and you have your second musical next

  • Me after the episode: alright. Finally I'm done being emotional and I can breathe for a little until next week
  • Me: rewatches the episode and notices that right after the music meister says "put a little love in your heart", Mon-El pulls Kara's head to his and whispers "I have you in my heart"
  • Me 10 seconds later: *throws my phone again and cries for another hour because Karamel really wants me dead*

To Do:

1. Get out of bed. Roll across the sheets before you stand and tangle yourself like a caterpillar because that’ll never go out of style. Seriously, it’s fun as hell.

2. Brew coffee or tea or something else cozy. Drink it hot and in front of a window so you can watch the war going on just past the glass. Wear a blanket across your knees, it’ll be your shield.

3. Make a second cup of coffee/tea/hot drink of your choice. Repeat step number 2. Watch the steam fog up the window and draw shapes in it’s haze. Maybe you’ll see the doodles the next time it’s misty. Consider something magic. You can never have enough time exploring the inside of your own skull.

4. Put on music you haven’t listened to before. Pay attention to the lyrics, you might hear yourself. Then dance until your heart is beating to the time of the song. It’ll make you feel alive.

5. Step outside. Smell the rain and the new life and the melting air, that’ll make you feel alive too. Let the rain hit every part of you. Your finger tips, your eyelids, your teeth. Feel it dance on your skin. Remember it was once inside a dinosaur.

6. Listen to it pound elephant foot pinprick drumbeats on the roof. You might hear yourself, I know I have. Notice the way it crescendos and decrescendos like a choir of a million voices. You might fall in love.

7. Run your fingers across the brail of the clouds. The peaks and the caverns of cotton water. They’ll roar epics like you’ve never heard before. Furious and bright and deep and dark all at once. You might fall in love.

8. Watch your favorite movie, twice. Don’t let the rain distract you. It doesn’t need all your attention all day today. It has work to do, feeding the earth and drowning the heat. You deserve to sit back for a while.

9. Forget it’s raining and let yourself feel the tiny jolt of surprise when you notice the tears still rolling down your windows. Possibly repeat step 2.

10. Go to bed to melody of the droplets in the gutters and the baritone of water rushing through the streets. The storm will battle through the night if it so feels the need. You can sleep now.

—  A.O.A.M || To Do List For A Rainy Day

Listening to the music I have on my phone is basically a Russian roulette. Like, you are still sobbing from “And rain..will make the flowers…grow.” and the next second you’re like WELL IT RAINS AND IT POURS WHEN YOU’RE OUT ON YOUR OWN IF I CRASH ON THE COUCH CAN I SLEEP IN MY CLOTHES ‘CAUSE I SPENT THE NIGHT DANCING I’M DRUNK I SUPPOSE and Pontmercy drops Eponine’s body, sets the barricade on fire and les Amis are suddely moshing and where did they find leather pants in 1832

[ChristmasTeen Series] First Kiss with Dino! (G)

Prompt: First kiss under the mistletoe with Dino
Word count: 580
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: None!

A/N: A big big thank you to admin scooped for helping me with the story! I have seriously learnt the importance of good wifi now omg. The series will be coming to an end soon :( Next and final story will be up tomorrow at 12am SGT (UTC+08)!


[ChristmasTeen Series]

S.Coups | Jeonghan | Joshua | Jun | Hoshi | Wonwoo | Woozi | DK | Mingyu | The8 | Seungkwan | Vernon | Dino | OT13

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The sound of the doorbell ringing was music to your ears. You were dressed in a black long-sleeved crop top, a denim skirt and a grey trench coat which not only kept you warm, but also made you look cute. You skipped happily to the door, but stood there for another two seconds to prepare yourself for your upcoming date.

“It’s that honeymoon phase,” your sister scoffed at you, while sitting lazily on the couch munching on gingerbread cookies, “Wait till Christmas next year, let’s see if you are still this enthusiastic to see him.”

“Chan!” you said, wearing a smile on your face, “you look amazing.”

“Really? Thanks.” Chan said, his cheeks heating us as he handed you a bouquet of your favourite flowers. “You look beautiful by the way.”

Chan stepped forward and held your hand, tugging you gently to escort you to the pavement. Chan had planned to take you to the Han River to watch fireworks since he wanted to make your first Christmas special.

Walking in a comfortable silence, you felt the warmth of Chan’s hands engulfing yours, and it intensified when he pulled you a little closer to his side, putting your left hand into his coat’s pocket. Chan proceeded to place his arms across your back, his hands resting on your waist.

Since the relationship was just starting out, skinship to the both of you was foreign and new, so it was no surprise that the two of you hadn’t had your first kiss yet. Nonetheless, every tiny gesture Chan made gave you butterflies, and you appreciated every single one of them.

You were busy eating some cotton candy while watching the fireworks, when you felt a warm sensation on your right cheek. You turned, your head, only to come face to face with Chan’s left cheek.

He’s so close.

Chan was only an inch away and you could feel his breath under your nose. Both of your eyes met, and your heart started to beat faster, but before Chan could react, you already turned away to face the fireworks, trying to recollect yourself by taking in deep breaths. It seemed like Chan became a mess from that encounter too, as you felt his grip loosen on your hand.

The show ended in a flash, and Chan offered to walk you back since it was getting late. That night, you felt as if the road to your house was too short, and you couldn’t bear to let go of your boyfriend’s hand.

You were about to unlock the door to go home when Chan held you back.

“Wait.” He sounded nervous, and you wondered what has gotten into him.

Chan hesitated for a brief moment before leaning down slowly to capture your lips in his while his fingers interlocked with yours. The cold from the weather grew nonexistent, and you were completely transfixed and melting from the warmth he bestowed you with his kiss.

It was as if your heart stopped beating for a good 30 seconds, before he pulled away, the feeling still lingering as you caught your breath.

That was it, your first kiss, and it was probably the most magical thing you’ve felt in your entire life.

Both of you looked up, noticing the mistletoe hanging on your door.

“Looks like we had our first kiss under the mistletoe.” Chan smiled. Your hand rose over your hammering heart, and before you know it, you’re mirroring his enamoured grin.

“We did.”

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radio (silence)
by: ofjisoos

“so i was in the library, right,” junhui starts, “and this tiny dude came up to me needing a charger and i was like, ‘i don’t have one’, but he gestured to my laptop and handed over his cable wire. so, i plugged it in and he sat next to me, and my itunes window popped up. he saw everything before i could minimise it.”

wonwoo snorts out a feeble laugh. “and then?”

“and then. he said, ‘your music taste really leaves something to be desired’, all drily, like he wasn’t a stranger i just met literally seconds ago.”


“he said something like, ‘‘warm’ is good though, i’ll give you that,’ and i told him that i’m friends with the guy rapping the last bit. that is, you.”

friends, wonwoo’s tired mind notes, in passing thought.

  • The Great British Baking Show: Everybody have fun :) :) I'm sure you'll all do fine :) Your Swiss roll is so lovely :) :) :) Very nice :))) *Light ballet music*
You know when you hear a song for the first time and you’re only like 7 seconds in and you already know it’s your new favorite tune; well I guess that’s how it was when I met you. When I find a new song I like, I play it on repeat for the whole day, the next, and so on. I’m an addictive person, I have no moderation. Eventually the song just becomes another tune, another average melody. And I guess that’s kind of how you felt about me.
—  NJS

anonymous asked:

super random, but do you have any tips on stopping procrastinating at home when you have school work to do lol

I always wrote down what I wanted to get done that day, so I knew what I had to do and around how long I had to do it. I turned of the tv, put my phone on silent so I couldn’t be bothered and then put music in my ears (because I do school work better with music). I’d get one assignment done, then drink some water or eat and apple and then move on to the next one. Like get one thing done, then let your brain breathe for a second and then start on the next one. :)

Seventh Period

You sat down at your desk for seventh period.  Most everyone from your class was out that day on a field trip, so there were only a couple of people there, one of them being (c/n).  Because of the low attendance, your teacher made the class a study hall, so you pulled out your math homework and your earbuds, content to work on that for the next 40 minutes.

A voice from the other side of the room interrupted you, though.  “Hey, (y/n)!”

“Yeah?” you said, pulling out one earbud and pausing your music.  You looked up and saw that it was (c/n) calling you.

“Do you have the paper for that history project with you?  I lost mine.”

“Yeah, I’ll get it out for you, just give me a second.”

“(y/n), you’re the best,” he said.  He got up and came over to you to retrieve the paper.  “Thanks, I’ll give it back to you at the end of class.”

“Yep,” you said before resuming your work on your math homework.  The class ended after a while, and you had finished your math homework, as well as some reading for English.

(C/n) came back over to you with the paper you’d given him.  “Here you go,” he said.  Instead of just placing it on your desk and bidding you goodbye like one normally would, he gently slid it onto your desk and lingered a little.  Right beneath where his thumb and forefinger gripped the paper lay the scrawled message,  Hey, you wanna go out sometime? (xxx) xxx-xxxx

You looked up at him, probably with a deer in the headlights look.  “Yeah,” you managed to get out.  He smiled at you and walked away, going on to his afternoon with the knowledge he’d be going out with you sometime soon.

Dance Practice (J-hope, smut)

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I don’t even feel bad writing smut anymore lol. I’ll probably be posting a Jungkook angst later, so watch out for that!!!

Words 1091

“Relax,” Hoseok prompted, pressing a button so music would play again. “Try again.”

“Hoseok,” you whined, stomping your feet unhappily. “We’ve been practicing for hours. Can’t we stop, now?”

“No, not yet. You have to get this move. I’ll show you again.”

“If I don’t get it next time I quit!” You stammered, sitting on the hard wood floor. Hoseok replayed the same beat that was just playing, and began moving to the beat. He danced to the choreography you’d both put together as a team. The second half was more him, because you’d honestly just ran out of idea’s at that point.

“Did you see, (Y/N)ah? Move this foot left and then roll the hips. Don’t forget to change position like this.” He showed the all too familiar step you’d been stuck on.

“I can’t do that. Can’t we just change it?”

“No, this is a masterpiece! That’s like asking Yoongi hyung to wake up. You can’t do that without dying!”

You liked it when Hoseok was in his stage seriousness. He showed a certain superiority over others that drove you crazy. There were beads of sweat glistening brightly on his arms, silhouetting his muscles nicely.

“Can you like, show me over here?” You stepped closer to him, but he broke the distance. Hoseok had to be this close anyway, because the dance was more mature. You wondered why he wanted to make a dance with you, and not with an actual dancer instead.

He placed one thigh between both of yours, leaving the other on the outside. Hoseok picked up both of your arms, and got into a half sitting position.

“Move your left foot,” he commanded and you obeyed. “Hip roll.”

You rolled your hip, while he stood up straight to watch. Finally, getting to the other move you turned your body away from him. Hoseok caught your waist, pressing tightly. “Stop here, this is where you make your mistake. Don’t keep moving farther away when the bass drops.”

“Okay,” you breathed. “Let’s try it together.”

Finally. You both did it perfectly together. Although it wasn’t even the end of the song, you’d made up almost the whole dance. You proudly finished the dance steps, collapsing on your knees in exhaustion.

Hoseok hooted and hollered loudly, clapping like a seal. “Finally, that was so good!”

He picked you up to your feet, holding your waist before hugging you tightly.

“Hoseok, Hoseok stop.” You shoved him off. “You’re gross and sweaty.”

“I could say the same to you!” He retorted, sticking his tongue out and spinning his body like a ballerina.

“Actually,” you mumbled to your friend. “I don’t think I got the arm thing right on the first chorus. You know, when we turn our bodies?”

“Come here,” his voice was low again. Once again, Hoseok was back into his precise stage mode you loved all too much. Licking your dry lips, you faced Hoseok.

“Alright, so when you get out of the position of the last step you move to the right. Move your hand up your chest like this.”

He took your hand, placing it just above his own bellybutton. Hoseok began to tightly thrust his hips in the motion the beat plays. Without any music playing, anyone would know this was erotic as hell. Hoseok’s hand held your wrist as he pulled your hand up his body. Once it reached his shoulder, he pulled you closer so your hand could reach the back of his neck.

“Hoseok… This isn’t part of the dance.” You mumbled, but he ignored it. Hoseok took your other hand, placing it lower than the last one. 

His eyes trailed sexually down your body, causing you to pull away slowly. Whatever he was doing to you mentally, you weren’t sure if you were going to attack him or not.

“Let’s call it a day,” you turned away from him. Hoseok pulled you back against him by your shirt, holding you against his overheating body. Your breath hitched, feeling his hands hold you tightly.

“What are you doing?” You murmured, leaning back into him. Hoseok brushed his lips softly against your neck, pulling away to see your reaction. You whirled around, taking fist fulls of his thin muscle shirt and ripping it off over his head. Hoseok retaliated, beginning to pull away your sweats. His lips reattached themselves to your collarbone, sucking sloppily. Hungrily, you ripped away the rest of his clothing, while he did the same to you.

Hoseok pushed you against the mirror of the dance room, picking up your thigh and placing it on his hip. He teased your clit with a circling digit, before sliding a finger inside of you. Both of your lips found each others, exchanging wet kisses.

He licked your bottom lip, so you opened your mouth for him. Hoseok’s tongue slid inside your mouth, tasting all of you as he pumped a digit slowly in and out of you.

Your breathing grew slightly uneven, grinding yourself down on his hand. Hoseok re-positioned his finger, hitting a spot you liked a little too much. You leaned your head back, moaning quietly.

You wrapped your hand around Hoseok’s length, bringing your hand up and down his shaft tightly. His finger paused inside of you as he unraveled, biting his lip when you brought your thumb across his slit.

Hoseok added another digit, pushing in harder and faster as you gained speed. Both of you moaned against each other’s bodies, grinding against the others hand.

“F-fuck (Y/N)ah… Harder.” He commanded, so you applied more pressure against his dick, pumping harder. He massaged your clit with his thumb, bringing it up and down roughly.

You were close to release, so you pulled his lips down to yours, enjoying how Hoseok tasted. He grunted against your lips, letting you know he was growing close as well.

Hoseok finished before you, so you rode out his orgasm while he shoved his fingers deeper and harder into you. His cum landed on your inner thigh, and he groaned your name quietly.

Finally, you released onto his hand, and he played with your clit until your orgasm ended.

Slowly, you both cleaned yourselves off and dressed. When you gathered the rest of your things, Hoseok stepped in front of you.

“When’s next dance practice?” He wondered, raising his brows sensually and biting a lip.

“Can I call you when I feel the need to dance?”

“Don’t think twice about not calling.”

“Yes, sir.” You laughed quietly, waving goodbye to Hoseok.


Part 2 of Stydia Music Stars AU

After getting four x’s on their audition and gaining a new fanbase (including an impressive horde of unstable teenage girls) Allison, Scott and Stiles stormed through the show earning themselves the second place which no band before them has managed to get.

Their covers of Killing Me Softly, Toxic, Crazy In Love and of course the What Goes Around/Cry Me A River mash-up have more than couple millions of views on youtube and the numbers keep growing every day. If you find this impressive, the next information will blow your mind- Beacon’s debut single Light Me Up (they really have a thing for ironic names, don’t they?) on the day of its premiere flew off to number three on the Billboard list and occupied the place for four weeks straight. It seemed like wherever you went someone hummed under their nose I need you to light me up, baby be my beacon in the night.

Part 1

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Luke blurb

Whenever Luke visits from tour you’d always start with having a nice dinner with him and his family. After that you and Luke would head home and get some sleep for your activities tomorrow. The next day would be filled with movies, animal planet, music, shopping, and just spending time together. There would at least be a “I love you” every 10 minutes, along with “I missed you so much.” It was like you never wanted him to leave again, but of course the both of you knew it was to come. You’d stand with him and the boys in the airport, tucking yourself closer to Luke’s tall figure; wishing he was already done with touring. Of course tears would be shared, both you and Luke. But you knew that Luke was living his dream and making a lot of other people happy, that’s why you had to deal with the fact you wouldn’t see him again in months.

Reading some of these opinions about Greg/Rebecca and Crazy ExGirlfriend and yikes. How can people misunderstand the show so much????
First off:
When Greg said they were going to ruin each other “and not emotionally” he wasn’t trying to hint that he didn’t want to get emotionally involved with Rebecca. like???? wat??? It was just a euphemism for basically saying “we’re gonna have sex so hard I’m gonna ruin you down there” (which lo and behold: Rebecca actually references AGAIN in next week’s song.) It was just a sexual innuendo for laughs. Not that deep, y'all. Like jeeze Louise how did that go completely over your head??

The musical numbers take place in Rebecca’s head. Remember that. Settle For Me was Rebecca IMAGINING that Greg was asking her for a pity date. in REALITY, Greg never wanted to be in second place or be someone she settles for. HE TELLS HER THAT.
So now, the UTI song is something we don’t have context for as of right now. It COULD be something Rebecca is imagining or it could be (like What’ll It Be) a musical number in Greg’s imagination. Now I’m gonna be totally extra and actually fucking dissect and analyze a song about urinary tract infections because I guess some people just don’t get it.
Greg seems to think that giving someone a UTI means the sex was good. Rebecca then explains that it “isn’t a comment on the quality of the sex” but on the quantity. So Greg isn’t laughing at her burning pee, he’s misinformed. which Rachel has said a lot of men: men that work for CBS and The fucking CW didn’t even know what a UTI was when Rachel and Aline proposed the song. They had to have a mini health lesson with television producers while pitching their episode. The show and especially the songs are satire and meant to comment on a reality in our society that makes us uncomfortable. It’s safe to assume Greg is misinformed about women’s health because a lot of men ARE. Rachel is trying to make a comment about that.
Now, if you’re trying to use that to drag Greg and try to say that he’s being an insensitive jerk I guess you do you, but if you’re trying to build up Josh in the same breath, I’d like to remind you that: Josh’s song is called “angry mad” and THAT is a completely accurate summary of his emotional complexity and intelligence so if you think he has ANY idea what a UTI even IS, much less how you get one or how painful they are, I got some news for you boo boo.
It’s fine if you want to demonize Greg for being selfish, for pining over someone who doesn’t love him back, for having a substance abuse problem (although I would hardly call it that), for being depressed, for being self loathing and self sabotaging and being his own worst enemy. No really, ITS FINE. Just remember that those are the exact same issues Rebecca has and because we’ve taken the time to explore her past and her motivations, we sympathize with her and understand her.
You’re allowed to ship whoever the fuck you want. I’m over here in a Valencia/Hector rowboat and no one can stop me. But if you’re gonna try and drag Greg (who is supposed to be a MIRROR for Rebecca), at least understand the context of the show first.
(Also Santino is literally a Disney Prince with a magical voice so I mean, there’s that.)

Luke Hemmings - You Can’t Hear Little Footsteps

To say you and Luke planned a pregnancy so young was a lie, it was the most unexpected and unwanted thing at the time. But still you both decided to keep it and now look at you, three years on with a beautiful little girl of 2, a loving boyfriend and father to your little girl. Having her didn’t ruin Luke’s musical career like you thought, it probably made it better. Although, with the still raising fame of 5 Seconds Of Summer you rarely saw Luke.

Yeah, you visited him on tour for months at a time but soon that was going to need to stop, Y/D/N was going to start school in the next few years and although she could still leave, you didn’t really want her to as much. But Luke had always told you that his management had planned for this as soon as you revealed you were pregnant. They’d be home longer, go on shorter tours with bigger arenas, and be home for at least 5 months a year. And of course, if Luke still needed to see you both, or the other way round, you can always visit to wherever in the world he was.

But with Luke being a big-time musician touring the world and both of you being young parents, you hardly ever got to spend alone adult time together anymore. 

You had planned a big day at the zoo, so when you’d get home your daughter would be really tired and want to go to bed early. That would then give you and Luke plenty of time to do some adult business before she woke up and stumbled into your bed as always. 

As you expected once you got home from the zoo your daughter was super sleepy, wanting to go to bed straight away. You tried to keep her awake for a while, even going over to Luke’s parents house for a few more hours to drag it on a little more. Y/D/N, fell asleep in the car ride home from Luke’s parents, and you were fast to safely drive home and not to wake her up when you put her in her bed. Luke put her in her own bed not waking her up as you ran to get new bedding for afterwards, you didn’t really want her to come in and sleep in the same sheets.

The new bed sheets were on the floor next to the bed when Luke came in smirking. He walked right up to you and kissed you, you opened your lips, inviting his tongue in. His hands tapped your thighs, you jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist as he caught you. He moved you both to the bed, lowering you down on the bed as you were still wrapped around him. You parted your lips as you moved to the top of the bed, Luke crawling over you. He peppered kisses down your neck as you smiled from ear to ear, you both had to be quiet, not wanting to wake Y/D/N earlier than when you wanted her to wake up and come in.

Soon both your t-shirts were off and on the floor near the bed. You both moved under the sheet as you both wasted no time getting each others pants off by doing it yourselves. Luke had gotten a condom from his wallet and putting it on his hardening member, you were wet from the short but effective foreplay. 

Luke moved back over you, the sheet just covering his bum downwards. He entered you and you wrapped your legs around his waist, pushing him in deeper. He started thrusting into you, your mouth opening as you tried your hardest to hold in the moans. Luke’s face was buried in your neck already, neither of you have had this feeling in so long, masturbating isn’t nearly as close to how amazing it feels. It wouldn’t take long for both of you to reach your climaxes and orgasm, but you craved more of this feeling.

You managed to breath out “more,” Luke began moving faster, going a little deeper with the momentum of the speed. Luke began kissing your neck, leaving a mark that will be visible tomorrow morning. You saw something move out of the corner of your eye as they began to close as you let out a moan. Luke’s lips moved to yours, kissing you the best he could. But when you pulled away you heard a familiar little voice, “Mummy? Daddy?” You both froze and Luke pulled out of you and jumped to the other side of the bed putting on his boxers and throwing you his tshirt. You looked to the side of the bed to see your daughter clutching onto her teddy bear uncle Ashton gave her. You put Luke's tshirt on and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, “What’s wrong hunny?” Y/D/N yawned, “m, tired,” she got out in her tiny little voice, you stood up and picked her up in your arms. 

You moved towards the door but turned around to see Luke looking at you both, “can you change the bed sheets?” You simply asked him in which he responded with a nod, slightly frustrated and slightly upset. You took your daughter into the living room and sat on the couch, talking to her and answering her curious questions, until Luke came in. 

You all moved back to your bedroom and waited until Y/D/N fell asleep, which was in minutes. “Sorry, I thought we’d have more time,”

“It’s okay, but I think she should stay at my mums or some where else tomorrow night so we can continue this.” Luke told you, and it was a great idea. Next time you’ll have all night and with no interruptions.

This was suggested by someone on my instagram account, and I thought it was cute, so I wrote it :)

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The Moment (Michael)

26 years old. 3 world tours have come and gone. 2 years of friendship and the next four were spent falling more in love with you. 

Michael couldn’t imagine a world without you in it…and he refused to do so. When he was away on tour it was only you and the music that got him through it all. Talking to you everyday was his only saving grace. Hearing the sound of your voice, whether it was only through the phone or though a call on Skype, it could get him through anything. 

That’s how he knew.

It was you and only you that he wanted to be with. It was the color of your eyes mixed in with the morning sun that he wanted to see every morning. It was your little snore that he wanted to fall asleep to like a lullaby every night. It was everything about you that he loved, there was not one thing he didn’t embrace. He loved every bit of you and he never wanted to let it go. 

Michael never thought he would love anyone the way he loved you, and he never thought someone could love him just the same. He’d had love in his life before, but none compared to you. You laughed with him, but he adored it when you laughed at him because he knew it was all in the name of love. 

You knew every pitch of his voice and could always tell when something was off. You would be subtle because Michael wasn’t always one to be out with how he really felt. You would just discretely move to his side and nestle into the crook of his neck, kissing him gently. Your kiss would make him melt and his worries along with it, instantly putting him at ease. You were his everything and he knew that he was yours.

It happened when you visited him on tour. 

He and the boys were somewhere in Europe. You and Michael, one of the few times you could get him out of the hotel room, had explored the city a few times, combing through the nook and crannies of the streets. But tonight, something seemed a little different. It wasn’t in the way you held Michael’s hand, your fingers tangled between his, that was normal. It was your glow that was renewed. It was late at night, but somehow your smile still shined and your eyes glowed as bright as the moon above. 

He stopped and let you walk a little ways in front of him. You skipped down the narrow street taking in the chill of the air, your shoulders shuddering a bit. You spun around to face him, your eyes wide. 

“You alright, babe?” You questioned, walking back to him. Michael nodded and took your hand in his again. You squinted your eyes in concern, but shrugged it off and the two of you continued down the road to your usual spot. 

You stopped at the cafe you frequented and ordered your usual. You snagged a spot on the patio and sat down in the cool air. You had your warm drinks in front of you and sat in silence. You looked over your cup’s rim to your boyfriend.

“You’re sure you’re okay, Mikey?” He was being unusually quiet. 

“Marry me.”

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Dear @taylorswift - just a quick life update from me!!

I turned 20, passed my first university exam and got the highest grade you can and also started working a second job! I have so many exciting things coming up this year including traveling to New York with my university next month! I Hope you know your music is still (and always will be) the one thing that keeps me sane with all the changes going on in my life and I couldn’t love you more.

Hope you’re good! Sending you hugs,

Your main bae, Rosie xoxo

Lying in bed next to Michael with your head on his chest listening to him talk about all the new music him and the boys are creating. You smile because he sounds so happy and you roll over so youre laying on top of him and he smiles at you continuing to talk about how excited he is for the tour and to release the new album. His eyes shining and his hands roaming aimlessly up and down your back eventually coming to rest on your bum. You study the way his soft lips move while he speaks and suddenly you feel the urge to kiss him. You kiss him while hes in the middle of a sentence and when you pull back, hes giggling. “What did you do that for?” You shrug. “I’m just really proud of you thats all.” He pulls your face back to his and kisses you deeply. “I’m happy you’re here to share this with me. I love you my angel.” You poke his cheek gently and smile down at him. “I love you too Mikey. Always will.”

  • Me: I lov-
  • Anyone I've ever talked to: you love 5sos, we know. They're the light of your life. You just want to hug them and tell them they're special. You love their music and are so proud of them. You wouldn't be as happy as you are without them. YOU TOLD US 5 SECONDS AGO PLEASE SHUT UP.
  • Me: but have I told you about their new album yet?
  • Them: yes. 20 times actually.
  • Me: well here goes number 21
  • *continues to talk about them for the next 6 hours*

i don’t care if it’s the beginning of december or the middle of may if my music is on shuffle and i hear brandon go “oh santa…” you can bet your life that i’m gonna be having a holly jolly time for the next four minutes and three seconds