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“Can’t Sleep”

A crack SnowBaz fic for the Carry On Countdown

“Why are you still up?”

Simon froze.  He’d assumed Baz would be asleep by now.

“Studying,” he mumbled, “in the library.”

           Baz didn’t say anything more, so Simon tiptoed across the room and into the bathroom to get ready for bed.  His head was swimming with essay nonsense.  He hadn’t expected Penny to keep him there that long.  And anyway, he’d figured Baz would still be who-knows-where and wouldn’t be in the room to see him come in.

           A few minutes later Simon emerged from the bathroom and flopped onto his bed.  Baz seemed to be asleep, or at least he didn’t say anything.  Simon crawled under the covers and lay on his back, staring at the ceiling.  He didn’t seem to be able to close his eyes.  Or he could, but not properly.  They didn’t stay closed.  His mind was still too awake.  He turned over and tried to get comfortable, forced his eyes shut.  Quiet thoughts, he chanted in his head, sleepy thoughts.  But everything he thought of turned to words, and all the words were strung together like something out of a very surreal dictionary.  He flopped onto his other side.  The words prattled on like strings of code.

           Finally, he simply sat up in bed.  This wasn’t working.  He bunched up his pillow in his lap and leaned on it.  His head hung forward, curls falling in front of his eyes. It wasn’t that he wasn’t tired, he was exhausted.  Any position would have been comfortable right now.  But his brain wasn’t having it.

           “What are you doing?”

           Simon jumped at Baz’s curious voice.

           “Just can’t sleep.”  He waited for Baz to retort with something along the lines of well neither can I with all the racket you’re making.  But the scathing reply didn’t come.

           Instead, Baz sat up, too.  

           “What’s wrong?” he murmured.

           Okay, this is weird.

           “I can’t turn my brain off.”

           “That’s new, normally you can’t turn your brain on.

           There it was.

           “Sorry,” Baz muttered, “I don’t know why I said that.”

           “You must be tired.  I was expecting an insult much earlier.”  

           Then Baz did something Simon wasn’t expecting: he smiled.  It was hard to see, but it was there.

           He had a nice smile, when it was genuine. Soft and shy.  It made Simon smile, too.

           “It’s also kind of cold in here,” he added.

           “Three guesses why.”

           Simon shrugged unapologetically.  He had left the window open again.  He always left the window open.  It was closed now, thanks to Baz no doubt, but their room hadn’t had a chance to warm up yet.

           “Just go back to sleep,” Simon told him.  “I’ll be fine.”

           Baz was quiet for a minute.  A long minute.  It wouldn’t have felt so long if the air hadn’t been charged with something unsaid.  It made Simon curious, because he felt sure that he had nothing to say.  

           So what did Baz want to say?

           “You alright?” Simon asked.

           Baz thought for a second longer, then pulled back a corner of his covers and glanced shyly up at Simon.

           “What?” Simon stammered.

           “You said you were cold.” Baz was so quiet he was almost unintelligible.

           What the heck was going on?  Simon hated Baz and Baz hated Simon.  That had always been their relationship.  Maybe it wasn’t one that Simon enjoyed or got much validation from, but that was just them. And what’s more, Baz was undoubtedly the meaner of the two of them, never hesitating to hit Simon exactly where he knew it would hurt the most.

           So why in the world was Baz being nice to him?

           It’s some sort of trick.

           Shut up, Simon told himself.

           He stood.  He moved forward.

           And before he knew it, he was curled up under Baz’s covers, drowning in a warm, heady smell like Christmas.  Cedar trees and citrus.  

           Instantly his head was full of nothing but that smell, like he was drifting through a cloud of it.

           His eyes closed involuntarily, and now they stayed closed.

           “Baz?” he murmured sleepily.


           “I don’t want to fight anymore.”

           There was a pause.

           And then he felt Baz take him in his arms and draw him close.  “Me neither.”

           “Let’s stop then.”

           “We can’t.”

           “Why not?”

           Baz didn’t say anything.

           “We don’t have to fight,” Simon sighed, burying his face in the hollow of Baz’s neck.  “We could just…”

           “Just what?” Baz’s voice came from above Simon’s ears, from somewhere in his curls.


           In the last second before Simon drifted off, he felt Baz’s throat hum as he answered.



   A year ago Neil had been a scared nobody, hating himself for signing the Foxes’ contract and counting down days until he moved in with Wymack. Tonight he was the starting striker for the first-ranked team in the NCAA. In two years he’d be captain, and in four he’d graduate from Palmetto State. Neil would find a professional team first and then fight tooth and nail to make the cut for Court. Neil could already imagine the weight of an Olympics medal around his neck. He didn’t even care what color it was so long as it was his.

    Better than that bright future was what he already had: a court that would always be home, a family who’d never give up on him, and Andrew, who for once hadn’t wasted their time denying that this thing between them might actually mean something to both of them. Neil hadn’t even noticed the silence at first, too distracted by his dizzying thoughts. Now he couldn’t help but smile and pull Andrew in.

    This was everything he wanted, everything he needed, and Neil was never letting go.

i am beyond sick of looking at this so im just gonna….. leave it here….

idk i thought it’d be fun to do a sort of redraw, but use ellie’s new design instead of her old one (spoiler: it wasn’t. it was torture)

2. “i’m feeling very emotionally vulnerable right now so just hold my damn hand.” with yoongi | 400

Yoongi figured no amount of warning could have prepared him for this.

How did time go by so quickly? He remembers, clear as a bell, the day you two came home from the hospital. Somehow, despite sleeping less in those following months than he’d ever had, he was still so, so happy each day, waking up with one loved one in his arms, and spending the day with the other loved one in his arms.

He wonders if he’s done enough. His mind goes back to the first steps, first birthday, first word, first … anythings and everythings, and wonders if he’s given everything that he can to protect his little family, the one he’d fight tooth and nail for.

He squeezes the stuffed puppy he brought along, thinking that his kid’s never gone anywhere without Mr. Wuff so he wanted to make sure it’d be there on the first day of preschool, too. He didn’t expect to hear “no, Daddy, I’m a big kid now,” and he certainly didn’t expect to be bringing the toy back with him.

Yoongi realizes that, in the blink of an eye, preschool is going to become kindergarten, and then elementary, middle school, high school, coll–

“–aw baby are you tearing up?”

Quick blinks, and yoongi turns his head to glare at you.

You chuckle, hand naturally slipping into his. “You know, they’re all gonna grow up one day,” you breathed out, head coming to rest atop yoongi’s shoulder.

“yeah,” he sighs. “I just … I want to be there for all of it, you know? I don’t want to miss anything.”

You settle your other hand on his face, thumb smoothing over his cheekbones. “You’ll be great, baby. You are great.”

He leans into the caress, and looks forward, eyes still deep in thought.

“Though, you’re kind of a liar, min yoongi,” you whisper, drawing his attention as his eyebrows quirk up questioningly. You continue, “when I met you, you were all suave and laidback,” you pause. “You were so cool, and now, look at you,”  you slip your hand out of his hold and squeeze his cheeks. “Who would’ve known I’d marry such a sap?

He glowers. “Shut up and just hold my damn hand,” he mutters, tugging your wrist and bringing it down to where it was before.

You let out a content grin, and ask, “ready to go home?”

“Just a little bit more,” he insisted.

“… babe, they’re going to think we’re those weird overbearing parents, I swear.”

“I’m okay with that.”

yoongi. no.”

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I saw a spidey underwear set, red and blue webbed with his mask on the right cup and just imagine if Peter walks into your room (or flies through the open window) and sees you standing by your dresser in that. he’d just. faint. actually probably choke, stutter, trip and fall on his face, crazy hand gestures all within seconds, then pass out. you can’t help but giggle at the poor unconscious boy on your floor

i can already feel tfp becoming like that one annoying neighborhood kid who insists on hanging out with your children, and he’s generally terrible and his parents don’t bother to even try to discipline him and he has all these quirks that drive you up a damn wall and he constantly tells stories you know can’t possibly be true, but every now and then he’s unexpectedly funny or, on even rarer occasions, a little bit sweet, but mostly you wish he’d just leave your children the hell alone. but then he does and you don’t see him for a while, and you kinda start to wonder what timmy’s up to these days, if he’s still an annoying little hellspawn or if maybe you’d like him more now, maybe he’s changed after all, so you invite him over to play with your kids again, just to see, and he makes a mess of your house and rubs his unwashed hands all over the snacks and sucker punches your favorite child in the mouth, and you remember all over again why you didn’t like him in the first place…

Yoongi recent airport fashion is an all covered up style and he is so covered up that I wonder how he even see things ahead of him with that cap so low on his face and just don’t randomly fall in the middle of the airport or go straight into walls.

You know, over the years I’ve seen people say, “I can’t wait til Luffy meets Dragon!” or “It’ll be very emotional when Luffy meets his father for the first time” and that got me to thinking….

Does Luffy even care about Dragon? 

Because we see that as a child, Luffy obviously feels lonely as he only had his grandpa (along with people like Woodslap and Makino):

So from that we can deduce that as a child, Luffy probably wondered who his mother and father were and whether they were alive or not.

Fast forward 10 years later, Garp says he heard about Dragon saving Luffy from Smoker back in Loguetown and Luffy nonchantly comments on whether or not he has a father.

So from that we can say his need to meet his father has passed seeing as how he’s seventeen and seeing as how he wasn’t there for him as a kid, he probably got over the idea of meeting him years ago.

And even two years later when it’s discovered that Baltigo (The base of the revolutionaries) was ransacked and destroyed by the Blackbeard pirates, Luffy was more concerned about Sabo than Dragon:

So from the information given about, we can say NO Luffy does NOT care about Dragon. At least yet and when they meet, it won’t be like this right away:

But Luffy may grow to care for him assuming Luffy and him fight together. 

Though one thing’s for certain, the D Family is an insane one! XD




They were originally 3 separate pics but I decided to mush them together WHOOPS X’D TBH I love the bottom panel most because after the new episodes of Steven Universe coming out HOW CAN I NOT?!?! X’D Watch daddy bond with his tiny lady while she wiggles her toes ;w; (Note: open in a separate window to read the text & see it’s full size =w=‘ Tumblr is weird like that)
And in case you can’t make out the bottom dialogue
Jesse: I’m with Amethyst on this one. I don’t really get Cryin’ Breakfast Friends either.
Abbie: I don’t either, daddy, but it’s silly to watch somehow…

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@hello-vampire-kitty Woah, really? I’m flattered!…

(Sorry for such a late reply @petrichor-note I was a little busy, but I wanted to talk more about drawings :) As of know, I can tell that you are way more advanced than me and I hope to see more of your drawings :D
Also tagging you @reimeijennoir   because I mentioned that I would like to show you some of my stuff, so here they are xD (I really admire you Reimei-chan ^_^)

Hehe, I also like my sketches more than a final piece and seldom do I say this about my drawings because there are very few times when I look at something and say “hmmm not half bad, it’s quite ok”
Oh and if you want motivation then I should show you my fails lol.

I draw differently most of them, still trying to find a more comfortable style. Another thing about me is that sometimes I’m stubborn and sometimes I don’t look up reference images, cuz I’m going with the idea that :”Oh I love these characters so much, like I look at them almost every day, I should know their features.” Yeah,  I dunno I do this as a challenge, to see how much I can visualize my beloved characters without always staring at the computer screen or artbooks. But, of course I use references whenever I can :)
Mostly the first thing I do is copy the characters from the official works to get used to them and then when I feel like it, I just start drawing them in any way I can and even though most are sketches and quite messy, at least I tried.

Here are a few examples to illustrate this (yeah, so first time showing my works to someone other than my close friends who actually get to see me doing these)
I mentioned that I have a thing for Sakuya and his hair xD Well, I’m still trying to get better at it.

This one here is one of my first attempts at drawing him (note that it’s quite faded cuz I use pencils with soft leads and they smudge a lot).

This one is more recent and again, I can’t draw full length bodies so well ;_:

But as you can see, mine are also sketchy and a mess xD I have a few more decent ones such as these

And a digital one (sorry for the quality, I made it for an expression meme, so it supposed to be like an icon. Ahh, when I draw traditionally, it feels weird on the tablet xD Cuz I’m not used to it)

So yeah, here they are in all their glory! Hope I can improve <3

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Do you have any sff book recs? you generally seem to have some pretty discerning taste, and i decided that i dont read enough books, so i thought that i'd ask. i already have your book and discworld on my to-read list btw!

Hmm… science fiction and fantasy. Man, I read So Much and then as soon as I’m on the spot everything drains out of my head. 

Let’s see. I’m a Scott Westerfeld fan, and some of his books waver in that area (Uglies is scifi/dystopia, Peeps is sorta scifi, Midnighters is kinda urban fantasy, Leviathan is steampunk/alternate history). His books are solid and thought-out, although they are teen-oriented with realistic teen protags, by which I mean he does not flinch away from them being overdramatic and irritating at times.

For more straightforward fantasy, I am fond of Tamora Pierce’s Tortall books. Female characters, challenges of sexism, magic and monsters, etc. I’m not a big fan of the first series (Alanna) and they’re a bit white, but they’re cool in that you can see the universe keep building on itself. She has another universe - Emelan - that has more characters of color and queer characters iirc, but I haven’t gotten my hands on all of those yet. One of them involved the medieval version of the CDC though and that was cool. 

Another fantasy series I used to like was the Books of Bayern by Shannon Hale. The first one is a retelling of the Goose Girl story and then the rest build on that universe… it’s been a while since I’ve read them, so take that as you will, but I remember being fond of them. 

If you want to check out something oldschool, I always despair that most people don’t know any of the Oz stories after the first one. There are fourteen books and they’re quite fun (I am convinced Oz is ruled by a lesbian trans woman), although once in a while you get whacked with some very oldschool racism and are like yiiikes. 

I don’t read that much scifi tbh and the only other thing popping into my head rn is Ender’s Game which is a fine book by a TERRIBLE person so if you read it don’t buy it.

I’m kind of trying to mentally envision my bookshelf right now but this is all I’m coming up with atm. I’ll probably reblog this post tomorrow or something going oh how could I forget x!!! Also, if you want a more detailed description of any of these books let me know. 

I’d like to talk to you about your dreams, your fears, what keeps you up at night or made you cry, your favorite music, the people that make you laugh and what you do to be happy. It would be my greatest adventure to get to know you but all I can do is sit right here and stare at you.

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ok so theory time, first of all I read alec expression not as someone bifobic or that is slutshaming, on the contrary I think he feels like maybe he isn't enough for mags, but then our warlock is going to say the line "I'm here with you", alec is gonna get cocky with the I thought you'd be impressed and he is going to kiss magnus at the loft to show him how much he is all in, and in 2x07 he'll try to sex mags up but magnus will stop him to show him the cat eyes and we'll have emotional malec

I agree with you, Anon. I mean when you look closely at Alec’s facial expression it is pretty obvious how intimidated that poor boy is when Magnus blurts this all out. Besides, Alec never acted biphobic once towards Magnus on the show. He understood that Camille forced herself on Magnus in 1x13 and he even asked Magnus how he felt when he had sent Camille to Idris. There was no slutshaming or whatsoever. I think the “biggest problem” of that whole story was shown in 1x13 when Alec realized that one day he would be gone, too, and Magnus would have lost another loved one. And now when he hears how much experience Magnus has, Alec is scared. Can’t blame him. That is all new for him. Besides, I am with you and Alec probably even thinking that he isn’t enough. I am so sure that he is even asking himself what Magnus actually sees in him. Hence, we have Alec and his insecurities which will be still a “problem”, even after that date if you ask me. Simply because this is new and he has no experience. That’s why Magnus assures him that he is with him. In this moment, he is here with him and nobody else. I am pretty sure this will be a really nice scene once we see it in all its glory.

That being said, I am still not sure when the line of “I thought you’d be impressed” might come up tbh. I thought it would be with them playing pool but I don’t think it happens there? After Magnus handed Alec back his ass. lmao But well, we’ll see I suppose.

I also want 2 kisses in this episode. I am that greedy. Because the kiss from my sidebar is (definitely) happening before the actual date. Because Magnus also says the line about “always being a war” and all. So maybe Alec understands finally that he needs to think and do something for himself? And agrees to go on that date with him finally? And kisses him before he leaves? Gawd, I hope so. Aaaaaaaand, I want a kiss after the date. The kiss that is supposed to top the wedding kiss and will finally end me. kthxbye

Still not sure what to think of episode 2x07 tbh. The thought of Alec and Magnus actually having sexy times? I dunno, Anon, this sounds so wild. And right now I am more concentrating on getting my shit together for the Malec date before thinking of them pressing each other against the wall and making out heavily. Alec will stay over at Magnus’ and in the morning, after waking up and some more lazy kisses, I am all for my headcanon happening when Alec sees Magnus’ cat eyes for the very first time. If something like that even remotely happens, I am gonna fling myself into the sun istg.

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hi idk how to submit things anonymously (can you even do that? i see posts that say "submitted by anon" but idk) and im a baby can i suggest a post on here

1. If you want to actually submit then you’ll need to log out to get on anon, but 99.999% of anon submissions are through asks!!! I’d prefer you put JCT in the front to clarify but it’s okay if you don’t, I’ll get what you mean :>

2. If you mean submitting with suggesting then yesyes of course! Or if you meant you want a post reblogged that works too!!!!!


James D'Arcy as Edwin Jarvis in Agent Carter.