and you can see a jace face in here just because i can

Best Magnus Moment Yet:

What I love more than anything about this scene is this moment right here. It’s like we all forget because Magnus is so glittery and MALEC is so adorable but Magnus Bane is motherfuckin powerful as hell. And it’s like Jace forgot too, he looks at Magnus like he’s just another person he can tell what to do or intimidate but in this moment you can see it in Magnus’s face. The light- heartedness is gone in a moment because Jace grabbed him. Magnus doesn’t need to prove his strength 24/7 but when he feels it necessary, it literally takes Jace a millisecond to be like “oh shit I’m taking my hand off”. I just can’t get over his expression: he’s literally thinking “I could snap you in half boy and don’t you forget it”.

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