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Any new dating sim stories?

So my brother and I have been trying a kind of meh game called “Lost Alice”. The premise is that your character falls into Wonderland. She’s lost all her memories and everyone recognizes her and refers to her as Alice. Except there’s a very strong implication that there’s a *pattern* of this happening, and something more ominous is going on, and everyone’s just required to act this out repeatedly for some reason. All the love interests (Knave of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat) have assigned roles in relation to you that they have to break for the romance to advance.

Anyway, one of the running plot points in all the storylines is getting people to call you your character name instead of “Alice.”

So my brother named his character “Mecha-Alice”.

What results is absolutely the most entertaining form this game could ever possibly take, as your character repeatedly says things like:

“I don’t really feel like an Alice. I feel more like… Mecha-Alice.”
“For some reason I felt really happy hearing him call me Mecha-Alice.”
“You won’t defeat me! And my name is NOT Alice. I am… MECHA-ALICE.”

It’s fantastic.


Seth Rollins/OC: Seth loses on upupdowndown and you try to get him to calm down. He refuses, instead using you as a way to get his anger out in a different way. Daddy kink but not really??? But also yes lmao. Also, there’s choking. Bc of course there is.

Anyways. It’s Thirst Party Saturday so here’s a fic! I don’t even know if I like it, but…It happened. I’m slowly but surely making my way through my requests. I’m working on AJ rn and then I got a couple of Braun things that NEED TO GET DONE FOR THE SAKE OF MY OWN SANITY and then we’ll be right back into requests. 

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It’s okay to want to be acknowledged; to be noticed, appreciated, accepted and understood. Everyone needs to be heard. But when you are waiting for it, instead of getting angry or frustrated that it is not happening — give it to someone else. Notice someone. Share your appreciation. Accept someone. Earnestly listen to someone in need of acknowledgement. It is by withholding what you deeply need from others, that you keep it from yourself. When you put your needs into service in the lives of others, your needs will then be met. — Bryant McGill

Dark Words!

The moment when the only words you have are painted in black. And you’re scared to put them on paper so you hold them back. But deep into your soul they sink. And at the bottom of your soul, like a strong acid they word by word drop, leaving their painful marks.

You hold your pen. You beg your words to come back and to learn the language of dark ink. Some words do come but their marks still remain as holes on your soul.

Step by step you teach them to walk smoothly from line to another. And with every new line the ink gets darker and the words start to scratch on paper instead of smoothly walk. So you get scared and the story repeats itself again.

You hold back your words. They sink deep, deep into your soul to leave new marks.

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LOL Mama, that's what I meant, "let's get a shot of you together" instead of photoshopping. It's a good pic to sell. Already JJ bought it so the photog got money. It's not over yet, right? This is hurricane season - Hanging On Anon

Oh.  Well then yes, you are doing very well.

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I was looking at your blog while talking with my sister about math and stuff and I was so lost looking at that smooth Apostasia that while answering one of her questions I said 'Well, I believe you have to get the Apostasia for that' instead of saying 'apothem'. Good lord I'm elsword trash.


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maybe you should slit your wrists open and die instead of just "getting back to threads in a moment"

Yeah, that would be a lot nicer than having to deal with your bullshit.

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ObiMaul, Befriend Me?

Befriend Me: Characters meeting for the first time

Obi-Wan stared down into the pit, unable to believe what he was seeing. A young red-and-black zabrak who couldn’t have been more than ten was squaring off against a fully-grown rancor armed with little more than a spear.

The crowd around him cheered as the rancor charged, but the boy managing to score a gouge along its side. The odds were heavily in favor of the rancor and Obi felt his stomach curdle as bets were made on how the zabrak would be killed.

It was wrong. It was wrong. His instincts were screaming. Master Joru hadn’t believed him, had dismissed his certainty of the existence of another Force signature in Durdenn as the fantasies of someone still desperate to believe he might be a knight.

“You are in the AgriCorps now, Novice. You’d best get used to it.”

Instead Obi-Wan had ditched the training master and followed where the Force had led him. And where it led was here, to an illegal fighting ring steeped in Darkness and to a young boy who burned bright with fear and anger.

One of the bettors jostled against him, revealing a vibrowhip coiled on his belt. Obi didn’t even pause; he snatched the whip and leaped the wall down into the pit.

“My whip!” “Stop him!” “No interfering in the fight!” “Fifty creds says the rancor kills them both!”

Obi tuned out the voices and dodged as the zabrak swung the spear at him.

“Hey! I’m on your side!”

“Wrong!” The zabrak snarled at him, revealing sharp teeth with a bloodied gap in them. “I’ll kill you, too!”

Sensing an opportunity the rancor roared and charged again. Obi-Wan uncoiled the whip and switched it on. The zabrak ran towards the creature with a scream of his own and hurled the spear. On enormous curved hand swatted it aside while the other attempted to crush the zabrak.

“No!” Obi swung the whip and it connected with  sizzling crack, causing the rancor to flinch back. The zabrak rolled in the dirt and came up with some kind of edged weapon that he jammed into the rancor’s leg. It kicked out, sending the boy flying.

Obi snapped the whip, almost taking his own head off in the process, and ran towards the fallen zabrak.

“Get away!” His eyes were yellow, rimmed by red. He lashed out, revealing another knife in his hand.

“We need to get out of here! Let me help you!”

“I don’t need help!” The zabrak was on his feet again, if a little unsteady. “I am a weapon! Unstoppable!” He turned and hurled the knife at the rancor.

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Now whoever is giving Michael and Lindsay shit over the sex reveal can fUCKING STOP IT

Me reading about the “BLM kidnapping“

oh damn that fuckin’ sucks what the hell who would do such a thing. No one deserves that kind of–

*I learn the white kid was a trump supporter*