and you don't know how to defend yourself

Imagine that when the survivors get in the FF, they are put in some training so they can enter the FF and well, in a world like that you’d need to know how to defend yourself.

And like Makoto and Kyoko always sparring together and she always kicks his ass. And for whatever reason, Kyoko always ends up in top of him and Makoto is so frustrated because he can never win. (He doesn’t mind though he’s actually glad that it’s her and not Togami or Asahina)

And then one day, the tables turn and he’s the one who ends up on top of her. And they just stare at each other blushing furiously. And Makoto not even knowing how, he starts to lean in and he doesn’t even realize that he just kissed her and well.

We all know what happens after that.

“this pidgey keeps jumping out of the pokeball!”

“why are you trying to catch yourself”

keith and pidge from my surf/skater!au~ keith’s wearing a shirt inspired by one i saw yesterday, kudos to u if u get the reference d(-_^) i’ll be adding the rest of the designs and more details soon!

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to protect (prə-ˈtekt), v. | to defend or guard from attack, invasion, loss, annoyance, insult, etc.; cover or shield from injury or danger