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Y'all I don’t do politics on my blog, but….

Doug Jones is a breath of clean air in a nation riddled with smog. He broke an incredibly long Republican streak in Alabama. If that doesn’t tell you how much of a negative impact Donald Trump and his administration has had on the Republican Party in a year, I don’t know what will.

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do you have any advice for starting a story?

OH SHOOT (first off, can I just say that I’m sorry it took me so dang long to reply to this)
First and foremost, if you don’t EFFING love your idea, if it doesn’t get your heart beating and your blood boiling, DON’T do it. I’m only speaking from personal experience, but if you’re not totally affected by your idea then it’s just gonna end up withering away one way or another.
Secondly, make sure you have it all written out (or at least a good amount done) before you start putting it out into the world. It’s easy to get discouraged when you just don’t have all the ideas in front of you. Make sure to jot down any little ideas that pop into your noggin’, you can always elaborate on them later on, but you don’t wanna lose them! And once you come up with a well-rounded concept, I’d recommend starting an outline like most English classes use, or just write, write, write until your fingers fall off! 
And lastly, don’t be afraid to step outside of the box, or even your comfort zone. You want your creative process to be dynamic and ever-evolving. So don’t limit yourself to what you think other people want, and focus on what you want this story to be. And if you change your mind about something half-way through, change that shit!!! Change is good, I promise. If you read my initial drafts of Homesick, you’d be surprised by how different my actual published version is. That’s just how it is, and I constantly find myself fighting myself over making changes because I have it in my head that the story is supposed to go this one specific way, but in reality, it could go a thousand different ways and I’m just getting caught up in my own head—don’t be like me.
LOL this was horrible, never come to me for advice again, I’m awful at words. Sorry, nonny, hopefully this was somewhat…useful…and good luck with your new story!!!!


kpop bop aesthetics {8/?} : @meanyoongis favourites from bts 

↳ while taking the last box out of the empty room i looked back for a moment. the times we cried and laughed, goodbye now […] let’s move out. goodbye to this place, that we grew attached to […] goodbye now; moving on 


Your baking is as good as your dancing

Sam Smith just came out as nonbinary and I’m screaming? This is probably going to go down terribly in the media but the fact that he was brave enough to do such a thing when 97% of the world don’t believe nonbinary is a thing is amazing to me? I nearly cried I’m so happy that we actually have some representation

YOO here is yours trully once more! This is the finished giveaway portrait @overworkedunderwhelmed requested!

Probs the cutest marinette I made since I entered this fandom one year ago

This is by far the most obnoxious and unrealistic wedding dress I’ve designed so far, and it’s absolutely my favorite! I knew I had to make Nora’s dress fit for a queen, so I pulled a lot of inspiration from the dresses of Ariel, Vanellope, and Princess Peach!

I know a lot of you were looking forward to Nora, so I hope I didn’t let any of you down! Also shoutout to @sullivantwissarcana who had the idea to make her bouquet out of lotus flowers after Ren’s emblem. Genius!!