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Summary: The reader moves into a new town and finds out something surprising about her new gorgeous neighbor.

Prompt: “I’m not sure if you’re trying to turn me on but I have a boner now.”

Pairing: neighbor!Dean x Reader

Requested: @whispersandwhiskerburn


You’ve never despised a word so much in your god damn life. It mocks you, rips every little aggravation from the world and throws it right into your fucking face. It’s turned your life completely and totally upside down. Then it spun you the fuck around just to make sure you’re officially screwed.

Having just moved from New York two weeks ago, you can now call Nashville home. Forget a different state, you feel like you’re in a freaking different reality. The friendly residents alone throw you for a loop. You’re slightly convinced that they have some ulterior motive. Then again considering the shady fuckers in your past, you could just be paranoid. 

Growing up in a big city has given you a tough exterior that the men around here seem to be intimated by. It must be the way you carry yourself, also the permanent bitch face that you’ve acquired over the years.

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@xxtorchxx made this gorgeous manip and it lit a fire of inspiration in me.  She was kind and generous enough to allow me to lend my words to her perfect image.  Just bask in this brilliance for awhile.   As should go without saying, do not repost, re-use or claim this work as your own.  If you like it, use that little reblog button in the bottom right corner of the post.

A million thank-yous @xxtorchxx for your talent and creativity and for your thoughts on this little fic to complement it.  

Thanks to @reginalovesemma for the edits.  As always, you elevate my work.

A note about this little fic.  Mon-El was never Kara’s boyfriend.  In this little world, he was the funny, goofy, sidekick pal we all deserved him to be.  Kara misses him and does have to deal with the loss of a friend, but he did not have the dominating presence in her life he was given in canon.

Please enjoy!

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Newcomers Pt 7

The Benemar swarmed across Terra almost completely unchecked, their sheer numbers and the suddenness of their attack meant the Humans were unprepared for such and assault and even though their orbital defence platforms reaped a bloody toll on their attackers the Benemar overwhelmed them. Still the Humans fought, determined to make the Benemar pay in blood for every inch of Terran soil they took and for every Human they killed the Benemar would loose a hundred of their warriors.

The Benemar focused their assault on the heavily populated area with little military presence, the bombardment form space alone killed millions before they even began landing their warriors to begin culling the population. But as the attack went on the Humans were able to mobilize more of their assets and the Benemar’s advance began to slow. But they were still heavily outnumbered and out gunned, stalling is all the Human generals could really do.

High Chieftain Veetop sat upon his throne overlooking the planet below and watched it burn, it was as he thought, the Humans were weak and they ran from his armies and screamed as they were slaughtered. He wished he was down there but he had lost the bought with High Chieftain Beeqol so he was resigned to command the fleet.

The now slave Goolack was chained to his throne naked and forced to watch as his own warriors were now under the command of his rivals, his entire clan had been disgraced and disbanded but still he kept up the pretence that this will end badly for the Benemar.

“I wonder what Human slaves are like? I look forward to beating them into submission” High Chieftain Veetop said to himself, so far no Humans had been captured but there was still time, they had a number of outlining worlds and there were still billions left on their homeworld.

“They will not submit” Goolack said.

“Silence! You lost your right to ever speak again” he shouted hitting him.

“I shall show you how Benemar live, we do not let other races oppose us us, we conquer them!”

General Patton command the Terran defence force from an underground bunker hidden in the Antarctic, here he had access to the entire planets forces and his commanders and the picture was looking bleak at first look. But he had a plan and soon enough all the pieces would be in place, all that was needed was his reinforcements. He just hoped they would get there in time.

Outside the solar system the 8th army arrived and joined the task force that was gathering just outside of scanning range. Admiral Winston had wanted to attack the moment he arrived but General Patton had told him to wait, his captains were also getting impatient as the longer they waited to more people died.

“Are we really just going to wait here sir” Captain Clerk asked.

“Those are our orders, general Patton has superiority as he is the acting supreme commander and has some sort of plan in place” The Admiral replied and his tone betrayed that he did not like waiting either.

“But the longer we wait the more innocent people are dying!” Captain Kiev objected his thick Russian accent putting heavy meaning on his words.

“Do we at least know the situation on the ground sir?” Captain Williams asked polity.

“We know is the Benemar have landed close to 12 million troops but the figure may be more-”

“12 million!! There was only a fraction of the defence force on the planet” Kieve interrupted.

“Yes Captain and I would prefer if you did not interrupt me again” Admiral Winston said getting to his feet.

“Sorry sir”

“It’s all right, I understand your frustration but as I was saying because of the large number of enemy troops our forces have fallen back to more defensible positions but we have strongholds on all major continents”

The captains all fell silent, they had no choice but to wait and have faith in their comrades on Terra to hold the line.

General Patton held on tight as another bomb landed on the surface above, somehow the Benemar had found his bunker and were trying to dig him out, the intent was to cut off the head and body will die.

“Put me through to the enemy fleet, I think it’s we had a chat”

“Yes General” answered a com operator and he gave the thumbs up when the connection was made.

“This is General Abraham Patton of the Terran defence force”

The main monitor then shifted to show the bridge of the Benemar flagship, it was a dark and horrid place but sitting in his throne was the Benemar High Chieftain Veetop looking very pleased with himself.

“Ah General have you reconsidered my offer for your surrender?” he growled grinning all across his face.

“Actually I was going to ask if you wanted to surrender” he countered as another bomb hit.

High Chieftain Veetop gave a throaty laugh that almost sounded like he was going to choke and spat on the Benemar chained to his throne.

“Me? Surrender? Have you gone mad with fear Human”

“You really don’t understand us at all do you?”

“I understand enough that your kind are weak and cowards, your world burns before me, your people are being enslaved and if you think I am going to surrender then you are clearly mad”

General Patton smiled “I guess then that your answer is no?”


“Good” Patton cut the link and was put through to Admiral Winston.

“Admiral, you may begin your attack now, we are ready”

“About time!”

Patton smiled at his friends eagerness to get into the fighting and turned to his operators. “Are all systems ready?”

“Yes General, all platforms are powered and awaiting your order”

“Good, deploy the orbital guns and order the counter attack”

All across the planet the Humans suddenly stopped retreating and turned and fought back with every ounce of strength they could, all Benemar fronts began to encounter series resistance and could no longer advance. This sudden change In the Humans manner caught them of guard and many began falling back. But that was not all, underground and hidden from both scanners and prying eyes were huge bases, the ground parted to allow a cannon the size of a skyscraper to emerge and point up at the Benemar fleet above the planet.

“European gun ready”

“Mediterranean gun ready”

“Middle eastern gun ready”

“West and eastern Russian guns ready”

“Asian guns ready”

“Pacific guns ready”

“North and south American guns ready”

“African guns ready”

“All guns are deployed and ready to fire general”

General Patton gave a toothy smile as he imagined the Benemar’s faces at the sudden appearance of these weapons, they had no idea what was coming. He gave a single order.


The guns recoil was massive but was built to withstand it, but the earth around it was kicked up and sent anything close by flying as the immense power created it’s own shock wave. They were fast to reload too and could fire a single shell every ten seconds.

“High Chief we are detecting in coming fore from the surface”

“Impossible, no gun has the power to fire from the surface of a planet”

Just as he finished speaking one of the shells struck his ship, it was only a glancing hit but it destroyed a third of their port side guns, but the shell did not stop it continued on and struck and destroyed a cruiser that was close by the flagship.

The entire Benemar fleet came under fire, with thousands of ships in orbit it was impossible for the Humans to miss even if they tried, the Benemar captains panicked and tried to avoid this incoming fire but in the confusion they collided with each other.

“High Chieftain, we are being torn to shreds we must withdraw”

“I told you this was going to happen” Goolack laughed and was quickly shot by the High Chieftain.

“Pull the fleet back out of range!”

“More ships have appeared behind us!”

“Who’s!!!” he demanded to know as if he did not already know.

“Its the Humans”

“How many?!”

The Benemar sensor operator did not respond.

“I asked you how many?!”

The operator slowly turned “2064”

High Chieftain Veetop froze, that was almost the number of fleets in the entire Benemar fleet, and he only had half it under his command. “Get me High Chieftain Beeqol!”

“I can’t he’s dead, all of our forces are being overrun or are in retreat order is breaking down”

Veetop screamed in frustration.

Admiral Winston stood on his bridge watching the main monitor and the Benemar fleet desperately trying to get out of range of the orbital guns, he grinned as he saw what Patton was planning. The catch them between a rock and hard place.

“All ships, target the Benemar forces and engage on my command”

He quickly got his confirmations from his captains.

“2nd army fleet The Barons reporting ready”

“8th army fleet The Desert Rats ready”

“9th army fleet The Heavens Wrath ready”

In total there were 12 fleets in this task force under Admiral Winston and like Patton he gave one order.


If the fire from the planet was considered bad the fore from the fleet was catastrophic, the two points of fore tore the Benemar ships apart, those that were not destroyed by the opening barrage tried to make a run for it past the Human fleet. They too were shredded under multiple broadsides and their escape pods destroyed, there were to be no survivors.

The battle engagement last only a few scant hours but int hat time, close to 50 million Benemar were dead…none had been able to escape and no word got back to heir home world of what had happened.

“Your timing is excellent as always Admiral” Patton congratulated.

“As is your planning, well done”

“So I guess your men will need some rest?”

“Oh no, we have been attacked and this is a declaration of war” Admiral Winston grinned,

“To the Benemar homeworld then?” General Patton said.

“To the Benemar homeworld”

Bento Prime satellites detected incoming ships and rejoiced at the returning of their fleet, they prepared to welcome home their conquering hero’s


credit to original owner for gif

Vampire! Yoongi

words: 2,980

genre: pure smut and some fluff if you squint

warnings: some degrading, explicit content (but isn’t that why you’re here?)

summary: you were supposed to get married off to a prince, not be sacrificed to Lord that just so happens to be the ruler of the Demonic World.

Waking up to the sound of glass breaking in the kitchen wasn’t exactly the best thing, but then again, it wasn’t the worst. Letting out a deep sigh, you got out of bed and made your way towards the kitchen, preparing for the worst. Upon stepping into view, your eyes widened at the sight. 

“Where is she?”

Pure bloods. One of the absolute worst kinds of being: they’re vile, ruthless. complete savages. They care for no one but themselves. Being the most feared, they walk the grounds as if they own it. It was only natural to obey them, either that, or die. Dressed in black from head to toe, you could help but pathetically let out a whimper in fear. Your father had blood dripping from his head, staining the marbled floors that he had worked so hard to put together, despite not bathing in riches like the other men in the village. Your sisters had already been married off to wealthy young men, unlike you who verbally and physically showed defiance to marrying a man who you did not know anything about. You would get beaten relentlessly, saying that you’re selfish for not sacrificing yourself for the sake of your parents. But you didn’t care. They treated you like shit so that’s all they were going to get. They never loved you, only the two women that came before you. Even though you were polite and obedient, they took advantage of your kindness and forced you to do everything they were able to do themselves. Soon enough, you grew out of the habit of being a sweet little girl. Now, you were deemed as a rebellious, wild, young woman who can’t be tamed. 

“She’s not ready for the Lord! We are still preparing her.” your father gasped for air as he let out a string of curses.

Dropping to the ground, you hid behind the wall, holding your breath as you watched the scene play before you. 

“He wants her. Now.” 

A hand clasped over your mouth, dragging you out from your corner. Thrashing relentlessly, you bit the hand and was harshly pushed to the ground in return.

“Found the little bitch hiding.” the man spat, glaring at you who was near tears as you stared them in the eyes.

“What do you want with me?” you said through gritted teeth.

“Your dear father didn’t tell you?” he looked over at your pathetic excuse of a guardian. “He signed you off to the Lord in return for a large sum of money. Exciting isn’t it?”

A flash of fear swept over your features as you backed up, only to bump into another one of the Pure bloods.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. He’ll finish you off very quickly.” he flashed his fangs before fisting your hair, slamming your head against the ground which knocked you unconscious. 

The throbbing in your head caused you to eventually wake up only to find out that you were no longer at home, but in the home of a demon. You grabbed the sheets in anger. 

How dare they sell me off?

You were fuming with anger, but more importantly, you were starving. The room was dark, the only source of brightness being the moonlight that ever so gently shone from behind the sheer curtains. Not only had you been passed out the entire day, but you had never been so unproductive in your entire life. You’d be lying if you said it wasn’t nice to be living like this. Once again, you fearlessly crawled out of bed, groping the walls in hopes of finding a light switch. The room was big enough for at least two people, yet here you were, all alone. Finally, your hands found its way and flicked the switch, causing your eyes to be blinded by the bright light that consumed the darkness. 

 You gasped in shock. The room was beautiful, astonishing, everything you never had. It was what you dreamed about and more. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing before your very own eyes, but you knew that you were nothing more than a pawn in the devil’s game. Scanning the room, your eyes fell upon the victorian dress that hung gracefully over a chair, matched with glossy black heels and a large variety of jewelry. Crests of gold mixed with burgundy lured you closer and closer. The material was silky smooth, specks of lace here and there. Looking in the mirror at your dirty, ripped clothing, you sighed in defeat as you got ready to shower and so forth.

If I’m going to die at the hands of a demon, I might as well look good while at it

Henceforth after getting cleansed from all the dirt residue that lied beneath your fingernails and in the creases of your hair, you carefully dressed yourself in the dress as well as the heels. Splattering a small mist of perfume, you disregarded the jewelry, believing it was a bit too extravagant for someone as poor as you. You wanted to look beautiful, but you didn’t want to fake it all for the sake of someone who was going to kill you by the end of the night. Placing your hand on the doorknob, you let out a deep breath as you swung the door open only to be met with a seemingly never ending hallway full of large paintings on the walls. Observing each and every one as you made your way down, you overheard someone talking and felt eager to follow through. Turning the corridor, you saw two men standing around, talking to one another. Smiling, you began to approach them, eagerly waving as you had done so. 

“Last time I checked, she was asleep.”

“Is she as pretty as everyone’s been saying she is?”

“Of course. The Lord always chooses the best, it just sucks that she’s gonna die soon.”

“It happens all the time.”

You stopped in your tracks, looking down at your feet. Of course they were talking about you, but you didn’t want to hear those words fall out of their mouth. By the time you glanced back up, they were gone. Once again, you were all alone. A hand snaked its way around your waist, lips only a centimeter away from your ear as the figure spoke.

“Come with me.”

A chill traveled down your spine as you hastily agreed, despite not knowing what was to follow. He gently grabbed your hand, leading you down an unfamiliar hallway. You walked slowly behind him, observing everything that surrounded you. Sure, you were going to die, but you wanted to at least take your time and live the moment. You stepped into a room, mouth agape as you looked around. It was at least twice the size of your so called room. You didn’t have much time to play scavenger as you were softly plopped onto the bed. Your eyes finally met with his.

Lord Yoongi. 

People would shake at his very name. He was feared by all and of course you knew that. You felt that fear, but at the same time, you were so intrigued by him. His pale skin that contrasted against his dark hair made his features stand out even more.  Your breath hitched in your throat as he caressed your cheek. The thought of being killed by his hands was enticing. His scent was ever so addicting and god forbid the smirk that fell upon his face.

“I’m sure you know what you’re here for.”

You nodded before responding in a voice no louder than a whisper, “I am to be sacrificed to you in return for money. I am going to die by your hands.”

He gave you a blank stare before erupting in laughter and as much as you loved the melody of it, you couldn’t help but visibly show your confusion.

“What the hell are you talking about?”


“You’re not supposed to die, silly. It defeats the whole purpose of bribing your father just for you to be here. I wanted you.”

“I-I heard people talking in the hallways about how I was just like every other girl.. I’m supposed to be killed like them.”

A flash of anger replaced his gummy smile, his eyes darkening at your comment. “They only died because they were weak. I tried marking them, but they were not the one.”

The one?

“I’ve been searching for my soulmate.” He bluntly admitted, staring into your shaky eyes. 

Of course.

Everyone was so obsessed about finding their soulmate. There was no marking or whatsoever to indicate who belonged to who. You’re supposed to just feel it. Your heart is supposed to jump out of your chest the moment you found the one. Every moment with them is supposed to be pure bliss, a feeling that can never be substituted by anything else is this god forsaken world. 

“Why do you care about soulmates?” You asked, curiosity getting the best of you.

“It was my mother’s dying wish and I am to grant it.” 

“Then do what you have to.”

A sudden determination consumed your fear as you looked him dead in the eyes. 

“I can’t just bite you for goodness sake.” Yoongi chucked. “I have to deflower you first, are you okay with that? I don’t want to hur-”

“Okay.” You interrupted, wanting nothing more than to be even closer to him.

“Okay?” Yoongi looked at you as if you were some kind of alienated beast sitting before him.

“Do it.” 

“It’s going to hurt.” He warned.

“That’s okay.”

“You might die.”

“I’m fine with that.”

Yoongi laughed, clearly amused by your sudden responses, “Why do you want to die so bad? You’re at the peak of your youth, you should consider yourself lucky.”

Frowning, you fiddled with your hands as you averted your gaze, “I have nothing else to live for.” 

With that, Yoongi’s lips came crashing down on yours. His sweet taste overwhelmed your senses, leaving you wanting for more. You cautiously wrapped your arms around his neck, unsure if you were allowed to. His touch sent tingles down your body and god it loved you so much. His raspy, shaky breath turned you on. You could feel yourself getting wetter by the second.

“This,” He pointed to your dress, “is getting in the way.”

In the blink of an eye, he had ripped it off, causing you to whine, “I really liked the design!”

“If you live, I’ll give you more than just that.”

At this point, you were dripping wet. Just his voice alone makes you moan. Yoongi stopped touching you, taking the time to observe your godly figure. His hands ran over the small creases in your palms. He looked at the way your lips were shaped, how you had done your hair, the way your boobs were spilling out of your bra. Feeling as though you needed some sweet relief, he unclipped your bra without a moment of hesitation and watched as they bounced in slow motion. Gasping as your skin came in contact with the cold air, your felt yourself getting more aroused within each touch. 

“Please, Lord Yoongi. Don’t make me wait too long.” You begged, giving a small pout which made Yoongi look at you in amusement.

“Patience, my love. I want to savor every moment with you.” His words melted your heart. You wanted nothing more than to be touched by his long, slender fingers. “Call me Yoongi.”

With one hand fondling your breast, his lips connected with yours once more as his free hand found its way in your underwear. Arching your back in pleasure, Yoongi smiled at the thought of pleasing you, wanting to do more and more just for you.

“You like that, baby?” Yoongi whispered, nibbling on your earlobe, “You like the way my fingers pump in and out of your tight pussy, hm?”

You were overwhelmed with all the pleasure he was giving you and only moaned loudly in response. He made his way down until his face was infront of your sex. Blowing softly, you jolted at the sudden action and whined.

“P-Please, Yoongi. I need you.”

“I’m right here, baby.” He teased, licking your clit as he continuously fingered you.

“I need you inside of me!” You nearly screamed as he added another finger. 

You don’t know how long he was doing this, but all you knew was that you were going to come very soon.

“Almost there, baby. Come for me.” He said, sucking on your clit as you clenched around his digits. 

Moaning loudly, you finally gave in. Chuckling at your response, Yoongi licked his fingers clean before undressing himself. Your mouth watered at the sight of his bulge, gently grasping it in your tiny hands.

“May I?”

Your words made him groan. “Be my guest.”

With that, you slowly tugged down at his boxers, allowing his member to break free. Your eyes widened at the sight, you knew he was big, but he didn’t know he was this big.

“I-I don’t really know what to do.” You admitted, slowly twisting as you stroked his length.

“F-Fuck, you know what you’re doing.” He threw his head back and shut his eyes in pleasure.

Satisfied with his response, you carefully licked the tip before taking him by surprise as you shoved his entire shaft in your mouth. Yoongi sucked in a breath as he let out a sound of pure bliss.

“I didn’t know you could do that.” 

You chuckled in return, the vibrations from your mouth only making him more aroused. 

“I can’t take it anymore!” Yoongi claimed, pushing your back on the bed, aligning himself at your entrance. “Baby, this is gonna hurt, but be a good girl and take it all in for me, okay? Can you do that for me?”

You looked into his eyes and shook your head, “Please, Yoongi. Make love to me.” 

Yoongi leaned down, kissing you as he shoved his shaft inside of you causing you to gently bite his lip. It was excruciatingly painful, but you endured it for Yoongi. You wanted to please him and if this was one way to do it, then so be you. You don’t know why, but all you wanted to do was make him feel good. From the moment you locked gazes, he was all you wanted.

Starting off with slow thrusts, Yoongi let out a string of curses before quickly apologizing, “I’m going to go faster, so let me know if it’s too much for you.” 

You gripped the sheets as he pumped in and out of you at the speed of lightning. The pain disappeared and now, you were left on cloud nine. His dick filled you whole, but it wasn’t enough. Pulling out, he placed one of your legs on your shoulder and shoved himself back in, causing you to scream in delight. You weren’t even aware that it was possible to go so deep.

“Scream my name, baby. I want to hear you scream.” Yoongi practically moaned into your ears.

“Fuck,Yoongi!” You began chanting his name as if it were some ritual, unable to get enough of him, despite being deep in your pussy.

“Don’t clench around me. I don’t want to cum so fast.” Yoongi whined.

“I’m going to come soon, so might as well, baby.” 

Upon hearing your nickname for him, Yoongi sped up. You were so close and you could tell he was too by the look on his face and grip around your waist. If you were to survive, you swore that you would wake up with bruises around your hips. 

“Almost there, baby. Come on!” Yoongi thrusted even harder, the sound of his dick slapping against your ass echoed in the room.

You were sure people could hear the sound of you two having sex, but you didn’t care. If you were going to die, then you wanted to go down in history. Mustering all the strength in your body, you took Yoongi by surprise as you flipped him around and momentarily straddling before began riding him.  Reaching up to fondle your boobs, you moaned as you roughly grinded your hips against his. 

“Fuck, baby.” Yoongi thrusted once more, causing you to yelp as you arched your back in pure pleasure. 

Yoongi sat up and pounded into you, the sound of your wetness splashing all over his thighs as he relentlessly made love to you. With one last powerful thrust, you simultaneously came. Panting in exhaustion, you moved the hair away from your neck, allowing Yoongi to finish the process.

“Bite me.” 

With his dick still inside of you, he connected his forehead with yours and smiled before saying, “Even if you turn out to not be my soulmate, I want to you to know that I love you, despite not knowing you for that long.”

You laughed at his remark before reciprocating his affection, “As romantic as it is, if I had really met you like I had now, I would have prayed to the heavens that you were my soulmate.”

Yoongi leaned in and gave you one last kiss, the feeling of his lips still lingering on your lips as he pulled away. You closed your eyes shut as he softly pecked your neck, gripping on your waist as your fisted his hair. Then, he sunk his fangs into your delicate flesh, allowing the blood to drip down your naked body. 

#272: You And Your Child Visit Him At Work | CEO!AU


Heeey in case you haven’t noticed I currently have a fanfiction going on which is pretty cool and CEO!Luke. It’s called When We Collide and is a classical one with Y/N being his assistant but with a huge twist! Go check it out if you’d like :3 

Requested: Yes //  Find my Masterlist here


“Look who’s here!” Luke barely got the chance to turn around on his chair when the sound of your voice echoed in his office. Neither did you get the chance to open the door fully before your son had sprinted into the office without hesitation. He was searching for one thing and that was his dad. “But you weren’t supposed to be here before I was off.” Luke asked a bit confused and stood up from his chair, feeling William collide right into his knees. “I know.” You grinned and walked forward to give him a kiss, “But I don’t know who was most impatient, him or me. So we decided to show up a little bit before. Just so he could see you working.” “Well what a nice visit.” Luke smiled and lifted William up so he could place him in his chair. He was definitely too small for the large space, he looked smaller than he already was but it couldn’t compare to the large smile on his face. “Here.” Luke grinned as you took a seat on the couch and watched them. He loosened the tie around his neck and wrapped it around William instead. Too long for him to use but it was all worth it because of his reaction. “Look who’s the CEO now.” Luke grinned widely and walked around the desk to take a seat in front of him. “Give him your best impression, honey.” You suggested and folded your hands together, the scene was so adorable. William looked unsure for a second deep in thought but then it happened. “Daddy, you’re fired!” Both your eyes widened in surprise by the stern words coming from your son, but the apple didn’t seem to fall that far from the tree. “I am?” Luke asked a bit surprised but he was laughing. It was the funniest thing he had heard in a long time, especially when it came from his son. “Maybe you’re saying that too much.” You mumbled but he shook his head in disagreement. “It doesn’t matter.” He grinned over and ran his hair through William’s blond hair. “I’m proud.”


“I’m so sorry.” You were quick to say once you rushed into the office with an apologizing face. You weren’t supposed to be out for that long but deciding to be the one to pick out lunch at the same time as everyone else you couldn’t avoid the long queues. Calum had said it would be okay to look after Willow until you came back it was after all only a small visit for lunch you had decided to do. With his busy schedule it was hard to find days to do something together so you had to do things the way it was at his office. “I hope it didn’t ruin anything that I was gone for that long.” “Actually,” Calum spoke and looked down at Willow with a secret smile on his face. “She just starred in her first ever office meeting. It wasn’t something I could cancel that urgent so it had to be done with her on my lap.” She was having the most excited smile on her face but still kept quiet because she still felt like she had to. She was also this secret, there was something between them that you couldn’t get into. “And that went well. Did you control everything?” You asked excited and met your daughter’s eyes. She nodded her head proudly in agreement, it was funny to see how much she enjoyed being here. “She was the one saying hello to everyone. They were pretty surprised to see a child on my lap.” Calum explained and rolled the chair out to place Willow on the floor and let her run towards you instead. “They said they didn’t believe I could have a sweet side.” You laughed quietly by his words and leaned down to pick up Willow and embrace her in your arms. “Well I understand that.” You said and removed some hair away from her face. “You go from being the big boss to a sudden sweetheart. You shouldn’t be showing your weak side like that.” “No, they’ve finally figured out my weakness.” Calum said and nodded his head in agreement, deciding to give a kiss on each of your cheeks happily.


“Your majesty.” Michael politely said and grabbed the crown of his head to bow down. The excited smile on Celeste’s face was worth everything and her small ponytails were flying back and forth by her movements. The pink skirt she was wearing completely presented who she was, his little princess. His office looked nothing like the same. It wasn’t supposed to end out like this but Michael was secretly a playful father and when he got the chance he turned a game into something else. The whole floor was covered in toys and whatever you had brought with you for a visit at work. She wasn’t supposed to disturb his work like this but with Michael’s lack of concentration when you were there it was okay. “This way dad.” She pointed happily and started to twirl around. Michael nodded his head in agreement and placed the crown back on his head after bending down. They started to run around the desk you had been placed at, watching them fool around and giggle loudly. You knew Michael had some work to do and it was probably the best idea that he focused on it but the small moment in front of you was too adorable to disturb. Your thoughts seemed to come true though when the door suddenly opened. Michael and Celeste froze in track by the sound and looked over to see two males stand with confused gazes wondering what was going on. “Mr. Maverick, “Mr. Johnson. I will be ready for our meeting within two minutes.” Michael’s face had turned pale and the room had become completely silent but you had to do everything in your power not to laugh. “Give us a second.” Michael explained and quickly took the crown off his head to be a little more professional. But the second the two colleagues in dress shirts left the office he put it right back on his head. “Two minutes more girls.” He said daringly and within seconds the office had turned into a play ground again, giggles filling the air all at once in excitement. 


“Oh my god! Would you look at you!” Ashton barely got the chance to stand up from his chair before Daniel was sprinting towards him, almost knocking down something during the process. The sleeves of his dress shirt was far too long but nicely folded just for the occasion. It wasn’t often he was brought with you for work but today was something different and he wanted to stand out. Everything he was going to wear needed to be something Ashton also owned, they had to be identical twins. “Your assistant also thought he looked handsome.” You smiled and watched Ashton lean down to take Daniel up and let him sit on his lap. They looked exactly alike, it all was there. The nice dress shirt, the tie and the curly locks that they both shared. “He is handsome.” Ashton said completely impressed by the effort. He loved every single moment with his son and to see this meant the world to him. “You think I am? It’s too big for me.” He sounded a little bit worried but Ashton had no idea. He knew when he saw a star and that was everything about his son. “Of course I do. You will grow out of it eventually, one day you will fit it perfectly. But why didn’t you want me to just buy a personalized one that would match your body size?” He asked with a bit of wonder and Daniel stood up on his lap. He was baffling his hands in the air to express himself and Ashton decided to take his hands to not make him fall. “Because I wanted to look exactly like you dad.” He explained and Ashton had a bit of wonder on his face. “We took the clothes from your closet. I hope you don’t mind.” You said the last bit a little bit quieter, knowing that he did in fact not mind. “Of course not. It’s worth everything.” Ashton said in honesty, helping out Daniel just to make sure that his tie was sitting more correctly. The proud smile on his face was everything.

Roller Blades

hey guys!! i got into bmc fairly recently and i honestly love boyf riends with all my heart so,, i decided to write a short little drabble :)) hope you enjoy!! ((just be warned i didn’t proofread this so,,))
Jeremy knew very well that Michael had a lot of weird hobbies and habits. He listened to Bob Marley, drank too many slushies, smoked weed in his basement, played video games every single day, et cetera.

But recently, Jeremy had found out that Michael had another hobby he had never told him about - he liked roller blading.
Jeremy didn’t know why Michael had never even told him. It was a big deal to him, solely because they’d been friends for years, and he had no idea of one of Michael’s many weird hobbies.

It was a normal day, Jeremy was simply walking to the park to meet up with Michael. Since he hadn’t seemed to arrive yet, Jeremy sat on a park bench and tapped away on his phone while he waited. No big deal.

And then he saw him.

Smoothly gliding toward him, hands in his pockets and a grin on his face, was Michael Mell, Jeremy’s best friend for years, music lover, weed addict, and… roller blader? Jeremy blinked once, twice, and looked up at Michael, who had just stopped above him.

“Hey man.”

Jeremy realized he’d been staring. Why did roller blades fail to make Michael look less attractive? He’d been trying to hide his crush on the boy for the longest time, and this certainly wasn’t helping.
Jeremy cleared his throat. “Oh, yeah, uh-sorry. Hey.“

A moment’s silence passed and Jeremy spoke again. “S-so, I didn’t know you did that. Roller blade, I mean.”

Michael chuckled. “Yeah, I’ve done this since I was 10, I think. I guess I forgot to tell you? Anyway,” he grinned sheepishly and reached into his backpack, pulling out a second pair of roller blades. “I was wondering if you wanted to try it with me?”

Jeremy’s mind went blank. He was sure that roller blading with his best friend and long-time crush would be fun, but what if he embarrassed himself? What if he fell on his face and Michael didn’t help him up, and laughed at him instead? The possibility was too great.

“I-I mean I’d love to, but-”

“Great! Now take off your shoes.”

Jeremy decided that there was no use fighting it.

Hesitantly, he removed his shoes and placed them beside him. Michael smiled and grabbed the first roller blade, slipping it on his foot. After tying it, he moved on to the next one. Once they were both secure, Michael looked up at Jeremy, that sheepish smile still present on his face. Jeremy just wanted to kiss it right off of him.

“Alright, now slowly stand up.”

Right then, that felt like the most impossible thing in the world to Jeremy.

Slowly, he tried standing up, but sat right back down and covered his face with his hands. “Michael, I-shit, this is so embarrassing, I mean-”

Michael grabbed his hands off his face and held them in his own. Jeremy felt heat rush to his cheeks and wished he was still covering his face.

Michael spoke quietly, “Dude, it’s okay, I can, er, hold your hand? I-if you want,”
Jeremy nodded and Michael sighed in relief.

“Okay then, you’re going to slowly stand up, and I’ll make sure you don’t fall. Alright?”

Jeremy nodded again.

Slowly, he did what Michael said, and soon enough found himself standing, albeit hunched over a bit. Michael had one hand on his back and one hand holding Jeremy’s sweaty one. That reassured him enough.

After a moment passed, Michael spoke again. “Now you’re going to take one step and push off with your other foot, alright? I can keep holding you until you want to do it alone.”

Jeremy did what Michael said once more, and took one step forward. He didn’t fall right away, so he decided to continue, and pushed off lightly with his other foot. Suddenly, he felt himself moving forward, and he held onto Michael’s hand a little tighter. Michael squeezed his hand back as if to say ‘It’s okay, you’re doing great.“

Jeremy used his other foot to glide forward, and soon it became a pattern. Michael could tell he was getting the hang of it, and quietly told him he was going to let go. This made Jeremy slightly nervous, but he nodded again and continued with his pattern.
Michael let go of Jeremy’s hand and watched as he continued in a straight line. He smiled softly to himself as Jeremy sped up a little, coming closer to the large fountain in the center of the park. Michael wondered if he was going to be able to make that circle all the way around the fountain, but as he watched Jeremy, his doubts soon progressed into joy. He skated all the way around and soon came back up to Michael, grinning from ear to ear.

“Michael! I did it! I skated all the way around the fou-”

Jeremy’s life flashed before his eyes.

When he was skating back towards Michael, a small rock stood in his way. In his great moment of pride, he didn’t notice that the rock in question was about to trip him up.

Michael lunged forward and grabbed Jeremy, saving him from a future where his face unpleasantly meets the ground. Jeremy desperately clung onto Michael, and as his shock subsided, he looked back up at him. Michael was staring back at him with fear in his eyes, and Jeremy swallowed.

“Thanks Michael.”

’“No problem.”

The two stared at each other before Jeremy smiled. Then he started giggling, then began full on laughing. Michael blushed ferociously and joined in. Soon the two were standing there in each other’s arms, laughing their asses off. Caught up in the heat of the moment, Jeremy leaned forward and pressed his lips to Michael’s.

It was Michael’s turn to have his life flash before his eyes.

The kiss lasted a few seconds, and Michael completely forgot to kiss back until Jeremy pulled away, his face redder than Michael’s hoodie. He took a step back and held his hands up, trying to make up for his sudden show of compassion.

“Oh-oh my god, Michael I’m so sorry-i-it won’t happen again, jesus man th-that, I didn’t mean t-”

And then Jeremy nearly fainted because Michael’s lips were on his.


Michael was kissing Jeremy?

Michael didn’t think Jeremy was a creep?


Michael wrapped his arms around Jeremy’s waist, and Jeremy’s arms found their way around Michael’s neck as he began to kiss back. He would be lying if he said it didn’t feel like heaven on earth.

After a few moments, Michael pulled back. They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, before Michael smiled devilishly. Jeremy hardly had a moment to question him before he felt himself being pulled by the hand across the park. Jeremy laughed, trying to keep up with Michael, as they skated together in harmony.

Jeremy thought that maybe roller blading wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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Glad to hear your open to requests! :D if u feel like it, I think it'd be cool to hear dialogue between anders and Cassandra or whomever strikes ur inspiration!

Oh man. Cassandra and Anders. That… would be interesting.

I’ve set these during DAI on the assumption that Anders is recruited into the Inner Circle. His mood may seem a bit darker here, but that is an intentional choice - not only because the ending of DA2 left him in a pretty dark place, but also because of his current conversation partner’s occupation. 

Anders: Is the glaring really necessary?
Cassandra: The Inquisitor may have decided you are a worthy ally, but I do not. I trust I don’t have to explain my reasoning.
Anders: Because I’m a mage? An apostate? An abomination?
Cassandra: And because you are a heartless mass murderer.
Anders: Ah, right. Forgot that one. I should start keeping a list.
Cassandra: Do not make light of this.
Anders: What would you prefer? That I grovel? Throw myself to my knees before a statue of Andraste and plead for forgiveness? I know what I have done. I will make amends for that on my own terms - for my own sake, not for yours. I’m not going to parade around my guilt in order to make people like you feel better.
Cassandra: I will be watching you, mage.
Anders: It’s what the Seekers do best, isn’t it? Sitting around, watching, and doing precisely nothing of use. Have at it.

Anders: If the Seekers had done their job in the first place, none of this would have been necessary. Your people were supposed to protect us, to keep the Templars from overstepping. You had to know what was happening in the Gallows - in countless other Circles - and yet you did nothing.
Cassandra: Lord Seeker Lambert failed us all.
Anders: Does it make you feel better, placing all the blame on him? You were the Divine’s Right Hand, Cassandra. Don’t pretend that you were powerless. 

Anders: At Halamshiral, when they went to announce you… it was bloody ridiculous. You have far too many names.
Cassandra: And you don’t have any.

Anders: What motivates someone to join the Seekers in the first place?
Cassandra: I would not know. My intention was to become a Templar. I was handed over to the Seekers later.
Anders: A Templar, hmm? You must have really gotten off on the idea of murdering mages without so much as a slap on the wrist. Hated us that much, did you?
Cassandra: I had my reasons. Suffering can easily breed hatred if you are not careful.
Anders: Suffering? What possible hardships could a woman like you have to deal with you make you want to be a killer and a jailer? A noblewoman with royal blood, probably raised in the lap of luxury, not a care in the world. Come back and talk to me about suffering when your own family gives you up because they think you’re cursed. When you’ve been stuck in solitary confinement for a whole year. What could you have possibly gone through that could compare to that?
Cassandra: (very angry) Drop it, mage. I will only warn you once.

Cassandra: There was a Circle mage I once knew. Regalyan. A friend… more than that. He wanted what you claim to desire yourself - for mages to be treated as equals, with dignity and respect. He worked for years to try and counteract the hatred his kind earned because of people like you.
Anders: And what did it get him in the end? The tension in the Circles has been growing for decades. Templars have been overstepping their bounds inch by inch every year. The Seekers weren’t going to do anything about it. The Chantry certainly wouldn’t. I didn’t make this problem, Cassandra. I just forced everyone to see it.
Cassandra: Galyan attended the Conclave in pursuit of that same peace he’d dedicated his life to. He was there, at the center of it all, when the temple was destroyed.
Anders: I’m sorry to hear that.
Cassandra: Are you? Because I can’t help but wonder… if it weren’t for you, perhaps the Conclave wouldn’t have been necessary. Gal would still be alive - along with everyone else who desired peace over the kind of chaos you sow.
Anders: You can’t pin this all on me. We both know that this war didn’t start in Kirkwall.
Cassandra: You are right. And yet good men have died so that men like you can make a statement.

(After a mission in which Justice/Vengeance manifests and takes full control over Anders.)

Anders: Seeker, about before- I’m sorry if I… frightened you. You were right to draw your blade on me.
Cassandra: I hoped you would not give me reason to use it.
Anders: I was… not myself. Or, I was. It’s just…
Cassandra: You were no longer in control.
Anders: It’s difficult to describe. Most of the time, Justice and I feel like one person - no different from before, when I would occasionally talk to myself. Other times, I can feel him - rising up, pushing through - and then everything goes black. As if I’ve been shoved into some dark corner…
Cassandra: Perhaps you should discuss this with Solas. He may have insights into the matter that I do not.
Anders: (unhappy laugh) Right. Because all you know is how to kill things like me.
Cassandra: As long as you serve the Inquisition, you and I are allies. I would not strike you down unless you forced my hand. It is in both our best interests that I help you however I can.
Anders: And if there is no helping me?
Cassandra: Then I will make certain you cannot hurt anyone else.
Anders: Thank you. That’s… strangely comforting.

[banter for Solas + Zevran]
[banter for Solas + Romanced Zevran]
[banter for Solas + Merrill]
[banter for Fenris + Solas]
[banter for Fenris + Romanced Solas]  

The perfect 10

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Tye Dillinger x Reader for @megaperfect10

Request: The readers brother is Kevin Owens and when Kevin sees Tye walk through the door at a get together with their family things get heated cause of the past of the both of them. Maybe some swearing if you allow that. Thanks if you can.

Note: I guess I had another request besides Matt and Alex. Either way I hope you like it!

December 11, 2014 was the exact date I met the love of my life. It wasn’t a romantic story like me crashing into him by accident. Nor was it a love hate relationship between us. It was always love…pure innocent love. Out of all the great romantic love stories out there, ours simply started by a conversation dealing with food. It wasn’t romantic but it was something I cherished greatly.

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The Heirs

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Summary: Being the heiress to a world renown company isn’t always easy. You have the doubt of your parents that you will carry on the company with a good name and you have others trying to steal it from you, so what do you do? Your parents arrange a marriage for you to hopefully help the company…little do they know you already have a love interest.

Basic summary: You have an arranged marriage with Park Jimin but what most don’t know you still have feelings for a lower class chef who owns a restaurant just down the road from your companies head quarters.

Pairing: Jikook X Reader:

Sipping the mimosa that was currently in your left hand you looked at one of your friends as she showed off her engagement ring to the rest your friends and you.

“Oh my God, Ji Su! It’s so pretty!” Ha Na shouted with excitement clasping her best friends hand as she examined the diamond ring.

Mi Na and you both stared at each other trying not to laugh at the other girls who clearly had nothing better to do then brag abut their sex life.

“I know! Isn’t it pretty? Sung Min thought it was time to settle down and get a house just outside of Gangnam.” Ji Su exhilarated loudly getting the attention of the other petit brown haired girl at the table, Mi Sun.

“Gangnam!? I’ve always wanted to live there” she sighed, downing the rest of the drink.

After the pretentious snobs had left, you smiled relived you had time to talk your one and only true friend Mi Na, who was very different then the others even though she was in the same situation as you…she was an heiress as well.

“We thought it was the best to live in Gangnam since his assistant lives in Daichi” she mocked Ji Su’s voice taking the last sip of her mimosa.

“Shall we go?” she asked standing up and putting money down for the bill. You took the hundred dollar bill and gave it back to her.

“Just because those arrogant witches didn’t pay for it doesn’t mean you pay for it” you scolded her and slipped the crisp bill under the check and walked away taking her with you.

“I’ll shout you a burger, how ‘bout that?” she questioned walking in the direction of his restaurant.

“Sure but not to his.”

Even though she kept walking in the direction you didn’t stop, knowing that this would cause some complications with your relationship.

Opening the glass window doors you looked up to find he was already staring at you. He was cleaning a table ready for Mi Na and you. He flashed his pearly whites, waiting for your presence to be near him.

“Hey” you whispered sitting down at the booth while Mi Na sits on the opposite side.

“Do you want your usual?” he asked you and Mi Na, the two of you nod, signalling him to wander off and make your orders.

“You know he is really cute” Mi Na sighed. “If only your parents didn’t care about that kind of stuff.”

She rested her head in the palm of her hand and stared at you curiosity filling her head.

“Have you guys done it yet?” she asked making you choke on your vanilla coke, you quickly started to deny it but piped down once he brought your burgers over.

“Here’s the mo-” he cut her off “Don’t worry, it’s on the house” he smiled at the two of you and pushed the money back towards Mi Na.

“Thank you” you mouthed to him receiving a wink in reply.

Mi Na’s phone buzzed signalling her that her driver was here to take her back to her apartment “Gotta go babe, I’ll talk to you later” You watched her strut out of the diner.

It being near to closing time for the diner you and Jungkook were the only one’s left in the small building.

You stood up and walked to sit over at the front near the counter waiting for him to come out from the kitchen. “Hi” he walked up to you kissing you on the lips, you quickly smiled as your lips parted from his.

“How are you? How was work?” you asked, he grabbed your hands and replied “Work was good, other then running out of bacon it was good” he chuckled.

“Well the bacon burger has always been a hit” you whispered taking the coke bottle out of his hands and sipping it. “How was your brunch?” he asked turning his back to you to wipe away crumbs on the back bench.

“Well, Ji Su is getting married this summer. Bragging about it non stop as usual.” you sighed staring at his toned back.

His whole demeanour changed at the mention of marriage.

“Do you want to get married?” he questioned turning around and leaned against the bench.

“Well” you started “I would like to get married in the future, maybe soon” you stated taking another sip of the coke.

“What if we get married?” he asked, the only question that could make your heart stop.

“Kookie you know i love you, but my parents” he cut you off and stepped forward “I know, your parents wouldn’t allow you and heiress marring someone like me…a low life”

You leaned over and wiped a tear from his cheek shushing him.

“You’ll never be a low life. You own the best diner in Seoul-”

“Said by who?” he cut you off.

“By everybody, have you read the reviews? They’re amazing!” you smiled and kissed him on the lips.


You turned around and opened your purse to find the black phone, the screen lighting up to show that your father had texted you.

Father: Come to my office, I have a surprise for you. Your Mother will be there as well.

You clicked it off and turned back to him “I have to go” you smiled at him. You went in for a kiss but he just wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer.

The two of you stayed like that for a couple of seconds, “I feel at home in your arms” you whispered.

“I know you do” he muffled into the right side of your neck.

You backed away from him and smiled, you ambled out of the diner and started walking towards the office.

“Is dad in his office?” you asked his assistant sitting at her desk.

“Yes he is miss” she nodded, you smiled back at her and knocked on your fathers office door.

“Come in!” he piped up.

You opened the door and stepped in, you saw the back of two mens heads and immediately got confused.

“What’s this?” you asked your mum as she guided you over to the occupied seats.

“Y/n, meet Mr. Park and his son Park Jimin” The two men stood up and bowed at you. You stared at the younger one examining him…something was off about this whole situation and you hated it.

“Nice to meet you” Jimin spoke up all you could do was smile at him.

“Y/n…Jimin is your new fiancé”

Visualize Yourself

I don’t understand the sum of the parts,
Let alone
The difference they make.
While the space between us
Divides and grows;
You don’t bother to notice
Me slipping away.

The clown
In the crowd
Weaves in and out,
Like a serpent
Slithering to its
Own insatiable music
While the world rumbles,
Tumbles to find
Notions inclined,
Edges of darkness fall.
Call for me,
Crawl on me,
Wish to God
I don’t end up being
Another illusion
In your past.
Close the door,
The end is coming fast.

I’ll be right here waiting.

-H. Murcia 3:34PM 5/28/2017

Thank you, @creatingnikki and my girlfriend’s, @autumnsunshine10 for the inspiration behind this. Check out their blogs! 😊

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
—  From the book A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson
Just friends ~ Part seven

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A/N ~ Ok here we go, this is the beginning of the heart break. Get your tissues ready.

Theme ~ Best friends

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader

Featuring ~ Bigbang

Rated ~ Angst/Fluff

“Alright that’s enough, get up” Jiyong said coldly as he ripped the blankets off you.

“No, I just want to stay in my cocoon where I’m safe from the world” you snapped as you reached out for the blankets but Jiyong threw them on the floor, you laid back with a huff and nuzzled into your pillow.

“Come on Noona, you need to get up, you’ve been hulled up in here for days” he said as he brushed your hair away from your face, the action only making you nuzzle further into the pillow. “Please, I don’t want to leave you on your own but I have to go to this party, Yg is making me”

“Go, I’ll be fine” you replied nonchalantly, there was no point in pretending you were happy in front of him, he already knew you weren’t. He had been with you almost the whole time since he found you crying at the top of the stairs, taking care of you and bringing you food that for the most part went uneaten. He tried to cheer you up but nothing seemed to work, the only thing left to do was to just sit with you and wait until you were ready to talk, like Seung hyun used to. But his good intentions only seemed to be making things worse, his behaviour causing you to think about Seung hyun more and all the missed opportunities and what ifs that went by.

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Lurking from afar . . .
( virus! cry )
Lurking from afar . . .

@0-jayless-0: Can we maybe get virus cry watching the listener sleep through their webcam?

Aw, look at you, all tuckered out…how adorable—It’s kind of curious how you just…lose consciousness, awareness of what’s happening around you…You just lose all your worries—That’s a cute little face the whole world could enjoy…wink wink—Seems like everyone else in the livestream agrees…well save for the ones that are ignoring it entirely—in favor of flaming the guy who owns this account…—Aah, I should do this more often; I can watch cute shit AND train wrecks at once!

Flirting 101

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Summary: Castiel x Reader: Castiel tries to flirt with the reader, using pick up lines he got from Dean, and failing adorably. 

Word Count: 2062

Triggers: None just fluff

Y/N = Your name 

You’d been pages deep into your research for your ongoing case when Castiel walked through the door. Looking slightly awkward as he stopped short of where you were lounging on the couch. Just like it always did, your heart did that little leap into your throat as your eyes found his shockingly blue ones across the room. And, just like you always did, you played it off with a small friendly smile. Pretending his arrival didn’t throw your whole world out of balance as you forced yourself to stay comfortably as his friend.

“What’s up Cas?” You said, internally patting your own back for your smooth acting as you put the papers down on the coffee table in front of you. If hunting ever failed you as a profession, you could always go ahead and become an actress. You got the whole friendly-and-definitely-not-drooling-at-you act down to a T.

Castiel let his head fall slightly to the side as he looked at you with a mildly confused look. Like a goddamned puppy unable to understand the meaning of your words. His brow furrowed as his eyes left yours to look up at the ceiling of the Men of Letters bunker before returning his piercing gaze right back to you after nothing but a short reprieve.

“We are underground, so a lot of things are up…” Castiel somehow managed to phrase the words as a factual statement and a question at the same time as he looked at you, finally stepping slightly closer to where you were still seated. Though he was still halfway across the room from you. “Is there something in particular I should see?”

“No.. It’s just a greeting… Y’know, never mind. Hi Cas,” Your attempted explanation failed before it even left you as you watched the adorable furrow in Cas’ brow only deepen at your words. Your simple greeting easily bringing a small smile to the lips of the angel before he once more got that pensive, slightly awkward look that he’d had when he entered the bunker library.

“Hello (Y/N). I… I have something I wish to discuss with you. No, I mean ask… I have something to ask you,” The angel in a trench-coat in front of you was fumbling through his words, looking increasingly uncomfortable as he spoke. The way he was acting caused you to automatically sit up a little straighter. Whatever he had that he needed to ask you had to be important if it was causing the usually stoic angel to act so strangely. And in your business, important was usually just a synonym for weird, strange or really fucking bad.

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@notabrobro replied

I always thought it was the original, but when Clovis Bray found out Exos could hold a conscience they started to transfer people with debts to Bray (like Cayde) into Exos to be their security force 

Well, if you consider all the lore to be true, and analyze it that way, Clovis Bray was active during the Golden Age, and the Exos gained their consciousness either during or after the Collapse. Most common theory things it happened when Rasputin shut them all down into a stasis, their memories played again and again (deep stone crypt) and became something new.

So chronologically, these “human exos” would have been original. Except that they were only written into the lore around TTK era. The Deep Stone Exos were the original lore but not chronologically the original exos if we accept both to be accurate.

I rectify all this personally by considering Cayde’s Journal a marketing ploy to get money, much like Cayde’s 4th wall breaking “ton of looootttt” line. But some people like it more than that, and I understand if they don’t want to do that.

A choice simply must me made, Guardian. And everyone has to make it for themselves.

wonderboy [a sehun poem a/u]

For years I kept this a secret,

how I looked up to you ‘cause in my eyes you were perfect.

Because I knew that everything that I felt for you,

cannot be reciprocated in any means, that’s true.

I was content with seeing you everyday,

even though you wouldn’t greet me every time I pass by your hall way.

For you had eyes on another girl,

and you were busy in your own little world.

I liked you, okay?

Was that too much to say?

I just imagined my own wonderland with you,

because a girl like me isn’t supposed to like a guy like you.

But one day, everything changed.

I felt like I was in a fairy tale, or at least I would’ve been.

Out of all the people who could accompany you for a year,

the universe chose me, my dear.

I was dazed, confused, happy, excited.

Did my wish come true, just like I’ve expected?

Or was this another mess,

which I did not see that was for my best.

For a year, we were like friends.

Okay, maybe not. More like acquaintances with deals, orders and trends.

But hey, I thought it wasn’t pretty bad.

So long as I get to speak with you, that’s the best progress I’ve ever had.

I thought very special of you,

I assumed you had the same thought too.

But I knew nothing of what your smile meant that day,

that day when you protected me was only out of your kindness.

Little did I know that a year flies by fast,

before I knew it, everything I built didn’t last.

It didn’t work out like I expected,

and you were set to leave after that year’s end.

I was disappointed, sad, annoyed for I knew it.

I knew I only had myself to blame for liking you and keeping it a secret.

But I couldn’t help but get mad with you,

I wished you were more approachable and true.

Now, as we part ways I’m saddened to say,

that you, my love, are slowly drifting away.

Maybe what we had was something only I knew,

And never will it ever be true.

So I am letting you go, be free.

I hope one day when I see you again by that green gate with 3 tall trees,

we still won’t forget our memories together,

but my smile would prove that without you, I’m happier.

this was supposed to be a fanfic, i dunno why I wrote it like this.

i tried my best 

i just needed this idea to get out of my head, i’m sorry if it’s very messy.

but hey, I write to express not to impress

advaituniverse  asked:

@friend squad: what is your ambition when you grow up?

Nova; queen of mewni! of course

Connor: I want to run my own inventing business. 

Jack: The world’s best magician. (smiles and winks

Missy: President of the United States. I mean if uncle Ferguson can do it, so can i.

Roman: I dunno. maybe a race car driver ?


Viktor: not lunch. 

fall to the depths,
find the places
no one has touched
for decades. unlock
the doors, breathe
light into the corners.
you, heralded
by sky blue. you,
carrying your own
fate in hands
that have not slept.
caught in some
greater design.
bringing a piece
of a higher world
down to tartarus.
when you
have found yourself
down there,
—  elysian || a.s.w.