouette that seemed to be coming in and out of existence because of the flickering street light. You turned back the way you came but was met by a man with a hood over his head.

“Hello, sweetheart. Whatcha got on ya?” He grabbed your arm and you struggled to break free.

“Don’t hurt her, she’s a pretty thing.” The silhouette from before now showed his face in the pale light of the streetlamp above.

“P-Please, I don’t have anything, I swear.” You reached for your wallet and tossed it to the ground.  The man behind you picked it up and rummaged through to try and find anything of use.

“She’s got nothin’.” The man’s grip around your arm tightened and you let out a yelp of pain. “We’ll just have to take something else…” He snickered and you felt your heart beat even faster than it already was before. This is it, this is how I die… Your mind was racing and you could barely comprehend what was happening.

You missed what happened next, because suddenly you were free from the hooded man’s grip and they were plastered to the wall by some white net. When you had calmed down, you realized they were… Webs. That could only mean… Sure enough, a lanky blue and red figure stumbled a landing in the light in front of you.

“Um, are you okay?” He messed around with trying to pose himself by leaning against the lamp post and crossing his arms and just standing up straight. You would’ve laughed at the thought of Spider-Man being this awkward, but you were too thankful for his help that you didn’t care.

You practically tackled him as you embraced him. “Thank you so much. I thought I was going to die, oh my God!” You started sobbing and you could feel him tense up.

“That’s what I’m here for!” His voice sounded so young, like he was your age. You couldn’t believe your ears. He didn’t know what to do so he just stood there rigidly. “Oh gosh, please don’t cry. It’s okay now.” He gave you an awkward but reassuring pat on your back and you pulled away to wipe away the tears.

“I believe this is yours?” He held up your wallet. You accepted it and ran your hands through your hair, thinking about how you’d just missed a disaster by a second. “Would you like me to, um, take you home?”

“You mean like…” You looked up towards the tops of the buildings around you. Flying through the air like that terrified you at first, but you just wanted to get home to your bedroom. “Sure.”

“Okay, um,” Spider-Man knelt down with his back towards you and you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Hold on.” He shot a web up to the top of a building and you felt the wind against your face as you were launched up into the air. “Where to?” You gave him the street name and building number and he made course to your apartment.

You held on for dear life and kept your eyes closed most of the way home. After a couple web swings you got used to the idea of being in the air like this and opened your eyes. You almost regretted it because of how high off the ground you were, but the way the city looked from this perspective was beautiful. The lights, the street lamps that dotted the sidewalks… it seemed more peaceful from up there.

“Is this it?” You opened your eyes and saw Spider-Man sticking to the wall of your apartment building.

“Yeah,” You guided him to the fire escape that led to your bedroom window and slid from his back once you were back on solid ground. He turned to jump from his perch on the fire escape, but you grabbed his wrist. “Spider-Man? Thank you again.”

His flustered reaction was incredibly noticeable, even with that mask on, and he gave a little chuckle. “No problem, you have a nice night, ma’am.” And then he was gone; just like that. You climbed through your window and jumped into bed without changing your clothes. Falling asleep was hard because you kept thinking about how you just met Spider-Man.

You met Spider-Man?!”

That next morning you retold the story to your friends, and tried to convince them you did in fact meet the web-slinger. “You’re shitting me right now, Y/N.”

“I’m serious! These guys were trying to rob me and…” You stopped and shivered at the thought of what they would’ve done to you. “Anyways, he swooped in, stuck these guys to the wall, and saved me!”

Everyone asked you questions as if you knew him personally. It was just one night that he saved you, and they expected you to be best buds by now. Of course your friend, Ned, asked you a million questions in between periods at your locker–he was a big Spider-Man fan. Even his friend Peter, who you’d never really talked to, asked you: “What was he like?”

“Um,” you tilted your head while trying to think of how to describe him, “he was a lot more awkward than I thought he would be.”


“But it was adorable in its own way.” You shrugged, and noticed Peter smirked slightly. “Well, boys, I have to go to the band room and help Mrs. Mayfield for my teacher’s aid period. It was nice meeting you, Peter.” You added and hurried down the hall.

Even while you were helping your band director you were distracted by your thoughts about meeting Spider-Man. You kept spacing off and she had to try and keep you grounded in reality. The memory of flying through the air, with the wind blowing your hair, was just so amazing. Little did you know that wasn’t the last time you’d see the Webbed Warrior of Queens. It was only the beginning.

A couple days later when you’d gotten home from school you were met with a surprise on your window. You tossed your stuff onto your bed and hurried over to see a handwritten note plastered to the glass with familiar webbing.

Meet me on the roof at 11?

There was a little spider doodled next to his signature and you didn’t know whether to be scared or excited. Why was Spider-Man asking you to meet him? It was a strange request indeed, but… what could go wrong?

The hours counting down to 11 seemed to take years; you told your parents you were going to bed and had to stare at the ceiling while waiting for the sounds of them settling down in their own room. When you thought they were asleep, you waited a little longer, and climbed out your window to the fire escape. You tried your best to keep from making so much noise, but the metal on the stairs were so rickety not even Spider-Man himself could sneak up them.

When you got to the top, you peeked your head over the edge of the roof and saw the web slinger pacing around and mumbling to himself. It looked like he was rehearsing something. When you revealed yourself he nearly jumped off the roof in shock, but composed himself. “Um, hi. I’m P-Spider-Man.” He rocked back and forth on his feet. “I mean, you knew that. What’s your name?”

You smiled and put your hands in the pockets of your sweater. “I’m Y/N. Why did you want to meet me up here?”

“Oh, right,” he scratched his head, “I was wondering if you’d like to go see some sights with me…” When you didn’t answer right away, he held up his hands defensively. “I mean, you don’t have to unless you want to.” Was Spider-Man asking to hang out with you? Why would someone like him want to be around you? You couldn’t stop a bus with your bare hands, you couldn’t fly or turn invisible; you were as normal as they came. But hanging out with Spider-Man would make for great stories in the future, plus: you were curious about him.

“I’d love to!” You beamed and he tilted his head confused.

“You do?” You tried not to laugh at how adorably awkward he was. “You do! Right…” He let you climb on his back and you wrapped your arms around his neck and legs around his torso to ensure you wouldn’t fall. “Hold on–I mean, I won’t let you fall, but,”

“Let’s go, Spider-Boy.” You interrupted and he nodded. Once again you were swinging through Queens but this time there were still some cars down below and people on the streets. It was much busier and felt a little safer than the first time you were at this height. “Where are we going first, Spider-Boy?” You rested your chin on his shoulder.

“It’s Spider-Man, And we’re going to make our way to Central Park, hopefully.” He muttered the last part and continued to shoot webs.

“Well you sound like a boy, Spider-Man, and I don’t believe you’re a day older than 16.” There was no response. “So I’m right?” Another long silence on his part.

“Maybe…” You laughed.

“I guess it’s too much to ask what school you go to.”


The ride to Central Park was a long one, but you eventually made it. It was practically empty, and the paths were lit up by the cute little street lamps. Even though you’d lived in New York for so long, you’d never really been to Central Park that often. It was more of a treat for you than it was a normal park. It looked so different at night, and you felt a whimsical presence of being out at night like this.

Spider-Man set you down on the grass and then told you to wait for a second. “I’ll be right back, promise.” He leapt off into the darkness and you could hear a bunch of webs being shot. After a couple minutes he returned and guided you to where he’d created a giant spider web spanning between multiple trees.

“Am I supposed to be impressed by this or…?”

“That’s not it, I’ll help you up.” Before you could say anything, he grabbed you and tossed you into the air like you were a rag doll. You screamed, of course, but when you landed you bounced a little, like on a trampoline. When you opened your eyes you saw that you were sitting on the giant web he’d strung up. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He landed next to you and sat with his legs crisscross style.

“That wasn’t cool. You scared the shit out of me.” You pursed your lips and folded your arms around your chest.

“Well, just look up.” He pointed and laid down with his hands behind his head. Still bitter about being thrown in the air, you sighed with a roll of your eyes and tilted your head upwards. The stars twinkled in the clear night sky and your frustration immediately melted away.

The two of you laid next to each other while staring at the sky for quite a bit of time. You had a ton of questions that you wanted to ask him; mostly little things about him. “So, you created the fluid you use for your webs?”


“You must be a smart kid, Spider-Boy.” You teased.

He looked away from you embarrassed. “I guess I am.”

“Okay, but who’s going to clean up all this web?”

“It dissolves after two hours. Speaking of which, what time is it?”

You pulled out your phone. “Nearly… 2 am?! I have a math test tomorrow!” You tried to get up but forgot you weren’t on solid ground and fell over. “You gotta take me home, Spider-Boy.”

On the way back he apologized countless times and you could tell his was booking it as much as he could for your place. He dropped you off at your window and said a hasty goodbye before disappearing into the skyline. You changed into your pajamas and curled up into your bed, hoping you’d be able to catch enough z’s.

The next time you found a note on your window, he took you to Chinatown, but it was still pretty busy so you got to see all the different signs and people on the streets. He took you lots of place over the next couple trips, each visit getting closer and closer to one another so that you saw him almost every other night.

Up to this point you’d decided not to tell anyone about your adventures with Spider-Man, but you couldn’t keep his most recent visit a secret. You were excited to share it with Ned and Peter because he’d taken you to Stark Tower; where the Avengers used to work from.

That was the first night he’d really taken you high up like that. It was terrifying, to say the least. He’d actually webbed your torso to his as he climbed up the building. “I’ve never been up this high before.” His voice shook ever so slightly as he looked down towards the concrete jungle below.

“I’d never thought that Spider-Boy would be afraid of heights.” You teased with a toothy grin.

“I’m not afraid of heights! I’ve never climbed a building this tall before, that’s all…”

The height was very apparent because the wind at this level was more torrential compared to the ground level. With your hands around his neck, you dug your face into his shoulder to keep your hair from getting all in your face. You were also very scared being this high, but you didn’t want him knowing that.

It seemed like a millennia before you reached the top where there was a flat platform that looked like a landing pad. Once you were on solid ground again, Spider-Man cut you free from the webbing and tossed it in the wind. The city below looked so small now.

“It’s beautiful…” you held up your hands over your mouth trying not to freak out over the sight. You heard him mutter something incoherent and turned to him. “You say something?”

“Nothing!” The lenses on his mask widened and you turned your attention back to the scene in front of you.

“You know, it seems like there’s no security here right now. I was sure we’d be caught by now.”

“Well, I asked Mr. Stark about taking you here, so he probably let someone know…” He shrugged and joined you.

“So,” you sat down and dangled your feet over the edge, “you still haven’t told me how old you are.”

“Would you believe me if I told you I was 18?” He turned to you with hope in his masked eyes.

“Absolutely not,” you laughed and nudged him, “so, what is it? How old are you, Spider-Boy?” At this point he’d accepted your nickname for him, and didn’t argue with you about it anymore.

“I’m 15.” Now you weren’t expecting him to be your age, which made him probably one of the youngest superheroes ever. Another question had been eating away at your mind for awhile, but you were too afraid to ask. It’s now or never, I guess…

“Well, does 15 year-old Spider-Boy have a girlfriend?”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” You felt your stomach do a flip when he turned his gaze to yours.

“You can’t answer a question with a question, mister!” You scrunched up your face and wagged a finger. He didn’t say anything at first, but sighed.

“No, I don’t have a girlfriend.” Good. “Th–There is a girl I’ve had a crush on for awhile now, though.” He kicked his feet and looked away from you.

“What’s she like?”

“Well, she’s beautiful, and hilarious, and kind, and strong. Very brave for climbing up this building with me.” With every word his hand had slid closer to your own, and soon they were almost touching.

“Well I have a crush on a boy, but I don’t know his name, or what he looks like, or what school he goes to. But I do know that he’s sweet, and horribly awkward.” Your hand drifted over his and you leaned a little closer to him. He mirrored and when your noses touched you laughed. “It’s kinda hard to kiss you when your mask is covering your face.”

“Oh, right.” he pulled the mask up to reveal his chin and mouth. You leaned in again and pressed your lips on his…

You kissed Spider-Man?” Ned nearly announced it to the whole cafeteria, but luckily you were sitting in their empty side of the room. “Okay, now I know you’re lying.”

“I wouldn’t make something up like that, Ned! He’s been taking me around at night for the past month or so and last night we went up to Stark Tower. I just didn’t want to tell anybody because they’d react like you just did.” You rolled your eyes and stared off at the wall to avoid looking at them.

“Okay, say you have been hanging out with Spider-Man, what’s he like?”

“He’s super smart; would you believe that he came up with the fluid for his web shooters? He told me that one night, even let me play with them. He’s a total nerd, and he’s kind of awkward, but it’s okay because he’s one of the sweetest people I’ve met.” You gushed and felt your face go red once you realized what you were saying.

“I believe you, Y/N.” Peter chipped in sheepishly. “I mean, I’m sure Spider-Man’s just a normal guy like us. I mean, if you look past his super strength and stuff.” He scratched the back of his head and you stared at him for a moment. Something about the way he always did that when he got nervous along with his voice sounded so familiar.

“Yeah… Also,” you turned back to Ned in a low whisper, “he’s not even a man. He’s only 15, like you and me.”

“Whatever, Y/N. I’m still skeptical, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.”

You finished your food before the two boys and gave curt goodbyes before taking huge strides to throw your food away on the opposite end of the dining hall. “I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt; I’ll show you, Ned…” You mocked under your breath and stormed out of the cafeteria.

Little did you know, Ned and Peter were having a frantic conversation once you left. “Dude, you kissed Y/N?! You have to tell her!”

“I-I can’t; she’ll stop liking me. She doesn’t like Peter Parker, she likes Spider-Man.”

“If you don’t tell her, I will.”

“No!” He sighed. “Fine, I’ll tell her…”

When you got home that evening you rushed to your room hoping to find a note on your window. You weren’t disappointed, because sure enough there was a piece of paper stuck to the glass with webs.

Roof at 11?

You waited impatiently throughout the night; almost spilling your juice all over the dining room table at dinner, completely blanking out on your homework, it was a mess. You were so anxious to see him because you wanted to prove to Ned you actually knew Spider-Man.

When 11 pm came, you nearly bolted out your window and up the fire escape. Sure enough, Spider-Man was pacing around the roof like he usually was. He was also talking to himself again. “I can’t do that, Karen!” He said a little too loudly and noticed you were standing on the other side of the roof. “Oh, hi, Y/N!”

“Who’s Karen?” You tilted your head.

“She’s an AI in my suit. I talk to her a lot…” He scratched the back of his head.

“That… explains a lot.” You smiled and strolled closer to him. “Where are we going tonight?”

“Um, actually, I had something to tell you first.” You stopped dead in your tracks. “Well, I’m not who you think I am–No that sounds stupid, um…” He sighed and slid the mask off. You didn’t believe what you saw.

“Peter…?” The confusion was then taken over by anger. “Is this some joke? Did Ned put you up to this?” You clenched your fists and turned around to start looking for Ned’s hiding spot. “Ned! This isn’t funny you better come out here or I’ll–”

“It’s not a joke, Y/N, trust me.” He shot a web to your wrist to stop you and you finally calmed down. “I know: Peter Parker as Spider-Man, right? Don’t blame you for thinking it’s a joke.” He avoided your gaze.

“It’s not like that, Peter. I just thought Ned was playing a joke on me after what I told you guys earlier…” The hurt in his eyes was killing you. “You’re not a joke, Peter. I just wasn’t expecting Spider-Boy to be someone that I knew, that’s all.”

He looked up and was met with your reassuring smile. “Um, I’d understand if you don’t want to go out tonight… Now that you know Spider-Man’s Peter Parker and all…”

“Peter,” you took some steps closer to him, “Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the same smart, adorable, and sweet person I’ve grown to like.” Now you were just as close as you were the night before when you kissed him. It was different tonight, though. Something about finally knowing who you’d been crushing on for awhile made it seem more exciting and thrilling. You leaned in and kissed his forehead. “Where to, Spider-Boy?” Peter was too flustered to reply and you chuckled.

“Right,” he threw his mask back on, “I was thinking star gazing again.”

“Lead the way, Peter.” You climbed onto his back and couldn’t stop smiling the whole way to the park.

The Heart - Part Two - Roman Godfrey

(Nerd!Reader X Roman Godfrey)

Part One

“I’ll see you at six, nerd,” he said, giving you a playful grin. You rolled your eyes as he walked off, people gawking at you as you turned back to your locker. Like always, you didn’t care that they stared. You could care less. All you were thinking about was what to wear.

After tutoring Roman, with a degree of success, it was time to complete the deal you made. It was time for your date.

A/N: Thank you for all the kind words on the first part! Roman is hella smooth btw (sorry for the horrible ending.)

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You studied your reflection in the bathroom mirror, making sure your outfit was orderly. Your hair was fixed up, after what felt like hours of manipulating it. For once in your life, you felt that you looked great. The outfit you changed into after school was comfortable; dark pants and a light tee shirt that paired well with the jacket you had resting over your shoulder.

Maybe it was too simple. The nerves you had felt during the school day returned. You could still hear Roman’s voice in your ear telling you to “wear something nice.” This outfit wasn’t nice enough, you thought to yourself. You rushed back into your bedroom, throwing clothes everywhere in the search of just the right outfit. You settled on a soft sweater, voting to keep the dark pants you already had on.

Making your way back to the bathroom, you felt more content with your wardrobe choice. It was a bulky sweater, making you look small and keeping you warm. It’s soft, colored hue made your eyes pop. Much better. You fixed your hair again, repairing the damage you had done when you changed into the sweater.

You had started walking down the stairs of your home when you heard a honk. You leaned over a chair and peered out of the window. You saw a small, old-fashion car in the driveway. It’s top was down and you could see Roman waiting for you in the driver’s seat.

Nearly tripping out of the door, you made your way to Roman’s car. He was now standing outside of the car, waiting for you so he could open the passenger side door. When his eyes fell on you, his lips parted for a moment.

“Hi,” you said, your shyness showing through. You brushed a hand through your hair and Roman smiled softly down at you.

“Hey, you ready to go?” He pushed himself off his car, which he was leaning against. You took in his attire; dark pants and a navy blue button up. His hair looked styled, up more than down. The most attractive feature however, was his soft, close lipped smile.

“Yeah,” you said and Roman opened the car door. Before you sat down, Roman leaned towards you, his breath tickling your neck.

“You look great,” he whispered lowly. You blushed and smiled at him, hoping that you seemed even the slightest bit confident.

“So do you,” you replied, surprised your voice didn’t falter. Roman grinned and bit his bottom lip as you sat down in his car. He shut the door and walked back over to the drivers side. “So what do you have planned?” You asked, trying to remain calm.

“You’ll see,” Roman said with a smirk. He started the car and backed up and out of your driveway. He put on the radio, tuning it to a light rock station at low volume. The now sunset colored sky of Hemlock Grove soared above you as Roman drove through town.

“You did great on your test,” you said, turning to face Roman. “I’m proud of you,” your words brought a wide smile to his face.

“I have you to thank for that grade,” he said, his hands tightening around the steering wheel as he spoke. “I would’ve failed without you.” You blushed at his statement, turning to look outside the car. You were on a country road, at least it looked like one. Towering trees loomed over the road ahead of you, spicing the air with the scent of pine.

The rest of the car ride went on without a hitch. You did your best to deal with awkward silences and Roman was just Roman. He was flirtatious and, or so it seemed to you, happy.

“So you’re not going to tell me where you’re taking me?” You asked as the terrain around you seemed to grow more unfamiliar by the second.

“Nope,” Roman said, popping the ‘p’. You turned to look at him, brows furrowed but saw that he was grinning at the road before the car.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! May I request a Dick x reader imagine where reader is his best friend (and is in love with him to the point they're willing to sacrifice themselves to save him) One day, on a mission they get kidnapped and brainwashed to become a weapon for the villains to manipulate and use against the heroes. In the middle of the fight, they're commanded to take down Nightwing but they can't do it. Good ending but extra angsty <33

Can I request a story where Dick’s friend is in love with him but he always has a girlfriend, maybe a happy ending? Pretty please

So my friends, I combined these two requests and created a MONSTER of a one shot. I hope you both like it!!!!! This was totally inspired by TS’s “Look What You Made Me DO” and I’m not even sorry lol. This imagine has a whole FREAKIN PLAYLIST omg.

Side note: This takes place when Dick  returns to Gotham for the Robin Wars. It’s edited to fit and for time but if your lost tl;dr: Dickie dies, goes on undercover super secret mission, comes back to Gotham for Robin wars, fucks with the Court of Owls

title: Hurt Tonight

themes: ANGST, unrequited to requited love, obtained powers, creepy Court of Owls, somewhat happy ok ending

warnings: mentions of torture and cognitive dissonance

The phone hit the wall so hard the glass screen shattered, and your hands went to your head, fingers gripping your hair as you screamed bloody murder in complete anguish. Dick was gone, Tim had just called to give you the news, voice as heartbroken as you were. You didn’t know how to feel; furious, vindictive, destroyed.

Destroyed was a good one.

The next few months you kept to yourself unless you were on missions with your team. You lost weight, you weren’t sleeping, you were throwing yourself into situations that could kill you. Your team all steered clear of you; when they had tried to coax you into discussing your feelings you had clammed right up, disappearing for a few days. After that, they decided having you here was better than having lost you. You built up a tough outer shell that nobody except Dick could crack, and your source of a rescue was long gone.

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Friends With Benefit [Part 3]

Originally posted by vitunkpoppi

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: College Student Lim Changkyun x Reader (x Yoo Kihyun)

Rating: G

Genre: Smutty-Fluff

Status: On Going

Part: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - …

Papers piling up on your desk, abandoned as you laying on your bed watching your favorite TV series with one hand cupping a small bowl of Lucky Charms.

As your eyes fixed on the screen and you mouthed a curse word when the main role successfully conned the poor young woman, your phone dinged. With eyes still attached to the screen, you grabbed your phone and opened the message.

It was from Changkyun. Quickly, you folded your legs and sat upright, focused on reading his message.

On my way to your place. Ten mins.

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The Bet

Originally posted by yourkohinoor

IMAGINE: Having a bet with Bruce and trying to make him break that bet. 

A/N: I am here posting a Bruce smut, bc thats more impt than me studying for my astro quiz. (–:  AND IDK IF THAT PROMPT SUMMARY MAKES ANY SENSE??? -lou

You looked at yourself, pleased at what you saw. Your dress hung perfectly onto your curves─not too tight nor too loose, just perfect. The navy blue dress complemented your eyes and skin tone─looking like a million bucks with your jewelry, dress, hair, and shoes. You smiled to yourself on tonights plan. You were to make sure it will go as planned. Just last week you made a bet with Bruce─your long time boyfriend of a year─that the two of you can go two weeks with out sex. The first one to break were to get punished and cook dinner for a whole week. You were definitely gonna break him tonight. Glancing in the mirror one more time before heading down the stairs. There was Bruce, sitting on the couch; waiting for you. The second he heard your heels clinked onto the floor, his attention shifted onto you. He was wide eyed. “Babe. Y-you look, gorgeous.” Bruce complimented “Don’t I always.” You joked. “You certainly do.” He spoke truthfully. His continuous compliments created a tint of red on your cheeks. Hoping to god it wasn’t so notice able and would be easily mistaken as blush. If Bruce was to continue these compliments─which you knew was part of his plan to get you to break first─you knew you wouldn’t get anywhere, but you put your game face on. You were ready.

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James March: Birthday Present

It is October 30th AKA James’ birthday. To him, his birthday isn’t a big deal because he looks forward to devil’s night over anything. But to you, his birthday is a big deal. He didn’t expect or ask for anything from you at all. But you insisted to make him feel like a king on his special day. He especially loved receiving back rubs from you and even the kinky birthday sex. 

You know that Halloween is the only time of the year that all ghosts are able to roam around in the real world doing whatever they please. The both of you just finished up with dinner in room 78. Miss Evers is walking around the dinner table cleaning everything up, so this is the perfect time for you to ask James what you’ve been thinking about all week, “I know that your devil’s night soirée is obviously held at night. So I wanted to ask you something?“ 

James lights a cigarette then replies saying, “Anything, dearest.” “Well, I wanted to ask if you want to go outside of the hotel and have brunch with me in the city tomorrow? I know that after all these years, you haven’t even been out.” You know that James is very different, from his clothing to his speaking. But it didn’t bother you. You were quite used to it actually. Plus, it’s on Halloween. People will just assume he’s dressed the part. You were even considering dressing up as a flapper just to match his look. 

“Yes dear, but I have no need for that. I enjoy staying in my hotel. This modern world is quite disappointing in my eyes.” Sitting across the table from James, you get up to sit on his lap. 

“I know baby, but pretty please? We won’t be out for long. It’ll be less than 2 hours. Then you can spend the rest of the day preparing for devil’s night. I’ll even dress up like a flapper for you.“ 

James inhales his cigarette, then exhales away from your face. "Oh alright. On one condition, I choose where we dine." 

"Of course, sweetheart.” You gave James a kiss on the cheek from excitement. “Now, it’s time for me to give you your birthday present!" 

James had a surprised look on his face. He didn’t expect to receive a gift at all. "Darling, you shouldn’t have. You should know that you are my gift." 

"Oh whatever, James. It’s your birthday.” Miss Evers hid his present somewhere that James couldn’t find it. So she brought it out for you to give him. It was a brand new custom made cane with a big red bow wrapped around it. The cane is dark brown, made with a mixture of the finest woods with a solid gold handle. The look on James’ face when he saw it was priceless. You got off of his lap so that he could stand up to get a closer look at his cane.

“This is impeccable! Oh how marvelous. Thank you, dearest.” James says to you while he’s holding the cane, admiring the beauty. 

“You’re welcome. I have a friend of a friend here in the city that makes these kinds of things. I had him make it especially for you. It wasn’t cheap, but it was worth it for you.”

James was so happy. He set the cane to rest on the chair, then he grabs both of your hands and starts kissing at them both. “Now Y/N, let’s go to our bedroom so I can show you my appreciation.”


Happy Halloween, everyone. Hope you guys liked this short story!

Take Me Somewhere

Originally posted by bigpiink

Words: 6,484

Genre: Angst, fluff

A/N: This is my first fanfiction based off of this post and inspired by this short film.

You found solace in many places, each of them holding a special meaning to you in different moments of your life. But you couldn’t deny that without seven particular people, these places that you hold on to dearly, that have each taken up space in your heart, wouldn’t mean as much as they do now.

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By My Side (Jumin) part 1

After returning to the penthouse from another round of training, you were exhausted. For the last three weeks you had been juggling etiquette and business classes, music and tea lessons and planning the next RFA party. It had only been 3 weeks since the very first party you planned, the one where your love proposed to you but since it was such a big success many other groups and organizations messaged you about wanting to join. You and the others had decided to throw another one in a weeks time to raise more money for different charities in need. It was hard balancing everything but you tried your best. You decided to take the business classes to better support Jumin and understand his world. Also, it would probably help Mr. Han’s view of you and of course you would want nothing more than for your father-in-law to actually want you around. The etiquette classes was to help you fit into the higher society. You didn’t want anyone looking down on Jumin because of you. You couldn’t do anything about your social status but you could make sure you wouldn’t say or do anything that wasn’t “pleasing” to the higher ups. The tea and music classes were extra because you remember Jumin mentioning them before and you wanted to plan something special for your wedding to surprise him.

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#175 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “a quickie cliche wedding with van? maybe they’re on tour in America and they’re in vegas and get a little drunk and decide to get hitched?”

Note: Van McCann is a lovesick puppy and wouldn’t even need alcohol to agree to marry someone in Vegas.

“Can I lick your tongue?” 

You rolled your head to look at Van. "What?”

“Can I-”

“Yeah, no, I heard you, but… what?” you repeated.

You were sitting at the makeshift kitchen table on the tour bus somewhere in Nevada. It was too hot to do much else than laze around.

“I’m so bored,” Van whispered, grinning at you.

“And people think I’m the weird one,” Bondy mumbled, misting himself with a spray bottle of water that had gone warm hours ago.

Van continued to look at you and you looked back. He was probably serious, so you stuck your tongue out. He leant across and licked it once. It felt weird but warm; intimate and stupid and kind of gross. You laughed and stuck your tongue out to let him do it again.

“Is it wrong if I like this?” you asked after the fourth lick. Bondy stood.

“No, Y/N, but it’s wrong if I stay,” and he was climbing the stairs to go try to sleep through the heat. Van laid his head on his arms on the table and smiled softly.

“I love you,”

“I love you too, but I’m gonna need you to keep doing this because it really does feel kind of good.”

He laughed that crackling pop rock happy laugh and pulled you in for more disgusting and love-fuelled kisses.

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Bad Things

Originally posted by geekyimagines

I could smell the blood through the clothes Jerome was wearing. His face was immersed in red liquid. Inside my head, I kept cursing myself for leaving him to reach that state. His laughs were filling all the streets while we ran, behind us a couple of strong guys, not wanting to let us go without further injuries.

-Jerome, could you stop laughing and just run.

-It’s your fault you don’t see the fun in that, (Y/N).

-I do not.

His laughter had to get louder. He was totally drunk, also my fault. The steps were getting closer and I began to look around, trying to find a place we could hide. In the hallway’s end I saw it: an old red door, disguised by the brick wall. It took seconds to hit me that Jerome was getting slow, his laughs making him tired. I still had one slingshot in my gun, so I aimed the faster guy between his eyes and shot.
He stepped back and fell in front of the other guys, something that, in Jerome’s eyes, was truly funny.

-J, move, here.

I took his hands and ran to the red door, opening it quickly. The guys stopped running for us and turned back, growling. Inside the red door had a really dark room, full of Jerome’s laughter.

-That was quite a show, (Y/N), good aim…

I searched for the lights and, when found, I faced a small space, some donation clothes inside big grocery bags. Jerome sat on the floor, both hands holding his head, the laughter fading.

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She says, “How do I love myself better?”
I say, less bite, more tender. More patience.
More acceptance. Open arms, lungs, windows.
Your heart is still so new, smells like a fresh can
of paint. Girl, you are the kind of girl I want to be,
the type who does and says what she wants
and that is the fiercest poem of you.
Your name means hell, fate, escaped moon.
Remember that uncomfortable party
where everyone’s faces were shiny with gin
and our clothes fit us too well? You held her hand
all night, moth to the old flame, your face manic golden,
brightness, light. You are both girl and city,
both leather skirts and all black, both streetlight
and oncoming traffic. Let yourself out of the cage.
I know you are bone-tired from your want.
You feel so 70s but you’re all 90s, baby girl,
all anxious-excited about the future, about the boys
who will claim love and the girls who will claim yes;
about the glossy department store windows on Fifth
and the sleek black cars you will glide into
like a dream. What I am trying to say is
don’t worry about your chipped nail polish
or the overflowing trash can in your kitchen.
Take your sharpest parts and put them on,
zip them up. Take your sharpest parts
and kiss them.
—  Kristina Haynes, “For Alisha”
Unfinished Business Part 9


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material 

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count:2161

{previous} {next}

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Originally posted by pintasfun

Whats up its Psycho, back with another imagine.It was cool to write but the request was a little vague so I tried my best. 

Requesed by anon:  Hey can you do a barry imagine where the reader was captured/ kidnapped? 

Word count:1346

Warnings: Kidnapping, Abuse, Beatings and Possibility of Mass Death.

A/N: I tried my best but the request was a little vague. Also i cannot write fluff at all , like at all.

Your name: submit What is this?

So instead of Cisco being captured by Snart it’s Y/N


Barry picked you up and ran you back to your apartment building. He set you down, your hair was all over the place. You pushed it out of your face.

“A little warning next time?” You asked raising an eyebrow.

“How about a thank you?” He said pulling you in closer and kissing you on the forehead gently.

“Thank you.” You said in a deadpan. You paused a minute, glancing away from him. “… Barr, um before you go…. I umm…… I had a really great time tonight. I really appreciate it.” You admitted slowly, embarrassed, while blushing a little.

“Me too babe, I’ll see you at work tomorrow.” He smiled, kissing you on the forehead softly. “I love you,”  he said as he disappeared only leaving yellow and red lightning where he once stood.

“I love you .” You said to the open air. You walked into the apartment building, dropping the keys to the front door. “Shit,” You reached down to grab them when you felt someone pull you up from behind without warning.

“Hello, I’m gonna need to borrow you for a minute.”

You started to struggle and screamed until your attacker hit you on the head and knocked you out. Black waves crashed over your mind and everything fell into silence.


You slowly opened your eyes, you were sitting in a chair tied down by some kind of rope. You scanned around the room. It was a damp, dark warehouse. You felt the hair on the back of your neck raise and goosebumps start to form. You felt a chill move down your spine when you heard metal clank to the ground.  You looked at the ceiling a blinding light pierced your eyes. You struggled against your chair sending a screeching sound echoing through the metal prison.

“Mick, it looks like she’s awake.” You heard one voice say.

“Coming.” You heard another voice.

The clomping  of footprints filled the eerily still air. Two men came around from behind you.

“Hello Y/N  glad to meet you, I’m Leonard Snart and this is my partner Mick Rory.” Mick cocked his head and smiled wickedly.

“Looks more like your lap dog than a partner.” You spat out. Leonard chuckled, but Mick not so much. He put you in your place with a couple slaps across the face. You spat at him, “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to hit a girl?” You asked not being able to back down from this stand off. Mick just growled. “So what am I doing here anyways? I’m nothing special.” You asked firmly.

“See Y/N that’s where you’re wrong, you are special….. well actually your boyfriend is.” You raised an eyebrow and gulped. “We know you’re dating The Flash so, why not tell us his identity and move on with it.”

“Or what?” You asked. You wanted to know the stakes before you outed Barry.

“Or my partner and I turn Central City into a crater.” You gritted your teeth and struggled furiously against your restraints. “And here is some motivation.”

He brought over a tablet and took a video. “Here Flashy Flashy, I have your girlfriend,” he said tilting the camera towards you. “ In one hour you give us your name or your girlfriend gets to blow up central city if she doesn’t give up your name. You can’t save your Identity and her, so which will it be?” he said with a smirk. “Bye bye.” He clicked the tablet and sent the video to all the phone numbers on your phone.


It had been half an hour since Snart released the video, half an hour left. Half an hour until you exposed Barry, or killed hundreds of innocent people.

“Oh come on Y/N you won’t even give us a hint?” He asked playfully.

“Whoever he is, when he shows up he’s gonna give you hell.” You said receiving another slap from Mick.

“If you want to keep that pretty face you should start giving us some info.” said Mick pulling out some sort of gun. He flicked it on and flames danced around the tip. “Right now.” He said. He pushed the flamethrower closer and closer to your face. You felt the heat of the fire scorching your skin. You winced in pain.

“Mick stop it now, we need her remember?” Said Snart and Mick put the gun away and stepped away from you.

“Good dog.” You said smiling.

Your big mouth had just earned you multiple punches to the stomach.


“Look Y/N, You now have ten minutes before this city goes kaboom so I suggest handing in your boyfriend.”  You tried, you had held out for as long as you could. It was time. You couldn’t let so many people die.

“Give me proof that the bombs will be deactivated.” You said sharply, your voice echoing. You heard a chuckle reverberate around the room.

“Smart one, hmmm….” said Snart coming into the light. He walked towards you. “His name, give it to us and I promise no bombs will go off, today.”

You scoffed, “Do you really think I would trust you?”

“Thief’s honor,” he said putting his hand over his heart

You breathed in sharply and chewed the inside of your cheek in contemplation.

“Six.” Said Snart in a singsongy voice almost like he was taunting you.

I’m so sorry Barry…. Forgive me….

“Barry, his name is Barry Allen.”

“Good girl.” He grabbed your phone and looked for his contact information. He pointed to a number on the screen. “Is this his phone number?” He asked. You nodded. He called the number on the screen. He put the phone on speaker and put it on your lap.

“Y/N, Oh my god where are? Who took you, where are you, what’s going on?” Said Barry through the phone,

Snart held up a piece of paper that read, ‘Warehouse C Dock 14. You were taken by people and they want to see the Flash. Say anything else and boom goes central city.’

“Flash, I’m at Warehouse C dock 14, I wad…. taken by some people, I need you, hurry.”

Snart walked over and grabbed the phone and shut it off. “Good dog.” He said as he slumped back into the shadows.

It was dead silent that one minute, it was cold as ice. You heard the crackle of lightning and the whoosh of wind.

“Cisco I don’t see her, where is she?” You heard Barry’s voice ask.

“Flash, help.” You called out. In an instant Barry was standing in front of you in full costume.

“Y/N are you alright? Let me untie you and get you home. Now where do you live?” He asked, full show- he didn’t need to ask.

“Barry, please drop the act,” said Snart walking into the light followed by Mick. Barry sent you a confused glare. “Now now Barry please don’t freak out on Y/N- she made a tough choice, she actually waited a full 50 minutes before giving you up.”

“Why Snart?” asked Barry flashing right up to his face. Snart pushed him back with one hand.

“Leverage. You two can go home now. I’ll see you around Barry Allen. Y/N,” he said pretending to tip a hat.

Barry picked you up and ran you into your apartment.

“A little warning next time.” You said breathing heavily, crossing your arms and slowly lowering yourself onto the couch. Barry sped over to you.

“Y/N I’m not mad you saved hundreds of people I-” He started.

“Yeah, at what cost Barry?” You were upset, you felt like shit and your morals were all scrambled. “I got beat up, you were probably freaking out, I exposed you to your worst enemy, they’re probably working to hunt you down right now. But I might be able to live with the fact that I saved hundreds, but If one of them isn’t you-” You couldn’t finish your sentence your body was on fire, your muscles still sore from the beating you got from Mick. You started to cry finally realizing how much it actually hurt. Barry noticed your sudden change in demeanor.

“Babe are you ok? Please tell me you’re fine. If they laid a hand on you I swear I’m gonna-” He started to get pent up, looking at you concerned.

“Lets just say they aren’t the most understanding people.” You said quietly, clenching your eyes shut as Barry lifted your shirt tenderly and saw the large bruises.

“Shit….. I’m gonna kill’em.” He growled, rage starting to build up on his face and you immediately sensed danger.

“Hey, hey, hey, how about no more superheroing for the rest of the night?” You suggested, worried for his safety. He paused, just looking at you for a long while- before relenting.

“Sounds good to me.” Barry said as he was getting up to go, throwing one last glance at you before he left

“Hey Barr, could you just, umm spend the night, just to make sure?” You asked, a small blush burning at your cheeks.

“Of course.” He promised, a small genuine smile spreading across his beautiful lips. “I love you.” He promised, wrapping his arms around your smaller frame.

“I love you too.” You replied, closing your eyes and settling on the couch.

He looked at you in surprise, “Babe, you- you love me?” His voice was incredulous and hopeful. He turned to you but you were already snoring slightly, the events of the day finally catching up with you. He chuckled a bit to himself. “Get some sleep babe. We’ve got a lot ahead of us.” He said quietly to you, as he pressed a light kiss to your forehead and settled in for a long nap with you. “I love you so much.” He whispered before falling asleep, cuddled next to you.


Enjoy! ~Psycho

Undercover (Azura x M!Corrin)

A submission by @theapocryphalone

Modern Spy AU

“Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?” 

Azura sighed, adding one last swipe of bright red over her lips before turning away from the mirror. “You know why, Corrin. Lilith received intelligence that Valla is going to be attacking the Cyrkensia gala tonight and pinning it on Hoshido and Nohr. They’re already at each other’s throats, this will just make the rest of the world out for their blood too. And since the gala is only for married couples…”

“No, I know that. Just, um–” he gestured awkwardly between them from his position on the hotel’s sole bed, “why us?”

She gave him a deadpan look. “Because Lilith tested all of us and said you and I have the most convincing chemistry together. Do you have your ring?”

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Lustre | Min Yoongi x Reader

Word count: 1′750 

Warnings: None

A/N: A late birthday present for @damnjooon (it was meant to be a drabble oops)

Min Yoongi was well aware that he wasn’t the spitting image of a perfect boyfriend. He didn’t take you on fun dates, he refused to go shopping with you, and spent most of his downtime when he wasn’t spending entire nights at the studio laying about or napping in your shared apartment.

No matter what you said or how happy you were, he knew he would always harbour that tiny seed of doubt—doubt over himself and his competence for giving you what you deserved.

And so, as your birthday came around, he found himself unlocking the front door to your apartment, fumbling with the key as his clammy hands betrayed a little of his nerves. At the boys’ insistence he was dressed to the nines, collar crisp and jacket pressed for the evening he had painstakingly thought out.

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Prompt: can I please get a Brett Imagine based off on the song amnesia by 5 seconds of summer including the pack and Brett and the reader both have different Flashbacks for eg of when they first met and other cute memories and lastly their sad breakup and both are just sad and miserable so the pack makes a plan and tries to confront them with each other but it doesnt work out (lyrics of song helps as well) thank you xx – anon

Author’s note: Okay, so I changed it a little bit. Since this song is from the guy’s POV, it makes it difficult to do the other things you asked for. BUT don’t worry. I’m not leaving it out. I’m just going to make it a two-parter. This part will still include flashbacks, from Brett’s POV, and the breakup. Part two will focus on the reader’s POV and the pack getting involved, at least, that’s what I’m aiming for.

I hope you don’t mind. I just couldn’t think of a way to incorporate it all in one with the way the lyrics are. Think of it this way, you get more to read. (:

Hope you like it!

Also, I incorporated some other 5sos lyrics.

-          All lyrics are 5 Seconds of Summer’s. No copyright infringement intended.  –

Master List.


Brett’s POV

I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted
I thought about our last kiss, how it felt, the way you tasted
And even though your friends tell me you’re doing fine

I slowed my run through the reservation down to a complete stop as I got to the spot that overlooked the city. My breathing evened out and my teeth clenched as my eyes landed on the large rock that held a lot of special moments. The longer I stared, the more memories flashed in my mind.

First Encounter

I strolled up to the spot that was lit with strands of Christmas lights. Music echoed through the trees as teenagers danced around with cups in their hands, no doubt more than a little tipsy. I scanned the crowd as I got my own red cup and noticed people I knew and some I didn’t. Then my eyes landed on her. She was standing alone, seemingly ditched by whatever friends she came with, and her wavy, chestnut hair blew in the wind a little. I had to stop for a minute and stare because she was literally breathtaking.

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Requested: Not requested, but I had this idea that I finally put into words. Also with so many new Luke stories, I thought my baby Calum could use some love. Requests are OPEN though!

Let me know what you want to read, and like every other story, happy reading little marshmallows x -h

You jumped onto Calum’s back, and he carried you around the studio while you laughed. You held on tight around his shoulders, his arms hooked under your jean-clad legs. He would pretend to drop you, and you shrieked every time. Running to the couch, he dropped you carefully on the cushions and sat next to you, smiling big.

“What?” You said between giggles.

“What?” He mocked. “I’m just looking at you.” You leaned over and gave him a quick kiss, but as you tried to pull away, his hand grabbed the back of your head and pulled you in again. He was kissing you like it was your first kiss all over again, and you felt butterflies in your stomach.

“Get a room.” Michael teased as he came into the studio with his newly restrung guitar.

“Hey, I want to kiss my hot girlfriend, is that a crime?” You laughed and hide your face in your hands to hide your pink cheeks.

“You can kiss her whenever you want, but right now we have to practice this song before we record it.” Luke sat down with his guitar and strummed a few notes. You shoved Calum off the couch, but not before he gave you another kiss. Calum did a little tuning while they waited for Ashton, and when he came in the boys started practicing a new song they had been working on for a few weeks. Almost an hour had passed, and you could tell the guys were distracted. Soon Michael started to change the lyrics to rhymes about pizza, and you knew you should pick something up for them. You snuck out to the pizza place next door, and picked up a few different kinds.

“Oh my god, Y/N you’re a life saver.” Michael pretty much ran to you as you walked back in, taking a box out and smiling when he saw it was his favorite. “I could kiss you.” He sighed as he took out a slice.

“I dare you to try.” Calum took the last box and kissed your forehead. “What did you get?”

“Nothing, this is all for you guys.” You smiled as you saw all the boys happily eating their pizzas.

“You can share with me.” He patted the seat on the couch next to him and opened the pizza between the two of you. You quickly took out a couple slices before Calum devoured the rest. After the boys had eaten everything, they practiced for a little bit longer. But a few minutes into it, Ashton was whining about seeing a movie with a hot girl and he wanted to get ready, so they all packed up to leave.

“Good playing today.” You wrapped an arm around Calum’s waist, and he swung an arm around your shoulder, pulling you in tight. You started down the hall towards the elevator, going down the many floors until you reached the bottom. The building was pretty quiet. The boys always stayed a lot later than everyone else practicing. You made it to the bottom and your way to the door.

“Thanks babe. I think the song is going to be big. Oh shit.” He stopped and pulled you back down the hall from which you came.

“Did you forget something?”

“No, there’s just a mob outside.” He sighed. “I don’t want you walking through that.”

“Cal, I’ll be okay, there can’t be that many.”

“I know, but I worry about you.” He took your face in his hands and looked at you with concerned eyes. You smiled and hugged him tightly.

“You don’t need to, okay? Plus, I don’t really feel like waiting here until they leave.”

“Fine, but you hold onto me okay?” He wrapped you up tight in his arms again and started walking to the doors.

“Any day.” He pushed the door open, and girls started to scream and jump around. Calum tried his best to lead you through the crowd without bumping into anyone. He was walking rather fast, and you started to feel bad as you noticed the looks of disappointment when they realized he wasn’t stopping. “Cal, do you want to at least say hi? I’ll be okay.” He stopped and looked down at you, trying to decide if it was a good idea. You nodded, and he reluctantly let go of you.

“I can take a picture of you two if you want.” You said to the girl next you, and she jumped at the sound of your voice.

“Are you serious?” She squealed. You nodded and she handed you her phone before running over to Calum. He hugged her tightly, then posed for a picture. She ran back over with the biggest smile on her face, before handing her phone to another friend. “Can I get a picture with you?” Her question surprised, and you laughed.

“Are you serious? Me?”

“Yeah, I follow you on twitter and I always read your travel blog. You really inspire me.” She said before looking down embarrassed at her shoes.

“Of course, I’m so happy to hear that.” She shyly put her arm around you and you posed for a picture. Soon there were just as many people asking for pictures with you as they were for Calum. After a few more, you heard Calum’s voice coming up behind you.

“Thanks guys. But I have to take my beautiful girlfriend on a date.” The crowd broke into “awww” and “so cute”, with a couple “goals!” thrown in. You raised an eye brow.

“Oh, we have a date tonight? I might be busy…” You looked up at him apologetically, making Calum roll his eyes.

“Y/N, please go on a date with me tonight?” He asked, and you laughed.

“I think I can fit some time in to see you.” You waved good bye to the crowd and walked over to Calum’s car. He held your hand while he was driving, and just that simple thing made you love him a little more. It was getting dark out, and the sun was almost set completely. Calum was driving fast up a hill, and when you made it to the top, you saw that it was a lookout over the city. He pulled into a spot, and pulled the blanket out of the back that you used for times like these. He laid it out and you both watched the sun set behind the city. Soon, it was just the twinkle of the city lights below the two of you.

“I forget how amazing it is up here.” You leaned back on your hands, and you noticed that Calum was staring at you again with his little grin. You stuck out your tongue at him, but he just pulled you over and wrapped you into a bear hug. “Cal, I can’t breathe.”

“Sorry.” He chuckled, loosening his arms as you buried your face into his neck again. He kissed the top of your head a couple times, while you mindlessly traced circles on his back. “Can I ask you something?” Calum asked after a few minutes.

“What’s on your mind?”

“Do you ever think about the future?” You leaned back to look at him. His eye brows were furrowed, like he had been thinking about something for a while.

“Yeah, I do. What I’ll be doing as a career, what will my travel blog be like, what kind of dog I’ll get…the usual stuff.”

“Sure, but I mean, about us. Like, do you think about a future with me?” He asked quietly. You thought for a little bit.

“Most of the stuff I imagine involves you Calum.” You said quietly. For some reason, you felt your face get hot, and you looked at your lap. You were glad it was dark so he wouldn’t see your red cheeks. You had been dating Calum for a long time, so why were you embarrassed to admit it? “Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know, I was thinking about it just now.” He sat back up with his arms around his knees, looking back out over the city. You shrugged before laying your head on his shoulder.

“Would you marry me?” He asked after while, and the question caught you off guard.


“Is it a part of your future plan?” You wrapped your arms around him from behind again, and set your chin on his shoulder.

“I hope so.”

“So if I were to ask you, you’d say yes?” Your stomach was filled with butterflies, and your mind was thinking a million thoughts a minute.

“Cal, we’re only 19…”

“I don’t mean now.” He chuckled and turned around to face you. “Yeah, now’s probably not a good time for either of us. But in the future, if I asked, would you say yes?” You thought about it for a few seconds, Calum’s chocolate eyes searching yours. But your face breaking into a smile gave you away.

“Of course.” He looked relieved, and you laughed. “But you’d have to ask me first.”

“I pinkie swear.” He held up a pinkie and you grabbed it with yours. “I promise to ask you to marry me someday.”

“And I promise to say yes.” You giggled as Calum pulled you into a tight hug. But he was excited, and he jumped up, pulling you up too. He started dancing and singing around the lookout with you. You couldn’t contain your laughter as it echoed through the trees. You finally got him to calm down long enough to get in the car to go back to your place.

“I was honestly scared that you’d say no.” He said as he drove back down the hill.

“To what? The pre-proposal?”

“Any of it. I was terrified that you would say you didn’t see a future with me.”

“How couldn’t I, you’re my everything.” You leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, and started trailing little kisses down his jawline.

“What do they saw about distracting the driver?” Calum joked as you placed more deliberate kisses behind his ear.

“To not to. But I figured we could have a pre-proposal celebration when we got home.” You whispered into his ear. You gave a kiss on the sweet spot on his neck, and you could have sworn you felt the car go faster

“Take my hands,” Alec said. “And take my strength too. Whatever of it you can use to— to keep yourself going.” - City of Ashes

“Do you remember, the night of the battle on Valentine’s ship, when I needed some of your strength?“ "Do you need it again now?” Alec said. “Because you can have it.” “I always need your strength, Alec,” Magnus said, and closed his eyes as their intertwined fingers began to shine, as if between them they held the light of a star.” -City Of Lost Souls

“Hold on to me,” Alec said, and Magnus gave him the sort of smile that made Alec feel like someone had taken an apple corer to his heart and tried to dig out the center. “I always do, Alexander,” he said. “I always do.” -City Of Heavenly Fire

getawaymachine  asked:

Wouldn't Blue and Henry bonding on the road trip be amazing? ;)

I know what sort of answer you want, so I’m going to give you the answer I know you want rather than the actual answer to the question, which is mostly just me waving my arms and shouting YES!!

Henry closes the passenger side door very gently when he leaves the car, but Blue isn’t really asleep to begin with, so it’s enough to jostle her awake. She stares out the back window for a few minutes, counting the stars hanging low and bright over the desert. They’re so far away, but she can feel them burning inside of her chest and she aches with the desire to know them, to know the night between them, and to know everyone she might meet along the way. 

The desert at night is almost too much to take. In the desert there are huge swaths of flat land without diners or homes or even other cars. Here where they’ve pulled off for naps there’s nothing, no one. Here the night is bright around her as the moonlight reflects off the sand, but the sky is still mirror black. Here the stars flicker like bonfires above her.

Gansey burns against her, finally asleep, artfully contorted so that his forehead is against her collarbone and his breath skitters across her arm. The back of a ‘73 Camaro was not made for sharing let alone sleeping, but here they are, making it work. Making life work. She sighs, brushes his damp hair away from his forehead, and then slowly extricates herself from his arms and slips out of the car.

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