and you can see the freckle under his eye ; ;

james sirius potter headcanons

james sirius potter with bruises and mud over his hands and face

james sirius potter with his scarlet tie loose around his neck

james sirius potter with untied shoes and one sock

james sirius potter with dark, wild hair (on purpose) 

james sirius potter with light freckles covering everywhere. everywhere

james sirius potter climbing the womping willow just to see if he can

james sirius potter stuffing his face every feast

james sirius potter giving bone-crushing hugs

james sirius potter with an old quaffle tightly in his grasp

james sirius potter with sparking brown eyes and a rougish grin

james sirius potter studying the marauder’s map by wandlight

james sirius potter sitting on his broom under the moonlight to relax 

james sirius potter breaking a quill and ink spilling all over his parchment

james sirius potter’s contagious laugh that made the whole common room laugh along with him

james sirius potter being the embodiment of his namesakes and being bloody proud of it 

When the day has long gone and you’re feeling empty. When you’re feeling the universe conspire against you. When you got tired of believing in yourself. Just remember how would your morning would be as you woke up. When you open your eyes and turn to your side to see his face as he sleeps. Your fingers tracing through the constellation of the freckles on his face. The giggle you let out when he wrinkled his nose upon the touch of your skin. When his lips curved into a small smile, that you knew he’ll grab your arms and snuggle you under his arms. Remember what it feels like to bury your face into his chest while his drawing circles on your spine. Go on, try it. Either way, that’s the least you can do. Deluding yourself to a world that you and him exist.
—  S.H

All of us have this hundred insecurities about ourselves. But one day, we will meet someone who would love even the mere detail of our being. Who would love your flaw and imperfect curves perfectly. The scars you have will be love endlessly by that someone. Even the slightest freckles on your skin, the little things will be appreciated by that person. It takes time meet that special someone. No one can tell if he is or she is the right one. Not until the circumstances or fate will test the both of you how long or how strong you can hold each other’s hand. It’s about making a final decision about facing the challenges that God has for the both of you. Making a decision that leaving your partner will never be a choice nor an option. The only option is you’ll stay no matter what happens or just be there and be his or her supporter, companion. If that person looks at you under your skin or you see your own self in his eyes as if he is looking directly to your soul don’t let him go. It might be hard along the way keeping the relationship God restored to the both of you, but as long as God is the center. No matter what it is, you’ll succeed at the end of the road. All the pain and sacrifices you’ve done for someone will be rewarded as a worth it in the end. So hold on, and don’t let go.

When Cas awakes and opens his eyes just slightly, he can make out Dean’s form in the dim morning light.

He can make out the curve of his hip under the blanket. His left arm that’s placed across his chest as to keep himself warm.
He can see his relaxed face, lost in a dream. A dream about a better life, about a lost childhood and an unknown future.
His full lips mumbling undefinable words under his breath. His pupils visibly moving under his eyelids.
Cas can make out every freckle that’s placed across his beautiful face. He loves every single one of them.
His chest tightens and he can’t believe how lucky he is, right now, in this very moment. That he finally gets this. This Man. Gets to be happy, just for once. Lost in his world of bliss, he hears Dean murmur “What are you looking at?” not having noticed that he woke up.

A smile spreading across his face, Cas answers “Everything.”