and you can tell he thoroughly does his research for his roles


Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word count: 2475

Warnings: body insecurities, verbally abusive relationship, smut, severely fluffy Jensen, cussing, i think that’s it. let me know if there is more please!

Request: Unpretty by TLC with Jensen x Reader from @mysteriouslyme81

A/N: I thoroughly enjoyed writing this, it’s hands down the quickest I have ever written anything because I was so into it. I don’t care who you are, we all have had some sort of insecurity at some point in our life. I hope this is a way for whoever may be struggling with this to learn to accept themselves and if you are in a toxic relationship, you can do so much better. You are all beautiful!! Thanks yall! As always thank you to my forever beta @avasmommy224

It was your second week working as an extra on the show Supernatural. Your boyfriend was beyond unsupportive, he always told you that you were never good enough to be an actress. You weren’t skinny enough for this role or too skinny for that role. You would get an offer for a part and as excited as you were to get his opinion, he always had something negative to say. This time it was for a love interest of Dean Winchester’s. You were a vamp that he’d met in a bar a few episodes behind but you slipped out of the bar when you found out that he was a hunter.

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SF9 at Hogwarts

So I was brainstorming and I came up with this. I did my research and thought about the boys’ houses thoroughly, hope you guys enjoy! \(^•ㅎ•^)/

Inseong: Ravenclaw

This boy is sometimes so extra but then he has a serious side too. He’s smart and emits this I want to learn! feeling so I sorted him in Ravenclaw. Him being the oldest tells me that he would be responsible and puts forth his work despite his desires.

  • Loved by teachers and students alike
  • Very blur at times but he knows what he’s doing
  • Visits the library during holidays
  • Loves the subject Transfiguration
  • Always the one to solve the riddle to enter the Ravenclaw common room when there are some of his dorm mates who get the answers wrong
  • Quiet but extra when it comes to Quidditch

Youngbin: Gryffindor

Very very responsible baby and athletic and passionate. Youngbin, to me, suits Gryffindor house so well because of his leader characteristic. Don’t you think?

  • The Head Boy
  • Takes his position seriously
  • Is in the Gryffindor Quidditch Team
  • Professors L O V E him
  • Majors in Care of Magical Creatures
  • Loves the first year students like his little brothers and treats them at the Weasley Candy Emporium

Jaeyoon: Hufflepuff

This lovely boy is kind and heart-warming, exactly like a Hufflepuff. He has an aura that tells you that whenever you’re with him, you’re home. His wonderful personality also tells me that he values friendship genuinely and loves to have a good time too!

  • A prefect
  • Always has small chats with passing students when he conducts his group of first years on the train
  • Majors in Herbology
  • Secretly sneaks to the Shrieking Shack with Dawon during weekdays
  • A beater in the Hufflepuff Quidditch team
  • Runs like he’s in a marathon when he has to pass by the Moaning Myrtle’s Bathroom
  • Can have a deep conversation with the portraits

Sanghyuk (Dawon): Hufflepuff

This extra baby is sorted into Hufflepuff because of his carefree personality. Like Jaeyoon, Dawon makes you feel happy and warm unlike Slytherin house. He might hide his true feelings behind a mask but overall, he works hard to make people happy. Truly a Hufflepuff.

  • Extra extra extra when it comes to Quidditch
  • He’s the seeker
  • Best friends with Jaeyoon although Jaeyoon thinks otherwise
  • A prefect too
  • Wants to major in Divination
  • Loves the cleaning spell

Juho (Zuho): Slytherin

His cold facial expressions gave me the idea that he is a Slytherin. However, I had also thought that he was a Ravenclaw because of his “nose is my swag” playfulness. But after reading more about him and Slytherin house, I was sure he suits it better. This is because of his 70% quiet and 30% open personality. He can be caring at times which doesn’t make him a cold Slytherin but more of a mediocre Slytherin student who pays attention to important things only. What do you think?

  • People misunderstand him
  • Is actually a sweet pie
  • Loves to go to the library for reading even though his dorm mates believe he’s just there for the pretty girls
  • The leader for the Slytherin Quidditch team
  • Loves to go to Hogsmeade
  • Majors in Defence Against the Dark Arts
  • Loves History of Magic class because he gets to sleep in the back
  • Is actually the descendant of the House of Black but tries to keep it lowkey
  • Damn rich

Seokwoo (Rowoon): Ravenclaw

Because of his role in Click Your Heart I have this feeling that he’s athletic and suits the “jock” character well. He highlights sports and works hard in academics, getting what he wants as a result of his hard work. His originality is also why I put him in Ravenclaw house despite him being the mama bear of the group.

  • Leader of the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team
  • Very competitive when it comes to Quidditch
  • Hangs out at the first-floor girl’s lavatory to check them out
  • Likes first year students
  • Majors in Muggle Studies because he finds them interesting
  • Gets high grades along with girls
  • The potion professor despises him because Rowoon once took Baruffio’s Brain Elixir before exams
  • He still insists it was an accident

Taeyang: Gryffindor  

I put this shining bright sun in Gryffindor because of his passion for dance and daring personality for being his extra self on stage, telling me that whatever he does, he’s sure to give it his best even though it hurts him.

  • Is the Keeper on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team
  • Loves to sneak into the kitchen when everybody’s sleeping
  • Tried to sneak into the Prefects Bathroom when there was a rat in the Boy’s Lavatory
  • He got caught
  • Practices spells the night before exams diligently (he hates studying)
  • Loves autumn season
  • Goes to Hogsmeade with Jaeyoon and Dawon because Youngbin’s too busy treating first year students candy

Youngkyun (Hwiyoung): Ravenclaw

This cry baby is put in Ravenclaw house because of his bold personality. When he wants to stand up for himself, he really does. Capturing people with his beautiful aegyo, Hwiyoung shows me wit and originality. He was one of the hardest to sort out because of the blurred line between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw omg but I think he’s better with Rowoon by his side.

  • Majors in potions
  • Rowoon’s personal baby
  • Has a fetish for cats
  • Loves flying at the quad at night secretly
  • His mother bought him socks at Gladrags Wizardwear because he tends to forget to wash his socks
  • (The socks scream when they get too smelly)
  • Smartest kid in his year
  • Uses the Aberto spell to make him look cool
  • He once accidentally went into the chamber where they kept Fluffy (a three-headed dog)
  • Scared of dogs ever since

Chanhee (Chani): Gryffindor  

This little baby chick is sorted into Gryffindor house because of his boldness and responsibility. As the maknae of the group he works hard for his hyungs and is brave in stating his concerns and opinions. Even though with a young heart, Chanhee shows me that he is capable of managing himself however sometimes very confused by his surroundings. (That’s why Youngbin’s with him)

  • Youngbin’s favorite first year student
  • Very confused when he’s faced with the Grand Staircase and blabber mouth portraits
  • Has a stash of candy under his bed
  • Goes to the Quidditch Pitch at night
  • A seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team
  • Once liked a seventh-year girl but found out she was his second-cousin
  • Loves owl racing
  • His owl, Milo, always wins
  • Writes letters to his mother every Sunday
  • Taeyang accompanies him (they’re best friends) everywhere because Youngbin’s scared he’d get lost

Please inform me first if you want to use this as a prompt for your work


anonymous asked:

What's going to happen to them once they get back? I'm concerned for them because even though certain things that happened are inexcusable I don't want it to ruin their careers after all the work they put into it. I'm new to the kpop world so I don't know how they handle these things

[IMPORTANT EDIT: I have learned that my information regarding the legality of Yugyeom drinking was incorrect. I sincerely apologize for spreading misinformation!! Also:

Korean fans, fansites, and news sites appear to be currently ignoring the pool party incident. ( x ) This means that GOT7 will hopefully not face a horrible backlash in Korea]

Hello, my dear. <3

I completely understand your concern. Honestly, it is very hard to say at this point what will happen to the boys when they get back because there hasn’t been a situation quite like this before where the boys were out of the country when the incident occurred. Being a 15 hour flight away from the company (at the very least) has put a delay on everything getting handled and dealt with, and it’s made tensions even higher. However, there are a few things that must be kept in mind that will play into how everything goes down. I just ask that everyone keep in mind that these are only my thoughts, opinions, and hypotheses based on my experience and research over time.

1) I’m going to say this plainly, and I know a lot of people might get offended, but Bambam saying the n-word is only the issue that it is in America and in some other parts of the Western world. For the Korean fans, Bambam’s bad decision is not going to be a huge issue. His mistake means more for the company than it does for the fans.

Now, this is not to say that it’s not a huge issue and that it doesn’t need to be addressed and addressed thoroughly, because it is a huge issue, but everyone needs to understand that the very first thing that they teach you in a basic Anthropology class is that the sense of ethnocentrism that we are raised with that gives us the idea that something that is commonplace in our culture should be common place everywhere, is wrong. Cultural difference means that something that is common, inescapable knowledge in one culture could never even be heard of in another culture. I mean, does everyone reading this know how horribly offensive and terrible it is to pass food between chopsticks for Japanese people? Not knowing doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you uninformed. It shows that you’re not from that culture. The same is true for Bambam, and let’s keep that in mind. Bambam is not a bad person, he is uneducated and misinformed.

2) Yugyeom’s drinking was a poor decision, but it was not illegal. This post goes into more detail on the ins and outs of that statement, but it’s important to understand that Yugyeom did not do anything legally wrong. (EDIT: Underaged drinking is illegal in California in all contexts.) However, it is the issue with Yugyeom that might cause the biggest issue for Korean fans

(UPDATE: Korean fans are ignoring the pool party scandal, so this is not proving to be an issue.)

Although South Korea has a very active drinking culture and Yugyeom is legally old enough to drink there, the Korean idol culture has a lot of rigorous standards for idols, and being seen looking drunk is definitely a big no-no. Even long-debuted groups like SHINee and even Super Junior with older members still get negative reactions when fans believe they’ve caught their idols drinking and let’s not even start on the standards for girl groups, and B1A4 can’t even include the world ‘alcohol’ in their music. As such, Yugyeom being caught on camera the way he was is going to be incredibly, horribly, and likely irreversibly damaging to his reputation and his career. For many Korean and other non-American/Western fans, Bambam’s inappropriate use of the n-word will likely be largely forgotten in time, but Yugyeom’s perfectly legal (EDIT: not legal in the state he was in) consumption of alcohol at a party could haunt him for years. 

3) The responsibility for the actions of Bambam and Yugyeom is going to fall heavily on Jaebum. 

Not only is he the leader, which is a role with heavy implications in Korean fan culture, but the two boys caught in this scandal are the maknaes, which means that Korean fans will see it as being even more the responsibility of the older members, and particularly the leader to have kept them in line and protected them. He as much as Yugyeom and possibly more than Bambam is likely going to be the victim of a lot of hate and aggression from the Korean fans and antis and he will also be held the most responsible by the company and probably JYP himself.

4) Most decisions made by the company are going to be made based on financial estimations and determinations

This is a hard point to acknowledge, but it needs to be considered. As hurt as everyone is and as much as people what justice for the very wrong actions that Bambam, Mark’s friends, and even Mark himself took, this is not actually going to be the primary concern of the company. The primary concern of the company is going to be making sure that they don’t lose too many fans and hence too much income. So what does this mean? The company is going to focus on soothing the hurt feelings and anger of the people who contribute the most to the group. While I expect JYP to definitely make sure that includes all the fans hurt by Bambam’s words, we have to remember points 1 and 2 and please do not blame the boys if they don’t make the statements that you are wanting and hoping for. Because this leads me to the final and most important thing to remember:

5) From this point on, the boys are no longer in control of what they are allowed to say or do. All of the communication from them, from their families, from their managers, staff, etc. is going to be monitored and controlled by JYPE as much as possible.

This is in order to minimize more damage and to give JYP the full control needed to deal with the situation in the way he decides is best. But everyone needs to understand that the boys literally cannot make statements right now. The company will not let them. I guarantee you that Bambam has been beating himself up at least as much as 90% of the people sending him hate for the last day and if he could apologize, we’d probably have about a million messages from him already. The silence on Bambam’s end and that parts of the other boys is not his decision. It is the company’s. There is also no telling how long the imposed silence will last. Someone screwed up in DAY6 and all the members lost their SNS privileges. We will have to wait and see what happens with GOT7.

I am far from an expert on Korean culture and the Korean entertainment industry and these are all just the things I expect from experience and research, but I can tell you that this situation is no longer in the hands of any of the members, and probably not their managers (honestly, I expect we’ll be seeing new managers next time we see the boys…). However, I don’t believe that this is going to end their careers. I think it has certainly damaged their reputation and has hindered their progress when they were finally starting to get somewhere, but BTS, MissA and MAMAMOO, as well as others, have had similar issues to the Bambam one, and there have been dozens of drinking scandals (including an underage one with EXO’s Baekhyun that he survived), and these groups have all managed to survive. I also don’t think that JYP is going to change anything regarding the JYP Nation concert, though the most likely change would be to give Yugyeom’s solo to someone else. However, I do think that there might be a delay on any further promotions while JYP waits for some of the dust of the storm to settle.

I also expect an apology, or multiple, from the company and possibly from the members themselves if JYP thinks that’s the right move to pull. However, whether Bambam and Yugyeom offer personal apologies or not, I beg everyone to keep in mind that it is not their call. I promise you that they are both incredibly sorry. This is the boy who felt guilty and terrible when he almost used an offensive sign during their LA concert, and the boy who cries when he thinks his group is fighting because of him. If all you want is for them to be sorry, you have it. I have no doubt that the most lasting consequence of this incident on the group will be the emotional scars and verbal abuse that will follow them forever.

So please, everyone, be patient as we wait for a statement and an apology, be understanding towards the boys, and please let’s stop the hate. They never meant any, and they’ve already been given enough.

overly involved teacher!stiles

@stetervault tagged me. Thank you by the way. I was literally lying in bed all day avoiding homework, and this totally jumpstarted me into being productive.

Rules: Take five minutes to write a drabble. No re-reading, no editing, just write.

I did not follow the 5 minute part of the rules, oops. I got pretty carried away…

Oh! also, tagging @pibroch if you wanna do this :)

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Hollywood Babylon - Part 1

Word Count: 2720

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Sitting on a trolley taking part in the trolley tour of Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, you were trying really hard not to fangirl. Dean had insisted that the three of you come to L.A. for rest and relaxation after everything with you and your short hospital stay and Sam’s whole situation with Madison. Sam and you both protested up until you found a possible case at the studio and you finally relented. You decided to sit next to Sam on the tour, mainly because you didn’t want Dean to see how happy you actually were.

“First opened in 1927, the lot has been in continuous operation for eight decades.” A female voice said over the P.A. system.

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anonymous asked:

How is Grant Ward not a Nazi? He's literally part of a Nazi paramilitary organization, which makes shit like fandom's desire to have Sam Wilson play magical negro therapist for him even grosser.


rubs temples

you know, I’ve never been specifically asked myself this question, I’ve usually seen it deferred to someone else. This is usually, like, Molly’s problem. (No offense Molly.)

But what the hell, I’ll field it. And I’m not going to put it under a cut because this is the last time I want to talk about this and I also want everyone to read this, it’s important.

HYDRA in the MCU is complicated. HYDRA in the 616 verse is explicitly Nazi and always has been. The MCU really didn’t want their Captain America movies to be like, banned in Germany, and so they sort of tried to soften it a little, which creates this confusion. And so I genuinely believe HYDRA is a terrorist organization but also with white supremacist followers in its ranks. Kind of like how there’s skinheads in the military, yeah? 

Except John. John is a special case because we never see him acknowledging the Nazi roots of HYDRA. I think that’s absolutely deliberate, because what we know about canon John is he’s a bitter son of a bitch who wants to make everything about him. He basically took being the third wheel in Nick/Phil and wanted everyone to die for it.

John joined HYDRA not out of some white supremacist ideal but because SHIELD fucked him over. So, to paint himself as the real hero here, against the “big bad heartless government agency,” he never acknowledged that he joined up with a shitload of fuckin skinheads and Alexander Pierce, who deliberately embodies a very specific kind of retro white American masculinity. You can practically see him marching against segregation in the 1960s, you know, “for their own good.”

John couldn’t acknowledge he’d sided with Nazis because that meant he was wrong, that he was really just bitter and devoted to ruining Nick Fury’s life for taking Phil from him leaving him with a gut wound and an illicit cybernetic implant.

Now, why am I talking about John, not Ward, when you addressed Ward? (Which is hysterical in a grim way because yes of course let’s just ignore John Garrett’s role in this. Fuck your victim blaming, I’m laying the fault at the feet of the fucking abuser.)

I’m talking about John because John is literally the only outside contact Ward has had in fifteen fucking years aside from his dog until he is forced to murder said dog, REFUSES, and then loses him to John’s cruelty anyway.

Like, Ward didn’t choose on his own, yeah fuck SHIELD, what have they ever done for me lately, I’m going to join HYDRA. He was a fifteen year old who was taken from prison, thrown into the woods with a dog to survive, then told by John for the next…oh, ten, eleven years that he was only alive and free because of John’s sufferance so he better fucking do as John said or else.

John was this boy’s only contact with anyone. John was the conduit through which Ward might’ve spoken to anyone else. Anyone Ward met was pre-vetted by John, and so Ward knew they wouldn’t help him or stop John. 

John also had ten years to spin a tale of SHIELD as this cold, heartless, callous government agency that left a “good man” to die in a ditch because reasons. He had ten years to paint himself as the hero fighting the good fight against the government oppressor, and Ward believed him, because he had no other choice really. John was his only companion aside from Buddy, and John spent a decade or more abusing him as thoroughly as one can be emotionally and mentally–and physically, as well as potentially sexually, based on some of Ward’s behavior/mannerisms–abuse a victim. Christ. 

On top of that, like I said, look at Ward and Skye’s confrontation in episode 20, I believe? When she calls him a Nazi? He’s not even defensive, he’s just legitimately baffled. He's shocked. He’s hurt and confused because I really don’t think John ever said the N word to him. He never brought it up. 

And John’s behavior syncs up perfectly with that theory; when the HYDRA agent in episode 17 greets them at the fridge with a “Hail HYDRA” and a sieg heil style salute, John grimaces and tells him specifically to “put his arm down, I don’t subscribe to that crap.” (Slightly paraphrased, but he does specifically tell the guy to stop with the Nazi imagery.)

And then, in the finale, Ward’s like what the fuck, because this is maybe…eh, six hours maximum after he’s just been told by the only person he trusts to care about his life–since John doesn’t and she did keep Mike from killing him–that he’s a Nazi, John pretty much tells him, “No you’re not, we’re fine, relax.”

He specifically says to Ward, “You don’t really think we’re ‘true believers,’ do you?" 

This is very telling. John has always used HYDRA as a means to an end to destroy SHIELD. John tried to use Phil as a means to an end to ruin Nick, because he expected that Phil, upon finding out the truth about how he was resurrected and experimented on, to turn on SHIELD and Nick. To become as bitter as he did. But he didn’t.

John has never subscribed to HYDRA’s beliefs, not out of any inherent moral goodness, because he’s a son of a bitch who should die in a hundred fires, but because he’s always been a manipulative, spiteful fuck who used HYDRA to his own ends. And that’s all he ever gave a damn about it. So he never raised Grant with the idea of "hey, Nazism is totally Hip and Fresh with the Kids” because he literally doesn’t give a shit if HYDRA are Nazis, he just wants them to destroy SHIELD for what it did to him.

And through that, Ward was never indoctrinated with HYDRA propaganda. I’d buy that some of HYDRA is totally made up of white supremacists, but Ward wasn’t one of them. Because John didn’t want him to be a HYDRA agent, he wanted him to be his agent. His gun. His monster. John literally just wanted to use Ward for his own benefit. John couldn’t give less of a fuck about Nazism in HYDRA ranks, he just wants to see Nick Fury die, horribly, for what happened to him when he got injured.

Also, you know what, odds are high you didn’t make it to the end of this post. And that makes me sad, really. I really feel the most worn down not by hatred in this fandom of Ward, but this refusal to understand. This lack of empathy and support for an abuse victim just…well. It kind of wears me out. You know? So I doubt you’ve made it this far, but if you have, fuck your lack of empathy. Actually do your fucking research and think a little. 

anonymous asked:

this is exactly why i doubt johnlock and TJLC. Because Ben doesn't like the idea of Sherlock being gay or queer at all. So how can they even work together unless Sherlock IS actually straight in the show.

Well, there’s a limit to how literally we should take interviews like this. Also, the extent to which we should connect an actor to his character. We always hear Benedict and Mark talking about Sherlock because that’s what interviews always ask about (reasonably so). I’d wager all the (admittedly dwindling) amount of money in my wallet that it’s not all the two of them talk about or the whole basis of their relationship, if they have one beyond the strictly professional - because while our knowledge of their lives beyond the show is somewhat limited, their own knowledge about each others’ lives probably wouldn’t be. So even if Benedict was virulently anti-Johnlock, it seems like a rather petty view of both their abilities as actors and professionals and, you know, grown men who can agree to disagree, to think they couldn’t have a respectful relationship outside of that.

But setting that aside, this interview is a great example in why we need to be able to step back, think critically and carefully and dig below the surface when it comes to cast interviews. Because while it’s possible that Benedict just hates being identified with a groundbreakingly gay character or that he simply honestly thinks Sherlock would be thoroughly heterosexual if he ever got around to having sex with someone, there’s another explanation as well. He was asked how Sherlock would be in bed, and I really, really can’t imagine him saying “Well, John will be one very lucky man when they finally manage to properly communicate” or even a casual “He would be the most attentive lover to whatever man finally caught his eye and would of course have researched thoroughly what to expect from gay sex so he’d be ready to make it as pleasurable for someone he loved enough to want to take to bed.” Even if Sherlock is gay, even if Benedict has been told this explicitly, it’s just not the kind of thing that can be revealed without giving the game away. So pretty much the only answer he can give is one working within the default assumption that when we talk about sex in our culture, we mean heterosexual sex - to correct that assumption would be to give a pretty big spoiler away, and if that spoiler is what I and a lot of other Sherlock fans expect it to be, it will be a game-changer for the Holmes canon and the show in particular. That’s not the kind of bombshell you drop in an interview with Elle.

Now, is Sherlock gay or queer, or something like that? My crystal ball is on the fritz so I can’t answer with absolute clarity, but I’d say his being something other than happily heterosexual is the simplest explanation for quite a few facts on the show. Just a few that jump to mind:

  1. Mrs. Hudson, who knows Sherlock well, thinks it’s plausible that Sherlock turning up with a male flatmate will not require a second bedroom.
  2. Mycroft, who knows Sherlock well, finds it more plausible that Sherlock and John are falling in love (fast) than that Sherlock has acquired a friend or even a professional colleague.
  3. Angelo, who knows Sherlock (reasonably) well, assumes that Sherlock’s male dinner companion would of course be his date.
  4. (Plus, you know, that whole “not really my area” scene.)
  5. On John’s blog, Sherlock notes that John’s made their case seem like a romantic adventure. His concern isn’t that John implies there was a romantic element, but that this didn’t focus properly on his analytic genius.
  6. Sherlock is apparently familiar with what brands of underwear mark someone as a homosexual.
  7. Sherlock, who places such a premium on only retaining information that’s useful to him, felt it necessary to hold on to this little tidbit.
  8. Sherlock has no apparent discomfort to another man hitting on him. He is running a delicate scientific procedure at the time and he’s not distracted enough to affect the results.
  9. Molly, who he has flirted with for a case (TBB), brings a romantic present to a holiday party. Sherlock deduces its romantic undertones but seems quite surprised it could have been meant for him.
  10. John Watson’s girlfriend breaks up with him because she assumes John and Sherlock are romantically involved, or at least that they are functioning more like a couple than she and he are. (Not unreasonably so.)
  11. Irene Adler, who is professionally skilled at working out what people like sexually, assumes that there is something romantic between John and Sherlock.
  12. Sherlock and john have discussed how he understands romantic love. You know, just like thoroughly platonic, straight men tend to do.
  13. Sherlock is unable to deny that his relationship with John Watson isn’t purely platonic, when asked point-blank by a reporter.
  14. Sherlock has no apparent discomfort with the whole city reading in the newspaper that he’s romantically involved with John Watson.
  15. Sherlock apparently has no discomfort with John touching him in a highly sexualized way on the stag night.
  16. Sherlock’s body language while investigating the stag night is fairly thoroughly coded to bring certain gay sex acts to mind. The way he bends over with his rear in the air, the way he wipes his mouth so obviously - I’m not the first one to point out how this brings anal and oral sex to mind. (The same story has been told about the camera angle in the pool scene in TGG, when Sherlock goes down on his knees and looks like he’s about to fellate John.)
  17. Mary likens her relationship to John on their wedding day to John’s relationship with both Sholto and Sherlock. He doesn’t deny the romantic element, even as a kindness to her.
  18. Sherlock denies in Belgravia that sex alarms him, but the idea that he’d be expected to have sex with Janine as part of his best man duties clearly does.
  19. Throughout TSOT in particular, Sherlock exhibits behavior traits we associate with gay men (a skill at dancing and a familiarity with color hues) and being “the bride” (making vows, tossing the bouquet).
  20. In HLV, John does not seem all that surprised that Sherlock might have an overnight guest in his flat. When it turns out that guest is a woman, however, he’s visibly flummoxed.

Now, I’m sure different people will read different things in different ways. We could debate what to make of any of these things, but I don’t think it’s too great a leap that a reasonable person might look at them and think that “strictly heterosexual” isn’t the best description of Sherlock’s sexuality. And it’s not like the character doesn’t have opportunities to correct peoples’ opinions. We’re given three relationships people think he might have with women (with Janine, Irene, and Molly) and all three of them are explicitly rejected by the show. With Molly, arguably the relationship that gives Johnlock the biggest competition in the fandom, that’s shown to be the fantasy of a stupid person - and is likened in terms of plausibility to the idea that Sherlock might have been making out with Moriarty on the roof of St. Bart’s while he was playing with John’s heartstrings.

My point here isn’t to bash any of those ships as implausible. (I think the stories are really nice when well-done, and have been known to read and rec a few myself). Or to say that Johnlock will definitely become canon. But you implied that Ben would not work on the show if Sherlock wasn’t straight, but there’s so much suggesting he’s gay, or asexual, or something else - even if it turns out he’s straight, it’s not an unreasonable for a large portion of their viewers to assume he’s not. And Benedict’s a smart man, he knows people will make that assumption and yet he continues to play the role.

Which tells me that, whether or not Johnlock becomes canon, Benedict has to be okay with people thinking he’s playing a groundbreakingly not-straight character. Maye TJLC will be canon, or maybe it won’t. But if the concern is Benedict doesn’t like the idea of Sherlock being gay, well, choosing to stay involved with a production that has left itself so thoroughly open to this interpretation is a very odd career choice on his part. That makes me think that, whatever reason keeps Johnlock from being canon (assuming it doesn’t go that way), it won’t be Benedict’s discomfort with people thinking Sherlock is gay.

Thank you for your note, nonny, and for being reasonably civil by Tumblr standards. I hope this shows you why I disagree with your read of the situation, but in a way that’s basically respectful. That was my aim, in any case.