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writing an autistic character when you are not autistic - a masterpost

completely double spaced version on google docs here – this post is more blocky for the sake of people’s dashboards, but still long so people will be less likely to glaze over it. my apologies if that makes it hard to read

things to look for and avoid in an autistic character

• symptoms only manifesting as “nonverbal and rocking”
• super smart / living calculator
• super dumb / doesn’t understand anything
• all the symptoms you can come up with for them are “awkward” and “has special interest(s)” (please do more research)
• trains, technology, and/or math as special interests
• acting like a child
• getting treated like a baby
• unreasonably cruel and uncaring about others’ reactions to them being cruel
• if they’re comparable to sheldon from the big bang theory, start over
• animal comparisons
• a lack of feelings
• please no stories about what it’s like to be autistic told by allistics

the right way to write an autistic person

• lots of symptoms, including secondary ones not included on a general diagnosis requirement list (here’s a list i rather like that was made by an autistic person – their blog is also a good resource)
• having a good amount of general knowledge and actually talking about it (i cannot believe that i have to say this)
• talking about things outside of special interests (again…. come on……….) (special interests are usually the default things our brains go to when theres no stimulation or we want to entertain ourselves – it isn’t literally all we think or talk about ever. if a conversation has no connections to a special interest, reconsider having your autistic character bring it up in a context that is not an introduction.)
• explicitly expressed to be capable of attraction and romantic feelings – if your character is an adult, add sexual feelings to this point
• capable of general functioning, just with a disability that makes it more difficult – not a walking disability (….sigh)
• a wide amount of feelings and emotional turmoil (but perhaps only being able to express it in limited ways)
• we’re people
• just people whose brains are wired differently

things to avoid in research for an autistic character

• autism moms / autism blogs and websites not run by autistic people
• any affiliation with autism $peaks means you should walk away and never look back
• a scientist trying to create explanations for what autistic people do without actually asking / not mentioning asking autistic people
• anything about a cure for autism
• a person that “worked with autistic kids” phrased in the same way as “worked with animals”
• talking about autistic people as if they are mysteries, are like animals, or are otherwise othered weirdos instead of people

things to look for in research for an autistic character

• actual autistic people talking about their experiences and symptoms
• just stick to that and you’re good but it’s hard to find sometimes ngl. just look for the above red flags

things i would personally like to see in an autistic character

• less easy to swallow sadness and more destructive anger. i would love to see a canonically autistic character who was frustrated easily by small things and had trouble communicating why
• not a story about being autistic, a story that happens to have a character or characters who are autistic – it isn’t pointed out or questioned, they’re right at home with the rest of the cast and not othered (a la symmetra from overwatch)
• intensive sensory issues / small sounds making large reactions
• clear communications about not liking x sensory thing (for example being touched)
• poor motor skills / clumsiness and not being laughed at for it
• walking funny (body bent downwards, walking very fast, walking slowly, big strides, shuffling, stiffness, etc)  – no one treats it as if it’s funny or something totally strange
• a big personality that has a presence so they can’t be cast aside (but feel free to have quiet characters too) – if this was along with being nonverbal they would probably leap to being one of my favorite characters ever
• a fear of asking for clarification on sarcasm or jokes because of past experiences and an arc about the character becoming more comfortable asking questions

>> if any fellow autistic people want to add something, feel free <<

allistics are encouraged to rb this

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Wanting to see characters in media who you can relate to is completely normal and understandable. You’re not being silly if you like to think of your favorite character as lgbt+. You’re not harming anyone by doing so and you certainly do not “disrespect the writer” - The beauty of art is that it’s up for interpretation. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting

MoMA’s newest free online course, “In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting,” has begun, and registration ends tomorrow! Taught by conservator, art historian, and artist Corey D’Augustine, the course combines studio demonstrations, walkthroughs of MoMA’s galleries, close visual analysis of paintings in the collection, and art historical insight to introduce you to seven New York School artists—Barnett Newman, Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Agnes Martin, Ad Reinhardt, and Yayoi Kusama. Says D’Augustine: “The more you know about how a painting is done, the more you can recreate the artist’s own perspective and intention, the more you can understand it.” Sign up at

[Mark Rothko. No. 16 (Red, Brown, and Black). 1958. Oil on canvas. Mrs. Simon Guggenheim Fund. © 2017 Kate Rothko Prizel & Christopher Rothko/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York]

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Can we some some of your recent traditional and digital art? Like the differences between it? I adore your art! I have ADHD and it has been making me struggle with art/learning to study art lately.

Thank you!  And here’s a quick comparison (two girls with similar facial features; no refs; did both of em today):

I think my digital pieces look smoother, while the traditional ones have more lines and scratchiness (which isn’t present in digital paintings because it’s easier to eliminate).  They both take a fair amount of time- maybe an hour or two for each one- and my value range/edges seem pretty similar for both.

Good luck with your ADHD, by the way- I’ve found that anything that decreases my focus makes it very troublesome to draw, and though I can’t exactly know what you experience I understand it’s gotta be bad.  Hopefully you can get back into art without too much headache.

I think what I love most about Jaal’s final romance scene is just how respectful and open he is towards Sara. He literally lays out his feeling before her and says “I adore you and I want to make love to you. Do you want me to?” And it’s just so pure, honest and beautiful cause it’s not your typical “makeout session gets heavy and then they fuck” but it’s just so full of respect and realness and I love it. You can even refuse to sleep with him and just choose to stand by the lake and he accepts it and is totally cool with it and you can tell how much respect, honesty and understanding is in their relationship. I love it so much because it’s all based on things that are so fundamental to pretty much any relationship, not just romantic ones, but still I think they aren’t highlighted as much in other romances as they are with Jaal.


To Everyone I Love And Adore- yes you read the title right, don’t judge-

Starting off- I’d like to go ahead and thank everyone for the Birthday Wishes- it means a lot to me! Also- may I just say I love you all and appreciate all the time I have had here on tumblr and all of my blogs. 

Now- I’m writing this to properly explain where I have been for the past month and a half (or is it two months now? I know I haven’t been around as often as I’d like, but the exact time is a blur for me- ) Ignoring the fact I’ve been playing the new Legend of Zelda game constantly- I have been ill. Not a flu like sickness, or even a nasty disease- nothing like that. But, much like in October when I last did a Hiatus on my blogs, I have been tired from the same illness. Apologies for the TMI and girl information- but I’ve been on my period for about 2 months straight now. 

Adding that to my job- I’ve been very lethargic, tired, hard to focus on anything, beset by migraines, light headed issues, loss of appetite. A lot of things actually. I’ve missed work because of this and have spent a lot of my free time just sleeping if I can manage it. At the start of March- I tried not to sleep so much and was able to finally see a Doctor after the convention I went to. They’ve been working with me and I’ve been regaining a lot of my strength. That comes to the issue with my blogs- 

- … surprise to no one, I have too many. Also surprise to no one- I’m not going to delete a single one. However, to help with my focus so that I can stay online and give all my muses (and all of you) the attention you deserve, I’ve come to a decision. This decision doesn’t come easily to me and it’s going to take a lot of work to accomplish. In fact, I’ve been working on it already for a week now-

I’m moving all my blogs. Every single last one of them. They’re not going to be on a multimuse blog- or their own separate blog as they are now. They’re being moved to SIDEBLOGS. Yes, including this one- my main muse. I’ve already set up a blog to serve as the ‘main ooc’ hub that connects them all together where I will post memes, and other ooc info for blog updates and things like that. I’ve also been slowly moving all information of my blogs over to their new sideblogs.

As you can imagine-it’s a lot of work. It also means- I wont be able to follow you all from these blogs, just from the one singular blog they’re all connected to. I’m hoping this will help me keep better track of who I’m interacting with and being able to post things on all my muses without forgetting about them like I do now.

Also- I know this is getting very long- but let me cut straight to the business of this move. The Rules i follow are all going to SLIGHTLY change- at least for a few. But, for my main blogs- I am also going to cut out most of my ships. To start anew and rebuild them back up again. I need a clean slate for a lot of these- mostly because I’ve lost a lot of my drive to write them and I want this to change.

The ships I am cutting out will be the ones that have hardly had any plot progress or interactions- don’t take it as a personal offense to you. As it’s not your fault by any means- but.. I need to do this. For myself and my own sanity. If you would still like to continue a ship or friendship with my muses, let me know. I’ll be completely open to it. 

I’ll go ahead and link my ‘central blog’ for these sideblogs here. (Title is tentative, but may stay as it is. yes- I know, very original) The blogs are not completed yet- so you wont see much. But when the move is done and everything is official, I’ll post again about it and even have a promo posted.  Until then, I may pop on and off on my other muses to send asks or try and do replies- but for now, I’m putting all threads to a halt. 

If you’d like to plot something for the new blogs, though- do not hesitate to contact me!

Now, I’ll be tagging all my rp partners who have some sort of ship/friendship/verse with my muses here- some of you- I wont be starting the ships over or ending them, but I apologize in advance to those who I do end them with. 

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Also- I apologize for the very long post- but this all needed to be said here rather than a mile long message in my tags.  Anyway- thanks for reading and I hope you all understand and are still willing to interact with me even after I finish moving my blogs over!

- Love you All! <3

i really didn’t want to do this. but i don’t have much of a choice. i’ll try and keep this brief.

alright. so because of a bunch of problems at home recently, we haven’t been able to get any groceries in, well… a while. and i don’t know when we’ll be able to do so again. we don’t have a whole lot of stuff left at the house and i haven’t been able to eat much the past couple of days.

i really don’t mean this to be a “my life sucks please feel bad for me” sob story thing but i need help. i hate that i don’t really have anything to give in return. but please, anything you could spare would be greatly appreciated. i’m not looking for like a million dollars or anything. just enough to hold us over until we’re able to go shopping again. and i totally understand if you can’t afford to give anything. please don’t feel bad if you can’t.

one of the things with schizophrenia that people rarely talk about are the disorganized speech and cognition issues

this can be anything from talking incoherently (babbling, fucking words around with other words, slurring your speech, etc.) to literally being unable to think of a single word

it can also manifest by making you literally unable to think clearly at all, being unable to read things suddenly, having a hard time comprehending text, etc.

but it can also mix together as in you can’t understand what someone is saying when they’re talking to you or you mishear what they say (or even accidentally hallucinate something entirely different)

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I always read your tags. On your most recent answer to an ask, you mentioned something about Jungkook saying a song that reminded him most of Jimin. But since I can't understand Korean, would you mind telling me what song it was? And when did he mention it? You made me so curious cause you said that 'he's either really in love or really hurting. probably both' ugh my heart ;(((

Jungkook mentioned it in the profile he wrote for Jimin a couple of years ago.

A song that suits Jimin Park very well is.. “This Isn’t It.”

There are multiple artists who have a song by that exact title and JK didn’t specify which one it was. Here are the different songs and the link to their lyrics:

And before people get upset or confused (and ask me if they broke up lmao), I want to remind you this was from back when JK was still a angsty teenager. I mean, that last version in particular is pretty telling. But like I said, he didn’t specify and we can only speculate.  

Whenever a Christian homophobe tries to tell me how to live my life...

Whenever a Christian homophobe tells me I’m living in sin and that I’m going to hell, I just recite Matthew 5:10 to myself:

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” 

And then I imagine myself floating around on a gay cloud watching them all get sent to hell, and I’m like; Dude. I don’t even believe in God, and I’m still getting into Heaven before you. 

“I do not know who you are. But you need to get out of my lake.

Response to @phoenixswift​‘s Violet eating a fish, which you can find here!
In reality, Swirly understands the circle of life and that creatures in the Everfree will eat each other. She also focuses on survival and would not engage with Violet. She caught a fish underwater!! She’d definitely beat Swirly (even with magic!) on land based on sheer speed alone; and that’s not even factoring Violet‘s strength and military experience!

But I thought it’d be fun to draw Swirly engaging Violet in battle anyway. She’s naive, prideful, and impulsive like that! Plus she has to protect her fish friends after all! As expected, she got a beatdown. Lucky for her, she was only knocked unconscious after mouthing Violet off about how stupid bats are. As a result, Swirly changed her focus more on surviving. She’s still a bit naive but she can choose her battles more wisely now!

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Can I get a 22. 'This is going to hurt' with Kai? Like something a bit scary and not so cute and loving.

Kai Parker - “This is going to hurt.”

You moaned while you opened your eyes and noticed that your wrists and ankles were tied together with duct tape. “Seriously Kai…” You took a deep breath and looked up at the grinning heretic in front of you.

“I’m sorry, but those annoying people of Mystic Falls clearly needed some more motivation to give me what I want and you were simply an easy target.” He brightened his smile. “You were already in my bed after all. Asleep. I have to admit, it was even a little boring. I didn’t even need magic to knock you out. You didn’t even seem to notice that I was touching you. Or you liked it. Which I can totally understand of course.” He dropped his jaw and widened his eyes. “O wait, you were totally exhausted after last night of course! Sorry, vampire stamina. Although I didn’t hear any complaints about that.”

You cocked your head and rolled your eyes. “I liked you better when you used your tongue for more useful things than talking, I think.” You spoke softly and Kai rose from his seat rushing towards you.

“I like it better when everyone does what I want, but we can’t all get what we want, can we?” Kai used his fingers to lift your chin up. “As soon as they send a text message that they have what I asked for, I will untie those ropes and we can continue what we have been doing.”

“And you think I still want that? Continue what we’ve been doing?” You raised your eyebrows. “I’ve had quite a few boyfriends before and not one of them has ever tied me up while I was sleeping to blackmail my friends.”

“They weren’t as awesome as I am, clearly.” Kai pulled his hand back and he sighed while he stared at his phone. “I do think however that those so called friends of yours need some more motivation. I have no idea what takes them this long. Maybe their brains aren’t capable of completing this simple task or they think that I’m just threatening and won’t do something.” He squeezed his eyes and he lifted his hand up. “Stay where you are, I’ll be right back.”

“Well, it seems I’m not going anywhere…” You murmured while you rolled your eyes once more. You had known that sleeping with Kai wouldn’t exactly lead to a loving and caring relationship, but you had to admit that you had not exactly thought he would do something like this.

“Look what I found!” Kai smiled while he curled his fingers around a sharp knife. “I’ve borrowed it from your kitchen. I hope you don’t mind.” He slowly walked towards you and he stuck his tongue between his lips. “So I’m sure there are a few parts of the human body you can live without. What about an ear? I mean, you have two, right?” He pressed the cold metal to your ear. “Or wait, I have a better idea! Your tiny little finger! Yes, let’s start with that one. If that’s not motivation enough, we have 9 more fingers to cut off.”

“And that after you’ve already discovered what I can do with those fingers.” You tried to stall, tried to win time, tried to find a way to change his mind.

“If they listen, I am totally willing to help you to discover how to be equally amazing with only 9 fingers.” Kai kneeled down and grabbed one of your hands. “This is going to hurt.” He paused for a moment. “Goodbye tiny little finger. It was great to get to know you.”

Learn a new language!
  • Write! You need to learn how to apply the grammar rules in longer texts. Write about a page or so. You can write longer profiles, translate songs, poems, paragraphs in books and much more.
  • Read! Go to your local library, a pdf on a book, or anything  and see if you find some books with easy short texts like children's books or poems and practice reading them out loud, understanding and translate them.
  • Watch movies or series in that language. This will be good in understanding people talking that language, also it can help on pronunciation and maybe you find some vocabulary you want to write down.
  • Listen to music in that language. As with movies and series, this can help your auditory understanding, give you some pronunciation and give you ideas to more vocabulary. And this is also possible to do on the go.
  • Use apps! I have heard the app Duolingo is good and I used Memrise and it was ok but didn’t work for me. To find apps can be hard, the apps suit people differently. What works for me might not work for you.
  • Get a language buddy, a native or someone else learning the language! If you find a native who are willing to spend some of their time to help you that’s great. They might help you having conversations, understand auditory and even tell you what you wrote wrong in your longer texts. If you find someone else learning the language this can be both good and bad. You might help each other by talking, comparing notes, looking at each others writing, BUT there is a risk of you teaching each other wrongly too, so beware.

Remember when Sandy went to see Ashley, and he didn’t realise just how bad he was? He came home to Laurel and said “I can understand him forgetting me; but not you.” Yesterday, that look in Ashley’s eyes when he and Laurel danced, I like to believe - along with her - that for one brief moment between the lyrics and bars of that song that he remembered who she was, and that she was the love of his life.

I like Reyes. A lot. I don’t mind he’s not a squad mate; or a character with a lot of screen time or dialogue, or a sex scene*. I like he has his own life away from mine, and that I can come and go as I please.

But if I really am in a “relationship” with him like the codex says, shouldn’t I get more than a blank stare and an awkward, “Good to see you. Well…. Bye.” I understand we can’t have a new conversation every time I return to Kadara (for… reasons?), but they could have managed an on-demand kiss and fade to black so I can pretend he gives a shit.

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a few days ago you posted about showing up when fics go up and I don't really understand what you mean by that ?? can you explain ??

Hey anon! What I meant by this is if you’re going to a) request something and/or b) yell in my ask box about a fic you should show up when it’s posted. Message us, reblog it, like it, do something to acknowledge it. Follow through means a lot to writers, especially fanfic writers. My Renee fic is the best example I personally have but I know it’s a problem that I don’t just experience. People made me feel like shit for not being able to write it because they “needed it” or whatever, and then it got a very low response. And I don’t write for the notes, not at all, but it is objectively nice to work very hard on something (most fics take hours y'all) and then receive feedback and recognition. If you want a fic that doesn’t get written a lot (femslash is a strong example) and beg for it, let the writer know once posting that there is interest. If not, they won’t write more of that genre or ship or character.

Tl;dr: show up when fic writers post y'all, especially if you left all caps anon messages begging for that shit

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I wanted to ask you why did you stop posting your art om tumbler. I understand that these other sites have given you the opportunity to celebrate your art and all but some people are not able to pay to view your work that they love. I'm not saying that you should stop posting on i am asking you to have understanding for us that we can not afford it. Thanks for the reply I hope you understand Big fan

yes, I understood that I’ve payed too much time for Patreon. I will fix this and, hopefully, the other artists will fix it either. Sorry, that I was gone and forgot about my tumblr watchers. Q_Q

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I finally caught up with all the LU chapters, and LET ME TELL YOU I went screaming to my sister and tried to explain it to her so she'd understand and rage with me, and it's sort of hard to do without reading it all or making a chart, and she didn't understand either way and HafjJEKThaDKKTKFA can you scream with me

You know what you ought to do…

…is give her the story to read. ;D

NCT's reaction to their children refusing to eat unless daddy feeds them Pt. 1 🥕🍏

Taeil: At first he’d think this is the cutest thing ever, but after a while it started getting just a little old. He loves his baby, but he has an insane schedule, and it’s next to impossible to balance his work life and your daughter’s meal times. Taeil’s a complete fool when it comes to his daughter, but this arrangement can’t continue or else your daughter might just end up starving. He’ll have a very serious conversation with her, well as serious as you can have with a toddler, and miraculously get her to understand that this just isn’t a realistically sustainable situation. Taeil will still feed her breakfast, but it’s up to you to cover lunch and dinner.

Hansol: His rational side is telling him that he has to stop spoiling his youngest, but he’s way too soft for that. Your son is practically Hansol’s twin, and there isn’t a single soul immune to his charm. Hansol will literally turn his life upside down for a month just so he can be home to feed your son three meals a day. He’s been running himself ragged, and he’d probably continue to do so if your oldest son hadn’t teased your youngest about it. From that day on, your four year old will insist that he’s a big boy and that he is capable of eating everything on his own. Hansol was a little heartbroken at first, but now his life is finally just a little less hectic.

Johnny: Johnny loves his son, but feeding him is one giant pain in the ass. Your son just hit his terrible twos, and he’s been acting especially terrible recently. If anyone, but Johnny, tries to feed him, he’ll throw a massive temper tantrum and paint the entire kitchen in bright green and orange baby food. This is just a phase the two of you will have to wait for him to outgrow. Thankfully it only lasted about three weeks, but those were by far the three most stressful weeks of your lives. Your son may be the cutest little goofball when he’s in a good mood, but he can be one fussy baby.

Taeyong: This is a dream come true for Taeyong. There’s probably no other father in the world who babies their daughter as much as this man. This is the perfect excuse to take some time out of his schedule to spend lunch with his beautiful family, and it also keeps him from pulling all nighters, as he has to be home in time for dinner. He’ll dedicate his weekends to making gourmet, organ baby food and he’ll take photos and videos any chance he gets during meals. Taeyong is very aware of how fast children grow up and he is going to take this opportunity to spend as much time with his daughter as he physically can.

Yuta: Your daughter is the light of his life, but having to feed her breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday, seven days a week is starting to take its toll. It’s cutting into his work hours, which means that after putting your daughter to sleep, he has to rush straight to the studio to finish up. After about a week of this arrangement, you’ll find him falling asleep everywhere from the breakfast nook to his parked car in the driveway. Yuta refuses to complain, but it is obvious this arrangement is affecting his health. Eventually, with a lot of coaxing on your part, your daughter will learn to become a little less reliant on her dad, at least as far as meal time is concerned.