and you cry and your tears are made of blood


More and more Quileute tribe members were shifting uncontrollably from human to wolf due to the oncoming mass of vampires. The older members were all helping the cubs understand how to work their new ability without hurting themselves or someone else. Sam was especially adamant on that fact, he didn’t want anyone repeating his mistake.

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write a scenario about gabe defending his timid and kinda small gf from overwatch agents that made her cry? Thank you

“No, Gabe, please-”

Your boyfriend currently had his hand around an agent’s neck, fingers digging into his flesh. Your hand reached out to try and grab Gabriel’s black hoody, only to have toned arms wrap around your waist from behind, stilling you instantly.

“Better let him do it, sweetpea.”

You struggled against the southerner, your hand coming up to brush away droplets from your tear stained, bruised cheek. Blood stained your fingers, wiping them on your skirt. To say you were annoyed at how you weren’t as tall or strong as the other agents was an understatement. It was nice to be embraced and protected by Gabe, but when it came to standing up for yourself it was kind of pathetic.

“Jesse, get off me.”
“(Y/N), you’ll get hurt if go over there ‘nd then Reyes’ll have my behind too.”

A solid thud cut your conversation short as the agent who had been abusing you was now splayed out on the floor, your boyfriend hovering menacingly over him. A group of other, younger agents had grouped around, trying to verbally defend the one on the floor.

“Anyone else?”


“Good. Get this shit outta my sight, and if I so much as hear a breath in (Y/N)’s direction, you’ll all be in the depths of hell before you know it.”

Jesse rest his head on top of yours, a deep sigh coming from his chest.

“C'mon, he’s gonna be in a foul mood.”
“I don’t care.”

You managed to wriggle your way out from your best friend’s grasp, limping slightly over to your boyfriend. Your hand gingerly touched his arm, making him spin around.

“Get her to Ziegler.”

His eyes didn’t meet yours, instead directing themselves over to McCree’s.

“I still need to teach these ingrates a lesson.”

A firm hand grasped around yours, dragging you away from the crowd. You stuttered, trying to say something to Gabe before you went through the doors to Angela’s office.

You were laid down on top of the pristine white sheets, arms crossed over your chest. No matter how many times you had said you were fine, Angela and Jesse would not leave your side until the Blackwatch Commander permmitted them to. The air hung thick with tense awkwardness. Angela was scribbling on her clipboard and Jesse seemed very interested with cleaning his hat. Your eyes were on the door, purple and blue slowly forming in your peripheral vision.

To be fair, you had taken quite a beating from the bastard. He kept on going on about how you got special treatment because you were ‘sleeping with the Blackwatch Commander’, to put it nicely. Your personality meant you’d tried to fight back, only to be given a black eye, cut cheek and lip and a sprained ankle. If Gabriel and Jesse hadn’t come along when they did.. You don’t know. Tears still streamed down your cheeks, no matter how hard you tried to stop them. You felt useless. Being in Overwatch and not even able to defend yourself.

You perked up when the doors opened and in walked Gabriel. Both Angela and Jesse stood up sporting strained smiles.

“How is she?”
“Fine. Bruising along the cheekbone, a few cuts here and there and a swollen ankle. Nothing some rest won’t heal.”

Gabriel nodded. The pair took that as their cue to leave, reassuring looks passed in your direcrion.

You uncrossed your arms and fiddled with your fingers, eyes now downcast from his intense gaze. The bed dipped slightly from his weight where he perched, his large hand covering both of yours.

“I’m sorry, Gabe.”
“Why are you sorry? You did nothing.”
“Exactly. I did nothing. I work at Overwatch and I can’t even fight back.”
“That’s because you’re not an agent. You’re my assistant.”
“Still, getting my ass kicked in front of everyone isn’t-”
“(Y/N). What he did was cowardly. It was an easy win for him until I came along.”

You sighed, head drooping down further.

“Let me train you.”

Your head perked up, him now reaching up to caress away a tear.

“If you’re worried, let me train you. I’m not always going to be here to protect you.”

Your eyes looked into his chocolate pools. He wasn’t joking. You nodded hesitantly. He squeezed your hands in reassurance.

“I hate seeing you hurt.”
“I hate being hurt.”

 A gentle kiss was placed on your forehead. He loved you, and you loved him.

I Won't Say It

Requested by an anonymous flubble for their birthday. They wanted an Eleven fic based off of the song “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” and I’m pretty sure I nailed it (I even managed to incorporate some lyrics).

And for those of you wondering why Jack Harkness is here - first of all, Jack Harkness is too good to not be here, and secondly, he’s the best person I could think of to be a sassy singing Greek Muse in a toga whose most pressing interest is matchmaking. (Except for maybe Donna, but I don’t think she’d put up with all this nonsense.)

Also, look at this gif. Look at those lips. Just look at the lips. Look at them.

“I’m not doing this with you, Jack.”

“Like you have anything better to do than me.”

You glared at Jack Harkness, Captain of the Innuendo Squad, and wondered how long it would be before Jack got distracted by something shiny and ran off. That’s basically what he did last time. Alright, so last time, the “something shiny” had been a blue alien woman in very revealing clothing (what she was revealing, you weren’t sure, but that was not one bit human at all), but the point stood that Jack could be distracted from this current line of discussion. But, considering the lack of revealing aliens in this situation and how intent Jack seemed to be on having this conversation, you doubted it would happen like that again anytime soon. Shame.

“You’re disgusting,” you said plainly, playfully tossing a grape at him so he would know you weren’t quite as angry as you sounded. He leaned back and caught it in his mouth.

“You love it," Jack said around the grape. He chewed it with a smirk on his face.

You picked up another grape and stuck it in your own mouth. "No. And we’re not talking about this.”

“Oh, so we’re not talking about your very mature, reasonable crush on a really sexy Time Lo-”

“No, we’re not!” you snapped. Now you were angry. Or at least very, very frustrated.

This conversation happened a lot. Every time the Doctor left you and Jack alone in the TARDIS (which the Doctor seemed a little uncomfortable with because he always tried to take you with him and leave Jack behind, but you and Jack weren’t having any of that), Jack hounded you about your ‘crush’ on the Doctor. It wasn’t a crush, though, and you knew that, and you were pretty sure that Jack knew it too, which was why he was pushing it so hard. Because it was more than a crush, way more, and Jack wanted you to say it.

“And we’re not talking about it,” you continued, angrily chomping down on another grape, "because there’s nothing to talk about.“

"Who d'ya think you’re kiddin’?” Jack drawled. “You like him…”

You rolled your eyes. “What are you, four?”

“Nah. I’m six, at least.” Jack gave you that grin, the you-can’t-hate-me-because-I’m-so-cute-and-sinful grin, trying to take the edge off of the conversation. It didn’t work. "Honey, I think the world of you, but this is ridiculous. You love the Doctor. Can’t you face it like a grown-up?“

Hurt stung you. He hadn’t actually said anything offensive, but there had been a veiled accusation of immaturity there, and you couldn’t defend yourself and tell him that it wasn’t like that, not without saying exactly what you didn’t want to say. So instead, you said:

"Get off my case, Jack, would you?”

Jack scoffed irritably. Jack rarely got angry, as far as you had seen, but this was obviously getting to him. You didn’t want to see what an angry Jack was like, but you weren’t going to give in just because he got huffy. There was no good reason for him to get to bully you like this and you weren’t about to let him do it, either.

The grapes were left forgotten on the granite countertop of the island in the TARDIS’s oddly compact kitchen. You had stood up in an effort to regain the upper hand by making yourself taller than Jack, but Jack was leaning forward in his seat, halfway to standing up himself. Oh, he wasn’t going to turn this into an actual fight, was he? You had never fought with him. Why did he have to push this?

“You can’t keep denying this. It’s unhealthy,” Jack hissed. “You’re too proud to say it and you’re making yourself miserable.”

“Oh, please.” You put as much biting sarcasm into your voice as you could, trying to stave back the sting that was making your eyes water. You were going to cry. You didn’t want to cry, not in front of Jack or in front of anybody, but especially not in an argument like this.

“You love him.”

“No way. Nuh-uh.”

“And he loves you too!”

Now that was taking it too far. That hurt.

Jack!” you snapped. A single hot tear welled over and made a scorching path down your cheek. You aggressively wiped it away, trying to save face despite your complete loss of control.

You knew your face was red - you could feel the heat of blood rushing up to your face. Your ears were hot and your mouth felt full of cotton. You weren’t sure how this had escalated so quickly, and maybe it wouldn’t have under normal circumstances, and maybe you wouldn’t have let tears fall so easily, but this was a wound that had been festering for years and Jack had poked at it in all the ways that hurt the worst.

Jack stared at you, stunned by the way you had broken so quickly. He didn’t know what to do - he knew that you needed to face up to this, but he hadn’t realized that it was so bad that you would… well, this. He had never made you cry, not once in all the years since you had met. The Doctor, who could sometimes be extraordinarily insensitive, had made you cry multiple times, and Jack had never failed to give the Doctor hell for it, but this wasn’t the Doctor. This was him. Jack had made you cry, and he didn’t know what to do about.

“I-” He swallowed, trying to find the words. He stood up from his seat, slowly moving to comfort you. “Aw, Sweetie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“Just stop, Jack. Okay?” You shuffled towards the sink, purposefully out of Jack’s reach. "Just stop.“

You grabbed a scrubbing brush and began to clean dishes that had been left to soak in soapy water. The TARDIS could do he own dishes very well and didn’t mind doing them, but you liked to extend her the courtesy of doing it yourself. Not to mention it was a good distraction. With your back to Jack, you couldn’t see him and he wasn’t saying anything.

Finally, you heard the scrape of a chair and the quick footsteps of Jack making his escape from the kitchen. You sighed in relief even as another traitorous tear slipped from your blotchy cheek and into the sudsy water. You looked at your murky reflection. Your eyes were already red and puffy, just for two little tears, and your cheeks were terribly flushed.

"Get a grip, girl,” you told your reflection, and then you splashed it away with frothy suds and a tea-stained mug.

Since bringing Jack back onto the TARDIS, the Doctor had been torn about the decision. On one hand, he really liked Jack and was glad to have the man back. On the other hand, you really liked Jack and Jack really liked you and that meant that the Doctor didn’t get you all to himself anymore, which he didn’t like. Since finding you, he hadn’t really bothered bringing other companions aboard for very long, mostly because he liked it best when it was just the two of you, as it should be. But on the other hand, Jack was sort of a good security measure. The Doctor wasn’t a fool - he had lost companions before and he wasn’t so arrogant as to think that he wasn’t in danger of losing one again. Jack was like extra security for you, which was good. But on the other hand, you were spending more time with just Jack when the Doctor wasn’t around, and that made the Doctor terribly nervous, because Jack was handsome and charming and tempting and romantic and a man and you were- were- well, he was a boy and you were a girl and the Doctor didn’t like what his brain came up with when he wondered what went on when you two were alone together. But on the other hand, Jack was trustworthy and the Doctor knew that you were safe with the captain. But on the other hand, you had very pretty lips, and Jack couldn’t resist a set of pretty lips, and the Doctor couldn’t recall seeing you kiss anyone ever in all your travels, so perhaps you were letting Jack kiss you, just because humans got lonely without kisses. But on the other hand-

Oh, goodness, that was more than enough hands. That was at least six hands and he didn’t have nearly enough, even if he used his feet.

But the point was, in the end, that even though the Doctor knew that you were quite safe with Jack, the Doctor hated leaving you with him, because the Doctor would spend his outings thinking of Jack kissing you and you kissing Jack, and the very idea of it made him feel frantic. So he would do whatever errands he needed to do and then scurry back to the TARDIS as quickly as he could, often entertaining the thought that, maybe, if he asked nicely, you would get your kisses from him instead of Jack. The Doctor was lonely too, after all, and it seemed more than fair to him that if you were both lonely, you could be unlonely together. Jack could and would get his kisses from just about anyone else in the universe. The only person who the Doctor wanted was you. Wouldn’t it be fair for you and the Doctor to be together while Jack had the rest of the universe? Yes, that was perfectly fair.

This, of course, was all very ridiculous, and the Doctor knew it.

He had no proof, or even the barest bit of evidence, that you and Jack were anything other than good friends. And he wasn’t so silly as to think that he could just ask you for a kiss, or that he could woo you like a Gallifreyan might, but it was a beautiful fantasy that he liked to entertain. And it was true that humans got lonely. Your species was meant to be in pairs. There were some of you who didn’t need it or want it for some reason or another, but the majority of human beings were much better off when they were in pairs. Romantic pairs, that is, and devout pairs, not the casual sort. And you didn’t weren’t part of a pair, which meant that you could have all the friends in the world, but that would not stop you from feeling that loneliness. The Doctor empathized, to a degree - Gallifreyans didn’t feel that pressing urge to find a bond-mate until much later in their lives (the second puberty, if you will), so the Doctor had gotten through many of his regenerations with some curiosity towards the idea but no sense of loneliness or hurt in his lack of partner. Then he had hit the age when that changed, and since then, there had been a terrible gap that he wanted someone to fill. That he wanted you to fill, if he could have his pick, but he doubted you would agree. So, knowing what it felt like, to be missing the other half of something so dear and yet not knowing how to find it… the Doctor couldn’t find it within himself to be angry or blame you at all if you were interested in Jack

The Doctor opened the door to the TARDIS, arguing with himself over whether or not to find you immediately or leave you in peace with Jack. As it turned out, there was no answer to that debate, because Jack was sitting in the console room, looking awful, and you were nowhere to be seen.

Jack looked up at the Doctor with an odd expression on his face. The Doctor stared back even as he shut the TARDIS door behind him.

“… Jack…?” the Doctor ventured to say. “What’s the matter with you, eh?”

Jack grimaced. “I screwed up, Doc.”

The Doctor blinked in surprise. Jack wasn’t terribly proud, not compared to many of the Doctor’s other companions, but rarely admitted to failure before he was absolutely sure that he couldn’t fix his mistake or at least give another attempt to do better. 'I screwed up’ were not words to be heard from Jack Harkness’s mouth.

“What happened?” asked the Doctor, dreading the answer.

“It was…” Jack sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I was just trying to get her to admit it to herself, y'know? It’s been hurting her. I can tell. I thought that if she could say it in front of me, maybe she could tell you, and then you’d both stop dancing around it like it’s not there… you two would be so perfect, and you don’t even…”

The Doctor’s nose wrinkled in confusion. “Jack, what are you talkin’ about?”

Jack scoffed. “Both of you are hopelessly oblivious. Doc, she loves you.”

No. No, no, not this. Jack wouldn’t pull such a cruel joke.

“I mean, she really loves you. She is in love with you. She has been for ages. Maybe even before I met you guys. I dunno.”

Stop. Stop, it hurts. Don’t lie. Don’t tease. It hurts.

Then Jack sighed again, heavily, and pursed his lips. “I tried, and I screwed it up. She got upset. Cried. I’ve never made her cry before, Doctor. And what did you do that has her so convinced that you don’t love her, huh?”

I never said anything. Actions speak louder that words, but I never kissed her, either, and I never gave her a flower or shiny thing or a note full of love words. What I’ve done for her, she could logic away to concern and friendship and the protection of a companion. I never said that I love her in straight words or unquestionable actions. How was she to know?

“Where is she?” the Doctor asked when he finally regained his voice.

“Kitchen,” Jack grunted.

You furiously scrubbed away at a pan that you had already scrubbed twice. You were soaked all down the front of your shirt from splashing yourself. There were suds on your face that itched and your fingers were starting to prune, but you didn’t care. You were too upset to care. You usually knew better than to take anything Jack said too seriously, but this time, that was impossible.


You paused. When had the Doctor gotten back? “Hey, Doctor. I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I love you.”

The pan you were scrubbing slipped from your grip and splashed loudly into the sudsy water in the sink. You turned around so that you could face the Doctor, scrubbing-brush still clenched in your hand.

“I love you,” the Doctor repeated, green eyes large and pleading, "and I… I know that I’ve never said anything about it, or shown you how I care, and I’m sorry. I was… scared. I haven’t, I mean, felt this way, not since… well, Rose, really, but this isn’t about Rose. It’s about you. And me, but mostly you. Or, um, us. Because Jack said, and I- I- I want… I want what he said.“

You swallowed, trying to make your voice come out steady: "And what… did Jack say, that you want?”

“That you love me,” the Doctor whispered, stepping closer to you, “and that we would be perfect.”

“I bet we would be,” you agreed, and the Doctor’s eyes lit up.

“I was thinking the exact same thing!” he exclaimed, and he swept you up for a kiss, soapy clothes and pruned fingers and all.

Dances With Wolves (Richie Tozier/Reader)

Originally posted by dailylosersclub

(A/N: Idk, I found this idea hidden amongst billions of memos in my phone and decided to write it up, sorry if it’s dumb. I might turn this into another multi-part story if any of you are interested, just lmk.)

Summary: Reader is the new girl in town who somehow ends up running with the wrong crowd, not realizing how much shit she’s gotten herself into until it’s already too late.

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7 kisses;

member- yoongi

genre- fluff, smidge of angst, lovey-dovey

words- 1, 818

summary- kisses are a way of showing love, and you and yoongi know that best

a/n- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HEART, MIN YOONGI. i love him so much :’) it’s also @bangtanshopex‘s (aka tina!) birthday!! go wish her a happy bday ❤ this scenario is also based off of ed sheeran’s song kiss me.  i love ed sheeran, definitely check him out if you haven’t!! his new album is amazing!

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settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in 

The night was cool, with the chirping of crickets echoing throughout the room. A gentle breeze flowed through your bedroom window, causing you to shiver slightly as you pulled your comforter closer to your chest.

“You’re too far away,” Yoongi mumbled against his pillow. You felt his cold fingers grab hold of your wrist as he whined. “Come closer.”

With a grin, you rolled over and fit yourself against Yoongi’s body. Warmth immediately encompassed you and you sighed happily. His arm instantly found purchase wrapped around your waist, his hand resting on the small of your back lightly. He hummed in content as he breathed in your scent.

“Did you miss me?” you whispered. Days when your boyfriend was away were always hard, but you cherished the ones when he came back.

He gently dragged his nose across yours, giving you a sweet Eskimo kiss. “Always, my dear.”

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anonymous asked:

Bucky being a big brother figure to the reader (a teen fem avenger) and looking after her when she gets back from a mission where she had to kill someone?

As soon as you stepped off the Quinjet at Sam’s side, Bucky knew something had went wrong on the mission.

You dropped your weapons at the bottom of the ramp and ran into his arms, burying your face in his shirt and clinging to him as you sobbed. He rubbed your back soothingly, resting his chin on the top of your head and raising his eyebrows questioningly at Sam.

“She killed a Hydra agent,” Sam mouthed, glancing at you sympathetically. “It wasn’t pretty.”

Bucky’s heart sank in his chest; you were like his little sister, and the thought of you having to kill someone in self-defence at such a young age was horrible to him.

“Hey,” he whispered, running a hand through your hair gently. “Let’s go get you cleaned up, okay?”

You didn’t respond, just kept crying, so he turned you round slowly and kept his arm around you as he walked you back to your bedroom.

Once you were in there, he sat you on your bed and went to get a washcloth and a basin of warm water to clean your bloodstained hands. When he returned to your room, you hadn’t moved an inch, and were still staring at the wall blankly.

Bucky sat down next to you, reaching for your hand with his metal one. You turned your head sharply to look at him, and he tried to smile reassuringly.

“I’m just gonna clean your hands up, okay? It might hurt a bit.”

He tried to be as gentle as possible whilst removing the dried blood from your hands, but you had badly grazed your knuckles too and the water stung the cuts. You hissed slightly at the contact.

“You should get some sleep,” Bucky said quietly, taking the basin of water into the bathroom to drain. You felt bile rising in your throat at the sight of the red water.

“I can’t,” you whispered, looking up at him with eyes filled with tears. “Bucky, I killed someone.”

“Hey, hey,” he murmured, sitting beside you quickly and taking you in his arms. You fell limply against his chest, crying almost silently as he pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“You had to defend yourself,” he reasoned with you quietly. “If you hadn’t, you and Sam might not have made it out of there.”

You knew he was right, but you could still see the light fading from the agent’s eyes as you pulled the trigger. Even though you knew your hands were clean now, they still felt as though they were dripping with blood.

“Will you stay with me?” you whispered.

Bucky nodded, shifting so that he was sitting against your headboard. You curled into his side, closing your eyes and trying to forget everything you had seen that day.

Bucky looked down at your sleeping form, and promised himself that he would protect you in future. He wouldn’t let you go on missions without him, and he would try to let you be a teenager for as long as possible without seeing the horrors he had grown accustomed to.

You unconsciously moved closer to him, and he smiled softly. He hadn’t gotten the chance to be a good big brother to his own little sister before the war. He wasn’t going to let you down now.

Plus Size || Bangtan Reaction


You were sat on the couch watching BTS’ latest interview, staring at your boyfriend who was seated happily on the screen. It was normal for the two of you now. Whenever he was doing a live broadcast you would sit and wait at home.

The woman on screen was smiling widely as she asked each of the members a question. Once she got to your boyfriend, you felt a smile come across you face.

“So. All the other guys are very vocal about what they look for in a girl, what about you? What’s your ideal girl?”

It was a secret about the two of you being together. The company knew about it and they approved it but they wanted it to stay quiet so that BTS would still be looked at and lusted after to increase sales. You understood this and didn’t object as it helped with their career.

You knew what you were expecting him to say, but the words that came out of his mouth were a shock to you.

“I look for a small girl, someone who I can easily hold in my arms and cradle. She has to be sweet and funny and always make me smile.”

You felt something akin to a gunshot go through your chest as you thought about what he said. You looked down at yourself and noticed what you had been trying to block out. You had never thought being a little bigger had been a bad thing, but as the words left his mouth you realized that maybe you weren’t what he wanted.

The other guys on the screen looked at him with disbelief as the words left his mouth. They knew that who he was describing wasn’t you, and that hurt more than anything.

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[M] Moonlight | Three

Originally posted by jiminrolls

A/N: Hi guys! It’s Admin Sunshine, thank you for loving this fiction. I’m re-posting this fiction on my blog because soon there will be a new chapter!

PS: I’ve fixed this chapter. It contains new stuff.

Pairing: Hybrid Female Reader AU! x Yoongi

Genre: Hybrid AU!, Smut, Fluff, Angst

Warnings: None except it’s full of sin.

Words Count: 2k

Summary : As unwelcomed cat hybrid, you’ve lived in the streets since you were born. You never believed in love neither in humanity. But even though you didn’t want to be loved by someone, you wanted him to love you.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Finale

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Two Birds (stan uris)

Request: “Could you do a Stan imagine where the reader is the first one to notice he’s gone(when they’re in the well) and their biggest fear is losing him so they’re freaking out and when they save him they don’t leave let him go?”

Pairing: reader/Stan Uris

“Hey… Where is Stan?” You ask, eyes wide with fear. The whole day had been one fuck-up after another. The others turn their attention from Mike, who was in the process of climbing down the rope, to you. “WHERE THE FUCK IS STAN?!”

Before they have time to panic over your discovery, you take off through the tunnel. You can hear their screams echoing after you, your heart beating so fast it sends ripples through your vision. The adrenaline gives you that extra boost of stamina to find the one person you were too afraid to lose.

Stanley!” You scream, voice so shrill and loud in the empty sewers that it frightens you. You’re suddenly aware that you’re lost, with the losers club somewhere behind you.

You ignore the sound of footsteps splashing in water, and the voices calling out to you from a distance as you strain your ears to hear for any sign of Stan. You’re losing hope, your gut is twisting in horror when, initially, there is no response.

“Help!” Comes the strained yell.

You bolt further down the narrow path, the legs of your jeans are cold and wet against your skin from the filth and water that kicks up with every step. You reach a rusted door and try desperately to open it. It’s too heavy.

“Stan?!” You scream.

No answer. The anxiety makes you nauseous.

“[Y/N]!” Bill yells as the losers reach your side, snapping you from the fear-induced trance you’re stuck in. “We need to stick together.”

They all begin to push at the door, until it gives way and opens with a long, ear-splitting screech. The group files into the room, rushing to find Stanley. It’s quiet. On the ground nearby, is his flashlight.

Eddie picks it up, and the others gather around him as he scans the dim light over the surroundings. In the corner, is a freakishly tall woman – if you could even call her that. Her mouth is opened impossibly wide, as her jaw protrudes with rows of sharp teeth sunk into the sides of Stanley’s face.

His body convulses slightly as he lays there, being partially consumed by something that shouldn’t exist.

You scream his name, the words lost to the buzzing in your ears. The woman retracts into the dark, disappearing into a tunnel that splits off through the wall.

Immediately, you run to Stan’s side, throwing your arms around him. He jerks up and lets out a gut-wrenching scream, tears and sweat covers his face. You don’t let go.

“No! You left me! You’re not my friends!” He screams, horrified. The blood from the teeth marks that line the sides of his head dribbles down his face. “You made me go into Neibolt! You made me go into Neibolt..”

You burst into tears, your face still buried in his chest. You’re gripping him so tight, you don’t think you can ever let go. Stan takes in a deep, ragged breath and continues to sob, as he throws his own arms around you. You feel him go slack in your embrace, his tears wetting the shoulders of your shirt.

“I love you Stan,” you cry. “I love you so much. We would never leave you. Never.”

Richie drops to his knees, hugging you both as he murmurs out apologies and reassurances that they would never let anything happen to him. Mike watches with an expression of sorrow; the feeling of hopelessness is much too real.

“I love you,” you say again, kissing the side of his head. His blood coats your lips. You wipe it away, and take his face in your hands.

He lets out a deep breath, visibly more calm, but still quite distraught.

“Can you hear me, Stanley? We love you so much.”

He nods, quick and brief. Stan hugs you again, and pats the back of Richie’s shoulder as they stand.

His fear was the woman in the painting and yours was losing him. Talk about two birds with one stone. Somewhere inside, there’s a relief; nothing Pennywise throws at you beyond that point could scare you quite like losing Stan had.

You fingers are entwined with his as you make your way further into the darkness of the sewers, on a mission to find Bill and Beverly. You’re never going to let him go. Never.

BTS reaction when they see their gf is self-harming

anon: we got the BTS Reaction of when they found out that their GF struggling with self harm but can we get one when they walk in a room and see them cutting themselves           

Trigger warning: mention of self harm

BTS reaction to conffesion about struggling with self-harm

Tbh I’ve never do things like cutting myself or something similiar so requests like this are somehow hard for me. I don’t want any one to be hurt because of things which I write. So please don’t take it too deeply and if someone have any contraindications let me know. I hope that people who are struggling with self-harming will find happines in their lifes and stop doing this. ;-;


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He saw your scars on your wirst 2 weeks ago but when he asked you about this you told him that you stopped huring yourself. Still he was worried and thinking about you all day. When he backed from shopping, he saw that scissors are missing. Black thoughts show up in his mind. He started to looking for you to find his love in bath looking at this scissors. He came in time before you did something to yourself. When you saw him you started to crying. Jin came to you, kissed your forehead and hug you tight. He gave you to cry in his shoulders how much you want. Single tear fall from his eyes too. He would try to convince you how special you’re and give you some self-confidence

“I love you jagi. You’re the most precious, beautiful and kind-hearted person that I know. You don’t deserve to do this to you. Next time please come to me”


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View of blood in kitchen made his heart stopped. He would find you in the corner of your room, making more cuts on your wirts. Yoongi would yell your name and come to you to take from you   knife and take you to bathroom to take care of your cuts. He wouldn’t say anything which make you even more crying, you wanted him to yell at you or make a big deal of this. The truth is that he was lost in his mind. He felt frustrated, hurt, angry, shattered in same time. The only thing that he was sure then its that he need to help you and watch you carefuly.

“If you will feel like doing this again, please at first call to me. Don’t do this again, Y/n. I’m begging you.”


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When you don’t pick up the phone and you don’t answer to his messages he started to have bad minds. He knew that you used to self-harm. Hobi rush to your apartament. When he walk into bathroom seeing you with knife, he would quickly take it from you and started to crying. JHope would hug you to comfort you and him at the same time. His tears don’t want to stop. He would stay like this with you till both of you will be more calm. After that you two will have long and full of tears conversation. Hobi would take everything deeply to his heart and still thinking that it’s his fault that he doesn’t notice how much pain  you are hiding.

“Why are you doing this to me? And to you? What did I do wrong? How can I help you? Please, say something to me! Y/n, I love you so much.”


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Problems in shool, with parents, fans, friends. It was enought for you. You wanted to de-stress. After school you took your razor and go to the bathroom with tears slowly falling from your eyes. Namjoon was in your apartment and you didn’t notice him. He take your wirst before you even get to bathroom. Pain was painted on his face. He took you to bedroom and start a serious talk with you. Tears don’t want to stop falling so he hug you, trying to wipe your eyes and comforts you. He was talking with the most soft voice ever. He wanted to know why you didn’t tell him about your problems and minds. Jonnie want you to know that you don’t have to deal with everything alone.

“I know that sometimes life is giving us a lot of pain. But around you are people who loves you and want to help you. You have me. You’re not alone, Y/n”.


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You were receiving hate messages from Jimins’ “fans”.  Jimin thought that he dump every letter before you can notice. His bad. You saw some of them and it depressed you. “Why he choose you? You’re nothing. He deserve someone better. You should die!” It was enough. In past you had a problem with self harming and now you feel like you need this. Jimin come back home earlier to make a surprise for you. But when he hear that you’re crying and letters on the table, he quickly reach to the bathroom and took razor blade from you. Fear in his eyes and the worst scenarios in his head.  He don’t want to lose you. He would assure you in this and would make steps to stop your self harmig once and forever. Jimin would also try to do everything to his fans stop hating you and sending you this hate letters.

“I can’t lose you okay? You are important. You’re mine, Y/n. We’ll go through this together. You’re strong and I know that you can stop yourself from self-harming.”


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Weirdo Tae would disappear and serious Taehyung will show. Seeing your wirst all in blood and you with a razor would make him in daze. Quickly taking razor from you, take charge of you and your new sores. You were crying the whole time. When Tae finished and turn to you, you could see how worried he is and dissapointed. He was dissapointed but in him. He didn’t notice anything and when he was all happy and bubbly, you suffered with problems. He wanted to make sure that you’ll talk to him next time and give you small talk about how you can lean on him and that he is always here for you.

“What’ll you do if you’ll see me in the same situantion? Maybe you want me to do this with you? I know that you don’t want to. So please don’t do this to yourslef anymore. I’m here for you.”


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He would feel lost. First of all like everyone would take sharp thing away from you. Second-take care of your cuts. He wanted to talk with you about this but not knowing how to begin this. Jungkookie would kiss your old scars and new cuts maybe wondering that they’ll disappear. When you felt asleep he would go to the salon and give his feelings to get out. He may be softly cry but not to much. Like sobbing.  It would be take him a while to pick up the pieces of his broken heart. Next day in your kitchen, bathroom-anywhere, won’t be anything sharp for your safety. He would try to talk with you the best how he can and comforts you.

“Why do you do this to yourself? It hurts me when I see you in pain and yesterday I felt like dying from worring about you.I love you, Y/n. Please don’t do this to yourself  anymore.”

Key to my Heart {Jason Todd x Reader}

warnings: robbery, bruises, a bit of violence

a/n: i know this is a bit of a damsel in distress type of story, but im pretty proud of it and i hope you all like it :)

You woke up to a loud bang coming somewhere from inside of your apartment. Startled, you looked at the alarm clock which flashed the bright red numbers; 3:27 AM. Did Jason sneak in? Perhaps he forgot something when he left 5 hours ago. You pulled the covers off and placed your feet onto the cold wood floors. What if it wasn’t Jason? What if it was a burglar? Suddenly you felt terrified, there weren’t any good weapons in your bedroom. You grabbed your phone and texted Jason and asked him if he was at your house. You knew he had to be on night patrol somewhere in Gotham. 

In the meantime, you had to think of a good weapon to use. A lamp? No. A jewelry box? No. A shirt? Nope. Perfume? Maybe. You grabbed your perfume off the dresser and took the cap off. There was shuffling outside of your room, and now you were absolutely positive that there was someone in your house.

Taking short steps with your perfume nozzle aimed outwards, you said in a shy voice, “Jason? Jason, is that you?” The man appeared from the bathroom and  grabbed your arm, pinning it behind your back. You lifted the perfume and sprayed into the holes of his ski mask.

“Son of a bitch!” The robber yelled, blinded by the chemicals. Quickly, you ran towards the kitchen to grab a knife, and the tall man chased after you, knocking a lamp and glass bowl over in the process. You opened the drawer and pulled out a chef knife, but he grabbed your wrist, first. The two of you struggled, until you kneed him in the groin. He struggled to stand back up. Before you could harm him, the door of your apartment crashed inward.

Jason stood in the doorway, with his helmet covering his face. The second he saw you and the man on the floor with your face in terror, he charged towards the criminal. Jason snatched the man by his shirt and brought him onto his feet. As soon as the man fully stood up, Jason punched him in the jaw. The criminal tried to defend himself, but Jason wouldn’t stop pummeling him. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size? Huh? Or do you just enjoy hurting innocent women? I should kill you,” His helmet made his voice ten times deeper than normal.

The man was unconscious and covered in blood, but Jason continued to hit him. “Jason? Jason stop,” you said softly trying to pull him away from the robber.

Jason didn’t stop until he heard you quietly crying. He turned his head to look at you and his heart broke. He reached behind his head and unlocked his helmet to show his face, hoping it’d comfort you. He stood up and wrapped his arms around you, holding you to his chest.

“Did he hurt you?” Jason asked as he wiped your tears away.

“No,” you whispered.

Jason examined you for a moment, and he saw your bruised wrists. “He fucking did.”

He turned to go back to hurting the unconscious man, but you grabbed his arm before he could. “No Jason, please don’t.”

He stopped and contemplated his next action for a second. Then, he held your hands.

“Y/N, I want you to move in with me. Nobody will harm you if you live with me in my apartment. I promise you.”

“It’s really okay Jay, I don’t want to burden you.”

“Burden me? I already had the key made,” He reached into his front pocket and pulled it out, a shiny purple key with a little pink heart on it, “I wasn’t really sure when to give it to you…I know the design is cheesy and you probably think it looks dumb but I just figure-” 

Before he could finish, you crashed your lips into his. After you finally pulled away you smiled up at him, “I love this key and I can’t wait to live with you.”

Never Alone (Negan x Reader)

A/N: Third and last part to Alone and Not Alone 

Summary: You and Negan are together. Could it be true love? And can it really last forever?

Warnings: OOC Negan, Caring and Loving Negan, Angst, Smut, Fluff, Death. 

~ ~ ~

It was probably a bad idea from the start, but the more time that past, the harder it was to get rid of the addiction that was Negan. There was a way about him, something that pulled you in and there was no escaping the darkness surrounding him once you started drowning in his aura.

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Angsty request here! Scenario: The chocobros are fighting against some Imperial Army troopers and they're just about to finish the last one off. As they go in for the final attack, the enemy uses the chocobros s/o as a human shield. It's too late to stop mid-attack, and their s/o is seriously hurt (almost fatally but not quite). How would the chocobros react: when it happened, with the other chocobros while their s/o was recovering, and after their s/o had healed?

*Comes sliding in the Angst* Angst check list is ready! I’m ready! Let’s do this!



Noctis froze in shock, his sword piercing through your sternum, as you stare at him in the eye a look of shock and horror on your own face. The Prince quickly released his sword, reaching out to catch you, as Prompto shot the MT within the face, stunning it long enough for Noctis to moved you both out the way.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Noctis cried, holding you tightly. He hardly heard Ignis call for a tactical retreat, nor when Gladiolus removed you from his arms. Everything was a complete blur as he moved after the others to a safe heaven.

“We have to wait an see Noct.” Ignis replied, resting a hand on the man’s shoulder.

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He Wasn’t

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: A hunt goes wrong, and you’re left in shambles.

Word Count: 1,248

Warnings: miscarriage, blood, cursing, crying, lots and lots of angst.

A/N: Fuck, this hurt. Very sorry about this. I found it in my WIP folder and I apparently started writing it back in January. Has the angst train ever left my station? Apparently not.

“We’re having a baby,” you’d told him. “We’re starting our family, the next generation of hunters.”

He was beyond excited, elated wasn’t even the word for it. Dean Winchester, hunter extraordinaire, was going to be a father.

And then, just like that, he wasn’t.

He wasn’t going to be a father, you weren’t going to be a mother, there was no more baby.  You got slammed into a wall, face first, your slightly protruding belly hitting the hard cement.

“[Y/N]!” Dean fired off three rounds, shoving silver bullets into the heart of the shifter who’d thrown you.

He ran to you then, seeing you crumpled on the floor, your jeans stained dark between your legs.

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How would the paladins react to their S/o taking a lethal hit for them? Like they jump in front of a laser that was going to hit them.

WARNING: this is pretty gruesome and kind of a bit too realistic. but trigger warning for death, blood, and sickness


•the fact that you were even stood alongside him during battle was terrifying to Shiro
•he only wished the best for you, and would never want you to be hurt. ever. like literally ever.
•upon seeing you battling a soldier feet away, it appeared that you were handling it very very well
•"that’s my y/n" sjdjjsjskskskks
•sadly, because he underestimated that situation, ensue the fright
•he didn’t notice it until he heard Pidge scream, and Hunk yell “no!”
•he kicked the soldier he was fighting directly in the chest, and sent them flying.
•he turned.
•you know how some people say, when certain things happen, everything goes in slow motion?
•he turned, and there you were, still managing to remain on your feet despite the gaping hole directly through your stomach.
•his heart skipped a beat, and he lost another part of himself
•out of all the things this war could’ve taken from him, it had to be you, didn’t it?
•he couldn’t cry. he wanted to, so badly, but it appeared that his tears would rather stay locked up.
•he ended up catching you before you fell to the ground and as much as the blood made him jumpy, it didn’t matter in the moment
•the amount of blood was horrific, when he first had you in his arms your back was against his legs
•but when he put you to the ground, buckets of blood covered his armor to the point that he couldn’t even see the black parts anymore
{next one is kind of yuck and probably too detailed but this is what happens when you get a laser shot through you!!!!!}
•not only was it bloody, but everything about this was something even Shiro had never seen
•when the laser shot through you, the guts were taken with it. and when you fell to the ground, chunks left over were slipping off of Shiro’s knees
•he was absolutely terrified and this was
something no healing pod could ever fix
•still wasn’t crying though, despite the fact he was begging for you to open your eyes even though the hole in your chest was big enough to feet his feet in
•cried later on after they buried you on a planet the two of you visited a long time ago {that you absolutely adored because of scenery}
•the others have been traumatized ever since, and Pidge created an auto barrier that detects deadly forces five feet away {laser/bullets; this is only when it could be a fatal wound such as yours}
•Keith vowed to find who did that to you but has come up with nothing since


•the equivalent to punching a puppy
•sort of a stun laser type gun was what killed you
•you leaped in front at the perfect time, call that good timing
•basically Pidge heard your agonized and strained groaning and when they turned, you were thrashing on the ground
•purple flashed around your whole body and when Pidge started going toward you…
•Lance had no choice but to tackle Pidge, to refrain Pidge from touching you
•Hunk ends up coming though, and having been your best friend for such a long time he grabbed both of your arms and was therefore shocked as well
•that was a good thing though, it didn’t effect him as much as it did you but it did even out the pain
•you ended up going unconscious, while Hunk did as well.
•Pidge was screaming crying while Lance had his arms wrapped around them, pulling them as far from you as possible
•once you went unconscious, and the shocks disappeared, he waited a few and then let Pidge go
•Pidge ran to your side and bawled, lifting you into their grasp as they tried so terribly hard to drag you to the castle {arriving soon}
•they put you in a pod, as well as Hunk, Hunk awoke only a day later, but you never did
•they kept you in there, but you later died due to complications, those complications being cardiac arrest and a heart attack
•Pidge couldn’t find a way to open the pod themself, and was slamming their fists against the glass and crying their eyes out
•Pidge was traumatized for so long because they were right there when it happened, they had to watch you thrash about while being held back
•after burying you, Pidge would visit as much as possible and cry over your grave, wishing to have one more chance so the two of you could go home together


•thanks, my chest burns
•this was a lot worse than the others in my opinion
•but to make a long story short, the two of you were in a ship releasing prisoners
•you were caught by a galra, who was legitimately twice your size
•and by caught, I mean, they grabbed you with their huge hand and lifted you into the air
•at that point the prisoners didn’t matter to the soldier, his focus was on you
•Lance was told by Shiro what was happening, and he ran for his life.
•ran so fast that he tripped many times, and once he got there his heart dropped. Seeing something was a lot worse than hearing its description.
{this is descriptive and violent as well so warning} he expected to see you get crushed, but instead, the Galran squeezed your body and spiked you into the far end of the hallway, you bounced like a bouncy ball and finally rolled into a stop.
•Lancd shouted his battle cry and shot the Galran directly in the center of his face, knocking him down instantly
•Shiro was shouting, already sprinting down to you, you were thrown the length of over half a football field
•Lance came running as well, faster than he did when he was coming to your safety, he picked up your strangely set body before gently placing you back down. hands clutched against his mouth and face because he just couldn’t look at your mangled body anymore.
•he cried for so long. He cried when he heard what was happening. when you went flying, when he shot the soldier, when he was running to you.
•when he went home.
•Shiro told him that if it wasn’t for you, Lance would be dead. if it wasn’t for you, that soldier would’ve been on his way to do the same thing to Lance.
•you stopped him though, the Galran had said something cruel before his threat to kill Lance and you acted
•"I’m gonna go stomp that worthless bug to smithereens. he isn’t needed anyway.“
•you told him, that you were the worthless one, and killing Lance would only get him (the soldier) killed. Lancewas a paladin, a reliable form of information, Haggar would want him.
•Lance cried over you every night and ‘talks to you’ he wears your necklace at all times in whatever way he can


•you had actually died during the night, when everyone was sleeping.
•earlier during the day, the castles system shut down temporarily. Thus giving the chance to anyone to enter, and someone did, they stayed hidden in one of many rooms inside and waited
•on earth, it would’ve been 2:38AM when you passed
•at 1:56AM you awoke from your terrible sleep and began roaming the halls
•at 2AM you heard mumbling and slight clicks of armor patting the ground and seemingly on its way toward Hunk’s room. The first in the corridor.
•and at 2:16AM, you fought for 10 minutes. before getting a blade to your side.
•the soldier took the blade out, and in a last fit of effort you ran to the nearest escape pod. and dodged the assassins leap. the dodge was an accident though, you basically were on the verge of passing out.
•you fell beside the wall, and slammed the button. Launching the pod into space as you collapsed, trying your hardest to keep your eyes open, only for your heart to stop, eyes wide.
•Keith found you, dry eyed and mid yawn and screamed for the others, his heart was broken and it broke even more when he saw the look on Hunk’s face
•Hunk was the saddest anyone had ever seen him, including Lance who has known him since kindergarten.
•Hunk reached the corner and turned, seeing Keith beside you as you lay against the wall, a pool of blood surrounding you
•he fell to his knees, the blood spreading and splashing onto Keith’s shirt. hunk grabbed your shoulders and held you to his chest, crying silently and letting out strangled sobs.
•to the others who turned the corner all they saw was your face, eyes staring emotionlessly into nothingness and your mouth wide.
•Allura was definitely the second most upset about it, you were the only one that actually took the time to really get to know her, and even became best friends.
•they held a funeral for you and when everyone was leaving, Coran went to the alien earth that was marred and began speaking highly of you. the others joined as well, but Hunk insisted on doing it alone. he proposed to you while sobbing and then promised to win the war.
•I love Hunk I feel so bad for doing this to him, but he’ll never forget you and he’ll forever have nightmares

I’ve done something similar for this in a scenario!! so I’ll just make it so that you die in another way.

•and you thought this kid couldn’t get anymore locked within himself
•instead of saving him, you kind of just fell ill
•the thing is, you were sick for a long time but no one could tell, even you
•you sort of just, collapsed one day before entering battle and they all assumed you didn’t get enough rest lately
•until they waited a few hours, and after the paladins’ battle, Keith went to your room and slept beside you.
•when he awoke, you were still asleep.
•when he went to go to bed again, you were still. asleep.
•they put you in a pod and Coran asked to be left alone with Allura and Shiro while they discussed.
•Keith took this as something bad but listened anyway, and as he waited Shiro finally called him in
•"Coran wants to speak to you, alright? me and Allura are gonna tell the others what’s going on.”
•and he enters, and Coran is there, and he’s trying so terribly hard not to cry. he wants to look strong in front of Keith so that he’d be the one to comfort him. but it was terrible to lose a soul such as yours
•"I’m sorry, Keith, but…but I don’t think Y/n is gonna make it.“
•"oh…alright Coran.”
•Coran was kind of taken aback by Keith’s response, he expected him to cry. but with further analyzation of his face, he saw Keith was holding his breath
•"I’ll leave you two alone, son.“
•Keith nods in appreciation, and doesn’t exactly react the way people would think
•you’d think he’d punch at your pod in anger, why did such a cruel thing have to happen?
•instead, he sits down, legs crossed in front of you
•you were sick, but you looked so peaceful, and beautiful. as per usual.
•but inside of you, your body was infected, slowly being infected by things that Keith couldn’t do nothing to stop
•he kind of just waited for you, he wanted to be right there when you took your last breath. and he even begged Pidge to create something so you could be out of the pod. life support, like on earth, basically
•and they did, but you died 10 hours after. that didn’t matter to him though, he could see you and touch you and speak to you. you weren’t frozen up in the pod, you were talking. barely
•he sat beside you and would always suck in his sobs. sniffling every so often as he held your head to his chest and massaged your scalp.
•when you died, the dangerous clacking of Pidge’s makeshift monitor sounded. and in a fit of denial, Keith rocked back and forth, holding your limp body in his arms while gently going. “Shhhh. You’re okay”
•although, you didn’t necessarily save him. you did keep him going, after death as well. so in a way, I guess you could say you saved him. In a way.
•tends to speak about you a lot and not realize he’s still going until Allura wipes his tears, or Hunk and Lance lead him to his room. or when Shiro sighs, when Pidge begins to cry as well. or…or when Coran calls him ‘son’ and pats his back
•once stranded on a ship with a prisoner that basically looked like a mix between you and him. {they were half galra, half…other human like species} and he wanted to cry so bad but instead he decided to get to know this prisoner (they were just a toddler so they didn’t really understand what he was saying.)
•told them that you were by far, the best thing to ever happen to him.
•later asks Coran and Allura if they can take the toddler in and they do. sort of becomes a father figure.

Black Mark, White Ribbon

Request: “Can I request something for Regulus? Like your James sister and its around the time where Sirius just moved to your house and a not-so-sober Regulus appears on your doorstep looking for his brother and ends up opening up to you instead (I saw this idea in howlingremus profile so credits to them)”

Pairing: Regulus Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.7k (short n sweet since it’s my first time writing him)

“Boys, dinner’s ready!” You called, kissing your father on the cheek as he put his coat on. “Are you sure you two don’t want to stay to eat? There’s more than enough.”

With tears in her eyes, your mother clasped your face. “Thank you darling, but we really must be off. You know how important this pitch is to your father, although your cooking comes in a close second.”

“Yes.” He beamed. “I’ll be expecting you to leave some leftovers for when we come back tomorrow!”

If you come back tomorrow.” Sirius chimed as he and James breezed into the room, eagerly taking a seat at the dinner table.

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If I Die Young

Originally posted by juddxdunkelheit

Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) finding out that Alex committed suicide.

Word count: 1.828

Posted: 01st of May 2017

A/NThis is my 50th imagine, since the day I’ve started, on the 22nd of February, and I wanted to post my favourite imagine, so far. I was listening to the song and an imagine inspiration came into my mind. This made me cry so much, I wonder why I keep on doing this to myself. Anyways, I may post a part two of this imagine! Keep an eye out! 
If you have some Alex requests, feel free to send some in. Thank you so much, guys!

P.S.: (SPOILER!) Before you attack me, I would like to clarify that I think that Alex committed suicide and he wasn’t  shot by Tyler. I mean, he had different signs to show that he was suicidal and I don’t want to be attacked for my own opinion. Thank you.

- G. x

Warning: Mentions committing suicide/shooting, blood, possible death, swearing.

“What did Alex do?! No, I know Alex and he wouldn’t do it!” You shouted while talking to Alex’s dad through the phone. You respected him, but you were shocked for the news that he had in store. “Tell me that he really didn’t do it! Tell me, please!” You hysterically shouted inside of your car as your tears slowly streamed down your face.

“I…” His dad was speechless. He couldn’t believe that his son had the courage to do something like that. He didn’t know what to say, because he was shocked too.

“Alex needs me, I am on my way.” You bit your lower lip as you ended the phone call and threw your phone on the passenger’s seat beside you. “Fuck, Standall!” You hit your steering wheel many times as you cried loudly and uncontrollably on it.

You were scared and heartbroken at the same time. How could Alex ever think of doing that certain thing? He knew that you were still by his side, but why did he leave you? Scratch that, he would never leave you, the right question was why did he choose to do that?

“Alex Standall, please.” You impatiently asked at the nurse for his room at the reception hall. You still had tear stains on your cheeks and you were still hiccupping for pouring your heart out.

“Only the relatives can visit the patient.” The nurse strictly said even though she saw that you were desperate to see Alex. You clenched your teeth as you were trying to stay calm. “Sorry.”

“I am his fucking best friend, so let me in!” You lost your control, because of the thought that you could lose Alex at any moment. “Damn it, that guy was my life and he shot himself in the head, he needs his best friend right now. He fucking needs me right now and you wouldn’t let me in! How can you be so fucking selfish!” You poured your anger and you blamed the nurse for what you were feeling at that moment.

You surely were making a scene and you got some dirty and some pitiful looks from the people that stayed there, but you didn’t care. You wanted to see your best friend and you demanded to see him.

“Security at the reception hall please.” She severely said as she contacted the guards using the phone on her desk. You shot her a death glare as you thought how uncompassionate and callous she was.

“No need, she’s with me.” A deep voice was heard behind you and it revealed you Alex’s dad. “She’s part of the family.” You felt relieved for that and you had your hopes up for a little bit.

“Officer Standall!” You tightly hugged him and he hugged you back. You felt tears still streaming down your face and you broke the hug so his uniform wouldn’t be stained by your tears. “Thank you for being heartless!” You spat those words as if they were venom in your mouth. You didn’t mean to be rude, but you were desperate and the thought of having your best friend in a hospital room terrified you even more.

“C'mon!” He pressed his lips on your temple to give you kiss. He considered you as his daughter and seeing you like that broke his heart even more.

You both walked through the hospital halls with a heavy heart. You were afraid to know if Alex was fine, if he would survive, but you were convinced that he would. In fact, you were already thinking of how you would slap him silly when he’s gotten out of that redundant place. You were thinking of how you would scold him, of how you would take care of him, of how you would tell him that you loved him so much.

“Go on.” Officer Standall encouraged you as he let you enter Alex’s room. You slowly nodded while turning the doorknob to open it.

“Alex.” You murmured to yourself as you saw your best friend lying on a hospital bed. There were uncountable wires attached to his body and your heart sank as you hated him for that short moment. How could he appear that calm when you were being desperate and frantic? “Lex, please wake up.”

You walked near his bed and you took a seat on the chair beside it. You wandered your eyes around the room and everything was white: the walls, the bedsheets, the window curtains. Everything.

“Lex, I am here now.” You grabbed his right hand, luckily that his dextrose was attached on his other hand. “Wake up, stop joking because I am clearly not.”

There was silence in the room, the only thing that could be heard was your soft sobs and the heart monitor that kept on beeping as it flashed Alex’s poor heart rates.

“Alex, I can’t accept this. We aren’t kids anymore, stop playing our old games.” You harshly tortured your bottom lip as you prevented yourself from crying.

You remembered how Alex used to pretend that he was asleep whenever his parents would arrive home and you were his partner in crime. You would play jokes on his brother too, scaring him to death when Alex pretended that he was a zombie.

“Standall, it’s okay if you don’t wake up right now, but please hold on.” You tightened your grip on his hand as tears started to wet your hands. “I am sorry for letting this to happen. I am sorry because I didn’t cheer you up enough, I am sorry because I wasn’t able to make you feel better after those fucking tapes.”

You looked at Alex and you admired his angelic and peaceful face. He had a bandage wrapped around his head with a big blood stain on it. Some of his platinum blonde hair was covered with blood and it made you cry even more.

“Lex, remember the last time you made me cry like this?” You asked him even though you knew that he wouldn’t respond. “Yes, that was during our first and last fight. Alex, you humiliated me in public because I let Montgomery kiss me. Yup, that asshole. I accepted that, but I wouldn’t accept this. You are making me cry and this is the worst reason that you could ever come up to.”

You looked at his pale lips and you thought of how much you preferred those lips than Montgomery’s.

“Standall, you are my best friend because you are you and you never failed to make me laugh. You even made fun of yourself in public when I was so down for a low grade.” You smiled as you remembered those things, still feeling hot tears running down your cheeks. “You even let yourself get beaten up for me.” You shook your head.

“I love defending you!” Alex exclaimed as you were scolding him for getting his ass beaten up.

“You didn’t have to do that, silly!” You smiled at him as you were curing the scars and the wounds.

“I didn’t have to, but I wanted to.” Alex has said as he dealt with the stinging feeling of the disinfectant. “You know that I would catch a bullet for you, right?”

“Ha! Funny, right?” You sarcastically laughed. “You caught a bullet, but not for me.” You caressed his unanimated hand with your thumb. “I didn’t want for you to catch a bullet for me! I wanted for you to stay beside me, forever and always.”

You appreciated the heat that his hand was emanating and you felt safe, even though you were so scared.

“Little did we both know that I fell in love with you, I fell in love with that contagious and funny laugh of yours, with that broken smile and your dimples. I loved your platinum hair, even though I teased you a lot because of it. I love everything about you, but, mostly,” You confessed and you knew that he could hear you. “I love you, Alex Standall.” You stood up to give a sweet and soft kiss on his pale lips.

You admired his peaceful face once again and smiled.

“I am waiting for you, okay?” You whispered to him and you caressed his hand again. He squeezed your hand and it gave you hope somehow. “Please, don’t go.”

You were about to let go of his hand to call the doctors, but your world was destroyed and it turned upside down as you heard the flatline sound of the heart monitor. Your heart stopped together with his and you fell back on your sit, tears uncontrollably flowing like a river.

“Fuck, Alex!” You couldn’t believe of the happening and you panicked as you gripped on his hand even tighter, tears burnt your red cheeks. “Alex, don’t leave me! Alex! Please don’t!”

“Excuse us, ma'am!” You didn’t hear that the nurses entered his room and you were suddenly pulled away. “Ma'am, please.” The nurses slightly shouted since it seemed like you couldn’t hear them.

“Alex!” You shouted as they forced you to let Alex’s hand go. “Alex, fight! Please!”

“It will be alright.” Those words were the last words you heard from the nurses that night. They left you on the hallway as they did their work inside the room. You saw Alex’s dad with his brother, they were both crying and mourning.

You leant on the white and candid wall behind you as you sobbed, letting your body fall on the ground. You couldn’t understand anything around you as you suddenly saw Alex’s figure across the hall, looking at you and smiling.

And I’ll be wearing white when I come into your kingdom, I’m as green as the ring on my little cold finger.” You sang together with Alex while he was playing his guitar at your school’s music room.

I’ve never known the lovin’ of a man, but it sure felt nice when he was holding my hand, there’s a boy here in town says he’ll love me forever, who would have thought forever could be severed by.” You sang as you were sobbing loudly. You couldn’t continue the song, so you let the music flow as people cried and felt sorry for you.

“(Y/N).” Zach rubbed your back as he tried to comfort you.

“It was for you, Lex, although you promised me that you were the one who would’ve sang it at my funeral.” You said as your voice cracked and your heart broke even more. “Unfair.”

“I promise that I will sing that to you at your funeral.” Alex promised as you did your pinky promise and he unleashed a deep sigh because he already knew that he would’ve taken away his life soon, sad to break his promise.

That night, when the nurses have told you that everything will be alright, you already knew that you lost Alex, you knew that you lost the most important person in your life.

New Cuts and Old Scars

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Prompt: “You are more than what you think you are.”

Word Count: 896

Warnings: SELF HARM, LOW SELF ESTEEM, AND DEPRESSION but fluff at the end I promise

A/N: Hey everyone! This is my entry for @the-shield-of-writing ‘s writing challenge celebrating 800 followers! Enjoy! 

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     Taking the small blade in your hands, you fumbled with it in your fingers. You knew you shouldn’t do it. You had promised you wouldn’t. Yet, you still wanted to. You knew you deserved every ounce of pain that was going to be delivered to you because you were just you. You were always anxious and always sad and never slept and it just got worse and worse. You were just an ugly, worthless burden to everyone else. No. No. I need to be fine. I need to be okay because other people tell me I’m supposed to be fine. Even in your head you knew that was just the same lie you had been telling yourself for years now. You needed the sweet release of pain. Something to lash out at. Better yourself than anyone else.

     With a tear rolling down your cheek, you lifted up your sleeve and dragged the small piece of metal across your skin. It stung at first but created a small line of red to which the liquid dripped down your wrists and onto the floor. Over and over again, you slashed, hacked, and slit your skin, officially ruining its beautiful clarity you had worked so hard to keep. Red line after red line appeared and drop after drop of blood fell to the floor staining the freshly washed green rug. “Y/N?” a voice called from the hallway. You simply ignored it as you continued to harm yourself. “Y/N? Are you okay?” Loki’s voice echoed just outside the door. He knocked three times gently. Hearing his voice simply made it so much worse. You didn’t deserve him. Slash. You are a broken useless girl that can no longer wear short sleeves because she hates herself that much. Slash. God, you should just kill yourself already. Slash. The knocking at the door had turned to poundings and you heard the doorknob being twisted and turned in a desperate attempt to get in despite it being locked. “Y/N? Y/N!Your boyfriend had started to raise his voice in alarm. Blood dripping down your arms you moved to your thighs where you did the most damage. No one checks the thighs. Tears stung the cuts you made on your skin yet you continued on. You were so involved in mutilating your legs that you didn’t hear the door being forcefully wrenched open.

     Suddenly the blade disappeared from your fingers and strong arms wrapped around your waist from behind instead. “Y/N, my beautiful queen, please don’t do this to yourself. You were spun around to meet Loki. His beautiful eyes looked down at you with such sorrow it caused you to cry more violently, if that was even possible. Bleeding arms and all he pulled you to his chest not caring what the blood stained. You buried your face in his dark hair, shaking with sobs. He hugged you so tight you could barely breath but it was exactly what you needed at that moment. He stroked your hair and didn’t let you go even when you tried to pull away. You both slumped to the floor and he let you go only to take your hands in his and press kisses to your unsteady fingers. “Loki, I’m so so sorry. You deserve so much better. I’m sorry I’m not good enough,” You looked down sadly knowing it was true. He deserved the world and more and you couldn’t give it to him. You were broken and beaten up and all around pathetic. “Y/N look at me.” It was almost as if his voice commanded you to turn your head up and his gaze locked on yours. “You are good enough. In fact you are more than good enough.” Your hands started shaking violently again. How could he possibly think this highly of you? In order to calm your hands he simply intertwined his fingers in your own. God, his touch could work wonders on you. The shaking slowly came to an end and you gripped his hands as if your life depended on it.

     “Y/N,” he spoke softly. “You are more than what you think you are. You are the kindest, most caring compassionate, and intelligent person I have ever met. Not to mention breath-takingly gorgeous. You know that I would do absolutely anything for you and all I want is for you to be safe and happy and it makes my heart break to see you, my precious Y/N, like this because you are my everything and so much, so much more.” At this point he had tears in his eyes himself, He cupped your face and shook it gently desperately trying to get you to accept the words that were coming out of his mouth as the truth. “I promised I would protect you, Y/N.His voice cracked with sorrow. “Do you understand me? I promised! I will not rest until I have kissed every cut, every scar on your body and healed every wound that this cruel, cruel world has instilled in your beautiful soul.” He took you back into his arms briefly, cradling your fragile body in his strong arms. “Nothing can touch you while I am here Y/N I swear it. You are mine and I am yours and I will never ever let you go my beautiful, ever-loving, and oh so deserving Queen.”

Unfaithful : Part Twelve

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife










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Warnings : language - angst.


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

“Hi !“that’s right , this is your Daddy Negan! *chuckle* You know what to do! Leave your name and number and I’ll call you back! I might fucking consider it anyway! ”


“uh… hi’s me again! I know. .. I left like a thousand messages and missed calls, but…uh… I really really need to talk to you Negan! Ok?”

You sighed in frustration as you hit the hang up button on your phone screen, then you laid your head back on the chair in the waiting room of the hospital while you hugged your phone, you made sure it’s fully charged. You were awaiting for a call or even a message from Negan, anything at all.
You’ve been trying to contact him the past six hours, since you had your emotional overwhelming conversation with Lucille, well it was more like a monologue . She repeated what happened between her and Negan over and over again, and she couldn’t stop crying till she collapsed. You called an ambulance for her, and took her to hospital.
Doctor said she had a nervous breakdown because of anxiety and stress. You felt so sorry for her, but to be honest , Lucille’s breakdown wasn’t the only thing that made you call Negan, or at least tried to. But also you wanted to clarify things with him, you wanted to know why he left Lucille and whom he did it for.
You felt guilty as you knew you were a part of this, somehow. But you couldn’t be so hard on yourself, after all, if Lucille and Negan are meant to grow old together, he wouldn’t choose to be with another or at least leave her.

“Hey how is she?” Jack came your way in hasty steps.
“She’s still asleep! ” you muttered then you added “nothing from Negan? ” You looked down as you played with your phone.
“No! Tried to reach him but no luck at all! Called Arat too! She said she didn’t see him either! She said she’ll call their mutual acquaintances! ” Jack huffed in distress as he combed his hair with his fingers.


The other day, doctors said it’s ok to take Lucille home, but they prescribed few anxiety med for her.
You and Jack drove her home, she was very pale with brooding look on her eyes. The whole way home, she placed her fist under her chin as she leaned at the glass of the back seat window, she didn’t say a word while you and Jack exchanged concern glances to each other.
Once they pulled to the house, she exited the car and walked towards the door like someone walking in their sleep .
Later on , Lucille could barely say few words to you, or eat. All she did was hole up in her room and sleep all day, sometimes you just drag her out of the bed to bathe her , feed her, give her her meds or take her to the garden so she can enjoy a little sunlight. But she didn’t seem to care much.
Lucille lost the passion for life the second Negan left her. You decided that the least you could do is to stay and take care of her.
You could clearly see that she lost weight over the days, her cheekbones were getting more obvious. Dark circles formed under her eyes because of deprivation of sleep.
However ,she wasn’t the only one suffering, your suffer was doubled, you felt sorry and guilty for her and in the other hand you missed Negan so much not to mention that you were so eager to see him and talk to him so you straighten things up.


Days mixed into weeks , it was almost a month since Negan had left the house, you felt so helpless, it seemed that he just disappeared. Jack did his best to reach Negan but no luck at all. Lucille started to leave the house wether to her book club or to take a walk in the nearby woods, and she would insist to go out by herself .
One day Jack got a message from Negan, telling him that he got all the messages and that he’s sorry he disappeared like that but he had to. He reassured Jack that he’s fine and that he only wants some space. He finished his message by saying that he doesn’t want anyone of them to worry about him or try to contact him then he shut his phone off again.
Jack was hesitant about telling Lucille of Negan’s brief message , but he decided against it ,especially when he noticed she’s getting a little bit better, so he just told you.
You made a huge effort not to burst into tears once you heard the news . For a whole month, he was gone and you were worried as shit, not to mention that you were been to hell and back taking care of Lucille, getting emotional all the time, and sometimes you just can’t act normal around Jack. Then just like that, he only texts Jack like nothing happened, he didn’t even bother to text YOU after all the voice messages you left, you spent half time crying in some of them .
You felt the blood boil in your veins, and you managed to convince Jack not to tell Lucille, because it would worsen things for her and complicate them even more.

You weren’t so sure how long you’re gonna take this depressing and sickening situation but Lucille’s condition forced your hand, and you had no choice but to stay by her side. After all you were part of all what happened even if she wasn’t aware of it , yet.

One day, you were about to leave the store after you bought few things , till you glimpsed a car, and you recognized it , IT WAS NEGAN’S!! You gasped and almost dropped the groceries to the ground. Then , what you thought you’ll never see it happen, did occur, you saw him, Negan, leaving a restaurant as he held a small plastic bag in his hand. He looked different, his beard became scruffy and he became thinner. He was wearing a white shirt and black sweatpants along with gray sneakers. He placed the bag in the back seat then he took a seat behind the wheel.
The sound of his car’s engine snapped you out of your shock state and luckily for you, you saw a cab coming , you literally jumped in front of it as you held your free hand up to stop it, the driver hit the brakes just on time and he yelled.
“Are you crazy? I could have killed you?”
You took no time in getting inside the car as you pleaded.
“Please please follow that car, that black dodge NOW ! Please! I’ll double pay you !!”
Negan already drove out of there, but he wasn’t too far.
“Ok ok, crazy girl!” The cab driver cautiously followed Negan’s car.
“Don’t make it obvious please!” You said and your eyes never left Negan’s car so you won’t lose him, you’ll pay whatever price to get to him.
“Lady, this was not my first chase you know! I won’t lose him and he’ll never know I’m on his tail!” The driver blurted.
“Him?” You were so surprised he knew he was chasing a man “was it the car?!” You added.
“Nah! You women only chase men in cases like this!” He giggled “hey is he your man and he’s seeing someone else??”
You looked at him pissed.
“Just drive!”
The driver only nodded and his cheecky smirk fell off his face immediately.
It passed more than 15 minutes, till you felt the car slowing down.
“Why are you slowing down! ?” You exclaimed.
“That’s because he is!!! Why don’t you wave at him while we’re at it?!” The driver scoffed.
You rolled your eyes and shook you head in discomfort but you didn’t had a choice.
Negan parked his car behind some building, it looked old.

“What’s this place?” You whispered as you handed the cab driver twenty bucks , he caught your question.
“It’s a hotel, it’s low rated. It’s called Plaza inn. Very cheap and it’s full of whores, you may wanna tell your man to check for crabs!!” He laughed.
You made a sound of disgust and anger.
“Why don’t you mind your business! Keep the change! ” you squinted your eyes on him and stepped out of the cab.
Then you headed towards the hotel, and the second you stepped inside, your eyes scanned every part of it, it looked old and creepy. You couldn’t help but to think why would he chose to stay in such terrible place, your heart pounded in your ears at the thought that the cab driver could be right and Negan might spend his time screwing cheap whores.
“May I help you?” A voice of an old woman made you dart your eyes to her.
“Um…someone staying in your hotel..” You murmured.
“What’s their name?” She smiled at you as she checked a notebook, it amazed you that she was still using a notebook! !!!
“Negan! ”
“Oh, he just got in! I memorized his name, it’s unusual” she smiled again before she added “he’s in room 675!”
“675 !” You repeated the number after her then you held her hand “thank you!” you bolted towards the hallway.
“It’s on the third floor, our elevator is broken though!” She yelled after you.
You didn’t care much, all you wanted was to see him , you practically ran up the stairs, as you said “675 third floor” over and over, till you got there, panting.

You found yourself in a slightly dark corridor, as you passed in front of few rooms checking the numbers, you could hear moans and giggles. You also saw a hooker wearing a black robe and you could see her high thigh stockings and lingeries. Her door was next to Negan’s and you heart clenched as you couldn’t help but to imagine her riding his dick.
She eyed you up and down, giving you nasty looks but you ignored her , you stood in front of Negan’s door and in the middle of your adrenaline rush you realized you forgot the grocery bags in the cab. Fuck the bags. You thought . You just began to shake and your breath became heavier. You finally knocked.
A little while after , you saw the doorknob being turned and the door was open, Negan’s eyes widened when he saw you.
“Y/n??!! ”
Your eyes watered a little bit, and without waiting for him to let you in, you just brushed past him, literally shoving at his shoulder as you got inside.
The room was small and there was a bathroom attached to it, you immediately opened the door to the bathroom.
“There’s nobody in there?” Negan ’s firm voice came from behind you.
You turned to him then you scanned the humble room , there was a pile of empty beers on the table, you stared at the messy bed for a moment trying to process if it was made by one or two persons, the thing that eased you jealousy and pain is that there was no sign of a female presence in the room. Then you moved your eyes back to him.
“How could you??? I sent you like a zillion messages! ” you spoke in a dark angry tone.
“How did you know I’m fucking staying here?” His voice remained as calm and steady as possible.
“I have my ways. Plus, does it matter Negan? Why did you ignore my messages? !” You shouted at him
“I didn’t even try to fucking contact my wife, why would I contact YOU?” He shouted back, the veins on his neck started to bulge out .
“EX wife or did you forget you left her!!” You lowered your tone .
“Wow! The fucking nerves on you! After doing what you did with me, you have the fucking nerve to mention her!” He scoffed and shook his head huffing , he was getting frustrated with your visit.
“Is that a confession that you left Lucille because of me?” You squinted your eyes as you closed the space between you and him.
He sighed and rubbed his scruff.
“Why don’t you go back to your boyfriend and leave me fucking be! None of this , is your godamn business! ”

“Did you know that Lucille went to the hospital? Wait, of course you did, you got my messages! ” you carried on with your little persuit to discover his true feelings.
“I also know she’s ok now! Yeah I listened to ALL your messages! Quit fucking stalking me and leave ” He coldly replied.

You ignored his comment and continued questioning him, you just needed answers and you wanted a sign, that he cares about you, and to be honest, right at that moment you didn’t care the less about Lucille .
“You said you lived a lie, did you mean your marriage or your affair with me?”
“My affair? Girl, we didn’t have an affair, we just fucked! That’s it!”
You blinked at the blunt statement he made, it genuinely hurt your feelings and Negan successfully did it on purpose.

You and Negan didn’t break the eye contact, it was like some staring game, both of you were lost in the other’s eyes.
It was Negan who broke the eye contact as he fixated them on your twitching lips, he leaned a little closer, then he quickly moved away from you.
“Please, just leave!” He hung his head low , with his back to you. He didn’t wanna show you his face, his softened features would give it away, and the last thing he wanted was you seeing him weak.
You headed towards the door, a tear escaped your eye, and a little sob slipped your lips, you stopped and said in a trembling voice without looking at him.
“Just so you know, you’re wrong about one thing! You said to Lucille that the girl you left her for, doesn’t give a shit about you! Well, she does!!! And now she’s stuck in a lie she created and she couldn’t get out of it!”
You placed your hand on the doorknob, and before you could open the door, you felt Negan’s rough hand gripping at your forearm, and twisting you to face him. You suddenly melted in his arms the second his lips crushed on yours and fused in a hot passionate kiss.
Mistakes || Jeon Jungkook (PT. 1)

Word Count: 2.1k

Genre: Angst

I thought you might want to see this.

The words rung out in your head on repeat. You remembered the exact moment Chae Ri had told you. It had been a couple weeks ago, while he had been away on tour.

She had knocked on the apartment door, and you had welcomed her in with open arms, expecting her for your weekly movie night. What you had not expected was for her to pull out her phone and show you a picture of him, with another girl.

It had been taken by someone who had been out the same night as them, only to be posted the next day and it soon made it’s way all over social media. It was on every platform and you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing it.  

You tried to push the image out of your mind, laying in the empty bed. Your attention was brought to the empty sheets beside you where the body was missing. The warmth that had been promised taken away by a too long flight.

There was a loneliness that you were unable to shake off. It was clingy onto your bones, weighing you down and causing your thoughts to run rampant. What was supposed to be a night for you to remember the way it felt to be with another, became a night for you to be reminded of his absence.

Your breath came in shaky and your lungs felt ready to collapse. Evey feeling, every sound, seemed tripled by the empty bedside. Where another body once laid, you wondered if he would ever return.

The picture seemed innocent enough at first, one you would have approved of at first. He had been polite to the girl, or she could have tripped and someone caught the photo at the wrong time. The girl was sat in his lap, looking happy with her position on him.

It wasn’t until you were alone that night, staring at the image in bed that you recognized the white knuckles and the harsh grip on her hips. He had pulled her down and we holding her there.

The girl hadn’t objected, returning the lust-filled gaze he gave her. He did it knowingly, knowing you would see it, knowing that it would ruin you. Your imagination ran rampant with the thoughts of what happened after the photo had been taken.

Jungkook had cheated on you.

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