and you broke your promise

Dear Jason (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: Here’s stuff!! A letter to Jason from his little sister! More will come! I might make this a weekly updated thing! I’m working on Joyride Part 5 right now!

Warnings: None!

Dear Jason,

We never really got to say goodbye, did we, big brother? I remember what you said when I was little. It was when you were eleven and I was nine. It was five years ago. And I remember it clearly. You made me a promise, remember? You said: “Don’t worry about mom and dad. I’ll take care of you. I promise.” You’ve said a lot of stuff like that over the years, but I guess that’s what stuck with me. You broke your promise, big bro. For some reason that happens a lot. Bruce made a promise to me when he left to find you that you’d be okay. That he’d find you and I’d see you again. Well, I did see you again. But you were in a coffin. Do you know what it’s like to go to your big brother’s funeral? I guess not. I couldn’t even really call it ‘your’ funeral. It got turned into an excuse for rich people that we didn’t know to offer condolences that didn’t help in the name of ‘charity.’ I got treated like a child. Did you know that someone tried to strike up a business deal with Bruce? At your funeral. That’s the kind of irony that we’d laugh at, right? Don’t laugh at me, but some nights I sleep in your room because it makes it feel like you’re still here. Sometimes I pretend you’ve gone away to college and that’s why the house feels so empty now. It doesn’t work too well. You know, it’s been three weeks since Bruce came home with your body. Sometimes it feels like it’s going to be okay, but then I remember that this is permanent. You’re not coming back. Bruce put me in grief counseling. Can you believe that, Jay? Grief counseling. It’s actually the reason I’m writing this dumb letter in the first place, but nevermind that. Dick is stopping by the manor a lot more than usual now and he’s talking about moving back in full time. He’s nice, I guess. I’m really lonely without you, Jay. Sometimes I forget, you know? I’ll see something that makes me think of you and I’ll want to show it to you but I can’t. You’re dead, Jason. Dead. It sounds weird when I say it, and honestly I’m not sure if I even really believe it. Dead. Bruce told us the stuff you’d be doing was dangerous, but this? I didn’t think that you would actually get killed. I didn’t think that it would really happen. I miss you a lot, you know? I’ll see you again. Probably once I’m dead. But I’ll see you again. Is it bad that I’m excited to die if it means I get to see you again? I just want to say goodbye for real. I love you, Jason.

Love, (Y/N)

You once made me fall asleep with a smile on my face. You now make me fall asleep with a tear stained pillow and a broken heart.
The fact that I have to give up on you hurts even more, because the only reason I’m giving up on YOU, is because you gave up on ME a long time ago.
—  Me
I always thought you were something special. But there’s nothing special about how much pain you’ve caused.
I remember everything.
I remember how you used to pretend to be happy thinking no one could see through your act, but i did. I saw it all.
I remember how you opened up to me bit by bit, & i was so blinded by your strength that i didn’t realise that you weren’t getting better. You just got better at hiding it.
I remember how many times i had to talk you out of suicide & you promised me you wouldn’t go through with it ever, but little did i know you had crossed your fingers behind your back.
I remember how you called me at 4am that night & told me that no matter what happens i have to be strong, for you.
I remember how you said you loved me to death, i didn’t think anything of it. I should’ve realised what you meant by that, but i didn’t.
I remember how my heart broke as i read the note that you left me, telling me that you were sorry for leaving like this and that i was the best thing to ever happen to you. So why wasn’t i enough to make you stay?
I remember how angry i was at you for being selfish and for not thinking how this would affect me. How was i supposed to carry on without my best friend?
I remember how every little thing would remind me of you, of us.
I remember how as time went past, i slowly accepted the fact that you’re gone, that you’re finally happy, even if that meant without me.
I remember how i bumped into your brother the other day, & when he mentioned you, i smiled and for the first time in ages, no tears came out.
I remember how you used to tell me to follow my heart, so i did & it still led me to you.
Why is it that
we doubt ourselves
when someone
hurts us?
Why is it that
we wonder where
we went wrong
instead of where
they went wrong?
Why is it that
we let them
define us so easily
and we don’t
blame them for
what they’ve done
to us?
Why is it that
we are willing
to believe
it was our fault
for being too much
too loving
too caring
too clingy
to attached
too naive
whatever the hell
they say?
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #66
This Is War [1]

Request: jealous!bucky where he tries to outdo the guy in everything and its just ridiculous and funny (Again, wasn’t sure if this was an ACTUAL request, but I thought it would be fun as one :p )

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1040

Warnings: None? Online dating? Poor problem solving?

A/N: Okay, So… I thought that this would be fun and a few of y’all decided that a mini-series would be a better idea! SO. Here it is :) This is part 1, not a lot happens but my dear friend @tinuviel015 found it entertaining.. So there’s that.. 

Feedback would be SO SO amazing as always! xo

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I know we don’t talk much like we used to do . But around 2 am you cross my mind & I just miss you so much that my stomach ties up in knots and it actually hurts to know that you won’t come back …but I guess that’s okay

You were a most capable partner, but I’ll be killing you here.  The work you’ve done for Baroque Works these past four years was invaluable thanks to your intellect and leadership.  For me that was enough.  You were a highly useful woman.  However, at the very end you broke your promise to me!  The poneglyph of this country failed to give me any leads on Pluton!  But I harbor not even the slightest ounce of anger towards you.  Do you know why, Nico Robin?

I think one of the hardest things to accept about love is that just like they love you one day, they can wake up the next and just leave. You don’t get no note, you don’t see it coming, but one day they’re there kissing every inch of you, making promises, holding you when you’re down, belonging to every part of your life, then they leave without regret, just like they arrived. It takes one second. Everything comes crushing to the ground and you try so hard to escape the big pieces falling down from the roof. Accepting that the love you swear they once felt for you is gone, is the most difficult thing you will ever do in your life.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #52
The Labyrinth Chapter 37

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 6.4k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

A/N: This contains smut, so for all my non-smut readers out there: beware…

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