and you hate her because

A rant

I just want to say a few little things. Things that I have been wanting to say for a while. Things that to me, are very important. *clears throat* …are you ready for it?

Taylor said nothing but wonderful and kind things about Diana and people are calling her racist and saying she’s using her white privilege?! I really don’t understand why people hate her for literally anything? I bet you anything that if she hadn’t made that video, people would still have said hateful things about her. Leave her alone. If the only reason you hate her is because she’s white and noting else, then you’re the problem, not Taylor. If you hate Taylor because of some stupid untrue thing you read on fucking Twitter, or tmz or whatever, then you’re the problem. If you hate Taylor because she writes about her feelings, if you hate her because she’s generous, if you hate her because she cares more about her fans than she does the media, if you hate her because she has never said one thing about politics, if you hate her because she was manipulated by two narcissistic assholes, then YOU’RE THE PROBLEM


#now that explains why she wasn’t eating

Straight people are so ready to erase bisexuals when it comes to keeping their precious straight characters straight, but the moment it comes to shipping a lesbian character with a man she has no interest in they’re suddenly bisexual ally #1


Unpopular opinion time: A lot of the hate Ayn Rand gets is because she was a womyn. The shit she says about self interest actually is very similar to other theories men have put forward and it is very telling that that is the thing she is most hated for. The number of “Ayn Rand hates children” jokes I see is just gross because like, when does a man ever get that shit? She is called rude, unemotional, ugly, unloving and basically a failed womyn by leftist men. And this is obvious misogyny? A million men advocate for the free market and of course Ayn Rand is the one that is hated because she was a womyn who interrupts men in interviews and advocates self interest!

At the end of the day a womyn advocating self interest and relationships based not on self sacrifice but on what you want and get fulfillment from is terrifying to leftist men because…well, what would that actually mean for womyn?


us: “no we hate mercy because her design is boring and impractical, and while the idea of a powerful doctor being a woman is good it’s nothing new in this day and age. the idea of an angelic, kind, black man being a supportive healer who’s a groundbreaking nanosurgeon and inventor breaks so many more stereotypes, and would be a much more important character than a blonde haired, blue eyed white lady doctor with the personality of a dead fish”

you lot:


I tried drawing Juvia’s major appearances from memories. It’s not completely accurate but if I tried to look it up I would be there for hours, and I had only an hour before class. 


Sometimes, less ribbons is better :D


Their first and last mission together.

When did “I’d rather die than go anywhere with this guy” turn into “I’ll go anywhere with this guy even if it means I can die”?

Good Girl (M)

Plot: Good girls always had a bad side to them, and some people just brought that out – whether it be a shitty dorm mate or her boyfriend.

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut, slight angst(?), highschool au!

Warnings: Being blessed by the Jungcock, cheating, oral (giving), praising, implied masturbation

Notes: I hope this smut will make up how slow I’m becoming. I can’t help it because exams. And I can’t believe It hit 140+ followers???? What the heck???? How?? Thank you so much. I feel so great about that. 2,042 Words

Ecstasy | masterlist

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You were probably one of the most angelic people in your year. You were always kind, got good grades, did your homework – it was a shame you were stuck with a bitch as a roommate. Kim Jenna was always out partying, high-key manipulative, and just got around a lot. 

It was a surprise people actually liked her more than you.

Maybe it was because she was prettier, You pondered sometimes. Maybe it was because she actually talked to everyone, and didn’t just sit alone during lunch. Insecurity was probably the bane of your existence when you were around Jenna, especially since she teased you.

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Sofissa+Jeffmads part 6

The best thing about the latest rwby episode is it completely destroyed the dumbass ’Sun is a terrible person who stalked Blake’ argument people who want to hate on Sun for no reason had and it’s such a blessing

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She ousted herself as a cheater in this song, but ok. This is another disappointing song, to me. Lyrically and musically.

the thing is, you’re allowed to feel any and everything you want about the song. you dont have to like it and that’s the beauty of music…..and art in general. 

however, the point of the song isnt to be like “I CHEATED *takes a shot*” like it’s actually her being all “YOU MADE ME THINK ABOUT CHEATING EVEN THOUGH I KNOW I DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS RELATIONSHIP IM IN AND I HATE YOU FOR IT” because he made her lose her “train of thought” aka her focus on who she’s actually with.

she wanted someone else when she shouldnt have and she knew it wasnt right and she wouldnt let herself do that which is why she says “there’s nothing i hate more than what i cant have”

so idk where yall are getting this “she outed herself as a cheater” business from lmao

The Wake of War


So.” Stiles drops back against the side of the Jeep, elbows braced and spine sinking slow against the dusty blue metal. Derek’s hovering a few feet away, at the edge of the lot, not quite ready to vanish into the night but not prepared to join with the rest of the group, either.

He needs their voices, maybe, to block out the ones in his head.

“Looks like I saved your ass again,” Stiles is saying, flashing him a crooked grin. He looks warm and bright like the rest of them, a glow of victory dancing around him that can’t quite seep into Derek’s bones. “What’s the count, now? ‘Cause I think I’m getting pretty close to earning a victory ride in that sweet new Camaro.”

Derek’s lips twitch, a snort slipping out.

“I seem to recall saving you last time.”

“Hey, we’ve been through this. At best, that was a tie.” Stiles looks so smug Derek can’t bring himself to argue, and maybe that’s the reason Stiles’ grin falls. His eyes go soft, flitting over Derek’s frame.

“I’m glad you’re ok, man. …I mean, as nice as it would have been to have my very own, hot guy lawn ornament––”

“Why did I look at her?”

He doesn’t mean to say it; flinches at his own words. His hands are too-tight fists he stretches straight with an effort, and when he looks at Stiles again the bright expression’s gone, replaced by tension and an edge of a grimace he’s trying to fight down.

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