and you cry and your tears are hope solo

Indiretas pro Michael, se pegar de like :)

Does michael have any idea about how long I’ve been waiting for him to notice me? 

michael clifford should follow me while I’m sleeping, I would be the happiest person in this whole world 

Can michael clifford follow me so I can stop crying every night because he hasn’t followed me

I hope michael clifford follows me before my 80th birthday, amen

one of my biggest dreams is to be on the top of michael’s following list but this isnt gonna happen :(

if michael’s solo in teenage dream doesn’t make you want to tear your limbs off and have sex with him you’re fucking lying

michael clifford my followers list has awesome people and you should join it

Its not michaels fault he’s so cute, but its actually ruining my life

I swear michael clifford knows exactly how to hit me in the feels

can we talk about how michael fucking clifford brings me eternal pain

dear michael clifford, please play me like you play your guitar? thank you

michael clifford is attractive as an old lady and I just can’t

too hot for the boys at school, too ugly for michael clifford… a novel by me

I want to steal michael clifford balls, sorry

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