and you cry and your tears are made of blood


When the body of Cedric was brought back, you felt as though your heart had stopped. Your breathing hitched in your throat and you could already feel the tears welling up in your eyes before you had time to try and stop them.

‘Ced?’ you whispered, leaning over the barrier to try and see better, hoping that what you assumed had happened was simply your pessimism shining through.

Behind you, the twins shared a significant look, Ron looking slightly irritated as someone stood in his way and Ginny grinning because she’d seen Harry. And then the realisation appeared to dawn on people. Whispers started trickling up the stands,.

‘It’s Diggory’s body!’

‘Is he dead?’

‘Did Potter do it?’

The cry of anguish from Amos made your blood run cold, and the tears ran down your face before you could stop them. A hand pressed lightly on your shoulder.

‘Hey, it’s OK,’ soothed Fred, but you could hear the lack of conviction behind his voice.

You tried rubbing the tears away, feeling more falling.

‘He’s… he’s gone, isn’t he?’ you asked, looking up at Fred.

He didn’t answer though, merely pulled you into a tight hug. You closed your eyes, trying desperately to remember the good things as worried whispers grew louder, and Dumbledore tried to take order. Fred lightly rubbed the back of your head, but you could feel yourself shaking with silent sobs now. He kissed the top of your head.

‘It’s gonna be all right,’ he said, trying to reassure you as best he could. But all you needed was him being there just now, and he was – for that you were grateful.

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More Odd Numbers

1: What is your name and does it mean anything?
Veronica and it means victory.

3: What position do you normally sleep in?
My side.

5: Who was your favorite teacher in high school and why?
My Mom. I was homeschooled.

7: Did you participate in any sports while in school?
No, but in elementary gym, I was pretty good at hockey.

9: Have you ever given blood?

11: Do you like your siblings? Why or why not?
Yep, she’s my bestie.

13: Name one movie that made you cry.
“The Straight Story.”  Bucket loads of tears every time.

15: Things about someone that you find attractive?
Their eyes.

17: Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how?
My arm, riding my bike.

19: Where did you grow up?

21: Do you think you’d make a good parent?

23: When is your birthday?
December 30th.

25: Do you wear glasses? If so, how long have you been wearing glasses?
Yep. Since I was eleven.

27: Name 5 facts about your appearance:
Blue eyes, pale skin, 5"7, plump, short blondish hair.

29: What is a strange talent that you have?
I can coo like a pidgeon. Yes, folks, I’m that awesome!

31: Why did one of your friendships end?
Rather not say.

33: Why did your last relationship end?
Never had one.

35: Have you ever been admitted to a hospital? Why?
No, thanks be to God.

37: What is word that you always seem to spell wrong?
Deliver. I aways want to put an e between the i and v.

39: What is your favorite kind of pizza?
Extra sauce, extra cheese and a little sausage.

41: When was the last time you got really really happy and why?
When I got to my hotel room in Krakow. I was alone and ran around ecstatic to be in a new place and to be able to sleep in a bed later that night.

43: How do you start a conversation?
“How are you?”

45: Do you come from a family “of money?”
Ha, no way.

47: What is your favorite series of books?
Debbie Viguie’s “Psalm 23 Series.”

49: Where do you go when you’re sad?
To the good memories.

ulises1up asked:


  • 2:How long have you known your best friend?

Ummm for irl best friends its conkerz and bruuce-wayne Ive known since 7th grade. For online Ive known elsinverguenza for likeeeeeeeeee 6-8 months?? SOMETHING like that hahaha

  • 9:Have you ever given blood?

Nah, I wouldn’t mind tho

  • 13:Name one movie that made you cry.

Big hero 6 was the last movie that made me tear up. I cant think of the last movie that made me cry. Or any at the moment

  • 38:Would ever adopt kids?

Ummmmm, well I don’t plan on it but I wouldnt be against it I suppose.

thanks for asking

Only Human

I act like I’m invincible

I act like I’m tough

I act like I’m made of steel

I act like nothing gets to me

But it’s just that

It’s just an act

I’m only human

Sometimes I fall

Sometimes I make mistakes

Sometimes I hurt

Sometimes I break down

Your words pierce my heart

You actions tear me apart

I’m only made

Of flesh and blood


I bleed too


I cry too

The tears fall

The blood drips down 

I’m not perfect

I’m not invincible 

I’m only human


I’m not okay


I’m on the ground

I can’t always stand tall

Even I

Have to fall

Because I’m only human

ask-ashe-the-archer asked:

No, no, no, don’t die on me!

Send me “No, no, no, don’t die on me!” for a scenario in which my muse dies protecting yours.

“you are…  crying?…” Tryndamere made a chuckle that was interrupted by a cof that stain his chest whit blood, even if his body was broken in several places he held a smile for his queen, a hand rise to coop her white cheek and try to wipe her tears but his bloddied fingers leave a crimsom print on her “Silly… queen… you.. should be happy…. Our Freljord.. is safe.. you recover.. your.. sister…” he rub his thumb softly on her skin, rugged by battle like him but it was always delicate whit her.

“This… is not your foult… is your destiny… I…” his han fell heavy on the cold ground, his chest stop moving and his eyes lose his spark, the barbarian king was no more as his life slip between his queen hands.


eggsyheart asked:

9, 13, 28, 36, 48

thanks old sport

9:Have you ever given blood? No i haven’t but maybe in the future. tbh i’m kinda afraid to take a bloodtest or something in case there is something wong with my blood??? cause i liteally never get mosquito bites, like i think i’ve gotten 2 in my entire lifetime they don’t like my blood SO MAYBE THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT


28:What is your favorite soda?


36:What is your favorite restaurant?

mcdonalds amiright

48:When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt? literally cannot remember *sound of silence plays in the distance*

I’m bored and saw this on my dash so i’m gonna go ahead and do it 


  • Last beverage: water
  • Last phone call: my mom
  • Last text message: “bahahaha laughing/crying emoji” to sarah
  • Last song you listened to:I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons
  • Last time you cried: i was near tears at work today because of my shitty manager does that count 


  • Dated someone twice: i don’t think so 
  • Been cheated on: no
  • Kissed someone and regretted it: nope
  • Lost someone special: yes
  • Been depressed: depression is in my blood 
  • Been drunk and threw up: yeah quite a few times lol 
  • Three faviorite colors: purple, burgundy, blue


  • Made a new friend: yes :3
  • Fallen out of love: not yet 
  • Laughed until you cried: yes lots 
  • Met someone who changed you: mmmm… maybe? i’m not sure 
  • Found out who your true friends are: nah
  • Found out someone was talking about you: i know people talk about me behind my back it’s okay lol
  • Kissed anyone you follow/follows you: nah


  • How many people do you know in real life that you follow/follows you on tumblr: i think 3 or 4 people
  • Do you have any pets: yes 2 cats 
  • Do you want to change your name: nah 
  • What did you do for your last birthday: went out for dinner with my family
  • What time did you wake up today: 4am because i was still drunk, fell back asleep until 8am, drove my sister to work and came home then went back to sleep until 10:15am
  • What were you doing at midnight last night: trying to sleep 
  • Name something you CANNOT wait for: to see where the whole thing with Bill goes 
  • What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: being constantly ruled by fear
  • What are you listening to right now: the news 
  • Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: yes
  • What’s getting on your nerves right now: my manager
  • Most visited website: probably a cross between tumblr and reddit lol
  • Blood type: i think O not sure
  • Nickname: i have a few but mostly nikki 
  • Relationship Status: single 
  • Zodiac Sign: gemini
  • Pronouns: she
  • Hair colour: red/ginger 
  • Long or short: a bit passed my shoulders
  • Height: 5'4′’
  • Do you have a crush on someone: yessss :3:3
  • What do you like about yourself: meh not much, mostly my legs, intelligence, maturity
  • Random fact: i pick the skin around my fingers until its raw because i fidget constantly 
  • Tattoos: one on my shoulder
  • Righty or lefty: righty
  • First Surgery: never had surgery
  • First piercing: just my ears 
  • First best friend: Heather from elementary school
  • First sport you enjoyed: hockey
  • First vacation: Lake George, NY
  • First pair of trainers: oh god i can’t remember lol


  • Eating: just finished a sandwich

  • Drinking: water
  • I’m about to: go to bed because i have work in the am 
  • Waiting for: tomorrow to get here 
  • Want kids: i used to, but it’s not a priority anymore 
  • Get married: maybe in the future 
  • Career: still would be nice to study psychology 


  • Lips or eyes: eyes
  • Hugs or kisses: hugs
  • Shorter or taller: taller but not too much 
  • Older or younger: definitely older lol
  • Romantic or spontaneous: i prefer romantic but its not a huge deal
  • Nice stomach or nice arms: nice arms 
  • Sensitive or loud: sensitive 
  • Hook-up or relationship: relationship 
  • Trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant 


  • Kissed a stranger: quite possibly 
  • Drank hard liquor: of course lol
  • Lost glasses/contacts: i’ve lost glasses before 
  • Sex on first date: fuck no 
  • Broke someone’s heart: yeah i have
  • Had your own heart broken: yes and it still hurts 
  • Been arrested: nope and i would like to keep it that way
  • Turned someone down: probably 
  • Cried when someone died: yes
  • Fallen for a friend: yes i’m in the midst of it 


  • Yourself: more than i used to 
  • Miracles: depends 
  • Love at first sight: no
  • Heaven: maybe, i’m not sure
  • Santa Claus: not anymore 
  • Kiss on first date: it can happen 
  • Angels: i do