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leedonghae: ELF Happy 9th birthday ^^ Because I like writing letters so I tried writing one to everyone ^^ Please take care of us in future too!! Don’t get sick, eat well and smile a lot ^^ I love you.

leedonghae: Ur my hero ELF !:) i’ll be standing right next to you :)) always….^^  

 Donghae’s letter:


Congratulations to my beloved ELF from the bottom of my heart on your 9th birthday! It’s already the 9th year since we’ve walked together, time has really passed. 

So many things happened right? We cried and laughed togther, and leaned on each other, you were beside us protecting us and patting us on our backs, ELF is something that SJ cannot do without.

 It was nice to meet you in the beginning, I’m thankful that we could become close, and I’m happy that we could love, giving us these times that when we look back there are so many memories that I don’t want us to be separated ^^ 

I hope that we can love like there is no tomorrow, making up for the weaknesses of each other and hope that you can stay by us ^^ I love you ^^

Donghai1015: ELF sheng ri quai le [ Happy birthday] !! Happy birthday to ELF 9 (c)(c)

Of fury there is but a whisper,
the barest shadow of smoke
swirling in the void 

and we do not dare share,
nor show; what demons hold
our hearts ransom

You see, we have been told,
it is for our eyes only,
and we must fight it alone.

—  Michel Lazzaro | Fury
i have a feeling i'm gonna say something stupid but

isn’t tumblr all about no racism no bullying no lgbt phobic or something like that

i am a 13 year old cis girl, and i don’t really understand. i respect the lgbt community, but even the cis people who respect the lgbt community get hate and #downwithcis stuff.

i know we can’t tell trans what to do or what your gender is or what transphobia is. but shouldn’t that be vice versa too?
i want equality for all human beings.

can someone please enlighten me about this and educate me?
-ps read all the tags.


i think it’s important to realize that you are not responsible for someone else’s happiness 

  • BBC:Okay. The Phandom really wants new footage of HHH and LLL. What do we do?
  • Intern:Um maybe just completely scrap Phan?
  • BBC:Excuse me
  • Intern:And uh. You know how Jack and Dean are coming?
  • BBC:Where tf are you going with this
  • Intern:Well...Phean?
  • BBC:
  • Intern:
  • BBC:
  • Intern:
  • BBC:Holy shit promote this man we got a new angle.

The fact that I have several people wishing me well over not feeling good ,something that I just put in a random post on my tags really drives it home that I have the sweetest, best, and kindest friends and followers on this site and I will fight anyone that says otherwise. 

I mean it.

hello, it’s my face. i suppose the thing i like best about my appearance is my eyes. :)

hi sweetie!!

You do have amazing eyes omg!

And you also have a super proportioned face btw! I don’t know if that’s a weird thing to say, but it’s absolutely true!

You’re gorgeous!

i almost came out to my mom today it wasnt fun

yo if you are not a trans woman or trans fem maybe consider not reblogging an offhand post i made about a trans celebrity that came from a place of frustration? i dont know if you all would do this for a trans man coming out and it makes me uncomfortable that like, while i sincerely do not give a shit about caitlin jenner and her fucking rich ass cars, taking potshots at her if you arent a trans woman feels a lot like trans misogyny.

theroadwarriior replied to your post “Whats going on?”

/is uninvolved and suPER NEW but replies anyway cause i REALLY agree with the erasure of sexualities and disabilities and sicknesses. that was one thing i noticed right away and its real off-putting, alongside the massive flood of untagged ooc posts

i’m mostly just INCREDIBLY SURPRISED that it is so prevalent, because this is prime ground for exploring those sorts of thigns??? they are explicitly talked about and the grounds for the majority of the plots and conflicts. it has been explicitly said by the creator that sexuality here is incredibly fluid, due to the circumstances. hence why wez is so openly gay as fuck. situational homosexuality is very much a thing, and i can’t imagine a better example of it than here in the mad max universe. the idea that war boys would just completely suppress their sexuality due to not having women is fucking ludicrous. 

and then the sickness thing ? ? ???? it’s a huge part of the warboy culture given their half-life notion and how explicitly they talked about their illnesses. they’ve streamlined organ/blood donors, for christs sake, why are we ignoring their illness? why have i seen almost no talk about furiosa’s missing arm or max’s leg brace? WHY

and since i’m now seeing a lot of vague-posts about posting OOC things– i’ve yet to see a single person complain about the OOC stuff who hasn’t also said to post whatever you want as long as it’s tagged. it’s your blog! post what you want!! just take the half second to tag it and literally EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY