and you have the longest legs in the universe


A/N: This is my first Wade Wilson/ Deadpool fic! Let me know what you think!

Pairing: Wade Wilson x Reader

Word Count: 1961

Category: Angst, like a lot, fluff

Warnings: Internal fat shaming, Fat shaming (Not by Wade though), DO NOT READ IF THAT IS A TRIGGER, Reader has an unhealthy body image, Wade is kind of a jerk, but he has good intentions, Happy ending, Reader is an Avenger, 

Summary: After the tabloids call you fat, you believe them. Wade proves you wrong. 

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You laugh at the ridiculousness unfolding on the TV. Currently, you are laying in you and Wade’s apartment. Splayed across the sofa, right leg hooked over the back. Left over the arm rest, and head hanging over the side. Some trashy news station is blaring from the TV, playing some clip of some celebrity you don’t know dancing. You aren’t really paying attention to it, just have it on for something to listen to.

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