and you can understand it

Something you non-norwegian speakers probably don’t know is that a little bit before Isak looks at the cross, the singer sings a line about He who died a painful death for our sins (the translation is “for us he suffered the pain of death”) and that also seems to help spark Isak into realizing how much Even’s text sounded like a goodbye and after a few seconds how the crosses and the candles reminded him of romeo+juliet and then the flashbacks to every time Even mentioned/referenced death and the line in the wikipedia article about deep depression

I’ll never understand posts that are like “don’t follow me if ___.” I mean, you only see posts on your dash of people you follow, not the posts of the people who follow you. What does it matter what your followers post to their own blogs? You are not obligated to follow someone just because they follow you. And if you REALLY don’t like someone, you can always block them. Idk, I just don’t understand it.

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Mulder's answer that he didn't have a significant other in the widely understood definition made me sad actually but it sounds like you liked it. Hoping you can explain why as it may allow me to reframe that line and its meaning.

I loved it! I can’t understand why it would make you sad. (That’s not meant to be a criticism, it just seems that we’re looking at it very differently.) You mean because he doesn’t acknowledge Scully as his significant other?

You have to remember that, despite the “season of secret sex” fan theories that we enjoy talking about after the fact, in real time Mulder and Scully were definitely not canonically “together” at this time. We had had the Millennium kiss, and the season before the Triangle kiss, and of course FTF, but that was it. And this was before all things (actually – it looks like Chimera was the WEEK before all things), where we get a concrete indication that they may have spent the night together. (And also it was well before the stuff that in Season 8 they tried to retroactively pretend had been going on during Season 7 – IVF, brain disease – but there is no indication that they were thinking about any of that then and I don’t want to talk about it because it makes me angry. Ahem. Anyway, that’s where we were at that point. 

So obviously WE knew that Mulder and Scully loved each other, and THEY (Mulder and Scully, I mean) knew, but it was pretty unspoken and officially they were just work partners and friends. Who had kind of kissed once or twice because of extraordinary circumstances, but, you know. 

So this is the first time anyone had ever DEFINED it. And that was a BIG deal. Yes, it’s subtle and slyly worded, but that’s part of its charm. It is very very in character, I feel, for the show and for Mulder and Scully. Mulder is backed into a corner by this lady who is (understandably) lightly hitting on him. She asks him if he’s got a significant other…and, if I may presume to read Mulder’s mind, which is what a well-acted scene allows you to do (and this is – DD delivers it absolutely perfectly), he thinks immediately of Scully (obviously!) before realizing that, well, TECHNICALLY, she’s not his significant other. I mean, she is extremely significant to HIM, and she is the only “other” he has or wants, and they love each other in all the ways that count, and if only she were here right now he would totally give her a highly amused look and she would probably raise her eyebrow, because they both know what they are to each other even if they don’t say it. But…he can’t really say “yes, I do” to this lady, because she’ll start asking about his “girlfriend” and Scully isn’t that and he’s not going to reduce her to that for the sake of social politeness with this random lady. But he’s also not going to say “nope” because…that’s not right at all! He’s not “free,” he’s not interested in anyone else. He’s got Scully. She’s not really his significant other, but she’s…his Scully. 

So he says “Not…in the widely understood definition of that term,” and he kind of nods, and smiles, and it’s a secret smile for him and Scully. And she is a little confused and he’s not trying to be mean or exclusionary, but…it’s not for her. 

I love that moment so much. So so much. And, you guys, I know we watch the gifsets of them kissing over and over again and see people’s edits with sappy song lyrics and whatnot, but…watching the actual show in real time…we did not get very much. And every little bit that we got was like a thunderbolt. And this wasn’t just a loaded glance or a hand touch, it was Mulder ACKNOWLEDGING IT TO A STRANGER. Oh lord. It was beautiful. I think I rewound this about 85 times. On my VCR. 

I know that these days I complain A LOT about the show and how they never gave us anything we wanted. But once upon a time, for a while, the formula DID work – the sexual tension WAS amazing and it was like a soap bubble that you never wanted to pop at the same time that you couldn’t stand it one more second. It was exquisite agony. It just went on about 16 years too long. The reason we’re still so crazy for Mulder and Scully IS because of their beautiful slow burn. By this point we all knew they loved each other, like I said, but to hear Mulder basically say out loud, to a stranger, “Significant other? …Well, I don’t NOT have one”…it was pretty squee-worthy.

Oddly, Milagro kind of built an entire episode around trying to do this very thing, but Milagro has always mostly just annoyed me. Something about the throwaway nature of the line in this otherwise unmemorable (to me) episode (except for the “…and how I’d like to KILL you”/“I’m sorry, who is this?” exchange, which also fills me with the same kind of sappy heart-fluttering love) just had a lot of impact. 

In conclusion, my favorite thing is when Mulder and Scully manage to have chemistry with each other when the other one isn’t there and it’s still the most electric part of the scene. See also: the end of Requiem.

Oh boy, why do I always write so much. tl;dr: Mulder doesn’t quite say he and Scully are together, but he doesn’t quite say they’re NOT together, and he smiles all cutely and happily and privately while doing it. BECAUSE THEY LOOOOOOOVE EACH OTHER.

I know this is a long shot considering how close to Christmas this is, but I set up a YouCaring page to try to gather the money to take Kitty to the vet. I set the goal a little high because I have no idea how much this is going to cost and the vets I just called wouldn’t give me an estimate because they don’t know why kinds of tests she’ll need.

I know money is tight for everyone so if you can’t donate, I absolutely understand but if you could share this I would really appreciate it. I need to make our Kitty better.

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Writing an essay on one piece of literature is difficult enough, so when it comes to comparing two or more in the same essay, it’s easy to get bogged down and struggle to write anything meaningful. Here are a few ideas which can help the whole process and make writing these essays a little easier!

While reading the texts

  • Construct a table where you can note down ideas about the themes, stylistic devices, characterisation, or other important elements commonly found in most literature. Delegate a column for each piece of literature you’re studying and a separate row for each literary technique. This serves as an easy source of comparison and a starting point for your essays.
  • Copy important quotes which can demonstrate these techniques which you can later use in your essays as evidence.
  • Understand the context of the literature. This can provide useful information which can explain the similarities and differences you encounter between the texts.

Writing the essay

  • Select the elements of the text your essay will compare. This is likely to be dictated by the essay question. Supposing you’ve created a table as outlined in the above section, you will already have a vague comparison of the texts your essay will cover. Rereading the literature with these elements of comparison in mind can allow you to gain a better understanding of the texts and the techniques you will compare, and also supply you with further evidence to support your argument.
  • Create an outline which you can follow to write your essay. Outlines are critically important to writing essays which are coherent and clearly expressed. They can be as crude or as detailed as you like, just so long as you include the main ideas. I also like to include quotes  I will use as evidence in my outline so as not to forget them while writing the essay. With an outline, all that’s left to writing the essay is finding the right words to express your ideas!
  • The introduction is as you would write any essay introduction. Start with an opening sentence which encapsulates the overall ideas of the essay in an interesting way, outline the ideas your essay will cover, and outline the thesis to your reader. Be sure to define key terms relevant to your essay, and provide a grounds for comparison between the texts. 
  • The body of the essay can be structured in numerous ways, some of which I have outlined below. These only include 2 texts and are certainly not the only ways to structure comparative essays, so do not feel limited to these alone!
    • Text-by-text - This method outlines each text separately in the body section (i.e. discuss all of text A, then discuss all of text B) and leaves the comparative element until the end.
    • Point-by-point - This method deconstructs the texts down to the individual elements your essay will compare and you alternate between texts A and B for each element, comparing them as you go. I’ve found this to be a more sophisticated way of writing comparative essays, and it has generally scored higher grades in my experience, however the demands of the essay question, the marker, the texts themselves, and you as the writer ultimately determine which structure is most effective. 
  • The conclusion, like the introduction, is similar to any conclusion you write for an essay. I have a separate post which can help with writing conclusions should you need it!
  • Proof read and edit as necessary! A single typo or grammatical error can undermine any essay, no matter how persuasively it is written.

Miscellaneous tips

  • Comparative essays are less concerned with the ideas a novel presents than they are with the comparison of the ideas and techniques of the texts. This should be reflected in your essay, such that the bulk of its content is comparison. A brief outline of the ideas is necessary, but it is not the focus!
  • Always be clear which text you are discussing by referring to the title or author. 
    • Using the authors’ names and putting them in the foreground as the creator of the texts is an easy way to do this, and also serves as an excellent writing style.
    • e.g.: Fitzgerald creates a curiosity within the reader to understand her motives and to better comprehend her actions. 
    • e.g.: Atwood’s construction of The Handmaid’s Tale and the nature of Offred’s character creates unreliability such that we cannot entirely trust her story. 
  • Signpost your comparisons with easily identifiable linking/transition words
    • Differences e.g.: contrastingly, conversely, alternatively, however, unlike, whereas
    • Similarities e.g.: similarly, likewise, the same can be seen, this is mirrored in

Hopefully this can be of some help when you next need to tackle a comparative essay! My inbox is open if you ever need further help.

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This whole thing about showing and telling is giving me stress than it should. Ex. “Blood trickling down fast as it mingled with water. Bent over with a distinct golden arrow protruding out from his chest and stomach, there was no movement nor twitching of fingers to indicate any intent of pulling out them out.” How can you tell if its telling or showing? I understand it’s good to tell sometimes but I feel like I’m always telling instead of showing. 

I have posts about this, which I think you should read (I will link them below), however, this quote is a great illustration of showing vs telling:

In other words, instead of saying, “It was dark but the moon was shining and there were puddles on the cobblestones,” say, “It was dark, save for the glint of moonlight on the puddles amid the cobblestones.”

Here’s more:

Showing Rather Than Telling
Showing vs Telling

Ask box will re-open soon. In the mean time, please check the master list or the main site for help. :)  

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How do you actually feel about people who can't understand Korean, but like kpop? I always thought of this and idk lol I sometime think that the Koreans who also live there judge the international fans, you know? it's probably a weird question lol

kpop is just one genre of music and music is open to anyone, regardless of language or race. i think its amazing that there are literally millions of international fans of kpop, and kinda makes me proud to be korean to know that my home country’s pop music industry is doing so well 

i can’t speak on behalf of the koreans who live in korea, but i doubt they judge international fans. its pretty well known that kpop is loved globally

so to answer ur question, im glad there are tons of ppl who can’t understand korean but appreciate and enjoy kpop. plus it brings a lot of diversity to fandoms :)

Hey all, money is getting TIGHT right now, (I’ve only been able to work like two short days a week for the last month or so) and I really want to be able to get gifts for the ones I care about this year, so until further notice I’m offering $10 sketch commissions! I take payment through paypal invoices only.

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-Both NSFW and SFW are acceptable!

-$10 covers the first two characters in the sketch, past that it’s an additional $5!

If you can’t afford a commission right now, trust me i understand, but do me a solid and PLEASE REBLOG IT FOR ME. I’d highly appreciate any help I can get right now.

  • me: as a survivor of a relationship where someone fooled me into thinking i did bad things that they did themselves, i find the sazed/taako dynamic really interesting and very comforting seeing how i see myself in taako a lot, so i would love to see more fan work exploring that relationship
  • me: ??????????? do you guys like.....not understand how fandoms work or....?????? do you just not.....understand how people can be layered and dynamic or ????????

*Star is standing lonely on the balcony*
*Marco rushes out there as fast as ever*
Marco: Star im sorry! I d-didn’t mean for you to see that I…. I-I don’t even feel that way hone-
Star: Don’t you lie to me your jerk! *sobs in her voice* I saw everything you and Jackie had to offer just… leave me alone… p-please….
Marco: …
*Marco comes up from behind Star and hugs her*
Marco: Im sorry I just can’t do that… look I dont know what I feel… If i like you, Jackie, or anyone… but what I do know is that i can’t lose my shining Star… Star I truly am sorry and if you can’t forgive me I-I understand
Star: …
*Star turns around*
Star: Marco… look… If I’m going to be honest with you I have to just say it here and now… before I get hurt any more… Marco I like you… like LIKE YOU like you and I just don’t know how to express it… I know you have a thing for Jackie but I just can’t sit on the sidelines watching that happen… So Im sorry if you like Jackie and don’t want to hang around with me anymore but I think I need to just have you there by my si-
*Marco surprises Star with a Kiss*
Marco: I wish you would have said that sooner…
*they lean in for a long lasting kiss on the balcony*
Wow I’ve been gone for a LOONG TIME! Lol😅 sorry plus im waayyyy behind on svtfoe😥 but no worries cuz im back and ready to roll😎

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for understanding i got rlly rlly mad for a little bit but im rlly sorrie for being mean and i hope u guys can understand why i made those angry posts. thank you for your support and love and messages they mean the whole world to me. i thank you all very much and i hope you know im sorry and i love you and i appreciate what you do for me.

sorry again

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I don’t know you, nor can I fully understand what you’re going through. But I know your heart, even if only a little bit. I know the bit of it that you put into your fanfiction. I know the bit of it that you give to your followers. And I know each bit is tied to the larger whole. So I, and I’m sure all of your other soobaddies as well, will do my best to protect that bit of your heart that you’ve given us. Because it’s beautiful.

This has got to be the most amazing things anyone has ever said to me. I mean I’m just amazed at the sincerity and the love ❤️❤️❤️


「Learn Japanese」 Need-to-Know Vocabulary to Watch Attack on Titan #18 without Subtitles!

Take part in our #WatchAnimeWithoutSubtitles challenge by memorizing the standout vocabulary terms we’ve personally dissected from the full episode of an anime series and assembled here! After you feel like you’ve committed the words to memory, watch (or re-watch) the given episode and test your knowledge by seeing if you can pinpoint the words when they’re said and can understand how they’re being used! We’ve even included the actual sentences from the episode in which they’re used! 頑張ろう!

Vocabulary List:
陣形 (じんけい/jinkei) - ‘battle formation, military formation’
伝達 (でんたつ/dentatsu) - 'transmission (e.g. news, chemical signals, electricity), communication, delivery, conveyance, transfer, relay, propagation, conduction’
荷馬 (にうま/niuma) - 'pack horse’
索敵 (さくてき/sakuteki) - 'searching for the enemy’
指令 (しれい/shirei) - 'orders, instructions, directive, command’
侵入 (しんにゅう/shin'nyuu) - 'invasion, incursion, raid, aggression, intrusion, trespass, penetration’
進路 (しんろ/shinro) - 'route, course, career, university choices, course (of future life)’
観光名所 (かんこうめいしょ/kankoumeisho) - 'sightseeing spot, tourist attraction’
続行 (ぞっこう/zokkou) - 'continuation, continuance, going on, resuming’
壊滅 (かいめつ/kaimetsu) - 'destruction, annihilation, devastation, catastrophe’
路地 (ろじ/roji) - 'alley, alleyway, lane, bare earth (i.e. ground not covered by a roof), open field, outdoors (non-greenhouse cultivation of crops), teahouse garden, path through a gate (or through a garden, etc.)’
待機 (たいき/taiki) - 'alert, standby, await an opportunity, wait for orders’
接近 (せっきん/sekkin) - 'getting closer, drawing nearer, approaching, being not much different, being near (age, skill, etc.), becoming close (i.e. friendly), becoming intimate’
仮定 (かてい/katei) - 'assumption, supposition, hypothesis’
回避 (かいひ/kaihi) - 'evasion, avoidance’
撤退 (てったい/tettai) - 'evacuation, withdrawal, revocation, repeal, retreat’
直進 (ちょくしん/chokushin) - 'going right on, going straight ahead’
死線 (しせん/shisen) - 'point between life and death, verge of death’
緊急事態 (きんきゅうじたい/kinkyuujitai) - 'state of emergency’
手負い (ておい/teoi) - 'wounded’
人徳 (じんとく/jintoku) - 'natural virtue, personal virtue’
命拾い (いのちびろい/inochibiroi) - 'narrow escape from death’


Learning Japanese is a YouTube video series with the single purpose of providing anyone at any level who wants to learn the Japanese language a way to do so 100% free. Find 200+ videos of various topics ranging from grammar, vocabulary, kanji, hougen, anime, and other resources through the link below!

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This video series is presented by becauseofdreams

game developers need to remember that their game is, first and foremost, a GAME, and not a media enterprise

which is to say that, if your game has a story and a person plays your game front to back, they should understand the story. now of course you can make some weird ass arthouse game with a confusing story that’s MEANT to be confusing if you want to, but you should not make a game that requires the player to buy the movie and the comic and the tie-in opera to understand

if your game’s plot does not make sense as a standalone plot, you have written a bad plot. full stop. end of story