and you are looking at me

Very long overdue art trade with my dearest friend bounoromato Sorey & Mikleo from the game Tales of Zestiria ! Please check out her art blog (manos-art) for more gorgeous drawings of these two (。♥‿♥。)

I hope we get at least one scene prior to Friday’s which we’ve seen in the preview which shows a thawing between Chas and Robert. Because yes she has to pretend that everything is still hunky dory, and I do think that she saw something different when they went to visit Aaron, something which made her understand Robert’s actions. But for her to go from saying how much she hates him, to this?

And I know it’s difficult because plot reasons for Lucy leaving, and also because we’re in this weird limbo state where things are just up in the air whilst they wait for someone to hit that ‘gravity on’ button, but a bit of piecing together the picture for the sake of story and continuity would be nice.