and you can literally pinpoint it


Here you go, anon dear. And uh…backstory? Hmm…

Talon gets a hold of Winston’s unfinished blueprints (through Sombra maybe?) creates the chronal accelerator, and “saves” Tracer before Overwatch. After feeding her with lies about the Slipstream Flight Experiment, why she was selected to be its pilot, etc. Successfully manipulated and now filled with hate for Overwatch for ruining her sex life (can’t take the damn bulky chronal accelerator off ughhhhh), Tracer joins Talon and gets herself a hot purple girlfriend who happens to be her late boss’ ex wife. Also, the Latina freelancer flirts with her every chance she gets. Luckily, Sombra has her translocator or she would have been dead by the hot purple girlfriend’s hand.

PS Gabriel designed this outfit, not me.

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we knoe dan is phil trash #1 but sometimes we forget that phil's dan trash too,,,,,

people tend to focus on dans fondness for phil more often since he tends to express his affection through words which makes it a lot easier to pinpoint and analyze, but if you take one look at all of those pictures of dan that were obviously taken by phil, it becomes so apparent that phil is literally obsessed with dan and all his beauty. phil is a very action driven man and often expresses his affection for dan through actions, whether that be smth more subtle like multitudes of candids where he can happily hide behind the camera while admiring his bf, or literally calling dan up on stage during an award show to publicly share an award with him that was originally intended to be an individual award. phil expresses his love for dan in a different way than dan does for phil but that doesn’t make it any less significant at all and i start feelin emotions every time i think about it

I am livid.

I wasn’t going to speak about the whole PewDiePie issue, but now that it’s been confirmed that Scare PewDiePie Season 2 is canceled, something that literally HUNDREDS of people worked on, I have to say something. Not just because I’m sad about not getting to watch it, but the reasoning behind it. 

I am so sick of the media targeting Felix because he’s a public figure. I believe partly that it’s because of jealousy. The media can’t stand that Felix is influencing the world, just because he’s a YouTuber, so they strive to find every single freaking detail they can to pinpoint anything that could be used against him (hey, he’s still getting watch time from them so congrats media, you played yourself). 

Do you know just how much work goes into making a television show? They’re not kidding when they say it takes blood, sweat and tears. I went to a production camp one time, and it took two full days to get only a couple of scenes filmed, edited, and ready to release. Not to mention the mutitude of people that were a part of the whole show. But this isn’t about me. Felix, Jack, and the other YouTubers took time out of their lives to, as usual, make the viewers happy that they could be a part of an amazing project. And now that it’s gone, taken, stolen from everyone, both viewer and creator are left with nothing but the feeling that they wasted time and money just to be let down by the one site that actually gave them that entertainment.

And, finally, to Disney and YouTube, I will now and forever stand with PewDiePie. I believe that the world needs to wake up and stop being butthurt over every little thing that may inconvenience them. Yeah, the Fiverr incident was a little too far, We all are entitled to our own opinion, and therefore have the freedom to make whatever jokes we want. Did the joke really hurt anyone? Did it incite some terrorist act, or cause a mass suicide? NO. People were offended for maybe a minute over their time, and then clicked away from the video. Did Disney HAVE to cut ties with Felix, and YouTube cancel Scare PewDiePie? NO. I believe they did it to save face instead of thinking about the work that was put into the show. 

Oh, by the way, Disney, did you forget about this?

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Or this?


take off your shoes, come in the room (and baby, let’s try not to argue)

part 2 of i’m in love with a girl i hate (she enjoys, pointing out every bad thing about me) AKA drama club AU part 1 is here!! yeah i know i said that i’d only start writing during the weekend but here i am, several days early,, it’s scary the things validation makes me do


Jake’s pacing back and forth in front of the front door anxiously- they’ve agreed on meeting today, for the first time, and Amy’s supposed to reach at three in the afternoon.

To say Jake feels nervous would be the understatement of the century. The moment he got home, he took a shower, using all the fancy soaps they had, which means he combined Fresh And Flirty Rose! with (an extremely old) Head To Toes Babies. He also put on some suspicious looking cologne that might’ve been left behind by one of his mom’s exes.

Not that he’s trying to impress Amy, or anything, but if he were to smell bad he wouldn’t be able to blame it on some other dude’s B.O. or the stank-iness of the room in general. And he doesn’t want Amy telling the whole world that he reeks, right?

After his long shower, Jake stretched out on his bed, leaving the door open so he could hear Amy ring the door bell.

But then a thought occurred to him- what if she doesn’t notice the doorbell, and chooses to knock on the door, but he’s too far away to hear? Does their doorbell even work anymore? Do they even have a doorbell?

He raced out of his room to check, (and after conducting five tests) relieved to know it worked, but he still couldn’t quite quell the bundle of nerves that refused to stop making his heart jump.

Perhaps it was best for him to wait at the front door until Amy arrived, the clock and door taking turns to be the subject of Jake’s glares.

This brings us to Jake’s current state- he’s been ambling back and forth for close to ten minutes now, and Amy should be here soon.

Unless she’s late- which Jake doesn’t expect her to be because Amy’s never late, but at the same time, their meeting is unofficial and could be something she doesn’t care about being punctual for, right?

But then- what if she’s early? A possibility that dwindles with each passing second, yet something Jake can’t help but think about because the alternative would be to think about how crazy this arrangement is.

Because it is crazy! Amy’s literally coming over to his (empty) house so they can practice kissing. Why did he think this was a good idea? Why did he suggest this? And why did Amy Santiago, known for her rationality, agree?

At the same time, if Amy doesn’t come soon Jake might just combust, and he can’t pinpoint why. Maybe it’s a combination of fear and uncertainty and unwillingness, like something bad you want to happen quickly so you can get it over and done with, because waiting in anticipation of it feels worse than actually having to do the bad thing.

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pairing: yoongi x reader

genre: straight fluff | teacher!yoongi x pharmacist!reader 

length: 2.7k

summary: your best friend is obviously an angel sent from heaven after shoving yoongi into your life. here are some snippets of your phone conversations. 



Your chewing becomes slower as you catch the pleading smile that Nari gives you.

“What?” You ask after swallowing a bite of the brownie. That she had bought you. For no reason. Out of nowhere. With wide eyes, you set down the brownie as if it were on fire. “Oh my god, you want something. What do you want?”

“W-what? Nothing!” She sputters, trying to push the brownie back into your hands, causing the cellophane to crinkle.

“No, last time you randomly bought me a brownie I had to babysit your creepy niece because you didn’t want to miss a concert,” you remind her happily and let go of the brownie.

“Okay, so maybe I do want something,” Nari laughs nervously, using her index finger to scratch the skin beneath her ear. “I’ve been set up.”


“Can you take him?” She attempts a sweet smile to persuade you.

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Ok but you can literally pinpoint the moment JD falls in love with Veronica. When he first sees her he’s clearly intrigued by her, because she’s trying actually be a good person when everyone else is such a dick. That’s why he actually bothers to talk to her, is because he sees her as being a better person than all the other students. He even says “you’ve got a soul, you just have to work on keeping it clean”, basically saying that he can see that she’s a good person but that she has to be carful not to let other people turn her bad.
Then when they meet at 7/11, he’s still clearly interested, because he actually approaches her and opens up to her. The fact that he tells her how he feels and deals with emotions is pretty big, considering how closed off he is and how he’s probably never opened up to anyone like that. I think by that point he’s definitely attracted to her and wants to get to know her better.
But the moment that I think he seriously falls in love is during dead girl walking, when she gets down and tells him that she doesn’t believe him when he says he’s numb inside, and that she thinks he’s beautiful, and that it didn’t matter what the world thought as long as they had each other.
I feel like you can literally see the moment where he’s like “…holy shit…” And everything he’s had bottled up his whole life sort of snaps and just comes pouring out because of this one girl. I also think that’s what triggered his god complex. He basically spend his whole life feeling nothing, and suddenly Veronica makes him feel EVERYTHING and it’s so overwhelming that it makes him kind of snap. It also gave him the feeling that he had to protect Veronica above everything else, which explains very clearly why he killed Heather Chandler. Basically, he probably had the desire to kill inside him all along, he just never realized it until Veronica made him feel all those feelings, and his motive for killing was a combination of desire to protect Veronica as well as the fact that he went sort of insane after he had that crazy wave of feelings he’d never felt before.
It’s pretty romantic without all the murdering right ???? 😭😭

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"YOU know i have a boyfriend, right?” “I simply want a demographic breakdown of all the guys that hit on you.” "I’M gonna ask you to get out of my girlfriend’s bed, man.” With Jughead please!

“I’M GONNA ASK you to get out of my girlfriend’s bed, man.” Emerald optics flicker between aquiver male and innocuous femme. Vexation exaggerates already sharp features, coaxing thick brows into a furrow, the pallid skin above to crease, and thin lips to form a narrow line underneath his cupid’s bow. All 6'1" of Jughead Jones stands erect in the threshold of Y/N Y/L/N’s bedroom. He relies on the freshman’s lack of knowledge on his reputation, pacifist (by choice, not by fear, mind you) ways especially, to incite fear in his underclassman heart. He really isn’t the physical altercation type.

The boy alleviates his weight from the queen-sized mattress, scurrying to a halt before Jughead. He pitches ghost-white palms into thick atmosphere—a symbolism for surrender. “Hey, I-I didn’t know she was dating anyone.”

Y/N scoffs then. From his periphery, he watches as she extracts neon highlighter from between rows of ivories to say, “I literally said, not even two minutes ago, ’you know I have a boyfriend, right?’ You can’t lie on me while I’m sitting right here, fully capable of defending myself, dude.”

Contrived confidence flakes. Jughead can actually pinpoint the precise moment sweat begun to bleed down his forehead. He pities the youth (not really, maybe a little), distinctly remembers similar countenance on a certain ginger friend around this time last year, the label of ninth grader delivering the final blows to an already shallow ego, and juts remarkable crowned beanie behind broad shoulder. “I’m gonna ask you to get out of her room now.”

“R-right. That’s fair.”

“More than,” Jughead hums, even steps to the left to accommodate frantic boy’s passing. Slouched posture returns once only the couple remains and lengthy legs swallow wide gaps until he’s reached his girlfriend, pushing tendrils back to pepper a lingering kiss to her hairline.

“Hey, bae.”

“Hey.” He throws lanky frame onto her bed in a way that deliberately jostles both Y/N and the open binders and notebooks she’s immersed herself within. A reaction never emerges. He tries again. “We can turn this shit off.” Lithe digits fold over the phone sandwiched between pencils; Y/N snatches it back.

“Summer’s Over Interlude is not shit,” she ripostes.

“How can you get any work done with this crap blasting?” Jughead plucks the device from slack grip. “Do you have any Aerosmith?”

Y/N grabs it again. “I don’t even know who that is.” Irises downcast to ratty, black converse potentially staining her floral bedding. “And get your dirty shoes off my bed, please. This isn’t IKEA.” Sophomore male obliges with wry grin.

“You’re making a lot of demands for someone who was just caught cheating,” he teases.

The girl raises a stapled packet of chemistry notes and then brings it down across his sinewy forearm. “Puh-lease!” Smack! “You know.” Smack! “I would never.” Sm—

Jughead restrains sturdy wrist, thumb tracing the outline of protruding bone, before he tugs her into him—a frenetic collision of warm bodies appropriating minimal space. “I know,” he says after she’s settled between his hips, back pressed against chest, and singular strands of hair in his mouth. “I trust you.”


“I simply want a demographic breakdown of all the guys that hit on you.”


All the Squids 2 hype reminded me of my old embarrassing squid ocs ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ I fully own up to the fact that Lavender’s legs are an anatomical disaster but it’s shapes that are fun to draw so I’m fine with it. Also Fuchsia’s pose is mostly copy-pasted from a very specific sprite from a game from a series I’ve literally never talked about online and if you can actually pinpoint that I’ll be very impressed

hey not to be problematic and make people feel bad things again but it’s been 3 days now and I’ve finally been able to pinpoint the last reason why Liam’s words from the other day bothered me so much. I mean, besides the fact that he was completely dismissive of everything Zayn’s endured and went on the next day to actually, legit, literally condemn Zayn to death for leaving the band which is in and on itself more reprehensible that I can explain. It’s all fun and games until you remember that Zayn left for health reasons. BUT ANYWAYS!!! Beyond all that, what Liam did by saying he couldn’t understand why Zayn felt the way he felt and why he left when for him it was the GREATEST !!!111!!!!1 is that he subtly casts a shadow of doubt over Zayn’s statements. If Liam, the one who, by his and Z’s admissions, was the closes to him in the band didn’t see it happening, was it in fact happening? If Liam, the trustworthy one and the most dependable one, the daddy of the group, wasn’t aware of Zayn’s feelings, didn’t see Zayn’s struggles, were they in fact happening? Obviously, he’s catering to the fanbase that’s always screamed outrage at Zayn’s departure and who’s been calling him a liar for 2 years, I know that. It just sparked a new wave of burning rage inside my chest, is all. 

Anyways, do you know whose story has remained consistent throughout the last 2 years? Zayn! Do you know who deserves protection and love? Zayn! Do you know who should be respected and given the benefit of the doubt? ZAYN!

You know what I want to see more of? Post-Game godtier powers.

Give me a John who gets more airtime than should be possible when he jumps, who never gets too hot or too cold and can always tell when it’s going to rain or snow or bluster. (Give me a John who dreams of flying, who has to concentrate to keep himself corporeal, like if he stops thinking about having mass he’ll drift apart, unable to pull himself back together.)

Give me a Dave who can tell what time it is down to the millisecond, with infallible accuracy. Who makes split-second catches like it’s second nature, like time slows down for him before a crisis, who can fast-forward through any of John’s movies by speeding up his perception. (Give me a Dave who can’t stop hearing ticking. Who sometimes blinks and finds himself ahead or behind of where he should be, who can never be sure if he’ll wake up the morning after he fell asleep.)

Give me a Jade who can make any bag into a bag of holding by shrinking what she puts in it or making the inside bigger than the outside. Give me a Jade who can shrink herself at will to go on adventures inside terrariums, who could tell you where anyone is with pinpoint accuracy, who can show up on any of her friends’ doorsteps like it’s nothing at all, who never gets lost. (Give me a Jade who misses being able to wander, who feels trapped, confined, in her body, on this planet. Give me a Jade who feels purposeless without Prospit’s quests or the pressured trials of the game, who feels like nothing presents a challenge anymore.)

Give me a Rose who can still tell the most favorable outcomes of any decision. A Rose who is never in the dark, figuratively or literally. A Rose who never gives a wrong answer. (Give me a Rose overwhelmed by all the information in her head. A Rose who dreams of tentacles and ink and darkness and wakes up choking on her own tongue, who knows she shouldn’t be afraid of what she saw but can’t reason with her own emotions. Give me a Rose who can’t tell if she thinks people are individuals or pawns anymore.)


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Hey Summer! Do you think you can do some Lafferson x readers hcs? Ive just started to ship it, but I don't see a lot about it

h eck yeah lafferson is becoming very popular lately

i got carried away??? oops it’s 3 am? everything just hit me all at once like i even started thinking about how you’d spend christmases together? here’s some general ones that came to mind lol

  • you keep your relationship a secret from everyone for the longest time
    • you’re all very careful about it just because you’re not sure how people will respond
    • laf’s loyal to alexander but he knows if alex found out he was in love with thomas he’d flip
    • and then bringing you into the mix complicated things
  • aaron’s the first to know
    • he’s like “you guys aren’t slick at all” but he promises not to say anything
    • he actually thinks you guys are cute
  • he becomes one of your closest friends,, if you ever have problems with thomas you ask him what to do
  • thomas and laf have known each other for years but they can never really pinpoint when they started to fall for each other
    • they’d have quick hookups here and there but they never did much about it
  • they have you to thank for bringing them together
    • you got them thinking about a serious relationship not only with you but with each other
    • they both had a serious crush on you and instead of fighting for you they’re like “maybe she’s interested in seeing the both of us?”
    • so they court you!!
  • these boys are so romantic–to everyone else it’s sickening
    • and they’re rich so there is literally nothing they wouldn’t buy you
  • thomas is very observant
    • he knows when you’re happy, when you’re upset. he can read you like a book 
    • he gives really good advice and he’s happy to help you 
  • but he’s also very thoughtful!
    • when he travels, he’ll bring you back stuff if you can’t come with him
    • his gifts are well thought out
    • you: “you bought me ______?!?!” 
    • thomas: “you said you wanted it?” 
    • you, blushing: “i-i just didn’t think you were listening” 
    • thomas: “i’m always listening. you’re important to me” 
  • laf and him will talk in french a lot
    • usually when they’re really tired (laf just starts mumbling in french and thomas joins in)
    • they try to teach you little things
    • they light up when you speak to them in french!! it’s little things like “how are you?” or “i love you” but they’re still like “omg she’s so cute”
  • thomas plays the violin for you if you ask him too
    • sometimes if you can’t sleep, he’ll start to play and laf will hold you until you fall asleep
  • both boys can play piano!!
    • laf will sit with you on his lap and he’ll just play songs for you
    • he’s got a very nice singing voice but he doesn’t sing a whole lot
  • laf’s very affectionate
    • he gives you all the kisses–good morning kisses!! goodnight kisses!! surprise kisses!!
    • all the kisses,,
  • on his days off, all he wants to do is cuddle you so be ready to stay in bed until 12 pm
  • do not be fooled!! thomas puts on this tough guy act but he melts for you
    • whenever you come into his office, he stops whatever he’s doing to greet you
    • everyone in the office knows you just because of how thomas reacts when you come in
    • he’ll see you step off the elevators and he’s already smiling
    • as soon as you’re gone he’ll go back to yelling/arguing w/ people
  • he’s actually really cuddly? 
    • he’ll just wrap his arms around you if you’re standing around and he’ll nuzzle his face into your neck or he’ll pull you into his arms and sit you in his lap when he’s working
  • laf likes to cook for you
    • sometimes thomas will help him and it’s cute to see them in the kitchen together
    • he’ll bake too!
    • if you have a sweet tooth, he gets excited to bake for you
    • he makes all these fancy french dishes that you can’t pronounce
  • laf will carry you if you can’t reach something (but he’s usually good about putting things in reach for you)
    • he likes to carry you in general
  • your hands are small compared to theirs but they think it’s the cutest thing ever
    • one night you were laying in bed and you grabbed laf’s hand and held it up against yours
    • you were like “woah” and he just laughed
  • you all have to be touching in some way
    • it could be something as thomas having his hand on your knee or laf holding your hand but they just like knowing you’re close
  • they like to travel!!
    • they take you to france asap!
    • thomas also takes you down south later in your relationship
i am your sweetheart psychopathic crush

chapter one - (

chapter two - (

|hey y’alls! i just recently reached 1k (wooo!) and i know the reason why my follower count skyrocketed- my lame spideychelle hcs (this is a totally different au, btw) so take this as a gift. this is just a short prologue, it’s very sweet, and fluffy. the title of this series is taken from lorde’s the louvre (get ready for a whole bunch of melodrama references) hope you guys enjoy it! let me know if you want chapter one (it’s better, i swear) and uh be gentle with the criticism. also, shoutout to @sub-zeromka and also @intrepidment who literally commented one nice thing and in turn, made me post this. ok, i’ll stop rambling so you can read this|

Prologue: In the Moment

If you asked him, he could pinpoint the exact moment in which it happened. He remembers that they were at Decathlon practice. He remembers Flash being a pain in the ass. He remembers having enough of the boy and putting him in his place. He remembers the way she tried to hide the smirk on her face- by looking down at her cards. He remembers feeling a sense of satisfaction at the fact that he impressed her. He remembers the lingering question that he pushed to the back of his mind; why did he want to impress Michelle?

They were nearing the end of the practice, almost wrapping up for the day when he felt Ned nudge him with his elbow, telling him that he was zoning out and that MJ would’ve kicked his ass if she caught him daydreaming during practice. He remembers Ned telling him that not even Spider-Man could endure the wrath of Michelle Jones and to quit daydreaming about Spider-Man if he still wanted to be, well, Spider-Man.

On any other day, Peter Parker would be dreaming about finally becoming an official Avenger and kicking some alien ass but today, or recently, he had been staring at the girl before him. He remembers thinking that she looked other-worldly, with the way the Sun was illuminating her features, giving her a slight glow. He remembers balling his fists in an attempt to hide his overwhelming urge to tuck the flyaway behind her ear because it looked like it was irritating her. He remembers thinking about the first time she hugged him. It was after the DC incident and she never wanted to admit it, but she was genuinely worried for him when he didn’t turn up until after the incident.

He remembers smelling her hair-he swore she smelled like chocolate chip cookies. He remembers the way she tried to blink back the tears in her eyes when they pulled away and how she’d chuckled softly as she punched his arm and told him that if he ever disappeared in the middle of Decathlon again, she was going to kick his ass. He remembers wanting to hug her again, just to see if she smelled like cookies.

Still, it wasn’t all his daydreaming that made him realise the unspeakable truth.

She had just dismissed them. She pulled him aside and told him, “I don’t know what you’re up to and dreaming about but you’ve gotta focus, Parker.” He remembers the resigned look in her eyes when she spoke again, “Look, I just-this means a lot to me, okay? Please don’t mess this up for me?”

He remembers the vulnerability of her words. He remembers hating the tired eyes she was projecting onto him.

“I’m sorry, MJ. I promise, I’ll try my best to attend the practices and I’m not going to zone out again. I’m not going to ruin this for you, okay?” He said it in his most reassuring voice, hoping that the sad eyes would disappear.

It was when she looked at him and cracked a genuine, sweet smile. A rarity, of that sort. That was the moment. That was when Peter Parker realised that he was head over heels for Michelle Jones.

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What skin products do you use for your face, body etc? Supplements you take and what would be beneficial to add to any diet for a guy?

All very good questions :

Skin :

• Coarse Face Scrub/Cotton Ball Treatment
• Charcoal Face Pell or Mask for Oily Skin
• Nose Strips when it gets crazy
• Toner
• Face Lotion with SPF 15
• I usually sauna/do elliptical sweating work.
• I drink water almost exclusively.
• Before sleep I use a Collagen Moisturizer.


Supplements :

I’m gonna go in depth in this first one:

• It’s my personal belief that everyone (ESPECIALLY) black/ethnic millennial people need a vitamin D3 Supplement. They say 60-70% of the world is vitamin D Deficient. Side effects of a deficiency include :

- Depression
- Hair Loss
- Shitty Sleep/Hard To Get Out Of Bed.
- Sexual Health Quality Declining Slightly
- Fatigue/Muscle Weakness
- Bone/Joint Pain
- Getting Sick Often
- Bone Loss
- A few more

Daily recommendation is about 2000 iu of vitamin D whether through the sunlight or supplementation, but depending how DARK you are, you could need even up to 8000 iu! We aren’t doing hard outdoor labor, walking everywhere, or living like we did before the technological boom/jobs where we just can just stay indoors all day. I think a lot of these depressive symptoms, lack of motivation, and etc a significant population of what we feel is literally due to us being deficient in sunlight/other nutrients. Ask your doctor to do a blood sample and see just how deficient you may be in it.

• Magnesium
• Multivitamin
• Fish Oil
• Probiotic (I get mine through Greek Yogurt)


Diet :

At first when I teach my client proper nutrition I pinpoint where their weaknesses are. What’s your typical week of eating look like? And be honest with yourself. Are they mostly packaged foods? Fast foods? Are your portions insane? Are they too little, are you getting enough calories? Do you drown your food in condiments? Do you eat a lot of bread? Too many carbs? Not enough fat? Is your water consumption shit? Too much sugar? Too much sodium? Etc etc.

Next ask yourself, do I have at least one vegetable with every meal? Fuck if it’s specifically a carrot or celery or etc, do I eat ANY meals without vegetation? If it’s yes? You gotta change that. You need to eat when you feel hungry, and you have to train yourself to not panic when you ARE hungry. It’s ok to be hungry sometimes, if you want some sexy abs someday, you have to LEARN how to be ok with being hungry at times, and you need to start maybe thinking of foods for what they do to you.

Pick up a Kiwi and ask; What does this do for me?

Pick up a fried chicken and ask ; what does this do for me?

@stfukatha requested Bellamione for the femship headcannons so herE I GO AGAIN <3

  • Holy shit they would hate each other at first
  • Literally the wlw enemies-to-lover trope of my dreams tbh
  • Bellatrix would hate her because Hermione is everything she has been brought up to hate, not to mention she’s obnoxious and thinks she knows everything and is far too idealistic for her own good
  • Hermione would hate her on principle, because Bella’s a prejudiced bitch and is unapologetic for her vindictive and cruel streak
  • And as crazy and cruel and honestly sociopathic as Bella is, there is no doubt she is also has an insanely sharp wit, and a keen understanding of people and how they think and how they work and she has perfected the art of pinpointing people’s weaknesses and just ripping into them without restraint
  • Like literally give her the most confident, self-assured, egotist you can find and she would have them on their knees crying in like five minutes
  • Enter Hermione, stubborn and short-tempered, told her entire life she was less than everyone else, made to feel inadequate ever since she was a child, and there is nothing Bella can tell her that she hasn’t already heard before
  • Bella is simultaneously annoyed and intrigued, because while Hermione is exceptionally easy to anger, she is considerably harder to break
  • Bella gets this intense, kind of creepy, subtle obsession with Hermione Granger because oh my god Bella is nothing if not obsessive
  • Hermione cannot for the life of her understand why Bella won’t just leave her alone
  • And its like Bella’s ability to read into people is suddenly backfiring on her because the more time she spends picking Hermione’s brain the more she likes her
  • Because yeah okay Hermione is everything she has been bred to hate, but she’s so fascinating, and she’s vicious, and the way her eyes flash when she’s about to go off on some intellectual rant because of something she said has Bella higher than she’s ever felt
  • And it’s not as if Bella has ever really listened that much to her family in the first place, they were never close, she never liked them, but she liked Hermione
  • And Hermione, quite against her will, starts noticing positive attributes about Bella’s personality. And its not as if she forgets all the horrible parts of Bellatrix’s personality, its just that she’s also noticing how observant she is, and intelligent, and her hooded eyes when she smiles and oh my god her legs
  • It’s like Bella’s not this one dimensional evil woman anymore, she’s intelligent and witty and interesting and troubled and Hermione finds herself wishing she could just look at her and understand her the way Bella seems to do with everyone else
  • And one day Bella makes some flirtatious comment–probably not even purposefully, it just sounds vaguely suggestive–and Hermione freaks and Bellatrix is just like yes
  • And it just spirals, and Bella finds that the dirtier the flirtatious comment, the bigger the reaction she gets out of Hermione, and oh my god Bella would be capable of the filthiest dirty-talk oh my god
  • And its like suddenly their interactions lack the animosity of before, and its still Bella picking at Hermione and Hermione lashing out but they aren’t angry anymore, and they don’t hate each other, and its almost as if their day isn’t complete unless they have their tiff at some point
  • It’s subtle, because to everyone else nothing has changed, the two of them still hate each other and every time they’re around each other everyone sort of braces themselves because there’s never any stopping it, you just have to let it run its course
  • And that’s why when it happens, when they’re suddenly a thing, its so shocking
  • literally no one understands
  • Because they don’t even like each other??? They only ever fight?? at any given moment Hermione looks as if she is literally just about to slice Bellatrix’s throat open and honestly Bella’s expression is no better?
  • But that’s just the way they are, they throw insults and Hermione loses her temper and Bella loves seeing Hermione angry and Hermione loves putting Bellatrix in her place
  • and you know Hermione would be dominant in bed–out of the two of them she is clearly the control freak, and as if she wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to get back at Bella for being ridiculous–and oh my god Bella loves it
  • Neither are big fans of PDA, especially Bella. 
  • When they’re alone, though, Bella is so much more affectionate
  • It’s sort of a different type of affection, its quiet, it’s sliding her hand under the waistband of Hermione’s shorts when her hand is around her waist just so she can feel her skin, it’s threading their fingers together while they’re in bed 
  • (it’s sitting at her feet and spreading her knees sliding her hands up the inside of her thighs because goddamn it put your book down you read all the time pay attention to me–)
  • And Bella gets hella jealous. Of everyone. And she acts on her jealousy. With violence.
  • But Hermione isn’t an idiot and 99% of the time she is able to intercept Bella’s attempts to incapacitate anyone she perceives as a threat
  • They never get comfortable with PDA, it’s just not in the nature of their relationship, but oh my god they flirt and it is so jarring to everyone around them
  • Hermione tries not to, honestly, it’s just that Bella is very good at getting under her skin, she always has been
  • So Bella will say something decidedly filthy and Hermione will threaten her with something horrendously sexual and everyone around them is just like ‘oh my god please no I don’t need to know all the kinky shit you two get up to oh god please stop
  • (Hermione is at least embarrassed if someone overhears. Bella is always just proud)
  • Basically just this ridiculous couple that everyone assumes hate each other but then you find out they live together and have a cat and its so confusing because there is no way they are a couple clearly they hate each other
  • But its there’s no animosity when they’re throwing insults, there’s a strange sort of fondness instead, and the way their eyes seem to linger on the other as often as possible, as if the last thing they ever want to do is look away
  • No one really gets it, but Hermione seems happy regardless, and Bellatrix is decidedly less of a problem in Hermione’s hands
  • So they let it be

anonymous asked:

Any tips for an upcoming freshman? Thanks <33

aaah of course i wish you luck on your first year! i didnt think i wrote that much yikes

it’s very important to start the year off strong 

it sets a mold for the rest of your year, so start some good habits ( and keep them pls) make a study schedule or smth

In addition, the first grading period is usually the easiest, so take advantage of that and learn what you need to spend more time studying on.

i feel like a broken record saying this but freshman year does count! so many people tell me this so i just thought i’d share that

also it’s that time of the year where you should try and make friends (in each of your classes)! literally anything say anything to a person near you so that it makes you seem more approachable later on when you have to do a parter/group project (i usually just like ask a question about the class or in school in general)

i ride the bus so this naturally happens to me, but on the first day show up a LITTLE bit early. this can allow you to pinpoint your first period class without the panicking part.

also just a room reading tip but say you have room numbers such as a123, b224 and c334

the letter indicates what building you’re in, the first number indicates the floor, and the last few numbers indicate the room number.*

please always eat something for breakfast (it’s unhealthy to skip :()

don’t be afraid to make friends with upperclassmen they’re actually rlly nice

but dont get attached bc they will leave and its life :(

also dont date upperclassmen because lots of slithering snakes may b rdy to take advantage of you (as i’ve heard)

maybe just avoid dating– but im not the boss of you, just make sure they are genuine and parent-approved wink wonk

that leads me to my next point of don’t let anyone take advantage of you.

whether it’s those slithering snakes or those girls who want the answers to an assignment, just kinDly say no because class>trash.

wow call me the Segway queen because the next advice is to avoid getting into drama

it’s only fun to watch drama, not be in it okay

kind of an obvious but be kind

to your teachers

to your peers

to your parents

none of them are paid enough to get treated poorly :(

plsplsplsplspls use your resources

no one is going to drag you for going to the library or asking your teachers for help (also my library is really nice and 100%  underrATED)

uh make sure you’re comfortable (in all ways really)

have a nice supporting backpack (no bags >:9 crazy)

wear comfortable clothes 

its easier to focus when you’re comfortable

never jeopardize your education

i dont rlly need to explain this one but balance is key and if being in long after-school practices causes you to not have enough time to do your homework then maybe you should reconsider (thts what happened to me cry)

dont stress if you’re with a group of friends that may not make you happy at the time; high school is a small pool in the ocean of life winkw onk and you just have to wait to expand your pool

experience football games, dances, pep rallies,  (i dont like them personally but  i went just to experience it ig) 

we are finally to the end wowooww im sorry for rambling a lot but high school is just another set of grades so as long as you stay disciplined and prioritize, i think you’ll be fine; ily and good luck

also i didnt proofread this AT ALL so yikes

also feel free to add advice 

The fragile champion

I have a big (huge! enormous!) soft spot for Bokuto Koutarou. The owl captain acts like how I imagine a typical American frat bro would be: loud personality, big gestures, but ultimately good-natured. The great thing about him is that he’s this giant mess of opposites: he’s single-minded but sly, he’s super confident but easily broken. He’s the most complex seemingly flat character in the world.

But because he is an unhealthy combination of awesome character with little to no pages/screentime, I’ve probably read about ten times more fanfic Bokuto than official Bokuto. Apologies if some of that slips through in the profile, but I’ll try my best to keep this canon. Let me know if I slipped. 

Also, because I want to post a million pictures of this fluffy owl, and I’ll be using manga stuff that probably spoils some of next week’s anime episode, I’ll post it under the cut.

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You know, I keep hoping that I’m gonna wake up and that you’ll be gone.