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Scan - Pattie Boyd and George Harrison departing London’s Heathrow Airport bound for Sardinia, 31 May 1969. Scanned from Fab Gear: The Beatles and Fashion.

Photo: Manchester Daily Express/Contributor

Klaus Voormann on a Roman adventure with George, Pattie, and Terry Doran, translated from his German book (hopefully, my non-certified translation does the memory justice):

“Suddenly he turned around. ‘How about Rome?’

‘What do you mean?’

'Why don’t we drive to Rome, could be fun.’

Within the shortest amount of time, we had packed the necessary things and off we went to Rome. We rented a suite in an unbelievably beautiful hotel. I can’t remember the name, but I still remember the many interlocked pools with their bizarre shapes.

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The Littlest Winchester - Sass Master

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 841


           Dean’s daughter isn’t mouthy. Not usually. But there are times when she has no verbal filter. Sometimes it’s cute, and other times she’s walking a fine line. So today when the four-year-old gives him an eye roll to his ‘because I said so’ response, Dean braces himself to deal with a potential problem.

           “What was that for?”


           “The eye roll. Are you giving me an attitude?”

           “Bitch, I might be.” She accompanies the phrase with a sassy finger wave.

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Bad Dream (pt 2)

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader (and some Roman Reigns x Reader)

Word Count: 5580

A/N: I had some requests to finish Bad Dream, so here it is! SMUT is in here, so don’t read this at work. :-) I merged two prompts that I got for this as a recommendation on how to finish it. Enjoy!

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Just The Two Of Us (Part 2)

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(Part 1)

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Fluff, smut, and swears

Rating: Explicit

A/N: I really loved this request! “i was wondering if you could do a seth rollins imagine where you were a wwe diva and debuted during the time the shield debuted we were both really close with one another and sometimes flirted but nothing came out of it cause he was with leigha and i had a bf i then went on to leave the company a few years due to the divas not getting a push and we still kept in touch i went on to be in the ufc and then broke up with my bf at the same time he broke up with zarahra we ended up talking again were he invites me to a ppv and we talk and rumors start buzzing and fans see us together  then he asks me out  and he goes support me in a big fight idk can you make it a lil fluf and a lil smut lol sorry for making it long thanks lol” This request has been really fun because I had an excuse to watch some UFC which was pretty great. This imagine totally got away from me. Like it’s seven pages long, so I’m breaking it up into parts!

Your whole body was so sore you couldn’t move. You were laying on your back with Seth’s leg and arm thrown over your torso. You let out a low groan and Seth rustled, snuggling his nose into your neck more. As you tried to move your leg, Seth moaned and kissed your neck lazily. “Are you okay baby?” he muttered. His morning voice is so beautiful.

“I’m sore, and it’s all because of you.” His lips curled against your neck.

“I love the idea of doing that to you. Please let me do it more.” You laughed and he raised his head up, putting the heel of his hand on his temple. His hair tumbled around his shoulders and the light filtering through the window behind him made a little halo out of his baby hairs. He leaned down and kissed your bare sternum. There were at least ten hickies on your chest and you didn’t even want to know what your neck looked like. Seth’s entire chest was covered in scratches and love bites. “Where are you sore?”

“My legs and back.” He kissed your cheek lightly and sits up. You catch a glance of his back, “Jesus Seth.” He turns around and looks down at you confused. “I totally ripped your back up, I’m so sorry baby.” You try to sit up but yelped as pain shot up your back and laid back down. He walked into the bathroom and looked at his back. Walking back out, he shrugs.

“I don’t care, makes me love you even more.”

“I guess I didn’t ask, how long?” He sits down by your legs and pulls them into his lap, slowly rubbing out the knots in your calves, making you wince.

“Since me and Leigha broke up. I was only with Zarahra because I felt like I need to be.” He switched legs. “How long have you known?”

“Since I yelled at you about that whole situation. When you stopped talking to me it felt like all the life and happiness had been sucked out of me.” His hands moved up your legs to your left thigh. You groaned and tried to pull away your legs away from him.

“Stop it, I know it hurts but believe me it helps.” You pouted up at him, “don’t do that. I will suck that bottom lip until you can’t feel it anymore.” Your lips quirked up in a smile as you playfully punched his arm.

“That’s a tempting offer Sethie Poo, but I need to eat before we do anything.” Seth smiled and started rubbing your other thigh. Moaning in contentment you closed your eyes and absentmindedly started playing with the pillow case.

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Talking Smack. [Sequel to “You’re Not a Loser.”]

Imagine you being featured on an episode of Talking Smack along with James Ellsworth. Knowing that you are Dean’s girlfriend, he tries to plead his case to you and to the world about how sorry he is, but due to your raging hormones, you lose your temper.

You can find “You’re Not a Loser.” here. Enjoy!

It’s been a few weeks since the last time you and Dean were together, and each day you missed him like crazy. But ever since your time with Dean right after his match at Backlash, you’ve been feeling sick and throwing up on a daily basis. At first, you thought it was just a stomach virus, but a couple of days before you left work to see Dean face AJ for a chance to become the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, you decided to take a pregnancy test.


“Y/N! I’m glad you’re here.” Smackdown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, caught you in the hallway near the catering area. “I wanted to ask you something.”

“Ooh-kay.” His urge to talk to you caught you off guard. “What’s up?”

A smile appeared on his face. “Well, I was wondering, how would you like to be a special guest on Talking Smack tonight right after Smackdown Live?”

Your eyebrows furrowed together and your eyes widened at the request. “M-Me? You pointed at yourself. “Why me? I’m nobody around here.” You chuckled.

“Well, believe it or not, you actually are somebody around here. See, fans have been dying to know since Backlash your opinions about the feud between AJ Styles and your boyfriend, Dean Ambrose. I think it would be a good idea to get a different, and more personal, point of view in all of this. What do you say?”

“Well, with all do respect Daniel, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Dean and I are trying our best to keep our relationship out of the public eye, and if you put me on Talking Smack then that’s just going to ruin everything. So thanks, but no thanks.”

Daniel nodded his head as his smile faded. “I see. Well, I can respect that. But if you change your mind then let me know before the show is over.”


“Can you believe Daniel Bryan wanted me to be on Talking Smack tonight?” You chuckled, still in disbelief.

“Maybe they want to talk to you about being on Total Divas.” Dean joked.

You smiled and nudged his arm. “I highly doubt that. I’m not a diva, and even if I was I wouldn’t want to be on that show anyway. No offense to the other girls on that show, especially Nikki since she is my friend, but…just…no thanks.”

“I hear ya’.” Dean smiled at you as he finished taping his hands and punched the palm of his own hands one at a time. “I think you should do it.”

“You do?”

“Yeah. Definitely. I mean, I know you’ve been working on getting a career in anchoring or broadcasting for the news. Maybe you should give it a shot tonight on Talking Smack and see if you really like it. Who knows? You might get some exposure, and maybe Daniel will hire you for the show.”

You thought about it for a moment. “Well, it would be nice…” You were about to say something else, but a knock at the door broke you away from your thoughts.

“Dean, you’re on in two minutes.” A crew member spoke as he poked his head into the locker room.

Dean gave a slight nod and turned back to you. “That’s my cue.” He smiled and stroked your cheek. “I’ll see you later doll face.” He then leaned down and kissed you passionately. His beard gently scratching at your face as you kissed him back. Just the feel of his beard alone was sending your hormones in a frenzy and he noticed. He smiled in the kiss and pulled away. “I promise, we’ll do that later.”

“You bet your ass we will.” You giggled. Dean winked at you and as soon as he turned around to walk away, you grabbed his ass and winked at him. “Go get ‘em tiger.”


While Dean was out doing his promos with James Ellsworth and interviews before his match, you caught up with Daniel Bryan and told him that you want to be on Talking Smack and he seemed thrilled to have you.

You spent the rest of the evening getting your hair and make-up done and you watched Dean’s match with AJ. James Ellsworth was in Dean’s corner, and just like Dean, you weren’t sure if it was a good idea. He could really get hurt out there and Dean won’t be able to protect him this time. You stayed at the catering area and cheered Dean on until it happened. James Ellsworth hit AJ Styles with a Sweet Chin Music in front of the official. James Ellsworth single-handedly ruined Dean’s chance at the Championship title. Your mouth dropped open in shock, and your heart began to hurt at the sight of Dean’s face. This is not good.


“Babe, I’m sure it was an acci-“

“DON’T YOU FUCKING TELL ME THAT IT WAS AN ACCIDENT Y/N!” Dean shouted at you and it made you flinch. You wanted to say more, but it was already time for you to leave to the set of Talking Smack.

“I have to go. But we’re not done here. We need to talk when I get back.”


You watched the entire episode of Talking Smack from the side and right now your frustration level was on high, but it seemed to fly off the charts just from Renee Young’s little chuckle after saying “that sucks” about Dean no longer having the number one contender’s spot. But you had to keep calm and not let anger get the best of you. This was your very first time appearing on a live broadcast for anything and you didn’t want to screw it up. As the hour went on and you listened to James Ellsworth plead his case from the moment he walked out onto the set, you genuinely started to feel sorry for the guy. You could tell that he really didn’t mean to do what he did. He just got caught up in the moment. You started to think maybe there was a way you could talk to Dean and maybe get him to not hurt James for his mistake.

“Well maybe this is a good time to bring out our next guest. She is the girlfriend of mister Dean Ambrose himself. Ladies and gentlemen, Y/N Y/L/N!” Renee announced.

You walked out with a small smile on your face and took a seat next to Ellsworth.

“Y/N, thank you for joining us.” Renee continued once you were handed a microphone.

“Thanks for having me.”

“So Y/N, tonight was a big night for Dean Ambrose, but seeing how it all turned out, what are your thoughts on that?” Renee asked you.

You sighed as you looked at all three of them. “Well,” You then focused your attention to Ellsworth. “Look James, I know that you had good intentions of being out there in Dean’s corner. You wanted to show him support and gratitude for everything he’s done for you. Your heart was in the right place. Your foot, however, wasn’t. And I-“ You stopped talking when you noticed both Renee and Daniel giggling. Maybe it was your hormones acting out of whack, but that really pissed you off. “Why are you two laughing? Did I say something funny?”

Your reaction caught both Daniel and Renee off guard and they honestly didn’t know how to react, so they both stayed quiet.

“You know what? You wanna hear my thoughts? You wanna talk some smack? Fine. Let’s talk smack.” You adjusted in your seat as your adrenaline pumped through your veins. “Because I am so sick and tired of everyone not taking Dean serious around here.” You looked straight at Ellsworth. “James I am going to be blunt with you. I understand you are worried about what will happen because of what you did tonight, and you should be! Now, I can sit here and tell you everything in the book to make you feel better. I could’ve told you that everything was going to be all right. That Dean wasn’t going to be mad. That he will forgive you for what you did. But if I told you that then I would be lying to you. Dean is just as unpredictable to me as he is to every person in this entire roster, and the one thing that I can’t and won’t do is lie about him. You may not have seen him after the show, but I did, and to say that he is pissed off is an understatement.”

You sighed as you tried your best to get yourself together before speaking again. “Look, in this business there is no room for mistakes, and Dean lives by that quote religiously. You cost someone a match, it’s a big deal don’t get me wrong, but it can be easily forgotten if it wasn’t important. However, if you cost someone a match for a title, or even the chance to be a number one contender for the title, that’s huge. That’s huger than huge, and Dean is not just gonna let that go.”

“So, how do you feel about him not having that number one contender’s spot anymore?” Daniel asked.

You looked at all three of them as you began to answer. “You know, I’ve told Dean time and time again that he is a champion in my eyes no matter what. With or without a belt. But I’ve been with the man for seven years now, and I know how much this means to him.” Your anger started to rise again and it showed as you spoke. “I know how much it means to him to be champion. I know how much it means to him to have that belt around his waist. I know how much it means to him to be the top dog. So to see him back there so angry, upset, and hurt because the only opportunity he had left at the championship, once again, slipped through his fingers makes me angry, upset, and hurt for him! And I don’t appreciate either one of you,” You pointed at both Renee and Daniel. “laughing about it and treating it like it’s some big joke!”

“I wasn-“ Renee began, but you cut her off.

“No! Renee, it is my time to talk and I’m not about to let you talk over me like you do everyone else!” You looked at Daniel. “You wanted me on the show, now you’re getting what you asked for!” You sighed and focused back on James and began speaking on a much calmer tone. “Look, if you’re looking for some sort of answers from me about what is going to happen, then you’re asking the wrong person. Dean is a very unpredictable man, and it doesn’t matter if you try to confront him tonight, tomorrow, next week, or even at Survivor Series. I can’t guarantee you that he will reason with you. All I can tell you is that Dean isn’t going to let this go. And you better watch your back.”

With that, you dropped your microphone on the table and you heard a pop and quick static noise before walking off the set and leaving Renee, Daniel and James speechless. Certainly tonight’s episode of Talking Smack was going to be the hot topic of the locker room and the entire WWE Universe tomorrow, but now that Talking Smack was over, you have a new topic that you didn’t know how to break to Dean at the moment. You’re pregnant.

BTS reacting to you tripping and falling while walking next to them

Well…I just was half through this request as I clicked a wrong button and then my tumblr page went back to the blog somehow so I have to do it again…-.- yay




“Oh my sweetie are you okay? Let`s help my clumsy girlfriend up.” He tries to hold back a chuckle while helping you up with a semi-amused and semi-worried expression on his face.

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“So this is the story how I kicked our maknae in the bu..huh? (Y/N)? Why are you laying on the ground…how did you even get there?” He asks completely confused because he was so into talking while helping you up.

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“Haha, are you okay? It looked funny though…” He laughs and helps you up.

“It wasn`t funny to me at all, Hoseok.” You say with a cute pouty face.

“Aww my cute girlfriend with that pout…but admit it, it looked least to me.”

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“It is so interesting to see it in your daily life, how the concept of gravity works…dont you think?” He starts to say.

“Namjoon? You know what is really interesting?”

“What?” He asks curiously.

“The fact that my boyfriend leaves me on the ground to start thinking about gravity…Would you maybe help me up?”

“Oh of course!!!” He laughs, turning red.

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“(Y/N) what a fall…so elegant…what a diva.” He laughs while you are laying on the ground, laughing too.

“Jimin, you are a little shit.”

“I know” he smirks “but I told you you suck at wearing heels and don`t have to try to look taller than me…and see what happened…I am still standing and you are on the ground.”

“Are you finished, can you help me up now?”

“Of course, babe.” He smirks and gives you his hand.

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*sees you laying on the floor*


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“(Y/N), why did you trip out of sudden, I mean ho…ouch…” *trips too*

“Jungkook…why did you trip out of sudden..I mean there is nothing to trip over?” You impersonate him laughing.

“Shut up.” He pouts but you two burst out into laughter.

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anonymous asked:

Ahh I'm in love with the idea of the boys as parents 😊 how would they react to some of the major milestones in their child's life? Like first word, first time walking, first day at school? Your writing style is really good!

Warning! Really long unproofread post written during the midnight hours. 

First word

“OOOHH, jagi did you hear that? Was that really our child’s first word?” S.Coups would say with his eyes wide, snapping his head to your direction but would immediately look back in case the little cutie decides to speak again (he definitely does not want to miss out on any special moments of your child’s life). His eyes would be filled with so much adoration and it would be so cute to see.  

Jeonghan’s mouth would form into the shape of the letter ‘O’, slightly marveling at the fact that he witnessed his child’s first word. “Yeobo, I thought I wouldn’t be able to catch any important events because of my hectic schedules, but look at what just happened!” His face would glow due to happiness and amusement, “Wah, so cute!” 

Remember Joshua freaking out in their ‘Where’s my friend’s island?’ show when he saw that a pack of peppers is only 800 won (around $0.7)? Imagine him being so hyped up like that but because he heard your child say an actual word, “OH MY GOD JAGI THAT’S THE FIRST WORD RIGHT?” he’d say while looking at your baby with bright and proud eyes

Jun’s eyes would widen and would quickly look at you to check if he really heard your child right. “Was I just hearing things or did I really hear our baby’s first word?” When you tell him you heard an actual word from your child too, his jaw would drop and he’d head to the two of you. He’d crouch down to meet your child’s eyes and smile widely, “Say appa! Ppalli ppalli!” 

Hoshi would unintentionally show you why he’s called as the amazing 10:10 hoesh by smiling widely, causing his eyes to disappear. “Yeobo aaAAAHHH!” He’d be so, so happy to hear his child’s first word, “Our baby is so cute!” he’d hurry over to the smiling baby, “Omo you are so cute.” He’d cup your child’s face with his hands and laugh, making the child giggle and coo. 

Wonwoo would have this really proud smile on his face, but I swear to God you have to stop him from making puns because your child is starting to learn how to speak and might pick up a few of the bad jokes Wonwoo would drop. “Wah, my jaegi is so amazing like my jagi!” He’d giggle, and you have all rights to punch his arm because S T O P.

Woozi would be more of a ‘so what do we do next’ dad. He’d try to look up what he should do after this milestone, afraid of messing things up (saying incorrect words or following the wrong training pattern if ever one exists, for example). He’d be all, “Okay, so this is what we should and should NOT say or do…” He’d be too engrossed in studying that he’ll miss the next time your child says another word. 

D.K. would repeat your child’s first word a few more times in hopes of hearing your baby say it again. I can imagine him sitting on the floor, lightly clapping his hands as he repeats the word while he stares at his and your child. “Come on, say it again! Appa is listening!” His smile would be one of the brightest you’ve seen so far, and seeing his expression will inevitably bring a smile to your face, too. 

Mingyu would be really ecstatic and would engulf your child in a hug (he’d also make you wonder who the kid really is between the two). He’d kiss the child’s cheek and would look around your kitchen. “This calls for a celebration; you like this, right?” he’d ask the child with baby food and utensils in hand, but he would be too happy to even wait for a reply. 

The8 would be surprised at first, but would feel relieved right after because he’d realize that the era of pointless childish babbling and sudden crying outbursts is starting to end. No more bawling because of miscommunication means less stress for him and you. He’d let you do your motherly things and would be content with just watching you interact with your child. 

Seungkwan is the dad who is ready to fight you, his wife, on your child’s first word. “Stop being delusional, he said appa first and not eomma!” he’d whine and turn to the oblivious kid, “You said appa, right? Say it again and in front of your eomma’s face!” He’d take your child into his arms, pretending to shield his baby from you (chuckling while doing so), and would keep on repeating ‘appa’.  

Vernon would probably call his parents about this, “Mom, Dad, I think our child is going to be bilingual too!” He’d try to be more careful about his word choice because it might confuse the baby if he uses two languages at the same time, though he’d try to teach both of them once your child is older so his mom would be able to have a conversation with the kid. 

Unlike his The8 hyung, Dino would actually be all, “This is amazing of course, but the next thing we know he’ll be exchanging swear words with his friends!” and you would have to calm him down with reassurances. Once he has come back to his senses, he’d move over to you and your child for a hug, “Ah, whatever. What matters right now is the present. I’ll just enjoy this moment together with the two of you.” 

First time walking

S.Coups would be the dad who says the generic “Omo, come to appa!” while he holds out his arms and patting his lap from time to time. He’d have this excited look as he watches his child try to walk to him, but when the little cutie turns to you instead (most likely because the kid likes you better than papa coups), his jaw would drop in disbelief. “Hey you ungrateful brat, I changed your diapers one time!” 

Let’s be real, Jeonghan would chuckle when he sees your child fall and would only move when you scold tell him to. “Yeah, yeah, I was just kidding.” he’d say as he moves over to lift your child up to his arms, “You’re doing really great, your appa and your eomma are really proud of you.” He’d be really caring after though, never letting his child’s hand go while leading the smiling baby for another try in walking. 

Guys, can we all be silent for a moment and imagine Joshua playing his guitar on the sofa and then your child’s first walk is towards him because of the sweet tunes your husband is playing? Like, the two of you are slightly engrossed with the guitar and then you look up when you hear a high-pitched giggle followed by the sight of your child trying to walk to the two of you–he’d definitely be really surprised and would be speechless for a few seconds. 

Jun would run really fast to your room to get the camera because he doesn’t want to miss documenting your child’s milestones in life. He’d take videos of the child trying to walk with a huge grin on his face (and would maybe say “come to baba” like coups), then he’d send them to the members of SEVENTEEN and his family. He’d also post snippets in his SNS accounts because he is just so proud of his child’s achievement. 

Hoshi would be really cute. While your child is walking, he’d pretend to be a sports announcer, “The fastest runner in the world is near the finish line! Prep your vocal cords…” he’d say in an MC kind of tone, “…aaaand there he goes! Ladies and gentlemen, you have just witnessed a new world record!” He’d lift your child up in the air as the prize for ‘winning’ (don’t you dare sing the Lion King song I will slap you). 

Kind of similar to Joshua, the kid would surprise Wonwoo by repeatedly hitting your husband’s legs with tiny hands while he’s sat on the living room’s sofa, reading a book he has been dying to read for months. He’d smile softly and would lift your child up, making the baby sit on his lap while he tries to reach a book for children placed near him. “So have you ever heard of the story of a guy who is so proud of his baby…” 

I can see Woozi relaxing on the sofa, almost falling asleep because he’d be so tired from work, but he’d notice his child come to him before his eyes close. He’d make an effort to wait for the baby to reach him, and he’d tiredly smile when small hands touch his legs. He’d pick the child up for a hug, “Appa will work hard for you because you are definitely worth every pain.” 

D.K. would be really playful. He’d sit down at one spot, coaxing his child to come to him, but would suddenly move to another that is slightly farther than the last one. He’ll only stop when he senses that the child is about to cry because of frustration, “Aigo! Okay, okay, appa will stay in one place this time so no crying, alright?” He’d sit on the ground and pat his lap while lightly giggling at your child’s focused expression. 

Mingyu, similar to Jun, would open up SnapChat, Instagram, or Twitter to take a video of his child walking. “Everyone you are watching my child’s first steps!” he’d say excitedly, posting it on his accounts so his fans would see. He’d be clapping his hands to get the baby’s attention and would extend his arms out once he succeeds. “Come here!”

The8 would be more on the protective side, “Careful now,” he’d say, alert and ready in case your child falls, “Do it slowly, baba doesn’t want to see you get hurt.” Like Jeonghan, he’d have one of the child’s hand in his, never letting go until the child stops. His free arm would be behind the kid’s back for safety precautions because he heard that even a little blow might be bad for a child. 

I know it’s a bit overused, but I can still imagine Seungkwan being a bit of a diva (in a funny way, of course), dropping dialogues like “our child is going to be such a great dancer like his father someday” or “I can already see myself going on stage to receive my child’s ‘Best Athlete’ award”. Nevertheless, like the others, he would be pretty hyped and proud for witnessing a milestone of his child’s life.

Vernon would be hyped as well and would compliment your child a lot, “You’re doing a really great job!” He’d throw in a few motivational cheers too, even though the baby can’t understand him, like “Keep on going!” and “Just a little more and you’ll reach me! Come on!” He would be really pleased and happy just like the rest of the boys. 

Dino would cover his mouth in shock, “Whoah, our baby is walking! Jagi our baby is walking!” He would probably be the most giddy out of all the members, his jaw dropping when he realizes his child is waling towards him. His heart would melt seeing his most precious baby try really hard to go to him and would just be a really cute dad. 

First day at school

S.Coups would lean down on one knee and smile at the excited kid, “Go and do your best, you hear me? Make lots of friends and snatch awards,” he’d say as he pats your child’s head. Before any of you two react, he’d swiftly kiss the cutie’s cheek and pretend to be hurt when the reaction he gets is a huff. He’d have one of his hands clutching his chest, playfully saying “Yeobo!” 

“Ah… this reminds me of my kindergarten years.” Jeonghan would say when the three of you reach your child’s first ever school. He’d have this far-off look in his eyes while he reminisces his past, and eventually think of your family’s future too. He’d then send a loving look at you as he gently grasps your child’s small hand, “We’ve come so far, haven’t we?”

Joshua would probably try to practice greetings with your child because social communication skills are pretty important. “So you say your name first, your age, and then your interests like your favorite food, favorite drink, favorite parent…” with a teasing wink directed towards your direction. He’d whisper “It’s me, right?” loud enough for you to hear.

Jun would be more focused on giving his child tips on relationships as a joke because he knows it irritates you a bit. “Our child is just four years old for pete’s sake, Junhui.” you’d roll your eyes and he’d return it with a playful snicker, “What? It’s only natural for me to give pointers this early since this future model right here inherited both of our good looks.” 

Hoshi is a rise-and-shine dad. I can imagine him being very cheerful to lighten up your child’s mood because (1) it’s the morning, and; (2) school is in a few hours. He would also be the type to share a special goodbye handshake with the kid, ending it with a handsome pose or something. I guess it’s safe to say your child wouldn’t have much of a problem making friends right away.

Wonwoo would be the one to bring his child to the school grounds from your house even though his work the day before was highly exhausting. He’d talk to the kid about his experiences with school while he drives, and would probably sing along with whatever is playing on the radio. Once they reach the school, he’d pat his child’s head and say, “Have fun and be nice, okay?” 

Woozi would be drinking his second coffee of the day as he watches your child prepare for school. I can imagine him stopping the nervous kid from walking to smooth out the tiny creases that formed on the child’s school uniform while moving around. “Don’t be so nervous, you’ll do just fine.” He’d smile to calm your child down. 

D.K. would motivate your child a lot. “I know you’ll do well today!” he’d say with a fist pump and a smile, “Just enjoy yourself and make lots of friends. Don’t forget to obey your teachers though!” He’d send your child off with a tight, fatherly hug and a wave. He’ll chant the kid’s name and would repeat “Fighting!” as he sees the child go.

Mingyu would make sure that his child has everything needed for school, double checking the contents of your kid’s backpack and the lunch box the two of you prepared (he kind of insisted on cooking something alongside you). “Okay, you’re all set to go,” he’d pinch the child’s cheeks after he crouches down, saying, “You’re growing up so fast and I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad.” 

The8 would probably be a bit like Mingyu, making sure everything is a-okay before he lets his child enter the school’s campus. “It’s okay to be nervous on your first day,” he’d kiss the kid’s forehead, “I was nervous too but I graduated, so I know you will. You’re strong like your father.” With a pat on his child’s shoulder, he’d stand and wave as the excited (but still nervous) kid run towards the school’s gates.

Seungkwan would be the sentimental dad. “Time flies so fast…” he’d sigh, “Look at you growing up. Soon you’ll be introducing your first, and hopefully last, significant other to us…” You’d have to slap his arm lightly to get him back to the real world, and he’d lightly slap your arm back because no one gets away from Boo Seungkwan. “Hey, I was just thinking about the possibilities!”  

I think Vernon would be pretty chill about this matter. “Good luck on your first day,” he’ll say while reading the newspaper that was just delivered in the early morning, “Just do your best and you’ll be fine. I’ll wait for you to come home, okay?” He’d give the kid a thumbs up with a mini fist pump right after your child boards the school bus. With a warm smile, he’d watch the bus drive off and disappear. 

Dino would feel bad for his child because I feel like he’s one of the members who resent going to school, mostly because he debuted while he’s still a student plus the fact that he didn’t get to go to school trips adds into his kinda bad memories. “Hang in there lil’ buddy. I know you’ll survive just like I did.” he’d whisper, oblivious to the confused look of his child as they stand in the middle of the school’s entrance. 

- Jagi: A term of endearment used by couples.

- Jaegi: A crossover between ‘jagi’ and ‘aegi’ (baby).

- Yeobo: A term of endearment used by wed couples.

- Appa: Korean word for ‘dad’.

- Eomma: Korean word for ‘mom’.

- Aigo: Korean expression equivalent to sighing, ‘ugh’, or ‘gosh’.

- Omo: Korean expression equivalent to ‘oh my God/OMG’.

- Baba: Most common way of calling one’s father in Chinese.

- Ppalli: Korean word for ‘hurry’.

I’m really sorry for taking an unannounced break ㅠㅠ I finished summer class last week (and I was dying due to finals and dem crap a week before that) and I kind of took a break because I thought I deserved one. I wrote the three things anon gave as examples for a mini comeback lol. I’m back to writing, so send in your requests! Tbh I could have done better with this request (plus that pun… do you guys know how much I cringed while searching for a good one but I found none that was suitable for the situation so I made my own? And it sucks lol I’ll come up with good ones next time). I tried to not mention the child’s gender for your imagination so I’m sorry for the redundant “child” lmao. Thank you for waiting patiently and I hope y’all like this really long answer! 

P.S. Thank you to my cutest dongsaeng Juniela Wen for giving me ideas! 

P.S.S. Joshua held a menpa earlier but I didn’t get a reply hahaha

Just The Two Of Us (Part 1)

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(Part 2)

Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^

Warnings: Blood, fluff, smut, and swears

Rating: Explicit

A/N: I really loved this request! “i was wondering if you could do a seth rollins imagine where you were a wwe diva and debuted during the time the shield debuted we were both really close with one another and sometimes flirted but nothing came out of it cause he was with leigha and i had a bf i then went on to leave the company a few years due to the divas not getting a push and we still kept in touch i went on to be in the ufc and then broke up with my bf at the same time he broke up with zarahra we ended up talking again were he invites me to a ppv and we talk and rumors start buzzing and fans see us together  then he asks me out  and he goes support me in a big fight idk can you make it a lil fluf and a lil smut lol sorry for making it long thanks lol” This request has been really fun because I had an excuse to watch some UFC which was pretty great. This imagine totally got away from me. Like it’s seven pages long, so I’m breaking it up into parts!

It felt like your nose actually exploded, which most likely it did. Blood shot out of the bridge and into your eyes. Another punch to the head. You furiously wiped your eyes with the back of your gloved hand. She kicked to the side. Your foot shot out and hit her in the stomach. She bounced away. The bell rang. You walked over to your corner. Ice was placed on your neck and your ribs. “You gotta go for those fucking ribs!” A hard stick was shoved up your nose and was pushed around to try and jam your nose back in place. Sticky gel was put on the cut on the bridge of your nose. “Come on y/n! Think about your streak! You can win! Put her to fucking sleep.” You nodded, not taking your eyes off Miesha Tate. You had a five and zero win/loss streak and you were going after the Bantamweight title. You were going to get it. “Get out there!” You put your mouth guard back in and stood up. Your body was screaming at you to stay down but you had to fight. You had to win.

“Touch gloves,” commanded the ref. When you two did, he backed off and you immediately lunged for Meisha. A fist connected with her jaw and she staggered to the side. You took advantage and gave her a sidekick. You had been working on her ribs the entire fight and you could tell that they were really hurting her. You wrapped your dominant arm around her neck and snaked the other one around her head. Your legs locked around her ribs and you tighten your entire body up. Her hands tried to grab you but they couldn’t get a good grip on your sweaty skin. You tighten your arms. She fell to her knees. “Miesha! Are you going to tap!?” She barely managed to shake her head. You forced her onto her side. Her hands kept moving and the ref kept asking her if she wanted to tap. Finally her hands dropped. “Miesha!?” No response. “Let her go! She’s out!” You did as you were told, standing up quickly so the medics could rush to help her. The crowd was screaming and all standing up, a chant of your name loud among the screams. You trainer ran up and clapped you on the back, hugging you.

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Suki Kirai - Chapter 1

At long last, I started working on translating the Suki Kirai light novel. Like before, this is a speedy translation with awkward phrasing and probably a handful of mistakes in it, so keep that in mind while reading. I’ll try and keep a weekly pace with getting out new chapters.

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One of the most frustrating things about being a diaspora is when your own parents forget words in their native language that they used to know, all because of English. I will hear my mom use a mixture of Vietnamese and English because she just can’t remember the Vietnamese equivalent of the English words anymore and if I ask her what the Vietnamese equivalent of something in English is she’ll say she can’t remember. And that’s frustrating when I want to reconnect with my heritage but can’t even rely on my own parents when it comes to relearning my heritage language. 

I understand how this could be frustrating for you but I can understand your mom’s situation.

It is quite difficult to concentrate on your native language when you are living in a different area/country where everyone speaks English on a daily basis.

It all depends on the individual really, because some would still practice their native language by listening to songs or radio stations (I do this almost every week, because it’s embarrassing to see myself stuttering when speaking my own language to my fellow Indonesians) or maybe watch movies where the characters speak the native language.

Any followers or mods that want to add on to this? Please do not hesitate.

- Diva

chanychanypark-deactivated20141  asked:

Hi! I want to tell you something: I love so much your blog! I really love all your reaction! They are so funny! Can I ask for a request too? How exo members would react if you (as they younger sister) are an idol too. I mean, like overprotective brother in front of the fanboys. sorry if it is confusing, english is not my first language ;_; Thank you very much<3

Here it is sweety i hope you like it and thank you so much! I also hope you don’t mind that i took the liberty to change a little the request for some of the boys but still keep it like you wanted.

Xiumin:* every time he sees a boy getting near you*

Luhan:*sweet voice*My sister is so pretty isn’t she? To bad neither of you can’t date her!

Kris: *serious look on his face*Stay away from my lil sister or I’ll ship you to the galaxy!

Lay: *can not believe what the fanboys where saying about his “sexy sister”*

Suho:*serious dad stance* Young boy you can not talk with my sister until  I met your parents!

Baekhyun: *tries to control his anger *

Chen: *diva Chen mode on* Neither of you is fab enough to wih my lil sister!

Chanyeol: You wanna date my sister?

D.O:*lurks in the shadows with his creepy mode on*

Tao:*uses his wushu moves to keep the boys away*

Kai: You can look but you can’t touch!

Sehun: Please my sister isn’t dating peasants!

anonymous asked:

Hello ! May I ask for a reaction where Tao brings his [Ahem warning, description time] french-sassy-shy girlfriend who's 4years younger than him (it's not too much, right? e_e)... and who started to introduce herself in french because she was just soooo stressed. [Bonus point if you make it with the fact that the girl doesn't reaaaallyyy speak korean ♥] Thaaaanks ♥♥

Yo yo man!hope you’re still interested in it cause I had fun!

Sehun:Girl in this dorm there can only be one diva and it’s already clear that’s not you!

Kai: She’s underage idiot,what were you thinking!

Tao: I have my eyes on you if you try to make one move on her I’ll wushu your asses!

Kyungsoo: *when she starts speaking*Is that even a language?

Chanyeol:Someone please google what she said!

Chen:Omg this is so funny!She’s still in her school uniform!

I have to take as many pics of you as I can cause I won’t see you for a very long time once you go prison!

Baekhyun: *probably he’s the reason why she’s so flustered*

Lay:*to high to care so he ends up waving*

Suho: How old is she again?

Kris: This is not my style, I’m out!

Luhan:So you’re from France?Interesting…….

Xiumin:So if she doesn’t speak korean and you don’t speak french then how do you understand each other?

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison departing from London’s Heathrow Airport to Sardinia, 31 May 1969 (image source: Beatle Photo Blog) Image source: Something About Pattie Boyd group, Yahoo!

Klaus Voormann on a Roman adventure with George, Pattie, and Terry Doran, translated from his German book:

“Suddenly he turned around. ‘How about Rome?’

'What do you mean?’

'Why don’t we drive to Rome, could be fun.’

Within the shortest amount of time, we had packed the necessary things and off we went to Rome. We rented a suite in an unbelievably beautiful hotel. I can’t remember the name, but I still remember the many interlocked pools with their bizarre shapes.

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Pointe Magazine - Olga Smirnova - The New Girl

I’ve typed out most of the article, except for a part I couldn’t read (at this point I only have pictures of the magazine pages from a friend, until I get my hands on my own copy. Enjoy!)

“Since joining the Bolshoi as an outsider from the Vaganova Academy three short seasons ago, [Olga] Smirnova has had critics and audiences alternately abuzz and awestruck. At just 22, she is fast making her mark at the crossroads of the St Petersburg and Moscow traditions, her pristine clarity of movement melding seamlessly with the dramatic emphasis Moscow has long cultivated. Her ‘Diamonds’ revealed an expansive, spellbinding young queen; her gift for tragedy, meanwhile, has found telling vehicles in Onegin and Lady of the Camellias.

To get to this point, an unlikely number of stars had to align. Deemed the "physically perfect instrument of her art form” by English critic Luke Jennings, the revelatory harmony of Smirnova’s lines speaks to the ruthless Vaganova training. Ballet in Russia is also a mental game, however. Self-possessed beyond her years, Smirnova ahs reaped the rewards of what she deems the most difficult decision of her life: refusing the Mariinsky and entrusting her career to the Bolshoi director Sergei Filin.

The Mariinsky was always a logical step for Smirnova, a native of St Petersburg Her music-loving family had no connection to ballet: Her mother was an engineer, but when she noticed that Smirnova showed potential in dance, she decided to take her to the Vaganova Academy.

Smirnova was accepted immediately, at age 10, and her talent didn’t go unnoticed. Singled out as a leader for her age group early on, she found herself front and center in class, as is the Vaganova tradition, and faced with the burden of expectations. “It’s huge psychological pressure for a kid,” she explains matter-of-factly. “Others were allowed to make mistakes, but if I did the teacher would ask me: How could you? As they say, it’s not easy to get to the top, but it’s much harder to stay there.” Less flexible than her classmates, she took extra weekend gymnastics classes to achieve the sky-high extensions now standard in Russia.

By the time she completed her training in 2011, Smirnova’s reputation as a prodigy preceded her. Bolshoi director Sergei Filin made the trip to St Petersburg to see her graduation performance, and soon the young dancer found herself with competing offers of a soloist position from the rival St Petersburg and Moscow companies.

Joining the Bolshoi wasn’t her initial choice, Smirnova says. Instead, she tentatively started to work at the Mariinsky without signing her contract, but found the atmosphere uninviting. “I felt the artistic director and the teachers weren’t interested in nurturing new, young ballerinas. But Filin came up with a very logical plan. He wanted to involve me in the Bolshoi repertoire step by step, starting with variations, Queen of the Dryads, Myrtha - very important roles to prepare you.”

Filin kept his word, and Smirnova’s move reasserted the changing balance of power in Russian ballet… Loneliness was inevitably a challenge for the young dancer, but the repertoire kept her fulfilled. Variations soon gave way to carefully chosen principal parts; in addition to debuts in La Bayadere and The Pharaoh’s Daughter, she was cast by The Balanchine Trust in the Bolshoi premiere of 'Diamonds’ in her first season.

Absorbing the Bolshoi style proved Smirnova’s most pressing challenge. While a growing number of Vaganova-trained dancers work in the company, clear differences remain. Smirnova praises the purity of the Vaganova technique, but says Moscow has helped her develop endurance and strength under the tutelage of her coach, Marina Kondratieva.

The bold acting tradition was another challenge. Her hunger for new experiences and love of theater have helped her fit in, but Smirnova is still fine-tuning her approach. She reviews videos of her performances with her coach, critiquing and revising her choices. “When I first came here, everybody said: Here is another ballerina from St. Petersburg who will be cold and unemotional,” she remembers. “I didn’t understand what they meant - should you be crazy onstage? What is the limit? It’s still an open question for me.”

Despite her doubts, she was quickly become the face of the repertoire brought in by Filin. A feature of his directorship has been narrative ballets no Russian company had previously taken on, including Cranko’s ’Onegin’ and Neumeier’s ’Lady of the Camellias’, and his young protégée has run with the opportunity. When we met, a few days after her second Lady, she is visibly spent. “These ballets take a piece of your soul,” she explains. “It’s similar to the feelings you have after finishing a huge book. You live with the characters, and you feel an emptiness after them.”

Smirnova’s onstage maturity is mirrored by her levelheaded response to the pressure cooker she has found herself in. At the trial following Filin’s acid attack, in an attempt to smear him, the defendants accused him of having an affair with Smirnova, an episode she has learned to laugh off.

The attack aside, Smirnova deems the atmosphere of intense competition at the Bolshoi the continuation of what she experienced at the Vaganova Academy. “You just have to prove that you’re dancing a role because you’re the best at that point. It’s good, because it keeps you on your toes.” Cliché or not, she is her own biggest critic, believing that she danced Odette/Odile too early, describing her interpretation as “too raw. I still don’t truly, fully understand the role.”

Lately, she has found new roots in Moscow: Last summer she married the son of Filin’s former adviser, Dilyara Timergazina, in an Orthodox ceremony. Her husband, who works in finance, is her support system. “He completely understands that my life is in the theater now, and he gives me the strength to perform.”

There is an uncanny purpose about Smirnova, but it would be a mistake to take her for a diva. “You can see that she doesn’t position herself according to a title, a status,” says Maillot. “She just asks: Can I do that, how can I do it, what can I learn?” She is on track to be one of the defining dancers of her generation, but her path may prove slightly different from other Russian superstars who have forged their own international brand away from the company ties. “Everything I have done was given to me by the theater,” she muses. “The Bolshoi is my home now, and for an artist, it’s very important to have a home.”

Written by Laura Cappelle.

Hope you all enjoy this insight into Olga’s life. :)


Chapter 11

It was another Friday night. Another barkada night for us. We were at Derrick’s place for a barbecue dinner and we’re currently grilling our food.

“Himala pare di kayo sabay ni Julie ngayon.” Derrick said.

“Ha? Ano kasi pinauna na niya ko kasi may emergency daw sa shop niya. Kaya yun.”

“Ah. Okay.” he answered as he flips the burger. After a few minutes, we heard Sef and Julie’s voice na obvious na kakadating pa lang.

“Hi, Jules!” Bati ni Kris. Nagbeso na sila and she also said hi to Derrick and me.

“Amoy barbecue kami, Jules!” Derrick yelled sabay tumawa pa. She waved at us and I smiled at her pero umiwas naman siya ng tingin.

“Ano ka na girl? Akala ko natabunan ka na ng cupcakes at kape mo.” I heard Sef say.

“Hoy kayong dalawa diyan, di pa ba luto yan? Baka naman uling na yang pagkain natin ha?” Maqui said.

“Ito na tapos na.” I answered as I placed the last piece on the plate. Pumasok na kami ni Derrick sa loob and we all sat around the table.

“Yunoh! Ito ba Elmo eh kaaya-aya ang lasa ha?” Diva asked as she gets a piece of barbecue.

“Oo naman! Specialty ko yan. Diba Jules?” I asked Julie as I nudged her. She looked at me first then smiled.

“Oo naman! Kahit hindi ko pa natitikman. Hahahaha.” sagot niya. I glared at her and she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Pag ikaw nasarapan sa luto ko, baka hanap-hanapin mo yan.” I said confidently.

“KAPAG! May emphasis sa ‘kapag’. What if hindi?” she said.

“Tikman mo kasi.” sabi ko sabay sinubuan ko siya ng barbecue. “Oh ano?” I asked her as she chews the meat.

“Ayos lang.” she said afterwards. Nagtawanan ang lahat except for me.

“Wala dude. Di pa din pasado cooking skills mo kay Master Chef. Hahahahaha.” Kris teased me.

“Hoy! Masarap naman ah!” Jmee said.

“Wala naman di masarap sayo Jmee eh.” Sef told her.

“Masarap naman guys.” Julie then said. “Galing mo na, muppet ah!” she added and even pinched my cheeks.

“Hah! Told ya.” pagyayabang ko.

“Pero medyo tough pa din yung meat. Tsaka masyadong madaming pepper yung nalagay mo tapos may part na lasang sunog.” she said after. I looked at her and she just smiled at me.

“Yun lang. Umiral nanaman pagka food critic ni Julieta.” Sef said.

“Psh. Wag kang kakain ha.” sabi ko sa kanya sabay kuha ng plate niya.

“Hoy! Masarap naman sabi ko diba?”

“Masarap daw tapos ang daming comment?! Wag kang kakain!!” I yelled.

“Ganyan ka na saken? Parang wala tayong pinagsamahan ah.” she said.


“Tsk. Muppet kasi. Gutom na kaya ako.” she said.

“Hay nako. Magluto ka ng pancit canton dun. Wag kang kakain ng niluto ko.”

“Tsk. Joke lang kasi. Elmo.” sabi niya sabay kalabit sa akin. I ignored her as I placed food on my plate. “Moe naman eh.” she said still trying to get my attention.

“Tsk.” I said as I shrugged her off.

“Hoy ano ba yan.” sabi niya tsaka pinaharap niya ko sa kanya. “Joke lang kasi. Oo nga masarap na nga. Parang timang to.”

“Ewan ko sayo.”

“Tampo kaagad? Tsk. Akin na yung plate ko.” pero di pa din nya binigay… “Moe…”


“Nagpapalambing lang yan Julie.” Maqui said.

“Tsk. Elmo Moses naman eh. Gutom na ko. Kakagatin kita sige.”

“Kagatin mo. As if naman maaagaw– OOOOOUUUUUCH!!” I cried. “JULIE ANNE LET GO!!” sigaw ko because she’s still sinking her teeth on my arm.

“Hahahahahaha. Ano ka na ngayon boy?” Derrick said as he high-fived Kris.

“Pabebe pa kasi eh.” Diva teased.

Julie released my arm and you can see the teethmarks on it and it is also bleeding. Mahapdi sobra and I know that this isn’t just a joke. Alam kong binuhos na niya yung galit niya sa akin because of what is happening to us.

“Sakit.” I said as I stood up and went to the sink to wash the blood. She was beside me in an instant and she was washing the blood with soap and water. “Ouch. Julie mahapdi.” I said.

“Sorry.” sabi niya.

“It’s okay. Sorry din.”


“Basta. Sorry. Alam mo na yun.”


I know I shouldn’t have done that. Yung kagatin siya hanggang dumugo pero kasi it’s a way of telling him that I hate our set-up. Yung aarte na okay ang lahat when in fact, it isn’t okay. Naiinis ako sa kanya. Bakit kasi kailangan pa dumating sa ganun diba? Hay Elmo Moses.

“Halika dun muna tayo sa kwarto ni Rick. Gagamutin ko yan.” I said and dragged him upstairs.

“Hoy! Makabuo kayo dyan ha!!” we heard Derrick and Kris yelled. I ignored them and continued walking to Derrick’s room.

“Teka kukunin ko yung first aid kit. Dyan ka lang.” and I went to the first aid cabinet.

“Julie okay lang. It stopped bleeding already.” he told me while checking his wound.

“Tsk. Don’t touch it! Gusto mo bang mainfect yan?” sermon ko sa kanya sabay hampas sa kamay niya. “See? Nagdugo nanaman. Kaw kasi eh.” I said as I dabbed a cotton ball on his wound.

“Di naman kasi kailangan gamutin. Okay na nga kasi.” He said trying to take his arm away.

“Tsk. Isa Elmo kakagatin kita ulit!” banta ko sa kanya.

“Psh. Kailan ka pa naging brutal? And cannibal pa ha!” he said. I glared at him and he backed his face away. “Psh.”

“Teka wag kang magulo. I’ll put the bandage.” I said as I wrap the bandage on his arm.

“Alam mo, you ruined my skin. I have an event tomorrow you know?”

“Sorry na nga kasi.” I said.

“Papayag lang ako kapag sasama ka bukas.” sabi niya.

“I have work–”

“Julie…” he said softly.

“Fine.” I finally said. After ko lagyan ng bandage ay tumayo na ako para ibalik yung medicine kit when he held my arm and made me sit again. “What?” I asked him pero he kept silent and just stared at me. I looked him in the eye as I feel his hand slowly caressing my arm then unti-unti he is closing the gap between us. Hindi ako makagalaw. It’s as if I’m glued to my place and I have nowhere to run to. I closed my eyes waiting for him and soon, I can feel his warm breath. His warm yet minty breath. A couple of inches. Then an inch and finally I can somehow feel his lips on mine when…

“HOY!!! ANO NA KAYO DYAN? NAKABUO NA BA?!” we heard someone knocking on the door. Napapitlag kami and he suddenly stood up.


“Uhm… Tara na sa baba Jules. Wala yun okay? Sorry if I did it again.” tsaka na siya lumabas ng kwarto.


“Ano dude? Naka-score?” Derrick asked as soon as I got back on the dining area.

“Baliw.” I said.

“Eh bakit namumula ka tsaka pinagpapawisan?” Kris teased.

“Ang init kaya sa kwarto ni Rick. Ayaw naman i-on ni Julie yung aircon. Badtrip.” palusot ko. I felt her sat next to me tsaka na nagsimulang sumandok ng pagkain niya. “Ako na.” I said sabay kuha ng serving spoon from her hand.

“Hahaha. Yoko na nga magcomment. Bahala kayong dalawa diyan.” Jmee said.

“Hoy hoy hoy! Jmee anetch yan?” Sef asked.

“Wala bakla. Hahahaha.” di ko na lang sila pinansin because I know they’ll just call me Mr. Defensive. Kaya kumain na lang ako ng tahimik.

After dinner, we all decided to go home. Pagod din kasi lahat from work so naisipan na lang umuwi ng maaga.

“Hatid na kita.” I told Julie.

“Ha? A-ano eh.”

“Coding ka ngayon diba? I’m sure nagtaxi ka lang kanina. Kaya halika na. Ihahatid na kita.” sabi ko sabay hatak sa kanya papunta sa kotse.

“Ingat kayo lovebirds!!” Diva and Jmee yelled at us. Tumango na lang ako saka na pinaandar ang sasakyan.

The hour-drive from Derrick’s to Julie’s house seemed like a year of driving. Wala kasing kumikibo sa aming dalawa and for the first time, it felt awkward.

When I stopped the car, no one dared to move. We stayed inside for as long as I can remember not even caring to talk. Nagpapakiramdaman kami. It’s as if we just met a couple of hours ago and naisipan ko lang siya isabay.

“Uhm… Yung kanina…” she started.

“Let’s not talk about it. It was a mistake Julie. I-I’m sorry I took advantage of you again.” I explained.

“Uhm… Ano kasi…”

“Wag ka magalit sa akin please? Sorry talaga.” I said as I faced her.

She looked at me with those brown eyes that can melt your whole being. With just her stare, everything feels right in the world. Everything felt like it is made in heaven.

“A-ano ka ba. H-hindi ako galit okay? Okay lang yun.” sabi niya saka pa natawa.

“Hay. I thought…”

“No I’m not mad Elmo. Anyway. Thanks for the ride ha. Papasok ka ba sa loob or uuwi ka na?” she asked.

'I want to go inside and kiss you senseless and sleep with you and wake up next to you and plan my future with you and have babies with you.’ I thought.

“Moe?” I heard her say again.

“Huh?” I said as I shook my head.

“You okay?” she asked as she touches my face.

'Get your hands off my face Julie Anne before I start doing things that would make you want to kill me.’ I thought again.

“O-okay lang ako. Uhm… Sige na pasok ka na. I’ll uhm… I’ll go home na. Pagod din ako eh.” I said.

“Oh. Sige. Uhm… Pag-uwi mo take a warm shower okay? To relax your muscles. Tsaka uminom ka ng gatas so you’ll have a good sleep.” she reminded me.

“Yes I will manager. Good night.” Sabi ko then planted a kiss on her temple. She stiffened for a while but loosened up after. “I’ll see you tomorrow okay? For the event?”

“I’ll try.”

“I’ll pick you up.” I offered.

“Wag na. Pupunta ako don’t worry.” she said. “Good night muppet. Drive safe ha? Call me when you get home.” and then she got out of my car and into their house.

I stared long at their house before I left.

“Good night, manager.”


Staring into space for what seemed like eternity. Trying to recall the events of the night. That teasing part. The moment I bit his arm. When I applied first aid on it. The almost-kiss. The stupid guy who knocked on that door. The teasing at the dinner table. The awkward ride. His eyes. His voice. His hair. His kiss.

“No I’m not mad Elmo. Anyway. Thanks for the ride ha. Papasok ka ba sa loob or uuwi ka na?” I asked him.

He was just staring at me the whole time. And all that time, I took the advantage of memorizing his face. His brown eyes that melts me everytime. His long eyelashes. His perfect nose. His cute ears. His cheeks that I wanted to pinch so bad. His lips. His soft, red lips. His chin. The way he tickles me with his chin. Oh how badly I wanted him to kiss me senseless and take me inside my house and in my room and on my bed. How I wanted to wrap my arm around his body. How I wanted to snuggle up to him and feel his warmth against me again. How I wanted to sleep with him beside me. How I want to see his morning face and how badly I wanted to hear his bedroom voice. How I wanted to smell his natural scent and how I wanted him to own me again. I woke up from stupor when I realized how far my thoughts have been going. I shook my head and cleared my throat.

“Moe?” I called him. He looked surprised and even blushed the moment he heard my voice. What was he thinking?

“Huh?” he asked me his forehead creasing. His thinking face.

“You okay?” I asked as I caressed his cheeks.

“O-okay lang ako. Uhm… Sige na pasok ka na. I’ll uhm… I’ll go home na. Pagod din ako eh.” he answered.

'Then stay here with me.’ my mind said. I brushed the thought away and focused on what should be said.

“Oh. Sige. Uhm… Pag-uwi mo take a warm shower okay? To relax your muscles. Tsaka uminom ka ng gatas so you’ll have a good sleep.” I told him. 'But you can always ask me if it’s okay to sleep here. Because it is. And I want you to ask me that.’ Again, my thoughts are ruining my brain.

“Yes I will manager. Good night.” he said and he kissed my temple.

'Elmo no. Stop that or I won’t let you go home.’ stupid brain. Stop it, Julie Anne!

“I’ll see you tomorrow? For the event?” he asked me.

“I’ll try…” I replied.

“I’ll pick you up.” he said.

'No! Because I won’t let us get out of my house because I want us to spend the night together and just cuddle.’

“Wag na. Pupunta ako don’t worry.” I told him. “Good night muppet. Drive safe ha? Call me when you get home.” I added and immediately got out of his car and into my house and up my room.

And now here I am laying in bed with Elmo in my head. Couldn’t sleep because he hasn’t called me yet. And I’m starting to get worried. I was about to call him when…


My phone vibrated and I answered it without even checking on who the caller was. Because I know that it’s him.

“Manager, I’m home.” I heard him say.

“Good. Osige na. You sleep na okay?”

“Yeah. Uhm. Ikaw din ha? Matulog ka na. Para di ka masungit sa umaga. Haha.”

“Che! Ewan ko sayo. Sige na. Good night muppet.” I said.

“Good night manager.”

“Good night. Uhm… Baba ko na ha?”

“Haha. Sige.” he said. “Wait!”


“Wala, wala. Good night. Sweetdreams manager. See you tomorrow.” he said softly. I yawned and I smiled when I heard him yawn as well.

“You too, muppet.” I said and hang up the phone.


Music blasting from every amplifier installed in this place. Everyone’s bustling around trying to fix models’ hair, retouch make-ups, bring drinks and brief them with what is going to happen. I sat on one corner as I try to look for the person I’ve wanted to see so bad. But she isn’t here. Dadating ba siya? I hope so.

“Pare!” I heard someone said and paglingon ko it’s him. Enrique. Tsk. Kung minamalas ka nga naman. Bakit kasama pa siya hanggang dito?

“Uy dude!” I greeted him and shook his hand. “Andito ka din pala.”

“Yeah. Haha. Friend kasi ng cousin ko yung organizer kaya sinama nila ako dito.” he said.

“Ah. Si Maggie? Haha.”

“Yeah siya nga. Anyway. Sinong kasama mo?”

“Uhm. W-wala pa eh.” I said.

“Muppet…” I then heard her angelic voice coming from my far right. I looked at her and was amazed at how she looked. Doning her cute black dress and her hair down, she looked exactly as what you call simple yet elegant. The Julie style. Just the way I liked it.

“Wow.” I heard someone said and dun ko lang naalala na may kasama nga pala ako. I looked at him and saw his reaction. He couldn’t even take his eyes away from her. Like his imagining having sex with her just by the look in his eyes. I wanted to punch him in the face pero ayoko naman dahil wala namang nakakaalam sa nararamdaman ko so I stayed there. Watching them as their eyes meet and she even waved at him. Like yeah. What the hell Elmo.

“Muppet, late na ba ko? Nasiraan kasi ako and I had to call the auto shop pa para mapick-up yung car ko. Traffic pa sa dinaanan ng taxi.” Julie explained when she reached my place. I stood up and kissed her cheek tsaka ko siya tinitigan.

“Okay ka lang ba? I mean, bakit nasiraan ka? Di mo ba chineck yung car mo bago ka umalis? Sabi ko naman check it first before you leave diba? Tsk. Dapat talaga sinundo na lang kita eh. Nagtaxi ka pa tuloy. Magkano bill mo sa taxi?” sunud-sunod kong tanong sa kanya.

“Tsk. Ang OA mo. Okay lang ako no. Wag mo na isipin yun ha? Eh nagmamadali na nga kasi ako kaya di ko na na-check. Pero okay na. Tumawag sa akin yung sa shop habang papunta ako dito. Papalitan lang daw yung spark plug then okay na ulit.” she said sabay hawak pa sa kamay ko. “Okay na yun.” she assured me and smiled. My mood changed instantly just by seeing her smile. Kanina nag-aalala ako sa kanya, ngayon naman masaya na ko.

“You look good by the way.” I said. She blushed and gave me another smile.

“Thanks. You too! How’s your wound? Okay na ba?” she asked softly. I nodded at her and mouthed an “Okay na.”

“Ehem."we heard someone. Napalingon kami and saw Enrique still standing there. Tss. Nabuhay pa. Epal.

"Oh. Hi! Uhm… Enrique right?” Julie said and waved at him.


The moment she entered the venue its as if the world started slowing down. Parang siya na lang yung tao sa mundo and everything was just a blur. Siya lang yung high definition. How hot she looked in that sexy black dress and her shiny black hair. Wow. Just wow.

“Wow.” I blurted out as my eyes kept on staring at her beauty.

“Muppet, late na ba ko? Nasiraan kasi ako and I had to call the auto shop pa para mapick-up yung car ko. Traffic pa sa dinaanan ng taxi.” I heard her say and I was brought back to reality. Oo nga pala. Andito si Elmo. Yung bestfriend niya. They stared talking as if they were the only people on Earth and I couldn’t help but feel jealous. Wala akong karapatan because we’re not even friends pero basta. Nakakaselos lang because he gets to hold her hand and kiss her cheek even without her permission. And it seems like she is enjoying it. Parang ang normal sa kanila yung ganun. Bakit naman kami ni Bru hindi ganyan?

“Okay na yun.” she said and even held his hand tapos ang lapit ng mukha nila sa isa’t isa. Like seriously. Bestfriends lang ba talaga kayo? He smiled at her and nodded. As if they have this secret language na sila lang talaga makakaintindi. They were trapped in their own little world and I can’t help it already. I have to interrupt them.

“Ehem.” I said, clearing my throat. I saw Elmo’s reaction at natawa na lang ako. Hindi mapinta yung mukha niya. Nice job, Quen.

She looked at me and waved.

“Oh. Hi! Uhm… Enrique right?” she asked.

“Hi! Yeah ako nga. Haha. Nice seeing you here.” I told her.

“Yeah. Ikaw din.” she said.

“Manager, dun tayo oh. Gusto mo ba kumain?” Elmo asked her.

“Ha? Osige tara.” she said. “Wait lang ha?” sabi niya sa akin. I nodded and they walked away.

I watched them as they talk and laugh and damn. I just can’t take it. Bakit ba kasi ganun kasweet?! Bestfriends lang kayo for goodness’ sake. But I again reminded myself that I have no idea about what their status really is kaya wala din akong paki dapat.

“Psst Quen, di ba pupunta si Julia?” Sab asked me.

“Ha? Hindi eh. May carshow kasing aattendan yun ngayon. Alam mo naman yung pagdating sa kotse nakakalimutan na ko.”

“Hahaha. Ang drama mo boy.” Sab told me as she ruffled my hair. “Eh bakit mag-isa ka dito?”

“Wala lang.” I said. She nodded and sat next to me. “Sab, andito siya.” I said.

“Ha? Akala ko ba w–”

“Hindi si bru. Si Julie. The girl I’ve been telling you guys.” I said.

“Really?! Where? Pakilala mo ko!!” she said and even pulled my hand and started dragging me around the venue. “Asan?” she asked.

“Tsk. Ayun oh. She’s with Elmo.” I said. We stopped walking and she followed my stare.

“Oh. So that’s Elmo and Julie.” sabi niya. I nodded at her as I watched them. “Infairness. Ang cute nila together. Sila ba?” she asked.

“They’re just bestfriends.” I said.

“Really?” she asked. I nodded.

“They don’t look like they’re just bestfriends you know.”

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BTS reaction to you being in a dance crew and watching you perform please? Thanks, love youuuuuu ❤

Thanks for the request *-* ily too <3

Jin : /would just watch in awe and be the proud mama he is/ -isn’t she amazing ! She totally stands out the most ! That’s my kid /dances along/

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Suga : - I dpn’t like dancing, even with my glorious b-boy past /starts talking about his dance past/ but I gotta admit she’s not bad at all. /approves/

Originally posted by jibeom

Hoseok : /analyzes you every step/  She is a great dancer ! There are a few steps that are a little awkward but nothing I can’t work on with her  /gets in his serious dancer mode/

Originally posted by hoseoh

Namjoon : she is really good ! /internally hopes he never gets put up against you in a dance battle/

Originally posted by woopyun

Jimin : /so proud of you/ she is so good ! one day we will do a duet and slay everything !  /takes 100 pictures and 50 videos only focused on you/

Originally posted by suga-com

Tae : This is my friend ! Everyone look how good she is ! …no… the one on the right ! yes her ! isn’t she amazing … /starts bragging about you to every person he sees/

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Kookie : she’s alright… But no one can beat the one and only golden maknae ! /sassy diva mode on/ /but still proud of you ofc/

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hope this is okay ^^

Ep.8 pt.3 Fam

I was having an okay time at this lunch until Chris pulled out a Tiffany box. Where the hell is my necklace, I thought to myself when he handed my mother the box.

“Oh Christopher, you didn’t have to bring me anything.”

“I wanted to. I think you’ll like it.”

“Oh my goodness Robyn. You’re pregnant!” My heart stop and my jaw fell into my lap. How did she know?

“Uh..yeah.” I said slowly.

“Ooo I’m gonna be a grandma.” My mother gushed. I wanted to flip out because I told Chris I didn’t want her to know about the baby. At least not until I knew if I wanted to have a relationship with her. I didn’t want to ruin her happiness so I didn’t say anything.

“When did you find out?”

“A week ago.”

“Oh that’s good. I was dreaming of fish around that time and I thought one of your brothers got one of these fast girls pregnant.”

“Where are they anyway?”

“Rajad is at the mall and Rorrey is at work.”

“What about…Dad?”

“He’s at work too. He should be getting off in a little while. You can come by the house and see him if you want.”

“I’ll come over. I really wanna see my knuckle head brothers too.”

“They want to see you too. They miss you like crazy. Rajad will be home from school in a little while and I’ll have to call Rorrey and tell him to come over.”

“He moved out so he can be with his chicks in private.”

“No, he moved out when he was eighteen because he didn’t want to be twenty-one and still living with his mother.”

“I heard that. I know my son won’t be living in my house forever.” Chris said.

“So you want a son?”

“Yeah, I always imagined myself playing basketball with my little boy.”

“And you know I see myself playing dress up with my little diva.”

“I can’t wait to see what my grand baby will look like.”

“I’m hoping it’ll have Robyn’s eyes and smile.” Chris said.

“I want her to have his freckles and dimples. My baby is gonna be adorable.”

“Adorable and staying right home.”

“Chris I told you you’re not gonna hold my daughter captive.”

“I gotta do what I gotta do to make she my daughter doesn’t end up pregnant.”

“Y’all wont have to worry about that if you raise her right which I’m sure you guys will.”

“But mummy you don’t know the whole story. He wants our daughter to stay where he can see her but if we have a son he’ll let him be with a whole bunch of girls.”

“That’s not very fair Chris.”

“That’s what I said.”

“Girls are different. Guys like to take advantage of girls so I have to watch her to make sure that won’t happen.”

“But your gonna let your son run around taking advantage of girls?” Ma asked.

“Naw my son is gonna be a gentleman. I don’t want him breaking a lot of girls hearts and have then throwing rocks through my windows.” Me laughed and said “Yeah, you don’t want a mob of crazy girls lined up at your door.”

“I think we’ll make pretty good parents so we won’t have to worry about that.”

“I hope not. Are you guys ready to go to the house?”

“Yeah let’s go.” Chris paid for our food and we walked to Mama’s car together. As I rode in the back seat I looked around and took in all the familiar sights. I haven’t been back here in seven years and nothing has changed a bit. When we arrived at the house I noticed that a couple things were different. The house was painted a totally different color and now there were flowers planted along the house. We all walked into the house and I noticed that the furniture has been either replaced or rearranged.

“Rajad should be home any minute.” Mama said before she went into the kitchen.

“Where is your room?” Chris asked. He was holding our bags in his hands and looking around.

“Down the hall. Come on.” He followed me to the hall to my old bedroom. When I opened the door I found that my room was the way I left it. Chris sat our bags down in the corner and started looking at the things on my dresser as I laid down on my bed and watched him.

“Oh my god. Is this you?” He asked as he held up a picture of me from when I was in Cadets.


“You were a little soldier huh?” He said, saluting me.

“Yeah and I know how to use a gun too.” Chris put the picture down and climbed on top of me.

“Wanna get a quickie in real quick?”


“Why not?”

“Cuz I don’t want to be smelling like sex when my brother gets here.”

“We can take a shower after. We could do it in the shower!” He picked me up and I slapped his back.

“Put me down!”

“Ugh, you’re no fun.” Chris pouted and put me down.

“I am not having sex with you in my mothers house.”

“Keep thinking that. I bet you’ll be bouncing on my dick tonight.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“Just wait and see.” Chris said as he wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his semi hard dick poking against my butt.

“We can’t do it. You know I can’t be quiet.”

“You better try.” He whispered as he slid his hand into my pants. I heard the front door close and Chris moved his hand.

“I think my brother is here.” I tried to walk out of my room but Chris grabbed my arm.

“We’re finishing this later.” We walked into the living room and found Rajad talking to Mama. He was about as tall as Chris and he even had a thin mustache. Look at him growing up on me and shit.

“Robyn?” He said when he saw me. Damn his voice is deep.

“It’s me.” He ran into my arms just like he did when he was younger.

“I missed you.”

“I miss you too little bro.”

“What are you doing here?”

“I just came by to visit.”

“Who is that?” Rajad asked, pointing at Chris.

“This is my boyfriend Christopher.”

“Nice to meet you.” Chris said as he shook Rajad’s hand.

“Nice to meet you too. How long are y’all staying here?”

“We’re leaving tomorrow afternoon.” Chris answered.

“Oh.” I could hear the disappointment in his voice.

“I called Rorrey. He’ll be here in a little while. Rajad your dinner is ready.”

“You guys eating?” Rajad asked.

“We just had lunch. I am stuffed.”

“I made jerk chicken.”

“You know what, I am kind of hungry.”

“I have to go to the bathroom.” Chris said.

“It’s the door right next to my bedroom.” I said before I went into the kitchen. I fixed myself a plate and sat at the dinner table with Rajad.

“How have you been? I haven’t seen you in years.”

“I know but don’t worry. I’ll never stay away from you that long again. Here you are already sixteen and I missed everything.”

“It’s okay. It’s not your fault.”

“Well as you can see I’m not with Matthew anymore.”

“What happened?”

“It just didn’t work out.”

“Why did you come back now? Why not sooner?”

“I was still bitter about what happened the last time I was here. I didn’t even plan to come now. This trip was all Chris’ idea.”

“Wow really. He must be good to you then.”

“He has been so far.”

“Good I thought I was gonna have to pull him to the side and grill him.”

“Boy you wasn’t gonna do nothing.”

“That’s what you think. I don’t want my sister to be with just anybody.”

“Aww look at you being protective.”

“I learned from the best.”

“I need to ask you about something.”

“What is it?”

“Mom and Dad.”

“You don’t have to worry about that Rob. Dad is better now.”

“For real?”

“Yeah, he’s been clean for like two years.”

“And he hasn’t been hitting on Ma has he?”

“Nope, he hasn’t even threatened her or anything.”

“That’s good to hear.” I heard the front door open and close and my brother Rorrey appeared.

“Hey Ma. Where you at!?”

“You need to stop yelling Rorrey.” I said.

“Well if it isn’t my big head big sister. What are you doing here?” He asked as he hugged me tight.

“Your head is bigger than mine. I’m just sliding though.”

“I’m glad I came by or I wouldn’t have been able to see you.”

“What I miss?” Chris asked as he walked into the kitchen.

“Wait who is light bright?” Rorrey asked.

“That is my boyfriend Christopher.”

“Oh word? Lemme talk to you real quick.”

“That’s not necessary.”

“Matt got a talk, freckles needs to get a talk too.”

“Naw he’s cool man.” Rajad said. Rorrey eyed him down before he sat down at the table.

“I have something to tell you guys.”

“What is it?”

“I’m pregnant.”

“Oh hell naw! This nigga done planted his seed in my sister!” Rorrey yelled.

“Watch your mouth Rorrey.” My mother said. Before Rorrey could say anything the front door opened and my father appeared. My heart was pounding as my dad’s eyes went right through me.

“Hey honey. How was work?” Mama asked, kissing him on the cheek.

“It was fine.”

“Robyn’s here.”

“I see. Aren’t you gonna hug me?” I didn’t mean to just sit there and stare but I was feeling so many emotions I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to hate him. I wanted to cuss him out as soon as I saw him but the strange thing was is that I couldn’t. I looked at him and I saw the old him. The way he looked 20 years ago. He didn’t look like the drunken crack head I remembered him as. He looked like the average dad he used to be. The one that read me bed times stories and taught me how to swim. I got out of my seat and slowly walked over to him before his arms wrapped around me.

“I missed you Robyn.” My dad mumbled into my hair.

“I missed you too.” Tears welled in my eyes and a couple of them hit his back. He held me close and everyone else joined us for one great big hug. When we finally pulled away from each other all of our faces were covered with tears.

“This is suppose to be a happy occasion.” My mom said as she wiped her face.

“I’m sorry. i just couldn’t control myself.” My dad said.

“Come on you guys. Let’s have some fun. Y’all wanna go to the beach?” Mama asked.

“I don’t have a bathing suit.” I said.

“I packed a few for you.” Chris informed me.

“I guess we’re going to the beach.”

Two Hours Later
After we changed all of us headed to the beach and we were having the best time. We went on the jet skis, rafts, and I even gave the parasail another try. I was making a sand castle with Chris when my dad called me over to him.

“I’ll be right back.” I told Chris.

“I need to talk to you.”

“About what?”

“About us. I know I haven’t been the best father but I want to change that. I know I can’t go back in time and fix everything but if I could I would. I can’t change the past but I want to work on the future. Your mother told me you were leaving tomorrow and I didn’t want you to leave without knowing where we stand.”

“I don’t hate you. I thought I did but I didn’t.”

“How do you feel?”

“I feel like I love you because your my dad. I just don’t trust you.”

“I understand that.”

“Over time my trust for you will grow and we can go back to the way we used to be.”

“I’ll wait as long as it takes. You know I always loved how forgiving you are. Just like your mother.”

“I know.”

“Thank you for giving me another chance.”

“You’re welcome.” He hugged me and told me he loved me.

“I love you too.”


Chris and I were in my bed cuddling and enjoying each others company. I was laying in his arms in only a bra and a thong and Chris in his boxers.


“Yes baby?”

“Thanks for bringing me here.”

“I told you everything would work out.”

“You know how stubborn I can be.”

“Yeah. I thought I was gonna have to tie you up and put you in a bag to get you here.”

“I’m not that bad.”

“If you say so.”

“Shut up.”

“Why don’t you shut me up then?” I kissed him on the lips and it didn’t take long for it to turn into a full blown make out session. Chris was rubbing all over my legs and ass while I caressed his perfect abs. He climbed on top of me and kissed from my chest all the way down to my panties.

“You better be quite.” Chris mumbled before he pulled my panties to the side and attacked my clit. I bit down on my lip hard to hold my moans in. He sucked on my clit and slid one finger inside me. I was alright at first but then he started pumping his finger in and out of me hard and fast I had to put a pillow over my face.

“Damn you biting the pillow and I haven’t even put CJ in yet.” Chris said when he stopped eating me out. He opened my legs wide before he shoved himself inside of me. I gasped loudly and gripped the sheets.

“Ooo Chris!”

“I told you to be quiet.” Chris growled as he pumped in and out of me faster.

“This feels so good!” He going at the same pace for a few more minutes until I took my fingers out and sucked them.

“I said be quiet.” He said, pulling my hair. He slowed down and started giving me long, deep strokes.

“I can’t take it.” I whined. Cj was hitting my spot every time he went inside me. He pulled out of me and I said “Why did you stop?”

“You said you can’t take it.”

“Chris please don’t do this to me.” I begged.
“I’m not done yet. Face down, ass up.” I got into position and plunged back into my wetness. He smacked my ass and pounded me. My face was buried into the pillow and I was screaming on the top of my lungs.

“You’re too fucking loud!” Chris said, gripping my hips and attacking my g spot.

“Shit, don’t stop.” Chris pushed my head a little further into the pillow and picked up his pace. I was whining and moaning softly and I was just about to come when I heard my dad call out my name.

“Uh…yeah dad.” I said. Chris was still pounding into me and I was breathing hard.

“Are you alright. I heard you whining when I was on my way to the bathroom.”

I heard him trying to to open the door but thank god the door was locked.

“My…stomach hurts.”

“You want me to get you some medicine?”

“Oh shit. Yes!” I screamed as I came. Chris laughed and smirked at me when he came and pulled out of me.

“O…kay. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay dad.” When we were sure he was gone Chris said “So you got a stomach ache huh?”

“Shut up. It’s not funny. My dad heard us having sex.”

“I told you to be quite.”

“I told you I didn’t want to have a sex.”

“Whatever you know you loved it.” Chris pulled me close to him and I laid my head on his chest. My dad never came back so we both went to sleep.