and you contorl it


Being A Part-Time Member of Task-Force X May Include…

I’m too lazy to put these into categories

Belle Reve
Isn’t a concern to you
You don’t live there
And only on rare occasions do you go there

You’re more of an anti-hero rather than a villain
Having helped both the good and bad guys

Amanda Waller trusts you

You were brought onto the team by your own free will
Which means
You don’t have some bomb in your neck she uses to contorl you with

You agreed to join Task Force X in attempt to lighten up your life

Amanda needed an “on team” boss
She managed to get you to agree to be that person

This leads to many conflicts with the team
Especially because you only show up for one-third of the missions
Plus you’re buddy-buddy with the Flash and multiple other heroes
Then again
You’re also kind of friends with Deathstroke
Who also taught you some of what you know

Either way
They don’t want to cross you
But they still don’t like your so-called position on the team
They make it difficult for you to do your job

You help them out
You managed to get Boomer-ho out of solitairy
Got Dadshot more time with Zoe
Managed to help Harley come to terms with the unhealthy relationship she had with Joker
You sneak Croc-o real good food instead of that stuff they throw at him during feeding time
You also helped Diablo forgive himself for what he did

They may not like you a whole lot
But boy you’re amazing

Rick is annoyed that he can’t control you like the rest of ‘em

Batman knows about the whole thing
You’re his inside source
You don’t do secrets
Unless they benifit you


DATE: SEPT. 5 2016

drunk fick lmao i swear im better at rwring when i'm sober

dean and cas were in the grocery store and they were fighting over waht to get for dinner. Dean wanted hamburgers but Cas wanted salad. A classic dean/cas arguement. oh dear. but it was all in good spirit because they lobed each other and everything was a okay.


while they were arguing, cas pushing the hamburger buns aside, and dean hiding the bags of organic substances, a girl approached them. she stared at them, mouth agape. Cas paused from  insulting dean’s dinner choice and turned to the girl. “can i help you?” he asked, stonily, but like not the marijuana typed of stonily, the castiel type where he was very strict and cold, cause y’know angels .

` /” sorry i just think you guys are hella cute and you rmined me of these books i read once… have you ever heard of carver edlund???” she said nervously, with trepidation.


“fuck me” dean muttered under his breath, silently slipping the hamburger buns back into the grocery cart, “ you read that shit??”


“shit?! what are you even saying are you drumk om the alcho?” the girl was flabbergasted


“DINT BE PREPOSTEROUS I AM   A RESPONSIBLE ADULT WHO DOESN’T FUCKING DRINK HIS FEELINGSS AWAH TNAT’S UNHEALTHY” dean was very stubborn. cas rolled his eyes. this was so typical of dean, he was always over compensating because he was afraid people would find out he was actually bisexual. john had really fucked him up. cas sighed heavily.


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anonymous asked:

Your blog is really important to me bc last year I tried to fight against my schools dress code that was aimed specifically at girls, and made them feel bad about their bodies. I was told my principal and guidance counselor that there are things "boys can't control" and that I wouldn't understand because I'm not a boy. I believe this attitude needs to be changed, because it's hurting girls and sending the message that their education is not as important as the clothes they choose to wear.

NOOOO!! They CAN contorl it; ppl just choose to control what you wear instead. 

I promised
  • Random person: *wants to add on Skype*
  • Me: *adds them* Yeees?
  • Random Person: ok roles are were both immortals the only way we can die is for someone to cut off our heads four hundred years ago we where engaged to be married but you where still mortal the village we lived in was attacked by another immortal and he killed you swearing revenge ive chased him through every major war since then not realising you were reborn as one of us for four hundred years hes been lieying to you telling you im dead so you marrieed him and moved to the city he now contorls in the dystopian future ruling with an iron fist to gain acesss to the city i have taken the head of an immortal and have beet brought to yours and his apartment you being in another room as i drop the bag holding the head in the table
  • Me: .... This is going on tumblr.
  • Random person: why
  • Me: I like to make people laugh.

anonymous asked:

Hi i'm 260 pounds and i have no contorl over my eating habits. What did you do to start controlling your eating habits.

well I think thats the biggest lesson I’ve learned… balance not control. When I felt “in control” or “out of control” I found that i was either restricting or binging, eating “good” or “bad” food. In my experience I believe the best approach to have long term healthy habits to substain whatever weight you lose is to first listen to your body. Sounds simple right? I was so used to eating above and beyond what was necessary growing up I truly never felt hunger the way that our bodies are made to. At the slightest feeling of hunger food was already in my mouth. Learning how my body responds to food and giving it time to digest was key. For some that may not be such a big issue but being okay with being a little hungry took time for me. If you feel “out of control” and off balance I would suggest you plan out your meals three days in advance so you don’t have the option of standing at a deli line with 100 items to choose from. For the first 2 weeks of your new approach try to keep your meals simple for now. Having too many options can be overwhelming and you will be less likekly to pick the healthier choice. I found success in protein shakes every morning and night as breakfast was never something I wanted to make at 6am in the morning before school. The shaking made my life so much easier as it took 5 seconds and I could bring it with me on the run.

Checkout my clean eating page to further describe how I got myself to a healthier place. Here are some of my tips: 

  1. Eat real food! Start to replace the fast food and chemical ridden junk into clean nutritiously dense options (veggies, fruit, whole wheat, lean meats etc) I cannot begin to stress enough how this one small action has made all the difference. Pick a few fast foods that you eat now on the regular and start switching them out for the real deal.
  2. Use smaller dishes. This is more a psychological trick than anything else. The theory goes that when a proper portion size looks bigger on a smaller plate, you don’t feel like you aren’t getting enough food. It works because it satisfies the mind and the tummy.
  3. Measure your portions. This is a big one, especially if you aren’t eating real food. Check the nutrition label and remember that most Americans are eating two to three times the serving size of foods. I did an unscientific study of this in my best friend’s kitchen—she thought she was eating a serving of her favorite cereal (1 cup), it was actually 3.5 servings. Between the milk and the cereal, this is a difference of around 400 calories every time.
  4. Drink more water. Water is awesome. I know that we are used to our sodas, sweet teas and other high calorie beverages. Most people will say they don’t like water. But water cleanses and flushes the toxins out of your body. 
  5. Give up soda and fruit juice. These bad boys are high in calories with very little nutritional value. It is just best to give them up. If you have to have that one coke a day, at least make it a regular. Fake sweetener and the staggering amount of sodium in diet sodas are far worse than the empty calories.
  6. Order your coffee black. Black coffee has 0 calories. A mocha with 2% milk has 260. Make the switch in your daily routine and you’ll lose 26 pounds this year.
  7. Clear out the junk food in the house. If you are anything like I used to be, I am sure there are little pockets of junk foods all over your kitchen. The potato chips in the cabinet, the dips in the fridge, the ice cream in the freezer, the candy in the bowl on the counter—also known in my house as the calorie traps. Clearing out the junk clears out the temptation. Take an hour and throw out or donate every last bit of it. If it isn’t around, you can’t eat it. Make your home your temple where you feel safe and binge free. 
  8. Exercise even if its a walk around the block after dinner. Start small and increase it when you are ready. 
  9. Eat out less as resturants and deli’s can be dangerous! Their menus are lined with calorie rich foods in ridiculous portion sizes. Refraining from eating out can save you many things—added pounds and money are the two biggest.
  10. Order your salad dressing on the side as it’s high in calories and most people soak their salad in extra calories. Either dip your fork or add a tablespoon to your salad. Otherwise you are most likely getting a serving of about three to four tablespoons … an average of 300 extra calories if you ordered ranch.
  11. Prepare your plate with Low Carb- High Protein for every meal!
  12. Keep a food diary. I had no concept of how much I ate during the day. I never actually tracked my eating before I started changing my eating habits. But knowing what I know now, I am sure it was a ridiculous amount of food and calories. Keep a record, start being accountable for what you eat.