and you can tell that by putting the light on so like

Remember, these are the individuals you’re risking your life for...

This whole movement is not stopping things like this from existing. And please with all due respect, don’t mention to me“Not all” in the notes because I don’t care to be honest with you. It’s far too many I can tell you that. I made sure to circle the date so you all can see that this stuff is recent.

Peep the brotha with the “Blacklivesmatter” screename. Yall gone learn today sistas!

The Meechie guy was horrible. Within the comments I saw a few brown/dark women laughing, and some light skin women cosign. I just shook my head, where’s the solidarity. Peep Jr Patchy Strokes she’s really enjoying it.

This is why……

**puts hand over mouth** never mind let me shut up…

I’m Gonna Love You Any Old Way

Part twenty-six of my deaf!Brittany verse. Previous parts can be found here.

You don’t have much time, but Christmas is coming, and you want to go all out. Together, you and Brittany decorate like you’ve always dreamed, tinsel on the tree, garland on the banisters, stockings hanging over the mantle, mistletoe, so much mistletoe. Your mom is coming down on Christmas Eve, and she’s so excited to see the house. Before she comes, you and Brittany put your new kitchen to good use. Brittany, the real cook, absolutely loves it. The space, the multicolored flashing light timers she hadn’t had in the apartment. She feels safer, cooking there, she tells you, and you don’t need mistletoe to kiss her then. You just spin her around in front of the stove, and you hold her close. You kiss her breathless, until her cheeks are rosy, and those universe eyes, they dance. Your wife, she’s beautiful, she’s so beautiful, but when she’s happy like that, she surpasses even radiant.

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as a fellow ichiruki shipper, i'm worried if ichihime might become canon. my friend told me about his ships since before (naruto, code geass, etc), like naruto x hinata and ohgi x villetta. basically, hes a light shipper, but naturally gets ships right. he doesn't put that much research into them either. now, he saw just a few episodes of bleach and told me he ships ichihime...


Well…don’t worry, I made a deal with Satan, he owes me.

Seriously though…if your going to by what your friend this ‘ship predicting wizard’ tells you, then maybe you shouldn’t bother taking shipping that seriously.

If what you have read in the manga still isn’t enough to reassure you, than I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I, and countless others have helped point out why we strongly believe IR is likely going to be canon. Up to this point, you shouldn’t have any doubts. Because compared to IH, Ichiruki has so much more mutual relationship (healthy) development.

Tho, nothing’s for sure, and I can’t guarantee you anything.

But if it makes you feel better, I too never failed at calling a canon, Naruto and what’s her face, Sasuke and Pink hair’s, Hikaru and Misa (from the macross saga) that was one hell of a ship, btw so much drama. Kyo and Tohru (fruit basket) Hei and Yin (dtb) Harima and Eri (School rumble) and others.

Tell your friend to actually watch the entire anime, and for god sakes have them read the manga!!! Then ask them again. ;)

Asking for Help

So kids, here’s the thing. I’m broke. Like, super-scary broke. Freelance writing gigs have all but dried up in the last month (except the ones that want to pay next to nothing), my SO’s pay has dropped suddenly, and the next royalty check won’t be coming until the end of July. So I’m in a scary place, having-to-pay-bills-wise.

Honestly, I don’t know what else to do, so I’ve put a Donate button on my homepage.

Now, for legal reasons, I probably can’t offer to write you fic for your donations. However, I can write you stories (500 words/$1, 1000 word/$2, etc). (I will not write anything with incest, rape/non-con or underage, but otherwise, I’m open.) Tell me what kind of couple you’d like to read about (ie “a couple that’s like destiel and is into light bdsm” or whatever) and I’ll do my best to make your donation worth your while.

Only give if you can spare it. If you can, that would be amazing. If not, I understand. If you can’t help with money, it would be cool if you could signal boost, though? Blessing on you and your goat just for taking the time to read this.

As always, *schmoops your face* ♥

I find it so hard to believe that these writers don’t know ONE queer person to tell them ‘hey you did that wrong’. not ONE victim of abuse that tells them ‘its not that funny’. not ONE mentally ill friend who said, ‘why no meds? he needs meds’. not ONE person in this world that can tell them they done wrong. Like, how??? how??? has nobody said to them, “hey, watch what you say in interviews and how you like write these characters, you’re kind of responsible to handle these things honestly and real. People are counting on you. Stop laughing in their faces. It’s not cool. Alright, good talk, carry on” THEY NEED BETTER COMPANY!!!!

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Please can you tell me how you light your photos and make them look so clear?

okie doke

1. Resize vertical pic’s height to 1000, resize horizontal pic’s width to 1000.

2. I usually up the brightness/contrast to 10.

3. If I feel like that’s not enough then I’ll up the vibrance to 20 and the saturation to 3, and if I want the pic to be more warm then I’ll put a warming filter (usually warming filter 85 on ps) on it to 20 and if I want it to be more cool then I’ll put a cooling filter (usually cooling filter 80 on ps) on it to 20! 

4. This is when I’ll go back and fix little things and stuff and then I save it as a .png file! 

hope that helped some ^_____^

[[Screenshot turned out really blurry but this is the one where what I’m about to ask is clearest!

I’m sure my followers know that I’m currently working on building a Cedric cosplay - There’s just one snag we’ve hit.
Fanart usually depicts him as having jet black hair - however as you can see when he’s put into a setting with higher lighting his hair is actually a dark brown. (Most of the time he’s in his workshop - which has low lighting.)

I’ve got a similar thing going on with my real hair where it looks jet black in low lighting but you can obviously tell it’s brown once I’m in the sunlight.

Would you guys prefer if I stuck as close to canon as possible and go with the dark brown as the artist building the wig wants to do or should we just go with black?
We’re using a grey that has this lovely silver sheen for his bangs so I’m not too concerned about that. Like - Fashionable old lady grey.

What do you guys think? It’s not letting me open answers for this so just throw me something in the ask box. Also taking suggestions on anything related as we only have a few things done so far.]]

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omg i can’t believe i forgot to tell u. At the dance party there was also a baby duckling that was so adorable and fluffy but would shit on everything you loved. there were also lil kittens you could go snuggle with!! like 10 of them!! the friend whose house we were at takes in a lot of animals so the night was filled with patd, strobe lights, shots, and cute lil animals! (once it turned into a big party we put them in another room so they wouldn’t accidentally get hurt)

yES OKAY WE NEED TO BE FRIENDS NOW BECAUSE THIS IS TOO CUTE and u just seem like so much fun???? pls


ok so uhm, i’m doing this for #asianinvasion. i know some people are upset that we’re kind of copying blackout, especially with our history of…well, not supporting the black community even though we’re all poc. and i would like to apologize on behalf of my community. i believe that we’re working towards change and i hope our support doesn’t come too late.

about me! i’m chinese - my mom’s family is from sichuan province (known in china for its beautiful people :D). i was born and raised in america but i really value my heritage and i’m very proud to be chinese. some days i’m even prouder of being chinese than i am of being american haha. i’m fluent in conversational chinese, but i’m planning to take classes to get better. i can also understand the sichuan dialect and speak it a little.

i guess you can’t really tell from the pics (i put a filter on them because my bathroom lighting is terrible lol) but i’m quite dark for a chinese person. i’ve faced a lot of colorism from my family and a lot of…i guess benevolent comments about my skin tone? from family friends. i’ve even been called “indian” and “black” before. i used to not care about my skin tone, but i’ve become kind of self-conscious about it. lately i’ve been working towards accepting my skin tone again, and dark-skinned kpop idols like hakyeon and kai (my babies <3) have really helped me.

colorism is pretty much the biggest issue i personally face as an asian/chinese. i think my ethnicity is pretty privileged among asians - after all, who doesn’t know about china? i’ve never been asked “oh are you [insert ethnicity here]?” like so many of my fellow asians have been. and my area has a lot of asians, so i’ve never been the “token minority”. 

i do wish that racism towards asians in general were addressed more frequently; i’m of the opinion that many asians simply don’t want to “rock the boat”. and i agree, it’s very comfortable just sitting tight, achieving our own successes, but at some point, shouldn’t we stop and think, hey, this isn’t right. 

my culture is not a trend. my language is not a joke. i am not a stereotype.

ps; sorry i’m not very smiley. i’m awkward and i don’t know how to take selfies lololol. i thought about doing something better with my hair but eh, i’ll just show my normal self :)

  • life:i told you this wasn't going to be always easy or beautiful, sometimes i cause so much pain that it makes one want to end their life at times due to loss of a lover, a friend, a foe, a story that didn't end so well but what i can tell you is that one day you will have it all figured out, believe in the journey.
  • me:sometimes the emotional and mental strain you put on us has the power to kill a part or all inside of one's soul. its not fair to the people who always try to protray good but the universe presents nothing but negative and horrific things like loosing your best friend as your lover… when you lose someone you love you lose apart of your heart that was once so beautiful and beaming full of light and passion. why?
  • life:its because my dear, "LIFE: YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOUR GOING TO GET"
  • me:i guess your right but for now its sucks, but i know much later in this life or tomorrow who knows, its a beautiful thing no matter what and we should only allow us to wonder all about the wonderful plans and life ahead of us because somethings gotta give now,until then everything, yes everything about you life will fall into place. be patient.
  • ~A.D(lyss)

It’s hard for me to get my head around that the most beautiful girl in the entire world can’t see what I see. She’s so beautiful inside and out. I watch her when she doesn’t even know that I’m watching her, and I tell her I love her when I crawl into bed and she’s fast asleep when I get home from work and I apologize for leaving her alone when I shouldn’t and I wish I couldn’t. You’re so beautiful you have so much beauty you make mountains and the most beautiful places in the world look like a last resort. Your smile lights up an entire room, and lights up my darkest moments. Your eyes are comparable to the sunrise and when you put that smile and those eyes together and I can see your eyes smile I get this feeling inside that I feel so lucky that I won the lottery almost and I have everything in front of me anything that I could ever need or want is right there. Her voice is something that I could listen to for the rest of my life, and it sounds like angels when I’m just waking up and she’s whispering in my ear to wake up because she misses me. God I’m so in love with you. When I make love to her I miss every inch like she’s made of gold. She’s made of more than gold.I am more than honoured to be the one she chooses to waste her time with. If I had to choose her over the sun I would in a heart beat. She’s the only one I ever want to see or touch. So don’t you ever ever ever think you’re not beautiful, because you’re the most beautiful thing this shitty world has. And I am so in love with you, and I’m so thankful that I can call you mine.


using the word “same” in response to something i relate to seems so half hearted but usually i don’t have enough words that capture how intimately i feel what you are feeling so you might tell me you feel like a pit of despair absorbing any and all light that touches your voids and all i can do is look you in the eye, put my hand on your shoulder and say “same.”

I’ve never been the religious type but looking at you, I start to grow a little faith. Maybe there is a force that draws things, people together. Someone that put this thought in my head: ‘There he is, your destiny’.

Looking at you is like looking at a prayer, so filled with hope. You make me want to sit on my knees and ask for a forever to exist, so I could know you from your dark insides to the light that beams out of you. Because let me tell you this, one lifetime isn’t enough for all the love I could fill your broken cracks with.

I was never one to completely trust in God, but you. How can a miracle like you exist? How can a love like this exist?

You take me to a higher place, lift my spirit high up to the clouds that I like to look at. High up to that star we named on the night I realized that how could God not exist? Because I look at you and realize that my body perfectly fits into yours, your glare doesn’t make me weak in the knees, but stronger. Your touch gives me warm shivers and no, I don’t feel butterflies in my stomach. I feel a fucking explosion.

So hey, let me make you my prayer. And let’s defy eternity, because you are the only religion I want to follow.

You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on you Ipod, MP3 Player, etc. and put the first 10 songs! One rule, no skipping! Tag 10 as many people as you like and pass it on!


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  1. Magia - Kalafina
  2. I’m So Sorry - Imagine Dragons
  3. Where No One Goes - Jonsi
  4. Flyers - Bradio
  5. Beyond the Veil - Lindsey Stirling
  6. Just Awake - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  7. It Can Waver and Fight - Motoi Sakuraba
  8. Immortals - Fall Out Boy
  9. Swag - Lindsey Stirling
  10. White Light - Superfly

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Your relationship with yourself is your relationship with God. So how can you disrespect the creation without belittling the Creator? Are you unsatisfied with the way He put you together? If you could talk to Him about one thing, would it be to tell Him to do better? Would you give Him an A for effort? Tell Him you see the potential and with a little more time and practice He would improve? That you just don’t like yourself. That after He meticulously crafted and assembled your unique pieces, He has fallen short. You hate His work. That your soul is dark. The part of yourself that is Him. The only light within you. Is still too dark.
Think about who you insult when you insult yourself, disrespect yourself, demean yourself, and change yourself. Do you really think you made yourself? That you are your own work?
Self hate is an act of arrogance within itself. It’s saying I get the credit and inevitably the blame for creating myself.

after the act

you smooth a hand across the topography of my body
and tell me you like the way my hips move against you
i want to tell you i move my hips like that because i like dancing
but you never dance so this is the best i can do

and as the rising sun illuminates your face i am reminded again
of the way writers describe light as liquid: spilling across carpet
or creating pools for kittens to tuck themselves into
and it’s true you hate dancing but i still want you to know

that if it were possible i would take my biggest bucket
and put it under the light dripping in from my attic skylights
to collect the purest kind of light (undisturbed by shadow)
and give it to you for the winter months

and then maybe you’d be grateful enough
to go dancing with me sometime

Put a fandom in my ask and I’ll tell you:

  • which characters I can see my muse being friends with:
    i can see china being friends with… no one. :| omg. nah omg, i can see her having a sweet relationship with berlin, actually. berlin is impulsive and loves to shed light and clarity on situations – the exact opposite of what china desires. so, i think that would be fascinating. she would supply berlin with real and false tips abt new scoops, too. :|| to taunt her. she wouldn’t be based in defiance, she would be based in various cities across the world, like new york and brazil and any city with a thriving night life ; – sooo she’d probably desire for amanda, or particularly datak, to be mayor so she would have a nice little house where the votanis collective and the e-rep were not present. amanda’s too honest, but u know. she’d still be an even MORE background operator than stahma and would try and set up supplies. uhh pottinger would hate her omfg :|| GOOD. and she would be very interested in alak, just to see if she could ‘get him on her side’ even tho… she has no side haha. 
  • which characters I can see my muse being attracted to
    probably nolan, berlin…. some kind of weird narcissistic attraction to stahma?? but i’m not sure. :| i don’t see her being particularly attracted to anyone. OH. she would think kenya was gorgeous and intelligent and :||| she would adore kenya. 
  • which characters I can see my character despising
    oh, that e-rep guy in second season? oh man she would despise him. and would do anything to find out his casti-dressing habits. wouldn’t like rafe. :||| would probably feel safer when rafe loses everything tbh, bc he’s an idiot in her eyes.
  • how i can see my character reacting to the events of the fandom’s media
    reacting to datak’s arrest: u_u” i expected nothing less. what a fool.
    reacting to NEWYORK& BRAZIL:  ಠ_ಠ jfc defiance.
  • any other details that seem relevant
    would avoid defiance if things were getting too messy. and would consider the town to be?? quite diststeful. if she visited, it would only be for safety, and she would mostly stay inside, except for a few trips outside to observe the common peasant folk. she would say “how quaint” a lot.

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Hi, im a dark skin firl and i would like to do blonde extentions which are similar to your colour(ive taken inspiration from you) and my family and friends are telling my not to do it because ill look weird or "like an aboriginal" should I just do it anyway?

Of course you should do it if you want to. Don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do because you have dark skin! The main thing I think about going blonde or having blonde extensions though is getting the tone right. I only really suit cold tones or light shades of blonde. At the moment I’m very tanned- about 4 shades darker than my usual colour so when I put the braids in at first for a few hours I was like Oh no it’s not right but once I wore them a bit longer it was fine. Just try out various tones against your face in your local shop. Most of the blondes are very yellowy though. This is the only one I’ve been able to find that is the same colour as my own bleached hair! (A friend found it and brought me some was actually going to be for crochet braids)

boniferhasty replied to your post “Don´t Leave Me Alone In This World”

:( :( :( Poor Iris and Barry. I want to know so much more about Iris’ mother, and of COURSE you would give us more and better that the show. Will there be a sequel to this hmmmm???? Will Iris tell us more?

Aww thank you sweetie, I do try to fill the gaps I feel like need to be filled, and well this was just something I had in the back of my head. I don´t currently have an entirely strung together headcanon for what actually happened with Iris´ mother. 

Like Grodd Lives pretty much told us that Iris was Joe´s light, so there is definitely something wrong with her, that kind of puts a shadow over the family. Now this gives us various different options, and I can´t decide which one I am leaning more towards.

Personally I think the end of this whole thing, resulted in Iris´ mother´s death in some way, the question is just how??