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“I feel like I could eat the world raw.”

Please consider Song of Achilles au for tododeku im crying at a dennys

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Rey learned to fight growing up on Jakku. She needed the skill to survive, as we see in the movie.

Later she fights against Kylo Ren, a far more practiced warrior and Force prodigy. She wins because she uses the Force.

Luke Skywalker learned to fly growing up on Tatooine. He was bored with farm life and so he practiced flying whenever he could.

Later he is pursued by Darth Vader in the trench run, who is the “best star pilot in the galaxy”, a war veteran, and a Force prodigy. He wins because he uses the Force.

That’s not even getting into the fact that Kylo was badly injured and emotionally unstable and not, apparently, fully trained, whereas Vader had no reason for his flight skills to be hindered in the trench run.

Anyway that’s my take on the matter.


He’s offering his not at all suspicious tea to all yall who keep sending vague requests despite me pleading for more specific ones

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I love the way you draw bodies ;w; how did u learn

((ah! thank you and well uh i dont really know i actually look at a lot of reference pictures for the upper body and the lower portion. and i try to replicate them. i also have the habit of staring at people’s bodies irl just to see how bodies work and such. i mean thats how i learn to draw bodies , just use reference pics and i also tend to look at my own body to look at the proportion but really throughout time my skills of drawing bodies develop))

hey kids so I have slightly more than no motivation to do things at the moment so I figured I’d hop on this pony and do some moodboards. the rules/details are as follows:

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  • for an archive moodboard, just send me a ☆
  • for a fandom moodboard, just send me a ☽ + whatever character/relationship/show/book/movie you want the moodboard for (you can also send me a colour scheme if you want)
  • for an icon pack (of nine so it kind of looks like a moodboard I guess) just send me a ♕ + the characters/people and the colour scheme
  • this has to get like 30 notes otherwise it never happened

I will also be maybe picking a few people to do user moodboards for, so just pop in the tags that you would like a user moodboard as well and I’ll pick a bunch of people to do that for if I have time/feel inspired enough. I will try and get everything done in a timely fashion but I’m a lazy, untalented, perfectionist so you know.

like tbh…roughly 90-95% of the american liberals and leftists i’ve encountered both online and off who had an obsession with palestine/anti-zionism (despite not seeming to be aware of or give a shit about any other type of anti-imperialist/anti-colonial issue) were largely using it as a convenient vehicle for their antisemitism and i’m glad this site has finally started to wise up to that fact. literally never underestimate the extent to which tryhard “ally” types will hijack and twist anti-colonial discourse for their own purposes


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i wasn’t really sure what to do for this so… send me ur locus rarepairs + a specific prompt (sfw please) for them and I’ll see what I can do! A brief description of how you think their relationship would work would be helpful too :)