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You can’t see the net and lace skirt in the background. But here’s the digging kit (minus knee pads) Top left, stand in the tent and process finds boots. Top right, stand anywhere on the site and look rock hard boots. Bottom, wear with rockabilly skirts and dig in every trench boots.

You can’t see the sunglasses very well either (fail) but I wear them over my half moons. I’m cool that way. And the tiara and feather boa? Been to eight digs so far. I usually wear the tiara on the plane so it doesn’t get squashed. Though I’ve a hat box for it too. I’ve met a few other archaeologists who dig in skirts. No one else in a boa and tiara. The boa is good to keep insects and the sun off the neck. I’m all about the practicality.

kookiejiminbts  asked:

You know, everytime you post a new fanart I'm always stunned and amazed by it and by your talent. Your art looks like photos, not a digital painting. You're like the most talented artist I've seen here on tumblr. I hope you'll never stop sharing your works with us cuz they are......I can't even find a proper word in english to describe them. Please don't stop drawing ♥♥♥

Aw dude I’m definitely by no means the most talented, I still have a lot to learn but I’m having a lot of fun on the way!! And don’t worry, as long as I’m still creating fanart I’ll continue to share them because I really enjoy reading feedback and seeing people’s reactions to my work 💕

Hey! You made it through the first week of Mental Health Month. Have you been following along with our weekly prompts? Last week was all about posting it for yourself. You’re the most important person in your life, you know? Gotta take care of yourself the best you can.

This week is about focusing on each other. Focus on being an encouraging and understanding friend, or part of a supportive community. Even just being there to listen or get leaned on can make a huge difference in someone’s life. There’s no wrong way to show kindness. Here are some other suggestions to bring this kind of supportive kindness to your Tumblr:

  • Create a post with positive message for someone going through a tough time. Make a text post, a video post, use stickers, make a GIF—whatever feels right to you.
  • Message someone a compliment. Maybe send them a sticker.
  • This is the positivity cat. Message it to 17 of your friends to give them positive vibes all month long. 🌞
  • Leave a nice reply on someone’s post.
  • If you’re up for it, make a post that your ask box is open to anyone who needs to chat.
  • You’re never alone on Tumblr. Turn your dashboard into a mental health community and follow these search tags: #postitforward, #self-care, and #positivity.
  • Reblog and tag your friends on this post or mention them in the replies to remind them to drink water.

If you follow through, and we hope you do, make sure to tag your posts with #postitforward so other people can find your stuff.

We hope you have a good week, Tumblr. Don’t forget, we’re always here for you too. <3 

Oh yeah! Keep your eyes tuned for these Answer Times we put together just for Mental Health Month:

Inspirational Quotes

Everyone needs extra inspiration/motivation every once in a while. Therefore, I have compiled a list of some of my favourite inspirational Harry Potter quotes (quotes are from the books and films).

  • “Working hard is important. But there is something that matters even more, believing in yourself”
  • “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things! - Friendship! And Bravery!”
  • “When in doubt, go to the library”
  • “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”
  • “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live”
  • “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends”
  • “Ah, music,” he said wiping his eyes. “A magic beyond all we do here”
  • “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on Earth should that mean that it is not real?”
  • “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic”
  • “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the the light”
  • “In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own”
  • “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be”
  • “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are”
  • “Well, [bad] times like that bring out the best in some people and the worst in others’
  • “The ones who love us never really leave us, you can always find them in here”
  • “What’s life without a little risk?”
  • “We’re all human, aren’t we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving”
  • “You sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve”
  • “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect”
  • “No good sitting worrying about it. What’s coming will come, and we’ll meet it when it does”

I hope these quotes inspire you too!

03282017 masterlist (part 1 -reactions)

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      MONSTA X





            BLOCK B


            ➽  meeting the girl of his dreams

            ➽ seeing you walk around the kitchen like a zombie with bed hair while wearing only his shirt

            ➽ accidentally falling for a very young fan

            ➽ his s/o going thru a hard time because of fan hate

            ➽ what kind of a movie would you two be?


            ➽  meeting the girl of his dreams (giri and iron)

            we hope u enjoy them!!!

            also… happy birthday to our wang puppy!!

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            The Fourth House - The House of Home

            This is the fourth part of a twelve part series briefly explaining how the signs work in each house. Enjoy!

            Ah, the House of Home, where the Moon and Cancer are rulers. It is in this house where you begin to learn what it means to say there is no place like home. You have found security, what nurtures you, keeps you in peace, and are ready to plant a home in this safe space. Having undergone the experiences that have shaped you to the person you are today, it is here where you decide: “yes, this is what I will call home because it keeps me protected.” The events that might have occurred in your life to realize what type of place you’re calling home can be of the relationship between your nurturer, such as your mother or father, regardless if these relationships were good or bad. (With further research these relationships can be analyzed with this placement.) Another aspect of home is where you come from, such as finding out your ancestry, heritage, and what you consider to be your culture. Since we are home, this is the private self that comes into play. We are home after a long day at work and are finally at the dinner table with our loved ones where we can be ourselves. It is also in this house where we express how we want to guide our loved ones to help them achieve what we believe is a full life. All in all, the Fourth House represents memories, photo albums, family, and everything you would call home. 

            Aries in the Fourth House: So we know Aries always wants to be number one, and to be number one you always have to be achieving something. You are the same way at home. You may always be doing something in the house that involves action, like cleaning, painting, or rearranging furniture. If something needs to get done in the house, you do it. However, this can also be a bad thing because you may limit someone else from learning how to do for themselves and can be overbearing. Just because you can get the job done right and fast, doesn’t mean you should always do it. Be the leader, but do it in a way that others feel right following you. 

            Taurus in the Fourth House: Having financial security and stability are what makes you feel like you are home. Not only for yourself but also your loved ones since this is how you feel protected. The drive that you have to achieve these things serves as a guide to the people in your life who might need some assistance in building better lives for themselves. However, you can come off too forceful so try to ease up a bit and let others ask for your help. Overall, your presence is a strong one and will not go unnoticed. You are extremely influential to the people around you so you have the power to lead people down the right paths of life if you learn to not let your temper get the best of you. 

            Gemini in the Fourth House: The mind of a Gemini is always restless. Your family may know you as being energetic, talkative, and always up to something. There is never a dull moment with you because you’re full of curiosities and putting your thoughts into action. The perfect home for you involves a safe space where you can comfortably communicate with those around you and have them feel just as comfortable. Knowledge is power and being able to send that message is how you affect people’s lives. You want people to expand their minds to their full potential, as you would want for yourself, and when you achieve this, you are home. 

            Cancer in the Fourth House: The familiar is home to you. How you were raised as a child can very well be a reflection of how you may set a home for yourself today or in the future. You have a strong sense to nurture and protect as any Cancer would, however, these qualities are much stronger in this placement since this is where Cancer rules.Your emotions have great power and can set people in the right direction if you learn to use them for good and not just be an emotional mess. In order to be the mother or nurturer to your loved ones you have to guard your feelings and be strong with your emotions. This way those around you can also learn how to be more in tune with their own emotions, and what better way to learn than from you. 

            Leo in the Fourth House: You have a light in you that yearns to be shined at all times. Around family and loved ones you wish to be at the center of attention and it can cause you stress when you are not. You must learn that others may feel unimportant around you because you might not let them have a chance at the spotlight. Everyone has a light of their own so it is crucial for you to see that others want to be recognized too. Once you understand and are in tune with your ego and sense of self, this is how you will influence others in making lives for themselves. Since this is the house of home and togetherness you may find it difficult to lead others because all you want is to be the center of them. The Leo placement in the home can be one more of learning than of teaching. 

            Virgo in the Fourth House: Very detail-oriented, the way you establish a home for yourself is through creating a routine based life. You can be the stereotypical Virgo of being a neat freak at home when you’re being critical on the house itself or your family. You set high standards for yourself and loved ones often causing stress in everyone because you make them feel like they have to be perfect, but perfection doesn’t exist. You have a strong sense of intuition like a mother’s intuition which helps you be of great service and a counselor: the ultimate goal of Virgo. People may be attracted to asking you for advice but there is a reason and you may have the answers to things you wouldn’t even imagine, all you have to do is dig into your intuition.  

            Libra in the Fourth House: Living in harmony and peace is the only thing this Libra could ever ask for. When your family is in a good place and coming home feels relaxing and loving, this is when you are most happy. You are the peacemaker so your family has gotten use to you being the mediator and can constantly expect you to be the one to make everyone get along again. You don’t mind this too much because in the end you need the love of your family to survive. You can be somewhat dependent on others and are not too fond of being alone, but to avoid unhappiness, you must learn to find peace and harmony all on your own. 

            Scorpio in the Fourth House: Since we are entering a private space, it is here where Scorpio feels comfortable enough to let their guard down. You may have deep, intimate relationships with your family members since you want to know them to their deepest, darkest level because you believe this is truly knowing a person. To them, however, you will always be a mystery. You have a powerful aura and it can express strong feelings of intimacy and depth. You may come off controlling to get what you want and this can be a turn off. Your highs will be very high and your lows very low so if you find yourself at a very low point try not to bring others down with you. Instead bring them with you when you come back up and aim higher.

            Sagittarius in the Fourth House: With how much you love the outdoors, adventure, and exploring, your home will be a reflection of that. Doesn’t a house with big open windows looking out the forest sound beautiful? With walls filled of photographs of all the places you have travelled to. Freedom and independence are everything to you so you can make a home out of just about any space that is comfortable. You can teach people to be more independent and a bit more self centered, but in a good way. You show others that it is okay to be on your own and do things for yourself because in the end we really only have ourselves so why not make a home within ourselves so that wherever your travels take you, you are home. 

            Capricorn in the Fourth House: At home you feel best being the provider and ensuring that everyone feels safe, protected, and emotionally satisfied. Troubles of unity may rise for the Capricorn in this house because this house is ruled by its opposite, Cancer. Where Cancer may be telling everyone how they feel, Capricorn keeps to themselves. You must learn to help others find purpose in life and not keep quiet of your intelligence because it might be that extra help they need. You may feel as though your words do not matter to people so you stay out of their lives, but in this house we are not meant to be alone so it is essential that you learn to find a home with your loved ones. You may have strong doubts within yourself because of the way you grew up but you must find confidence within yourself and mend any broken ties in your family. 

            Aquarius in the Fourth House: As eccentric as the Aquarius is, your home is nothing of the ordinary. You will be interested in the innovative and your home will show for that with the newest technologies or even by the amount of times you move around. With family, you enjoy bringing everyone together but will not be tied down by them. If anything, you enjoy being in a group setting only to show off how different you are from everyone else. However, it is in this setting where you must learn that what you say has a strong influence on people so you should use that to direct them in their lives. You tend to want to help humanity as a whole forgetting that each individual has emotions that need to be understood. You will for the most part be independent in your domestic affairs but this is the house of home so don’t forget that we must come together here.

            Pisces in the Fourth House: In the home, you will probably give yourself to your family more than you should. Everyone will continue to take as long as you keep giving. Your unhappiness should not equal their happiness, this is where your strong sense of empathy can get you into trouble. Your safe space is anywhere where you can be as imaginative as you want to be. Your mind explores places one cannot even dream so we may never really know you. You, however, are very intuitive and psychic about the feelings of others so you will know most of what is going on in the household. This can bring you to smother the ones you love because all you want to do is protect them but guilt tripping them to make them feel empathetic towards you is only going to push them away.

            Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this short analysis!

            - Astrologia xo

            Mile High Club

            Pairing: Dean x Reader

            Warnings: NSFW, blowjobs

            Word Count: 785

            Prompt: The reader finds a quick way to calm Dean down during a flight.

            Beta: @impala-dreamer

            Originally posted by wellcometothedarkside

            “Dean, you need to calm down. You’re freakin’ everyone out here,” Sam grumbled, punching his brother’s shoulder. “It’s a plane, not the Titanic.”

            “Planes can crash,” Dean countered. “The Titanic sunk, it’s possible that this metal thing could just blow up any second.”

            A woman in front of Dean turned around, shooting him a glare as she tried to comfort her young son who was now about as freaked out as Dean. “Planes are built to fly. They always check them before they go up,” she stated matter-of-factly. The second she turned her back, Dean was mocking her. This time you punched his arm.

            The plane hit a bit of turbulence in the air, and you grit your teeth when Dean’s nails sunk into your arm. “Release the death grip, my arm’s gonna fall off.” He sighed, unleashing your arm. “C’mon, let’s go see if we can get you some water.” You suggested, having had enough of Dean’s panic.

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            Photos from yesterday’s filming in Steveston are now on my Flickr! You can find them HERE. Unfortunately I have no photos of the actual scenes that were filmed; just of the cast going to and from set/walking by fans during breaks.
            As always, please credit back to my Flickr if you edit or repost any of the photos! Enjoy!


            After trying to find a specific GIF from Bill Wurtz’s history of the entire world, i guess and failing, I ended up making the GIF myself… and as usual, I always do everything to excess, so here’s like 10 of them. If you click ‘em, they get bigger. You can use them for absolutely anything you want, no need to credit ever, but if you like ‘em, please like this post so I feel nice things.

            Sorry for how totally off topic this is for my blog. There’ll be a couple more of these, but they’ll all be tagged similarly, so feel free to block them. Also tagging @notbillwurtz, because this is probably up their alley. Feel free to post ‘em individually if you want, so they show up in the GIF menu.

            If you’re wondering why I used glitter, my logic is that nothing bad in my life has ever come from using gold glitter, so why not? 

            Today I’ve got probably the easiest, most beginner friendly jar I’ve ever posted. I need good luck, you probably need some good luck, this is what we’re making today. Usually I have jars that have different herbs ans such for different elements of the jar for the jar’s purpose. Not today. Today it is literally one jar full of herbs and spices that all have one purpose in mind – luck.

            So, because of that, you can use any of the herbs listed, as many or as few as you want to or have on hand. In italics are the ones I’ve used in mine.

            • lilac
            • acorn
            • bay leaf
            • clover
            • allspice
            • poppy seeds
            • tonka bean
            • aloe
            • caraway seeds
            • catnip
            • parsley
            • chamomile
            • dill
            • star anise

            While there are others, I have only listed a few that I feel like people have on hand.

            The put together of this jar in simple. Light your candle, focus on your intention, and layer in your herbs. Feel free to additionally use anything that is lucky to you. Perhaps when sealing the jar, if you have a lucky coin you could press it into the wax to leave the print of it, use sigils, etc. Anything to make this more personal, the better. For me, I decided to use gold glitter just because I wanted to. Glitter is something I always want to use in my draft but I never do, so I decided to today because like I said, nothing bad has ever come to me when glitter was involved, haha!

            If you have trouble sealing your jar, I have a tutorial for that here.

            In addition to that, you can find all my other jars and original posts here, or here is just a masterpost of them (so far).

            If you have any questions feel free to drop by my ask box! And as always, if you make any of my jars, I would love to see them, so feel free to tag me! 

            What I Read This Week


            I read some great fics this week!

            Of Dahlias and Deadlines by ingthing, Gen, 51k (WIP)
            All Victor wants is to get dahlias for Khloe and Brad’s wedding in under 24 hours. Hope comes in the form of the little family florist in his neighborhood and the quiet smiles of one Katsuki Yuuri. SO CUTE OMFGF

            Butt Stuff by Plumpie, Explicit, 16k (WIP)
            AU in which top Japanese male figure skater Katsuki Yuuri is recovering from an invasive (and frankly, quite embarrassing) surgical procedure, and his visitation nurse turns out to be terribly, terribly attractive. If only they had met under less humiliating circumstances. I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH

            rubato by indianchai, Not Rated, 3.4k (WIP)
            Yuuri is a psychology major (who happens to play the cello) that moves to Detroit in his sophomore year of college to escape his ice skating past. Through his roommate Phichit, who is in their college’s orchestra, he encounters infamous pianist of the school– an overconfident senior named Victor who refuses to be an accompanist to anyone (until, that is, he hears Yuuri play). Really good so far!

            Accidental Crush by Ashida, Mature, 8.1k (WIP)
            A university AU in which Yuuri’s phone is plagued with spam text messages and the one time he decides to text back results in the best thing ever. LOVE!

            Macaroni and Kisses by Huletty, Gen, 6k
            Their college is holding a contest for whoever can raise the most money for charity. The prize; a years supply of Mac and Cheese. Cue Phichit, a hungry and unstoppable force, fully prepared to exploit the campus’ love for Yuuri Katuski by opening a kissing booth for a day. Even if they don’t win, it’s worth it to see Yuuri’s face when he tells him Victor Nikiforov is in line.

            The Boyfriend Experience by cryingoverspilledvodka, Explicit, 139k (WIP)
            Katsuki Yuuri is an accomplished escort at 23, operating under the pseudonym Eros, in Detroit. When one of his favourite clients sets him up with none other than world-renowned figure skater Victor Nikiforov, the delicate balance between Yuuri’s personal and professional life teeters ever closer towards ruin. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

            Vita Brevis by doeinstinct, Teen, 7k (WIP)
            Viktor Nikiforov is questioning his position as a detective with the Detroit Police Department and spiralling after his partner is critically injured in the line of duty. When Yuuri Katsuki is assigned as his new partner on what he thinks may be his last case, he has no idea what he’s in for. LOVE this so far!!

            For the Camera by Noon30ish, Explicit, 45k (WIP)
            In which Yuuri becomes a pornstar and is ‘training’ under the one and only, the Living Legend, Vitya. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

            our doubts are traitors by astoryaboutwar, Explicit, 20k (WIP)
            the powered assassins AU in which betrayal comes first, forgiveness second, and love was always somewhere in the equation. THAT UPDATE OMFG

            Overcome Chihoko by reginar, renaissance, Teen, 2.7k 
            Yuuri has the words OVERCOME CHIHOKO written on his back, a pair of underpants on his head, and apparently Viktor’s gone missing. LOL (I read all of the “chihoko” fics, you can find them here!)

            we are lost, but we are not gone by persephoneggsy, Mature, 26k (WIP)
            The Dollhouse deals in fantasy, but Victor Nikiforov just needs one night.At least, until he finds himself wanting more. And it’s all because of Eros, the beautiful Active that’s consumed his every thought. MY MIND WAS BLOWN AFTER THAT UPDATE! WHAT A PLOT TWIST

            (˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

            Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

            Say It Again - Jughead Jones

            If requests are open, could you make a jughead x fem Reader where he never asked what her real name was (everyone just calls her by a nick name and has been doing so for years.) and when he finally figures it out and calls her by that name, the reader falls in love with the way it sounds when he says it. Sorry if it’s confusing, I just thought it’d be cute :)

            Originally posted by diltons

            Y/N/N = Your Nick Name

            Y/N = Your (real/full) Name

            L/N = Your Last Name

            I loved this idea so much! I hope you like the way I wrote it!

            The first time it was brought up was at the diner. You sat next to Jughead, and the two of you were sitting across from Betty and Veronica. You all were sharing stories from your childhoods, including Jughead, when it finally got to you. 

            “Y/N/N, did you ever have a nickname?” You smiled at Veronica, who had admitted a few of her own embarrassing nicknames.

             “Y/N/N,” you replied, sipping at your milkshake. 

            “What,” Jughead asked and you laughed while turning to face him.

             “Y/N/N is my nickname,” you said, but he still looked confused, “I’ve gone by Y/N/N my whole life. Even my parents use it rather than my actual name.”

            “No, I get that,” he said, meeting your eyes, “but what’s your real name?” Veronica raised an eyebrow and Betty let out a laugh. “You’ve been best friends with Y/N/N for how long, and yet you still don’t know her full name?” Jughead squinted his eyes at Veronica and you let out a small giggle. “Now I have to know,” he said, turning to face you, but you just stared at him. “You’re a smart, independent, young man,” you said, causing Jughead to smile at you, “you can figure it out.” Betty rolled her eyes, “stop flirting you two, we’re trying to be nostalgic.” You felt a blush creep up onto your cheeks and with a glance at Jughead, you saw he was blushing too.

            The second time it was brought up was at your locker door. School had ended and you were grabbing your jacket and text book out of your locker. Out of the corner of your eye you could see Jughead walking towards you, looking annoyed.

             “What’s up Juggie,” you asked as he leaned against the lockers next to yours. 

            “So I went to the library during my free period,” he said and you started to close your locker door.

             “Sounds adventurous,” you said, looking up and smiling at him. 

            “Ha! Very funny,” he said, “I went there looking to check out some yearbooks. When I asked for them she said, and I quote, ‘they’ve all been checked out.’” 

            You gave him a smug smile, “Hmm, how strange.” He nodded, “isn’t it?”

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            The requested fic in which Max has asthma, but keeps it a secret from the campers, until he has an attack

            Max looked at David incredulously.

            “Really? A hike?” He deadpanned.

            “Yes! You guys will love it! We’re going to hike to the top of the Lake Lilac hill and back down at the end of the day! Doesn’t that sound fun?”

            “Yes!” Nikki cheered.

            “No!” Neil snapped.

            “No.” Max said.

            “Guys! We might see a pack of wolves! Or a moose! Or bigfoot! Aren’t you excited?” Nikki asked, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

            “No? That hill is a million miles up! I’m an introvert! I’m not built for that kind of team-building BULLSHIT!” Neil yelled.

            “Now, Neil! Don’t worry, it will be tons of fun! Right, Max?” David said, leaning towards Max.

            “Go fuck a bush.” Max glared.

            “Language, Max.” David said.

            Twenty minutes of preparing backpacks, handing out water bottles, and prying Space Kid out from where he got his helmet stuck in a knothole later and they were on their way.

            Nikki was running up ahead, sniffing rocks, climbing trees, and just generally keeping David’s hands full. Neil, Max, and Gwen lagged near the back.

            About two hours of walking later, halfway up the hill, Max began to cough. Not a lot, just a subtle cough into his elbow every few minutes.

            “You alright, Max?” Neil asked, looking at him funny.

            “Yeah, I’m good.” Max said, he could see Gwen casting him a worried look but he ignored it.

            Five minutes later the coughs were more persistent. Max was having trouble matching Neil’s walking pace.

            “Max, do you need to stop?” Gwen asked gently.

            “Fuck,” Coughing, “off.” Max glared.

            Max made it up the mountain without any further problems.

            “Wasn’t that fun!” Nikki asked, excitedly.

            “Not really.” Max said, before lapsing into another coughing fit.

            “Max, are you sure you’re okay?” Neil asked.

            “I’m fine!” Max snapped, noticeably more irritable than usual.

            Nikki and Neil looked at each other but didn’t say anything.

            They, unfortunately, didn’t stay at the top of the hill as long as Max would have liked. He wanted to take a longer break and catch his breath properly but they were running out of daylight and there was a four hour hike back down. Max was really struggling to see the appeal of this escapade.

            Nikki was, again, leading the group with an overzealous David. How can anyone have that much energy after a four hour hike and only a one hour break?

            Max was having a hard time getting a good breath. Everytime he tried to breathe too deeply he would start coughing, and the amount of air he could take in before that happened was decreasing.

            Neil kept glancing at him and Gwen was walking uncomfortable close to him. He didn’t like this.

            Suddenly, Max couldn’t get any air in at all, he fell to his knees and began to claw at his throat desperately trying to open his airway.

            Neil was shouting. Gwen was holding Max’s arms back from his throat. David ran up to Max, but Max’s eyes were too blurry with panicked tears to see his expression.

            “Max! Where is your inhaler?” David asked urgently.

            Max tried to tell him that he didn’t know. He couldn’t remember. He couldn’t breathe.

            “It’s okay, David, I grabbed one of his before we left!” Gwen said, handing it to David.

            “Someone give me a water bottle and a knife!” David demanded. Harrison tossed David his water bottle and Nurf gave him a knife. David made fast work out of cutting a hole in the bottom of the bottle and shoving the inhaler in it as a makeshift spacer. He tried to put the end in Max’s mouth.

            Max pulled his head away, he didn’t want that anywhere near his mouth.

            “Max! Please!” David urged, trying again. This time Max let him put the spacer in his mouth. David puffed it once. “Okay Max, in and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. Good. We’re going to do it again okay?”

            Max nodded vacantly.

            “Okay, ready? In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. In and out. Better?” David asked, pulling the spacer away. Max nodded again. “Gwen can you hand me another bottle of water? Max needs to rinse his mouth out.”

            “Sure, here.” Gwen said, handing him a bottle of water.

            David handed it to Max, who rinsed his mouth and spat the water in the dirt nearby. He was becoming aware that all of the campers were staring at him. A few of them looked scared, he guessed they weren’t used to asthma attacks. Nikki was crying. Max looked away, he didn’t want them to find out like this. He hadn’t wanted them to find out at all.

            Suddenly he was being hoisted off of the ground and onto David’s back.

            “Put me down, dipshit.” Max said, sounding tired and strained, “I can walk.”

            “I know, but it’s a three hour hike from here and it’s getting dark. Besides, you’re always tired after an attack. Just let me carry you, nobody will blame you for it.” David assured him.

            Max punched David’s back, but was too tired to use any real force. He let himself fall limp against David’s back and be carried down the hill.

            David was right about him being tired, as much as Max hated to admit it. It was only half an hour before he was asleep.

            Mapmaking Part 1(b) - Civilization

            This is part 1b of the mapmaking tutorials. If you missed steps 1-5, go HERE. 

            This is where we add in evidence of civilization to your world maps. Cities, towns, roads, ruins, anything at all.

            STEP 6: CITIES AND TOWNS

            Finally, actual civilization. Throw those suckers down wherever you want, BUT always keep the major land features in mind. Is it economically better for the capital city to be on the coast, or near the desert? If your country makes a lot of money from the ocean, there’s gonna be a lot of coastal cities. If you’re making a world map, don’t bother with anything other than the most important locations, but if this is a country/region important to your setting, fill it out.

            Consider: Your story. Are your characters traveling a lot through named cities? If you’re making a map after you’ve already written things down, be careful not to contradict yourself. If a city is, say, a week’s ride on horseback from the capital city, don’t put it super close to the capital, or all the way across the country.

            Also consider: Did larger cities change the landscape at all? If a city is near a forest, did they clear a large portion of it out? Are there certain parts of the land that are completely unsuitable for settling? What’s the population distribution?


            Time to link all those cities and towns together. Again, keep the land features in mind.

            Consider: Both the capital and the most economically powerful city in the nation (they don’t have to be the same) will have many more roads leading to/from them than a village. Cities/towns that are conveniently in the middle of many others will also get a lot of roads. Isolated villages might only be connected to their nearest neighbors and the nearest large city.

            Roads merge and branch fairly often. Countries will have roads leading out of their border to major cities in neighboring countries. I would link all the major (or the oldest) cities/towns first, then connect the smaller settlements to the system (this better emulates how the roads would have actually formed over the years). Once more, be a little random, unless paved highways are involved that efficiently cut through the landscape.

            Also consider: The landscape will decide where roads are laid. A road probably won’t cut through the forest if it’s easier to go around the edge. Don’t put too many roads through a huge mountain range. Chances are there’s only a few passes where a road can be put.

            Note how the roads go around the thick forest, and there’s only one mountain pass. Larger settlements (and towns conveniently in-between others) have more traffic. Roads merge and cross to make shorter paths between settlements. The city of Onaris in the middle has TONS of roads because it’s a convenient central hub for traffic.

            STEP 8: NAMING

            Another fun part. Name all relevant cities, major towns, big land features, neighboring seas, etc. If the part of the world you’re focusing on has a unique language or spelling conventions, show them off here. If you’re making a world map, don’t feel the need to name every little thing. Focus on the important areas. You can always add to your map later.

            STEP 9: EXTRA STUFF

            Things that aren’t TOO vital, but will certainly give your map a sense of realism:

            • A paper texture, if you’re using an art program. If you’re looking for parchment but can’t find any, a grunge texture might do if you recolor it brown/yellow.
            • Ink bleed (if you’re using an art program). This can be accomplished with a very small “outer glow” layer effect colored the same as your ink, set to either “multiply” or “overlay” or whatever looks best to you.
            • A compass (people will assume the top is north, but still)
            • A map border
            • A map key, if needed
            • Meridians and parallels (depending on your projection, getting this clean will be HARD unless you have special tools for drawing curves, or maybe use vectors to get them just right) [Note by Werew: If you have meridians and parallels AND a compass/scale bar, there’s a really good chance the compass and scale bar are actually inaccurate because it’s impossible to represent the entirety of a round world on a flat surface and have everything be to scale. An alternative might be to mark the north pole if it’s visible. Another alternative is not to care too much, because it’s your map and nobody is going to sue you if it’s not 100% accurate]
            • A scale bar
            • Fancy corner designs
            • Different colors for different neighboring countries
            • Slightly curved title text to better adhere to the things they’re naming. In the final image below, I curved basically everything except for “Vinera Forest” and “Bradad Tundras.” Even the continent name has a very slight arc to it.
            • Different fonts to signify importance. Again, see final result below.
            • Sea monsters in the ocean, if that’s your gig.

            If you REALLY want some advanced stuff to make your maps stand out, try for these things as well. To get them to look realistic and reasonable, reference reference reference! And remember to include map keys!:

            • A topographical overlay to indicate elevation
            • A climate overlay to indicate different biomes
            • A population density/distribution overlay (helpful if you have multiple races/species going on)
            • Temperature map overlay
            • Political map overlay with clear borders between countries. Color it all in if you want. Add capital cities.

            Please note that this world map is a really old first iteration of mine and doesn’t have a proper map projection! Note the compass, border, corner art, and (frankly bad) meridians and parallels.

            Also note how the mountain rangess in Thoan and Janting are actually part of one long chain.

            And that’s it for the world and regional map tutorial! Coming up next is the tutorial for making maps of towns!

            Comic Pages Storyboard Tutorial

            OKAY SO! @biazerod asked me a little help on storyboarding and i decided to make this tutorial…i’m not a professionist. so don’t take these as golden rules…just advices!  and as always sorry for the english 

            FIRST THING FIRST! the storyboard part is the most important phase in a comic page ! 
            you can spend an entire day storyboarding! because it’s the structure, the essence of the page! 
            here’s some tips :
            1- a page can start from 1 panel/frame (called splash page!) until how many f*cking panels you can fit ! (some pages , especially in french comics/bd  can reach 24 panels/frames!)
            Exaple of splash pages: 

            (these are from the green lantern,DC and the newest Thor ,marvel )
            Splash pages are a priority of American comics, you rarely can find them in french Bd ! they represent a scene of impact! a fight! a revelation! be careful! use it only one if two times on a range of 50 pages! cuz it cut the narration! 
            instead in french bd  you find this :

            first one is from Blacksad 2# and second one is from Atar Gull 
            see how high the number of the frames is?? 

            the number of frames is very important in a page because it decide the narration time! :D also it all depends on the kind of ‘’direction’’ you want to use on your comic! so be really careful when you decide the number of the frame! 

            1- when you have a page that contains more than 3 Frames ALWAYS. ALWAYS HAVE AN ESTABLISHING SHOT! 

            the establishing shot is fundamental! BECAUSE READERS CAN UNDERSTAND WHERE THE CHARACTERS ARE! 


            in a comic page, is important to put the camera far away from the character most of the time! play with the different shots!  

            (found this on google) 
            lot of them can help you so much you have no idea!  a comic artist and a director do the same job when creating a story

            2- Candy eye
            this is a tricky trick that can help you with the audience! when a character is saying something important or you have to introduce them , USE THE CANDY EYE DUDE. 

            the candy eye is , basically, a bust shot where you show the character,their features , usually with a cool or a funny expression ( or of course it depends from the situation) and believe me WORKS 10/10 with the audience ;) 


            FINAL TIPS: 
            - when you’re doing dinamic poses try and try again! the first one isn’t always the best! 
            -USE REFERENCES.
            THINK IN SEQUENCES! imagine what would happen after the page you are creating! connect the various pages NOT THE SINGLES FRAMES ! 
            most important thing: 

            if the page you’re creating it stresses you! STOP.
            continue it when you are in a better mood ,dude.
            our job requires lot of time and effort, but it should be the job we love. 
            so don’t stress yourself and keep calm.

            hope this is useful. don’t take this as golden rules, this is just the way i work :)


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            Hello fellow studyblrs!

            I’m Kim and I have been a part of the studyblr and bullet journalling for more than a year already. However, despite messing around from month to month and week to week, I still find myself not knowing what my personal style is. I usually browse through a lot of other people’s work and absorb them into one single piece. I’m also someone who can’t stick to just one theme per month like how other people do it because whatever I do is always spontaneous and I think I might get bored with having a similar theme throughout. However, I really love the aesthetic of those who are able to do it. Here are some of my work.

            What do you guys think?

            Hello! I always notice people asking other resource blogs where they can find a free download for Photoshop, so I’ve decided to compile this list of all different tutorials to download PS made by other users here on tumblr (: I’ve only gathered links for Photoshop CC, CS5, and CS6 (a few are extended/portable versions). Please reblog or like this if you’ve found it helpful! If you see any links are broken or they contain viruses/whatever, please let me know and I will take them down!

            * - windows download
            ^ - mac download

            Photoshop CC:
            - chaoticresources *^
            - firekrackers *
            - imaginarylights *
            - oswaldsps ^
            - garbagerpts ^

            Photoshop CS5:
            - completeresources *
            - samepsd *^
            - emilliaclarke *^
            - primgoesboom *
            - thosetutorials *

            Photoshop CS6:
            - imaginarylights *
            - xeditsource *^
            - jaehos ^
            - chanyeol *
            - resourcely * (originally by beautyofps)

            If none of those work for you, there is another masterpost here by fyeahtutorial you can download cs2-cs3 on both windows + mac!