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Since ur psychic any S4 predictions?

(still hasn’t finished season 3) well i think,

ok i’m just gonna like uhh fling some stuff at the wall and we’ll see what sticks in a few weeks. i wanted 2 do character shitposts but instead i just predicted some basic plot :/

  • We all call Keith a loner but Pidge also has a habit of going off on her own and thinking her way is best. Which is going to bite her in the bum next season when she slips off to find Matt.
  • In season 1, Pidge realized that she was part of a team, and that teammates have each other’s backs. You can’t just fix one thing on your own, you have ties and responsibilities, yada yada. She’s seemed to unlearn that in season 4. 
    • It could be because she’s gotten more confident over the past few seasons. Personally, I think it’s because the team dynamics are going 2 get hella unstable next season, and as uncertainties rise Pidge decides to just make a ‘quick’ pit stop to check out a Matt Tip and then ends up in a Star Wars movie.
    • Like, look at that cloak. That’s a Star Wars thing. I never watched the prequels, but Pidge is gonna be Obi-Wan Kenobing this shit like nobody’s business.
  • Pidge, making a lightsaber: God I am so freaking cool
  • Coran wasn’t around much in season 3 but now that we’ve established he’s present in a ton of Tragic Backstory, we’re going to see that play out in some way.
    • Corangst time
  • Acxa is going to be in the perfect position to kill a Paladin (i.e. Keith) but she’ll decide to not take the shot because of x moral reason and then we’ll have an episode dedicated to more Galra angsting. This show Loves Galra angst.
    • This’ll be a subplot though to the episode where Lotor angsts about Zarkon and how he and his father keep coming into conflict. Zarkon is basically going to piss all over the work Lotor put in during season 3 and it’s going to peeve purple boy off.
    • Zarkon is happy about the meteorite or whatever Lotor stole. Zarkon is happy that they’re going to make a dark Voltron. Zarkon is not happy that Lotor and his generals are planning to pilot it, because Zarkon is only happy when he’s in complete control of something. Cue father/son tension.
  • Hey so like, is Haggar Lotor’s mom or what?? Like, I figure he was a test tube baby or something, because otherwise Haggar is going to be PISSED about her husband having a kid with someone else. Lmfaooo I hope we see this conversation.
  • Speaking of mom’s, we’ll meet Keith’s mom in the last 30 seconds of the season because this show only knows how to end on cliffhangers. 
    • She’s going to slowly take off her helmet and she’ll look Exactly Like Keith (tiny chin) and everyone’ll gasp and Keith, voice a little wobbly, desperately trying not to get his hopes up even as his fists tighten at his side, will say, “Mom?” before cut to black.
  • ‘Shiro’ will be revealed as a clone within the first couple of eps because this show Does Not Know How To Pace Things (it’s either that, or he’ll be revealed midway through after a bunch of mixed filler/plot eps). Once everyone realizes that the Real Shiro is still out there somewhere, Keith immediately sets out to look for him (maybe this is the destabilizing thing Keith chooses to do??).
    • This could also explain why Pidge decided to look for Matt on her own. She sees Keith fuck off and is like ‘oh shit me too’ and goes.
  • Also like, one thing I never got is that back in April we saw a picture of Matt and Shiro fighting together. That pic was probably from a scene happening this season or maybe the next one, which makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that Shiro is wearing the black paladin uniform he disappeared in??? And again, haven’t finished season 3 yet, but Buzz Lightyear doesn’t seem to have it.
    • So tldr real Shiro is kicking back with Matt and by kicking back I mean probably fighting for their lives. Shiro’s life sucks.

anyway. turn up

“Sam doesn’t love Dean as much as Dean loves him.”

Excuse me, what? ohmygosh sit down…

No but seriously…what the hell? I hate when people say this kind of stuff. Are we watching the same show here? Because I just cannot comprehend this.

After Dean lost the love of his mother, all he ever wanted was to be loved and cared for.

“All he wanted was to be loved. Just like me.” - Dean


“You saved my life over and over. Man you sacrifice everything for me, don’t you think I’d do the same for you? You’re my big brother, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. And I don’t care, I’m going to get you out of this. I’m going to save your ass for a change.” - Sam

Ahem…I just like this gif of protective Sam hehehehe.

Sam accepted his death because he thought he was holding Dean back. But he chose to stay with Dean instead because Dean needed him - because Dean doesn’t like being alone and he is all Dean has.

And when Dean accepted his death that would eventually come with the mark of cain, Sam pulled him out of it. He’s still pulling Dean out of it every time Dean mention his death because Sam needs him just as much and he’s not going to stand there and watch Dean die again. He’s seen it waaaaaaaaaaaay too many times. (and so have I…kill my baby again and watch what happens grrr)

That time Dean was bleeding and hurt in the back seat of the Impala and John was like ‘Sam killing the demon comes before everything’ and Sam looks at Dean from the rearview mirror of the car and was like “no, not everything.” Because Dean being alive, safe and okay matters more to him. And remember that time he went totally psycho after Dean died in Mystery Spot? and begging for the Trickster to bring Dean back. 

And the other time Sam tried to sell his soul to save Dean.


And Sam leaving Dean so Dean would be safe from him and anything that came after Sam. He didn’t give up on Dean when Dean was in a coma. And in Faith, when Sam didn’t give up on Dean when he was sick. In Scarecrow, when Sam came back for Dean after their arguments and saved him. Sam trusted Dean when John was possessed by the yellow eyed demon.

When Sam hit the dog and “settled down” he was totally suicidal and broken because he thought Dean was gone, dead, and he didn’t even know where Dean was or where he would start looking. The “normal life” saved him and when Dean got out of purgatory and met Sam, Sam left that life behind for Dean. (Like Dean did when Sam came back from hell.)

“I’m not leaving my brother alone out there!” - Sam



Sam and demon!Dean…I can’t /cries in corner/ 

Sam being angry at Crowley for getting Dean into this mess and then being even more angry when Dean ditched him for Crowley.

Sam looking at Dean like he’s the cutest thing in the world. (cuz he is)

okay Sam control urself /cough

“I can’t do it without my brother. I don’t want to do it without my brother.”

Sam is the only one who understands Dean more than even Dean himself and he makes Dean really happy. Sam putting up with Dean’s shenanigans and worrying about his poor eating habits but still willing to buy Dean some junk food to make him happy.

And there is more where that came from but this would be one hell of a long post if I kept going.

Anyway, it’s not that Dean loves Sam more than Sam loves Dean. It’s just that we’ve seen Dean taking care of Sam longer than we’ve seen Sam do it because hello~~ Sam was in diapers when Dean ran out of their burning house with him. He’s raised Sam since then so yeah of course he loves Sam and we’ve seen him love and protect Sam since then because that was kind of his job thanks to John. Dean’s throwing himself into danger to protect him. Dean’s a lil shit who won’t even give Sam a chance to protect him or save him because he’s always thinking it’s his job to do it and Sam’s sick of Dean thinking like that (me too).

Sam doesn’t have to throw himself into danger to prove he loves Dean. He does sometimes but I think him being there with Dean, for Dean and takes care of him like he does is his way of showing his love and it’s just as equal. He wouldn’t be so desperate to save Dean if he didn’t love him. And I hope he is the only one who saves him so people can stop saying stupid things like this.



Arguments are invalid. 

(gifs & pics are not all mine)

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At first I found the joke about jimin around whit people funny, because I'm a POC that works in retail that's my face all the time with rude costumers but then I just started disliking the joke. Cause you can tell my baby just shy and he doesn't know what to do exactly. He's in a new culture and country so of course he's going to act a little confused and mono tone. The he was getting hate that seriously was so stupid. I hope he doesn't see any of it because I don't want him to beat himself up.

Thank you for agreeing with me! I’m just furious about how people can overlook the fact that at least some people that has the same point of view as mine and disagreeing with the “joke” were not thinking about how it would hurt the “white” but JIMIN!!!! 

Why use color? Why use his pics in such a joke? I am offended by the joke, not because it uses the word “white”, but because you use Jimin for your ridiculous vendetta. Do you know how much hate he will get by people who misunderstood things? Do you know how many people are now looking at the boys and into the fandom thanks to Billboard? And how many there are that just now joining the fandom and might not get the joke?

No, I’m not talking about how it’s hurt people in that skin color, or any certain race. But how it will hurt Jimin. Don’t you people know how easy it is for them to get access to everything we put online? Even if you’re going to say “no, the boys don’t have tumblr”. This is the internet! People in twitter has access as much as we have to theirs and they can spread our posts as much as we can spread theirs on our blogs, and it’ll be no problem for that “joke” to reach their eyes sooner or later. Stop overlooking that fact alone, and please consider how Jimin would feel if he sees, when he must’ve already feel bad that day for being so out of place and nervous about the award and the event itself. He was in a foreign land. If only you use the caption “Let me go home” instead of that caption, then I will laugh along with you.

Anonymous said: It’s a joke. Don’t worry it won’t be affecting white peoples privilege in the end of the day :-) I don’t care if they get butt hurt over a joke when they don’t get discriminated/oppressed in real life. Poc get murdered for just their skin color and lots of other things I can say.

This message just came in at the same time I was typing that long answer above, so I’m just going to put this here because I know there are many of you who thinks the same as this person and I hate having to type my answer all over again, when I know for some reason our logical answers can never get through to your heads. Please read my long answer above your message, my kind person. And tell me this, have you watched the current interview on Kiisfm FB live? Did you see the interviewer mentioning to the boys how the phrase “third guy from the left” becomes a trending topic? Now when you do see this, please imagine if the boys go to the internet, and not only they find those posts about Jin and Jungkook, but also the Jimin’s “joke”. Now try to imagine how they feel about it, and come back to me. Please don’t point your fingers at me calling me whitey as you guys did to my POC friends. I’m Asian. My skin color tone is yellow and I have nothing against others with different skin color than mine.

This will be the last time I answer this matter. Like I said in the previous tag, anyone coming in trying to talk about this again and disregard my long ass answer above will be ignored. I’m done talking. And if you’re not going to listen then so be it. I’m just praying no hell is going to be let loose. And praying that Jimin is having a hell of fun out there.

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(5/5) I don't want to bother you any longer so one last thing: who is behind the pr? Themselves? Netflix? Their agents? Their publishers? All of the above? It can't be everything b/c again that's too complicated. if it was Netflix it would only include Netflix events, if it is their publisher it would include her book events and so on. Sorry for my long message but I hope you post it and I can't wait for your answer.

Everything, including my answer, is under the read more link.  It’s a long one, guys, because my anon sent a multi-part message.

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Me looking for new phone backgrounds at 3:13 AM last night
  • Me: Okay cute Solangelo background that my parents won't get upset over
  • Me: Shit I misspelled Solangelo
  • Me: That's a Tumblr screenshot wtf
  • Me: That's very bright
  • Me: Am I more than you bargained for yet I've been dying something something merry go round sugar we're going down swinging
  • Me: I need to listen to Fall Out Boy rn tbh
  • Me: Oh shit did my parents hear that
  • Me: Dude wtf is this shit like-*sees cute art* Oh my god oh my god help me please I am dead
  • Me: Okay if my parents didn't hear that they can't hear anything
  • Me: This one or nah
  • Me: HOLY SHIT I KNOW THAT ARTIST I FOLLOW THEM ITS (insert sabertooth-raccoon or cherryandsisters or brunagonda or any Solangelo artist here nuclearweeb)
  • Me: *repeats last sentence like fifty fucking times just with different artist names every time*
  • Me: Are you fucking kidding me I asked for Solangelo not whatever the hell this is is that Kingdom Hearts or some bullshit wtf who is to blame for this bullshittery
  • Me: If I see one more "not ur type" I will delete
  • Me: Nico's reaction there is mine whenever "You Are My Sunshine" is in a Solangelo fic nowadays
  • Me: C'mon nobody can know that they're homo
  • Me: Well that's ironic considering my fic
  • Me: Then again it was for humor and they learned their lesson lmao
  • Me: Or is that it is that the perf background idk anymore rlly
  • Me: That's art of Zayn from One Direction wtf
  • Me: That's
  • Me: That's too OOC
  • Me: Okay /one/ more pic
  • Me: No /one/ more pic
  • Me: Fuck I wanna sing Maroon 5
  • Me: Can elephants talk in their sleep
  • Me: That's not even Percy Jackson wtf
  • Me: Am I high
  • Me: Sugar you're sweet but you're coming down on me
  • Me: Man I must've saved 3000 pics
  • Me: What do u mean I only saved 5
  • : In the end I used one of Mansi's pics of Will bending sunlight around Nico bc I really like that pic and I finally fell asleep yay lmao

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Shibashibashiba<3*-* barging in at the right time hehehe, can I request 8. “I think I’m stuck!” with either Servamp Kuromahi or YOI victuuri I can't choose ^///^

Here it is! The last of the Christmas prompts! AAAAH I’M SORRY ABOUT THE DELAY I HAVE NO EXCUSE!!! T___T Inspiration kept fleeing away from me, and I definitely don’t run fast enough to catch up with it…. *sob sob*
But it’s finally done, right before the year ends! And I really really really hope you’ll enjoy it sweetheart…! Thanks so much for asking me this!!

Note 1: This was somehow inspired by this post~ (don’t question my twisted mind lmao)
Note 2: Had to change the punctuation of the prompt phrase, ‘cause exclamation points don’t really fit a normal Kuro I think?? ^^;

Word count: 2032

          “Kuro? Can you come here?”

The black cat sighed loudly. As the end of the year drew near, Mahiru was becoming strangely excited – which, in turn, made Kuro’s life a living nightmare. No earplug could protect his precious naps from the sounds of those busy, rushing footsteps; no place was safe from that accursed stool the brunet dragged all over the house to set different decorations up; and worst of all, the Eve was always trying to get his Servamp involved in all this! With no luck until then, but still. His efforts were getting tiresome…
Kuro kept his little paws busy with the buttons of his console, careful not to spare the other a single glance – in case he would take it as an encouragement.

           “Can’t. Got a boss to defeat, leave me a note and I’ll consider it. Later.”

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signs if you read their mind (and they knew about it)
  • Aries: Thinking the word "Dick" or something over and over again so they don't accidentally think of something you wouldn't want to see.
  • Taurus: Thinking of a bunch of beautiful things they've seen lately to distract you from anything they want to keep hidden.
  • Gemini: Trying too hard to think of a pun using the word psychic. That's all that occupies their brain.
  • Cancer: What do you want to know? Wait, no, you can't look at that. Or that. STOP
  • Virgo: Please don't see my embarrassing memories... Oh shit.. *thinks of most embarrassing memory* OH SHIT
  • Libra: Stop, I'm not that interesting. *thinks of a really cute memory* Oh that? That's nothing.
  • Scorpio: *trying not to think of dicks* SHIT I'M SORRY *flood of dick pics*
  • Sagittarius: *lots of really offensive/gross shit* Oh my god, okay, you're the one that wanted to do this, not my fault.
  • Capricorn: Super sexual and doesn't even try to hide it at all.
  • Aquarius: Whatever I've got nothing to hide. (All you see is a black abyss after this btw because they do have shit to hide but they're damn good at it)
  • Pisces: You'd go crazy if you tried to read their mind, okay, save yourself. They'd probably warn you not to.