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The AP United States History Exam is right around the corner. These next few weeks are the most stressful time of the year for most students. So, if you are going to procrastinate, you can procrastinate with style! Here is a list of movies, musicals, videos, ect. that came to mind while I was studying during the year. They are a lot of fun to watch, but they are educational, and most of them are free!

TV Shows:

Liberty’s Kids: a super cute, animated series that takes place during the American Revolution, and highlights some of its aftermath. There are 40 episodes, but each thirty minute episode is full of concrete details. Start watching the first episode here 

Drunk History: Really funny with some topics not often discussed in the textbooks, but very relevant. 


Hamilton: obviously this is a no-brainer. The music is full of concrete details and has helped me so much during my multiple choice practice tests dealing with early US development. You can listen to the full soundtrack here. Below is a shortened list of songs that have the most relevant concrete details.

Dogfight: Probably my favorite musical. It’s one night in America during the Vietnam war, and there aren’t a ton of concrete details, but the parts here (starting at 1:19) and here (10:25) accurately reflect the time period. You can start watching the whole musical here. (warning: there is a lot of cursing)

Pocahontas: Okay, let me preface this by saying that there are a lot of inaccuracies in this movie. A lot. But if you disregard the portrayal of Pocahontas and John Smith, there are some CDs. Listen to the Virginia Company for some of the highlights. 

EDIT (7/9/16) : Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: Though there is some explicit language I picked out the songs that have some great concrete details on Jackson’s presidency and philosophies.

  • Populism Yea Yea: a helpful definition of populism
  • The Corrupt Bargain: this event always confused, and this song definitly clears it up (featuring Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun and John Quincy Adams)
  • The Saddest Song: really sums up Jackson as a president in a different point of view


Schoolhouse Rock: Reconnect with your childhood and refresh on some historical events!

The XYZ Affair: i

t may be weird, but you will definitely remember it

The Gadsden Purchase:

Never forget

So that’s my list. All of the links are italicized. If you have any movies/musicals/videos/songs/ect that you think would help feel free to message me and I will add it to list. Good luck to everyone on the test this Friday!

I Am Already Home

A playlist for Nina Zenik and Matthias Helvar from the Six of Crows duology! I made a really soulful cover with a dramatic title, and although there’s a lot soulful and dramatic music in here, there’s also stuff like Håll om Mig, which is a Eurovision song you should absolutely imagine Nina singing. My song choices are unsubtle as ever!
Also, an honorable mention for Andy Black’s “We Don’t Have to Dance”, which wasn’t a candidate for the playlist but which I apparently had to listen to on repeat to get the cover art right. (???)


Seriously, Annie fans, if you don’t know this song you should open this RIGHT NOW. It’s part of Linked Horizon’s “Shingeki no Kiseki” album, and I swear this is far better than any of the “official” character songs.
This is a truly masterpiece. Not only has beautiful, sad and amazingly well writing and accurate lyrics, which are the best Annie’s character depiction you could ever dream of. It also features GORGEOUS vocals and the music conposition is truly over the top (as expected from REVO). Even the title is a m a z i n g. It soon became one of my fave songs ever, and still get moved every time.
Also, if you didn’t, please give a listen to the whole album, there are also themes about Ilse’s Notebook and Carla, for example, and all of them are incredible. I swear it’s really a choice with no regrets.

(And thanks to @marchen-v-friedhof for all your amazing translations, as well as the YouTube user who made the video)
Always Late

Originally posted by 5sospicturesque

A/N:This is so long but I had a lot of fun writing it. I’m thinking of doing a part 2, I’m not sure, I’ve got a few ideas. I’ve recently gotten back into Tom Odell, and his music has a recurring cameo lol, I also love Fake Plastic Trees, it’s one of my favourite songs.


Summary: (Y/N) is a music fanatic, she’s grown up with music all around her, mainly because of her dad being a music producer. When her dad forgets some things, (Y/N) has to drop them off at the studio, where she meets the 5SOS boys. As her dad and the boys work together more, they are invited over for dinner and a certain guitarist takes interest in (Y/N)

My fingers move at a rapid pace, causing one of my favourite sounds in the whole world. I’m about to get to the best part when all of a sudden I’m cut off and my guitar makes a pathetic sound.

I look up and find my mum standing by my amp. “Dude, why’d you cut me off?” I ask.

“As much as it sounded great, dad forgot his phone and his notebook, so could you drive down to the studio and give him his phone?” She requests. 

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“I mean, d'you know what eternity is? There’s this big mountain, see, a mile high, at the end of the universe, and once every thousand years there’s this little bird-“

"What little bird?” said Aziraphale suspiciously.

“This little bird I’m talking about. And every thousand years-”

“The same bird every thousand years?”

Crowley hesitated. “Yeah,” he said.

“Bloody ancient bird, then.”

“Okay. And every thousand years this bird flies-”


“-flies all the way to this mountain and sharpens its beak-”

“Hold on. You can’t do that. Between here and the end of the universe there’s loads of-” The angel waved a hand expansively, if a little unsteadily. “Loads of buggerall, dear boy.”

“But it gets there anyway,” Crowley persevered.


“It doesn’t matter!”

“It could use a space ship,” said the angel.

Crowley subsided a bit. “Yeah,” he said. “If you like. Anyway, this bird-”

“Only it is the end of the universe we’re talking about,” said Aziraphale. “So it’d have to be one of those space ships where your descendants are the ones who get out at the other end. You have to tell your descendants, you say, When you get to the Mountain, you’ve got to-” He hesitated. “What have
they got to do?”

“Sharpen its beak on the mountain,” said Crowley. “And then it flies back-”

“-in the space ship-”

“And after a thousand years it goes and does it all again,” said Crowley quickly.

There was a moment of drunken silence.

“Seems a lot of effort just to sharpen a beak,” mused Aziraphale.

“Listen,” said Crowley urgently, “the point is that when the bird has worn the mountain down to nothing, right, then-”

Aziraphale opened his mouth. Crowley just knew he was going to make some point about the relative hardness of birds’ beaks and granite mountains, and plunged on quickly.

“-then you still won’t have finished watching The Sound of Music.”

Aziraphale froze.

“And you’ll enjoy it,” Crowley said relentlessly. “You really will.”

“My dear boy-”

“You won’t have a choice.”


“Heaven has no taste.”


“And not one single sushi restaurant.”

A look of pain crossed the angel’s suddenly very serious face.”

—   Neil Gaiman, Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch 

A/N- Honestly isn’t the best but I hope you enjoy and I hope it’s not confusing. Let us know what you thought and request some ideas. Love you all.


Words couldn’t explain how proud you were of your boyfriend. You were there from the start. First as friends supporting him then the relationship grew until three years ago he finally asked you out. You of course said yes because he was your best friend and never wanted to be with ut him. You were young but you knew he was the one you wanted to live the rest of your days with.

“Y/N, babe, wake up.” Shawn lightly shook you awake. “If you wanna come with me to the shoot today then we have to leave in about 30 minutes.” he said low enough not to stardle you as you were waking up.

“Yeah I wanna come with you.” you sat up in bed. “But first I want a kiss.” you said.

Shawn smiled before leaning towards you and connecting his lips with yours. “I love you.” he said when he broke the kiss.

“I love you too.” you said before getting out of bed.

You quickly got ready for the day then met Shawn in the kitchen where he was stuffing his face with a blueberry muffin. You laughed at your childlike boyfriend.

“Want some?” he said with a full mouth.

“I’m good, thanks.” you smiled.

You didn’t care how childish or strange Shawn could be at times, because he was yours and you were his. You two just worked together like you were meant to be. You loved everything about him and he did the same to you.

After a short ride to where the music video for mercy was being shot you and Shawn got out of the car. You liked coming to the music video shoots because you got to see Shawn doing what he loved. You also go to hang out with him in between takes. He liked you there because you always gave him words of encouragement.

All the scenes were filmed and the last one was the scene where Shawn was in a car slowing going underwater. They saved this one for last because they didn’t want him to be all wet the rest of the scenes. While prepping the car and cameras you and Shawn sat off to the side talking.

“Shawn it’s time.” the director called him.

“Be right back. Love you.” he kissed you before jogging off to start the scene.

You stood out of the way of everyone and everything but still had a great view of Shawn. He gave you a smile and a thumbs up before the cameras started. You watched as the the car Shawn was in slowly filled with water. He was so amazing in his music videos and you were excited to see how this one looked after all the editing.

As the water started getting higher and higher in the car and Shawn looked a bit more panicked for the camera you felt a tight feeling in your chest. This was a big fear of yours. Drowning scared you and just watching him look so distressed made you want to go get him out. You knew he was fine and safe. It was all just for the camera but you couldn’t help but feel helpless and saddened. As you saw the water go over his head you could feel your heart rate increasing and you thought you might cry. Seeing someone you love so much in that situation killed you, even if it was fake or not.

They got all the footage they needed Shawn made his way over to you wrapped in a towel.

“You okay?” he asked you.

You nodded in return.

“What’s wrong” he asked knowing that nod wasn’t sincere.

“It’s just hard seeing you like that. I felt helpless and I love you.” you said and he frowned at you.

“Y/N baby, it was just for the video. I’m okay. I love you too.” he said opening his arms to give you a hug but you moved back.

“I don’t think so Mendes. Don’t you dare take a step closer or I swear to god.” you said.

“What. What’s going to happen if I do?” he teased and you took off running him chasing after you.

He caught you in a hug and you tried to get out of his wet grasp but he just held you closer.

“So what are you going to do about it?” he whispered into your ear.

“Nothing. I love.” you turned in his hold and kissed him.

“Shawn do you wanna see how this looks uncut?” the director of the video asked.

You and Shawn headed over to the the small screen where you could watch the scene that was just shot. Shawn was listening to the director’s idea of cutting back to the clips of him going underwater as you kept your eyes on the screen.

“Yeah that’s going to be really cool. Don’t you think babe?” Shawn asked. “You alright Y/N?” he noticed your silence and how tense you were.

“Um, yeah.” you took a breath knowing it was all fake. Shawn was safe. “I’m just gonna take a breath. I’ll meet you outside when you’re done.” you said before walking off waiting by Shawn’s car.

It was only 10 minutes later when you saw Shawn heading towards you. He was in some dry clothes now and had a look of concern on his face.

“You alright? You rushed out pretty quickly.” he said getting into the car as you got into the passenger side.

“Yes, but no.It was pretty tough seeing you like that and I was unable to help you. I know it was fake and for a music video, but I love you and I was scared. I’m terrified of losing you. You’re my best friend, my boyfriend, my actual everything. I can’t lose you and I never want to see you in a situation like that.” you said tears in your eyes.

“Don’t cry babe. Listen I’m not leaving you anytime soon. Not if I have a choice. I don’t wanna see you upset. I love you Y/N, I’m not going anywhere. I plan on spending a long time with you.” he said leaning over to place a kiss on your cheek then wiping away the few tears that had fallen. “Now let’s go cheer up with some food. We can go to your favorite restaurant then go home and watch movies. Spend all day together and the next few days. Sound good to you?” he held your hand in his.

“Sounds great. All of it, sounds amazing.” you smiled to yourself.

Shawn knew you loved him, but he didn’t know how much. He never would be able to comprehend how much he meant to you.

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Are you still doing bullet lists? If so, can you do a long road trip with E? Thanks!

Road Trip With Ethan Would Include:

•fighting over who gets the aux cord
•"ha bitch I don’t have the iPhone 7 so the cord is mine"
•Ethan’s hand on your thigh at all times
•slowly teasing you with his thumb
•lip biting from the both of you
•"Ethan! Eyes on the road you doofus"
•"you’re hot when you’re driving"
•sarcastic and sassy comments from Ethan on your music choice
•"oh wow, you’re making me listen to another high school musical song"
•Ethan secretly knowing all the words
•stopping at the gas station to get food and Ethan buying every sugary thing he can get his hands on
•"Y/N get your god damn feet off my car before I make you walk"
•wondering if Ethan loves you or his car more
•taking picture of Eth when he isn’t looking and putting one on Ig with the captain “road trip with my love, hope I don’t die”
•Ethan losing his shit when you skip by a Nicki Minaj song
•"you’re no girlfriend of mine! I feel betrayed"
•pouty Ethan
•having to put Nicki’s whole album on to make him happy again
•being silly all the time
•he’d honestly love that you’re so carefree to randomly go on a road trip with him
•"We should probably tell Grayson we left"
•Eth demanding he stops at a diner so he can go eat pancakes
•you’d be an hour away from your destination and you’d have fallen asleep
•Ethan would look at you and just grin because damn was he a lucky man to score such a hot babe.
A few of you asked for Road trip Ethan so here it is! Hope I did it justice idk 🤷‍♀️
Also I love love that you guys are sending on bullet point requests but I’m also kinda sad because they’re all for Ethan like c'mon give Gray a little love 😉
Anyways bullet point requests are always open so feel free to send in requests whenever they will eventually get done! xx

Lie to Me | 07

You couldn’t imagine that your short stay in Stockholm would eventually lead to meeting three boys which are definitely keeping some big secrets. - Now, getting more and more involved with them, you slowly find out about their past and what happened to them to become like this.

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Gang AU
Who: BTS Jimin x Reader
Word count: 3,6 K

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 8 Part 9

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You Gorillaz fans are so fucking dumb. Calling the clique immature but then immediately turning your backs and acting like children. "Soggy" started this whole mess because she crossed a line by making fun of the clique. Now shes getting our passion. See, were much more powerful than you think. The whole clique listens to the intellectual sound of TyJo and Josh Dun. I guess you fuckers are just too daft to understand the meaning of their philosophical music. You messed with the wrong clique. |-/

We are not dumb. You only say otherwise because we won’t listen to your shit music. Really, we were smart enough to use reverse psychology on an entire fandom to throw more fire to the flame. Sunny here did not want to cause any harm to the fandom. You see, as human beings, we like to have fun. Besides, this “intellectual” and “philosophical” music you’re talking about? You’re saying this as if you’re listening to Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos for D Major and you’re shitting on us for not being a fan of the Classical Era.

You see, Gorillaz isn’t just a simple painting on a canvas. There is so much more to the band that you probably wouldn’t care to know about. But, since your lack of knowledge about the subject, I should give you a rundown of how Gorillaz isn’t about sex and drugs like your edgy band is clearly appalled by. The band is political. It’s a way of expressing their views on the issues going on around the world, such as Brexit and the shit that’s been happening in the United States. 

Example: Let Me Out. The song is a cry for help from every ethnicity, and their desperate escape from Donald Trump’s power and the fact that he believes that he had more power than anyone else. Power? More powerful than, we think? I remember reading this anonymous message I got claiming that they were more powerful than my fandom because they listened to “intellectual” music, crazy right?

Anyways, you’re lucky that you got us fuckers in time. We’re too busy doing sex and drugs to deal with arbitrary bullshit from other fandoms. It’s uhhh…complicated you know? God I’m so dumb to think of any smart choices. I need to listen to some intellectual and philosophical edgy shit you know? 

Don’t get ahead of yourself, you have plenty of time to apologize for pulling shit over our eyes. You messed with the wrong fandom. 


Turn It Down

(A/N: so this was requested by @justapieceofsimstrash . They said they wanted an Alexander x Reader fluff and I am going to deliver. This will be another modern AU. I can do canon era and I will do the actual actors x reader such as Lin Manuel, Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom, and Anthony Ramos all you have to do is request it. I think after I finish ‘Your Distracting’ I will start a series with Leslie Odom or his character Aaron Burr because I feel like he doesn’t get enough love. Anyway remember that my asks are open and you can request anything at all and I will respond as soon as possible.)

Title: Turn it Down

Summary: The reader is studying music and the professor started them on a project to remix two songs using the remix style of their choice. Alex started noticing the reader wasn’t listening to them and always had their headphone in on max volume. Alex gets put out. Alex’s friends decide to intervene

Rating: G

Warnings: maybe a little cussing, It has very little angst

Word count:

*Alexanders POV*

“-and then John flipped Thomas’s tray of mac and cheese,” I laughed playing with your hair as I stared out the window smiling. I felt your head shift in my lap but I received no response. I looked down and noticed your eyes were closed with your headphones in and if I listened hard enough heard the slight hum of high pitched voices coming out of them. I sighed and tugged on one of the cords making them fall out. Eyes flickered open and looked up at me with a confused face. “I was talking and you weren’t even listening.” I chuckled with a sigh.

You looked at me sheepishly. “Sorry you know I am stressed about this project I am learning new software and I have never remixed music before.”

“I know, did you decide on the style yet?” I asked running my fingers through your hair again as you leaned back into my hand and smiled.

“No I am still trying to figure it out. I should be able to decide soon.”


Everyone in my group and a lot of people outside of it know my lack of patience. I believe the word my friend Burr used to describe me was ‘non-stop’.  They said the only time I ever seemed to slow was when it came to my relationship. They all loved you and said you probably supplied some much needed stability that wasn’t in my life before. I suppose I would have to agree considering I was a mess from not seeing said ‘stability’ for a full week.

I trudged onto the quad not even stopping to start a debate with Jefferson on how wrong his opinion was on the current political situation he was talking about to Madison. I slumped down at the table with my friends. I went to pull out my computer to continue writing when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“No. Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents Seems a little odd for you Alexander. Not to mention, you look so tired.” Lafayette said, worried. I noticed everyone giving me the same concerned glances behind him.

“Yeah, Y/N normally makes sure I get to sleep instead of working all night but she hasn’t been around this week. She has that big project and we have barely been able to talk.” I sighed resting my head on the table.


Later in the afternoon I left the quad and chose to go back to my dorm to continue working. However, when I got there I was surprised to find you sitting on my couch with a worried look on your face. As soon as you heard me you stood up and gasped.

“Oh my God. They were right!” You said. I gave her a confused look as you grabbed my arm and dragged me into the bedroom before grabbing my jacket off me.

“What’s going on?” I asked with a yawn muffling my last word.

“You’re going to take a nap.” You said and shoved me on the bed motioned for me to toe off my shoes.

“No! I haven’t seen you in days, and now you show up and expect me to waste my time with you sleeping. Sleep is stupid there are better things to do.”

You sighed, “Alexander … I noticed you glance me up and down with an exasperated look.” What if I stayed here with you and then after you sleep for a while I can make dinner for us?”

I knew you were trying to compromise but I didn’t want to give up any time with you until I noticed a few things. Things that in my tired state I wouldn’t have noticed without being 100% focused on you like I was now. Your hair was down and flat looking compared to smooth looking curls or high ponytail you normally put it in. The bag under your eyes were a slightly darker shade than normal. The thing that really stood out though was your makeup. Instead of the normal precise crisp lines that lined your eyes it was smudged as if it was just left over from a previous day.

That moment was when it hit me, you hadn’t been sleeping either.

It was normal for you to get stressed and lose sleep or composure over your problems. I sighed and nodded crawling under the covers and motioning to you. “Fine but you have to come lay down with me.” I watched as you seemed to debate with yourself but then climbed under the covers with me.

Wrapping my arm around your waist to pull you close and nuzzled my face into your hair. I felt you slowly relax and slumped against me humming. You slowing turned around and I leaned down to place a few slow lazy kisses on your lips. As soon as you buried your face into my neck I felt sleep beginning to drag me down. I wrapped my arms around you tighter and let sleep over power me.


When I woke up I noticed my head was in your lap and you were sitting up with your headphones in your ears. I smiled and tugged at the cord making them fall out. You jumped slightly put smiled down at me. I took your phone out of your hand set it aside. You gave me a confused look until I got a good grip on your hips and pulled you down. You squeaked and I leaned over you to give you a kiss.

“How much sleep did you get?” I asked quietly leaning down to brush my lips over your collarbone lazily.

“I don’t know maybe a few hours?” you sighed.

“No, I mean like this week Y/N,” I laughed. Until I felt her tense.

“I don’t know maybe a few hours?”

I snapped my gaze up to you and found a nervous and sheepish smile on your face looking down at me. “Y/N …” I nuzzled my head back into your neck and took a breath. I ran my hands down your sides as I came back up to kiss you lightly. “I will call in some food and we can watch a movie and get some more rest.”

“I don’t know–“

“You promised.” I chuckled at the look of defeat on your face knowing I wouldn’t let you go. I leaned over and grabbed my phone to call your favorite pizza place and ran my hands over you as I placed my order. When I was finished I set my phone down and went back to running my lips over the skin on your neck. “What movie do you want to watch?”

“Let’s watch some episodes of that show we were trying to finish.” You said softly and I grinned.


I kissed you again not quite ready to get up and away from you. You slipped your tongue across my lips and I opened up willingly lazily kissing you. I didn’t expecting anything else from you knowing that we were just enjoying basking in each other’s affection.

“I love you.” I heard you whisper as I pulled away.

I stuttered in my line of kisses on your neck. You had never said that before. I grinned as I felt you tense when I didn’t respond.

“I love you too.”

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how do you motivate yourself to write because i've been in the longest writers block and i feel like trash.

oh my god dude lemme tell you that i am the worst procrastinator for writing

i’ve started implementing a designated writing time every day, right before i go to bed. i lay in bed and churn out a few pages ‘cause its the time that works best for me and usually the only time i have free OTL it doesnt matter how much i get done, just so long as i get SOME done ya know?

sometimes, when im really behind schedule, i just make myself write. like, throw away everything that could distract me and make sure my sister or someone is there to force me back to my notebook if i wander away. its gonna be shit and its gonna feel awful but sometimes you have to power through writer’s block. ALL of chapter nine was written with writer’s block cause it just wouldn’t go away but i had to get that damn chapter done so i had no choice. its brutal but sometimes its necessary. 

for me it’s less about motivation and more about schedule. if i’m feeling particularly inspired that day i will sit down and write outside of my allocated writing time but usually i just make myself do it even if im feeling blocked. its just gotta happen.

good luck friend! listen to some music and kick that writer’s block to the curb!

It’s Called a Riff. [Sherlock/Reader]

This is my first non-disney post on this blog woo boy but oh well. I felt like my homeboy Sherlock needed some love tbh. Also I listened to too much Nirvana while writing this. my kink is reader being musically talented so don’t be surprised when it comes up a lot in my fics ~🕷️💋

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You tuned your guitar once more, then strummed the strings. Satisfied, you looked raised the volume of your headphones then attempted to play.

Let’s see…Open D, open D, first fret D, second fret D, open G, back to second D, open G, two second Ds - you paused to listen to the song - first fret D, open D, second G, and finish it off with two open Ds. That sounded about right. You paused the song and scribbled the notes down onto your notepad, which sat nearby. You then played the riff a few times more in a weak attempt to get your hands to memorize the muscle movements.

“Are you going to play anything else other than that insufferable amalgamation of notes you call a song?”

“It’s not a song, it’s a riff. If you’re going to insult my choice of music, at least get the terms right.”

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I'm new to liking with confidence as people but is there anything like a master list I could look at to see how they are? idek if that made sense but there's a bunch for people getting into 5sos so I thought there might be one for with con :)

we’re still in the diapers of fandom so I haven’t encountered such a thing so far BUT do not dispair!! I gotchu fam 

(gif credit to @luketivist)

on the far left we have Jayden Seeley aka Tall, Dark and Dorky (also Handsome but that’s besides the point) he’s a nerd okay A NERD SUCH A FUCKING NERD WOW also there’s a 8/10 chance he’s a furry because he LOVES puppies but then who doesn’t eh? he’s crazy talented and his voice is killer and he plays piano and bass guitar and sings and chaotic good all the way, spatial awareness somewhere in the negative nine hundreds but that’s okay he’s adorable (also he totally dated Michael in 2013 but details) 

now the handsome fella flexing so beautiful is Inigo Del Carmen aka Someone’s Got To Be The Smart One Here Right (what I mean to say is he’s a Ravenclaw, he wrote Keys which is like … *muffled sobbing*) he founded the band with Jayden and his vocals are awesome but I’ve only heard him sing in Keys so far in any case he’s the mayo that keeps the bandwich together 

Mr Middlefinger is called Luke Rockets and he’s my fave yay bc he like me compensates his insecurities with badly timed crude jokes (as shown by this beautiful display of manners right here) he likes to think he’s really badass but he’s a marshmallow truly and he looks good in glasses also he smoulders and that a lot like A LOT and I love him despite the Out Of Control state of his emo cringe 

lastly but certainly not leastly we got the man on the drums Josh Brozzesi aka Broccoli (the band actually calls him that and it’s beautiful) he kills it on the drums despite the fact that I could probably encircle his biceps with my hand but still he’s good like an Orderly Good and he’s the Most Adorable Ever ™ and he has the biggest heart ever but truthfully they all do they really do 

to get to know them as people watch this Kids Interviewing video first (it’s good bc they introduce themselves at the beginning)  then this AP interview those two videos capture their overall vibe really well

to get into their music I recommend you start out watching the Voldemort music video  and then switch to spotify or youtube or a music playing medium of your choice and listen to 

1) London Lights
2) We’ll Be Okay
3) Higher
4) Waterfall (tissues for this one are mandatory legit this is a pain hazard but such a good one) 
5) Keys 

this is a good order to get to know them, my personal order of preference is 41253 but really just the entire Better Weather album is impeccable, like it doesn’t have a single song that I dislike or skip if it comes on 

I hope this helps you out!! if you want you can also follow my with con blog @jaysdenseeley hehe

[TRANS] 170313 Daesung Interview for BARKS

Translations by: mshinju

D-LITE, vocalist of BIGBANG known for his powerful vocals and his charismatic, warm smile that enwraps everyone around him in a calm, happy aura, releases his new mini album “D-Day” on April 12 (Wednesday).

Two and a half years have passed since his last solo release, and for his upcoming album D-LITE’s heart’s wish of a collaboration of Japan’s top creators Ayaka, Motohiro Hata, and Yoshiki Mizuno (Ikimono Gakari) whose songs he has covered in his first solo album, “D’scover” was realized. D-Day has turned into D-LITE’s most refreshing, energetic and dynamic work, a perfect fit for the upcoming spring.

D-LITE will hold his first solo dome tour starting on April 15 (Saturday). We have asked him questions about his solo work, back side stories about BIGBANG who celebrated their 10th anniversary last year, his relationship to T.O.P that attracts attention, and he has answered in below long interview all in Japanese without the assistance of an interpreter.

“I have never imagined that I would become a singer that’s loved by fans for 10 years and holds concerts all around the world.”

In the beginning, could you please tell us your impressions of the now finished BIGBANG 10th year anniversary project?
Of course. Looking back now it was really a lot of fun, and the feeling of being thankful is what remains most strongly in my memory. I felt just how much our fans have supported us all this time for 10 years, and I feel thankful to the staff who has been supporting us all this time as well. Lately, I feel full of thankfulness to the people around me.

If you hadn’t become a member of BIGBANG, what would you be doing now?
Now? I’d be playing games at home. Yes, I guess I’d be playing games and getting beaten for it by my mom. (laugh) Ah, I would probably have tried to become a security police officer. My dad and I have sports in common, so I think I would have focused on that.

So has your life changed from one moment to the other once you became a member of BIGBANG?
Of course it changed. I have worked very hard to become a singer, but I never thought I would become a singer that is loved by fans for over 10 years and holds concerts all around the world, I hadn’t even imagined it.

What are the moments when you realize just how big BIGBANG is?
When we hold a world tour and come to South America, for example, there are times where I realize that people in places so far from us are listening to our music. When we hold concerts in America, a lot of local people gather to see us, but if you think about it, we have aimed to become singers listening to music that’s from America. We still listen to American pop music now to get inspired, so it’s a very strange feeling.

So was it American music that inspired you to become a singer?
No, actually the reason why I came to like music is my family. Everyone in my family loves music, so we often used to got to karaoke all together. Also in middle school, there was a school festival and my class teacher nominated me after a secret audition. (laugh) So, I had no choice but to go out and sing at that festival. Singing on stage left such a huge impression on me, I just couldn’t forget it. Since then I started researching about ways to become a singer and began working towards that goal.

“I hadn’t planned to start a solo at all, I was seriously thinking about just secretly running off (laugh).”

So thankful to that class teacher! After that school festival stage, you took flight with BIGBANG to the whole world and are now even taking off on a dome tour as a solo artist.
Originally, I had never considered to have any solo activities (laugh). Personality-wise, I’m not the type of person who stands in the very front. With BIGBANG, I also tend to stand back and watch over the other members, so I never had any plans for solo activities myself. So rather than being my own wish, the very first time the conversation actually came up was thanks to the CEO of our Japanese company [YG Japan] who suggested a solo to me. “How about covering J-Pop songs?” That’s how my solo started.

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IF YOU HAVE A MAC (or not, you know, whatever, your computer your choice) I NEED YOU TO GO AND GET YOURSELF A LITTLE GEM CALLED FOCUS WRITER.

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You wanna listen to your own music!?


Not only does this app cover up your screen to inhibit distraction-

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So get it.

ID #55463

Name: Arushi
Age: 20
Country: India


I’m Arushi and I’m from India. I’m 20 years old ( going to turn 21 this year ) and I’ve been experimenting with new hobbies this year. I learnt a new language, Spanish. I already speak Hindi and Urdu and am fluent in English as well. I’ve been wanting to start with French for a while now. And since I do aim to study out of India after my under graduation course ( of medicine ) is over , I have also been thinking of learning German so I can go to Germany. I’ve also been wanting to learn a language that uses an entirely different script from what I know, maybe Russian? I don’t know.

I’ve also been practicing a lot of drawing. I’m trying to find my style, something between minimal and watercolours.

Music! I love music and a very specific music taste. I mostly enjoy rock music, and even then, mostly post rock, math rock and the sort. I’ve recently been getting into the alternative scene. I like dream pop too. The indie scene in all these genres is amazing!

If you want to try something out and see what my music taste is like, try listening to Erode by Tender. It’s my new favourite, and watch the official music video if you don’t mind the PG stuff.

I love movies as well. Usually international ones. Detachment, the kite runner, the book thief, movies by Wes Anderson have to be some of my top choices.

I do watch a lot of tv shows, animes, and kdramas as well.

And I also read books, books by Khaled hosseini being my favourite. I’m reading the Lord of the rings trilogy right now. And ah! There’s a lot to talk about, so if you’re into any of these things, hopefully we’ll get to talk.

Preferences: 18-30 years of age is fine by me. I’m 20, so if it did your criteria , I’m fine. I am okay with every nationality, race, gender , religion sexuality, etc, so don’t let those things be a barrier :)

anonymous asked:

I was listening to esny while scrolling my dash and the elounor coachella pics came up.... it's so strange but the song's feeling matched very well what i felt looking at that... seeing louis like that... i quote your anon "I don't know what esny is about but it sounds very beautiful and very sad" (feel free to ignore this if you're not comfortable with this whole Larry Drama Discourse, but those feelings hit me pretty hard and i just wanted to share them to someone)

Thank you.

I don’t think I’m going to be writing in detail about ESNY. I’m sorry. If my interpretation is what I think it is, it’s really very, very sad and private.

To summarize, it’s about the singer facing a situation whose outcome is pre-determined, and being helpless to do anything about it. I don’t think Larry is necessarily the subject. It’s about being young and helpless, being in situations where other people’s words are meaningless/ unreliable, and life seems like a curse. Prayers are… not a solution, just a way to get by. Just like songs are.

It’s about leaving the situation before the end: “Must desert you just before you go.” About a numb kind of waiting for the end: “Almost over.” About the way the situation still hasn’t ended: “And I’ve been praying ever since New York.”

Is New York a random choice? I don’t know. I don’t think so.

I have a feeling every song on the album is similar. Listening to the song for the first time is like reading someone’s diary; it’s too intimate. It reveals how Harry processes his pain into music. Right now I can’t write about it; I’m sorry. I just hope Harry feels the love he deserves.

Compare the chorus “Tell me something that I didn’t know” to the mirror chorus of the Eagles song, “Best of My Love,” to which ESNY is similar:

Oh, sweet darlin’
You get the best of my love
Oh, sweet darlin’
You get the best of my love
Every night and day,
You get the best of my love
Oh, sweet darlin’ you get the best of my love
Oh, sweet darlin’ you get the best of my love

Listen to it here:

Happy Holidays.


Jingle Balls

Summary: Negan Claus is coming to town.
Request Summary: 2-in-1.
1. “Can you do one where there’s a girl in the Sanctuary that really likes Christmas and she misses it when it starts getting cold again and she’ll hum Christmas songs and so on. So Negan starts leaving her Christmas-y stuff that he finds on runs” – Anon. 2. “Can you do a imagine with negan x liv (my name) :)))??” - @ahappysoul0
POV: Liv
Characters: Negan, Liv
Word Count: 1862
Warnings: Cursing
Author’s note: Wow, would you look at that. I’ve finally done a one-shot. 
Parts: 1/1 - Completed
Quote of the story: “Damn, how about you switch it up and jingle my balls for a change instead of busting them all the damn time.”


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