and you have your second musical next

  • The Great British Bake Off: Everybody have fun :) :) I'm sure you'll all do fine :) Your Swiss roll is so lovely :) :) :) Very nice :))) *Light ballet music*
spoOky halloween horoscOopes
  • ARIES: you wanna go trick or treating SO bad don't let anyone stop you come onnnnn, also you'd make a hot vampire but dont actually bite anyone this year
  • TAURUS: trick or TREAT YOSELF, like honestly stock up while you can you'll be glad you did when ur halfway through your candy midnovember
  • GEMINI: something feels off about today and ur second guessing ur plans. remember u usually have the most fun when it's your idea but here's a hint: find yourself somewhere with loud music
  • CANCER: you might feel nervous about halloween night and ur considering staying lowkey. a halloween movie might sound perfect. but!! should you venture out, you could discover your next twisted obession ...????
  • LEO: halloween was not ur best time last year and you're determined to make it the realest this round. it'll be a spooky and sexy night under one condition... avoid all black cats, including ppl dressed like them.
  • VIRGO: it's not that serious!! things will not go as planned this halloween but embrace the mishaps bc they'll make a great story. think twice about that tootsie pop.
  • LIBRA: give that costume a freaky twist. like we've all seen the sexy policegirl and sexy burglar but maybe the world's ready for SEXY judge judy, u feel me? take a risk this year
  • SCORPIO: this is your time to SHINE. it's scorpio season and this is the day to PROVE it so go kill it out there. ur witchcrafted soul knows exactly what to do. (watch out for someone dressed as a sexy clown bc they're important)
  • SAGITTARIUS: BOO!!! you secretly like feeling spooked and ur gonna find that tonight. you know the underworld is closer and its residents are targeting you this halloween
  • CAPRICORN: for you, halloween is gonna be a little less treat and a little more trick. you'll get some bad news tonight but fight back with some candy corn or something. love u
  • AQUARIUS: you've secretly already celebrated halloween twice this year and it's a holiday that's always in the back of ur mind but what you're not prepared for is tonight's romantic plot twist...the scariest spook of all
  • PISCES: this dark holiday is gonna bring you a bright new friendship , also you're going to really identify with your costume and get a little too into character but that's honestly spooktacular you do you.
needed me ❖ chanyeol

@mayne11 requested: Hello how are you doing ? 😍Wow you are so talented i really enjoyed reading your work .. Please write more of chanyeol sumt if you have time later .. Thank you .

anon requested: Hi!! Can I request a Chanyeol fanfic? I want it to be like Kai’s 95 liner! Thank you! ❤️

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4309 words | smut, stepfather-stepdaughter relationship, age gap, the slightest daddy kink | velvet

✎ After your stepfather and your mother divorce you keep on meeting him in secret, until you turn adult and finally can do whatever you want. Even having sex with him.

[Warning: If you’re not comfortable, don’t read, please]

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for the record (chapter 1)

summary: Eddie Kasprak and Richie despise each other, it’s just too bad that they’re anonymously best pals on tumblr. This is gonna be good…

read on ao3

chapter 2

notes: i’m so excited to be writing my first chaptered fic! this fic is going to have four chapters, so if you would like to be tagged, send me an ask! huge thanks to Dee, my amazing beta! follow her @losvcr

also, if you have anything that you made that was inspired by the fic or have a review for it, (i would actually cry) tag it with #you’ve got mail eds!

7 Months Ago…

It was a well-known fact that Eddie Kaspbrak had always been anxious. It was in his nature, and his obsessive compulsive disorder absolutely did not help his case. Because of his upbringing, he was very tidy and frankly, a little high-strung. He liked to keep everything in order and was very precise.

Now, you can imagine how a person of his nature would react when a loud and boisterous record shop moved in next door to his picturesque plant nursery.

To give you a hint, it was not pleasant.

If they don’t turn down that music in five seconds, someone’s face is going to get kicked to the back of their skull.

Making up his mind, Eddie quickly spritzed his bonsai trees with some water before he stormed out the shop door, heading into the god forsaken vinyl shop where he was prepared to beg for a little peace and quiet.

Eddie had never really taken a good look at For The Record before that moment, and he took a moment to make his critiques.

It was a rather small shop, but what it lacked in color, it made up in copious amounts of vibrant decor. The walls were filled to the brim with random vintage artifacts and every shelf had a bizarre knick-knack to accompany the vinyls. The shop had no color scheme and the only thing that was semi-organized were the records themselves, sorted into genres. Eddie made note of the abundant Classic Rock section. In short, the record shop made Eddie’s hands twitch.

After Eddie finished his observations, he immediately went to the counter, where an unusually tall, messy-haired boy sat reading a magazine. Once again, Eddie noticed that a peculiar novelty was at the register (an arrangement of red balloons).

The cashier had a full head of dark curls and sharp cheekbones. As he flipped through the magazine, the boy bit at his lip. He is really cute. Eddie thought this absentmindedly as he made his way to the counter, where he stood in front of the boy with his hand on his hip until the cashier looked up. When the boy saw Eddie, he looked slightly stumped for a second until he regained his composure.

“Hey there, gorgeous, what can I do for you on this lovely afternoon?” The cashier quipped with a poorly executed southern accent.

Eddies cheeks burned at the nickname as he spat, “Your music that you’re playing outside is way too loud. I can barely hear myself think inside the shop.”

“And wouldn’t that be a shame.” The boy said as he rested his head in his hands. Then, he sprung upright as he snapped his fingers. “Hey, hey, hey! You’re Eddie, the owner of that flower shop that’s next door, aren’t you? I’m Richie Tozier, proud owner of For The Record, at your service,” He finished with a salute.

Maybe what Eddie said next was a little harsh, but in his defense, the thirteen year old customer he previously had to deal with that day had put him in a mood. And he was hungry.

“Hold up. First of all, it’s a plant nursery not a flower shop! Second, maybe if you turned your god damn music down, you would have the brain cells to notice that.”

Richie’s grin dropped off of his face. “Dude, listen. I didn’t mean to upset you, but you’re being a total dick right now.”

Excuse you?

I’m being the dick? Just turn down your fucking music, okay? I don’t have time to deal with this shit right now.” Eddie complained with a huff. Eddie noticed that after he said that, Richie’s playful demeanor was completely gone.

Ok, maybe that was pretty harsh.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to get your lace panties in a twist, princess.” Richie said with a cold smirk.

Oh, fuck him.

That was the last straw, and Eddie stormed out of the obnoxious vinyl store. He was not about to deal with some homophobic jackass who was so worried about his fragile masculinity, that he had to insult the obviously gay guy by calling him a princess.

Once Eddie was back in the nursery, he frantically started to clean the already pristine counter and once it was absolutely spotless, he began to scrub at his hands in the sink behind the counter.

He heard the music next door go so loud he could feel the bass vibrating the floor in Eddie’s nursery.

Fuck. Him.

Now, 7 months later…

Eddie was on tumblr, looking at some cute outfit ideas, when he received a tumblr notification from from trashymouthrt. Eddie grinned as he clicked on the notification and was brought to trashymouthrt‘s latest private message to Eddie



alright hear me out: pizza flavored beer

it would be a hit, right?

Eddie chuckled to himself as he typed out his reply.


that sounds disgusting

The reply from trashymouthrt was instantaneous.


or insanely good


i think you’re insane


love you too hun

i kinda wish i knew your actual name

and your face

and you irl

Dread began to curl in Eddie’s stomach.


but it takes away the anonymity!!!


you’re the worst.


i know <3

if it makes u feel any better, i kinda want to know you irl too


maybe our fates will collide someday and we’ll meet somewhere unexpectedly and i would automatically know it was you because i just know your aura so well


you’re a nerd.


shut up

oh shit i gtg see ya later sunshine


bye trash mouth

Eddie got off of his computer with a sigh. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to meet trash mouth, one of his few good friends, but there were way too many risks, and he didn’t want to ruin one of the few good things about his day, especially when Richie Tozier was constantly around and pissing him off.

All of a sudden, he heard the bell above the door ring and someone yelp.

Speak of the devil.

Richie Tozier skidded around the pastel blue shelf of lavender and rosemary, and came to a stop in front of Eddie.

“What the hell do you want, Tozier?” Eddie asked, arms crossed.

“Did you fucking take my sign?” Richie questioned as he looked down at Eddie, which made him feel smaller than his 5’4 self already was. “No, why the hell would I take your sign?!” Eddie retorted.

“Because you harbor a deep, burning hatred for me?”

“Well, you have a point.” Eddie pretended to ponder, “But, I swear on my life, I didn’t take your sign. Everything you have as decor in your shop is ugly, so why would I want anything with your stamp of approval?”

“Maybe so you can spruce up your fairy den with my excellent taste?”

“My nursery is not a fairy den!” Eddie faltered a little as he took a look around his shop, second guessing the pastel colors and fairy lights that hung from the ceiling.

Richie raised an eyebrow.

“Just get the hell out, Tozier!”

“I always savor these moments we have together, Eddie Bear.” Richie remarked while walking out.

Eddie chucked his pink pen at his back, and decided to reevaluate his life choices.

At least trashymouthrt brought him some peace in all of this chaos.

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you’ve got mail eds! masterpost

wowowow chapter one is done! let me know if you want to be tagged! 

  • King George III: Anything you say in the next thirty seconds is free. Starting right now.
  • Seabury: I think you're cocky, arrogant, bossy, and pushy. You also have a God complex and don't think of anybody but your damn self.
  • King George III: But I-
  • Seabury: But what? I still have twenty-two seconds, and I'm not done.
That Party Feeling - Jeff Atkins

You are not a party person. One night, when Jeff Atkins makes you attend one, that changes. One silly party game changes everything.

 (Jeff Atkins x Fem!Reader) (2842 words)

Originally posted by wkom

“I don’t know Jeff, it just isn’t really my thing.” Jeff shook his head, eyes still on the road. He was driving you home, like he always did after school. It became second nature for him to find you at your locker and drag you out to his car, insisting to drive you. His kindness was one of the many perks of being friends with Jeff Atkins. However, his affinity for attending parties was a downside. You didn’t enjoy the noise or the people, but Jeff seemed to live off of it.

“C’mon Y/N, it’s going to be awesome. Jessica Davis is hosting too,” he said it like the fact a known-party girl was hosting was a rarity. You rolled your eyes as Jeff turned onto your street.

“I just, I don’t know,” you said quietly. Jeff pulled the car into the driveway of your house, parking it at the top. He shut off the car and turned in his seat to look you in the eyes.

“Okay, Professor ‘I Don’t Know’,” you laughed at his words, “I will be right here, in your driveway, at eight at night ready to pick you up.” He smiled at you sweetly, trying to win you over. If it wasn’t for the way his eyes sparkled when they looked at you, you’ve remained silent.You threw your hands in the air, in dramatic defeat.

“Fine, I’ll be ready.” Jeff laughed as you opened the car door and grabbed your bag. “I’ll see you at eight,” you said and shut the door. He watched as you walked up your porch and opened your front door when you heard Jeff yell.

“Dress to impress!” You turned around and gave Jeff the finger, causing him to laugh as he pulled out of the driveway. You watched as he car traveled down the street, biting your bottom lip as you did. Jeff Atkins was your friend, so why did you feel butterflies tickling your tummy at the thought of going with him to a cliche, High School party?

       “Y/N, Jeff is here! Are you going-” As you walked into your mother’s line of sight, her speech trailed off. You weren’t totally dressed up; you had just thrown on an outfit you knew Jeff liked. His hold on you, had shaped the way you acted. Jeff wasn’t your friend because he wanted you to change, he was your friend because you were who you were. But you couldn’t help but try to hint that you wanted more than friendship to bloom between the two of you.

      “You look great Y/N/N,” your mother said. You nodded a thanks to her as you walked towards the door.

      “I’ll be back around ten, no later. I’ll text you if something comes up.” You spoke as you as you put on your jacket.

     “Alright,” you mom said, “have fun. Not too much fun!” You smiled as you walked out of the door and out onto the porch. You saw Jeff rummaging around in his seat, as if looking for something. When he looked up at you, you almost giggled at his expression. Even through the window, you could see that bright, dumb smile. You walked over to the passenger side door, popping inside once you opened it. You buckled quickly, not looking at Jeff as you did. When you did look at him, you found that he was already staring at you.

   “You look,” he raised his hand in the air and tried to formulate the words he was looking for in the air.

     “Wow, thanks Atkins,” you teased and Jeff chuckled. He looked down to his lap and then back up at you, as if he couldn’t believe something. Another long moment passed until you spoke up.

      “So are we going or?” Jeff blushed and put the car in reverse. Seconds later, you were on your way to a night you would remember forever.

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Tom Holland x Reader (Includes Zendaya and Harrison)

Word Count: 3050ish

Warnings: Suggestive themes because of the song, light cursing, Blushy!Tom, some dirty jokes, the movie Get Out spoilers

Lyrics from:   Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

                       Beyoncé – Partition

A/N: I decided to get off my lazy but and write this for @wingsanddarkness because they requested this a while ago right when my writer’s block hit. This is way longer than it should be

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Wanna One Fuckbois

A/N: the @smols-n-tols groupchat is honestly such a great place for dumping ideas and crying over them bc it’s too painful to think about the perfection that is wanna one also some of these lowkey have plot bc those are the more well-thought out ones

warning: mentions of the twiddly twonk, the horizontal tango, the sexy times


  • liSTEN
  • he tries really hard to be a fuckboi™
  • like he wears the right clothing, licks his lips at appropriate time, even has a hoard of girls that follow him around school
  • but he really can’t do it
  • he’s just too soft to reject anyone?
  • and you teased the hell out of him during his “fuckboi phase”
  • he’d rather deal with taxes and stability than see someone cry bc of him
  • “i can’t keep up with these kids” he says as he sips his tea, watching the rest of wanna one fuck around like the fuckbois they are
  • you, who’s sitting across from him, nod along, stealing a sip of his tea after he sets it down


  • he’s the jock™
  • he’s the goalkeeper and he’s the type to wear his letterman jacket like 24/7
  • he does it mainly out of pride for being on the varsity soccer team, but it’s also due to the fact girls legit swoon over him in his jacket
  • the type to go after cheerleaders, it’s something about short skirts and pom-poms lmao
  • tbh probably got with everyone on the cheer squad + the young coach
  • anyways, you’re the student body president and you dress like a president
  • slacks, dress shirt/blouse, etc.
  • except one day you wore a pencil skirt to school, and now you can’t get sungwoon to leave you alone


  • ice prince™
  • he’s really closed off, and girls find that really attractive 
  • anyways, he pretends to open up to them, tricking them into thinking he likes them so much he’d open up to them
  • and he doesn’t sleep with them or anything, just lots of building of false hope
  • it’ll last a week before he moves onto a new target, but no one tells each other because the stuff he tells the girls are super sensitive and they don’t want to expose him in anyway
  • joke’s on them, all of his “emotional turmoil and trauma” comes from Jonghyun’s mangas
  • anyways, his next target is you and right as he approaches you, you legit just “bye, felicia” and walk away
  • he’s intrigued by you now as he watches your retreating back


  • so he’s like the perfect example of fuckboi™
  • flaunts his hickeys and scratch marks on his back
  • and his bff is you, the school’s resident hoe™
  • you two compare hickey marks, rank your partners against each other, just typical fuckboi x hoe conversations 
  • anyways, one night over a couple beers you complain about your last partner and how terrible they were
  • and seongwoo just smirks at you and says “ofc, it’s cuz they’re nothing like me”
  • “you’re full of shit, ong”
  • “really? try me?”
  • and tbh y’all are drunk, shit happens
  • which involve you naked in his bed the next morning oOPS


  • music fuckboi™
  • frontman of the school’s resident rock band 
  • the band’s actually pretty famous and they have the groupies to prove it
  • jaehwan having the most groupies out of the members since his voice will legit send you to hong kong
  • anyways, you’re not a groupie, more like a ticket person for one of the venues they play at
  • and jaehwan tries to flirt with you, “i’m actually the lead singer”
  • “oh really? i like bassists the best” you don’t even look up from the cashbox
  • yeah, he’s pretty much accepted the challenge to show you that even though bassists do it deeper, singers do it louder


  • he’s just the brooding ripped fuckboi™
  • the type to be helping sungwoon with soccer practice before spontaneously taking off his shirt
  • probably has a tattoo or two
  • girls scream, boys faint, everyone in between die
  • you: “huh, it’s like -12 degrees. why is his shirt off?”
  • he messes around bc he’s honestly just bored with life 
  • like he doesn’t really want to do anything so might as well fuck people
  • you actually sleep with him one time, but you wake up before he does and leaves
  • and when he wakes up he’s so confused bc ????
  • he leaves people??? it doesn’t work the other way around??
  • so he keeps on sleeping with you until he can wake up before you
  • spoiler: he never does


  • soft fuckboi™
  • these are honestly the woRST
  • bc you think they’re nice and sweet but no, he’s just leading them on
  • he follows a point system: cheerleader = 15 pts, nerd = 2 pts, etc.
  • he accumulates like 200+ pts per month
  • and no one hates him bc he’s still nice to them afterwards???
  • the only person who hates him is you
  • you found his points journal in the hallway once and never looked at him the same
  • but you’ve never told anyone since no one would believe sweet jihoon with the tragic past would do something like that
  • so you’ve kept quiet
  • however, unknowingly to you, you’re worth 200 pts in his book, so you have no clue why he’s suddenly walking you to class and helping you with homework, and jihoon’s deadset on winning his 200 pts


  • not neccessarily a fuckboi™, more like a prankster
  • he’s the type to make fun of people over everything
  • also pulls a bunch of pranks 
  • and tbh some people find that attractive
  • “i love guys with a sense of humor”
  • you: “sweetie, he legit vandalized your locker,,,,”
  • them: “i love guys with a sense of humor”
  • anyways, woojin has a habit of teasing you a l o t
  • like, you got a haircut, well there’s something obviously wrong with it
  • new shirt? hideous 
  • tried out for the talent show? absolutely terrible
  • however, he only does this bc there’s something in his head telling him that there’s something about you,,,,and he doesn’t know how to express it unless it’s through mercilessly teasing you 
  • you tbh don’t put up with any of his bullshit, he gets a bruise everytime


  • the quiet fuckboi™
  • not really like minhyun in the sense he doesn’t really talk to the people that chase after him
  • he kinda just let them do stuff for him
  • math homework? siyeon from third block’s doing it for him
  • history paper? somi from fourth block’s got it
  • you never understood the hype until you find him making out with the girls behind the gym on different occasions 
  • so when the two of you get partnered for a science project, you make it adamantly clear the two of you are never approaching the gym
  • jinyoung just smirks in his seat and observes you, planning his next move


  • tryhard fuckboi™
  • the type to kiss up to the teacher every time they ask a question
  • and everyone in your class swoons over him bc wOW he’s so smart
  • you just roll your eyes from your second class rank position
  • anyways, daewhi has a habit of flirting with people who he finds useful for him
  • the music project? flirted with mina until she agreed to work with him on it
  • he dropped her after he got the A+
  • i guess kinda like jinyoung except he gets people to help him with stuff while jinyoung just happens to have people that want to help him
  • so while in math class one day the teacher announced that there was going to be a project due in a month
  • and for that week daehwi wouldn’t leave you alone


  • foreign exchange fuckboi™
  • “hey, i’m from taiwan”
  • them: “forEIGNER? HOLA?”
  • you: “,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • anyways, he’s the type to play innocent
  • “what is a, what do you call it in your language? a hickey?”
  • you know the noonas/hyungs are about to teach this boy exactly what a hickey is
  • and tbh it works bc if anyone tries to call him out he pulls the foreigner card
  • “i don’t know how this works in your country!”
  • and you actually are fluent in deciphering bullshit so you see through everything
  • plus you’re his host, so you talk to him normally all the time
  • however, it does get kind of weird when he has weird lapses of memory at home and has to ask you, once again, what french kissing was

i am trash,,,,,,,,,,,,,tbh a lot of these ideas came from some of the smols n tols admins especially admin dandan the catman, daehwi, jinyoung, and woojin. ily <3


This is the first time we have streams to help us with getting that number 1. So here are a few Apple Music and iTunes tips to help get the most of our efforts. (If you stream on Spotify I have another post for that).

To stream and make it count on Apple Music you cannot have the song in your library. Which means you need the “+” sign next to the song. Not nothing and not the cloud.

To follow up the 1st tip: You CAN still purchase the song and stream it. But in order to make your streams count you have to delete it from your iTunes library and then stream on Apple Music.

You can re download the song later. iTunes won’t make you purchase the song a second time, though it will ask if you’d like to. You can if you want but your first purchase is already accounted for and iTunes will let you re- download it for free :)

Similar to Spotify, the steam won’t count if its muted. If you stream all night (which you should) plug headphones into your device and set it to a low volume.

Hard sales count more than streams as 150+ streams on Apple Music = 1 iTunes sale. So if you do the math you can see a purchase is more impactful than a stream. Though your streams can add up in the long run, it is always best to purchase the single. Doing both will help tremendously.

Billboard Hot 100 does not count instant grat songs (songs you get instantly with a pre ordered album {ex ootw from 1989 when it instantly downloaded the second it was up}). Please buy the song THEN pre-order the album. Otherwise it’s only going towards album sales. That’s great but why do that when you can get a sale for the lead single AND the album? (It’s a win win).

These are just a few tips to help you get the most out of your efforts for Taylor. I have other posts about Spotify and general streaming tips as well. Please check those out and reblog them for your followers.

Happy streaming and single listening day!

I fell in love with you slowly. It was your eyes first that I fell in love with. The way you looked at me, my breath always hitched in the base of my throat. Your blue eyes are always so breathtakingly captivating that I can’t control myself whenever I stare into them.

It was your voice next. The way you said my name. Chills would always tremor down my spine. And how in the late nights you laid next to me and mumble something, my love for you grew even more once your sleepy voice sounded like music to my ears.

Then came your smile. The same smile I cause whenever you’re near me. And whenever you look at me, that same loving smile that makes my heart race inside of my chest.

Next was how amazing your skin felt underneath my fingertips. How sometimes I can’t even go a second out of the day where I have to be skin to skin contact with you.

Then your lips, god those lips of yours. Soft and wonderfully addictive. I always want to kiss you. And smile afterwards at how amazing it always feels.

And then I fell all at once.

I’m in love with you. And I’m the luckiest girl in the world to call you mine.

—  S.V//@Sempiternal.poet on Instagram
Golden | Jungkook (M)

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Summary: Jungkook will show you just how golden he really is.

Word Count: 6,670

Genre: Smut/fluff

A/N: Jungkook smut for my thirsty followers who didn’t get enough in AL. Btw I hope you enjoy it @helloblamebts :)) sorry for the wait bc I know you’re just as thirsty as everyone else

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A So Called Blind Date

Summary: After not wanting to celebrate his birthday, Steve and Tony convince Bucky to go to a “Blind Date”.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1780

Warnings: angst at the end, mentioning of german food

A/N: yooo guess who’s back after her unplanned break of 141 days? I am so so sorry guys. You have no idea how many times I tried to write but just couldn’t. But for now, I’m back with the usual portion of fluff and angst <3 I hope you like it!

“You did what?” Steve asked, shoving his left hand through his hair before he let it fall to his side again. He looked at Tony, shook his head (twice) and then started scratching the back of his neck. He didn’t know what to say. Not after the thing Tony had just told him.

“The guy’s a hundred years old, Steve”, Tony defended himself. “He didn’t even want a birthday party. That’s the least we should do for him. When was the last time he was on a date? With a cute girl in a pretty dress? Huh? 1941?”

“That’s not…” Steve tried to say but Tony waved it off and Steve shrugged. Maybe Tony was right. Bucky didn’t want to talk to Steve about his birthday. Not to him, nor to Natasha or to Clint who he had kind of become good friends with in the past few months.

“It’s good to have a date every once in a while Steve. Even when he’s not ‘looking for something’”, Tony made some quotation marks in the air and rolled his eyes. The last time Tony had suggested Bucky go on a date, this had been the exact answer he had been given. 

That Bucky was too old. That he was carrying too many problems. That he was not looking for something. That he was just trying to be normal again if that was even possible for someone with a past like his.

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Catch Me Bill Skarsgård x Singer!Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requesters: Anonymous


an imagine where reader is a huge pop star and bill’s long term girlfriend? and she write a song about Bill (maybe catch me by demi lovato that song is so beautiful) and they are so in love and idk
Hey darling, hope you’re having a wonderful day/night. Can I ask for a bill punk/rock musician!au? Where the reader is his s/o and bill’s going on tour and his partner can’t go with him because college. +One of them is worried about their relationship (maybe some rumours going around, but i'ts up to you tho). Kind of angsty with a happy ending

Note: These two were so similar I couldn’t really separate them without them being the same. The only thing is the reader is still the singer so hopefully it’s still satisfactory. Okay thanx! Read on! :3!

Originally posted by dreamingoflife

Originally posted by zirvedecamasirasangenc

You huffed as you got a singers version of writing block.

You had crumpled balls of paper all over your rented hotel room. You erased your previous writing leaving behind black smudge marks from how low your eraser was becoming.

You were also sure your mechanical pencil was running out of lead from the lead constantly breaking from how hard you were pressing down or how long you have been trying to write.

You knocked me down but I’m stronger now

Out of no where I’m back…

You growled since it sounded too cheesy and tried to erase it but then the paper ripped and you crumpled it up into a ball and threw it across the room to the ware basket. Unlike the others it went right in.

You would’ve cheered if you weren’t so agitated at the moment.

You threw your boulder across the bed and dramatically filled back onto your bed  slinging your arm over your eyes.

You heard your phone buzz and you sighed reaching over and pulling it off the charger and to your face. You smiled noticing it was Bill.

“Hey.” You answered.

“Hey I’ve been trying to call you all day.” Bill said his voice holding a slight tinge of aggravation at the end.

“Sorry love, I was a bit busy. I’ll be back home in a week though.” You said apologetically.

This was very common for Bill to be mad at you because you never picked up your phone since you were so busy either at the concert, greeting fans, or many other things. You had warned him that your relationship would be stretched during tour but apparently he underestimated it.

“You know magazines are actually talking about us. They are saying that we’re going to break up. It’s all over the media.”

“Bill, they’ve been saying that for months now.” You sighed before a realization hit you, “You aren’t…thinking of making those rumors true….right?”




“Just freaken say it yes or no?!” You demanded.

“….I don’t know.”

“Y-You don’t know? What do you mean you don’t know?! How dare you say you don’t know! You know what I’ll make up my mind for you. We’re done. Goodbye.”

With that you ended his ass and threw your phone on the bed. You sat there for a few seconds like an angry child until you realized what you had just done. Despite your anger tears prickled at your eyes and you sobbed realizing what you’d just done out of anger.

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twenty-one pilots album aesthetics
  • twenty-one-pilots: acrylic paint. the scent of a candle. lighting matches and watching them burn out. playing on an old piano. cold hands. typewritten poetry. winter. 3am walks. the clouds your breath forms when it's really cold. guitars out of tune. feeling tears on your skin.
  • regional at best: photos of you as a kid. an empty football court. a young couple on the bleachers. they are crying. feeling happy and in the next second sad. mood swings. daisies. picking flowers for your mother.
  • vessel: snow. sleepless nights. listening to music instead of sleeping. paracetamol pills on the floor. headaches. bonfires. a kid holding their mother's hand. polaroids. looking back at old photos. the nostalgia making you cry.
  • blurryface: conspiracy theories. cemeteries. red roses. shattered glass. the way a rest of light falls through blackout curtains. stars on cloudy nights. constellations. slowly getting better. looking back at how far you have come.
Distractions pt 2

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Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst (kinda…I guess?)

Summary: You and Yoongi had a history which nobody knew about. Now that you’ve debuted, you know your paths would cross again.

Word Count: 1689

Originally posted by jjks

Yoongi tossed and turned in bed unable to get the image of you out of his head. Seeing you at that music show was the first time he’d seen you in person in almost four years. He couldn’t lie, you looked amazing and watching you perform was on a whole other level. He knew you loved music just as much as he did, but he never imagined you going through trainee years or debuting as an idol. 

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Meet and Greet

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request(s): May I please ask if you can do a Yoongi x reader where you got front row tickets to their concert and he just stares at you the whole time?//  y/n meets yoongi in a fan meet n’ greet and like instead of being all hyper and nervous and all that y/n is like rlly calm and gives off this calming gentle aura, bc y/n doesnt want to hold their hand or isnt all up in his face screaming and all and it intrigues yoongi and he gives her his number and later they meet just to talk and get to know each other

Originally posted by sugagifs

The lights dimmed down in the large room filled with fans just to amp up the excitement in your chest. The room was quiet but only for seconds when the background music started playing and everyone screamed. The seven boys you had been waiting to see in person were now finally stepping out in front of your eyes. They did their greetings before starting, waving, and smiling at the fans in the audience. Yoongi catches your eye when you notice his glance directed over to you. You wave at him, smiling. To which he bites his lower lip, embarrassed, waving back at you. As the songs start coming out he continues to go near your side of the stage. Around the time they did the song, “Miss Right” he sat down on the stage. At first he was looking around in the crowd, doing his part, but near the end he continued it facing you. You smiled over at him until Jimin came over to mess with him. They laughed and moved to the other side.  All the continuous interactions made you only focus on him, forgetting you were there for all of them. After the concert you had began to file out with everyone else but someone approached you.

“I was asked to bring this to you but please don’t tell other fans. It could cause trouble..” The staff member told you

You look down at the fan meet pass, confused. “Oh but I didn’t-“

“It’s from the members. Please consider it a gift.” She told you before moving her way out of the crowd.

You start walking over to the line for the quick fan meet. You couldn’t help but wonder why they would personally hand them out until you came to the conclusion they must have been handing them out to random fans. You felt happy thinking you weren’t as lucky when it came to the stuff usually and it was a nice surprise. It’s your turn and you walk over, kneeling down in front of the table. Jimin smiles at you.

“I noticed you in the crowd earlier.” He says, signing the poster on the table.

“Really or do you say that to everyone?” you joked, laughing.

He laughed. “No, you were down in the front when I came over to Suga.”

“Hmm. I guess you really did see me then.”

Jimin extends his hands, putting his elbows down on the table to hold your hands but Yoongi cleared his throat.

“Can you keep the line moving?” He said, sitting next to Jimin.

You wave goodbye to Jimin, sliding over to him. He signs your poster fast so he could have time to talk to you.

“Thank you for coming.”

You both look back at each other as he shows off his famous smile.

“I really love your guy’s hard work and music. It wasn’t easy to get tickets though. Those things sell out in seconds.”

Yoongi reaches for your hands on the table that you kept politely in your lap so you lift them up for him.

“How about we fix that problem, then?”

You give him a confused look.

“I’m not sure what you mean by that.”

He flips over the back of the poster, writing as small as he could, to put his phone number down on it. You were honestly stuck in shock.


“Yeah…really. It’d be nice to see you cheering us on again. On and off stage. So whenever we come down here maybe we could meet up.” He told you, whispering the last part up to your ear.

Hoseok nudges him.

“You’re gonna cause a scene..”

Yoongi rolled his eyes and then turned his attention back to you.

“I guess this means I have to let you go…but this won’t be the last time I see you, right?”

You shook your head, giving him a bright smile.

“I’d love to see you again.”


Warnings: n/a

Word Count: 1,392

A/N: First fic on here. Hope y'all enjoy!

“Hey, Verge?” Roman popped into existence next to Virgil’s bed, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, looking almost worried.

After a quick internal battle of whether or not to ignore the fanciful side (and also wondering why Roman was using his actual nickname instead of something that he came up with), Virgil glanced over, one hand coming up to pull off his headphones. “What.”

“So, you know how you wear your eyeshadow?” Roman was definitely here to ask him to do something. Virgil wasn’t excited, but maybe the other wouldn’t bother him for a while if he complied.

“Cut to the chase, what do you want?” Looking at Roman’s stance and attitude, he did seem uncharacteristically… anxious. Maybe it was just Virgil’s room affecting him. Or maybe he was actually nervous about a request.

“Let me do your makeup? Please?” The words were rushed. Virgil knew that style of speaking. Trying to say something when you were afraid of the reaction. It almost made him a bit more compassionate towards the prince. But not compassionate enough to make Virgil ok with someone else doing his makeup.

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The Curves Of You~Min Yoongi

The Curves Of You~Suga


Each member will have thier own storyline, no they’re not connected. And no it won’t be ‘cliche’ or 'cringed worthy’, where the fall in love with you right away. It’s slow, and beautiful.

Warnings: Cursing, body image issues, sexual content{Later parts}, angst, fluff, and cute fucking friendship with Jung Hoseok {J-Hope} and cute ass Min Yoongi like damm.

Parts: {Part1} {Part2}

Originally posted by miichan-shiota

You’ve always been shy, your face hidden behind glasses and tangled hair. Your body covered in large pieces of clothing, covering the rolls and over flowing skin. It wasn’t that you hated everything about yourself, you loved the way your thighs looked like, how your cheeks held dimples when you giggled or smiled. But you hated more about yourself then you would like to, the way your arms were large and would flatten against your sides, your elbows holding dimples, and your stomach over flowing any tight pieces of clothing.

So you went the the local library to fall into this imagination, and the point of view of who you wanted to be. A fit beauty,with sculpted abs, tight muscles and perfect looks. Your nose always stuck in a book, reading her story, a story of a dare devil or a geeky girl turning into this beauty that everyone one love. Thats who you dreamed to be, but it changed when you got older.

You hips fitting into you stomach, your arms making you level out with yourself. Soon you where to dare devil, who all men drooled over. But you still could not get over the simple idea; fat girls don’t get loved like skinny girls.

It wasn’t like you hated people for the body type they had, you just wished you looked like them. Toned and fit, even when men seemed to travle over to you only trying to get a good fuck. They always seemed to gravitate to the more skinny and 'fit’ beautiful girls, for a real relationship. Guys are fuck buddies or best friends for someone your size. 

As you grew up, stories became your passion more then before. Different story lines, leading to you becoming a director, manly for short flims. Your scrips becoming popular around small online communities. But even that didn’t take up your weekly day at the library that started the passion for it all.

It was the middle of the afternoon, your nose deep into a book, glasses sliding down your nose. Lip slightly parted, as you turn the pages. The story line becoming of of beauty and fluidly written to horrible toxic and over all sickening. When the slam of a book pulled your from the book.

Eyes snapping up raven black hair, and deep eyes that made you hearts stop. He sat across from you, his hands holding a book on musical theory, his eyes glacinf at your for a aplit second before he looked back down. Your own snapping away from him. It was weird, no one had ever sat next to you, well more at the table with you. Mostly because book scattered around you, all having been read by you at least twice. You had no idea who he was, only that his music was most likely classical due to the piano keys flowing through the air around him.

You let your lip roll between your teeth as you got lost back into your book. The way the story explained love made you frown disgusted, shutting the now ruined book. You stood up, grabbing everything you’d read that day. Your mind kept going  the book you thought you’d enjoy, love was toxic in the book. Something violent, something inhuman and not what real-life type of love was. As you begin to put them back a hand tapped you shoulder. Letting out a squeal you turn around clutching the book to your chest. Eyes wide as you see hus raven hair, he held a light smile as his eyes shinned.

“May I help you?” You question in a hushed tone, catchung your breath as you turun back to the shelf.

“You forget this at the table Miss.” He spoke with a light airy tone, your turn to see the white papers in his hand.

“That one is mine..” you mumble making him look to the cover.

“Who’s Y/n?”

“Me.” His head snapped with a smile.

“You’re directing a short film?”

“T.V show actually.” Your words made his eyes brighten even more as he nods, his eyes looking to the script. You reached for it making his eyes snap to you, a smile that made your freeze.

“Yoongi.” He said as the papers fell into your hands, the weight of the first episode making you huff. “When does it start showing?”

“I don’t know, I have to defend it to a broad of producers first.” He nods as you start to walk away, as you do you swear you hear him sigh.

As you leave the library, there stood you best friend. Jung Hoseok, he had a large smile on his face as he held a habd out to you. “You didn’t answer my text.” He pouted pulling you into a hug, his arm over your shoulders as you two begin to walk.

“Didn’t take my purse, just my script.” He nodded as he pulled from you. His hand lacing with your as he swang the laced hand back and forth.

“You’ll get the time slot. I swear it.”

“I don’t have the meeting for a few months. Hobi-oppa.” You mumbled as you pull your habd from his, “even if I did have it today I’m not even close to ready. I have to remove some characters and add some more. It’s so stressfull. I mean not many shows are written by just the director, they have a team. All I have is a team of me.” Your words made him laugh as he shook his head.

“Sometimes all you need is yourself to be successful in life.” His words made you smile as you let out a breath of air.

“Somtimes I think , what would I do with out my sunshine…you know you’re literally one of the best people I know Jung Hoseok.” He couldn’t help but giggle as he wrapped an arm around you again.

“So are you, my dearest Y/n.”

The next day, you woken up to the realization, you had another day off. Looking to your phone you see Hoseok had texted you seeing if you were free for the a best friend movie night. Agreeing to his terms with him picking you up again from the library.

Waking into the the building of books and silence, you see Yoongi sitting at your table. You grew nervous, a large sweatshrit and baggy sweats pair with some convers covered your body. Hair in a messy bun and absolutely no makeup on your face. At the sound of a book falling both of your eyes snap to a boy, his blonde curly hair a mess and his eyes wide as he bows his head in apology.

Eyes going back to the table, you see him already looking at you. As you pass by he gives you a light hearted smile, you do the same. Grabbing a fiction book you go and sit at your normal spot across from him. It felt strange. Like someone’s eyes were watching you, looking up his eyes snap to his book again. It made you crule into yourself as he did it again, and agains and again. Soon you slam your book closed and look at him, his eyes wide as you glare.

“I get that I’m fat, but no need to stare.” You stand, leaving you book on the table wan rush out. You body rushing away from the building, catching Hoseok on the way.

“Wow,wow slow down hotshot. What’s the matter? You left pretty early.” His words made you nod as you shrug.

“Read all the book they have..probably gonna have to fine a new library.” Your words made his eyes widen as he walked with you to your building.

“That a lie." 

"So what….can we just watch the movies and stuff our faces with ice cream?”

“I’m sleeping over right?” His question made you roll your eyes as you walk down tge hall to your dorm.

“Yes, what else do you do when we have movie nights.”

“Talk about how cute this guy is in dance.”

“Park Jimin?” Park Jimin is a dancer for a class Hoseok teaches, he makes your hope blush and grow flustered.

“The one I want you to date,yes.”

“Why don’t you date him?”

“I like gi-”

“Boy, I’ll fight you.” You said moving around you dorm, he lets out a laugh and falls to the couch. “It’s a safe place here, you know that.” He smiles at you as he patts the couch.

“Okay, yeah I’m Bi, but how does one come out to parents like mine….he’s also very traditional. He’ll never be into me.” He look sad as you sit down. His head falling into you lap as you play with hus hair.

“Then he’s missing out on an amazing sunshiny guy. Who likes to cuddle, and make others so happy, he’s missing out in you.” Your words made him bury hus face in your tummy, making you tense, but remember its Hoesok. Your friend since freshman year of high school, and you relax.

“Same goes for you…..if we’re bot in relationship by 38 want to get married, adopt kids and a bunch of dogs?” His question made you let out a loud laugh as you look down at him. 

“100%, You’d make a great husband.”

“You’d make an okay wife.”

“Just okay?” He nods making you flick his forehead,he lets out a wine as he buries his head back into your stomach.


"Love ya.” You say smiling down at him as you turn on the TV, forgetting the lingering looks of Yoongi.

Don't Wait. Trust your Musical Abilities.

Music. It’s so beautiful. So simple. Yet, so complex. All of the many chords, keys, instruments and voices combine together to allow for an infinite number of pieces that can be created.
It allows for people of all skill levels to express themselves. Looking for a creative outlet? Jot down some words. Produce some tunes. Sing a song. You don’t have to be an expert; if you love it, then do it. If it makes you happy, then do it.
If music is something you’re interested in pursuing, whether it’s creating your own pieces, playing in a band or singing in a choir, pursue it. If you feel a burning passion for it, then regardless of whether or not you become the next hit pop star, you will find a way, and it will support you. Even if you have only created a couple of your own pieces, or even none at all, it will hurt even more to suppress your passion than to get rejected.

So, to all music creators, producers, writers and lovers, don’t second guess your abilities. You have a talent, and that talent will blossom. Continue to follow your passion, and allow it to grow in the most wonderful ways imaginable.

To Do:

1. Get out of bed. Roll across the sheets before you stand and tangle yourself like a caterpillar because that’ll never go out of style. Seriously, it’s fun as hell.

2. Brew coffee or tea or something else cozy. Drink it hot and in front of a window so you can watch the war going on just past the glass. Wear a blanket across your knees, it’ll be your shield.

3. Make a second cup of coffee/tea/hot drink of your choice. Repeat step number 2. Watch the steam fog up the window and draw shapes in it’s haze. Maybe you’ll see the doodles the next time it’s misty. Consider something magic. You can never have enough time exploring the inside of your own skull.

4. Put on music you haven’t listened to before. Pay attention to the lyrics, you might hear yourself. Then dance until your heart is beating to the time of the song. It’ll make you feel alive.

5. Step outside. Smell the rain and the new life and the melting air, that’ll make you feel alive too. Let the rain hit every part of you. Your finger tips, your eyelids, your teeth. Feel it dance on your skin. Remember it was once inside a dinosaur.

6. Listen to it pound elephant foot pinprick drumbeats on the roof. You might hear yourself, I know I have. Notice the way it crescendos and decrescendos like a choir of a million voices. You might fall in love.

7. Run your fingers across the brail of the clouds. The peaks and the caverns of cotton water. They’ll roar epics like you’ve never heard before. Furious and bright and deep and dark all at once. You might fall in love.

8. Watch your favorite movie, twice. Don’t let the rain distract you. It doesn’t need all your attention all day today. It has work to do, feeding the earth and drowning the heat. You deserve to sit back for a while.

9. Forget it’s raining and let yourself feel the tiny jolt of surprise when you notice the tears still rolling down your windows. Possibly repeat step 2.

10. Go to bed to melody of the droplets in the gutters and the baritone of water rushing through the streets. The storm will battle through the night if it so feels the need. You can sleep now.

—  A.O.A.M || To Do List For A Rainy Day