and you guys know the other 4 in the front :)

Steven: Why don’t I get to go to school like Connie?

Pearl: I’ll tell you how I feel about school, Steven: it’s a waste of time. Bunch of people runnin’ around bumpin’ into each other, got a guy up front says, ‘2 + 2,’ and the people in the back say, '4.’ Then the bell rings and they give you a carton of milk and a piece of paper that says you can go take a dump or somethin’. I mean, it’s not a place for smart people, Steven. I know that’s not a popular opinion, but that’s my two cents on the issue.

The Way Home (Part 1)

Summary: AU. Two hearts are broken after reader makes the difficult decision to leave home and pursue her dreams. When her older brother Steve asks her to come home, reader is forced to confront her past and the life she could have had with her ex, Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,737

Warnings: language, fluff, implied sexy times, angst

A/N: I just can’t seem to stay away from Bucky. Here we go again. Thanks to @thenightmarebeforebucky for the title help!

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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anonymous asked:

How do you draw a profile to match the front face? They end up becoming two different people...

I used to have a lot of trouble with this myself until I figured out one simple trick. All you gotta do is know how to work with layers in a program like Photoshop, SAI, Manga Studio, etc, or have a ruler if you’re a traditional artist. 

  • 1. Let’s take a look at this dude. I drew the front of the face first and then tried to match the profile the best I could. Looking at it quickly it seems fine, doesn’t it? (well, other than the eyebrows; I forgot he was frowning.) But when you focus you can tell it looks.. well, off, compared to the one to the left.

  • 2. This part can be a bit tricky. Take each layer and change the lines to a different, contrasting color or make it a different opacity (or both) and then overlap them. To make it less confusing, put the layers as “multiply”. This way you can see the lines without confusing them too much.  Try adjusting it to match as good as you can. Now when we have all the parts next to each-other, we can tell what’s wrong. The mouth is too high up, the nose is way too short, the eyes are also too high up, the forehead is too big, and the skull is too small. Thank goodness I at least got the neck and chin right! Let’s adjust these things so that they are at least the right height. (For you traditional artist, just use the ruler to measure the parts!)

  • 3. Now the most obvious things are fixed, and we can see a big improvement. Everything matches height-wise. Nothing is glaringly wrong, but there’s still some details that are off. if you look closely, you can see that the cheek doesn’t quite match up, as well as the eye-shape and the nose shape. Also the expression. (On another note, I made the skull on the blue one a bit smaller, just so you don’t get confused. I noticed it was an anatomy error)

  • 4. Fixed the minor details, and as you can see, there was a major difference. I’m going to make different tutorial on noses later on, but how do you know if a nose is down-turned or up-turned by looking at it from the front? Well, a down-turned nose is usually V-shaped, like the guy in my picture. An up-turned nose usually have more visible nostrils. Anyway. I’m happy with the results, let’s put the finished products next to each other.

  • Yep! We can tell it’s the same guy now. Small things make a huge difference, and this trick is really easy once you get used to it. It might feel a bit trippy at first with all the lines  clashing, but as I said, you get used to it. Let’s see the before-and-after.

  • Not quite the same dude.

But yeah, there you go! If you’re interested to see more of my tutorials, just click [here]. Also, send me an ask if you have any tutorial request, I’d love to help!

Choose wisely

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Smut, cursing, unprotected sex, death
A/N: This is an interactive fanfic. In the end of this part you will find different options of how the story will proceed. Click the link with the decision you’d like to make! Choose wisely.
Words: Depends. 2k~2.5k

“GET DOWN!” Bucky shouted at you and you ducked down so he could shoot the armed guy that was running toward the two of you. It was hard sometimes to understand Bucky when he had that mask on but most of the time you didn’t need words. You fought as a team for quite some time now.  

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1) Adelaide is showing a video of a baby to the groomsmen. Check out the guy on the far right. I love it when outsiders are just as tickled by her as we are.

2) Snacking on the front porch of our cabin between pictures and the ceremony, when it had started raining again

3) “look tough”

4) J from college, G from high school, Adelaide, me, and the LA sister waiting for our turn with the photographer.

5) You wouldn’t know it by this photo (or any of the others) but it was pretty cold. It had been raining most of the morning. In fact, we’d set several alarms while we were getting ready to keep checking the weather. We had until 2:00 to decide if we needed the photographer to take photos somewhere else, but we wound up getting a sunny window just in time. It started sprinkling again just as we were finishing up.

It was the same for the ceremony. It rained and rained and then there was just enough time to wipe off the chairs before starting on time. Well, almost on time. Someone said we were about 10 minutes late when the music started – “Into the Mystic” for the wedding party – but 10 minutes late should count as on time for a wedding.

Weddings never start when they’re supposed to.

ok the video of the guys having a dance off is like

lee n sasuke are waiting 4 gai to pick them up n sasuke goes “shotgun”. lees like “you sat at front on the way here now its my turn” and sasukes like “no its not i called it first those are the rules”. they stare at each other for a few seconds n they know the only way 2 settle this is by having one of their competitions

lee n sasuke, in the middle of the school parking lot:

What Are You Doing?//Pack & L.D.//

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“What are you doing?”

Pairing(s):Pack x Child!Reader, Liam x Younger!Sister!Reader

Requested? Yes (not on CoTW)

Request: Could you do a child!reader and pack Christmas imagine where they take the reader to see/ take a picture with Santa and the pack finds Y/N peeking under the Christmas tree looking at the presents? -Anon

Word Count: 1,183

A/N: I have 0 regrets for the length.

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Crime fighting Spider

Author’s note: So here it is! The third installment to ‘Spiderboy’…. I hope you guys like it! I think I’ll probably write one more part, and then end it, because I have a lot of other requests to get to! Maybe I’ll have part 4 up tomorrow??? Who knows. And don’t worry about the end of this, I have MANY more Peter Parker oneshots coming! Without further ado… Part 3!

|| Part One || Part Two ||

Peter Parker x Reader

“I’m coming too.” You stated, folding your arms and staring expectantly at your father and Peter who stood in front of you. “Y/N, that’s not happening.” Tony replied, mirroring your stance, and Peter rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “He’s right.”

“Peter!” You gasped. “Don’t take his side!” You raised your eyebrows, looking between the both of them. “You could get hurt.” The teen said, to which your father nodded and muttered, “Exactly.” You shook your head at them, uncrossing your arms and planting your hands on your hips. “So could you both. But I’m not telling you not to go. It’s my decision, Dad.” Tony sighed, looking down at the floor. “I can’t stop you, can I?” You smiled victoriously, shaking your head, to which he replied. “Fine.” 

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☾ #WYD 4/7 | Jinhwan

gif cre: to my sister from another mister @hwan-tastic. I know you wanted this so here you go :-D i love you Kya, soosososos much! <333333 don’t die on me :)))))

A little light between the darkness of the streets coming from a small bus Jinhwan was sitting in. There were quite a few people sitting in front of him, a guy; maybe around his age and an elder woman sitting on the other side. Some more people, dark hair, slim and broad figures, a man with a cap and a couple in the very front. There were quite a few, although it was pretty late at night.

However the only person Jinhwan cared about; was you. The pretty girl with the most enchanting eyes, a smile so delicate that his heart skipped a beat and as if that wasn’t enough; there were two little dimples marking each of your cheeks.  

You had spent the day together, from the early morning until now; and even of it have been almost 12 hours, he didn’t feel like saying goodbye so soon.  

There was a weight he suddenly felt on his shoulder, a mop of hair resting on his sides as he turned his head to see you dozing off. He felt a bit shy but there was a little smile that formed on his lips immediately, no wonder you had been quite all this time, and he tried to keep his position the same, so he wouldn’t wake you up.  

You kept waking up though, cutely apologizing just to fill the space between his neck and head again. Jinhwan didn’t even mind; in fact it made him feel all fuzzy and warm for once and he felt like he was needed. You usually never really depended on him, “It’s because you’re so small, what can you possibly do?”, you had always joked around with him.  

Well, he wasn’t so bad as being a giant pillow though.

It was your stop that made you realize it was time to wake up, once again you felt your head resting on Jinhwan’s shoulder and you bowed one more time before saying your goodbye to get off the bus. You couldn’t help to look at him one last time, before you headed out the door. He wasn’t even looking at you but your heart was still doing that thing when his face came into sight.  

You sighed as you walked through the darkness, golden streetlights illuminating bits of the road your were walking on. Was is weird that you already missed him?  

A heavy sigh escaped your mouth; you had been meeting up for 3 months now and there was still not happening much. Well, there was with you since you felt yourself falling more and more for his pretty eyes and face and oh that smile.  

Jinhwan was so tiny but had such a big impact on you.  

Thinking of him, you actually heard him calling your name and you thought you were imagining it before you heard it again. You turned around to see his tiny figure getting bigger as he ran towards you; he was still tiny though when he reached you.  

“Yeah?” The corners of your mouth lifted upwards as you watched him catch his breath before he handed you his jacket.  

“I thought you might be cold since you’re not wearing so much.”  

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Imagine being in a secret relationship with Yoongi

You climbed out of the car and headed towards the main building in front of you. The dorms were on the seventh floor, and you could feel your heart pounding. Taehyung had been your best friend since you were both 4 years old and, in all the years that you had known each other, you had never had a fight. But this was a fight, a big one. He had introduced you to the guys a little over 2 years ago and, although it wasn’t his intention, you hit it off with Yoongi right away. A year after getting to know each other, you started to date, and had been official for 9 months. Before he introduced you to the guys, he made them promise to not get involved with you, as he was like a brother to you and had always been very protective. That’s why Yoongi suggested keeping it at secret, just so Taehyung wouldn’t be mad.But Taehyung had found out and was very angry.

You raced up the stairs of the dorm to find Yoongi and Taehyung yelling at each other. The other guys looked very confused until you entered the room, and everyone turned to face you.

“I can’t believe you,” Tae stepped towards you and you noticed Yoongi did the same, watching Tae carefully as if ready to defend you. “You are my best friend, Y/N. Why would you keep that from me?”

“I’m sorry I…”

“You don’t get to say sorry!” He snapped, taking another step forwards.

“Calm down!” Yoongi grabbed his arm.

“Everyone needs to calm down!” Jin stood up from his seat on the sofa. “All of you sit down right now. We’re not going to yell about this, let’s just talk about it, alright?”

You all hesitated, watching Taehyung. He was still looking into your eyes, before he nodded and walked over to the sofas. He sat down and you all followed his lead.

“Someone better start explaining,” Taehyung stated. “Or I’m going to start screaming.”

“We have been together for 9 months,” Yoongi began. “I mean when you first introduced us to her, you made us promise not to get involved with her. I know that you are protective of her, but why would I ever want to hurt her?

“And you?” Taehyung turned to look at you. “Have you got anything to say?”

You stood up and sat next to Taehyung, who didn’t take his eyes off you. You saw Yoongi tense up, as if ready to jump in front of you if he started yelling again.

“We wanted to tell you,” You said softly. “But the more time that passed, the angrier you’d be.”

“Y/N you are my best friend, I’m just hurt that you kept it from me.”

“I know you are,” You replied. “I am really sorry.”

“Do you really love her?” He looked at Yoongi.

“Of course I do,” He took the seat next to you and held your hand. “I fell in love with her as soon as you introduced me to her.”

“Did anyone know” He looked round at the group.

“I did,” Jimin raised his hand slowly.

“You told JImin?”

“Well I actually walked in on them having s-”


“This better be a serious relationship,” Taehyung stood up. “You have my blessing, so long as you are together forever.”

“It is. I love her. I was actually planning on asking Y/N if she wants to move in together.” Yoongi looked at you.

“Of course!” You beam, leaning forwards and kissing Yoongi’s cheek, before looking up at Taehyung. “Tae, we are really sorry. Please could you forgive us?”

He looked between you two, seeing you hold hands and how close you were. He also saw the way Yoongi looked at you, and knew he was the one for you. He smiled and nodded.

“Just don’t kiss around me, okay?”

GRADUATION CAPS WITH @phantomdoctor !!! Hers is with the Morty, mine’s with the Rick.

The full quote we used, albeit hard to read, is “I’ll tell you how I feel about school: it’s a waste of time. Bunch of people runnin’ around bumpin’ into each other, got a guy up front says, ‘2 + 2,’ and the people in the back say, '4.’ Then the bell rings and they give you a carton of milk and a piece of paper that says you can go take a dump or somethin’. I mean, it’s not a place for smart people. I know that’s not a popular opinion, but that’s my two cents on the issue.”

WE OUT MOTHAFUCKAAAS!!!!! I am so happy to have been RELEASED from this HELLHOLE!!! Thank you for NOTHING!!!

BTS scenario: You wearing heels and being taller than them

I don’t know how accurate these are but i took a shot.

-Admin Strawberry IceCream


Your height difference won’t matter for Jin as long as you’re getting along well and you both are on the same page. The fact that you are slightly taller than with 2 or 4 inches doesn’t prove anything. He would be proud when you’d go out with him on fancy dinners or parties and attract other guys’ attention, knowing that you belong to him.


If you were the same height as him it wouldn’t be that big of a problem but to wear heels while you are going out with him just makes him feel emasculated in front of his friends and if you’d wear them, he will just end up by giving you the silent treatment the whole night/day. That is why you’d rather wear flats and please him than fight over something meaningless. 


This sunshine wouldn’t have the slightest problem with you being the same height or taller than him. He would just joke around and maybe even try out some of your heels as well just to make you laugh as he dances to girl group dances. When you go out, he would show you off and treat you like a princess with exaggerated hand gestures when you get out of the car.

A/N: This gif is so cute *-* #ForeheadHobi


Namjoon would be just like Yoongi, not enjoying the fact that his partner is taller than him. But unlike Yoongi, he will voice out his displeasure and make sure to make you understand how much that affects him. And because of his constant reminder that he is the ‘man’ in your relationship, you would always wear flats or sneakers every time you’d go out together.


Even though you were the same height as him, it was hard going out on dinner dates or parties without Jimin getting upset. You know he’s not comfortable with being the small one in the relationship, with the members always making fun of his height. And to avoid up upsetting him, knowing that he’s already insecure, you just wore flats so you could be at similar heights.


The second maknae of the group wouldn’t be so interested in how tall you’d be if he truly loved you. Sometimes before you’d go out, he’d try out some of your heels just for fun and to make you laugh. He never really cared about that aspect if things were going great between the two of you. When you’d wear them, he would most likely brag about you and show off your long and beautiful legs.


The maknae wouldn’t approve of you being taller than him when you wear your heels. He’d probably throw them out just to make sure you wouldn’t have the chance to challenge him. And because you know how competitive he is even over the little things, you’d tease him for a bit before going out, but changing into flats in the last minute.

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Could I please request a reaction of Jimin, V, and Suga where you are lowkey trying to turn them on by "accidentally" touching them or saying mildly sexual things that could be innocent if you weren't in that mindset around the other guys? Thank you!

ALSO: reaction of Jimin, Suga and Rapmon when you keep touching their thigh at the table in front of friends/the other hyungs?

only doing 4 ppl cause its kinda the same request :))))


Jimin: What are you trying to do exactly here baby???

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V: *tries to act nonchalant and fails 100%*

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Suga: If you dont stop this now you know there’s going to be punishments right???

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Rapmon: bring it on…but consider this a warning 

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- Sky x

10 things that Danes do while biking

We know all Danes are born with bikes in between their legs. These guys are crazy about bikes and Denmark is one of the countries with most number of bicycles per habitants.

They bike every time, to every where and it doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, raining or windy outside, (which is practically all the time). They will go somewhere biking.

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4/4 You're Each Other's First Kiss

Requested: You know it

Author: Brittany


  • Sorry if it’s not up to par, I tried :/
  • I want to be friends with these boys

4/4 You’re Each Other’s First Kiss

Mikey: “Tell me something you’ve never told anyone,” You said. It was a warm summer night. You and your best friend, Michael, had snuck out for the third time this week. Your favorite place in the world was the simple swing set in the local park. You two had been going there since you were kids. It was just like any other night. You guys were lying down on a blanket right in front of the swings. You had your head on Michael’s stomach and he was running his finger through your hair. “Um,” He hummed, searching for an answer to your question. You two didn’t have a lot of secrets from each other. “I hate being an only child,” He revealed, “When you’re not around, I feel so damn alone.” You flipped onto your stomach and snuggled into his chest. “What about you?” Michael asked, “What’s something you’ve never told anyone?” You lifted your head. “I’ve never been kissed,” You sighed. Michael seemed shocked, “Really?” You nodded. He sat up and looked you in your eyes, “Me neither, you could’ve probably guessed that. But you’re so beautiful, I don’t understand.” You blushed, “Shut up, Mikey.” “No, really,” He shook his head, “I could…” He trailed off. You scrunched your nose, “You could what.” “I could kiss you!” Michael blurted out and his cheeks flooded with embarrassment. “So,” You breathed, “Kiss me.” You leaned in; he bit his lip, and looked down. Suddenly, Michael’s big, soft lips were delicately pressed to yours. After a couple of seconds, he pulled away, “Was it ok? I was so nervous.” You snickered, “Michael Gordon Clifford, nervous?! Incredible.” He lightly pushed your shoulder, “Shut up, you know I hate my middle name.” You kissed his cheek, “It was great, Mikey.” And his smile lit up the night sky because he finally got the girl of his dreams.

Ashton: “Eat worms, Irwin!” The popular crowd at summer camp lived to terrorize the thirteen year old. Today they were holding him down and holding worms over his mouth. Ashton bit his mouth shut, but he wasn’t strong enough for these bullies. One of the guys pried his mouth open and shoved a couple of worms into his mouth. Ashton sputtered as the live worms crawled around his mouth. Tears started to form in his eyes, but he blinked them away, not wanting the others to see his weakness. Suddenly, a powerful voice hung in the air, “Hey,” a girl’s voice yelled, “Let go of him!” Ashton managed to spit the worms out and look up. It was y/n, one of the popular girls. What was she doing helping him? An awful feeling crept up Ashton’s throat. He was going to hurl. Please don’t make me do this in front of the prettiest girl at this camp, Ashton thought. It was too late. He was gagging and throwing up everything he had eaten that day, and it was all thanks to four little worms. “Ew disgusting, Irwin,” one of the bullies complained. Ashton looked up at y/n with tear filled eyes. “I said,” She gritted her teeth, “Let go of him.” “Tell you what,” Another bully sneered, “We’ll let him go if you let him kiss you.” Y/n got close to Ashton. “Deal,” She confirmed. Ashton shook his head, “No I can’t let you do this!” His hands were shaking and she grabbed them, leaning in. “Y/n, stop,” The boy squealed, “I’ve just had a ton of crap in my mouth, you don’t want to kiss me!” Y/n laughed, “Just shut up, cutie.” “Cutie?” Was the last thing Ashton could say before Y/n’s lips crashed into his. “Ewwwww,” The crowd moaned, but Y/n didn’t care. “Hey,” Y/n chirped, pulling away, “Despite the taste, that was a pretty good first kiss.” “Really?” Ashton asked. “Mhm,” Y/n helped him off the ground, “C’mon, Irwin, what do you say we go down to the rope swing?” The dimpled kid grinned, “I’d really like that. Thank you Y/n.” Blushing, he took Y/n’s hand as they walked off into the start of something great.

Luke: “Ugh!” You groaned and flopped onto your best friend’s bed, “I just don’t even know at this point!” Luke chuckled, “I’m really sorry about that, Y/n.” “Luke,” You whined, dropping your head into his lap, “What do I do?” “Well,” He started, clearing his throat, “I don’t really know, considering you haven’t told me what’s wrong yet.” You sighed, “What was your first kiss like?” Luke froze, “My, uh, my-“ “Because you know I haven’t had mine yet,” You cut him off immediately after asking the question, “And I think Michael wants to kiss me.” “Michael as in Michael Clifford?” Luke’s jaw tightened, “As in the guy I hate most in the school?” You nodded, “I really like him, but you know. He’s a bit older than me, and he’s like really mature, and I just want to be prepared, right?” He didn’t say anything. “Tomorrow he wants to meet me under the bleachers,” You continued, but suddenly Luke jumped up. “I am not letting you go!” He yelled, “Not with Michael Clifford! Nope!” You sat up and stared at him, “Why not!” “Because I said so!” Luke’s voice got angrier and angrier. “Since when do you get to dictate my life?” You snarled, turning away from him. “I’m your best friend,” His voice lowered just a tad, “And I can’t believe you plan on kissing my enemy.” “GET OVER YOURSELF!” You screamed at the top of your lungs, “You’re just jealous of him because you’re a wimpy, insecure brat!” Just then, Luke’s lips smashed into yours and you let them. You realized what was happening and pulled away with a gasp. “I’m sorry,” Luke put a hand over his mouth, “I just, I, I always overthink everything, but for some reason I didn’t. I just went for it.” You whispered, “Wow, that, uh, that was really overdue.” You jammed your lips into his for round two. Suddenly, Liz opened the door. You pulled away from each other, but she just said, “Finally,” And left. You kissed him one more time. “Now,” Luke smiled, “I can tell you that my first, second, and third kisses were perfect because they were with you.”

Calum: It wasn’t a particularly nice night, but it was ok because you were walking with your best friend, Ashton. “So where’s this party?” You asked him. “Just some guy’s house,” He answered with a shrug. When you rounded the corner, you spotted a quaint house ruined with overbearing music and naked people running around. “This is it,” Ashton said opening the door for you. You looked around and spotted your mortal enemy. “Ash…” You growled, “Whose party is this?” He threw his hands up, “Look, before you say anything I would just like to say that-“ He was cut off. “Y/n Y/l/n!” Your enemy shouted at you sarcastically. “Calum Hood!” You mocked. “What the hell are you doing here?” He Calum spat, “This is my party.” Ashton stepped in the middle of you two, “Look, I needed someone to go with me. Y/n is one of my best friends, Cal, and you’re gonna have to learn to accept that.” “Whatever,” He muttered walking away. A couple of hours into the party, you went searching for bathroom and wandered upstairs. You saw an open door with the lights turned off and decided to go in. You shut the door behind you and began searching with a light switch until someone came around the corner with a flashlight. “Did you shut that door?” It was Calum. “Yeah?” You dragged out your response. “Great,” He muttered, “Now we’re locked in here! The lock is broken, the light bulb is out, and worst of all: I’m here with you.” You rolled your eyes, “Might as well get comfortable. Hey I have a question! Why are you such a dick?” Calum laughed, “Well, why are you such a bitch?” “Shut up,” You groaned. “The only way you can shut me up is with a kiss,” He muttered. You smiled. You had never been kissed before. “Why not?” You shrugged and stuck your tongue down his throat. “Whoa,” Calum said as he pulled away, “That worked?” “What?” You said cocking your head. “Alright, confession time,” Calum started, “I’ve had this big ugly crush on you since Ash introduced us, but I thought I could shake it off. Truth is, I’m an insecure loser who hasn’t been kissed until now and I thought I could put on this mask. Like I’m so bad boy who doesn’t give a shit, but I do, Y/n. I really do. Look, this door isn’t even locked!” He laughed, kicking the door open. You laughed too, and holding his face in your hands, you kissed him again. “I think,” You grinned, “I like this insecure loser.”  

Request Prefs and Imagines Please!

lukehemmings-harrystyles-  asked:

Can u do an imagine where your boyfriend beats you up cuz he thunks ur having another mans baby nd the guys of 5sos find out everything i would love it if u did thx

(Part 2)

I relaxed on the couch, putting my feet up so I was spread across the couch and switching my phone to my other ear as I did so.

“I don’t know, Luke. He’s been acting a little strange lately” I replied to my best friend, Luke. We’ve known each other since we were babies.

I am 4 months along my pregnancy and have just started showing. As soon as I heard the front door open and slam shut, I knew I had to cut off my phone conversation.

“Luke, I’ve got to go” I rushed.

“Wait, (Y/N), I-” he didn’t get to finish as I hung up on him.

I watched as my boyfriend of three years walked into the room and threw his jacket on the ground along with his work bag.

“Hey babe, How was your day?” I asked Kyle, my boyfriend.

“You were talking to him again, were’t you?” he accused.

“Kyle, what are you talking about?” I knew what he was on about, I just thought i was play it safe and try to avoid an argument this eventing.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about, (Y/N), don’t play dumb. You were talking to him again” I flinched at the volume of his voice getting louder and louder.

“He’s my best friend” I defended.

“You know how I feel about him (Y/N)”

my jaw dropped.

“He’s my best friend” I repeated, raising my voice to hopefully get my point across.

“Yeah, well ‘best friends’ don’t go around and get their best friend pregnant” Kyle retorted.

“What are you talking about?” i asked.

“Oh come on. isn’t it obvious? You and Luke go around in secret all the time. you’re cheating on me.” He stated. but before I could even answer, he continued.

“Plus, your bump is so tiny. we haven’t had sex in months. you’re not really 16 weeks, are you? in fact, you’re probably only 8.” He pointed his right index finger at me, taking slow steps towards me.

“Kyle, you don’t usually start showing until you’re four months pregnant. I promise that you’re the only man I have ever slept with in the past three years. With every step forward he took, I was taking two steps back, until my back hit the plaster wall of our small house.

“Don’t lie to me, (Y/N)! You know I hate it when you lie to me!” Kyle yelled.

“I-I’m not lying to you K-Kyle. I p-promise!”

“STOP LYING!” He shouted.

My vision went slightly hazy when his hand made contact with my cheek and i could suddenly feel a stinging sensation from where I was slapped.

My eyes watered and i fell to the ground, tears trailing down my cheeks.

“That’s it, you’re a bitch, (Y/N), you know that? A stupid, lying bitch” he looked down at me.

“Go run along with that Luke guy, see what he has to say about this”, He smirked, kicking me in the lower abdomen, right where by baby bump was. This caused me to erupt into loud sobs, in both pain and fear.

He must have found enjoyment in this because he smirked and kicked me in the stomach once again, which sent a wave of pain through my body.

I braced myself for a third kick, but managed to just open my eyes when I felt no contact. Before me was my (ex) boyfriend on the floor, unconscious, and my best friend standing over him, panting slightly.

Luke’s eyes travelled to my limp body on the ground as his blue ones connected with mine.

Luke snapped out of his trance as he realised that I was in pain. He took quick steps towards me and scooped me up in his arms as he cradled my weak body while sitting on the floor. I started sobbing again.

“shhh. It’s going to be okay, (Y/N). I’m here now, and the guys are calling an ambulance.” Luke soothed, running his free hand through my hair trying to calm me down.

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5PM (3AM Calum imagine pt. 3)

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Calum didn’t follow me back into my room. I mean, I wasn’t expecting him to, but I really really wanted him to. God, I’m an idiot.

I spent the next few hours holed up in my room, too afraid of leaving in fear of running into Calum. I could only spend so long staring at the same four walls, though. Around mid-afternoon I was about to go insane.

I hesitantly stood up and made my way over to the door, which was slammed shut hastily hours ago and hasn’t been opened since. I stood there with my hand on the knob for a solid five minutes before finally turning it.

I quickly padded down the stairs and out the front door, desperate for fresh air. I walked briskly down the road that I’m pretty sure was heading towards the beach.

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