and you held hands the whole time


- their performances were on point
- they played “guess the item in the box” and mark’s team got tapioca.. when it was Mark’s turn to touch it he was just caressing it LMAO
- jinyoung and yugyeom had cute af moments
- bambam dabbed
- JB got called a giraffe and he pretended to get mad
- youngjae’s singing was great!!!!! THE TONE, THE HIGH NOTES YAAAS
- they played charades in pairs with the fans and everyone was so sweet
- jackson was an angel to the girl he was partnered with HE HELD HER HAND THE WHOLE TIME AND THEIR ARMS WERE LINKED AND THEY EVEN HAD A COUPLE NAME LMAO
- jinyoung’s voice was deep af
- he said “i love you” and everyone died
- when jackson’s partner got picked to go on stage he said “come here baby” WTF way to slay everyone’s hearts omg
- yugyeom’s english was the cutest thing in the world
- at one point youngjae started interviewing one of the fans on stage cuz she was a little shy HAHAHA “What’s your name! how old are you! how do you feel!” LOL IT WAS GREAT
- sassy jackson was great he said “excuse me”/“ok stop” cuz people were cheering after every sentence HAHAHAHAHA

OK I can’t think of any more but it was seriously so amazing I love them SO MUCH

Silence (BTS Jungkook x Reader)

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Warning: smut, dirty talking, it’s smut so there’s sexual content wow

Words: 1159
i love writing about jungkook, it’s odd, i need to write about my namjoon more, but here, enjoy some light sin compared to my other fanfics

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Clingy (whiny) Boyfriend | Grayson Dolan

“Grayson..” You said irritated as you try to push boyfriend away because you can’t eat properly and you heard the other boys snickering in front of you. He just attach himself to you anytime he can.

You are eating out with Ethan, Cam, Aaron and obviously Grayson. He pat your head and smelled your hair. You sighed and rolled your eyes. “I’m just here, I won’t leave you.” You said.

“Okay.” He said and sighed unwrapping his arm that was around you.

But he just can’t, he still touch you or draw some traces in your arm while you try and push his finger away because it tickles you but he just smirk and continued.

After eating, Cameron decided that you guys should go around the city and look through shop and everyone agreed. Grayson held your hand the whole time.

The 5 of you entered a shop and look through the clothes but just as you entered, Cam, Aaron and Ethan was gone running to whatever they’re looking for.

You tried to pull a shirt off the rack but can’t because Grayson is holding your other hand. “Gray, can you just let go for a moment?”

“Hmm” he said and pulled the shirt himself. “This looks cute. It’ll probably fit you, everything does.” He said and smiled. You shook your head while smilling.

“C'mon. Let go.” You said.

“Nooo.” He whined while frowning and returned the shirt. He wrapped your arms around his waist while he wraps his’ over your shoulders, resting his chin on your head.

“What are you doing?” You asked embarassed because every single person there are literally looking at the two of you.

“You’re so waaarm.” He said and hugged you tighter.

“Let go of me.” You said and try to get out of his grasp.

“If you tell me that you’ll let me hold your hand, first.” He said.

“Okay.” You said, giving up. He chuckles, let go of you and held your hand again. You can’t help but smile of how his silly his smile is right now. Then you met the other guys paying by the cashier. You two wait behind.

“Ugh, they’re soo slow.” He complained and suddenly hugged you from behind. His arms over your shoulders. You took out you phone and took a quick snap of Grayson while hugging you and put the word “clingy af” in it.

“I’m not clingy.” He frowned and you chuckled.

“Let’s go lovebirds.” Aaron said the Ethan and Cam chuckled.

Grayson held your hand again while heading to their apartment. You guys decided to watch Game Of Thrones and Grayson is constantly hugging your waist, let go, then hug your arms, or wrap his arm around you instead, throughtout the episode and you always hear the boys chuckling even counting but you have no idea why.

“Yes!” Cam shouted after the episode. “5 dolla each please.” He said to Ethan and Aaron. Cameron gave Grayson a thumbs up but he looked confused.

“What, why?” He asked.

“Just a little bet.” Ethan said and sighed, he and Aaron bringing out 5 dollars.

“We bet how many times you’ll hug or hold hands with (y/n) on the way to the apartment and throughout the episode.” Cam said while taking Ethan and Aaron’s money. “And I won.” He laughed and showed his 10 dollars.

“How many did you bet?” You asked smiling.

“Oh, 6-8.” Cameron replied. “He hugged you 5 times and held your hand on the way here.” He added.

“See? You’re that clingy.” You said and all of you burst out laughing except for Grayson.

^^^some fluff about Jumin Han and the RFA after he and MC have their first child, in this situation a daughter^^^

  • Refused to leave MC’s side while she was in labor, held her hand the whole time and kissed her hand many times as she literally squeezed his hand pale
  • MC was exhausted after giving birth, so the nurse let Jumin hold the baby first while she rested up, “Are you ready to meet your daughter?”
  • MC and Jumin didn’t want to know the sex of the baby until they were born, so he raised his eyebrows reflexively upon hearing the news
  • All he has to do is hold the baby for 3 seconds and he’s instantly in love
  • He held her in his arms and let out of sigh of relief, looking down at her and taking in every little detail and loving her more with each moment
  • Shes daddy’s little princess
  • “I’m never going to let anything hurt you, ever”
  • Actively tries to convince MC to name her ‘Princess’ or ‘Elizabeth’
  • His heart absolutely melts when MC holds their daughter, he has his own little family now
  • He’s not too expressively gushy or crying, but he’s almost giving off this glow of happiness you could feel
  • The RFA comes in about half an hour later ( letting MC rest a bit ) with balloons and cards
  • Yoosung and 707 got overly huge stuffed animals
  • Zen got flowers for MC
  • Jaehee brought wine for Jumin and coffee for MC ( the sweet release of no longer being pregnant and being able to drink caffeine )
  • Jumins #Shook when 707 calls him ‘Daddy’
  • He refuses to let anyone hold her besides himself or MC and physically turns his body away when someone tries to touch her
  • MC does eventually let someone try to hold her, Yoosung was the first
  • While Yoosung went on to introduce himself as ‘Uncle Yoosung’ to the baby, Jumin started intensely at him, partially trying to will him to give her back, partially thinking of 1,001+ to catch her in the event he drops her
  • Jaehee also gets to hold her, and rocks her softly
  • Jumin refuses to let Zen and 707 hold her, he’s unfairly suspicious of Zen and fears the absolute worse with 7
  • They do get to hold her eventually when Jumin is forced out of the room to go get MC some food ( because he’s not letting MC eat hospital food )
  • He came back smiling like a dope, with a security guard bringing MC a delicious tray of food and a birth certificate
  • He named her princess


· A few weeks ago you had stolen Bambam’s good and refused to give it back until he gave you a kiss. Today he got revenge by stealing your food and taking a chance of playing you at your own game.

·While trying to be cute you accidentally hit him a little too hard and now he won’t look at your or get off this phone. But jokes on him because now your phone is full of grumpy photos of him.

· Cafe dates are some of your favorites. Because after not seeing each other for a long period of time it’s nice to be able to sit down and talk about everything that happens. And let’s be honest, Bambam would probably be so smiley the whole time.

·You had been exhausted after having gone to work and college. But even so you stayed up to study. With your head held in one of your hands and your eyes fluttering shut, Bambam say across from you. “Jagiya? Are you seriously going to fall asleep like this?”

·Although against your wishes, Bambam insisted on taking photos in front of road signs on the side of the street. He said it was for memories, but you just thought it was dumb. Especially since it was raining. But memories were more important to Bambam.

· You hated having to be away from him but video chatting always made you feel better. If anyone was to ever look in your phone you were positive all they would see was pictures of him from your long nights on video chat. (some much to inappropriate for the public eye.)

-the first time they held hands was well before they were ever dating.
-Yoosung and Saeran were gathering supplies together for an RFA party and had to walk through an outdoor concert.
-Saeran starts to have a panic attack and Yoosung turns around to see Saeran several feet behind him getting lost in the crowd.
-Yoosung hurries over “I was scared I lost you!”
-Saeran grabs Yoosung’s hand for life.
-Yoosung instantly blushes because he hasn’t held anyone’s hand since middle school.
-Saeran is too busy trying to calm his nerves to even notice.
-Held hands a whole KM longer past the outdoor concert.

Jesus Christ- He’s the King of Kings and He is the Lord of Lords and yet humble enough to call me, friend. He spoke the world into existence but He took time to knit me in my mother’s womb. He is the Son of God, yet He is my Saviour, my Healer, my Deliverer. He holds the whole Universe in His hand but has carefully engraved me in the palm of His hand. He is before all things and in Him all things all held together. His love is unconditional, His grace is limitless. He is the well spring of wisdom yet He picks the foolish things of the world. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Do you know Him?

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First Sentence: You hated needles, yet here you were, laying half-naked on a cold metal table, bloody, beaten, and bruised as Jason held your hand tightly and swiped the hair out of your face while Bruce readied the syringe to stick into your arm.

You bite your lip as the needle sinks in, “I’m starting to re-think this whole superhero thing.”

Bruce smiles, “Bombs, bullets, and flying knives don’t scare you away, but I pull out one little syringe and you’re ready to quit.”

You’d glare at your husband if it meant you didn’t have to look at the needle, “You know why I don’t do needles.”

Your son laughs, “Remember that time mom took me for my shots and she nearly ran out of the room, and had to call Alfred.”

You pout, “Fine then. You can make your own dinner from now on.”

(Finishing up what was left in my ask box) 

Celebration! (Jungkook scenario)

Paring : Jungkook/You.

Genre : Fluff.

Word count :1100+

Requested by Anon : “Could you do an scenario with jungkook where he and his girl celebrate winning?”

A/N : I hope you like it! I apologize for any mistakes. Enjoy!

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Once again, BTS are nominated to win another Daesang. You watched the whole MAMA from home clapping, singing and yelling whenever a performance was too exciting.

When it was time to reveal who won Artist of the year award, you held your breath and intertwined your hands in hopes to hear the group your boyfriend was a member of.

As you saw how  Jungkook’s tears fell on the screen you couldn’t stop your own, you were so happy and proud, and all you wanted is to give him the tightest hug and to celebrate.

After the award show was over, and he had some alone time, he gave you a call.


“Jungkook!! Congratulations!”

“Thanks sweetheart, I can’t believe we won another daesang!”

“I know, I’m so proud of you. I told you, you guys could win again.”

“ah! I’m so happy, we’ll talk when I get home, the hyungs are calling me.”

“Yeah, tell them I say hi and congrats again!”

“Alright, see you soon.”


You knew the boys schedule and knew when they’ll be in Korea, but you couldn’t go to the airport. It will be filled with fans as usual and your relationship with Jungkook was a secret so you can’t be seen with him in public. It was hard at first, but you got used to it, he’s always the one to call and set dates, and he missed you just as much as you, so it was all good.


“Good morning, beautiful!” He always managed to make you smile.

“Good morning! Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, so can I see you tonight?”

“Of course! Text me when and where and you know I’ll be there on time.”

“Emm, how about your place?” he wanted a private place where he can be himself and have some fun with you.

“Oh, okay then, when will you be coming?”

“I’ll let you know when I can come tonight, okay? Wait for me.”

“I will. Do you want me to cook something? Or should I just order take outs?”

“As much as I love to eat the food you make, let’s order take outs, I’ll bring drinks with me.”

“Oh, so you’re planning on getting drunk.” You chuckled.

“Well, we’re celebrating!”

“Alright, I’ll see you tonight.”

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Shawn has been on tour for a while now and you guys missed each other like crazy. After what felt like forever, management finally gave in and let you visit him. 

Travelling the world with Shawn was amazing. He was amazing.

Today the two of you got called for a meeting with his management and it took both of you with surprise that you also had to come to this very meeting.

“What do you think that they’re gonna talk about?” you asked Shawn while you guys were in the car on your way to the meeting. “I have no clue babe, but you’ll be fine.” he said. Shawn was literally the only person who could make sure you wouldn’t stress out about things like these. So you were glad that you were with him.

When you guys arrived, Andrew was already waiting for you outside. “Right on time guys, follow me.” You two followed Andrew to some random office in the building and Shawn held your hand the whole time because ofcourse you weren’t used to this and he was. 

You got seated in a room next to Shawn and on the other end of the table were Andrew and some woman sitting. “Okay let’s just get this over with.” Shawn whispered.

“Thanks for coming both of you. My name is Eva. I’m an insider for your management and I had some things to discuss with the two of you.” the woman said and she continued. “Shawn your album sales have been going down. We are very worried about that. In 2015 the sales were absolutely incredible, but this year it’s actually kind of worrying all of us. We tried to come up with a solution to this problem and the only thing that has changed since last year is that you got a girlfriend.”

And that’s when your heart stopped. You already felt this coming. You felt Shawn’s hand grabbing you tighter. “So what?” he answered.

“We think it’d best for you if you two just broke up.” the woman said and she looked between me and Shawn.

“Just broke up? There’s no way in hell that that is happening. Andrew did you know this?” Shawn exclaimed and he looked into Andrew’s direction.

“Why do you think Andrew gave you permission to let her visit you. We had to discuss this with both of you.” the woman answered. 

“I’m sorry for my language but this is absolute bullshit. This is not happening.” Shawn said and he looked at you. “and I’m sure Y/N agrees with me.” Everyone now looked at you. You’ve been quiet this whole time because you were in shock.

Eva started speaking again. “Well let’s ask her then, Y/N how do you feel now that you know that you’re holding Shawn down from achieving his dreams?” she said and she immediately got interrupted by Shawn.

“What is this? Is this a joke? We’re not doing this, we are leaving.” Shawn said and he stood up and took a hold of your hand and just as he was about to open the door to the office Eva spoke up again. 

“Shawn if you leave now, we’re cancelling the rest of your tour. So think clearly about the next step that you’re about to take.” and that’s when Shawn flipped.

“We all know that you won’t cancel my tour. Do you guys realize that the money you’re getting is also mine? So if you cancel the tour it’ll be a loss for all of you and so is this situation. You’re probably upset about not getting enough on your bankaccount? Well fuck that. We’re leaving and we’re not breaking up.”

Eva and Andrew were both speechless. “Shawn maybe we sh-” you tried to explain the situation to him, if he really wanted to do this but he interrupted. “No Y/N we’re leaving, now.” he said and walked away while holding onto your hand very tightly. 

As soon as you guys were outside you spoke up. “Shawn do you realize what you’ve done? Do you realize what the risks are?” you said with your lip trembling because you couldn’t actually believe what had just happened.

“Baby listen to me. I’m not gonna lose you over this. I know what I’m doing and I know that what I did was right. I don’t even care about the sales, I’m surprised so many people still pay for it, but I care about you and I’m not letting go of you, ever.” he said and wiped your tears away. 

“I love you Shawn.” you said, still a bit emotional.

“I love you too baby, we’ll get through whatever storm that’s coming our way now. We always will.”

Newt x Reader (Prompt #24)

it’s real late at night, expect nothin good

I absolutely know how to advertise well. By the way you can request! Just give me an ask which I think I have open..

“It’s six o'clock in the morning, you are not having vodka.”


Why do people have to go into labor when you should be getting ready for bed? Even if it was Queenie and Jacob’s first child, did you really have to stay the whole time? The whole process, you were there. You were right next to your sister as you heard her screams and when she about squeezed your hand to death, and you were right next to your sister as she held the baby.

If you were honest, it wasn’t even that good looking. It was red and screaming and covered in white disgusting mesh.

But obviously you would never tell anyone that their baby is ugly.

You normally weren’t like this, you just got a little honoury at night. In the morning, you would probably be perfectly alright with staying up for the baby. Right now? Not so much. All you wanted to do was get home, find out you couldn’t go to sleep, and then stay up for the rest of the night.

You stumbled on the pavement, slightly dizzy from your lack of rest. Newt leaned in and grabbed your arm, helping you balance. “Are you alright, Y/N?”

You nodded your head as you regained your stance, “Quite..” Newt let go of you carefully, but stayed close just in case you tripped or stumbled again.

The moonlit night was quite beautiful, or it would be if it was any other day. All you wanted to do right now was throw stones at it for being too bright.

It didn’t help that Newt wouldn’t use apparation to get you two home, he liked to do things the No-Maj way, and that was walking home. Obviously, if you really, really needed to go home quick, he would offer to use it.

Soon, you were stumbling into the house, but by now you were more awake then you were nine hours ago. “I won’t be able to sleep.” You looked at a very sleepy Newt.

He was swaying side to side, like he could fall over asleep at any given moment. He snapped out of his little trance and yawned, rubbing his sleepy eyes with his fists to try and stay awake. “Oh,” Was all he responded with before he yawned again. He was extremely tired, and you knew that.

“Let’s get you ready for bed..” You let out slight laughter as you put his arm around you and directed him towards the restroom where he would get himself ready.

You left him to do his business before you went back to the kitchen.

You were stressed to say the least. When ever you couldn’t sleep, you were stressed. You just felt this tension in your body building higher and higher and it wouldn’t go away. There wasn’t a way to make it go away, except.. maybe. It wouldn’t hurt anything, right? What harm could a little vodka do at six o'clock on the morning?

A small smile was present on your lips as you lit a candle in the kitchen for some dim lighting. You grabbed a small glass cup and poured about an inch of vodka in it. It may be a strong alcohol, but you were also strong. The burning sensation down your throat always brought good satisfaction, the only time you would regret it was in the morning.

By all means, you weren’t a drunky. Although, on the occassion sometimes you would get, well, drunk. Today may or may not be one of those occasions depending on how things roll out.

You took a small sip at first, and when you were about to drink some more a voice made you hault, “It’s six o'clock in the morning, you are not having vodka.” The glass cup was taken away from your lips and you were met by the eyes of the one you love. “Come on, Y/N.. at least lie in bed with me..”

You were almost in a trance, it was something those eyes did to you. When he looked at you like that it was as if you were hypnotized and had to do whatever he wished. “Oh-okay..” he took your hand and led you to the bed. You both laid on your sides.

“Good night..” Newt mumbled.

“Good night.”

You stared up at the cieling, you weren’t able to fall asleep just as you expected. Maybe Newt was still awake, “Hey Ne-” you looked over at him and instantly stopped talking.

The moon light was perfectly aligned with Newt and you could see his red hair and matching freckles shining in the moon light. His mouth was also slightly opened and you could feel his breath on your face.

You smiled, he was truely your one love.

normally love stories would include people kissing each other and start dating afterwards maybe. i have never had someone romantically love me. and this one particular boy hugged me first time that night after we spent a whole evening together at a theme park. then we held hands and got into the bumper cars. that was it. it was the most romantic night of my life and let me tell you this, i still feel the butterflies in my stomach remembering how it felt to hug him for only two seconds. how it felt to hold his hand and have the most fun with bumping the other people’s cars ruthlessly.

This is not a piece about sex. This is not a poem about deep love. This is not about a love that I still feel. This is not about anything that has broken my heart. This is not about her, but this is about my first love. This is not poetry, this is the truth. This is not about my feelings keeping me up at night, this is about the time when I first found someone who held my hands. This is my favorite part of the story and it will always be
beautiful to me…

I met her in seventh grade and she didn’t have an angry bone in her body. I even remember her whole name. Her middle name was Brooke and that was the first time I realized that even girls can be rivers.

I met her after the hurricane and we wrote letters, and if you’ve ever read my handwriting… you will know that mine are small. They say that when you write small, you’re shy and you hold back. You care more for others than you do for yourself and that’s depressing, but it’s my personality.

Her handwriting was always large.

As a matter of fact, all of my lovers
had large and legible handwriting.

My opposites.
My heartaches.
My hers.
My lovers.

But this isn’t about them. This is about her.

My first love,
my first love–

If you somehow place your eyes upon these words, here’s what I think about you.

The way your smile was more than a curve, I remember crying when you left me in that school yard. I used your smile to fill my heart. Cement. Bricks. Coal. You had it all. My sidewalks were no longer cracked. My buildings were steady and not even the wolf dared to tamper with my wounds. My bonfire is still burning bright and I have fallen in love with any girl that said they were going to stay.

I know you no longer think about this puppy love, but it’s true when they say:

You’re never going to forget this.

I never did. I never did.

My first love,
my first love–

I probably didn’t mean a thing to you, but you meant everything to me. It was the first time I realized that I didn’t have culture jailed onto my skin. Now I know why I felt different among my friends, we are all different. Even if our skins were alike, our minds were in different parts of the universe and we tried to cultivate our similarities, but there was never any room for breathing when I sat at that lunch table.

Dear F.B.M.,

you’ll always be beautiful because you never said goodbye. You’ll always be beautiful, but I never kissed you. You’ll always be beautiful, but I never hurt you. You’ll always be beautiful, but you let go of my hands. You’ll always be beautiful with your messy hair. You’ll always be beautiful with your ink stained smile. You’ll always be beautiful with your weird thoughts. You’ll always be beautiful with your awkward eyebrows never knowing how to express the correct feelings. You’ll always be beautiful even if you never thought that I was. You’ll always be beautiful because you changed my life with nothing but a hug.

And I have fucked up many times,
but I’d like to think that I didn’t with you.

We were just teenagers who didn’t know a thing. We were just teenagers growing into our skin. I used you as a cast, you used me as an envelope. I would sign on the very last line and you’d signature your smile wherever I was hurting.

And it’s all light and it’s all good because even if you left, and I got a little upset, people leave and baby, it’s okay. You’re still weird and so am I. You’re still an ocean, but I’ve stopped drowning a long time ago. You’re still fire, but I’ve learned to gloss my heart with stardust. You’re still light, but my dear, my smile has grown far too dark from when we’ve last touched.

And I’m sorry if I have hurt you,
maybe my simplicity
is that I want complexity
within every relationship.

So I became a writer and you may never read this, but if you do and you figure out that it’s about you; don’t worry, I never stopped loving you and yes, we were young, but youth gave the current poet a chance to breathe.

You were my first love letter
and that’s why I’ll love you forever.

You were my first break up,
and that’s why I’ll always remember you.

You were my first lover,
and that’s why you won’t be the last.

You were my first taste of fear,
and that’s why I no longer look in the mirror.

You were the first to ever hold my hand,
and that’s why I still hold yours.

And if it ever got to it,
I want you to know;

The poetry would like to thank you
because it would not have existed
if you did not expose me to such words.

—  My first love letter

I just finished “Every Heart A Doorway,” and I must say

Everyone needs to read this book. It is beautiful and well written and fantastically inclusive and hopeful without being patronizing.

The main character is asexual. She literally says the word “asexual.” Her main love interest, if you can call it that since they really only held hands a few times and flirted, is a transboy. There’s a part of the book where Jack (who is pretty much LaFontaine) mentions that it was particularly cruel that Kade had to go through puberty, and gender dysphoria, twice. There’s a Latino boy who traveled to a world ruled by Dia De Los Muertos, where he learned to make bones dance from the Skeleton Girl. 

The whole basis of the story is that somewhere out there, there is a place where we belong. It doesn’t make sense to anyone else, and it may not be a good place, or a place where most people would be happy, but it is our place and we are home there. Sometimes we are taken away, and we struggle to get back-the way back isn’t always clear, and is often in the last place we’d think to look, but in the end, our destiny is our own; no one can tell us where we belong, and if we choose, we will always find our way home.

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Lila was staring at me, but when I stared back, she blushed and looked away, her fox jewel bouncing on her neck.

Lila was staring at me, but when I stared back, she blushed and looked away, her fox jewel bouncing on her neck.

Oh no you don’t’ I thought, annoyance threading itself into my expression. This was the tenth time she’d done that since we’d gotten trapped in the classroom by the Akuma, and I was fed fed up. 

Stomping over to her, I slammed my hand on the desk, watching in satisfaction as she jumped. 

“What exactly are you looking at!?” I whispered as menacingly as possible, hands resting on my leather clad hips.

“Uh–it’s just–”

“Spit it out!”

She turned bright red as she shouted, “YOUR BUTT, OKAY!”

The whole class had turned to us at this point, but I held my ground, a knowing smirk stretching my lips. Suddenly, having my typical outfit changed into a skin-tight leather Kill Bill suit by a Cult-Classic Akuma was the highlight of my day. Turning to walk away, I made sure to sway my hips a little more than necessary as I called back.

“Sorry, Lila, this ass belongs to Cesaire… and she doesn’t play well with others.”

….I bet Nino looks DAMN good in a yellow leather jumpsuit XD


How Would Seventeen React If Their Girlfriend Held Their Hand When They Crossed The Road

S.coups & Hoshi: He’d be one to joke about how you held his hand just to cross them road. But he’d think that it’s really cute and wouldn’t let go of your hand afterwards.

DK & Mingyu: He would love that you held his hand and he’d think that it’s cute too. He’d even swing your arm back and forth with your fingers interlocked.

Jeonghan, Dino & Joshua: He’d think that it’s really cute that you held his hand to cross the street, smiling at you when he sees you do it.

Wonwoo, Woozi & Vernon:He would get all blushy and silent at the small gesture. But would still hold your hand, smiling to himself the whole time.

The8, Seungkwan & Jun:He’d get a little flustered at the fact that you did this, though it was just to cross the street. He’d probably even question why you held his hand to cross the street too.

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Fairy Tale AU with Himuro-kun: like beauty and the beast we was cursed with ugliness but he helped reader-chan's father and he promised one of his daughters in marriage but 2 of them rejected him flatly while the third agreed. Once the curse had been lifted after 3 years of wandering, he returns as a rich, handsome and noble man to pick her up but she doesn't recognize him while still waiting for the ugly man and her sisters are trying to seduce him after having mocked her all the time.

Fairytales were fictional. Stories that were passed down through generations with storybooks and word of mouth. Tales brought from near and far, from your grandmother and ancestors. And they were never true.

Magic wasn’t real.

Or so you thought.

Your father had always been a good man. A man of integrity and honor. A man who held on to hope when the whole world remained faithless. He was a man you respected immensely.

Though sometimes, his naiveness could go out of hand.

To help a beast in need. A man who was known to have been cursed for his selfishness and arrogance. A man who grew big and burly thanks to a witch who lived just a few blocks away.

It all seemed surreal to you and you didn’t believe it. Until you met him for real.


“This is your future wife.” Your father introduced nervously. You thought he had been joking when he first brought up the topic and felt utter sympathy for the man whom you loved so dearly stare with such desperation at his three daughters. The first, the oldest, merely gave a laugh before waving off such a ridiculous story. The second, the cynic, rolled her eyes and walked away. You, you stood with admiration for your father and gratitude. You owed him so much. The least you could do was this. Your father was perhaps hallucinating, seeing such a beast, so you could at least humor him.

And now you stood before the humongous man, furry. Tall. Claws and all. Despite the terrifying appearance, you noticed the softness of his eyes. Dark purple, nearly black.  They were mesmerizing. Intense.

“H-How do you do?” You cleared your throat, giving a quick curtsy.

“F-Fine.” The beast spoke carefully, testing out his words with his gruff voice.

And for the first time in your life, you felt your heart melt.

Love at first sight seemed like a myth before him. And you never believed in any of that jazz. But there stood a beast before you, a man who was cursed, a man who could be shy but also bold. A myth come true.

Weeks went by and you had a small wedding which nobody attended for the fear of the creature. But the beast was gentle. Himuro Tatsuya was his name, you learned. He was a charming man to a certain extent. He always tried to be a gentleman, but his clumsiness seemed to have been emphasized with the existence of his paws. However, he was good and kind and respectful.

And then you felt the walls around your heart crack.



And just as it was about to completely open, he disappeared.


Just like magic.

And at that point, you couldn’t even ask questions. Magic was apparently real. You were married to a beast. The beast had been cursed by a witch with a potion of green. Who were you to ask questions of his sudden departure?

But you mourned over him and your relationship.

Three years passed before the unexpected reappearance of your supposed spouse.

You had just returned home from work with your father and found your sisters laughing. They were actually laughing. They were usually so bitter and full of hatred that it seemed quite odd to hear such happiness echoing in the house.

Then you saw him. A man squeezed in between your two sisters’ attention. The first held on tightly to his arm, pressing herself up against him and whispering close in his ear. The other smiled sweetly and ran a hand up his leg while blinking furiously at him in an attempt to flirt.


Though, he paid them no mind, and even seemed slightly perturbed. Until he saw you and his face lit up. He jumped to his feet and approached you, a smile printed on his face.

“It’s me. Himuro Tatsuya. Do you remember me?” The man who stood before you was neither big nor furry. He was quite tall but his hair was black instead of brown. His nose as pale as the rest of his face. His hands. Warm. They fit perfectly between yours. But they weren’t rough or hairy. It was odd.

You pulled away from him and frowned, “I don’t know you.”

“I am your husband. Do you not remember?”

“I was married to a beast. A real beast. Not in an offensive way. But he was just a beast. I don’t remember you.”

“I didn’t want you to suffer. So I left.” He took both your hands in both of his. Odd. They seemed familiar but so unfamiliar at the same time. “But now I’ve returned. I am now a wealthy man with a big enterprise. The spell was undone and I have come back to win you over once more.”

“I don’t know who you are but if you don’t leave right now, I will call the authorities.”

“Sister, please. Don’t be so harsh to this gentleman.” The first approached, chiding you for your behavior while mentally cursing you for your presence.

“Tis true. He’s a kind man. He’s been very patient.” The second followed suit, glaring daggers right through you.

“It’s alright. She does not recognize me.” Himuro smiled softly and you felt your heart stop for a second. That smile. Those eyes. Familiar. “I apologize for the unexpected arrival. I thought that it would be best for me to return as soon as possible to you to remind you that I am still alive. Alas, it seems that I am too late. But no matter.” He took your hand and kissed the back, smiling up at you with those gleaming dark eyes. “I shall win your heart again and that I can promise you.”

You stood there, lips parted, in surprise.

But dammit, he was right.

Boxing - Imagine

“Justin, I don’t know” You giggled as you held one of his boxing gloves between your two hands, tracing your fingers over the branded print “I’m not a violent person, you know?” You giggled once more before hiding your face.

You guys had been working out in the basement for about half an hour now and Justin had been practising his new hobby, boxing, whilst you had been doing the basics like press ups and squats the whole time. Justin suggested you to try boxing out sometime since it could help with stress and self protection and stuff but you never seemed as interested as he was. It was never your type of thing.

“Come on, don’t be a baby” Justin nagged as he handed you the other red and white boxing glove, causing you to roll your eyes “It’ll be fun! You’ll thank me afterwards”

“But I don’t even know how and I don’t wanna hurt you so I guess-“ You began, thinking of any excuse that would quickly slip into your mind.

“That’s why I’m going to teach you and that’s why I use the pads” He replied before grabbing two red and white matching boxing pads to slip around both of his hands.

“Fine.” You huffed, glaring at Justin “Oh and that means I get to pick the movie tonight then”

Cracking a smile, you watched as Justin tugged on his plain white tee to then pull it over his neck, tossing it to a side, revealing his defined abs and 90% of his tattoos. Smirking to yourself, you admired the view and slipped on both of his boxing gloves, which somewhat appeared to fit just right.

“Ew Justin! They’re all wet” You stuck your tongue out, giggling at the same time, feeling all of Justin’s previous sweat rub against your skin.

“Babe what do you expect?” He snickered with no shame whilst lifting his hands and balancing them each side of his chest now, ready for you to throw a punch already. No way it would even be classified as a punch, you were almost certain you couldn’t even clench a fist, let alone box. “Now at your own speed and strength, just throw your best punch and try not to hit me”

Biting your bottom lip nervously and smiling at the same time, you swung your arm carefully, not wanting to accidentally hit Justin or anything then smashed your your fist, beneath the boxing glove into the pads which Justin was holding up. Instantly bursting out with laughter, he shook his head, basically implying you already that it was the worst punch ever. You had no anger inside of you to give it your all.

“Weak” Justin smirked before licking his lips “Come on, give it something this time”

“I can’t, it’s easier for you! You’ve had practise and maybe I just wasn’t-“

“It doesn’t need loads of practise. Just pretend that a random chick has decided to flirt with me and I’m enjoying it or something, I don’t know, whatever makes you angry”

Clenching your fists inside of the boxing gloves, you swung your arm up and with the glove, you slammed your fist once more against the pad, but with more passion and temper this time, hearing the pounding noise as they collided. Smiling proudly to yourself, you repeated, this time feeling your pulse even speed up as you smashed one fist after another against each pad, making Justin raise his eyebrows in shock. The feeling was somewhat satisfying and you didn’t even know why.

“Shit baby, that was so good, you got some skill” Justin commented, causing an even wider smile to appear on your face, pleased. “And you’re hot when you’re mad”

The Rugby Player - Calum Hood Smut

Originally posted by 5sossimagine


Word count - 2313

Pairing - Y/N and Calum 

Smut?: Yes! 

A/N: I’ve wanted to write this for so looooong!!!!!

Sucking in a deep breath, you bit your hand and held back a scream. Your whole body tensed and with your other hand you gripped the blanket so tightly the bones of your knuckles looked as if they were about to rip through the skin.

Calum had just been tackled to the ground and he was currently out of sight due to all the men piled on top of him. You hoped he was okay. Last time this had happened he’d been kicked in the face with someone’s studs and the team had to call out medical. He’s merely suffered a black eye, a couple of cuts, concussion and some damage to his pride, but you’d still cried at the state of him afterwards.

“Y/N,” Ashton laughed next to you. “Calm down, he’s fine! He wasn’t tackled, they’re piling on him because he scored.”

“Yeah, but he could still get hurt, Ashton. Why couldn’t he be into swimming like you or be into sitting at home and playing video games like Michael.” You folded your arms grumpily, letting out a sigh of relief when you saw Calum stand up from the pile.

Calum’s eyes immediately found yours and he smirked, sending you a wink before he jogged off down the playing field. You heard some girlish squeals behind you. “Yeesh, why are you guys squealing? He was winking at Y/N.” You heard an unfamiliar voice tell them. Their squeals stopped.

You felt a finger poke your spine and you turned around. Three girls were staring you. They all looked about sixteen. “Are you Calum’s girlfriend?” One of the girls asked.

“Um, yeah.” You shuffled uncomfortably, wanting to turn around and keep an eye on Calum.

“Oh my God! I’m so jealous!” One of the girls wailed and you laughed. “He’s so hot.” She stuck her tongue out and started panting. You couldn’t blame her. You were once like them, drooling over the Maori boy through the television. After a year of fantasising over him, you finally met him in a supermarket.

You’d both gone for the last bag of Doritos, Calum’s quick hands making it easy to snatch them from your reach. You’d looked at him, a mixture of horror and surprise on your face. Horror because you were a sweaty mess from your morning jog and surprise because, well, the Calum Hood had just stolen the last bag of Doritos.

He’d smiled at you, waving the Doritos in your face as he spoke to you, “You can have the Doritos if you give me your phone number.”

Ashton’s voice brought you back from your thoughts and to your conversation before the girls had interrupted you. “Hey, you should be glad he decided to play rugby years ago. If it weren’t for him being a rugby player, you would never have been a fan of rugby and if you weren’t a fan of rugby wouldn’t have worn that rugby shirt in the supermarket which would’ve meant that Calum probably wouldn’t have approached you.”

“Smartass,” you muttered.

You moved your eyes back to the game just as Calum was tackled violently to the ground.

“Okay, now you can freak out.” Ashton shouted as he stood up with the rest of the roaring crowd. You bolted from your seat, scurrying down the stairs to the barrier where Calum’s team manager was stood.

“Is he okay?” You shouted over to the manager.

The man rubbed his hands together. “I’m not sure, that was one of the worst tackles I’ve seen.”

Those were not the words you wanted to hear.

Gripping the metal barrier, you climbed into the area with the manager. If Calum was escorted off, he’d be brought here.

He hadn’t got up yet. He was still lying still on the ground, a couple of his team members stood around him as medical checked him over on the field. Slowly, Calum began to sit up. He looked a little puzzled, a hand raising to his head to wipe the blood from his forehead so that it didn’t go into his eyes.

You saw the medical man speak to the referee and Calum before he helped Calum off the floor and moved him in your direction.

Calum did not look happy and the blood dripping down his face only added to the angry look he had on his face.

The look softened when he saw you. He started to feel less angry and more guilty as he saw the tears streaming down your face. He knew you hated it when he got hurt and he hated it when you cried because of him getting hurt.

He hoofed himself over the barrier and pressed a quick kiss to your forehead before turning away so that you couldn’t see the blood.

“Let me play.” You heard him demand.

“Hood, look, that wound doesn’t look like it’s going to heal anytime soon. You need to go to the hospital for some stitches.” His manager told him.

“It’s fine. I’m fine.” He snapped. “I’m the best player on the team. We need to win this match. Just get the medical to stitch me up”

“The medical just check you over. They don’t do stitches or anything. They’re firstaid. And Calum, the team can hold off the other time for another fifteen minutes. It’s probably impossible for them to overtake us now, Hood. we’re too far in front. We’ve already won.”

“Let me pla-”

“Calum! Let your girl take you to the hospital. She looks like she’s about to have a panic attack.”

That seemed to smack some realisation into Calum.

He whipped round and saw your shaking body and heaving chest.

“No, baby, no.” he mumbled, stepping forward and pulling you into his sweat and blood covered shirt. He could feel the rapid beat of your heart against his chest and he moved his hands to stroke your hair and back, a motion that soothed you.

“Don’t panic, don’t cry.” He whispered, rocking you side to side slightly.

“I-I can’t h-help it.” You sputtered out between sobs.

“I know baby, I know. What do you want to do? Want me to take you home?”

“No,” you pushed him away. “I want to take you to the hospital.” Grasping his hands, you kissed his bloody knuckles. “Please.” You muttered against his skin, sensing his reluctance.

He pulled you back into him. “If taking me to the hospital will make you feel better I’ll go.” He told you, not being able to resist your angelic, tear-stained face.

You nodded, tugging him to the exit.

“Feel better now?” Calum mumbled into your shirt.

“Much.” You sighed, brushing your fingers through his hair.

The two of you were currently lying on the bed. Calum was between you legs, he had his arms wrapped around your waist and his head resting of your soft stomach.

You had shut all the blinds and turned off the lights in an attempt to sooth Calum’s headache. He’d refused to take pain killers, saying that “I’m a rugby player, Y/N. I’m too manly for pain killers. Yet here he was, squeezing the life out of you as a wave of pain flashed through his head.

“How ‘bout you?” You asked, tickling the sides of his neck slightly. He groaned and nuzzled his face further into your stomach to avoid your tickling fingers.

“Good. A little sore and tired, but good.” He unwrapped his arms from your waist and pushed himself up so that he could look into your eyes. “And horny.”

“Calum,” you warned. We can’t, you have a headache. And a fractured rib.”

He snorted. “Y/N, please, this is nothing. I’ll be good as new tomorrow. And orgasms will take my mind of the headache.” He smiled smugly.

“Calum, the mood isn’t rea-”

He pushed himself up onto his knees and cut you off, slamming his lips to yours. “Shush.” He grabbed you hand and pulled it towards his shorts. He forced your hand to cup his crotch and you immediately applied pressure. He moaned quietly, unable to control the way his hips thrusted into your hand.

“Y/NNNNN,” he drawled, throwing his head back as you began to palm him through the thin material.

“How did you get this hard?” You giggled when he nearly toppled to the side.

“All you baby, all you.” He pushed your hand away and shucked off his shorts. Apparently Calum hadn’t felt like putting underwear on when he’d put his shorts on.

His curved cock stood proud against his stomach, leaking slightly at the tip. He wrapped a hand around it, stroking it gently. He let go and moved his palm in front of your face. “Spit.” He commanded. You did as you were told, spitting into the palm of his hand.

“Mmm, baby,” he gasped when he held his cock in his hand again.

You edged closer to him. “Calum,” you murmured, not taking your eyes off his dick. “Let me touch. I want to touch, I want to taste. Please.”

Calum pushed away your needy hands. “No, no. Not tonight, baby. You can only watch.”

“Calll, nooooo.” You whined, giving him your best puppy face.

“Y/N, yesssss.” He mocked you, closing his eyes so he surrender to your puppy face.

You groaned, yanking off all of your clothes so that you were completely naked, just like Calum.

“Please let me touch you.” You begged, moving your own hand to touch yourself.

“‘Gimme your fingers, Y/N.” He tapped his lips with a finger on his free hand.

Slowly, you slid your fingers into his mouth, loving the way his tongue curled deftly around your digits. You moaned with him as his tongue gave each finger special attention.

Reluctantly, you moved your fingers out of your mouth and moved them back down to rub yourself. “Good girl.” He groaned at the beautiful sight of you.

After a couple more minutes, Calum got up and moved off the bed. He held out his hand for you to take.

“What are you doing?” You asked as he lead you over to the large armchair in the corner of the room.

“Not what I’m doing. It’s what you’re going to be doing?”

“What?” You gave him a puzzled look as he lowered himself into the chair, keep his legs spread apart.

“I want you to ride my thigh until you come, Y/N.” You watched as his cock twitched at his words.

“You want me to what?”

“You heard me the first time.” He patted his thighs. “Pick a thigh, any thigh.”

You laughed at his cheesiness.

“Which thigh do you recommend, Cal?” You stood in front of him, trailing your fingers up and down his arms.

He closed his eyes at your touch.

“My right leg, your left.” He patted the thigh. “Still no touching though, baby.” He smirked and, once again, curled his hand around his member.

“No fair.” You pouted, positioning yourself over his thigh.

You used his shoulders to find your balance as you lowered yourself down onto him. He traced patterns into the skin on one of your hips with one hand, the other was preoccupied with something else…

“Good girl,” he praised you when you sat properly.

You gasped at the new sensation. You had never ridden Calum’s thigh before. You’d never ridden anyone’s thigh. You were glad it was Calum you were trying it with first, he was perfect for it. He was a rugby player for God’s sake! He had wonderfully toned and thick thighs.

You began to grind yourself slowly at first, simple forward and backward movements. You were already soaking the skin of his thigh and you were thankful you were able to get so wet so quickly because the wetness of his thigh made it ten times easier to slide your nub against his skin.

“‘Atta girl,” he gasped, beating his hand faster. He kept eye contact with you the whole time. And just when you thought the sensation couldn’t get any better, Calum began to rock his foot against the floor, increasing the pleasure for you.

You screeched and gripped his shoulders tighter, adding to the collection of bruises and cuts he already had from the game earlier today.

The tapping of his foot sent delicious shocks of pleasure up your spine and you begged him to touch your tits. “Touch my tits, Cal. Touch them.” You used one hand to grasp an erect nipple and tug on it slightly. Calum growled and pushed your hand away. Using his strong, large ones to tweak the hard little buds.

“You enjoying this, baby? Do you like riding my thigh.”

“Yessss,” you hissed, feeling your eyes getting heavy.

“I can tell you’re close. So so close. Those pretty eyes of yours need to stay open and so does that beautiful mouth of yours, I want to hear you scream when I make you come on my thigh.”

You moaned at his dirty words, feeling the tension in your stomach building rapidly. Both of Calum’s hands were at your hips, quickening your movements.

“‘C’mon baby, ‘c’mon. I know you’re almost there.”

“I’m so close Cal.” You shrieked, feeling your nails pierce into his skin.

“OH, GOD! CALUM!” You screamed as your orgasm hit you like a truck.

Your head fell back and you screamed Calum’s name so many times it was as if it were the only word you knew in the moment. Your body quaked with the strength of your orgasm and your hips bucked a few more times before they finally stopped completely.

Happy and sated, you flopped onto Calum’s chest.

“Can we do that more often?” You asked sheepishly, hiding your blushing face into his chest.

“Of course, baby. But I believe you have to return a favour.” He smirked, gesturing to his rock hard friend.

~Ellie xxx

Sir: Hanbin Drabble (M)

Genre: Smut

A/N: This is for my sweet Hanbin daddy anon. I hope it lives up to your expectations.

“Hanbin, I can’t,” you said squirming against the hold he had on you.

“Yes, you can, and you fucking will,” he growled, his grip tightening on your hips.

His face was currently situated between your thighs as he licked and sucked generously at your wet core. Your hands were tied above your head in a makeshift bind with his work tie. He held the rest of your body down with his strong hands.

A layer of sticky sweat covered your whole body as you fought your body’s urge to come undone beneath him. He had warned you against it, threatening that if you came, you wouldn’t get anymore of him that night. Although the offer was already difficult enough, he had been going down on your for a millennia now, pulling back every time he felt your thighs quiver.

A particularly harsh suckle on your clit had you crying out and throwing your head further back into the pillow.

“Hanbin!” You screamed out, pulling painfully on his hair.

He pulled back just far enough for you to feel his hot breath on your core, and you let out a long whine.

“You know, I don’t think that I like you using my name so willy-nilly. I’ve been far too lenient on you already,” his eyes lazily met yours.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” you grit through your teeth.

“That’s it, baby,” he smirked before diving back into you.

It didn’t take long for you to get riled up again. The spaces between your imminent orgasm bled into one another, and you lost track of time. The only thing on your mind was a hazy resistance against coming. He lapped at your folds eagerly and alternated between heavy and kittenish licks. Every now and then, he’d stop to lick circles around your sensitive nub, not taking any mercy.

The hot heat spread through your body as the coil in your belly grew tighter and tighter. The only sounds echoing on the walls were your heavy, breathy moans and the slurping noises of Hanbin.

You couldn’t hold on any longer, your body worn out and weak from his agonizing teasing.

Your thighs tightened around his head as you let out a loud cry when the heat burst in your stomach and spread through your limbs.

Hanbin wrenched your legs open and pulled away from you. He didn’t aid in prolonging the pleasure, and all too soon the warmth faded. You whined out to him, your arm reaching empty air.

“You did not just come,” his glare made a shiver run down your spine.

“Sir, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry. I’ll be good, I promise!” You pleaded.

“I don’t think you deserve it. You blatantly disregarded my orders.”

“So, what? You’re gonna go jack off in the bathroom? Wouldn’t you rather be inside me? In my warm, wet walls?” You enticed him by running your fingers very close to your core.

“Well, damnit baby. You are right. But just know what you’re getting yourself into,” he grinned, attacking your neck with his lips.

It was going to be a long night.