and you can hear everyone else in the room laughing

Old friends (5/?)

Summary: y/n and Sam Wilson have been neighbors since she moved to NewYork . When Sam started being an avenger they drifted, just random texts or calls . That was until the events between Steve, Bucky and Tony.  Things are all cleared now, everyone is back at the tower and/or avengers facility, including Bucky. But what happens when the reader shows up at the facility looking for Sam?

Pairings: Sam Wilson x reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Avengers x reader

Warnings: a little kissing  swearing, drama, angst.

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 You wake up to beeping, and something squeezing your hand.

  “Y/n, wake up. Please. I don’t know if you can hear me….” You recognize the voice within 2 seconds. Sam’s such a sap. You mentally roll your eyes. He keeps talking, while you wait for the perfect moment to to say something. “You’re the sister I-” Your eyes are open now but Sam has his head laying on the hospital bed. Seriously? What else could he possibly say? You slowly move your other hand up, removing the oxygen mask on your face. Finally, Sam pauses, giving you the perfect opportunity. You yell or at least try to.

  “Sam!” It comes out raspy and you feel like you sound like an angry old man. He nearly falls out of his seat.

   “Dammit, Y/n! What the hell!” You attempt to laugh, but immediately regret it. Your entire body feels like it got hit by a bus. Trying to yell sends a wave of pain through you that you’ve never experienced before. At that moment, it all comes back to you; the fire, the hydra agent, Josh, everything. You’re eyes go wide and you feel like you can’t get enough air in your lungs. You can hear Sam repeating your name, and then yelling for the Doctor.

Ross is hydra. That’s the only explanation, right?

  “Hello y/n, I’m Dr. Cho, but you can call me Helen. It’s great to finally meet you.” You try to come back to your senses and reply to her. “Same here, Helen. How bad is the damage?” Here we go.

   “Nothing life threatening or permanent. Two severely bruised ribs, a mild concussion, and a black eye. You inhaled a dangerous amount of smoke, so I’ve had you on oxygen since they brought you over from the other hospital. Your lungs should be mostly clear within a day or two, but as you heard already your voice may not be back to full strength right away.”

  “How long have I been out?” you only get a whisper out.

  “About 10 hours. You spent two hours at another hospital until we got you transferred here.” Am I at the tower? Where is ‘here’?

“Am I at the tower?” You ask in a quiet voice. She nods and tells you that you’re on the medical level. Huh, I never even knew this was here. Cool.

  “The team has been in and out, but I prefer only one person in here with you at a time, that’s why Sam stayed.” You look over at Sam but he’s staring at his hands. Helen leaves you alone with Sam, and you’re just waiting for him to pitch a fit. But when the moment doesn’t come, you turn to him.

  “On a scale of 1-10, how mad are you?” There’s no humor in your voice. You barely register that it’s your own. You just want an honest answer and for him to get the lecture over with.

  “Five. I would have done the same damn thing, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay, Y/n.“ He sounds worn out, and you feel bad. The pocket knife, oh my God I need to tell Sam everything NOW. You go to sit up but your ribs stop you.

  "Fuck! This hurts like hell.”

  “If bruised ribs are anything like broken ribs, you’re going to have a hell of time moving around.”

  “Thanks, that’s exactly what I want to fucking hear.” You roll your eyes and continue, “Listen Sammy, I have to tell you what happened.” He looks at you confused, but he pours you a cup of water and waits for you to be able to continue. You drink the water slowly, and it feels ridiculously soothing going down your throat. After your finish it, you take a deep breath and prepare yourself. “I went into the building to get Joshua, ya know, one of the Duncan’s kids. When I entered the apartment, there was a man. That’s where all the injuries mostly came from. He threw me around like a fucking ragdoll. I knocked him over, something flew out of his pocket. Go in my pants pocket, I picked it up when I was trying to get away.” Sam moves to the dresser next to the hospital bed and pulls out your pants. He sticks his hands in all the pockets until he finds the knife. He takes it out and sees the symbol on it.

 "You’ve got to be kidding.“

 "Just wait, it gets better. He was an inhuman, or experiment, I’m not too sure. He had fire coming out of his hands, and the fire around him wasn’t phasing him. When he thought I was down for good, he said 'you should be careful whose toes you step on, you never know who their friends are’. He made a call and said I was taken care of.”

You can see the anger in Sam’s eyes as he pieces together everything. You look around the room now that you have a chance. It’s plain, but nicer than most hospital rooms. I just want to be home. As soon as that thought crosses your mind, you realize your home just burned to the ground. Everything you owned was gone. You feel tears spilling over onto your cheeks.

  “Sammy, whatever you had left there is gone. All my stuff is gone. What’s going to happen?”

 Sam moves to your side and kisses the top of your head. “It’s going to be okay. You can stay here with us. It will all work out, Y/n.” You nod trying to calm yourself down. Sam leaves to make a phone call, and when he comes back Helen is with him.

  “Well first, you are going to need help for a while. Bruised ribs take a little while to completely heal, so you may need help doing basic things, like sitting, showering, or changing.” You look over to Sam and wink and he just shakes his head. She chuckles and continues, "Second, your eye will heal quicker, but it will still hurt and your vision may be blurry for a while, so there’s no driving until it’s completely healed.”

 "Yes Ma'am. Does that mean I can leave this damn bed now?“ I just want to be in a normal bed.

 "Yes, but I need to check your lungs in a couple days. If you feel any discomfort, whether it’s when you try to sleep or during the day, let me know and I can give you pain medication.” You nod and as you try to get up on your own, Helen holds a finger up to signal you to hold on and rushes out of the room. She comes back with a smile and a wheelchair.

  “Oh hell no, I am not getting in that thing! I’m not 90. I can walk on my own.” Sam and Helen share a knowing look, but keep quiet. You get yourself on your feet but when you go to take a step, your leg gives out and your body heads straight for the floor. Sam thankfully catches you. He places you in the chair and smirks at you. You roll your eyes and mumble a thank you to Helen.

 "Can’t you push this thing any faster, Wilson? My Grandma has more speed than this.“ You know you sound like a brat but you can’t help it.

 "Alright crabby, calm down.” He rolls you into the elevator and presses the communal floor button. Fucking finally. Crap. I’m not ready for the lectures, especially Steve. I love the man, he really has a sick habit of mothering though. “You know, Barnes has been driving everyone insane since he found out.” You don’t say anything and just stare at your hands in your lap. “The fire was all over the news. It was a big deal, y/n. So was the mysterious woman that saved a child. ” OH. Well…

 "Great. How is everyone else?“ I hope everyone isn’t mad about this.

  "You’re the one that’s wrapped in bandages and you’re worried about everyone else? No one’s mad at you, Y/n, you just gave us a heart attack. Everyone is fine though. I haven’t really seen Tony. Banner said he hasn’t left the lab since the meeting.” This is what I didn’t want to happen. He feels guilty about Ross.

  You sigh. “Sam, he’s beating himself up over the Ross thing. I know it. Hasn’t anyone tried to talk to him?“

 "Steve tried but got nowhere. Bruce said he’ll only discuss projects with him.”

Mental note : Take care of Tony after you deal with everyone when you get home.

 You ditch the wheelchair in the elevator, ignoring Sam’s pleas to just suck it up and use it. Taking three steps off the elevator, you already have Natasha and Wanda right in front of you.

 "Y/n, we’re so happy you’re okay!“ Wanda goes to hug you but stops. She must have remembered your ribs. Spreading your arms as open as you can, you wiggle your fingers while looking at the girls.

 "You two better fucking hug me. I’m not a piece of glass; I won’t break.” They smile, gently hugging you. When they let you go, you see Steve behind them. And it begins…

 "Alright Steve, lay it on me. I’m ready for the ‘don’t be a hero speech’.“ You try to cross your arms but realize it’s an awful idea. Everyone sees you struggle and gives you sympathetic looks. "Don’t look at me like that! I’m fine! Give me the damn speech, Rogers.” Your attitude was on full display now.

  “ Does everyone think I’m going to lecture them about everything?” Steve throws his arms in the air. You let out a quiet laugh and step towards him. You snake your arms around his tiny waist, giving him a light hug, as he kisses the top of your head.

 "What you did was brave, but don’t ever do that again, Y/n.“

  You look up at him and beam a smile at him, "Yes Captain!” He rolls his eyes while everyone else laughs. You hear Bucky’s laugh somewhere in the room but you don’t see him.

  “Barnes, are you hiding from me?” You ask playfully. You hear his laugh again and he appears from behind Steve.

  “No, kitten. I just don’t know if I can be gentle with you.” He winks and you instantly blush.

  “Oh sweetheart, who says I want it gentle?” You hear Sam start coughing. You snort as a response, trying not to laugh so you don’t stress your throat.

 "Alright, can we not do this right now? Keep your dirty talk between you two. Damn.“ Buck rolls his eyes while you stifle a giggle. You can hear Nat and Wanda laugh and see Steve smirk.

  "On a different note, I think we need a family meeting.” You say. All you get in returned are questioning looks. “Oh, I’m sorry, did that sound like a suggestion? Because it really wasn’t. Living room in 15 minutes.” No one expects that much sass to come out of you, but you’re tired and in pain.

  “I doubt we’ll get Stark out of the lab, Y/n,” Nat says as she walks towards the kitchen. You follow, grabbing a cup of coffee with a plate of donuts from the counter.

 "Don’t worry about Tony, I’ll get him. Just make sure everyone else is there.“ Time to help Tony.

                  When you get to the lab you see Tony tinkering with his iron man mask.

  "You can’t change perfection, Tony.” He looks up and grins at you. You set the coffee and donuts down in front of him.

“Glad to see you’re still in one piece, darling. But you kinda sound like you belong in an elderly center.” He walks over and kisses your cheek. You push the coffee towards him.

  “How long have you been hiding in your lab? ” He doesn’t answer, just drinks the coffee and sets it back down. You decide to try a different tactic. “What Ross did wasn’t you fault. You didn’t know, so stop blaming yourself. I was bluffing when I said about the kid’s family and how the kid died. It was just a feeling I had. I didn’t even know his name, but I had a feeling Ross went all 9 yards when he lied to you and a made fake social media for the kid and everything. And I was right. Instead of staying in your lab and drowning in guilt all alone, why don’t you do something about it? You see these injuries? They were a  thank you gift from Ross and his friends at Hydra for what I revealed in the meeting.” That Got Tony’s attention real quick.

  “What are you-” You cut him off.

  “Come with me, please.” You turn and make you way out of the lab with Tony following you back to the communal floor. You walk in together and everyone is already there. All eyes are on you now, but you let Sam tell the story you told him in the hospital. Talking only makes everything worse right now. Fuck this.  You slowly sit on the couch with Wanda and Natasha, listening to Sam tell them about the hydra agent and what he said. Everyone was silent, which kind of scares you.

 You stand up and try to clear your throat. “We have no real proof that he is Hydra. All we have is an assumption based on what the agent said, and that he lied to Tony to push him for the accords. You guys can’t do anything until we have more. You know he’ll probably try something again if he finds out I’m alive, but until then we have to let this go.”

 Everyone looks at you like you have eight heads. Bucky is the first one to speak.

  “Look at what he did to you! You expect us to just sit and be quiet about it? Have you lost your mind?” You wince at the tone and volume of his voice. You can feel the prick of tears in your eyes but try to push them back. Sam moves to your side, but you step away.

 "Yeah Barnes, that’s exactly what I expect. Because you are not going to put yourself in danger until it is absolutely fucking necessary. Do you understand me?“ You move so you’re standing directly in front of him. No one else dares to say anything.

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Barnes stands up straighter and glares at you. "You do not get to give me orders. You aren’t a part of this team, you don’t have a fucking say.” Ouch. Everyone is silent and in shock.

  You turn and starting to walk towards the elevator. I don’t have to stay and listen to this. You step into the elevator and are about to close the doors when Tony steps in.  He takes your hand in his and hits the button for the roof.

  “Why are we going to the roof?” You ask quietly, tears starting to run down your face.

  “It’s quiet up there. I think we both need it right now.” You stay silent for the rest of the elevator ride. You follow behind Tony as he leads you to a sitting area on the roof. As you sit down next to him, you realize you haven’t been up here yet.

. “You know, Barnes is right. You aren’t an Avenger. But you are very important to everyone on the team. Did you know that Sergeant Freezer Burn was going crazy when we saw you on the news? He tried to go to the hospital before we got you transferred here. You are just as much a part of this team as any of us. Minus all the cool stuff we get to do.”

  You roll your eyes. You know Tony’s right, you care about everyone on the team and they all seem to care for you.

 “I’ll make you a deal, T. I’ll keep myself out of danger, if you promise not to keep punishing yourself for things that you have no control over.“

  Tony takes a minute to answer, but eventually nods his head in agreement.You sit together a little while longer before Tony kisses your forehead and heads back inside. You lay back on the lounger and stare up at the night sky. You hear footsteps approaching and you turn your head to see your visitor.

  "How come no one told me how nice it is up here, Steve?” You turn your gaze back to the sky. You hear him laugh and feel the chair dip next to you.

  “I thought you knew. Listen, Y/n, about what Bucky said… He’s not wrong.” You turn your head to Steve, but before you can even say anything, he covers your mouth with his hand. You raise one of your eyebrows at him, waiting for him to continue.

  “He also wasn’t right. He was a little harsh. I don’t blame him for it though. None of us want to see you get stuck in the crossfire here. We haven’t known you very long, but somehow you managed to snake your way into all of our lives in one way or another. Especially Buck’s. When he first came back from Wakanda, he didn’t speak to anyone besides me. It took him months to adjust to the team, even then he was still cautious of how he acted or what he said in front of them. Then all the sudden you came walking through these doors. The day we met you was the first time I saw a glimpse of the old Bucky I knew. The ladies man, you know he use to be very smooth with the dames back in our day.” By now, Steve removed his hand and you were both smiling.

  “You are the only girl I’ve seen him be that way with. Hell, he’s getting closer to you than he is with most of the team, Y/n. So just don’t be mad at him for protecting you. He just spoke what all of us were thinking. And frankly, you’re getting real bossy, Y/n.” He smiles and laughs as you elbow him in the side.

  “Yeah well, someone’s got to keep you idiots in line. I’m sorry for overstepping like that, Steve, but you know I’m right about having to wait it out.”

  “Yeah, I guess you were. Just let Buck off easy, alright? He means well.” You nod and Steve disappears back inside. You turn back to look at the stars and find yourself drifting off.

You wake up to someone rubbing your shoulder. You open your eyes to see Bucky standing above you with a smirk on his face.

  “I could get use to you being underneath me.” Are you serious right now? Wait am I still on the roof?

  You ignore him and sit slowly sit up to look around. Yup, still on the roof. You start to stand up and Bucky goes to help you up, but you shake him off. You begin trudging towards the elevators when Bucky speaks up.

 "You know, they took everything from me before; Steve, my arm, my memories, my freedom. Now, they almost took you too.“ You stop dead in your tracks and whirl around.

 "I know, Barnes. I can’t even begin to understand what you went through.” You take one of his hands in yours. “But I can’t let you throw yourself in danger to get back at them for a couple of bruised ribs and a black eye.” He stands up in front of you and gently traces around the black circle over your eye. You’re looking anywhere but into his eyes. “I can’t lose you, Buck. Any of you.”

  He nods. “Let’s get you to bed; it’s late.” He stands up, still holding onto your hand.

  “I’m going to stay in the infirmary tonight,” you say regretfully. “I think I need Helen to give me something for my ribs and see if there’s anything she can do about my throat.” He has a somber look on his face . You wrap your arms around his waist and nuzzle your face against his chest.

  “We’ll get him eventually, Buck.” He walks you to the elevator and you get off at the hospital floor. The nurse on duty hooks you up to an IV with morphine to help with the pain and you eventually doze off into a peaceful sleep.

 For the first couple days, Helen has you attached to the IV meds to help with the pain.Your throat is still tender, but your voice is getting closer to normal. After the second day, you’re getting sick of staying in the medical bay. You try to get out of the bed, but the drugs are making you feel a little light headed and loopy. You giggle to yourself when you finally make it out of bed, wheeling the IV stand with you to the elevator. In the elevator, you press the button for the communal level and you look to the doors where you see your reflection. Your hair’s a mess, and the black eye is still apparent. You pull up Sam’s giant shirt and tie it below your chest. You traced your hands over the bruises on your ribs, and then over your eye. They weren’t as dark anymore, but they were still pretty bad. I look like a hobo. These sweats are so baggy, I’m surprised they haven’t fallen off yet.

 When the doors open, you make your way to the couch. Your vision was slightly blurry either from the black eye, drugs, or both. But you safely made your way onto the couch without falling off or over, so that was an accomplishment. You hear the elevator doors open and let out an annoyed sigh.

 Before you can tell who it is you speak up, slightly slurred, "I am not going back to the medical wing, so don’t waste your breathe!” It comes out sassier than you intended, and you sound slightly drunk.

 You hear a deep laugh and turn your head and see Tony. He actually kept to the deal? Good man stark, good man. He plops down next to you and grabs the remote for the TV.

“I’m not going to make you go back, I can only imagine how boring it was there.” How does anyone not like Tony?

  “I see you’re out of your lab of self pity. Does that mean you’re coming up with a plan, Iron Ass?”

  He laughs and continues flipping through the channels. “I’m working on it, kiddo.” You sit silently, watching whatever movie he turns on. You can’t really focus on it too much; whatever painkillers Helen gave you are hitting you hard. You hear the elevator doors open again but don’t bother to look and see who it is.

 "Why aren’t you in the infirmary, y/n?“ BUCKY! YAY!

 You look at Bucky and start giggling. "Tony says I don’t have to go back!” You stick your tongue out at Bucky and turn back to the TV.

 "For the record, I never said that.I said that I don’t blame her for ditching the med level. It’s awful there.“ Bucky glares at him and Tony puts his hands up in surrender. He places the remote next to you, and pats your leg.

 "Good luck dealing with Robocop, dear.” Tony leaves for the elevator and Bucky stands directly in front of you, glaring at you .Good God, how can he be attractive all the damn time. Get ugly Barnes.

 "Uh Buck, I’m trying to watch tv but your beautiful body is blocking it.“ You smile up at him. You can see his glare start to fade.

 "What the hell is Helen giving you, Doll?” You giggle and shrug your shoulders, pointing to the IV connected to you arm.

 "I have no clue, but I like it.“ You giggle again and hear him chuckle.

 "Don’t ya think you should be in bed with all those drugs running through you? How did you even make it up here, Kitten?” Damn, I fucking love when he calls me that.

 "Well, take me to bed, Sergeant,“ you practically purr at him. You can see a shift in his eyes, but he doesn’t say anything. He kneels next you the couch and looks are you. You just stare into his eyes.

"Come on, let’s go, Y/n.” Your eyes widen. No way, he’s not taking me to bed. This is great!

 A big grin make its way to your face and you go to stand up.You get halfway up, but suddenly feel dizzy. You fall back onto the couch, groaning. You close your eyes and feel Bucky cup your cheek with his metal hand. You lean into it.

 "What’s wrong, y/n? Does something hurt? Should I call Helen?“ You feel like he’s bombarding you with a million questions, but in reality it was only three.

 "No no, I’m okay.” Your speech is getting slurred again. “Just a little light headed, sweetheart.” Bucky’s eyebrows raise at the petname you let slip. You giggle again and gaze at him.

 "Don’t look so surprised, Barnes. I know that you know that I know how I feel about you.” Your sentence sounds jumbled,and not very clear, but Bucky is too entertained to stop you.

 "What is it that you think I know, Doll?”

 "That I like you, duh. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why you haven’t done anything about it, Sergeant Cockblock.“ You snort at yourself. Bucky is trying not to laugh. He’s also trying to figure out if you’re telling the truth or if it’s the drugs. He always just assumed your relationship would go as far as flirting. Neither of you ever brought up the almost kisses or the sexual tension. You just went with the flow.

 When he looks back at you, you are already looking at him "Well? Are you ever going to kiss me, or just keep playing with me Barnes?” You may be a little doped out, well maybe more than a little, but this has been going through your head since the night on the balcony. Is he ever going to tell me? I better fucking remember this. I wonder if giraffes ever cuddle.

  Before he can answer, you blurt out your last thought. "James, do you think giraffes cuddle?” He lets out a loud laugh. God I love that sound.

 "Alright pretty girl, I think it’s time for a nap.“ He grabs a pillow and blanket from the other couch and when he turns back, you’re already asleep. He lays you down on the couch and covers you up. Leaning over, he kisses your forehead. As he pulls away. you turn and look at him.

"When I’m not doped out, I’m coming for you, Sergeant.” You wink, then slowly close your eyes. He smiles, praying you stick to your word.

You wake up on the couch with Helen in front of you.

“Well I see you escaped the med level, Y/n.” You smiled shyly, moving to stretch. You let out a loud screech when you feel a sharp pain. Fuck I how did I forget? You put your hands on your ribs, feeling tears rolling down your puffy cheeks. Helen sends you a sad smile while disconnecting you from the IV.

 "I suggest we take you off the IV during the day, stick to tylenol for now. We’ll use it at night so you can sleep without discomfort.“ You nod, the tears still flowing. "It will heal soon, Y/n. I know it’s stressful to feel vulnerable. From what I can see, everyone here is ready to help you at any minute of they day. Don’t underestimate how much your friends care for you.” You let Helen’s words sink in as she leaves you on the couch.

  “FRIDAY, where is everyone and how long was I asleep?”

  “Good evening miss Y/n, it’s 6:38 p.m. You’ve been asleep for about 15 hours. The team was called to an important conference about 13 hours ago. They are due back before tomorrow.”

 "Holy fuck.“ I slept 15 fucking hours. Why didn’t anyone wake me when they left? Rude. "Did they leave any notes for me?” Doubt it.

 "Agent Romanoff wanted me to remind you that you cannot change, or shower, without help, and not to even try because there will be consequences. If you need help, I can call Dr. Cho. Do not put any stress on your ribs or abdomen for the time being.“

 You sit and stare at the ceiling for awhile. You have Friday call Helen to help you out of your clothes and she suggests putting a robe on, that way you and slide it on and off. You go into Sam’s room and find long red robe. As you sit in Sam’s room, being happy you don’t sound like 90 year old smoker anymore, you start to remember bits and pieces of the conversation between you and Bucky. "When I’m not doped out, I’m coming for you Sergeant” Real smooth, y/n. Maybe you should actually do something about it this time.

 "FRIDAY, tell me when the team is 10 minutes out, please.“ She agrees. You spend the rest of the night sleeping and waiting.

A couple hours later, FRIDAY alerts you that the team is 10 minutes out. You throw some pants on under Sam’s robe and make your way to the hangar. When the jet lands, the door opens and everyone strolls out. Some of the team look aggravated, some just look exhausted. You give everyone hello hugs, until you got to Bucky. Nut up or shut up, Y/n.

  You walk up to him with a sly smirk across your face. "Welcome home, Barnes.” He smiles and goes to put his arms around your waist. You stop him with a hand to his chest. You fist your hands in the low part of his jacket and yank it down so he’s almost your height. His eyes grow wide and your smirk gets bigger. You take the last step, closing any distance between your bodies, and place your lips against his. How are his lips so soft? You feel his hands on your waist as his lips melt with yours. He laces one of his hands in your hair, pulling you deeper into the kiss. You part your lips to let out a gasp and he uses that moment to bite your bottom lip between his.

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  You can hear the team yelling a mix of  "finally", whistling, and then there’s Sam who is fake gagging very loudly. You pull away to catch your breath and see the blissful smile on Bucky’s face. Your cheeks are tinted pink and so are his.

 "Well hello to you too, Kitten.” You roll your eyes and push away from him.

 "Don’t get use to this, Buck!“ you yell over your shoulder as you make your way over to the team. Everyone has smirks on the faces and Sam is the first one to speak.

  "How come you don’t welcome me home like that Y/n? I thought we were cool!” If you roll your eyes any harder they’ll permanently be in the back of your head. You wiggle your finger at Sam signaling him to bend to your height, and place a kiss on his cheek.

 "You happy now you big baby?“ Everyone laughs and continues on there way to the communal level.

"So what was this big meeting about guys. You were gone for awhile.” You ask as you sit next to Bucky on the couch. He throws his arm over your shoulders and keeps smirking at you.

  You lean up and whisper in his ear, “Behave yourself soldier.” You nip his ear and turn back to the team, waiting for an answer.  You see everyone sharing concerned looks.

  You raise your eyebrows. “Don’t all talk at once.”

Steve was the one to speak up. “We had a meeting with Fury, concerning Ross. He had new information on Hydra.”

  “Okay…And are you going to share it with me or keep taking dramatic pauses, Rogers?” You’re getting irritated, but you thought this Ross thing was going to be on the back burner for the time being.

  “That’s classified, Y/n, but we are going after Ross. Soon.” You’ve hit your tipping point.

 "Did any of you consider the fucking outcome of going after him this early, with so little information?  Unless Furry gave you golden fucking information, you are putting yourselves in unnecessary danger. Ross will try something again when he realizes I’m not fucking dead, so why rush?!“ You’re yelling at this point, with your finger pointed at Steve. No one dares to comment. You expect Bucky to, but he won’t even look at you right now.

   Steve tries again. "Y/n, you don’t understand. They-”

  “They what, Steve? What could they possibly have that’s going to make this okay?”
  “They know you’re still alive. Hydra put a hit out on you. You have a fucking target on your back. Your safety is jeopardized because of being friends with us.”  

Oh…Shit… I didn’t see that coming.

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No Promises

When Shawn left for tour three months ago, you’d made an agreement. Although you weren’t a couple, you both knew that the feelings between the two of you were more than friendly. That’s why you both promised each other that you’d wait for one another, and figure things out when Shawn returned home. You would sit down after his coming home party and tell each other how you felt, and would end up deciding to give things a shot.

But when Shawn walked through the front door, the second his eyes met yours, you knew it was over. He didn’t wait for you.

The lights in his eyes dimmed, and the wide smile on his face disappeared. He looked at you with eyes so apologetic that you’d think he had just done the worst thing he could ever do to you. I suppose that’s because he did.

You chewed on your lip as your vibrant complexion dulled, nodding as if to tell him you understood what had happened. You turned to walk into the kitchen, leaving him behind to greet his family and friends. 

You spent the whole afternoon avoiding him, ducking out of a room every time he walked into it. You knew he was looking for you. You knew he was going to apologize and give you some excuse as to why he couldn’t do it. An excuse as to why although he promised you that as soon as he came home you would be together, he had broken his promise. 

You could hear him talking to his friends in the next room over, his laugh echoing inside you. It sent shivers down your spine every time you overheard him say your name, asking someone if they had seen you.

The party died down hours later, and you were more than ready to go home. Why you hadn’t left the second Shawn gave you that heart aching glance was beyond you. 

Everyone else had cleared out, leaving Shawn’s apartment empty aside from you and him. Just as you reached for the door knob, you heard him speak behind you.

“Y/n? Can we please talk?”

You squeezed your eyes shut and sighed, opening them as you turned around to face him.

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Getaway Part Four

A/N: Remember Parts will be posted every Friday until this series is over! If it gets to 100 notes before Friday, I’ll post it sooner! This story will always be written from Calum’s point of view, because things get more interesting that way. Assume it’s Calum’s P.O.V unless stated other wise. Also this is a filler, shit’s about to go down within the next few chapters.

Word Count: 2k +

Warnings: Drugs, detailed murder, abuse, gangs, violence, profanity



Part One // Part Two // Part Three

“I’m bored!” Y/n whined from her spot on the couch next to me. We were watching a movie with just Luke, Mike, and Ashton. Not everyone lives here, just us boys, Y/n, and a few of our best men that we might need, but they normally are always here. Today, is one of the few times we get breaks and don’t have to all be together. I sighed and rolled my eyes at her, “Shush, we’re trying to watch a movie.” I told her as she smirked.

“Oh, yeah, because everyone is so interested in this movie.” She said motioning around the room. Ashton sat on the other side of her on his phone doing who knows what, Luke was also on his phone, but he was texting someone. Michael was in the kitchen getting snacks the Ashton requested, and no one besides me was watching the movie.

I huffed, “Fine, I didn’t want to watch this movie anyways."  I said as I shut the movie off and looked over at Y/n. "So what did you want to do?” She looked down with a concentrated face.

She gasped, “Do you want to go swimming?” She asked excitedly. Ashton looked up from his phone and looked at us. “Did you say swimming?”

“Swimming?” Luke and Michael both asked excitedly when they heard Ashton. I nodded with a confused look on my face, “Yeah, swimming.” I said and watched Luke’s face break out into a grin.

“Can I come with you guys? Please? I really want to go swimming, I haven’t swam in ages.” He exaggerated. Y/n started laughing, “You know we’re just going out into the backyard right? You could go swimming anytime you’d like.” She said with a giggle.

Luke pouted, “Yeah, but no one ever wants to go with me, and I don’t want to look like a loser by myself at the pool.” I laughed and shook my head, “You are a loser.” Michael laughed as Luke’s mouth hung open.

“Up top!” Michael called as he ran towards me with his hand up. I gave him a loud, and hard high five with a  laugh. “You know what? Fuck you guys!” Luke laughed as he stuck up the middle finger towards us.

I stuck mine up back at him, and Ashton laughed, “Alright, while you guys do whatever this is, I’m going to get ready.”

“I second that.” Y/n said as she walked upstairs to her room. I nodded, “Yeah, come on, we aren’t waiting for you guys.” I laughed as Luke and Michael looked shocked.

“What do you mean?” Michael laughed, “You were in on it too!” I laughed and shook my head as we all got up to get ready. When I came down after getting my black and red bathing suit bottoms on, I noticed the boys were already in the pool, but there was no trace of Y/n.

“Where’s Y/n at?” I asked with my eyebrows furrowed. “She hasn’t come out yet mate.” Michael said with a beer in his hand as he got into the pool with Ashton and Luke.

I laughed as I got in with a beer as well. “She was the second person to get ready, how does she take so long?” The boys shrugged, and Ashton laughed, “I guess it’s just a girl thing.”

The boys laughed and nodded. I smiled and turned to see the patio doors that I heard being opened. I stared in awe at the beautiful girl that had just walked out to the pool.

“Sorry I took so long boys, I couldn’t find my towel.” Y/n said as she held up her purple towel. She noticed me looking her up and down shamelessly with a smile on my face.

“Hey Hood! My eyes are up here.” She said with a laugh while I rolled my eyes. “I know that, I was just simply admiring you.” I said with a grin as I watched her roll her eyes.

She smiled at me, “Make room, I want to do a flip.” She said while tying her hair up in a messy bun. The boys and I backed away from the diving board area and into the shallow end more. She laughed as she ran to the diving board and did a front flip into the pool.

She came back up screaming with joy, “That was amazing! I missed the pool.” She looked at each of us and started swimming over here to me. “That was really good babe.” I said quietly to her when she reached me.

She giggled and smiled wide, “Thanks, it was so much fun. I love the pool.” I nodded. I took another gulp of my beer and noticed her looking at me intently. I chuckled, “Yes Miss. Y/l/n?” She smiled, “Can I have one?” She asked casually and nodded towards my beer.

I nodded and called over to Michael who was walking back from the cooler, “Hey Mike, Y/n wants a beer.” He looked over at us and shook his head, “I took the last one.” He said as he opened his beer and drank from it.

Y/n laughed, “Fuck you Mike!” She called and his laugh rang throughout the yard, “You wish Y/l/n!” I laughed along with everyone else. Y/n pouted and I cooed at her, “It’s ok Y/n, you can get one next time.” I laughed.

“Can I just have some of yours?” She asked and my eyes widened, “Oh, um, sure, here.” I said and handed her my bottle of beer. She smiled gratefully and gulped some of it down.

“Here, I don’t want to drink all of it, it’s yours.” She said with a smile as she handed the bottle back to me. I chuckled and hoisted myself half way out of the pool to place the beer on the patio.

She looked at me in confusion and I smirked. I cupped my hands and made a huge splash go right in her face. She squealed and I heard the boys laughing. “Calum’s really making her wet now!” Michael yelled and then cackled soon after.

I laughed at his cackled and flipped him off. Y/n laughed as well and shook her head. “Whatever,” She said with a roll of her eyes, and a small smile. She stayed a good amount away from me and I pouted, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to splash you,” I chuckled, “Come back?” I asked as I extended my arms in her direction.

She pondered a bit, then smiled and started swimming to me. “Sike!” She yelled and splashed me right in the face, like I had done to her. I laughed and wiped my face with my hands to get the water droplets off. “That’s it!” I screamed and leaped onto her and pulled her underneath with me.

We came back up shortly after, and started laughing, “Come with me,” She said as she swam into the deeper end of the pool. “now that we’re in the deep end, come under water and look at me ok?” She asked and I nodded.

We held our breaths and went under at the same time. I opened my eyes to see her already close to me. She came in closer and kissed me underwater. The air escaped me through my nose when kissed her back, but I kept where I was.

When I started running out of breath, I swam up, and she followed. We both took hugs gasps for air that filled lungs. It felt good to finally breathe again.

“Damn mate, we thought you two had died or something, we were about to go searching for your dead bodies.” Ashton joked and I laughed, “Thanks mate.” I said with a roll of my eyes. “Anytime.” I heard Y/n snort, I laughed at her face when she realized what she did.

“What was that Y/n?” Michael asked, “It sounded like a dinosaur trying to kill everyone.” Luke was doubling over in laughter and snorted in the process. That sent all of us into a laughing fit.

“Ok, that’s enough, it was only funny when Y/n did it.” Luke said with a slight chuckle. Y/n gasped and stuck her tongue out at him, “Not so funny is it Luke?” She sassed and I laughed as we swam closer to the boys.

“Alright,” Ashton said, “I think I’m all done, I’m getting pruned up.” He said with a laugh and exited the pool. I nodded, “Yeah, we should set up the fire, than get more beer.” I suggested and everyone nodded and left the pool.

After I dried off, I just threw on a black shirt and left my swimming trunks on. When I came outside to set up the fire, I noticed Luke had done the same thing as me and just threw some shirt on himself. I cleaned up the bottles from the patio ground and threw them away.

Luke had set up the fire, so I didn’t have to. I went inside to get some more beer bottles, but then remembered we were all out. Looks like we have to settle for soda cans.

I brought out the Pepsi and Sprite cans to the fire that was set up with chairs all around it. “Good thing it’s starting to get dark out, or else this would have been a dumb idea.” I said as I passed out some sodas and put the rest in the cooler.

I sat in my chair, and Y/n sat to my right in a different chair, Michael sat to my left and Luke sat on the other side on Y/n, with Ashton on the other side of Michael.

Luke had brought out marsh mellows, chocolate bars, and gram crackers to make smores with. We all took a marsh mellow and started making smores. We all instantly went into conversations about the weirdest things. We talked about how Michael’s snores practically shake the house.

“No they do not!” He replied, shaking his head with a grin, “You guys just love to gang up on me. That’s what this is all about isn’t it?” HE yelled with a large smile. We all laughed and shook our heads. “Of course not Mikey.” Y/n assured as she cuddled into my side. “We would never gang up on you.” She winked and he chuckled, “Good, that’s what I thought.” He said.

“But,” She continued with a slight laugh, “You do snore really loudly.” She said and he yelled out a loud “What the fuck? No I don’t!” He laughed and so did everyone else. “Yes you do!” She continued, “I can hear you from my room and I’m two doors down!” She threw her head back in laughter at Michael’s facial expression.

HIs eyes were wide and his mouth was hung agape. He flailed his arms around as her tried to find the words to say. “That’s not fair! Gang up on someone else!” He said and pouted.

 We also talked about how Luke wasn’t allowed to get a milkshake because the McDonald’s machine was broken.

 "Um, I couldn’t get a milkshake at McDonald’s.“ Luke said after Michael told us to talk about something else. I threw my head back and let out a loud laugh. "That’s what you want to talk about Luke?” I asked and he just shrugged with a chuckled.

We got away from that milkshake incident and talked about things that needed to be said. We ranted to each other, and everyone listened intently, that’s why I’m so glad to have a group of friends like this. We’re always there for each other, and we always will be. With Y/n as my girlfriend, and Luke, Mike and Ash as my best friends, I don’t think my life could possibly get any better, because I think I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. And I think my life is complete, and my life is great.

Today was one of the only days I’ve ever not felt like Calum, the leader of one of the worst gangs out there, but Calum, just Calum Hood, a boy from Australia. And that’s the best feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. It’s all thanks to my four favorite people in the world, and nothing could go wrong in this moment.

Twister (John Laurens x Reader)

Word Count: 1467

Genre: Fluff, maybe a little humor but not a whole lot.

Request/Summary: Noise Complaint  (Yes you do have to read Noise Complaint first for Twister to make any sense whatsoever.)

AU: Modern

Warnings: Awkwardness, Cussing, King George exists, that should be it.


A/N-YAAAAYYYYY finally Noise Complaint Pt. 2!!!! I still do have requests to finish and I will, I just wanted to post this… so yeah… 

You laughed. No, you actually laughed. This guy made you laugh. You hadn’t had a date that could make you laugh in six forevers.

“(Y/N)!” A man exclaimed, approaching your table, your smile fell as fast as it had appeared.

“George.” You greeted sourly.

“When am I gonna get that second date?” He asked, his British accent more annoying than ever.

“Hmm… is ‘never’ open for you? It’s about the only time I have free. I’m a little preoccupied.” You reached across the table and took Strawberry’s hand in yours.

“I’ll see you around.” George growled.

“Bye.” You waved, your voice brimming with artificial sugar. As soon as he was gone, you retracted your hand and rolled your eyes.

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Dating Mingyu would include

- “hey can you reach up and get me the- ”

“HA! Look who can’t reach! Short, short person, small, look how tiny, cannot even reach the cabinets, i, Kim mingyu, will save you-”

“Fucking forget it I got it myself.”

- mingyu always fixing ya damn hair, like you’ll get out the shower and he’s standing there all happy with some gel and a comb n ur like….

- kissing the underside of his jaw because he’s a cutie who deserves it, (and plus he always asks so who are you to deny him of it)

- holding hands everywhere, like mingyu will just take your hand while you’re chilling on the couch, where you’re in line at the supermarket, when you’re eating food, even if yours gets sweaty he doesn’t care

- bopping his nose when he’s asleep and waking him up, but then pretending you asleep too and he just rolls his eyes at you like anyways…

- mingyu the type to toss your cell phone when you’re on it doing something important and when you’re like hey!!! Wtf? He just kisses you and you don’t even care he made you hang up on your mom she can’t wait now lmao

- his shirts fit so well on you that mingyu kind of prefers you in them, and you don’t mind because they smell like his cologne and you’re always happy when you have his on

- wonwoo coming over on Thursdays for dinner, because you insist on feeding that boy but then him n mingyu leave you out while you eat your pasta but you don’t care because they’re so goofy you don’t mind at all

- making him little boxed lunches (well not necessarily little, that boy can eat) with small notes that mingyu always reads and replies to you in the mornings before he leaves

- waking up half asleep to throw yourself on top of mingyu and he doesn’t even care like he intercepts you and holds you tight and you fit on top of him like a glove

- buying him passion fruit candles because he says it reminds him of you and he loves it, and plus his stank ass room needs to smell better

- making him wash his hands for every meal because he’ll come in with dirt and sweat all over thinking he can eat like that and you’re like mingyu…no baby…

- he probably wipes his sneezes on your ass too, like you’re all blushing but he probably has boogers on that hand man smh

- seungcheol literally shoving you out the practice room because you have mingyu just laid out in the corner with you talking shit about everyone else and he’s like we are getting no wOrk doNE

- fighting with him over the radio station until you turn it off like now no one else can hear it and then you both start laughing 10 seconds later and let him listen to his weird songs

- one time mingyu found his photocard inside of your wallet and now he never lets you live it down and brings it up at every single public function

- taking Advil a lot cause this boy is gonna give you so many headaches but it’s worth it because you love his giant tree ass

- laying your head on his shoulder while you both chilled outside in the car and just drank little sips of lemonade and let the music play softy in the background because mingyu just wants to spend time with you away from distractions

- clambering on his back during concerts so you can see better while mingyu tries to balance because he wants you to have fun but he got a weak ass neck

- almost falling with him a lot because he clumsy but he’s like smooth clumsy so he the type to trip you but then save you halfway and act like it wasn’t his fault

- having to deal with the members complaints when he cries and whines because he can’t see you that day and you’re like oh well what can i do….I’m just that irresistible…

- Joshua probably rolling his eyes at you and mingyu but admitting y'all cute as hell

- mingyu is such a tall baby, but he’s your tall baby and he wants to be so much for you, like he wants to protect you but give you the world and let you fly but also shield you and keep you to himself because you are his world but idk being with him would be so…I can’t even describe it it would always be happy moments with him and just the constant feeling of unconditional love that fuels y'all for days bc lovebug mingyu is affectionate as hell


“Another dinner?” Daryl whined as you told him you’d been invited by Rick and Michonne.
“Yeah but it’s us lot, no one from Alexandria, it’ll be fine!” You persuade.
“Fine, I’ll come,” he gives in and pouts a little.
“Get dressed then, its tonight,” you smile and run up the stairs before he can complain. You get changed into a short black dress and Daryl gets a shirt on. He comes up behind you and lifts your dress up to your stomach.
“What are you doing?” You question, enjoying the feeling of his fingers tracing your body.
“Ya don’t need these,” he whispers, pushing your panties down until they drop to the floor. He then fixes your dress and kisses your neck as you step out of your underwear. You turn and kiss his lips passionately then you both head out to Rick’s. You’re greeted by Michonne and go inside for a drink and to catch up with your group.
“(Y/N)! You look amazing!” Maggie squeals, “how is Daryl not attached to your hip dressed like that?”
“Oh stop!” You laugh, “the real question is how am I not attached to his? I mean, he’s in a shirt Maggie!”
“Oh my gosh he is! He does scrub up well, just like my Glenn,” she swoons, pointing to him over in the corner talking to Rick.
“Very smart! And you look incredible! Is that mascara?” You ask.
“Yes! Glenn found it on a run, the tube broke on the way back, but I can scoop some into a pot for you if you want?” She offers.
“Yes please, it’d be great to feel feminine again sometimes!” You admit. The conversation flows and eventually Glenn comes over to claim back his wife and you head over to where Daryl and Rick are chatting.
“Hey (Y/N)! You look lovely, I was- oh, crap, Michonne’s giving me a look, I think she needs me in the kitchen. I’ll talk to you both after dinner,” he smiles as he jogs over to where Michonne is pointing to the dining table that hasn’t been set yet.
“You okay?” You ask Daryl as you rub his back gently. He turns you so your back is against the wall and stands next to you with his hand resting on your bum.
“I will be in a minute,” he says softly so no one else can hear. He scans the room quickly and you look at him confused.
“What are yo- oh!” You’re cut off by his hand making its way up your dress and him inserting two fingers into you without any warning. You quickly look around you, paranoid that someone heard you or saw what happened. Everyone was oblivious, having their own conversations and laughing together.
“This is payback,” Daryl growls into your ear. You look up at him and open your mouth as he goes deeper into you, then his lips are on yours, delving his tongue into your mouth to stifle your moans.
“Dinner’s ready!” Michonne calls. Daryl pulls his fingers out, licks them and pulls your dress back down a little. He smirks as he takes your hand and leads you to the table. Your seats are against the wall, so as you sit down Daryl lifts your dress enough that your backside is exposed. You feel so naughty and bite your lip as you sit down, the cold wood of the chair making you shiver.
You get through dinner without Daryl getting his own back, so you know it’s coming soon when everyone starts to relax and are getting a little tipsy around the table, making jokes and laughing loudly. You’re laughing at something that Glenn’s just said and you feel Daryl’s hand sliding it’s way up your thigh. He’s turned sideways on his chair facing you, one arm draped across the back of your chair and the other making it’s way into your folds. You gasp a little bit as he enters you and he sees you lift yourself off the chair so he can go in deeper.
“Ya like that?” He leans into your neck and whispers.
“Yes,” you exhale as his thumb starts circling your clit. His fingers start pumping in and out of you and when the conversations get quiet you can hear the sounds of his fingers, slick with your juices. You close your eyes and grip onto the table.
“(Y/N)? You alright?” Maggie asks from down the table.
“Oh, yeah, I just… think I’ve had too much to drink!” You lie, pretending you came over dizzy.
“Daryl, maybe you should take her outside for some air,” she suggests.
“Yeah, don’t worry, I got her,” he smiles, taking his fingers out and putting them in your mouth when no one’s looking. You lick them and start sucking when he suddenly takes them out.
“Lets go get some air yeah?” He smirks.
“Yeah, good idea,” you agree, pulling your dress down as you get up. You go out to the front porch and Daryl sits on the step, pulling you onto his lap. As soon as you’re seated he shoves his fingers inside you and continues pumping at a faster pace, you grip onto him and kiss him as he plays with your clit.
“Come (Y/N),” he demands as your walls start to clench around his fingers.
“Shit, Daryl,” you moan into his neck. He curls his fingers as he takes them out to get as much of you as he can, then dips his fingers into his mouth and licks them clean.
“Fuck, ya taste so good,” he groans.
“Hey, you feeling better (Y/N)?” You head Rick ask from behind Daryl. He quickly helps you put your dress down again and you both turn to him.
“Yeah, much better thanks,” you smile.
“Well come on love birds, we got whiskey!” He laughs as he lifts his glass and spills a little.


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Omg we need to talk more about nick showing him a picture of you during that game .... like after he started giggling and his heart was doing LAPS ... what would he say?

“Emmm……. I think…” and he kinda giggles. “I don’t know what you want me to say. What m'supposed to say here.” Harry glances at you in the other room, laughing your head off. He shakes his head

Nick, ever the little shit, continues to point out the rising heart rate. “Look!!! Still goin’ up!” He laughs. “Y/n’s over there in the other room shooting daggers at you right now cause you’re not saying anything.”

And Harry laughs and does his crinkly eye smile. “NO SHE’S NOT. Don’t put me in the dog house here.” He leans into the microphone. “M'gonna clarify for everyone that she is laughing.”

Nick laughs and says “is she?” But Harry doesn’t even try to let him say anything else. “Yeah! Y'makin me look bad here….”

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Heya cutie! Could I get a cute little bit of McCree flustering their s/o? Bonus points if it's in front of you the others and they're all like plz mccree

Me , cute ?!  Buddy I think you are the cute person here , I am just casual (tough I appreciate the compliment)

Finally the Wi-Fi is working properly and I can write again , yay😆

McCree and his S/o

“So the man was about to hit me , but me being a clever guy I told him this : Listen here buddy , you don’t want to mess with me ….. I mean , we can do this like civillians and- And in that moment I give him a sidekick and the fool fell on the floor. He wanted to take his gun back , but I kept my peacekeeper at his eye level….”

McCree was telling you again one of his stories and even if he told it  before , you enjoyed his company. This person was so lively and passionate when talking and you began to like his western style.

“Uh darling … Why are you smiling ? I know I am a funny person , but you’ve been smiling for like 3 minutes.”

He caught you completely offguard with his answer and you couldn’t help but blush a bit too strong. Oh man know he thinks you are a weirdo , why did I smile? I guess he just has a happy attitude , I mean he tells jokes and funny stories …..

“ Hey darling …..”McCree asked

“Y-Yes McCree what is it ?”

“Are you a camera?  …..Because every time I look at you, I smile.”

“W-What ?! “

You lost control over your blushing , you were literally blushing like crazy (picture a rock being melted to the temperature , so it can become glass , yeah that kind of red)

“Jesse , why ?”

“Oh come on sweetie , you looks so adorable when you are flustered …Plus I think you enjoy my jokes ….Afterall I am quite a punny cowboy !”

You didn’t say anything , you just hidden your head in your hoddie and start speaking non sense.

“McCree you should know better not to do such things to y/n …” said Angela

“Oh come on doc , you know I need to keep puns fresh and besides they totally like them , don’t you agree y/n ?”

Nope you won’t come out of your hoddie , but as an answer you mumbled something.

“Come on luv , y/n can’t handle this kind of jokes “ said Tracer

“Or any kind of jokes of this type” said Genji

“But aren’t puns supposed to make you laugh ?” asked McCree

“That is true , but some person appear to see puns as stupid or annoying , tough your friend seems to like them” said Winston

Great now everyone is looking at the centre of attention (that being you , buddy). You don’t like when people stare at you or talk about you.

“Jesse can we please go somewhere else ?” you asked

The cowboy seems to be thinking , but replies shortly : “Only if you want to hear my jokes darling ..”

You sighed and pulled Jesse out of the room. On the way to the training room you told him: “I’ll get you back for this “

“We’ll see about that darling !” he smirked as he continued  with his stories

I Miss Her Too *Bucky Barnes x |Daughter| Reader*

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Summary: Inspired by THIS drabble I done, plus, an episode of Full House.
Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Clint Barton and Darcy Lewis
Warnings: None just some feels. 

@inbetweenavengers @firewolfkelly and @casameanlock all read this before I put it up and told me it was to scratch, so thanks girls for reading this for me! 

Bucky and the rest of the Avengers were sat around a meeting table, lightly chatting about a few missions coming up and who would be handling them, it was mostly everyone listening to Stark and then Steve butts in and assigns people their jobs. 

The meeting room door opened, attracting everyone’s attention, Bucky’s eye’s shot down to the ground where his daughter, Y/N peaked in. Holding her Buckybear in hand and her other, trying, to keep the door open. Her wide eyes connected with Bucky’s and she ran in, he chuckled and picked her up.

“I thought you were with Darcy?” he asked lightly, her small arms wrapping around his neck, he held her close and paid no mind to the onlookers watching their moment.

“I wanted to be with you,” you whisper, peaking above the table surface at everyone, waving at them all with a small toothy grin.

“C’mere, you can sit in my lap until I’ve done working,” Bucky sighed, settling his daughter on his lap with a small half smile, he muttered an apology to Tony and Steve who shrugged it off by waving at you. 

Just as Tony was about to talk again, Darcy burst through the door “Bucky, I lost Y/N, I don’t know where she went-Oh, don’t worry, she’s here.” Bucky raised his eyebrows as she sat down beside him.

“Remind me why I asked you to babysit again?” Bucky asked small chuckle emitting from him, Darcy rolled her eyes.

“Cause Y/N loves me,” you giggled and nodded, Bucky rolled his eyes and looked at Stark to carry on with his briefing and eventually Steve butted in; like he always does. 

“A mission like that we could really use…” Clint drifted everyone became tense at the thought of who Clint was going to say, Bucky shifted and sighed, it had been a while since anyone had even mentioned your mother. 

“Yeah, she was always the best at espionage,” Steve sighed gently, head hung low in an act of guilt, he could never let it go no matter how many times Bucky told him to drop it and all those apologies; he still couldn’t get in his head that it wasn’t his fault. 

“You are kidding, she was the best at everything” Nat quipped “missions, marriage, motherhood, there was nothing that women couldn’t do” Bucky chuckled and nodded in agreement. 

“Are they talking about mum?” you asked in a small voice, Bucky looked down at you and nodded; a faint smile on his lips as you perked up and listened intently.

“She had the best laugh too,” Sam chuckled “I’d pull something on Buck just to hear her laugh, it was contagious.” Small murmurs of agreement went around the room. 

“I miss her,” you sighed hugging your bear tightly, Bucky affectionately rubbing small circles on your back, “I don’t remember her.” You sadly sigh.

Bucky smiled sadly, “well, I see her every day, in you” you look up at Bucky with wide, curious eyes “the same adventurous look in your (E/C) eyes, she was always looking for the next adventure, like you and it shone through her eyes.” Bucky sighed gently. 

“Your smile is another one too,” your eyes danced to Steve, “always smiling like her and it made everyone smile too, I can’t remember a moment in meeting your mum that she wasn’t smiling,” Steve grinned at you, you smiled back “just like that one.” 

“How come we don’t talk about her?” You asked turning to look at your dad, Bucky smiled sadly and hugged you closer to him.

“We used to, a lot, especially after the accident,” he says gently “but I guess, not talking about her I was thinking it would help with the pain, that talking would just open up those wounds again.” You reached a hand out and touched his cheek, stroking gently and he smiled.

“We have some home movies,” Tony piped up, Bucky glanced up at Stark, knowing if anyone finds it the hardest it was him “show the kid how badass her mum used to be?” 

“I don’t think those videos are appropriate for my little peanut” Bucky smiles, standing up with everyone else, holding you in his arms.

Darcy chuckles, “she lives with Clint Barton, trust me, she can handle those videos” Bucky nodded in agreement. 

Everyone leaving the meeting room towards the movie room, where Tony put on some home movies, your eyes lightening up whenever your mum came onto the screen. Bucky smiled holding you, sighing gently that at least he still has a piece of his true love left to hold. 

“She’s so pretty” Bucky hears you whisper, staring in awe as you watch your mum laugh at something Sam had said on the screen.

“The prettiest,” Bucky mutters back, you look up at Bucky with big eyes “I remember when I first saw her, bright smile and wide eyes, she was so nice and just like you.” He smiled and you grinned.

“Do you miss her?” 

“Everyday I wake up and think of her, not a day goes by that I do not wonder about her, think of the memories we shared!” Bucky smiled faintly “I miss her too.” 

Bucky put you to bed after all the home movies, tucking you in as you slept peacefully amongst your covers and teddies, clutching the Buckybear. He sighs gently and stands up, turning to see Steve leaning in the doorway, arms crossed and smiling at his friend and ‘niece’.

“It’s not fair” Bucky whispers into the air “she wanted all of this, the family and yet, it happened to her and she’s missing out. It’s not fair” he sighed and Steve frowned slightly.

“I don’t know what to say,” Steve admits “you’re doing great, she would have said the same, you know her better than anyone probably, more so than Tony” Bucky nods and walks out of your room with Steve, “I know I say it a lot and you tell me not to but I am sorry.” 

Bucky pats his friends shoulder, “if you say it once more and keep bringing it up, I will not hesitiate to smack you.” 

(Decided to write this and see what happens, turned out okay-ish. Let me know what you think of it, I got inspired and let it take me away. - Rosalee)

Alternate “You”niverse Last Part
The Electrifying Neighbour Latest Part
Tech Guru Latest Part

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Only You | Theo Raeken Imagine

request ; hi can i have an imagine w/ theo where they have a really sweet realationship where theo will only listen to her and he’s super protective and one day the reader gets hurt and he freaks out cuz she’s in the hospital & everyone keeps telling him she’ll be okay but he doesn’t believe it until it comes out of her mouth and he relaxes a little? your writing is amazing btw!

“What do you mean I can’t visit her?” Theo’s voice not only held surprise, but the smallest hint of anger. They couldn’t blame him. You had gotten yourself hurt on a mission that the pack had set for you, and now you were in the hospital. The moment Theo had heard, he had already begun slipping on his jacket, lacing up his sneakers, and was halfway out the door when Scott called him back in guiltily. “That’s a joke, right?” He looked around at the rest of the pack, who all held grim expressions and were staring anywhere but at him. 

Scott was the first to answer. You were his sister, after all. “Mom thinks it’s best if she just gets some rest for right now. She- she was pretty beaten up when we found her… Mom doesn’t want her having visitors right now. I tried to convince her, and so did Y/N, but she doesn’t want Y/N to tire herself out.” Scott gave Theo an apologetic, half smile. He understood that Theo desperately wanted to see if you were okay, Scott did too, but your mom was always hard to persuade once her mind was set, especially when it came to her kids. 

“B-but… I’m her boyfriend,” Theo sputtered in disbelief, furrowing his brow. “I need to see her. Right now.” 

“Theo, she’s fine, Melissa called us after her surgery and-” Stiles sharply nudged Liam in the ribs, shaking his head wildly as Theo’s breath caught in his throat, green eyes going wide for a moment. 

Surgery?” Theo echoed, making Liam take a step backward, knowing he had said the exact wrong thing to say to an overprotective boyfriend. “How can she be fine if she just had surgery? She’s not fine! Let me see her. Please, you have to let me see her,” he pleaded, grabbing Scott’s arm desperately. 

“I know you want to see her, I know you don’t think she’s okay, but I swear to God, she’s perfectly fine now. She needs rest, that’s all. I’m sorry. I want to make sure she’s okay, too. She’s my sister, after all. But…we can do that tomorrow.” 

“Tomorrow isn’t good enough!” Theo exclaimed, huffing loudly. “Get Melissa on the phone. Y/N isn’t fine until I hear her say it herself. In person.” Lydia handed Scott her phone, shooting Theo a comforting smile, which he returned fleetingly.  Scott quickly dialed his mom’s number, giving Theo a thumbs up when she answered. 

“Mom? Look, do you think you could just let Theo see Y/N for a little bit? Like, fifteen minutes? He’s freaking out, mom, he just wants to hear her voice.” Melissa spoke for a few minutes before Scott nodded, holding the phone out to Theo. “It’s not in person like you wanted, but it is her voice. You can talk to her.” 

Theo grabbed the phone, exiting the living room after thanking Scott and locking himself in the bathroom, slumping against the door and holding the phone to his ear. He could hear your steady breathing on the other end of the call, causing him to sigh with relief. “Hey, princess,” he greeted softly. 

“Theo,” you sighed. He knew you were smiling into the phone, and even though he couldn’t see that beautiful smile in person, he began smiling back. “Scotty tells me you’re over there worrying about me.”

“I’m always worrying about you,” he replied. You sighed, readjusting your position in the uncomfortable hospital bed. “Everything all right over there? Do I need to kick ass and take names?” 

“Nope,” you grinned. “I have a private room. My surgery was minor, in case you were wondering, which I know you were, and I am totally fine. Save for the two broken ribs, of course. Other than that, I’m perfect.”

“I know you are,” Theo joked, causing you to laugh. “I just wanted to hear you say it. Everyone else… they can’t calm me down like you can. They weren’t exactly being reassuring. They made it sound like you had died, and I wasn’t allowed to visit your decaying corpse.” 

“I’m sure they tortured you and purposely withheld information,” you said sarcastically. “They didn’t mean to scare you, babe.” 

“I know, I know,” he surrendered. “Anything that has to do with my wonderful girlfriend getting hurt scares me, though. I can’t help it. You scare me to death sometimes, Y/N. But, if you say you’re fine, then you’re fine. I just need to keep telling myself that until I can see for myself tomorrow.” 

“You’ll be here at the crack of dawn, I assume?” You were totally right, which made Theo laugh brightly, a heart stopping smile lighting up his face. “You really only listen to me, huh?” 

“Only you, princess. Now, back to those broken ribs…” 

So I Have This Friend - Dan Howell (Requested)

A/N: I actually thought this was pretty cute, tbh. Xo

Living with Dan and Phil was quite an adventure to say the least. Having to cook for them, make sure everything is clean and tidy for when they decide to make videos, and not to mention the constant playing of video games. Normally, one would complain about living a lifestyle like this, but you would never. How could you when you were dating Dan Howell?

You and Dan had been friend since the day you were born it felt like. As far back as you can remember, Dan and you were inseparable. Throughout the years, you just got closer. You wouldn’t trade it for anything. You were his number one supporter, even though Phil liked to pretend he was, when it came to everything that Dan wanted to do with his life. You would do anything for him, and you knew he would do the same.  It’s one of the many reasons why you’ve had a crush on him since you were about 16.

A couple months ago, Dan had admitted he had feeling for you and your relationship had blossomed from there. However, it stopped as soon as you reached the door. You and Dan hadn’t come out as a couple to his fans just yet. You both wanted to, but you were being hesitant because you know how brutal some fans can get when it comes to their favorite YouTubers having a girlfriend. It was truly frightening to you.  However, lately you’ve been thinking about letting him tell them.

The fans didn’t even know you existed as of now. Dan always respected your decision to be hidden from them until you were ready to be exposed. You knew once they caught a hint of something happening with Dan, they wouldn’t let up until they found what was going on. Some of those fans can get pretty thorough with their research too, it’s quite frightening.

You had just put cookies in the oven and decided you were going to watch some TV to pass the time. You walked into the den and started flipping through the stations on the TV until you finally gave up and opened up Netflix. You currently had an addiction to watching How I Met Your Mother. Every single episode had managed to make you laugh so hard, you snorted. It’s a shame they already had their series finale. You got involved in watching the show when Dan comes into the room with his phone in his hand. He mumbled something and you just glanced up at him, “Did you say something?”

“Uh, I was just thinking.” He says sitting down next to you, throwing his arm around your shoulders.

“About?” You inquired, your curiosity piqued.

“Do you think it’s about time to come out to the fans?” He said quietly. “I mean, we have been dating for about 4 months now, and I truly think they’d be able take it. I don’t think they’ll throw tons of insults at you.”

“You know, I was just thinking about that myself earlier.” You admitted, “I think our relationship is strong enough to make it through whatever they could possibly throw at us.”

“My thoughts exactly. So come with me, I have an idea on how to tell them.” He says excitedly, you just giggled.

“It’s not going to be one of those lame boyfriend/girlfriend tag videos, is it?” You scoffed, “I’ve seen enough of those to make me want to vomit.”

“No, I thought it through and I have a pretty good idea.” He says, “Just follow me.” With that, he grabbed your hand and pulled you up to the room that the two of you have been sharing. When you walked in, you saw that all your stuff that he usually moves when he wants to make a video is now more prominent. You think he even added a few things.

“What exactly was your idea on how to tell them?” You asked curiously.

“Just sit here and let me set up my camera,” he tells you. “Don’t worry, it’ll be a quick video.”

He sets up his camera and tells you to wait out of shot for a bit and he’d tell you when to come in and sit next to him. “Hello internet!” He says doing his usual intro. “I bet you’re all wondering, ‘Dan, why does your room have a bunch of girly things in it? Is there something you’re not telling us?’ and the answer to that question is yes. I’ve been hiding something from you for about 4 months now.”

He looks to you, making sure you’re okay, which you surprisingly were. This felt a lot easier than you thought it was going to be. You weren’t nervous at all. You believed that Dan knew his fans well, and if he says it’ll be okay, it will.

“The truth is, I have this friend…who is a girl…and if you put those words together you’ll realize I have a girlfriend.” He nods to you, letting you know it’s time for you to come into shot. “Everyone, please welcome my beautiful girlfriend, Y/N.”

“Hi guys!” You say into the camera and give the most dazzling smile you can. “It’s so nice to finally meet you!”

“Now this isn’t going to be a boyfriend/girlfriend tag, because she and I hate those more than anything. It’s just a quick update to let you all know that sadly, Dan is off the market.” Dan says with a fake saddened expression. “But don’t worry! Phil is still available ladies!”

“Oh yeah, he’s a real catch.” You chime in, “Better scoop him up before someone else does!”

“I can hear you guys you know!” You hear Phil yell from his room.

You and Dan just looked at each other and laughed. “Now I know you’re probably all wondering why or how, but get this, we’re going to leave that a mystery!” Dan said with an evil look in his eyes. “We’re not going to tell you anything about our relationship. We deserve our privacy as much as anyone else. However, she will be in many videos in the future!”

“I will?” You say, giggling.

“Of course, love.” He says putting his arm around you. “Now everyone, I know for the most part you will be very welcoming and loving towards Y/N. But for the rest of you, please be kind to her or I will have to do something about it. I care for this woman very much and I would be devastated if she left me because you all couldn’t leave her be. I will be eternally grateful if you would just let us live with our happiness.”

You turned to Dan with a smile on your face. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have him as a boyfriend. He was taking precautions about your safety and wellbeing before anything bad even happened. You gave him a quick peck on the cheek, surprising him.

“What was that for?” He asked you, smiling the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen.

You smirked, “For being such a sweetheart.” Suddenly, you heard the timer for the oven go off and you got up and ran as fast as you could to the kitchen screaming, “They’re finally ready!”

“God I love her.” Dan said as he finished the video. He decided he was going to upload it completely unedited so everyone would be able to see how real you guys were with one another. You came back into the room with a plate full of cookies and offered some to Dan who was sitting there reading comments that were already on the new video.

You decided you would read a few as well and you were surprised. They were all saying things like, “You’re a lucky man, Dan.” Or “Y/N’s a keeper.” You felt your heart swell up with relief. You set down the plate of cookies and threw your arms around Dan and kissed him.

“So I guess things worked out after all.” You said with a wide grin on your face.

“I told you not to worry, Y/N.” He said hugging to closer to him. “I’ll always be here to protect you.”

anonymous asked:

Okay I just keep thinking that Dabi want to see how much Tomura could take so he called Tomura hurtful names all day, calling out his mistakes, his low stamina or even his stupid plans for the league. But I think what made Tomura finally break is that Dabi said that Tomura is desperate for him because nobody else want him.

Tomura stared at Dabi when he said that, everyone was silence, the room was so quiet that you could hear a needle hit the floor.

Shigaraki’s eyes sting and when he less expects it, he’s crying, walking as fast as he can to his room, Kurogiri behind him. Dabi looks and feels really smug about it for like five seconds before realizing nobody is laughing, not even Himiko. That’s how he noticed he went too far, he thought Tomura was going to be pissed and would throw a fit, but he didn’t expected him to cry.


Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Rating: T for language

A.N.: Hey everyone! So I had this priceless idea for a while and I don’t know if anyone’s done it but I needed to, so I took a short break from the Soul Mates AU to write this. 

Now lets all just take a moment to appreciate this thought.

Gajeel…with hiccups….

Please enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairytail or it’s characters

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Requested by @buckys-babes

Y/N: Hey baby. How do I look?
Diablo: Whoa…
Y/N: So that’s a good reaction right?
Diablo: Yeah it’s an great reaction because you look…amazing.
Y/N: Look at the tail at the back! *turns around* So cute right?
Diablo: *laughs* It’s adorable.
Y/N: *wiggles her tail* So what do you think of the whole outfit?
Diablo: *wraps his arms around your waist* It makes me really happy.
Y/N: And why is that?
Diablo: Because no one else gets to see you like this. You’re my bunny.
Y/N: I’ll always be yours.
Diablo: Good *kisses you* No we have to go upstairs.
Y/N: *slaps his arm* No! Everyone is in the living room. They’ll hear us.
Diablo: So? Let them hear. It won’t be me that’s screaming.
Y/N: I can be quiet.
Diablo: You can’t.
Y/N: Is that a challenge?
Diablo: Maybe.
Y/N: Challenge accepted! *grabs his hand and runs upstairs*

Fight Song - Both Ending - We Are Family

Originally posted by reclusiveq

Warnings: Language, alcohol, mixing meds with alcohol, etc

Pairings: Bucky X Reader X Steve

Word Count: 6269 (A Lot I know bear with me)



“(Name) stop!” I hear Steve yell out and I freeze in my footsteps.

Why? Why did I stop? What the hell?

I go to move again but I find that my feet won’t listen.

Okay, what the actual hell?

I feel a hand in mine and I turn to see Steve standing next to me. “It’s okay,” He says as he offers me a reassuring smile.

“How?” I ask, the need for answers filling my eyes. “How is any of this okay?”

“What do you mean?” I hear another voice ask and I turn to see Bucky standing on the other side of me.

“I-” I turn to see everyone still staring at me and I let out a heavy sigh. “I don’t wanna talk about it here. Can we go somewhere else, please?”

“Sure,” Steve says as he grips tightly to my hand and leads me to the elevator with Bucky close behind us. Walking inside I stare at the floor as Bucky and him stand beside me. The elevator doors close and instantly reach up and wrap my arms around myself.

“Stark?” I hear Bucky say and I clench my jaw.

“How am I worthy?”

“What?” Steve and Bucky say in unison.

“How could I lift the hammer,” I pause for a moment before looking over at Steve, “When-when you couldn’t?”

“(Name),” Steve starts but I instantly stop him by shaking my head and saying, “I don’t get it. You’re captain freakin America; you save people, you are the American dream. I’m a partially unwanted child with a shit ton of baggage; How In the hell can I lift Mjolnir, and you can’t?”

“Things happen for a reason.” Steve says and I roll my eyes.

“Like Thor says, ‘The hammer chooses the worthy’.” Bucky says imitating Thor’s voice and I smile. “Ah I won, she smiled.”He calls out a bright smile covering his perfect face.

“Shut up Barnes,” I say my smile growing brighter.

“What Buck means is that, Thor’s hammer is magic. It has mystical properties that no one, save for him and his father, understand.”

“Besides think about it, how is Thor worthy? Huh? Answer me that.” Bucky adds and I chuckle.

“I just can’t see how someone who has done all that I have, is worthy of anything.” I say my smile fading as the depression washes over me.

“I think you’re worthy.” Steve says a smile covering his lips.

“Me too Stark,” Bucky says smirking.

“I don’t think I’ll ever truly believe that I’m worthy of anything.” I say honestly rubbing my shoulders.

“Well maybe one day that’ll change?” Steve says and I smile softly at him.

“I hope you’re right.” I say as the elevator doors open revealing that we haven’t even left the floor the party had been held on. I look forward to see Thor smiling brightly along with everyone else in the room and I take a deep breath before I let Steve and Bucky escort me back to the table. I look down at Mjolnir sitting back neatly on the table and I raise an eyebrow playfully. “Hey Thor I have a question?”

“Ask away Lady Stark.” He says smiling his cheeks tinted pink from the alcohol.  

“Since I can lift the hammer, does that mean I can go to Asgard?” I ask making the room go silent.

“But of course, Mjolnir has found you worthy; therefore in the eyes of Asgard you are an honorary Asgardian.” Thor replies a soft smile covering his lips.

“Did you hear that old man,” I say turning toward Tony, who still seemed to be drunk given his rosy cheeks. “I get to go to Asgard and you don’t.” I smile cheekily before turning back to Thor and winking. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!” I yell out my heart feeling light making everyone else laugh out around me. “Can the birthday girl get a drink?” I ask and I turn to see looks of disagreement on Steve and Bucky’s faces and I roll my eyes.

I want a celebratory drink and no one is going to ruin this for me.

I giddily walk over to the bar and winking at the bartender order up a Jack and Coke. He sets the made drink on the bar and right as I reach for it, I see someone else take it and down it. “That was mine Barnes!” I yell out angrily knowing full well the hand belonged to.

“You’re on meds, heavy ones at that, so no alcohol.” He says making me groan inwardly.

“Fuck you and the horse you rode in on,” I say as I motion for the bartender to make another one. As this one if set down I grab it before he has a chance and bring it to my lips. I go to take a drink and I instantly feel the glass slips through my fingers and I follow it to see Steve bring it to his lips and down it. “Oh hell no! This is not happening! DAD!” I yell out as I turn to look for my inebriated father. I find him sitting next to Pepper on the couch, at the sound of his name his head snaps toward me.

“Yeah Peanut?” He replies in-between hiccups.

“The super soldier duo won’t let me drink my celebratory Jack!” I pout pushing my bottom lip out.

“Sur- Ahem-Well, you are on meds.” He replies after an elbow in the ribs from Pepper.

“Are you taking their side?” I ask raising an eyebrow at him.

“Yes?” He replies more like a he’s asking a question and I roll my eyes.

“Fine, then my worthy ass is going to bed.” I say as I stomp past them and head back to the elevator.

As I step inside I turn to look at Steve and Bucky staring after me and I smile devilishly. They start to move toward the elevator but it’s too late. The doors close and I smile brightly. “Stark 1; Super Soldiers 0.” I laugh as the elevator lifts me up to my floor. As the doors open I practically skip to my room, which turned out to be really stupid on my part as my leg started to throb, and reaching into my nightstand pull out a secret flask full of Jack. Setting the ring box containing my grandfather’s ring down on the nightstand I smile as I bring the flask to my lips and chug.

As the liquid slides down my throat I smile inwardly at the taste. I loved Jack, that wasn’t ever going to change. Setting the flask down on my nightstand, I stretch my arms above my head and let out a happy sigh. “I’m an Honorary Asgardian.” I smile at my words. “Alright time to get out of this dress,” I say as I untie my sash and gently set it down on the bed. I reach around and start to unbutton the back of my dress and right as it falls to my feet Steve and Bucky suddenly burst through my bedroom door. I let out am involuntary scream causing them to instantly turn their backs to me.

“We are so sorry!” Steve calls out as I slowly make my way to my bedroom divider.

“You better be! Jesus what is it with you two and trying to catch me naked?”

“It wasn’t deliberate!” Bucky yells back.

“Of course it wasn’t Terminator!” I say sarcastically making him tense.

“Fine, you want deliberate?” Bucky challenges making my eyes widen.

“Bucky don’t!” Steve yells out but it’s too late. Bucky turns around and stomps over to the divider. Before I have a chance to react I see him standing there and I jump. Bad idea considering the dress was tangled with my feet; because I trip on the hem and end up falling backwards. Before I hit the ground, I feel strong arms catch me and I look up to see Steve’s eyes gazing back into mine, his cheeks flushed pink. Steve helps me back to my feet and the sudden movement makes my head start to spin. I smile like an idiot as I turn to Steve and say, “Thank you Stevie, you really are my hero.”

“I take it she had something to drink?” Bucky asks and Steve nods.

“Come on, I’m not that bad!” I say as a sudden hot flash fills my body. I wave a hand at my face before I unconsciously start to once again remove my clothes.

“(Name), what are you doing?” Steve asks his eyes widening.

“I’m hot, therefore I am getting naked. Wanna help?” I ask wiggling my eyebrows at him.

“And you’re drunk.” Bucky says and I shake my head.

“Nope, just have a really good buzz.” I say smiling.

“Right…” Bucky says unconvinced.

“Come on you know you wanna help me outta these clothes. Hell I know I would if I were you.” I chuckle as I have a sudden drunken epiphany. “Oh I have an idea!” I say as I instantly start to tug at Steve’s dress shirt.

“Whoa! Whoa! (Name) What are you doing?!” Steve says as he gently but firmly pushes my hands away.

“I am trying to even out the score here dammit!” I yell out causing a hiccup to emanate from my lips.

“Okay? What score are you talking about here?” Bucky asks slowly putting himself between Steve and I.

“You two have seen me naked how many times now and I have yet to see either of you completely naked. I want it, I *hiccup* wanna see it right the fuck now.” I reply accidentally stomping the foot of my injured leg. I bite my lip as I try not to let it show that I was really regretting my sudden movement.

“Oh is that all?” Bucky says and Steve flashes him a warning look. “What she wants to see us naked and she’s not going to stop until it happens, right?” He directs the final word to me and I nod enthusiastically. “See, so I say we give the girl what she wants.”

“Bucky, No.” Steve replies pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Bucky, Yes.” I interject as I reach over and pull at his shirt. Steve instantly grabs my hands and pulling my away from Bucky says, “(Name) no, you’re drunk. Go get in bed, and sleep it off.”

“But I don’t wanna!” I whine my shoulders slumping.

“No buts Stark,” Steve says instantly sweeping my off my feet and into his arms as he carries me over to my bed and gently lays me down. He goes to pull away but I instantly grip tightly to his shirt holding him in place.

“The only way I’m staying in this bed is if the both of you join me.” I say sternly making Steve’s face flush. His eyes were a mixture of both lust and fear. “I mean it Rogers, I will jump outta this bed the moment you leave the room.”

“She sounds serious Steve,” Bucky says as he moves to the other side of the bed making my eyes follow him closely. “Now I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that she’s not talking about sleeping.”

“Look at Barnes using his brain,” I say as I giggle playfully. I slowly turn back to Steve to see him still staring at me and I use what drunken strength I have to pull him down into the bed with me. I giggle as I wrap my arms around him tightly. “Ah, So warm.” I say softly as I bury my face into his chest. I suddenly hear his heart start to race.

Ahhh, How cute.

I quickly pull one arm away from him and reaching backwards hold my hand out for Bucky. “I need my Bucky Bear.” I say earning me a chuckle in reply. Without so much as a reply the bed dips behind me and I instantly feel Bucky cuddle up behind me his strong arm wrapping possessively around my waist. “Now I can finally sleep.” I say taking one hand of theirs into each of mine intertwining our fingers together. It still surprised me how easily I felt at home and wanted when I was in their arms. Licking my lips I dare to push my luck as I say softly, “I know Steve loves me; but what about you Barnes?”

“Steve told you he loves you?” Bucky says suddenly becoming tense and starting to pull away from me. I tighten my grip on his hand as I keep him from completely getting off the bed.

“He did,” I say rolling over onto my side to get a better look at Bucky’s face. It was completely devoid of emotion. “Bucky,” I say softly sensing that he was on the verge of leaving. “I know you told me you liked me before, but I need to know how you feel now.”

“I can’t answer that.” He says pulling his hand completely from mine leaving me to stare in panic at my empty hand. My throat goes dry as it suddenly becomes hard to breathe.

“Why, why can’t you answer?” I ask panic lacing my every word.

“Drop it Stark,” He says as he suddenly gives me a regretful look and turns leaving the room. I stare off after him completely frozen to my bed my eyes focused on his receding figure.

“Buck wait!” Steve calls out as he runs after his friend making that feeling grow to a crushing size.

“I should’ve kept my big mouth shut.” I say as my lip starts to tremble. With them both gone I could suddenly feel the silence enveloping me. It was extremely sobering. I glance around the room and then with a quick nod climb from my bed and start to pack all my clothes.

What happened to not coming between friends? I fucked that plan to hell.

I pull on a Stark Industries t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans before I walk over to my night stand and grabbing the ring box containing my grandfather’s ring I open it and swiftly pull the ring out. I stare at it for a moment as tears sting my eyes. “You’d be so upset with me grandpa. I’ve fucked up so bad.” I run my fore finger over the engravings before I gently stuff it into my jean pocket. I hobble over to my bag and pulling it over my shoulder take one last look at my room. I had enjoyed my time here with everyone but it was time to go. In my mind I had clearly overstayed my welcome. I glance over to see the dress Natasha had bought me lying on the floor an my heart wrenches.

Taking a deep breath I walk over and reaching down pick the dress up and lay it gently and smoothly out on the bed. I give it one last touch before I squeeze my eyes closed and leave the room. Walking to the elevator I say, “FRIDAY, do you know where Blake and Mikey are?”

“I believe they are in their room miss. Would you like me to page them for you?”

“No, will you just let them now I’m on my way to them?”

“Sure thing miss.” She replies and I let out a heavy sigh as I climb into the elevator. I needed my best friends. Maybe they could tell me how I fucked up and what to do now cause the only thing I could think of to do was to run. Run away and never look back. No matter what I cared or felt for both Bucky and Steve I couldn’t break them up. Bucky needed Steve, and vice versa. They were all each other had. I on the other hand had everyone in this god forsaken tower and I still couldn’t get used to it. The elevator dinging pulled me from my thoughts and as the doors open I look up to see steel grey eyes staring worriedly back at me.

“You Okay Darlin?” He asks and I shake my head.

“I fucked up; I really fucked up this time.” I reply tears falling from my eyes. Suddenly his arms are around me holding me close.

“It’s okay Darlin, I’m here.” He says calmly as he starts to rub circles on my back.

“I should’ve kept my mouth shut.”

“Now hold on a minute Darlin and tell me what happened?” He says as he leads me toward the living room area of his and Mikey’s guest room. As he sets me down I am suddenly given a cup of hot cocoa and I follow the hand holding it to see Mikey gazing down at me with worry.

“It’s made just how you like it. Not too much chocolate and loads of marshmallows.” He says winking at me lifting my mood ever so slightly. Giving him a thankful smile I quickly tell them about what had happened after I left the party. When I finish recalling my Story I see Blake looking far away with his brow furrowed, while Mikey’s face was filled with curiosity.

“Okay let me get this straight, you got drunk, made a fool of yourself, told a guy that said he liked you that his best friend-slash-brother is in love with you, and then he walked out and wouldn’t tell you if he loved you too?” Mikey replies and I nod.


“Well in my honest opinion I think he loves you too but is just putting his feelings aside for his friend.”

“Honestly,” Blake interjects his face hard, “I don’t blame Bucky,”

“Blake!” Mikey yells making Blake glare at him.

“Let me finish,” He replies moving his gaze from his boyfriend to me, “Think about it from his perspective (Name), His best friend, someone he has always put before himself not matter the consequences, says he loves the same girl that Bucky does, what do you think Bucky will do? He’s gonna bury his feelings in order to make sure his best friend gets his happiness.” Mikey and I look at each other before Blake continues, “Okay let me put it this way, Lets say that mikey and I weren’t gay, well bisexual in his case, and that both of us were in love with you. If Mikey came to me and said that he loved you I would do my damnedest to bury my feelings and let him be happy.”

“Okay, I get that. First off, your example sucks because I know firsthand that Mikey can’t stand me.” I joke tryig to lighten the mood and it works for Mikey as he chuckles but instantly stops as Blake glares at him. “Second, it’s not that I don’t understand WHY Bucky is doing it, it’s that neither of them even thought to ask me how I felt about them.”

“And how do you feel about them?” Blake asks as he pulls the warm coffee mug still full of cocoa from my hands and gently sets it on the coffee table in front of us. “Honestly and sincerely, how do you feel about Bucky and Steve?”

“I…” I pause as tears start to fill my eyes making Blake instantly reach out and take my hands in his. “I love them. I love them both so much that I can’t even stand that I put them in the position where they have to choose. I love the way that even thought Bucky acts all playful and childish he’s smart and wise. He knows me better than I even know myself. And Steve, god where do I even start. He never lets me get away with anything for one,” I chuckle through my tears as I continue, “I love how sweet and innocent he acts around me. I love how he treats me like I’m the only girl in the world. These past few weeks have been like heaven with the two of them. I can’t choose one of them over the other.”

“Then don’t,” Mikey says and Blake nods.

“Wait-what do you mean?” I ask confusion filling my face as the tears start to slow.

“Don’t choose, just take them both.”

“They aren’t gonna share me.” I state and Blake shrugs.

“You never know until you talk to them.” Mikey says and I raise an eyebrow.

“Well would you share Blake with me?”

“Bitch I already do!” Mikey says tossing a throw pillow at me.

“He has a point, although sex between us would be really awkward.” Blake replies and I nod.

“That it would.” I run a hand through my hair and pushing myself to my feet say, “Then all I need to do is have a sit down with them whether they like it or not. Tell them it’s either the three of us together or none of us at all. God that sounds like an ultimatum and I hate those.”

“Yeah well shit happens,” Blake says smacking me on the ass making my glare at him. “Go on hotpants, go get your men.”

“Jesus sometimes I hate you guys!”

“Hey you came to us for advice, don’t forget that!” Mikey calls from his seat.

“Definitely a mistake on my part.” I joke as I grab my bag and head back to the elevator. “FRIDAY do you know where Cap and Bucky are?”

“They are currently arguing on the thirteenth floor. Would you like me to contact them for you?”

“Nope, but I’m on my way to them.”

“Hey leave your bag here!” Blake calls out and I quickly drop it in the foyer.

“You got it Babe!” I call back as the elevator doors open. Walking into the elevator I turn and as the doors close in front of me I let out a nervous sigh.

What the fuck am I gonna say to these assholes??

I groan out in annoyance as I rub my forehead. This was gonna be a bitch. Folding my arms over my chest I tap my foot as I wait impatiently for the doors to open. Once they did I was met with angry yells.

“Bucky just talk to me!” Steve yells out making me walk onto their floor and peek around the corner. I see Steve standing behind Bucky who is staring out the window with a cold expression on his face.

“There’s nothing to talk about Steve. Honestly, I’m fine.” Bucky says and I can instantly tell that it’s a lie.

“Buck we’ve known each other for ninety years, I know when you’re lying to me.”

“God dammit Steve will you just drop it!”

“No I won’t,”

“Look I liked her okay, I won’t lie; but I don’t love her.”


“Buck that’s a lie and you know it. If you didn’t love her you wouldn’t be this upset.”

“Okay fine,” Bucky yells finally turning to look at his friend. “I do love her. okay, I do; but what is that gonna change? Huh?”

“If you love her then I’ll back down.”

“See this is exactly why I didn’t tell you.”

“Oh so you’re allowed to bow out but I’m not?”

“HOLY MARY OF MOTHER FUCKING GOD DO EITHER OF YOU ASSHOLES EVEN CARE WHAT I WANT?!?!?!” I yell out at the top of my lungs my anger filling my face causing the two of them to jump in shock.

“(Name)?” They both say in unison making me roll my eyes.

“Okay first of all, no one is backing out. Okay? so listen carefully cause I’m only gonna say this once.” I say folding my arms over my chest. I wait for them to show that they are listening and I take a deep breath. “I love you. I love you both so much that seeing you fight between the two of you is killing me. I cannot for the life of me choose just one of you okay, that shit can’t happen. Reason number one being I will not come between the two of you. Not ever.”

“(Name),” Steve starts and I hold my hand up to stop him.

“Mother fucker I ain’t done yet.”

“Yes ma’am,”

“The only way this is gonna or will ever work is if we are in this together. All three of us. Think of yourselves as Brother Husbands. There will be one girl, me; and two boyfriends, that’s you two. And you will share me just like I will share you both. That is the only way this is gonna work out. If you can’t do that then I’m sorry to say I won’t choose either of you. I’ll choose my damn self. What do you say?” I say the last sentence my anger receding as it is replaced with fear and worry.

Bucky and Steve look at each other as they silently discuss it with their eyes. I glance back and forth between them as I start to fear the worst. Suddenly Bucky breaks the silence as he says, “Whatta ya say punk? I know it’s not what we’re used to but, I don’t think I could choose to be without both of you.”

“You’re right Buck; I don’t think I could either.” They smirk at each other before turning to me and saying, “I guess you’re stuck with us.”

“THANK GOD!” I yell out as I close the distance between the three of us and wrapping my arms around them hold on tight. “Oh and let’s wait to tell my dad. He might kill us all if he finds out.”

“Too Late Peanut!!” I hear said father yell out over the intercom and my face blanches.

“Well you two are fucked.” I say as I slowly pull away and chuckle at them.

“I’ll talk to him.” Steve says as he heads to the elevator and I roll my lips as all the sudden possible outcomes start to flash through my mind.

“Hate to be in that meeting,” Bucky whispers into my ear making me shiver with excitement.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine.” I reply as I turn to look up at him. After a few seconds of us staring into each other’s eyes we both say in unison, “We should go help him.”


The sudden ringing of my landline fills my home and I quickly run over to it my heart racing from chasing my youngest child, Peggy who’s four, around the living room. Lifting the receiver up I say, “Hello?”

“Is this Miss Stark?” I hear the familiar voice of my twin son’s elementary school principal say on the other line and I sigh inwardly.

“Yes this is her.” I reply as I already anticipate what the call could be about.

“This is Principal Waverly of Grove elementary school; I’m calling you because it seems your sons have started a fight and have been suspended for three days. I ask that you come and retrieve them please.”

“Yes, of course. I’m on my way now.” I say as I quickly hang up the phone and let out a heavy sigh.

“Mommy? Are you okay?” Peggy asks me her bright blue eyes gazing up at me worriedly.

“Of course Sweetpea, just, we have to go get your brothers.”

“Those boys are trouble.” Peggy replies as she turns and heads toward the front door to grab her shoes making me chuckle at her reply.

“Smart girl.” I say as I follow after her. Peggy, or Peggy Marie, was my youngest child. If you hadn’t already guessed who her father is then I’ll tell you. It’s Steve and he loves her tenderly. She has that man wrapped around her little finger.

“Alright mommy let’s go get stupid’s,” She says and I snort.  

“Oh will you run upstairs and grab mommy’s wallet pumpkin?”

“Yup!” Peggy replies and I watch as her curly golden locks bounce up and down as she climbs the stairs.

Taking a deep breathe I reach out and right as I am about to open the front door it swings open to reveal both Steve and Bucky walking through it.

“You two made it just in time! Set your stuff down and come with me.”

“But I want a shower.” Bucky whines and I shake my head.

“Oh no you two both have to be here for this. They are your sons after all.” Without another word Bucky turns on his heels and heads for the Jeep.

“Where’s Peggy?’ Steve asks as he looks past me into the house.

“She’s upstairs getting my-”

“DADDY!!!!” I hear our daughter squeal loudly and I wince.

“There she is!” My girl definitely had some lungs on her.

“Hey Pumpkin!” Steve yells back as he falls to his knees just as Peggy launched herself at him. “How was your day?”

“It was fun, until Mommy got a phone call.”

“Yeah, yeah, you can beat them up later.” I reply as I lean over and give Steve a kiss and retrieve my wallet from Peggy.

“No mommy we have to go!”

“Yes ma’am!” I say as I quickly salute her and head out the door. Steve closes it as he follows after me. He quickly places Peggy in her car seat and buckles her in while I climb into the driver’s seat and leaning over the center consul and kiss Bucky on the cheek. Before he has a chance to say anything I pull away my nose scrunched. “Dear Lord you smell like a chicken farm!”

“That’s because I was on a mission dear.”

“Yeah well Steve doesn’t smell like that.”

“Well good for Steve.” Bucky replies rolling his eyes making Steve and Peggy chuckle in the back seat. After Steve climbs into the back seat I put the car in drive and quickly make our way to the school. “So what’d they do?”

“All I know is that they were fighting. Don’t know why yet.”

“You know they had to have a reason to fight someone.” Steve chimes in as he leans forward.

“I know, they wouldn’t just start throwing punches. Unlike me.” I add the last part a smirk covering my lips.

“Who called? Their teacher or?”

“The Principal and he was a little rude in my opinion.”

“Was he disrespectful to you?” Bucky asks his eyes going dark.

“Not exactly, it just seemed like he expected it of the boys. Like it was their fault. Kinda pisses me off now that I think about it more.”

“Clam down Stark,” Steve says from the back seat and taking a deep breath I try to force the anger away. We drive the rest of the way with Peggy recalling every single thing she did while Steve and Bucky were gone. When we arrive at the school I climbed out and waited patiently for Steve, Bucky, and Peggy to join me. Then we all walked in as one united family cause that was what we were. We quickly make our way to the principal’s office and as I open the door leading to it I see my boys sitting alone with bruises on their sad faces and my heart clenches.

“Phillip Rogers. Timothy Barnes.” Was all I said and their eyes shoot toward me. I stop dead in my tracks as I stare at them. Phillip looked so much like Steve with his sandy blonde hair and sea blue eyes while Timothy looked like Bucky with his dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. Sometimes I forgot that they were actually twins. Superfecundation was what they called it, when Twins have different fathers, and before you ask yes, we had a threesome. It was amazing, but after I had the boys there was no way in hell I was risking that again. I am about to say something to the boys when the principal walks over and says, “Ah Miss Stark, Mr. Barnes, Mr. Rogers; how nice to see you. I wish it was under different circumstances though.” I glare at him as his pretentious tone of voice filled the air.

“Breathe Dear,” Bucky whispers into my ear and I nod slowly.

“It seems the fight started when your boys attacked some of their schoolmates.” He said the word attacked like it was nothing new for the boys and I started to see red.

“Excuse me?” I say in disbelief making Steve grab my hand. I nod slowly as I pull away from him and walk over to my boys. Kneeling down in front of them I say, “Now you know you can’t lie to me, it’s not in your DNA, I want you to tell me what really happened.”

“I already told you Miss Stark.”

Mother fucker you are about to get hit!

“I know what you told me Sir, but I want the truth. My boys have never in their life lied to me.”

“Outrageous,” He exclaims as if believing my children was the wrong thing to do.

“Okay you need to walk away.” Bucky says sternly before I can flip out.

“Boys, come on, whatever you say I will listen.”

“You promise you won’t get mad?” Phillip asks his eyes borderline wet.

“That all depends on why you fought.” I reply and both boys look past me to their fathers before their eyes come back to me.

“They called you names.” Timothy says breaking his silence.

“What?” I ask clearly confused.

“They said you were a whore.” Phillip says his eyes focused on the ground.

“Okay, I believe you, what else did they say?”

“They said they heard the teachers saying that our family was dirty and shameful.”

“And you stuck up for us?” I ask and they both nod.

“We’re not dirty are we momma?” Timothy asks his eyes filled with sadness.

“No baby, we’re not.” I reply and then suddenly hear a scoff behind me and I see red. “Hold that thought.” I stand up and turning toward the Principle, “Did you have something to say?”

“Of course not.” He says looking from me over to my two towering husbands.

“Oh I think you did.” Bucky says and I narrow my eyes.

“Steve take the kids outside.”

“(Name),” he replies cautiously.

“It’s either I deal with him or Natasha does when she finds out.”

“Good luck sir.” Steve says before he turns to the boys and says, “Come on boys, we’ll get you some ice cream on the way home okay? And since you have three days off we’ll go see grandpa. How about that?” The boys erupt in yells of happiness and I roll my eyes as they all follow Steve outside leaving me and Bucky standing toe to toe with the principle.

“Now, would you like to tell me what that scoff was about? Do you think my family is dirty?” I say calmly to the sweating principle.

“Of course you are! How many men have you been with that all your children have different fathers?” He exclaims and I hold my arm out to stop Bucky from stomping a mud hole in him.

“First of all, my children don’t all have different fathers. My daughter that you just saw has the same father as Phillip. Timothy is his son.” I say sternly pointing to an angry Bucky. “You have no right to judge my family when you are cheating on your wife with oh how many teachers here now? Three? Four? Oh and your secretary over there as well.” I say with a nod of my head to the now angry secretary sitting a few feet away. “Oh I guess she didn’t know about everyone else. Sorry, that’s my bad.”

“It’s different when guys do it.”

“Oh my god, are you fucking serious? No, no, there is a completely different way you are doing things to the way I am. You see I am married to both my husbands. They are the only men I let in these pants. Sorry but I’m not a whore like you.” He starts to stammer as I continue, “If you don’t stop treating my kids like crap let me remind you one thing. I am the only Heir to the Stark Industries conglomerate and if you pull this shit again I will not only tell your wife about your other women, I will make sure you don’t have a person or a thing left to turn to. Also I want a list of all the teachers who think the way you do.”

“Wh-why?” He stammers suddenly afraid.

“No big reason, just want to have a little chat.” I say with a smile. “Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some ice cream to go buy.” I turn and taking Bucky’s hand in mine start to leave the room when I hear the principal say, “Fucking whore,” Before I even had a chance to react I felt Bucky’s hand slip from mine as he turned and punched the Principal smack dab in the middle of his face breaking his nose and knocking him out. I see Bucky raise his arm again and I instantly wrap my arms around his waist and say, “It’s okay, stop! I’m okay!” He instantly relaxes under my touch and I let out a thankful sigh.

Looking past him I look down to see principal lying in his own blood and then look over to see the secretary who just shrugs and says, “I didn’t see a thing. Bastard deserved whatever he got.”

“Thank you.” I say causing her to nod at me in recognition. I pull Bucky from the office and when we are out in the hallway I place both of my hands on his cheeks as I say, “You okay?”

“Yeah, he just-”

“I know, He’s a tool.” I say smiling up at him. Bucky nods before leaning forward and gently kissing my forehead.

“So how about that ice cream?” Bucky says and I nod.

“Sure let’s go.”

As we walk outside to meet the rest of our happy little family I smile and think about how I wouldn’t change anything. No matter what anyone said or did we were happy, and we were together. That was all I ever really wanted. And that was exactly what we got. Family.

This was a  long time coming lol. but the ending just for Steve will be out soon :D 

The foxes playing truth or dare?? Idk if this has been done before but whatever. Anyways, here it is!!

  • The foxes win another match against the trojans
  • They celebrate their victory at the girls’ room (with Katelyn and some Vixens)
  • Allison orders boxes of pizza and some virgin drinks for Renee
  • Kevin brings his vodka and Nicky some whiskeys
  • So they just drink and laugh, being loud and then Dan suggests playing truth or dare
  • They sit in a circle; Neil besides Andrew, and then Matt, Dan, Allison, Renee, Katelyn, Aaron, Nicky and Kevin
  • The other vixens prefer to watch only
  • Dan starts by spinning an empty vodka bottle and the top bottle stops at Nicky and Nicky goes with truth
  • She asks his first impression about all of them save for the twin
  • “Well, Neil, I thought you were cute, and I still think you’re cute. It never gonna change except…yeah, you know,” and dare a glance at Andrew
  • Andrew looks bored 
  • He continues with his first impression on Matt and Dan
  • When it’s Allison…:”Allison, you-”
  • “Are a catty bitch anyone should avoid at all costs,” Aaron says and everyone’s attention on him
  • Nicky frowns at him and Allison scowls. “What? I just quoted from what you said to Neil,” and Allison glowers at Nicky for an eternity before Dan interrupts
  • “Okay… I guess that’s all. Nicky, spin the bottle” 
  • Nicky spins
  • It stops at Allison
  • “Truth or dare?”
  • “Dare. Because I’m not a coward like you.”
  • Nicky scoffs. “Fine. Then go french kiss Neil.”
  • Neil is startled and being a confused child and wondering how to french kiss  while his eyes scan around him at the foxes but their eyes are on Andrew. Dan and Matt look at Andrew nervously
  • “Huh. Easy enough.”
  • Allison gets up to go to Neil
  • BUT
  • Before she can walk to him, Andrew takes hold of Neil’s shirt and pull him in
  • Andrew kisses Neil senseless for a moment
  • Neil can hear Allison snorts
  • Andrew finally lets him go and says, “I don’t share with anyone.”
  • Allison rolls her eyes and the room goes quiet 
  • Neil goes numb
  • Until Nicky breaks the silence with his cry
  • He says:”ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?” (he is proud and happy af)
  • Everyone else bursts out laughing except Aaron
  • Even Kevin’s mouth twitches a little. And what?? Andrew smirks smugly?????
  • And they continue until they get bored and tired
Too Smart For Your Own Good

Warnings: Fighting/Sparring, Teasing, Flirting, Innuendos, Touching

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Chapter 5: Absolutely Warped

Your floor was nice and had an open feel to it, there were floor to ceiling windows in all the rooms (giving perfect views of the city) and everything had a surprisingly homey feel to it. The main room had a plush couch with two recliners, a coffee table, and a nicely sized tv (you refrained from sprinting over to the gaming console and begin playing). The kitchen was nice and clean, all the appliances were stainless steel but the counter tops were made of a nice, dark butcher block, there was an island in the middle with some bar stools parked at the edge and a small breakfast nook off to the side where the perfect view continued.

Loki carried you through a set of French doors and set you down in your new room. The walls were turquoise while the trim was a deep red, the big bed had a ruffled deep red comforter set with turquoise accent pillows and a white end table on each side, the closet was a huge walk-in and you knew you’d never in your lifetime have enough clothing to fill it, there was an ornately carved white desk with a matching fluffy desk chair. The colors in the adjoining bathroom matched those in the room and you tried to ignore the large and inviting bath tub.

“Let me help you unpack so we can hang out.” Loki said, already unzipping your suitcase.

You barely had to do anything seeing as Loki used his magic mostly and manage to put everything just the way you liked it (he knew you all too well), you were making popcorn while Loki picked out a movie when a voice spoke down to you from the ceiling.

“Miss Richards, Mr. Stark requests your presence in the lab as soon as possible.” JARVIS said.

“Whhhyyyy?” You groaned as Loki gave a pout.

“Blood samples, Miss.” JARVIS replied, “And Mr. Rogers would like to see you right now, Mr. Laufeyson.”

“You can tell the overly patriotic man child to shove it.” Loki growled back.

After a minute JARVIS said, “Mr. Rogers said he will send Agent Barton and Dr. Banner to retrieve you if need be.”

Loki’s skin flashed blue and he stood, “we should see what they need.”

“Ok,” you said, ruffling his hair and dragging him back to the elevator, “the sooner we get this over with the sooner we can have our movie night.”

“Thanks for the blood, kiddo.” Tony said, putting a Lilo & Stitch band aid over the little bleeding hole on your arm.

“Just don’t drink it. And no blood sacrifices.” You said, moving off of the lab table.

“I make no promises.” Tony laughed, “Also, the rest of the team wants to see you in Training Room 3; JARVIS will direct you there.”

“You’re not coming?” You asked, raising a brow.

“I already know what’s gonna go down. You got this.” Tony said.

You narrowed your eyes at his odd answer, but continued out of the lab.

You walked into the training room humming Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down and looked around. The room was filled with sparring mats and areas, sparring equipment, what looked like a bullet proof glass box, there was a wall filled with various types of training knives, swords, and staffs, there was also a big boxing ring which is where the team stood in a circle. Arguing.

“She doesn’t need this, I know her - she’s definitely good enough.” Loki protested.

“That’s what worries me; you *know* her.” Clint replied, coldly.

“Who would go against her anyway?” Pietro asked.

The team went quiet in thought so you took this time to cut in.

“Wow, and I thought my parent’s fought a lot. Somebody! Throw a vase! It’ll be just like Christmas 2001!” you said, then planted your hands on your hips as you were met with silence, “let me guess; you want to test me to see if I’m worthy of joining your little club?”

“Pretty much.” Clint shrugged.

“I tried to tell them tha-” Loki started.

“Its ok, Loki. They can have their test.” You said simply.

“That was easy,” Bucky clapped, “so who’s taking her down?”

You narrowed your eyes at the super soldier’s implication, but maintained your oblivious-too-innocent act.

“You.” Steve said to his best friend.

Bucky flashed you a wide and cocky smile, “can’t wait to see you pinned underneath me and moaning - just how I like my lady.”

A few of the guys snickered and the others wolf whistled, Natasha, Wanda, and Loki rolled their eyes and Vision looked at the men with disdain as he patted a choking Steve on the back.

“That’s enough fellas,” Steve coughed out, “Everyone outta the ring except for Bucky and y/n.”

Clint clapped Bucky on the shoulder, “do us proud, man. These new recruits are too cocky. Teach her a lesson.”

Bucky’s eyes didn’t leave you as he muttered in reply, “oh I plan to.”

The ring emptied out and Bucky did some stretches, “you ready to go, Dollface?”

You picked a piece of dirt off your t-shirt, “ready.”

“I’ll go easy on ya, wouldn’t want you to end up in a hospital bed when there’s plenty of room for two in mine.” He shot back with a boyish grin.

“Are we gonna talk or are we gonna fight?” you said, not missing a beat.

The soldier’s eyes darkened and he launched at you with what you could’ve sworn was a low growl; you ignored the sudden heat in your stomach that arose at the sound and instead let your instinct take over. Your hands flew out in front of you and time seemed to slow down as you forced the mat beneath his feet to move with your mind. The soldier went falling backward just as his hands grabbed your wrists, pulling you back with him. You landed on him and quickly straddled him, pining his body down with your own and pinning his hands above his head with your own.

Bucky looked absolutely confused, you smirked and leaned down whispering in his ear, “I’m not your lady, got it, Dollface?”

You pulled back slightly coming face to face with him and you noted the new change in his eyes; they were dark, but not like they were when he attacked. This was a different kind of dark. A lust-like dark. Your suspicions were confirmed when his eyes flicked to your lips. But you weren’t giving in that easy.

You were both pulled out of your staring contest by a loud slow clap, you looked over to see Tony standing proudly in the doorway.

“That’s my sugarplum!” He grinned as you stood from your seat on the super soldier.

You felt Bucky’s eyes on you as you stepped out of the ring, “I had an easy target.”

Tony laughed and high five’d you, “good-”

“What the *hell* was that?” Sam cut in.

“What do you mean?” You asked, playing innocent.

“I never fall. Ever.” Came the soldier’s cold reply from behind you.

“Unless my history books are wrong, you took quiet a fall back in the war.” You shot back.

The room went silent. Steve gave you a look of absolute horror, and everyone else covered their mouths in shock; even Tony and Loki. But suddenly there was a booming laugh that echoed around the room, you turned to see Bucky on the floor, clutching his sides and wiping tears from his eyes. ‘he has a good laugh’, you thought then mentally slapped yourself.

“Is he having a psychotic break?” Nat whispered to Sam who just looked at a loss for words.

Steve climbed into the ring and knelt by his friend, he shook the laughing soldier and raised his voice in concern, “Bucky? Can you hear me? Do you remember what year it is? Do you remember who you are? Your name is James Buchanan Barnes, I’m your best friend Steve-”

“I did fall!” Bucky said, letting out another burst of laughter.

“Great, Richard’s kid is here one day and she already broke one of America’s greatest heroes of all time.” Clint muttered.

Bucky’s laughter had subsided and he was looking at you with a glint in his eyes, “I haven’t laughed that hard since the 40s.”

“So he’s not suffering a psychotic break?” Natasha said, directing the question towards Steve.

Steve smiled, “no, just a morbid sense of humor … but I would like to know what that was miss Richards …”

Tony put an arm around you protectively, “Y/n here is a Warper.”

“A what?” Rhodey asked.

“A Warper.” You repeated, “I was born with access to 30% of my brainpower; along with being able to control my age, rate of aging, appearance, and a record breaking IQ, I can Warp Reality, bend it to my will.”

“So you can like, make the world change completely if you want?” Steve asked.

You laughed, “no. Well I guess I could but it would probably kill me - even just making things transition from my mind into appearing in the world in front of me drains me almost completely. I usually bend whatever is around me; like the mat, I shifted it which caused Mr. Barnes to fall.”

“So you can move things?” Pietro asked, unimpressed.

Before you could say anything Tony pulled a metal bolt from his pocket, showed it to the team then slipped it into your hand.

You nodded, knowing exactly what he wanted you to do. You close your fist around the piece of metal and it immediately began to reshape. You threw the piece at the Speedster and he barely dodged it, the piece was now a throwing star and was lodged in the wall along with a few strands of Pietro’s hair.

Pietro cursed in his mother tongue and rubbed his hair in irritation.

“I thought you could use a trim.” You said nonchalantly, “can I go now, I’ve had quiet the day and I did just get out of the hospital.”

“Of cour-” Wanda started.

“We need to see your combat skills. Without the use of powers.” Thor boomed.

A groan came from Loki, “Really? By Odin’s beard!”

You sighed, “Ok, you ready to go another round Mr. Barnes?”

The wide grin on his face answered your question and you climbed back into the ring.

Steve stepped out, “no powers, just combat skills. And … GO!”

You rushed at him, but he was expecting you; he blocked your attack and knocked you to the ground. You swept his legs out from under him, causing him to land flat on his back but as soon as you regained your footing he grabbed your ankle causing you to go down again.

Bucky straddled you and gave you a predatory look, “I was right.”

You squirmed, “what?”

“You do look good like this.” He said in a husky voice.

Anger flashed through you but you got an idea. You suddenly thrust upwards, rubbing against the Super-soldier’s “Little Soldier”.

Bucky’s mouth dropped open in surprise and his gripped loosened. Not much, but enough. You flipped him over so you were on top.

Bucky recovered from his shock and smiling he let his eyes roam over you in this new position, “you look good on top of me too, though.”

You gave a light teasing thrust down on him as revenge for the comment, “I know.”

Bucky let out an almost inaudible moan and tried to wriggle out of your hold, but that only made him rub against you more.

You leaned in closer to his lips and he raised his head to try and make his lips meet yours. You leaned in to where your lips were an inch from meeting his and licked your lips. Bucky’s eyes slid closed … And as quickly as you were there, you were gone, standing quickly and stepping out of the ring.

“It’s been a pleasure sparring with you, Mr. Barnes.” you said, not even sparing a glance over your shoulder.

“Backatchya.” Bucky said awkwardly from behind you.

Thankfully, you’d been subtle enough with your little “game” that it had just looked like really intense fighting to the rest of the team.

You stepped up to Steve, “can I go now?”

“Of course; we’ll let you know who your training partners will be in the morning.” Steve said.

Loki seemed to have noticed your slight change in mood as your shoulders slumped in exhaustion, he stepped up to your side and wrapped an arm around your waist as if to shield you from exhaustion, “C'mon love, we’ve got a movie night to finish and you deserve a hot bath after having to deal with these neanderthals.”

You laughed, he always had a way of doing that to you; making you laugh, “you’re right. Maybe I’ll let you join me if you’re nice.” You wriggled your eyebrows suggestively.

“In that case, I’ll be the best behaved little boy you’ve ever met,” Loki laughed, leading you out of the training room; you felt eyes on you as you left. You didn’t have to turn to know it was Bucky.

Once you were down the hall, you heard Clint start yelling, Loki and you couldn’t contain you’re laughter as he went off on a rant.

“What the hell, Barnes?! You had one job! ONE JOB!”

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The signs as memories
  • Aries: Standing in your room, with your favourite music blazing out, windows open, as the sun rises late spring.
  • Taurus: Running along an empty beach, without shoes listening to the sound of the ocean and breathing the smell of the salty water. Running for no reason, just running.
  • Gemini: Sat in a room with your closest friend looking out into the night sky, laughing at something no one else would understand.
  • Cancer: Running through a field of yellow and blue flowers with someone you love, smiling and giggling, running home for supper.
  • Leo: Walking a long side a river bank in early summer, faintly listening to the sound of a busker, loud enough you can still hear the charm of the coins clashing together into a guitar case.
  • Virgo: Performing to everyone on a stage, the crowd goes wild, you bow, everyone is laughing and cheering.
  • Libra: Waking up from a dream to find yourself in bed with the love of your life, as you lean in to kiss them, you can still smell their perfume on their neck, you smile.
  • Scorpio: Sitting with your family at a special occasion, playing a board game and losely watching a television programme in the background, laughing and passing drink and snacks around.
  • Sagittarius: Being amongst a crowd at a festival, listening to your favourite music, jumping, covered in paint and sweat, looking over seeing everyone smile.
  • Capricorn: The feeling when you finish your last day of school, a smile on your face, running through the school hallways, laughing.
  • Aquarius: Sitting on the upper deck of an open aired bus, with your friends, looking down at the people walking on the streets, as you sip your favourite drink.
  • Pisces: Laughing at something for so long you can't even remember what it was, as a stitch starts to arise in your side, your cheeks beginning to hurt with smiling.
And Now We’re Finally Home

here’s the sequel to the first jonsa fic i wrote. don’t send me hate; i don’t know much about politics in westeros tbh but i do know about medieval english politics and i think dany’s rule would be very similar to that. also thank u to my snow bunnies for reading this 2738 times and receiving frantic texts at obscene hours. I’d really be nothing w/o u. @raughyisreal @mattyisajuxtaposition. explicit content. gratuitous amounts of sex. enjoy! 

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Decorations in December

“Come on! We have to get it inside before it starts to rain!” Taylor called to Adam from the front door of their house as he stood in the driveway assessing the situation at hand.

It was the beginning of December and Taylor had insisted they went to buy their Christmas tree today; which Adam was fine with considering he knew how excited Taylor got about Christmas. What he wasn’t totally on board with was the fact the tree was 13ft tall and he didn’t have any help getting it out of the driveway where it had just been delivered.

“I might need to call for some help Tay…. I definitely cannot manage this alone… and you’re not much help.” He said, scratching his head.

“Well thanks for that.” Taylor replied sarcastically, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I didn’t mean you aren’t helpful babe…. I just meant that right now I don’t want you lifting heavy objects.” Adam said quickly, realising he had just dug himself a huge hole.

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