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I accidentally reblogged a repost on Saturday (the watermark was so small it was almost invisible) and I got two anons calling ME a thief and saying I should leave the fandom. The witch hunt has already started, and apparently we're all guilty until proven innocent. I'm going to delete my blog, and I won't be the last to go.

I’m so sorry to hear you had to deal with idiots like that, nobody ever should, and please don’t let them push you into deleting your blog. We all accidentally reblog reposts from time to time, including me, it happens, we are just humans who make mistakes.

Nothing can justify what those anons have done, nobody should get hate for accidentally reblogging a repost. You’re bigger than those cowards, dear, I can’t force you to stay here, but please only go if it’s your own decision because those anons have nothing to say over that. 

And to anyone reading this: 
Other gif/edit makers and me have been trying to raise awareness of the issue of reblogging reposts these last couple of days. This does, however, not mean that anyone has the right to send hate to people, don’t be that person!
If you see someone accidentally reblogging a repost, and it bothers you, tell them politely, don’t harass them, don’t threaten them, just be polite and considerate. I have accidentally reblogged reposts before and people have kindly pointed it out to me, which I highly appreciated.
I know for a fact many people won’t take offense when you point it out in a polite and patient way. 

Sending hate is never okay, no matter what the circumstances are!

Summer vacation

All right people, I’ll be gone for good from tomorrow on until the 26th, so don’t expect your daily dose of WS art, haha! Sorry :)
I will have a tablet around and a sketchbook, so there might be a miracle and I share something.

For the commissioners: I’m sorry that you have to wait now, I had way more lab work than I originally planned, along with some unexpected irl stuff. When I’m back it’s first prio to finish them :) Hope it’s okay?
Please don’t send me asks about re-opening, we’ll see how I manage with time and I might open for more during autumn.

Happy summer vacation for you all!

I hate tumblr’s messaging “feature”

Hey guys, if you’ve sent me an Ask recently regarding a t-shirt issue, or a request of some kind, I accidentally posted the answer publicly (not intended) and then had to delete the posts thereby deleting my answer to your question.

And because Tumblr doesn’t save messages that had been sent or previously answered, I have no way of finding those questions again or the users involved to answer them again. 

If this applies to you, please send me a message again. But actually, more preferably, send me a message on TWITTER. Thanks and sorry!!

Also, art will come soon, I promise! I’m so sorry for the delays!

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would you still write fic if you deleted the blog

if i deleted it’d be to manage my time better so probably not. idk i havent made any decisions yet i was just making a post about wanting to know if its the right choice to make but i cant ask anyone who’s deleted cause theyre gone ya know

ps this is kinda the reason i was even thinking of deleting tho like as soon as i stop writing because i dont have time all i get is people asking when im gonna write and it just kinda ruins the whole experience tbh and its not that easy to “just ignore it” once youve realized most people only like you for one thing :/ i had a friend who went through this but with themes, ppl only wanted to talk to her so she could make them a theme and she eventually got fed up and deleted which SUCKS cause idk how to find her again and ask if things got better after that

anyways, tldr: nah

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do you think that trans people have to have dysphoria to be trans? you reblogged a post about it that's all. i can come off anon if you don't want to make your views public, but i would like to know so that i can unfollow you if you do. (sorry, but it makes me upset to see posts like that, and i would like to avoid them) sorry for bothering you

I have to look back and find that post because it seems like I’ve had no idea what I’ve been doing. I don’t think people needs to be  dysphoria to be trans, thats fucking dumb to assume so and If I have reblogged a post about that, I will try and find it and delete it. 

Do you know which one it is? Since I don’t remember it.

I am really sorry, i tend to sometimes read a bit of a post and just kinda reblog it.

My most sincere apologies 

Update: I found it. I didn’t read all the points. I am so sorry, i feel like shit. I apologise. 

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hi! why are you going to delete all your posts? have a nice day!

Hi! Okay so I’ll answer this properly once and for all that ways if anyone else asks I can direct them to this. 

Basically, everything is just too messy for me. I’ve had this blog for a while, a little less than 2 years, and sorting through my posts is a huge hassle. It takes forever to find certain posts, and stuff isn’t tagged properly, and it’s just all a big mess. I’m gonna keep this month’s posts as well as last month’s for a little longer, but after that, it’s all gonna disappear.

I just want to make my tumblr cleaner not only for myself, but for all my followers as well. Make it much easier to navigate through things and all. Moving accounts was my other option but that’s kinda annoying for me and for everyone else.

I just hate the fact that my blog is a mess, it makes me kinda stressed because I’m a neat freak. I’ll probably also be unfollowing everyone and then re-following people because my dash is currently a HUGE mess and it’s a pain to scroll through sometimes. It makes me physically uncomfortable to know of the mess I have going on in here, both on my dash and my blog. I’m not even kidding. 

I’m sorry if this is kinda inconvenient for some people, I’m just really sick of the mess.

Have a nice day too Nonnie!

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what saved urls do you have? are you willing to give them away/trade?

well they’ve gone now i had to delete them 2 get my blog back. they weren’t great either! thehoech, hoechlion, princesshoechlin… they are all out there in the tumblr void.

i do have kirayukimura saved but im giving that away alread :D

#5: Photos he has of you


…are mainly filled with smiles. He likes taking photos whenever you smile because he adores your smile more than life itself. Whenever he has his phone out, he asks for a picture and you always gave that smile he loves, having so many that it’s impossible to pick a favorite. 


…are photobombed by you. It wasn’t your fault that you wanted to walk right behind him when he’s taking a selca or accidentally cross his path at some artsy scenery picture. Other times, you would do it intentionally where you would jump in his shot just to tease him. But he never deletes them and keeps them just because he thought they were too cute. 


…are ones where he had taken without you knowing. He loves taking photos whenever you’re caught off guard. He liked the way they looked; simple, effortless, and beautiful. There were some you didn’t like, saying you looked really bad in it. But he would ignore you and tell you that you look perfect because every photo you were in was perfection. 


…are taken by you. Whenever he leaves his phone laying around, you would take it and take photos of yourself, having it ranged from serious, to cute, to funny, and to just plain weird. Whenever he opens his phone, he would see about 50+ photos of you and laugh. You thought he would delete the really bad ones, but he keeps them all and goes through them, knowing you were a keeper. 


…are full of silly ones. Whether it be making a scrunched up face or even a kissy face at the camera, it would all be kept in his phone. He would always ask you to take a picture with him because they would always end up becoming really weird in the end and you both would question how did that happen. But you both would laugh whenever going through his photo album, smiles and happiness shared over simple photos. 


…are embarrassing ones. He liked taking pictures of you at your awkward moments or whenever you were doing something that made him laugh till his stomach hurts. You would always chase him and ask him to delete them, but he never does. He loved your weird and crazy side, it had to be caught on camera. And whenever he was feeling down, he would look through his photos, a smile appearing on his face. 


…are sleeping ones. He would always take a picture of you whenever you were asleep. He loved the way you looked relaxed and beautiful in your sleeping state. He would then stare at the photo he had taken, wondering how can one look so angelic when they’re sleeping. And sometimes, he would draw on your face and take a picture of it; just because he had to have some fun with his photos of you.


…are fun. The photos he had with you ranged from cute moments to romantic to funny to serious; you name it, you both probably already took a photo of it. He just liked taking fun photos where you both had fun making creative poses. He treasured them and usually showed his members the very cute ones, just to let them know that you were his.


…are lovable ones. He liked photos where it showcases the little loving moments you both had. Whether it be a simple photo of him giving you a forehead kiss or you kissing his cheek, he would have it all in his phone. He just like treasuring the love shared between you both, a smile appearing on his lips whenever he would scroll through the photos.


…are random ones. Whenever he had his phone on hand and you were with him, he would snap photos here and there. He just liked taking random photos of you, some making him smile at how pretty you looked and others making him laugh at how funny you looked. Either way, he loved every photo because he caught every moment you were with him.


…are cute ones. You both would always take cute photos, making peace signs and doing cute little poses. Seungkwan always teased you for looking weird whenever posing, but he only did that just to tease you. He would also add in how he’s the “cuter” one, making you glare at him. But he knew you were always the cuter one and often changes his home screen with a perfect photo of you both.


…are ones where he asked you to take a photo with him. You weren’t one to enjoy photos and Hansol would always ask for you to take them with him. So you did and Hansol kept them and really admired how amazing you looked. You always told him you look bad, but he would always tell you that you looked pretty and that his camera can’t see what he sees in you; perfection.


…are ones where you weren’t looking. He was still shy, always stuttering or hesitating to ask for a photo with you. There weren’t many photos of you and him together, but there were a whole lot where he would take photos of you without you knowing. He would enjoy taking them without you knowing, smiling at how pretty you looked and eventually showing his friends what a pretty girl he has.

Most of you here know me as Tescotommo, but some of you also know me as Youtube account 4theka. 

I posted about it last week, but earlier this month a certain blonde pop star got my Youtube Channel deleted in a copyright claim fit of range. My Channel had nearly 8 million views and 6,340 subscribers. But more importantly it had over 200 videos that belong to the One Direction Fandom. Twitcams, concert videos, interviews. Much of it has been lost forever. I’ve made the decision to restart my Youtube and have just spent hours sorting through my videos from the WWA tour to upload them again. The fandom deserves to have this content. Unfortunately there are certain things I cannot do on Youtube until I reach certain milestones.. and one of those is to gain 500 Subscribers. 

Below the read more are some of the videos I have taken and reuploaded to remind you of the content I post. I am going to many OTRA shows and promise you new content. I will also be sorting through my videos from other artists and past 1D tours/videos, those will be uploaded much sooner. 

I know it’s a lot to ask, but please help me regain some of my subscribers! 




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me on valentine’s day:


I adore Bakie’s Unlocked Lawn Parts but garden beds need to be full of dirt or mulch. So I made it so as part 1 of a series of garden stuff.  Because we don’t have much in the way of garden things yet =( And I had to do these twice because after recolouring them the first time - I mistakenly perma-deleted them while pissed off about something else - gg me!

You get:

  • All 12 pieces each in 6 different wall recolours with both dirt and mulch beds
  • Custom colour swatches and catalogue thumbnails.
  • Each type has a shared catalogue entry
  • Individual or merged file downloads

Bakie’s original Unlocked Lawn Part meshes can be found at ModTheSims or at this thread on the Sims 4 Studio forum.

DOWNLOAD at Dropbox


Next week I have a bunch of Maxis plant recolours to upload and then I am going to start begging for some garden plant conversions.

Dangerous Tutorials

A list of tutorials that have been proven hazardous to cosplayers health, as well as general safety PSAs that I’ve been compiling. Please submit links to similar posts (or add your own links with reblogs) so this list can be as complete as possible!  Here’s the page on this blog that will update with any changes made or new information gathered. 

Gas masks* this link now leads to a deleted post; it warned that cosplayers avoid buying older gas masks online. It’s been a while since I posted the link so i’m not entirely sure, but i believe it had to do with a health hazard in the manufacturing of older gas mask models.

Contact lenses: Where to get them so they’re still safe, and what can happen if you aren’t careful.  (*And definitely don’t try and make your own! There are some things you can craft for yourself when it comes to cosplay, but contacts are not it.) Here’s a link to how to stay safe with buying contact lenses.

Duct tape binding/ace bandage binding/general unsafe binding methods. If you plan on binding, be sure to do your research and take lots of breaks!  (Most resources are geared towards nonbinary and trans men, such as the link provided above, but some cosplay forums also address the topic. On a vaguely related note, do not enter binder giveaways in attempt to use one for cosplay when the giveaways are intended for trans men or nonbinary people.)

Acrylic paint is dangerous and unhealthy! Especially don’t get it on your eyes, or lips- ingesting it is extremely unsafe- but it’s not good for use as body paint, either. Double check that the brand of body paint you’re purchasing doesn’t have an acrylic base. (The original post this linked to was by a professional bodypainter, but since then they’ve changed websites without a link to the new one; this new website looks a little childish, but it still contains the basic information!)

PAX Bodypaint: despite being recommended frequently, the companies in charge of producing it, it turns out, stated that the ‘notoxic’ statements are in reference to if small amounts get on hands while painting- not intended for long term use, especially in areas (hands, face) that could result in ingesting the material.

“DIY colorful lipstick” tutorials involving applying eyeshadow to the lips.

“Shark Teeth” tutorial involving liquid nails (Dangerous, even in small amounts!)

Wearing pointe shoes for a ballerina cosplay is dangerous for your ankles! You need years of training to build up the appropriate strength for this sort of thing. There are cheaper and safer options mentioned in the linked post. (Remember: ballerinas look like they aren’t trying because they’ve spent most of their lives building up the muscles to do the task and to make it look effortless.)

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I'm about confused about the "want kids" doodle. Maybe it's because english is not my first language but is it meant like "Don't have kids when you're young"? That would actually not be a very uplifting things to say as some of your followers are young moms. But maybe i misunderstood. Can you explain it?

I just reread it, and I see what you mean. I meant it as “it’s okay that you haven’t had kids yet. You still have time to have them (if you want them). You’re not too late. Don’t give up hope.*”, and it can be taken that way, but it can also be read as “it’s okay if you want kids. Wait a while though!” 

Sorry! My bad. I didn’t mean it that way, and I didn’t realize it could be read that way when I wrote it, but looking back, it seems obvious. I’ll just delete the post and update it with another version that’s hopefully better written at some point in the future. Sorry again if the post hurt or insulted anyone. I wish you the very best.

Thanks for messaging! I know it’s tough when you read something in a language that isn’t your own, and you’re like “is it wrong? or is it just me?” Your english is great though, so yay for that! 

*on a related note, I’m aware that there are people out there who can’t give birth or afford adoption. I’m not trying to take away from that. My post was for a specific situation where the only problem was feeling too old/late.




After a month and a half, the ‘special artwork’ is finally done and it’s totally not a self-ship in form of a doujinshi, i dunno what you’re talking about. Had to delete the photobucket link since it just kept scrambling the pages ugh. 

I had a ton of fun with this, but odds are I won’t draw another manga. It’s just too time-consuming and exhausting.

PART 1 is here, I’ll link PART 2 and PART 3 too in the description after I have them up. rueamasawa autumnfrore seoulmateswooner tokyolovelights theotomewriter xiiifriday protagonist-sama AS PROMISED. <3

Please don’t repost. Thank you!!

Thank you and farewell!

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in Faberry Week 2015 as well as everyone who has participated in Faberry Week over the years. This fandom is incredibly talented and creative, and it has been a pleasure seeing all the works you have created for these weeks. :)

As has been said before, Faberry Week 2015 was the final Faberry Week. We’ve had an amazing run, but with Glee ending and many of the creative members of Faberry fandom moving on to new shows and ships, it felt like it was time to put a bow on things.

A few folks have asked if this blog is going to be deleted. It won’t. It will remain so that anyone who wants go to back and look through the Faberry Week archive can.

And, as always, those of you who did not have your entries ready during Faberry Week, feel free to submit them when they are ready. I will still reblog them. There’s no hard and fast deadline.

Once again, thank you all so, so much for doing this with me for the last four years. You guys rock!