and you cry and your tears are made of blood

I don’t have like any followers, but I am so freaking excited I am crying blood happy tears!! My husband and I recently had our Condo sold and it has been down to the wire to find a place (in another city!!!) to live, and today we just found one!!! On top of that it’s snowing (the first of the year), finals are coming up (yes we are packing and moving during University), and did I mention that we have a place TO LIVE?!

Between all this stress, the Fannibals and Mads’ movie/video game stuff has really been a source of comfort and uplifting support throughout this time. We are just so happy!!

Bully (Sehun x Reader Angst)

Part 2

Summary: After three whole years of bullying. You’ve stayed strong… But this time was way too far. You’ve have enough.

Every goddamn day, you thought to yourself as tears finally made its way out of your bloodshot red eyes. You gripped tight onto the edge of the sink in front of you as you stared at the hideous reflection of yourself in the mirror of the school bathroom, crying and sobbing. The stream of piercing red blood trailed down your face, tickling each area of skin as it made its way.  The look of the weak, scared, angry girl in front of you infuriated you more and more the longer you stared at it. You hated it. You hated it so damn much. You hated everything about yourself…You hated everything about him.

Earlier that day

It was lunch and being the incredibly popular person you were, you sat alone on a table at the far end of the cafeteria. Away for the center, away from the crowd. You sat with your textbooks and worksheets, all scattered across the smooth surface of the wooden table. You were stressed out, mind pacing faster that any runner in the world. You just wanted to get all of your work done and over with so you’d have enough time at the home to get at least a good, full six hours of sleep. That was because, after school every single day, you had to work at the restaurant below your apartment to pay for its rent and other bills. You lived alone. Your parents passed away a long time ago, killed themselves for some reason you had no clue of, leaving you, a nine-year-old at that time, by yourself, none of your relatives, aunts, or uncles were willing to take you in either. You had to live alone, you had no choice. The only reason you got into the hell of an expensive private school you were attending was because of your good grades and outstanding standardized test scores which earned you the scholarship to go here. Though you hated it, for specific reasons, but you had to keep it no matter what. So because of your job, lunch was the only time in the day you had to do your homework for the day and you tried to use every single second of it. Up until a dark shadow cast over the paper in front of you making you stare up to the person you least wanted to meet in your entire life. Your eyes met the one and only, Oh Sehun. 

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What if to Brendon, Ryan is the sun. He once called him a golden god afterall. That would make The Impossible Year a very very Ryden song. Here we go:

 There’s no sunshine- Ryan is gone, no more sun
Only black days and sky grey- the day and the night make golden skies, without Ryan the days are nights (black days) and the sky cannot be golden
Just typhoons and monsoons- the northern dowpour has become a wretched storm
Just a beachfront of bad blood- Cape Town is where things are assumed to have gone awry, making the beach bad blood  
There’s no you and me
This impossible year
- the year after Ryan left, having to face the fans alone and not show any bitterness or sadness over Ryan leaving him, keeping things purely professional and not having that same spark anymore
Only heartache and heartbreak- Obvious
And gin made of tears- Bren likes to drink, and usually people cry when they break up, hense some tears probably fell in his drink
That tattoo, your last bruise- read the lyrics to diamonds and gold, and Ryan once painted a black eye for Brendon
These nightmares always hang on past the dream- the dream was being with Ryan, the nightmare was letting other people know the dream


Jeon Hojoon, you have come so far. All the blood, sweat and tears, all the hard work has paid off. After years of training, you have debuted in a group and you have many fans all over the world giving you support. We see your determination, we appreciate all that you have given. We love you and are so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. 
Never give up. 


thirty day kpop mv challengevixx; voodoo doll
07. the mv with the best rap scene

Open the doors of hell.
Sinners who made her cry may you cry the tears of blood
Sing it, the song of the curse,
Tell me the hidden fury inside of you
My flesh is an offering to you
I’ll devote myself to your happiness
Forced Friendship (Draco)

‘Malfoy!’ You yelled as soon as you entered the Slytherin common room. You had just witnessed an almost crying Neville running down the hallway saying something about Malfoy when you asked what was wrong. And this wasn’t the first time Draco had hurt and bullied people to tears but seeing Neville the way he was made you snap. The whole common room looked up as you entered, your blood boiling. It didn’t take you long to spot Draco - sitting in the middle of the sofa surrounded by his minions. Draco smirked as you stormed over to him. ‘What’s up?’ He asked, making his “friends” laugh.
‘You’re such a prick, you know that?’ You said harshly, ‘I know that you think you’re so much better than everyone in Hogwarts because you’re rich and because your father works for the ministry and you have a house elf.’ You said, very mockingly, ‘But you’re the biggest jerk I have ever met in my whole life and you will never find true love or friendship.’ You yelled, before storming out of the room and into your dorm - the whole room silent. 

It kept you awake that night. For once it wasn’t the sound of Ava snoring in her sleep but you couldn’t help but feel like the biggest jerk for saying those things to Draco - even though he deserved. Finally, not bearing to lie awake in your bed any longer, you got up. You slipped on a jumper before heading out into the common room, where you so happened to see Draco. He was sitting on the same sofa, his back to you, staring into the fire. You stood there for a moment wondering if you should just leave. ‘Don’t be a coward.’ You said to yourself before going up to him and sitting on the sofa opposite him. ‘Draco.’ You said softly. Draco looked at you from the corner of his eyes, ‘Hi.’ He said quietly. He looked kind of sad. ‘Look,’ You started, ‘I’m sorry about what i said, okay? That was really mean and dumb of me, especially to say it in front of everyone.’ You said, honestly, ‘But Draco you have to learn to grow up. You’re not better than anyone at Hogwarts. Not even the poorest muggleborn, okay?’ Draco still wasn’t looking at you. ‘You need to stop acting like you’re the king of the castle because you’re not. Grow up, get some friends-’
‘I have friends.’ Draco said, finally looking at you. You shook your head,
‘No, Draco, you don’t. Crabbe and Goyle are not you’re friends. They just want some to follow.’ You said. Draco looked back at the fire and you knew that he knew that you were right. ‘Look,’ Draco said, ‘The way I treat people is the way my father treats me.’ He said, looking at you. By the way he said it you knew that he had never told anyone this before. ‘I don’t know how to be nice to people and I don’t know how to make friends.’ He said, his voice straining slightly. You swallowed hard, 
‘Well then I’ll teach you.’ You said. Draco raised his eyebrows, 
‘Just try to be my friend.’ You said. Draco laughed softly, 
‘It’s forced friendship, I know. Pretend that I’m a stranger and become my friend.’ You said, smiling. Draco sighed and stood up, sitting next to you. 
‘Alright, um.’ He said, ‘What do I do?’ He asked. You laughed again, 
‘Just try to get to know me. See if we have anything in common.’ 
‘Right, okay. Um, do you like books?’ He asked. For a second you looked at him, that was not what you were expecting at all. ‘Yeah I do.’ You said. Draco grinned, ‘Hey, me too!’ 
‘Really?’ You asked, completely forgetting about the exercise. 
‘Yeah!’ He said, ‘What do you like to read about?’ He asked. 
‘Lots of things! I like to read about creatures like werewolves and centaurs and stuff.’ You said. 
‘Me too!’ He said, rather loudly, ‘I’m reading about merpeople at the moment, you should read this book after me it’s so good!’ He said. You laughed, 
‘See? That wasn’t so hard.’ Draco smiled, 
‘Yeah I guess not. But seriously you should read this book!’ He said. His smile disappeared and he looked at you seriously. ‘I know I’m not better than anyone.’ He said. 
‘Then stop acting like it.’ You said softly. He nodded, 
‘Okay.’ You smiled before standing up to go back to bed. ‘Y/N?’ You turned around and Draco was standing beside the couch. ‘Thanks.’ He said. You smiled reassuring, ‘It’s okay. We can keep working on this forced friendship tomorrow.’ You said and Draco smiled, 
‘Can’t wait.’ 

Stay with me - (Damon Salvatore x reader)

Life is like a flame, one day she dies out. This sentence made sense for you today. You were lying on the ground lying in your own blood, no doubt, your last hour had come. Surprising as it may seem, you were not sad. You went out of your thoughts when suddenly you heard a thud, Damon. It fell to loan you, shaking your little hand in his. It was the first time, and certainly the last you saw your friend crying. Tears glistened on her cheeks and tears linger all hope. And for him it was the desire, almost crazy, may your life. “You can’t leave me (Y / N), please” he pressed a little harder your hand “I love you, whore, if you knew how I love you, I don’t have never had the courage to tell you. Nothing is equal to you, the love I have for you. We need you hanging. "You smile shyly, you expect those words for so long, you were in love with Damon, everyone knew excepting Damon and you. You preferred to deny your feelings, for fear of being hurt. "Hang you, I beg you, and I promise you, we will live our fucking beautiful story” He was in the denies. But you, you knew very well that even if you did promise him you would not be able to keep it. You desired it closer, you you gently leaned close to his ear and then you whispered him “I loved you, I love you, I will always love you, forever and ever Damon Salvatore” before falling into a sleep that would last forever.

I am so here for protective older sister Mattie comforting post-breakup Carm

• Mattie hearing Laura and Carmilla yelling and shouting from the other room and immediately preparing a fresh cup of blood for Carmilla

• Mattie guiding Carm to the sofa and letting her rest her head on her shoulder

• Mattie holding back every single ‘I told you so’ and 'why can’t you learn from your mistakes?’ and just letting her sister cry

• Mattie stroking Carmilla’s back, comforting her as her tears soak her posh clothing

• Mattie being a supportive older sibling even though she knows Carm has made bad choices and gotten into lots of trouble because she knows her little sister is hurt right now (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


When the body of Cedric was brought back, you felt as though your heart had stopped. Your breathing hitched in your throat and you could already feel the tears welling up in your eyes before you had time to try and stop them.

‘Ced?’ you whispered, leaning over the barrier to try and see better, hoping that what you assumed had happened was simply your pessimism shining through.

Behind you, the twins shared a significant look, Ron looking slightly irritated as someone stood in his way and Ginny grinning because she’d seen Harry. And then the realisation appeared to dawn on people. Whispers started trickling up the stands,.

‘It’s Diggory’s body!’

‘Is he dead?’

‘Did Potter do it?’

The cry of anguish from Amos made your blood run cold, and the tears ran down your face before you could stop them. A hand pressed lightly on your shoulder.

‘Hey, it’s OK,’ soothed Fred, but you could hear the lack of conviction behind his voice.

You tried rubbing the tears away, feeling more falling.

‘He’s… he’s gone, isn’t he?’ you asked, looking up at Fred.

He didn’t answer though, merely pulled you into a tight hug. You closed your eyes, trying desperately to remember the good things as worried whispers grew louder, and Dumbledore tried to take order. Fred lightly rubbed the back of your head, but you could feel yourself shaking with silent sobs now. He kissed the top of your head.

‘It’s gonna be all right,’ he said, trying to reassure you as best he could. But all you needed was him being there just now, and he was – for that you were grateful.

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#90: Song Preference: Come Thru by Drake

Authors Note: You can find the song HERE.

Ashton: Who used to sleep on the floor with you when you lived in the basement? Who else got all the things you need at 4am when it’s late?

“Who cared about you (Y/N)?” Ashton yelled at you, making you flinch. “You did! Jesus Christ, I get that Ashton!” You screamed back at him. He let out the breath he was holding, casting his ice cold gaze at you. All the warmth that he had once shown you was gone, replaced with a freezing stare that made your blood curdle. “Who kept you safe when you were scared? Who the fuck stayed with you in your parents basement when you couldn’t stop crying at what that asshole did to you? Who helped you at four fucking am, when you had a panic attack, or a nightmare was all to real? Who? Answer me!” He yelled, drawing tears to your eyes. “You did,” You whispered. He stared at you, his chest heaving from the urgency and the hatred directed at you. “That’s fucking right.” He said. “And how do you repay me? By seeing that fucker that not only broke your heart, but hurt you. What don’t you understand (Y/N)? He hurt you. He emotionally hurt you, and you went back to him. He fucked with your feelings and you rationalized that as fine.” Now it was Ashton’s turn to fight back tears at the impact and reality of his words. “You actually went back to him.” He said more to himself. You took a shaky breath, trying to smother the turmoil of guilt churning in your stomach. “It was an accident Ash, I didn’t mean it. I didn’t think it would get to that point. I was drunk, and so was he…” You trailed off, your excuse feeble. “Because at no point during the night you didn’t think of me. When he was kissing your neck, or fucking holding you? Or when you gave your consent to allow him to touch you? Do you know the mess you created? The fucking problem you just made for yourself?” He asked, shaking his head. “He will take advantage of you. He will try to control you, like he did before. For one night? God, I didn’t think you were like that.” He said, running his fingers through his hair for the hundredth time. It was so aggressive that you thought he would rip his hair out. His hazel eyes met yours, and you saw the pain swirling in the beautiful colour you had fallen in love with. “I hope you can figure it out.” He said, his voice low. “Ashton please, let’s sleep on it and talk in the morning. Please, lets not be rash.” You pleaded, trying to make him stay. “Why don’t you sleep with him and see how you feel.” He said, his voice flat. He said it without bitterness now. “I just have one question for you.” He asked, grabbing his sweater. You stood planted in the middle of the floor, staring at him as he shrugged it on. “Did you ever really care for me?” He asked, his voice almost too soft to hear. “I always have Ash, and I still do. Please, don’t go.” You whispered, your voice cracking. “That almost hurts more. Because if you really cared, we wouldn’t be in this situation.” He said. The tears you had fought finally spilled over, and ran down your cheeks in alarming tides. “Ash,” You cried, as he grabbed the door handle. “Stop.” He said, and you dropped your hand. With that, he opened the door and walked out, not only out of the apartment but your life as well. You crumpled to the floor, sobbing and screaming silently at the stupidity of your actions. You had lost the one person that had helped you through one of the roughest points in your life, and you had basically slapped him in the face by going back to the culprit that broke you down. And the thing was, as your guilt swallowed you alive, you let it, because really, what else could you do. You stared at the door in an agonizing way, wishing that he would just walk through it, coming back to you and ready to take you in his arms. But you had fucked up, way worse than you ever had, and now you had to live with the consequences. 

Calum: Who you been crying to? Who you been flying to? Who’s bed are you sleeping in? 

Calum wept quietly by himself at the loss he was dealing with. He had lost you, well lost you wasn’t the right word. He had dropped you, broken up with you in the cruelest way he would manage. Because you deserved that. You deserved to feel every ounce of pain he was feeling. And at the moment, it was crippling. He knew the distance was going to be a problem. You both did. It wasn’t so easy to bring you along on tour with him as it had seemed. And when an ocean and countries separated you, it was something that was almost foreign. The distance was something so thick you could cut a knife through it. He knew that it was taking its toll on you, and he felt it as well. Everyday he woke up wishing that you were beside him, but you weren’t. You were leagues away, snuggled up in what he thought would have been your own bed. He didn’t realize just how lonely you were. So lonely, that you would crawl into someone else’s bed to ease your pain, that person allowing you to open up and cry to him, someone you had travelled the distance to see, even if it was in the same town. The new guy had become the guy. The guy that you felt more at ease with, someone that could hold you any time you needed it. There were no more Skype calls, no more texts that tried to mend the distance. Calum knew that it was risky, but he thought there was enough trust between the two of you to make it work. Clearly he was mistaken. And here he was, sobbing to himself at every ache because every time he breathed it hurt, because he thought of you. But you were with someone else, already moved on and in someone else’s arms, and that hurt even more. He took a shuddering breath, holding his rib cage as if he was willing himself to stay together and unlocked his phone. There was a picture of you two, smiling and laughing as if times were still good. He couldn’t bring himself to delete it because it was so beautiful, and so right. Because your smile was what got Calum through the long days of rehearsals, song writing, and promotions. Your smile was what encouraged Calum to count down the days until he could see you again. That moment, captured by the camera it didn’t leave a toxic, metallic taste in his mouth, or a pain gouging his heart because at that moment everything was right, and nothing hurt. But reality was different. Everything hurt, and he couldn’t stop it. He let out a strangled sob because he missed you, but he wanted you to hurt like he did. And the thought of someone else comforting you was enough to make Calum regret thinking that. Because there was no one to comfort him, and that was what hurt the most. 

Luke: We had the type of nights where morning comes too soon… and nothing was the same.

Your night was memorable. Because when you were about to fall asleep you had a happy smile on your face as you rested your head against Luke’s chest. You had gone home with him, despite your friends protesting. “How could you go home with someone who you broke up with? Someone you said you wouldn’t feel anything for again?” But maybe it was the alcohol, or the sheer desire to be in his arms again that led you to kiss him at the bar. And then agree to come home with you. You didn’t question when his expert fingers slowly tugged off your garments of clothing until nothing was left, but your flesh that was now flush against his. Your screams of pure ecstasy echoed around the room as Luke ravished you in everyday, until you were spent, leaning heavily against his chest in a blissful, yet confused state. It wasn’t coincidence that you had seen Luke at the bar, and that you two had started talking as if nothing had happened. But than you remembered that you were at least two mixed drinks into your night and one round of shots, and you didn’t know what he was up to. But in the moment, you relished the feeling of being with him one more time, even if you were terrified of the morning. When the late morning sun finally woke you up, you rolled over onto your back to see Luke sprawled out beside you. You blinked, trying to clear you vision of the morning blurriness, and you smiled to yourself at how familiar this scene was. The blankets tangled around his torso that was bare and rising and falling with every breath he took. The way his arm was above his head, the other tossed over his chest; his eyelashes fluttering against his cheekbones. He was a sight to behold, and at least for one night he was yours. You couldn’t be bothered to get out of his bed, so you opted to watch him sleep, and admire his features. But shortly after you got comfortable, he awoke. Blinking and rubbing his eyes, he looked around, his eyes landing on you. He ran a hand over his face before breathing out. “(Y/N),” He said, your name on his lips was delicious. And you wanted to kiss him, to taste your name. “We shouldn’t have done that.” He said matter-of-factly. “Why?” You asked in a quiet voice. “Do you really need me to spell it out for you?” He said, removing his hand and staring at you. “Yes, you do.” You urged. “Because we broke up a long time ago. And we were doing fine. I moved on, I hope you moved on. And now as soon as we see each other its as if all the work I did to build up my walls was useless. With one sly fucking smile you broke me, and made me want you as if it was the first fucking night I met you again. And that is such a bitter feeling, it makes me sick.” He said, throwing the blankets aside and standing up, not caring that he was naked. He grabbed his boxers slipping them on. “I don’t need you in my life anymore. I can’t have you in my life anymore. Because that’s selfish, and I worked hard to get over you.” He said more to himself. “Maybe we were supposed to see each other?” You asked timidly. “Don’t get all spiritual on me (Y/N). It was a drunken mistake.” He said, walking out of the room and leaving you to hold the sheet in an effort to cover yourself and in a way to protect you from the harsh reality of Luke’s words. Nothing was the same. 

Michael: We ain’t spoke in so long, probably put me in the past.

You were going through old boxes that you had shoved to the back of your closet in an efforts to reorganize your room. The boxes were old, you could tell from the layer of dirt covering them, and just by the things inside. Old cards from friends, old mixed CD’s from road trips that you had ventured on in the heat of the moment with some of your closest friends. It made you smile at the memories as you sifted through old pictures, old tokens of your life that you had forgotten about. But when you pulled out a dusty picture frame, your heart stopped for a tantalizing second. The picture was old, but the memory wasn’t. It was you and Michael, your old boyfriend. He had his arms wrapped around your waist, the setting sun of a beach behind you. You were leaning forward, laughing and smiling at the camera as he leaned over your left shoulder laughing and staring at you. You loved it, because you both were just so happy and nothing was wrong. You were young there, a few years had passed since that picture had been taken, and a lot had happened and changed since then. Since then, you had cut your hair, you had grown in height and in age, you had become a woman grown, and you had broken up with Michael. He was your first real heartbreak, and you would never forget the pain because in that moment you believed you would never find someone like him ever again. But you were mistaken. You did, and you were happy. But staring at the picture you felt sadness trickle into your heart. You were happy with him, and you couldn’t remember what went wrong between the two of you. Maybe you like him more than he liked you, or maybe you two had just drifted apart. It wasn’t messy, but he had said it was for the best. He was living his life, and you were living yours. But you wanted to know about his life. You wanted to know what he was doing now, how he was, if he had moved on, which you certainly thought he had. He was deliciously attractive, always feeling jealous when girls looked at him when you were out. He surely had someone in his life now like you had. But at the thought of Michael, it was if your current boyfriend didn’t exist - and that scared you. You wanted to call him, but you had no way of getting a hold of him. Facebook, surely he would answer. But that was so unemotional, you yearned to hear his voice one more time. You wanted to hear the rumble of his laughter, and the smile on his lips when he talked. You looked at your computer that sat so close to you, as if it was teasing you. But than you thought about it, and realized that he had probably put you in the past because it had been so long. Why open old wounds that had healed. You were being selfish, and you would ruin what you had with your boyfriend now. But still there was that curiosity. You sighed and stared at the picture and how happy you were. You couldn’t remember the last time you had smiled like that, or when someone had made you smile like that. Not even your boyfriend now could do that, and he made you happy - at least thats what you thought. You sighed, putting the picture back in the box along with all the other memento’s of your life, and closed it back up. You pushed it back to its new home in your closet where it belonged. You couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of the picture, and who knows, maybe one day the temptation would grow so strong that you would be able to talk to him, but right now, you couldn’t. He was in the past for now.

Just because I stand up for & by my people doesn’t mean I’m not accepting & understanding of other people’s perspectives & outlooks on life.

We can only speak from our experiences. You can’t blame a person if they are ignorant but you don’t have to choose to tolerate it.

One thing people fail to realize is that the world is made up of people from all walks of life. People will say your facts are opinions and believe their opinions are facts.

We can only let history speak for itself.
It is our past that defines us. Without it we wouldn’t be who we are.

We all have morals & we all have values. We all bleed the same blood and cry salt water tears.

There is no perfect world. There is no perfect person.

I’m not sticking up for the inhumanity or corruption.

All I’m saying is, our lives are different. None of us are the same.

Just have an open mind & open heart to change.

universes have collapsed and reformed so that you would be born. you are made of stars. you are connected to everyone in the world. you are connected to everyone and everything in the universe, so when you are feeling sad or alone, then just remember that your blood is stardust and your skin is made of galaxies. when you cry, your tears are planets and there are solar systems growing around you. you aren’t alone. you’re the biggest and smallest thing in the universe, and you are beautiful.