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People who are reacting to this debate with “oh my god idek who I’m gonna vote for lol” are really scaring me right now. Any vote that isn’t for Hillary actively helps Trump and I don’t understand how you can be alright with that. And all the people who are die hard Bernie fans don’t seem to understand that voting for Bernie now will only help Trump by taking liberal votes away from Hillary. I’m honestly terrified for the future of this country. I can’t believe this is actually happening.

Yuu-chan Week!

Okay, so after a lot of thinking, deliberating and sweating, I’ve finally thought of starting a Yuu-chan Week from OCTOBER 9-15, leading up to his birthday on the 16th! 

I know it’s kind of a last minute thing (since you’ve only got 2 weeks left to prepare) so I understand if not many of you can participate in it but everyone is always free and welcome to join if they want! ^w^ 

Day 1: Child Yuu

  • Anything involving Yuu as a child! 
  • It could be really fluffy like (daddy)Guren giving Yuu a bubble bath 
  • or really angsty like Yuu’s canon childhood (pls let him find happiness ;w;)

Day 2: Family

  • Yuu being surrounded, teased, supported or just plain hanging out with either the kids from Hyakuya Orphanage or Shinoa’s squad 
  • Basically anyone considered as Yuu’s family takes a part!

Day 3: Seraph/Demon/Vampire Yuu 

  • Yuu either in his seraph form, demon form or even an au for his vampire form!
  • This can also include the literal angels or demons from the bible or myths.

Day 4: Genderbend Yuu (Fem!Yuu)

  • Because it’s fun to imagine how everyone would react to Yuu being an actual girl
  • It can be comedic or fluffy or even smutty :3C

Day 5: Strawberry Shortcakes and Teddy Bears

  • Yuu loves strawberry shortcakes! Make use of Bakery AUs, coffeshop/cafe AUs or Prank AUs! 
  • Yuu is seen a lot with teddy bears in Official Art so try some sleepover AUs, toy store AUs, or costume party AUs! As long as Yuu’s involved with a teddy bear.

Day 6: Pets/Animals

  • Yuu loves dogs and is apparently good with animals! 
  • Maybe Hunter AUs or Stray dog AUs or a Disney AU

Day 7: Smile

  • Create anything to make that boy smile! :D Let the angry son be happy and sunny for a day~
  • kudos points if he laughs and someone’s heart starts pounding :3C

***I’ll be tagging my stuff under #YuuchanWeek2k16 (so if you wanna participate, you can dump all your posts there too!)***

Day 8: last day is Yuu’s birthday! 

  • Gift him anything you want! 
  • You can make a compilation of what you’ve done for him in this week 
  • or if you’ve got something special for him already, post it! 

I’m mostly doing this to spread some Yuu love in the fandom since I know he’s not as well received as others in the series but it’s time to spread some positivity around! Let’s make it a great birthday for our beloved protagonist, Yuuichirou Hyakuya <3

that’s your opinion. I know things it would take you a lifetime to understand. Spiritual things.

I can’t even manslate this one because it makes me laugh too hard. Every time I try I start cracking up. It sounds like it came straight from Ron Burgundy.

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You know, for a long time I wondered why Paul wouldn't reveal a relationship with John if one existed. But then, watching how people react to the very IDEA of McLennnon.... I think it's obvious and frankly very sensible. And he doesn't want the hate he'd inevitably receive (the kind YOU receive, but worse) if he "suddenly" altered people's perception of Lennon-McCartney. I 100% respect Paul's right to maintain privacy when it comes to his personal relationship details. He owes us nothing.



My aunt visited us today, very briefly, saying my uncle misses me. He is Blackfoot Indian and he made me this. It is common that little gifts are being given to family members in Native Indian families when you haven’t seen each other. Depending on the age and maturity of the person, the gift is either really big or really small. I got a tooth of a panther (I call that thing Grimmjow now). My father when he was still alive got the front tooth of a Grizzly Bear which was twice the size. I love my uncle for those gifts even though I hope the animal didn’t suffer ( u_u )  I have a fox paw, rabbit paw, deer horn and now a panther tooth. And since it’s some sort of a cat I felt obliged to share it here on my blog ~

The reason why I don’t vocally support Belle as much, even though I know what she’s gone through and all that, is that I feel her running away like this is just another excuse to stop Rumbelle from talking to each other and working out their problems. That’s what Belle’s ultimatums and running off feel like to me. When the relationship is not the way she wants it, she runs off. That’s not how you do a relationship. Things can’t just be on your terms alone. You have to understand your partner’s viewpoint and where they come from, even if you don’t agree with it.

And yeah, I know he did a lot of stuff to her, and the show should acknowledge that and give her the support for it that she deserves. But I also want to see her helping Rumple get through his dark one issues using books and information, not just a “come on, you can do it.”

Scorpius' sort of come out to Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy GONE WRONG

I need a fic where scorpius goes to Lucius for relationship advice seeing how he and Narcissa are still together after everything and are still very much in love, and he accidentally blurts out he has a major crush on Albus and gets really embarrassed and Lucius literally explodes. “I really don’t understand how anyone can say you aren’t Draco’s child, now ~you’re~ fancying a potter too!”

Narcissa laughs, her laughs have become more genuine after the war after all the chaos. “Don’t worry Scorpius,” she says watching him go red at the face. “I think it’s a thing for all malfoys to like a certain potter at one point in time. Isn’t that right dear?”

Lucius heats, “I don’t know what you are talking about sweetheart.”

Excited scorpius jumps at the chance of a story time, “do tell!”

“Nothing to tell—”

“Other than the fact you fancied James Fleamont Potter at some point in his sixth year.”


“I think the moral story here is a crush on a Potter is either a small phase or a largely obsessive phase like your father,”

“Who was dad obsessed with? Don’t tell me, Harry! Oh I’m so going to hold this over him, he’s been complaining about him all summer!” Scorpius laughed.

Not exactly surprising, the adults thought. “I only hope you’re not as annoying as Draco has been over Potter– although if you give him a taste of his own medicine wouldn’t hurt…”

I am closing requests until the 5th of December (the day of my last exam, iA). This also means that I won’t be able to complete the ones that are in my inbox at the moment. I deeply apologise, and I know I should’ve informed you guys about this last week, but I was too busy. I will still continue gif-ing, but now at my own speed. Requests are mentally exhausting when they feel like chores. I don’t want to feel like tumblr’s my job, because it’s not. So, I hope you understand, and can pray I finish my first semester successfully.

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omg shawn i think im developing an alcohol addiction and im still a minor but i just can't stop what should i do?

Uhm…I would love to give advice but I really don’t want to say the wrong thing here. Maybe tell the people buying alcohol from you to stop selling to you? It depends on who’s selling to you, but if they are someone you like as a person and not someone shady, they will totally understand if you tell them that you can’t stop so you need them to stop you.

Idk, anyone want to offer advice on this?

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tfw you're filipino but you can't even understand the filipino language and can only speak english, rip me

I cri, I can’t speak filipino properly, I try then cri ;-;

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I'm screaming and I'm scared and I'm excited and I'm so fucking proud! He did it! And he looks so fucking good! And it's like, this is his own being, like this is HARRY! I love him and his hair and his attitude and his lips and his whole human being because he is so fucking awesome!! And... fuck! I'm so excited! I dunno what's coming next but I'm pretty damn sure that he is happy and that he is going to be awesome at it. Just wanted to share that with someone who can understand. Love you!!!

I’m so fucking proud and excited too. If someone was looking at me they’d think I’m cool as a cucumber but inside I’m screaming, I swear. lol I can’t wait to read the interviews, to hear his new music, to see his movie, to watch him on tv, to see more pics….AAASGGHSIHOFIHSIFGJSPIHF

The worst thing about this debate is that Trump’s argument to anything Hillary says is “Well you’ve been in government a long time, why didn’t you fix it?” 


You can’t just, as one woman, decide to change the laws of this country. You have to pass laws through Congress which has been deadlocked for years now. Changing laws takes YEARS. Hillary has been working her ASS off trying to change things for years. Donald Trump has been walking all over poor people for years.