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Ravi having the time of his life and Kkomae third wheeling (?). Ken just wants to do Q&A already.

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Hi Cassie, I have a TLH question: you've said that the books are going to deal with Clave politics and what the *lovely* Clave members think of homosexuality, but what about a villain or villains? Tatiana seems like a decent candidate but surely there are more? We've had Valentine in TMI and Axel in TID, will the characters fight evil warlocks, rogue werewolves or bloodthirsty vampires? I seriously can't wait for TLH (and LoS)! Hugs and I hope to see you this year!

Hey girl, you know that’s a HUGE spoiler, why do you torment me? :D I guess I can say Tatiana sure hates the Herondales and Carstairs, but that there aren’t really a group of specific Downworlders they’re having problems with in Chain of Gold. In a sense the “villain” is something we haven’t really seen before – almost a force rather than one specific person or thing.


I brought some oranges to work yesterday but didn’t eat them so this may have happened =D

a transcript of a dream I had about dans instagram story on phil's bday
  • dan, behind camera: happy birthday phil!!! congrats on being ancient!!!
  • phil, on couch: *laughs* shut up you child. I am wise.
  • ~
  • dan, holding camera towards himself: ok I know I already posted this morning but loOK AT THIS *turns camera to phil*
  • phil, standing next to a birthday cake that's literally three feet tall: :O LOOK AT THIS!!!
  • dan: why is your cake big enough for three football teams!?
  • phil: I should be asking you this! you ordered it! how are we going to get this to the restaurant!? wait. I know. you've hidden sarah michelle gellar inside this haven't you?
  • dan: *gives camera a pained look*
  • phil: *laughing in background as camera turns off*
  • ~
  • dan and also everyone at the restaurant: *sings happy birthday, camera is trained on phil who is smiling
  • louise in background: make a wish!!!!
  • dan, scoffing and pointing camera at louise: what could he possibly wish for? he's got me! *points camera at himself, grins cheekily*
  • phil in background: this coming from the person who didn't even give me a present.
  • dan, pointing camera at phil and zooming in: MY PRESENCE IS A PRESENT, KISS MY ASS.
  • phil, trying not to smile, making steady eye contact with camera: I'm not going to start rapping and you can't make me.
  • louise in background: *begins beatboxing*
  • martyn in background: *gently blows out phil's candle that is all but forgotten*
  • phil @ martyn: HEY WHAT ARE YOU D-
  • ~
  • dan, walking towards phil who is sitting on the couch with his laptop: philllll are you ready for your present
  • phil, looking up: I genuinely thought it was going to be buffy in the cake but it wasn't so no I don't want it
  • dan, pointing camera directly up his own nose: do you see what I deal with *points camera back at phil*
  • dog in background: makes muffled whining noise
  • phil: ...what was that
  • dan: I dunno.
  • phil: ....dan what is in the hall
  • dan: *silently films phil as he gets up and opens the door*
  • phil: OH MY GOD DAN!
  • dan: laughs really cutely
  • phil: AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ~
  • dan, now on the couch, filming phil on the floor petting the dogs tummy: literally what did you do in the million years before I was born
  • phil: played with hamsters, mostly. I was a child.
  • dan: lies.
  • phil: dan I'm only four and a h-
  • phil: I'm naming this dog "I hate dan"
  • dan: that's stupid
  • phil: your mum's stupid
  • dan: *silently zooms in on phil's face*
  • phil, petting sleepy dog, trying not to smile, again: I hate you
  • ~
  • ~fin~


Are ya’ll ready for another of hcs cus my brain hates them and yells at me whenever I consume any piece of media ever. 

Nalu!Ella Enchanted AU

I yelled at @papalogia randomly and she was beautiful enough to go along with me and helped me with some characters positions, so I’m gonna spam her.

  • Lucy is Ella 
    • duh
  • Born to wealthy merchants Jude and Layla Heartfilia the small family lives in a nice enough house with Layla’s house fairy Aries
  • They receive a message from godmother Aquarius that bcus she can’t make it she’d sending a different godmother for Lucy.
    • Turns out to be Ophiuchus
    • Ophiuchus is not a Good Fairy Godmother.
      • Takes one look at Lucy, decides she def hates children, and blesses Lucy before telling Layla she’s retiring and fucks off to wherever.
      • Layla and Aries are horrified that the ‘blessing’ she gave Lucy was Obedience
    • Lucy grows up having to obey everything people command her to do, which she hates bcus she is strong willed and refuses to be controlled
    • Only her mother and house fairy know, as Jude is constantly away on buisness and Lucy goes to a v prestigious school where she fits in but doesn’t have many friends.
      • She meets Cana there, who all the other children mock for being an orphan selected from the orphanage to attend the school in a ‘Goodness Gives Back’ program meant to help less fortunate people children. 
        • It’s still a p shit system but eh
  • Everything is relatively okay until her mother gets sick, and tells Lucy she’s not allowed to tell anyone about her curse, in case they use it against her
    • spoiler this will cause more trouble that it’ll save cus who would have figured taking away the ability to explain wtf is making you do everything people tell you would be a bad thing  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Jude goes lowkey power hungry after Layla dies, but as Lucy is only 10 he can’t very well marry her off
    • yet
  • So after a few years he finds a woman he can stand who comes from a powerful, if shady, family. 
  • Dimera and her two daughters, Kyoka and Seliah, move in and essentially take over. They push Lucy around command her to do humiliating chores. 
    • Seliah decides that Lucy has too many pretty dresses and commands her to burn them.
      • It doesn’t take long for the girls to work out Lucy’s curse, and Dimera doesn’t care enough about Lucy to pay attention to her other than to beat her when angry
      • (it’s just gotten darker than the movie whoops lmao) 
  • Jude doesn’t love Dimera and so continues to be out and trying to gain more power, including trying to sell marry off Lucy to the highest bidder.
  • Anyway  
  • Natsu is the Prince of the kingdom of Alveraz, but he only wants to go on adventures and doesn’t really care about his duties.
  • His brother Zeref is King after Natsu’s father Igneel was killed. Zeref is Natsu’s half brother from a different father before Natsu’s mom married Igneel.
    • Both go missing in an attack by the giants and ogres when Natsu was 8
      • LOL no Zeref orchestrated their deaths it with the help of shapeshifter Acnologia, but afterwards Acno wanted control of the throne and Zeref trapped him in a lizard body. 
        • He can talk, but doesn’t tell anyone in hopes of one day being able to kill Zeref, but right now they have a hateful truce and are passive aggressive to one another in the Worst way
      • Zeref went power crazed idk he’s just an ass. Igneel put too many restrictions on him
      • But yeah, parents are ded
        • Natsu is hoping Igneel is still out there somewhere but they found mother’s body
  • Natsu knows like none of this
  • All of the aristocrats are obsessed with Natsu bcus Zeref refuses to marry and so he’s the next best in to the power of the kingdom
    • This includes Seliah and Kyoka 
      • Mainly Kyoka that chick is obsessed with Zeref dear jesus
  • They run into one another when Lucy is trying to find a quiet spot to write where her sisters won’t find her and Natsu is trying to escape his guards/fans/everyone cus he just wants to check out the forest god da m n
    • Lucy hates how unfairly the kingdom treats elves/ogres/giants, and thus immediately dislikes Natsu, who instantly loves that Lucy isn’t throwing herself at him.
    • They talk/bicker a bit until Lucy has to run off
    • Natsu wants to see his new friend again soon and Kyoka wants to murder Lucy

You know what before this gets too long I’m just going to call this Part One and call it a day. More soon cus it won’t leave my bloody head :D

Imagine watching behind-the-scenes as your boyfriend, Chris, goes on a talk show. When the reporter asks about his personal life, he’s excited to talk about you - how you make him laugh and always have a great time together. You thought it’d stop there, as you haven’t been dating long, but he confesses he’s very excited for the future. He could see you being the woman he marries, and the mother of his children.

people may have differing opinions, but please remember to discuss these opinions with civility, respect, and kindness

if your goal is to pass along an idea and give something to the other person to ponder and reflect upon, approaching with hate is not the way to do it.

if you go to someone and say, “hi, i’m right, you’re dumb,” they’re not gonna listen to you. 

i’d imagine approaching with, “hello, i’d like to give you a different perspective, if you’re willing,” would be accepted much better

so please, be kind

  • *Fidgety Atsushi and Dazai alone in the office*
  • Dazai: You wanted to talk about something Atsushi?
  • Atsushi: W-well, I've always been grateful to you Dazai since that day you treated me to a bowl of tea on rice and I've always been watching you and I ju-st c-can't tell you how than-n-nkful I am for introducing me to the agency, for giving me a chance at life, for saving me. An-d-d *Atsushi shakes his head trying to catch is thought* the best part of it is getting to see you every day, hearing you laugh, smile. Even this moment with you is so precious to me and I guess what I'm tryi-in-ng to say is that I... I love you Dazai-san.
  • Dazai: Atsushi?
  • Atsushi: I mean I don't expect you to accept my feelings especially since you want a beautiful woman. I just wanted to tell you and...
  • Dazai: Atsushi, aren't we already dating?
  • Atsushi: ....Heh?
D&D campaign with Kiddo as a bard. We're fighting a draconic sorcerer.
  • Kiddo: I wanna use Vicious Mockery.
  • DM (her dad): Ok, roll for it and tell me what you're gonna say.
  • Kiddo: *rolls* 20!!! I say, "Your robes look like tacky crap!"
  • DM: He kinda stops and you see his eyes water up a little as he starts to sniffle. "My mom made these for me...she worked really hard!"
  • Kiddo: Your mom can't even sew buttons!

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Hi there! You have a nice set of personas! But I gotta question to ask if I may. Can I see what kiba looks like without the hood? I bet she looks cute, pretty please? (srry I'm kind of shy to ask something like this, it's ok if you don't want to ><) But! I love your artworks! I can't wait to see what you have in store!

:’D Srry, thought I break the ice a bit x’3 But your so sweet I thank you! And there will be more arts to come, thanks for the question!~ (However if you look at the personas tag on my blog, they are now updated with her ref as well :3) 

Red Harvest x Reader - Magnificent Seven Fic

“That Indian looks outa place, don’t he, Miss?” said Trevor. Trevor was generally a nice kid. He’d run messages for you over town for some penny candy.

“He does,” you say. “He could use a welcome.” You move around the counter to greet him.

“That ain’t what I meant!” hissed the boy. “I meant he don’t belong!”

You were aware of what Trevor meant, but you didn’t intend on paying him any mind.

“Welcome to the goods store,” you say to the Native American. He looked at you, and you wondered if maybe you should be intimidated after all. He IS big. And strong too. You find yourself wondering who those hands might have killed.

He nods at you after a long moment of studying your face. You can feel your cheeks go hot.

“Er… do you have a name, sir?” you ask. Someone comes into the shop behind you, but you ignore them for the time being, afraid of disrespecting the man in front of you.

“I am Red Harvest,” he says in a deep voice. Then he turns back to a shelf he’s looking at. You don’t even see the merchandise; your eyes are locked on Red Harvest.


“Miss!” says a grating voice from behind you. “I need your help.”

You turn to see Mrs. Tews, a lady you’ve known all your life. She’s motioning frantically, offering a way away from the dangerous injun in your store.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Tews. I’m helping Red Harvest,” you say.

Her jaw all but drops.

When you turn, he’s looking at you with sharp eyes. Everything about him is sharp. His jaw, his hairline, the arrows he’s probably killes with…

“You want to help me?” His voice is quiet. He looks past you at Mrs. Tews, judging the situation.

“You were here first.” Are your cheeks as red as they feel?

He looks back down at you, then asks, “What color?”

With a start, you look at the shelf and find it’s the one with all the ribbons. You wonder what on earth he wants ribbons for. Decorate a horse mane? Hang with feathers from his hair? You can’t even imagine, and you have no facts; only stories told in saloons after too many drinks.

“This one looks good with nearly everything,” you say, lightly laying a finger on a red ribbon, thinking of his name.

Red Harvest nods and takes the small spool. “One,” he says.

You take the ribbon slowly and bring it to the counter, cutting off a decent length. Before you can wonder if the Native can pay, he sets down the money. Cheeks flushed with embarrassment at your assumptions, you pass the ribbon to him, laying the smooth fabric in his rough hands.

You put the money in the register, but when you straighten, you’re surprised to find Red Harvest still standing there.

“Do yo- oh.”

He hands the ribbon to you.

You take it gently, then watch the large man walk out of the shop and vanish from view.

“Well I never!” breathed Mrs. Tews. Trevor swore, and the lady cuffed the back of his head.

You dart around the counter and look out the shop window, but Red Harvest is no where in sight.

Whenever you see the color red, you remember the Native American in your shop who bought you a ribbon as red as your blush, as red as his name, and as red as your feelings long after he’d vanished.

Minos, the charismatic black horse ridden by Tygh Runyan (Fabien) in Versailles. We’ve seen from behind-the-scenes pictures and intervews just how much Tygh loves working with this horse, and as they’re back together filming series three right now, I thought I’d draw a little solo portrait of Minos looking handsome :)

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h actually sleeping in for once and you wake up before him. you see his mouth open slightly and he's in a blissful state. you run your hands through his hair, seeing his nose crinkle slightly, making you giggle a bit. you see his eye peek open with a smirk, grabbing your hips and pulling you onto his chest. "i've been up fo' a while pet." he'd mumble, kissing your head.

Why are you giving me chest pains??

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Quick question; How do you think Zoro would be in a romantic relationship? Because, I can't see him even remotely dealing with anybody romantically until he achieves his dream (he's like me so that's probably why he appeals to me the most). Even after he does, do you think he would allow himself to be in one? Unlike Sanji, he doesn't willingly go out and search for anything romantic. Not even anything sexual. I don't know, this was just a random thought I felt like I needed a second opinion on.

I think if Zoro ended up in a relationship pre-dream-achieved, it;’d be pretty laid back. He’d like it if there was someone there watching him train, someone to discuss how he’s advancing, but that wouldn’t be a very fair relationship. 

So I agree it’d probably be post-world’s-greatest-swordsman. I think he’d be a pretty laid back partner, though loyal to a fault. He’d be napping and they’d walk by and his eyes would slide open and he’d snatch up their hand as they go, reel them in and just keep them on his lap until they agree to just nap with him. And he’d be doing push-ups and want them on his back because even though he still trains like hell he wants them close. I think a relationship with Zoro would be pretty relaxed, though it’d have it’s moments of intensity, just like Zoro himself. 

I think he’d allow himself to be in one, but it’d have to be with someone that works with him, that understands ‘World’s Greatest Swordsman’ isn’t just a title, it is what he is, a part of who he is, and they’d need to accept that before he’d even entertain the idea of a relationship. 

Or, that’s my thoughts anyway. 

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Hnnnngh I'm loving Kuro and his hilarious adventures- especially the subtext around speech bubbles and stuff He's so cute, and everyone is so gay -I said everyone and then it occured to me- Hunk?? I can't remember seeing the lovely bab in any of your comics,, :-* Also really shipping Kuro and Lance ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thank you :D well they’re all gay or bi or whatever. I think the only straight person aboard this ship is -… Wait. I don’t know if there’s a single straight person aboard?! I don’t know if Hunk is straight??! I really don’t know?! I drew him like once in the first Kuro comic… I’d love to draw him more often though. He needs more love and attention… But I kinda suck at drawing Hunk. Everytime I try to draw him he just looks angry. And he’s not supposed to look angry. He’s a sunshine goddammit D:
I’ll try and involve him more in future comics. I mean he’s Lance’s other best bro and I really want him to give Lance advices or just hints when it comes to Kuro and their relationship. ❤

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is it acceptable to just create your own blessings? sometimes I get so passionate or excited about something I want to say one but I can't think of any for the occasion D:

Hi there!

It is absolutely acceptable to create your own blessings! Ah that’s great!!

Here is how to go about reciting your own personal blessing!

Step 1:  Recite the “blessing formula”

ברוך אתה יי אלהינו מלך העולום

Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu, melekh ha’olam

Bleessed are You Adonai our God, ruler of the universe

Step 2:  Recite what you would like to bless in English or Hebrew! 

For example:

ברוך אתה יי אלהינו מלך העולום לראות את הקשת.

Barkuh atah Adondai Eloheinu, melekh ha’olm liroat et ha’keshet.

Blessed are you Adonai our God, ruler of the uninverse for seeing the rainbow.

Barkuh atah Adondai Eloheinu, melekh ha’olm for seeing the rainbow.

Have fun!