and you do nothing you're supposed to do

Fake Chats #144
  • Jungkook: how come you don't get happy when I hug you anymore?
  • Jimin: I'm always happy when you hug me.
  • Jungkook: but you don't show it.
  • Jimin: am I supposed to jump up and down?
  • Jungkook: no, but...I'm still your baby, right?
  • Jimin: you've always been my baby. Everybody knows that.
  • Jungkook: but I'm STILL your baby, right?
  • Jimin: okay, what's wrong? Are you homesick?
  • Jungkook: not exactly.
  • Jimin: do you wanna talk about it?
  • Jungkook: no.
  • Jimin: do you want cuddles?
  • Jungkook: I was a cuddle bunny for Hoseok-hyung earlier.
  • Jimin: so you're cuddled out?
  • Jungkook: no, this bunny is always happy to have cuddles.
  • Jimin: you get weirder every day.
  • Jungkook: uh huh, and you get cuter every day.
  • Jimin: are you sure nothing's wrong? 'Cause you're totally koala-ing me right now.
  • Jungkook: so maybe this bunny is having an identity crisis and think he's a koala for an afternoon.
  • Jimin: oh, my adorable, baby bunny-koala, what am I doing to do with you?
  • Jungkook: love me, obviously. Now c'mon, cuddle.
Hamilton Characters as 21 Chump Street Lyrics
  • (Another in my series, see my blog for Hamilton as Hairspray, HSM, Starkid)
  • Alexander Hamilton: Light skinned, puerto rican dominican long hair mature in the body like woah
  • Aaron Burr: In other words, Justin had made an irreversibly bad decision.
  • Eliza Schuyler Hamilton: Next thing you know we're texting day and night, I trust her right know I never met anyone like her bro.
  • Angelica Schuyler Church: What the heck did you do?
  • John Laurens: There are kids you remember, the ones that you think about after you're gone
  • Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette: New York, where dreams are made!
  • Hercules Mulligan: For a certain someone some girl he wants to be touchin'
  • George Washington: Seriously these kids need to learn there are consequences in life.
  • King George III: Who do I have to be for you to be with me?
  • Samuel Seabury: LOLOLOL
  • Peggy Schuyler: a very pretty girl showed up
  • Thomas Jefferson: Are we supposed to trust him?
  • James Madison: There's nothing I won't do for you, I'll come through for you, every time. Just in time
  • Maria Reynolds: I'll find a way to repay you Justin ;)
  • Phillip Hamilton: He's our blood and we love him, awh little Justin is crushin!
  • General Charles Lee: smiley face

i dead been trying to figure out how to do transparent/glass objects for like 2 months now and i can’t. like i’ll try for 2 mins and nothing works and then i give up again until another 2 weeks or so. 

the alpha is so confusing to me like idk how to make it look like how it’s suppose to. and everyone i’ve asked doesn’t know either though. who knows how to make glass/transparent objectssssss?? if you do i’d love you forever if you can lend a handddddd or maybe some advice pleaseee and thanksss.

The Tide

Here’s my latest fic! It’s very long but screw it, might as well post it here too.

Cross-posted from AO3.

Summary: Lance doesn’t know whether or not he can trust Keith to have his back. But now that he’s stuck under a tree, with broken bones, and on the verge of drowning, it seems he might not have a choice.

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I'm so sick of this, I get why having your sexual identity assessed wrongly can be annoying but can you please stop acting like "bisexual" is the worst fucking insult there is? Can you stop treating bisexuals who dare to join conversations about lesbianism like trespassers? You can't complain about lesbophobia but then treat bi girls like lesser human beings and act like you're not biphobic. Lesbianism isn't an elitist club, that's terf bullshit and I hoped you were better than that

“having your sexual identity assessed wrongly can be annoying” the way you phrased this is disgusting lmfao, you are on some shit if you’re excusing someone saying “you’re actually bi” to a lesbian as just an annoyance. it’s inappropriate, and has literally nothing to do with ‘hating bisexuality’ what am i supposed to do, jump up and down and say ‘oh boy! thank you for denying an important aspect of my identity’ ? 

“bisexuals to dare to join conversations about lesbianism like trespassers” newsflash asshole making a joke & trivializing lesbophobia isn’t joining a conversation

“lesbianism isn’t an elitist club” you’re right its a sexuality. for lesbians?

you’re dumb as shit. bye.

  • Priest: So who have you got on the outside? A boyfriend, from what I hear?
  • Aaron: Is this the bit where the kind priest makes friends with the nasty inmate?
  • Priest: Kind? I've not even offered you a biscuit yet. But, yeah, sometimes this is where friendships form, within accepted parameters. Other times, someone acts how you're being now, then it gets tedious.
  • Aaron: Well, come on. Let's get on with it. Pat me on the head and give me some rosary beads and tell me it's all gonna be all right.
  • Priest: I never tell anyone it's gonna be all right. I hope it will, but I can't see the future.
  • Aaron: My mim and my little sister... on the outside. A few mates.
  • Priest: What's your boyfriend's name?
  • Aaron: Robert.
  • Priest: And how's he doing with all this?
  • Aaron: Fine, I guess.
  • Priest: He doesn't have Jason to contend with, I suppose.
  • Aaron: I can handle him.
  • Priest: You're doing a good impression of someone who can't, if you don't mind me saying.
  • Aaron: Well, actually I do mind you saying, yeah, because you know nothing. You flounce round here with your 'Bless you, child.' You met me an hour ago and you've only just scraped the first millimetre of the tip of an iceberg you can't even imagine the size of.
  • Priest: Oh! Poor baby's had it hard, has he? Did your mum used to hit you? Did she start before you can even rememberand hit you every day and tell you you're useless and you'd made your dad run off and you'd ruined her lif? And did you dread going home from school because you knew there'd be something new you'd done that gave her another excuse? And did she put you in the hospital when you were ten and tell the nurses you'd been in a fight because were an evil little git? And did you push it all down because it's wrong to hit girls? But then, one time, after years, when she came at you with a 6"stiletto, did you put her on her backside with a broken nose and end up in a young offenders' instiitute? Or was that me? We've all lived a life that's brought us to this point... and we all think our stories make us special. They don't.
  • Aaron: And did she rape you, your mum?
  • Priest: No, she didn't your dad did. So what? I could go out on the balcony and spit on half a dozen people who've been through the same. Be a bit harsh, though.
  • Aaron: I'm just sick of being this person.
  • Priest: Hard luck. You're all you've got.
  • Aaron: You know he actually said something that makes sense. Jason. He said that I, erm... He said I could change my name, but it doesn't change who I am.
  • Priest: He's right. You're always gonna be Gordon's son, but it doesn't have to define you. Be proud of it.
  • Aaron: Proud?
  • Priest: You're the son of a man who repeatedly abused you, but you've still made something of your life. I mean, obviously right now, you're in prison for assault. You're a thug, no offence. I'm talking about the future, if that's the one you decide for yourself.
  • Aaron: Yeah, cos it's that eaysy.
  • Priest: Well, it's easy to try. You remind me of Jason, you know. Not the waste of life you know. No, the Jason of five or six years ago, on his first time around. Broody little thing, had his issues, but had a bit of spark as well. Some decency. He was havong a rough time with the prison hards and he was missing home. Him and his girlfriend had just had a baby. Trying to front it all out. I said 'You can't. You need to talk to her, to someone.' He wasn't having that. Too proud. Said he'd sort it himself. Proved me wrong, I suppose.
  • Aaron: Good for him.
  • Priest: Oh, yeah. Girlfriend moved to new Zealand. He'll never see the kid. Probably spend moft of his life on here, or somewhere like it.
  • Aaron: And I'm supposed to feel sorry for him?
  • Priest: I want you to look at him and then at yourself and see if you see a difference. There is one, but it'll get smaller. And if you bottle all your problems up and deal with them how he did, when you leave here, you'll be going back to your boyfriend, your sister and your mum, another loser who the system spat out. Is that who you wanna be?
  • Aaron: No.
  • Priest: Then tell the people who matter to you what you're going through. It'll help.
BTS as bad boys that want your attention Pt. 5
  • T A E H Y U N G 🦄
  • 7: 38pm
  • Taehyung: Party on Saturday at Jackson's. You're going as my date.
  • You: Uh, why would I go?
  • Taehyung: Because I just asked you to.
  • You: So?
  • Taehyung: You do what I say.
  • Or you suffer the consequences.
  • You: Ugh. Guys these days.
  • 7: 42pm
  • Taehyung: Y/N? What the heck? You're supposed to reply, "Yes, I'll go V-oppa, what do you want me to wear?" and I'd reply, "Nothing."
  • You: That's not how it works.
  • And you definitely do not want me as your date to a party.
  • Taehyung: I say what I want, okay? And right now that's you.
  • So come or I'll be your bully at school, not Namjoon-hyung or Yoongi-hyung.
  • You: Did you put your gang up to it? To bully me at school for the sake of it? The seven glorious boys of Gangnam High, bent on destroying all the weak girls with either your charms and charisma or your insults and hate.
  • Taehyung: Y/N! Just go with me! I'll explain everything to you when we're there. And then maybe go shag like rabbits while we're there.
  • You: Go away.
  • Taehyung: They bullied you because you were
  • You: Were what?
  • 7: 50
  • You: Were what, Kim Taehyung?
  • Taehyung: They though you were breaking my heart.
  • You: What are you saying, V?
  • Taehyung: It's true...
  • You: You hate me.
  • Taehyung: That's not true. I've liked you, loved you since elementary.
  • The girl with pigtails and a cute voice.
  • You: The pigtails that you chopped off with scissors in second grade?
  • Taehyung: I thought you looked better without your hair tied up.
  • You: I don't believe you, and even if I did it would be too hard for me to forgive you for the last 15 years of my life.
  • Taehyung: Please, Y/N. Come to the party.
  • At least give me a chance to confess.
  • You: Not until you redeem yourself for the last 15 years of my life!
  • Taehyung: I will, I will! But will you come?
  • Y/N?
  • Y/N?
The signs as things people have said to me
  • Aries: look... There's a time and place to be an asshole
  • Taurus: are you really buying another pair of the exact same underwear?
  • Gemini: maybe you should've just asked her what was wrong instead of telling her to stop crying because she was ruining the mood
  • Cancer: stop being so passive. Just let it out. What the fuck
  • Leo: you're really pretty... But you don't need me to tell u that do you? Ffs
  • Virgo: but if you drink all the black coffee what am I supposed to drink?
  • Libra: why is it that I've never seen you really angry? Does nothing piss you off?
  • Scorpio: what's wrong with trusting people?
  • Sagittarius: oi chill out. Why do we need to go out again?
  • Capricorn: you'd seriously only marry if it was a business proposal?
  • Aquarius: you're telling a fable
  • Pisces: I know it's hard for you but just pay attention for once in your life

anonymous asked:

I don't understand how Clarke is supposed to have a mother-daughter relationship with Madi. Madi looks to be only about 10 years give or take younger than Clarke. I feel like that would be more of a sister connection than the all encompassing mother-daughter one. idk you're a mother- how do you make sense of that? Or I guess it'll be like Bell and O's relationship which is technically brother-sister but is basically father-daughter?

She is hers. 

She adopts her. 

She cares for her.

This is her child. Age has nothing to do with it, particularly since Clarke is FAR older than her years with a far greater sense of responsibility than any other teenager. 

And yes. It would be like Bellamy’s relationship with Octavia, which is far more like a father and daughter than like siblings. 

Also similar in that they are the only two. All Madi has is Clarke. All Octavia had was Bellamy (and Aurora) they are two isolated children in a hostile environment. Octavia never contact with the world and Madi lost everything she ever knew. 

Taking care of Madi saved Clarke. I know this. We saw her when she was alone. Even if she was in a better state of mind than after MW, even if she had hope and thought of Bellamy often (I frankly love that my headcanon of her thinking about Bellamy for all of her s2-3 isolation has basically been reinforced) having MADI there will have given her a purpose to keep on going, a reason to get up in the morning, the need to think of the future. Madi is entirely dependent upon Clarke and Clarke loves and feels responsibility for Madi. That is a mother. 

I'm in the business of Missouri 🤦🏻‍♀️😞💧let's take it from the top ⬆️She's 👸🏼💋💄got a body 👙👠like an hourglass ⌛️it's ticking like a clock 🕰It's a matter of time ⏰before we all run out ⏳😧😮🕳When I thought he was mine 💏she caught him by the mouth 👄💃🏼🚶🏻😡😡🔪I waited EIGHT 8️⃣long months 🗓🗓🗓🗓🗓🗓🗓🗓she finally 🙄set him free 🔗🔑🔓I told her I couldn't lie 🤐, he was the ONLY ONE FOR ME ‼️👿Two 2️⃣weeks and we caught on fire 🔥 🔥 She's got it out for me 👱🏻‍♀️🔪👩🏻but I wear the BIGGEST SMILE 😁😁😁WHOAAAAA OHHHHH, I NEVER MEANT TO BRAG!!!!! 😈🎉💁🏻BUT I'VE GOT HIM 💃🏻🚶🏻WHERE I WANT HIM 👫now WHOOOOAAAAAA OHHHHHHHHHH IT WAS NEVER MY INTENTION TO BRAAAAAAAG 👹😸😁💯🙌🏻TO STEAL 🕶⛓🔨💰IT ALL AWAY FROM YOU NOW!!!!! WHOOOAAAAAAA OHHHHHHHH, IT WAS NEVER❌MY INTENTION TO BRAG 🤐BUT GOD DOES IT FEEL SO GOOD!!!!!!!! 💁🏻👆🏻😈'CAUSE I'VE GOT HIM WHERE I WANT HIM NOW!!!!!!! 😈👹😄AND IF YOU COULD THEN YOU KNOW 👩🏻‍🎓YOU WOULD 😮'CAUSE GOD, IT JUST FEELS SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!! 😁👆🏻😁Second 2️⃣chances, they don't EVER matter 😠, people NEVER change ❗️Once a whore 👄🍆👅💦you're nothing more I'M SORRY, THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️😊AND ABOUT FORGIVENESS ⚖️we're all supposed to have a chance 😕I'M SORRY, HONEY, BUT I PASSED IT UP, NOW LOOK THIS WAY‼️⚠️🗣🗣Well, there's a MILLION OTHER GIRLS 👩🏼👩🏻👩🏽WHO DO IT JUST LIKE YOU 👱🏻‍♀️😦LOOKING AS INNOCENT 😇 😇 AS POSSIBLE TO GET TO WHO THEY WANT 🚶🏻🚶🏽AND WHAT THEY WANT 🍆💵💰IT'S EASY IF YOU DO IT RIGHT!!!!!! WELL, I REFUSE 😠, I REFUSE 🙅🏻, I REFUSE!!!!!! ❌❌❌WHOOOOOAAAAAAAA OHHHHHHHHHHH, I NEVER MEANT TO BRAAAAAAAG!!!!! 😁BUT I'VE GOT HIM WHERE I WANT HIM NOW!!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻WHOOOOAAAAAAA OHHHHHHHHH, IT WAS NEVER MY INTENTION TO BRAG!!!!!!! 😱🙀TO STEAL IT ALL AWAY FROM YOU NOW!!!!! BUT GOD DOES IT FEEL 😈SO 😈GOOD😈! 'CAUSE I'VE GOT HIM 🚶🏻🔐🤐WHERE I WANT HIM NOW!!! AND IF YOU COULD THEN YOU KNOW👏🏻👏🏻YOU 👏🏻👏🏻WOULD 👏🏻👏🏻'cause, god, it just feels *so* good 😊✨💥💫........ I watched his wildest dreams 🌟💥🎆come true, NOT ONE OF THEM INVOLVING YOU🙍🏼🤷🏻‍♀️😥JUST WATCH MY WILDEST DREAMS 👩🏻‍💼💼🏦💰COME TRUE, NOT ONE ❌OF THEM INVOLVING ......... 💥⚡️💥⚡️💥⚡️💥⚡️💥⚡️WHOOOOOOAAAAAAA OHHHHHHHHH, I NEVER MEANT TO BRAAAAAAAG! 😊BUT I'VE GOT HIM WHERE I WANT HIM NOW! 💏😈WHOOOOAAAAAA OHHHHHHHH, IT WAS NEVER 🚫MY INTENTION TO BRAAAAAAAG! 😁TO STEAL IT ALL AWAY FROM YOU NOW❗️❗️BUT GOD, DOES IT FEEL 😁SO 😁GOOD 💯💯💯, 'CAUSE I'VE GOTTEN WHAT I WANTED NOW 👸🏻😈AND IF YOU COULD 😧, THEN YOU KNOW 🙎🏼YOU 🙍🏼WOULD 😔😔😔'CAUSE, GOD, IT JUST FEELS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD 😈👹😈👹😈👹😈👹
  • Rebecca: I've never seen you quite so unravelled.
  • Robert: You were just accusing me of not caring.
  • Rebecca: Yeah, about other people. That one still stands.
  • robert: You know what, if you're just gonna have a go... I'll see you around, if I can face sticking about once Aaron wants nothing to do with me.
  • Rebecca: I suppose I could talk to Ross. Tell him I'm not keen on the snivelling wreck you've turned into.
  • Robert: You mean it?
  • Rebecca: It worked before. Why should he gain from everyone else's misery?
  • RObert: You really are amazing. Thank you.
  • Rebecca: Although you do understand that Ross isn't the problem here. The real problem is you.
  • Robert: Er... thanks for that.
  • Rebecca: If you really wanted to do right by Aaron, you'd either tell him the truth or you'd walk away.
  • Robert: Okay. Cheers for the advice.
  • Rebecca: Must be tough, every time Aaron says he loves you, knowing what we did. Guilty, he doesn't see you for the pathological liar you are.
  • Robert: Give it to me straight, why don't you?
  • Rebecca: Come on, you don't care what I think. It's just self-preservation with you.
  • Robert: Well, if that's what you wanna think, then...
  • Rebecca: What I don't understand... if your whole relationship is built on lies, how anything between you actually feels real any more?
  • Mercury: A dance battle, really? Fine, I suppose I can do a victory dance before I fight you.
  • Yang: Someone's cocky but lets make a little bet. If I win, you disclose Cinder's location and if you win, we get to fight.
  • Mercury: You got yourself a deal blondie.
  • *Yang and Mercury step on a Dance Dance Revolution machine each but as the song starts Mercury is unable to move.*
  • Mercury: What the...? What the hell did you do? I can't move my legs!
  • Yang: Uhh I did nothing. What are you talking about?
  • *Meanwhile Blake is underneath Mercury's DDR machine holding two powerful magnets.*
  • Mercury: You're cheating!
  • Yang: Am I? I guess that makes two of us. Revenge is pretty sweet, isn't it Merc?
Bones {Sentence Starters}
  • "Leave me out of it, I am not going."
  • "Fine. Then we're done here. Do you want to get some coffee?"
  • "I don't like people who think they're better than other people."
  • "No offense, but, um, I'm not interested."
  • "I just never figured you being in a relationship."
  • "Have you ever been charged with a felony?"
  • "You know, I'm glad we had that little chat about being nice to the locals."
  • "You're bad with people, okay? No use being offended by the fact."
  • "You don't need a gun. If anyone needs shooting, I'll do it."
  • "My most meaningful relationships are with dead people."
  • "I've noticed that very few people are scary once they've been poked in the eye."
  • "You know, I'm sorry for wrecking your weekend for nothing."
  • "How I feel doesn't matter. My job doesn't depend on it."
  • "Are you as cold and unfeeling as you seem?"
  • "You know, you picked a really odd time to have this conversation."
  • "When you say things like that, it's just to bug me, right?"
  • "Don't use your charm smile on me."
  • "I have been wanting to do that for years. You are so hot!"
  • "I thought you were told to stay away from him?"
  • "Yeah. So, um, you should be a little nicer to me, huh?"
  • "You thought you were protecting me. But you're the one who needs protecting."
  • "It hurts my shoulder when I break down the door."
  • "Or better still, you could forget the whole thing and come home."
  • "You do know how this is supposed to work, right?"
  • "If you keep living trying to protect yourself, nothing is ever going to touch you."
  • "I just... I feel like I want to kiss you."
  • "I'd say you were kidding, but, I don't think you know how to kid."
  • "I know when there's something wrong with you."
  • "If you had a pet pig, what would you name him?"
  • "Look, if anybody asks, the door was open."
  • "There's absolutely no reason for us to be discreet about our relationship anymore."
  • "He touched me with his creepy, serial killer hands."
  • "How long have you and _____ hated each other?"
  • "How are we friends? How is it possible? I mean we have nothing in common."
  • "Something's wrong, right? What can I do to help?"

bringingyaoiback  asked:

If you're still doing drabbles, can you do Piccolo and Nail with 7?

(I love you Ash bless your face. Pretend this takes place somewhere between the Namekians leaving for New Namek and Future Trunks showing up)

7: “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

“Leave me alone.”

Nail kept his features schooled, even though all he wanted to do was reach out and slap Piccolo upside the head. “Can I be blamed for wanting to know more about the person I was supposed to spend forever fused with? Especially when that person is so intriguing.”

“There’s nothing ‘intriguing’ about me,” Piccolo growled. He hadn’t moved since Nail arrived, sitting crosslegged in the air with his arms folded and his shoulders hunched. His eyes were closed and he’d clearly been trying to meditate until Nail showed up. (It was also clear that he thought he was good at it, but his technique left a lot to be desired.) “Go away if you’re not going to fuse with me again.”

“It’s hardly my fault our fusion failed.” Rather, it wasn’t entirely Nail’s fault, just like it wasn’t entirely Piccolo’s. They weren’t as compatible for fusion as Nail had first thought, that was all. “Being bitter about it isn’t going to help us any.”

Piccolo finally opened his eyes at that. “There’s no us. There has never been an us. There was you, and there was me, and then there was only me, and now you’re here again.”

“Listen.” Nail braced his hands on Piccolo’s knees, leaning forward to stare intently into his eyes. Piccolo recoiled, but didn’t attack him, which Nail took as a victory. “If I’m going to be stuck on this dragon-forsaken rock with no other Namekians besides you and the old man, we’re going to have to learn to get along. And that starts with you clearing something up for me.” Piccolo’s eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched. “Like I said, you’re intriguing, Piccolo. According to the boy you’ve attached yourself to, you’re a good, kind person, if a little gruff.” To his surprise, Piccolo purpled and looked away. Interesting. “But when anyone else talks about you…everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

Nail watched as Piccolo’s tongue darted out to lick his lips and oh, that was something he might want to explore later. “It’s…a long story,” Piccolo said, still not looking at Nail.

Nail grabbed Piccolo’s chin and forced him to look him in the eyes again. “I’ve got all day.”

BBC Robin Hood Series II Starters
  • This is an ambush!
  • You don't say.
  • There's poor people going hungry.
  • So what's it gonna be?!
  • Speaking of our lady-leper-friends, time to go and get the pretty one... and her daddy.
  • If they resist, shall I use force?
  • Get up to speed - use force anyway
  • I have a feeling we're not to welcome in the corridors of power at the moment.
  • Come and join my gang.
  • That kiss spoke volumes.
  • Really? That's not what I heard.
  • That's not fair!
  • You just don't get it, do you?
  • You are not weak!
  • Anyway it doesn`t matter to you.
  • You've always been weak
  • Why don't you just jigger off!
  • Ah, the sanctimonious old fart... and her father!
  • I gather you've been careless with your wood fire
  • You know full well that is not the case.
  • We both know that's not true, don't we?
  • Who cares... what you believe in? Hm?
  • I have a plan, and I will not tolerate dissent.
  • So, you are under house arrest, here in the castle, until I can find some use for you.
  • You think you can humiliate a man at the altar? A man like me and get away with it? You're wrong.
  • Who is the Nightwatchman?
  • I'll make sure to kiss him when I see him for stealing from you.
  • That's your real problem isn't it, you need people to love you.
  • What's he doing? Why isn't he running away?
  • There must be a cure, medicine, yes?
  • I'm not strong. I was being you'd notice you'd love me.
  • I love you. I've always loved you.
  • I want him dead. Whatever it takes, I want him dead.
  • It's too dangerous!
  • No! For once, just listen to me!
  • See you on the dark side. Shoot him!
  • Am I to drown in everybody else's incompetence?
  • Stupid too, so you and he should get on.
  • He also has a weakness for gambling.
  • I've taken my bath six months early for a reason!
  • This world is full of idiots, waiting to be parted from their money. But as you know... the house always wins!
  • I don't trust you.
  • If it were me, I would slap your fickle face.
  • Say goodbye.
  • Let him live.
  • He's a noble and a good man. He must be worth more to you than a sack of rocks!
  • I will kill this man.
  • You will be punished for this. Be in no'll be punished.
  • You saved my life. I'm grateful.
  • I could not watch you die and do nothing.
  • What have you got for me?
  • So what's your proposal?
  • Someone's impersonating me.
  • And the funny thing might be telling the truth.
  • And how am I supposed to believe you any more?
  • Don't kill me. Please.
  • Find me somebody to hang! I want to see somebody TWITCH!
  • At least do me the courtesy of knocking.
  • Get your possessions, you're leaving.
  • I have nobody.
  • Humanity is weakness!
  • Oh gag her, for God's sake. She's pretty until she speaks.
  • Little Robin redbreast is about to become fried chicken!
  • I'm surprised you gave in to his demands!
  • If I wanted a wife, I'd have found one with better legs!
  • I'm not coming back, get over it... and for God's sake, change your clothes once in a while
  • She's not coming back. Move on
  • I assure you I haven't given myself to anybody -- yet.
  • I will always believe that there is a chance for you and me.
  • I need to think.
  • Stop thinking. Come home to me!
  • You burned my home to the ground!
  • If I could take that back -- if I could show you the side of me that wants to build a home, not burn it down...
  • I thought I might never see you again.
  • Don't kill anyone unless you have to.
  • Yeah, what's your point?
  • I am the man with a plan
  • If I'm going to die, I'm going to die by your side.
  • Let's find out who you really are!
  • You... don't... speak to me!
  • Why is nothing ever SIMPLE?!
  • You're safe
  • You saved my life.
  • You underestimate me.
  • I have demonstrated my loyalty. Now I would like your blessing.
  • I'll sing at your wedding.
  • Your heart... must be the coldest place on Earth.
  • You'll have to kill me first.
  • No. We're going to get out of this. I'll do this thing. Then I will have power beyond belief. And we will be together.
  • I would rather die, than be with you
  • Ryuko: Tell me again why I'm dressed as a reindeer?
  • Satsuki: I have always wanted to dress up and do a family Christmas card, but as I'm sure you could tell Ryuko our family was not the type to do things like that.
  • Ryuko: *sighs* Ok, Whatever. Still doesn't explain what you're supposed to be then?
  • Satsuki: *smirks* The sexy santa of course. You should've expected nothing less Ryuko.
  • Ryuko: *scoffs* Please, if anyone has the body for the sexy santa costume it's me. But you do know Santa has an elf right, hence santas little helper, if I'm the reindeer and you the sexy santa who's going to be the elf?
  • Satsuki: *looks away* Well, while she may not be an actual part of our family, I consider her close enough to be.
  • Ryuko: *scratches head* Huh, what are yo- Wait you don't- Oh my god you actually got Nonon to dress up as well! *sees Nonon in an elf costume*
  • Satsuki: She pulls it off quite well.
  • Nonon: Don't say a word delinquent.
  • Ryuko: Wasn't gonna.
  • Nonon: *smiles* Okay then, good.
  • Ryuko: *chuckles* But uh one question, how's Satsuki's toy shop doing?
  • Satsuki: *covers smile*
  • Nonon: *tackles Ryuko* That's it you're on the naughty list!!!
Madoka Magica {Sentence Starters}
  • "As far as I'm concerned, the sooner you decide, the better."
  • "It's an example! I'm not talking about anyone!"
  • "What did you do after I left yesterday?!"
  • "Well, let's say I'm glad you're going into it with that spirit."
  • "When I get scared or hurt, there's no one I can talk to."
  • "Are you positive you've never met her before?"
  • "I've been thinking really hard about all the different wishes I could make."
  • "You're both girls! Girls can't love girls!"
  • "If we die and no one remembers us, I guess that's just the way it is."
  • "Come on, think about what you're doing!"
  • "You shouldn't be here! This has nothing to do with you, so stay back!"
  • "I don't wanna hear this crap anymore!"
  • "Why are you doing this to yourself?"
  • "You're in no position to question my help. Or do you just hate the idea of it?"
  • "It's still really hard to figure out what I'd wish for."
  • "The anime character in you is popping out, too!"
  • "I don't deserve it. You need a better role model."
  • "The motive behind a wish is what matters most, you know?"
  • "It doesn't make any sense, does it?"
  • "This isn't supposed to be fun. What we're doing is very dangerous."
  • "You look ill. Is something the matter?"
  • "It's like they're impressed I know about that stuff."
  • "Cut it out. Stop torturing me already."
  • "Why won't you trust me? Can't you see I just want to help you?"
  • "I finally figured out what I want to wish for."
  • "Don't underestimate this stuff. This ain't a job anybody can do."
  • "You look like someone who's given up on everything."
Playing Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Sentence Starters
  • (Otherwise known as "This game is ridiculous and so are we: The Sentence Pack")
  • "The Grand Titty!"
  • ""My heart?" Yeah, the whole game revolves around your damn heart!"
  • "I sleep like that."
  • "Who the fuck was that weird blonde chick who clearly has a better fashion sense the rest of us?"
  • "What are you saying? Do you think I don't have FRIENDS?! ...You're absolutely right."
  • "I love Boogle points."
  • "When did I become Cloud? I am Cloud."
  • "Don't hit that wall. It did nothing to you."
  • "I like how he still smiles, though."
  • "We don't get to hear this plan. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW? AM I DOING THE PLAN RIGHT?"
  • "That okay wi-? Bluh! Of course!"
  • "You ARE kind of dumb."
  • "They can't be that smart. Have you seen him? He's kind of an idiot."
  • "Pretending not to remember is beyond him. He just plain forgot."
  • "Who the hell is _____?"
  • "Why are there two of you?"
  • "He JUST TOLD YOU HE WAS A FAKE. Stop calling him by that name!"
  • "Uh oh. He's broken."
  • "That can't be it. That isn't the end. That was shit."
  • "Oh thank god. There's another one."
  • "Are you serious? That was even WORSE!"
  • "At least this form is cooler."
  • "I'd respect you more if your weapon wasn't flowers."
  • "Without his memories, he'd literally be dead by your logic. How can he remember with your help if he's dead?"
  • "Oh, right. Changing the rules on me two SECONDS LATER!"
  • "Under "Friends" there's just a black space, and that describes ____ perfectly."
  • "Aww, look at how cute they are!"
  • "I can't believe _____ is a fucking furry."
  • "That card is just "FUCK YOU!""
  • "Why does he roll like that?"
  • "Thank fuck it's over."
Mysticism and the Mind
  • "I know what you're thinking and you're right."
  • "Next Tuesday's going to be bad for you."
  • "You need to go talk to them. Trust me on this."
  • "I can't change who I am."
  • "I don't want this anymore."
  • "We need to try. If we don't..."
  • "It doesn't work like that."
  • "I need to do this."
  • "Nothing can stand in our way."
  • "I don't suppose you could give me the lottery numbers for next week, could you?"
  • "I know what you're thinking and you're wrong."
  • "I can't handle it much longer."
  • "You know that isn't going to happen."
  • "What is it that you do?"
  • "There's no need to be afraid of me."
  • "We need to do something about this."
  • "I can't just turn it on and off."
  • "You here to read my thoughts?"
  • "There needs to be a change or everything is going to go south in a hurry."
  • "Something is coming..."
  • "How do you know what I'm thinking?"
  • "We have to stop them now. It can't be later."
  • "Everything is going to be okay. Trust me on this."
  • "Did you just do that?"
  • "I couldn't not sense your feelings. They're too strong."
  • Severus Snape: Mister Malfoy, how're you doing?
  • Draco Malfoy: [after being told that Pansy is a [prefect] No, it's fine. You went with your gut. Pansy's a great student. I do have three questions, though. [hysterically] Why do you hate me when I show you nothing but love?! Who's going to tell my father?! And what the hell am I supposed to do with ten thousand "Draco Malfoy, Prefect" business cards?! [Falls to his knees, throwing business cards everywhere]
  • Severus Snape: Yeah, I know it's unusual, but you're prefect too.
  • Draco Malfoy: Uh, what now?
  • Severus Snape: Well, I figure with her being ridiculously harsh to the point where she has almost no interpersonal skills, and you being as well-groomed as an un-potty trained labradoodle, and about as useful in high-stress situations as an un-potty trained labradoodle, together, the two of you make one barely passable prefect...-slash-labradoodle.
  • Draco Malfoy: So wait, why didn't you just say that in the first place?
  • Severus Snape: What, and miss your hall-of-fame hissy? Not on your life.