and you are hurting someone's friend

I can’t believe you!” she shouts.

“I trusted you. And you broke that trust.”

“I’m sorry,” her friend replies, not sounding very sincere.

“You’re pathetic,” she hisses.

“You always have to hurt someone to make yourself feel better. You’re toxic. And I’m not gonna let you poison me anymore.

—  not gonna let you poison me.
Important message

So yeah!! With the whole “i posted this like a month ago” incident i’d just like to bring this to everyones attention. Even though our shitposts are for the most part quick silly little joke drawings it really hurts to see our stuff go unsourced on other websites and only then be sourced when it is asked. Especially lying about when you posted it and all that jazz its just really insensitive. Ive also been finding a lot of cropping going on and that especially is honestly? A real dick move. I get you wanna share with your friends and you may think someone putting stuff on the internet makes it ok to just spread it around on sites alien to what it was only already posted on ((by the OPs, us)) but it doesnt!! For some people posting stuff it really hard and to have it stolen is really hard for them to deal with especially when the thief thinks they can wiggle their way out of the situation by being rude and claiming to have posted the picture before it was even drawn. At first when we saw our stuff going unsourced we kinda laughed it off like ohh dang woops but the more and more i see our pictures on other sites the more upset i get and yes, i may be harsh with initial commentary but im just genuinly not enjoying whats going on and i want it to stop

TL;DR please do not repost our pictures unsourced, or at all really


I seem to see a pattern…

(Not to mention that he notices how she gets hurt almost every day, that he hasn’t heard someone call her a cutie in a while, that guys are more likely to follow her around, that she’s smart, he knows when she’s hiding something -to not worry him mind you-, when her shirt design is slightly different, when she had a pained face watching foes being slaughtered for her sake, that she worries about her friends and that it is not a bad thing, always asking her if she’s okay, feel free to add more my dear IH friends. I wonder what it would be like if he actually cared about her, heh? *wink*)

Asking Shanks for a fight is like talking to a wall

Enemy: I hate you

Shanks: Oh that’s unfortunate. Want some rum?

Enemy: I don’t want your fuc**ng rum.

Shanks: But it’s good.

Enemy: Fight me.

Shanks: But I like drinking more. Here have some …

Enemy *graps bottle and hits it over Shanks head*: Keep your shitty rum. Fight me!

Shanks: Oh, now the rum is gone.

Enemy *glares*: I said fight me!

Shanks *whines*: But I’m all wet and … and the rum …

Enemy *aggressivley turns and makes his way to the entry*: Oh forget it, I don’t even want to fight you anymore. *shoves someone of the crew out of the way, so the man just falls down.*

Shanks *all agressive and conquerer’s haki mode*: Did you just hurt one of my friends???

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People hide behind anon because they are shy, frightened, or hurt. You are a wonderfully uplifting and supportive "Dad" figure to those sorrowful gray masses. I'd give anything to have a friend like you, 'void monster' or otherwise. Thank you for being so kind to the most vulnerable of us. :)







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One of my best friends is a senior(I'm a sophomore) and she is constantly being bullied by a few kids at school. I hate that she's going through that. I want her to be happy and just completely ignore who's being mean to her. She acts like it's not too big of a deal but I can tell it hurts her. Any advice? Thank you in advance💕

Just be there for her. Show her that she has someone in her life who she can trust and count on. At the end of the day, sometimes that’s all we really need. ❤️

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Hey Sansy! i was wondering something! could you be a Yandere boyfriend?

isn’t a yandere someone who…who’d KILL anyone who tries to hurt you? or anyone else who’s interested in you, no, who even MIGHT be interested in you? i admit i get a little jealous sometimes, but i wouldn’t go THAT far! not even if it were possible.

hon, are ya really sure this is what you want? for me to violently threaten your childhood friends just because they looked at ya funny? that “if i can’t have you, no one can” attitude doesn’t sound very healthy to me.

especially because i read some of these yandere types kill their love interests as a last resort. and that’s…that’s terrible. you know I could never do that to ya!

look, i’m sorry to disappoint ya, but the last thing i want is to hurt you or make you feel unsafe! even if i tried, i…i just couldn’t, okay? i care about ya too much for that.

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So I was hooking up with this boy for a while and it was basically like we were dating but he didn't want to commit. We had sex everyday, he slept over every night, we went on dates, everything was great! I went home from college last weekend and he told me he slept with someone else and I was hurt and mad. Now the guy tells me he loves my friendship and just wants to be friends? I didn't do anything, he ruined it! I don't think any of it fair!

I think you loved him somehow.. Staying just friends might hurt you.. I’m not sure if you both should try this or if it woild be better for you to let him go.. 

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I don't have celiacs disease but I get that feeling of worrying about food nearly 24/7, I have severe food allergies that are so bad if I eat something with traces of peanuts or tree nuts, off to the E.R. I do my best to avoid it but the risk of dyeing from someone not knowing means a lot of missed out desserts and not eating at friends houses. I always fell bad saying that I can't eat something offered to me unless I know exactly what's in it, but it's that or risking a deadly reaction.

I know what you mean about feeling guilty for refusing someone’s food, but please try not to blame yourself for that! It’s not your fault and you definitely deserve to speak up.

We’re taught that it’s impolite and stuff, but your health and safety is so much more important than hurting someone’s feelings a little. 

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My heart is literally in pieces, lmao I'm in love with my best friend. But of course she's still hung up on her ex, and like I just can't get over her. I've been trying you know? But she always chooses her ex over me. I don't know what what to do anymore, it just physically hurts my heart. I just kinda feel like giving up all together..

If she’s gonna stay hung up on her ex then maybe she isn’t worth it. You deserve someone who loves you just as much as you love them.

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I think jisoo & Jeonghan are so compatible no wonder theyre such bestie! Im happy Jeonghan had someone that can make him laugh until his stomach hurts and have such an incredible bond with someone like jisoo they're both so sweet and chill

im glad too :) its nice having friends like that and it makes me happy seeing both of them surrounded by people they care about and who care about them.

idk about sweet and chill though haha to an extent they are for sure but have you seen josh lately? his chill is fake. i dont buy it. and jeonghan…. jeonghan is like a bar of salted caramel chocolate. from the outside it appears to be filled with nothing but sugary sweetness but when you take a bite, although the sweetness is there, theres also the sharp unexpected bite of salt on your tongue. that’s jeonghan.

hi everyone :) id love to start making friends on tumblr :)) if you want to be my tumblr friend just like this post or reblog or something :) i dont care bout religion or gay or straight or anything that sort ;) id really love to be someones best friend and listen to everything youve got to say and always randomly text and, really I need someone myself too! just contacting me cant hurt and if we dont really get along its okay too :) just dont be a scary ass mentally ill creep then it’ll be great!!:))

For awhile I was actually kind of butt hurt to find out a few friends of mine totally just cut me out of their lives for absolutely no sane reason. But now, I’m so glad they did. I don’t need fake friends in my life. I don’t need their toxic behavior. I’m not the first friend they have done this to and I’m certainly not the last. I value the times we spent together but if someone is so willing to cut you out of their life without so much as a goodbye, they aren’t very stable people. I do wish them the best, though. I hope whatever issues they are struggling with and keeping them from having healthy relationships, goes away. I just couldn’t tell myself that I did something wrong to cause this any longer. The fact of the matter is that I absolutely did nothing wrong and this is their issue.

Sometimes life has a way of weeding the negativity out of your life without you having to lift a finger and for that I am grateful. Spending time with my true best friends over the last few weeks has made me realize what a true friendship looks like. True friends confront each other in a respectful manner when something is wrong. True friends can go an extended period time without talking to each other and pick up right where they left off with little awkwardness.
And even though I don’t get to see my best friends a lot because we all are leading different lives….I would much rather that than hang out with fake/toxic friends on a more regular basis.

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"My sister is leaving, I got betrayed by someone I thought was my friend, my girlfriend is dead and you...god, Clarke, I thought you would understand. I have nothing. Not a damn thing anymore. And you're here with your lover like everything is going to be okay. Do you even understand what loss is anymore?" (again, feelings)


“Bellamy,” Clarke said softly, hurt. She let her guard down, because this was Bellamy, her friend, her co-leader, her partner. “You’ll always have me, okay? I know I left, but now I am back. Between Lexa and me is nothing, I can’t trust her anymore, but you? You, I would trust with my life. I get it, you’re in pain, and when this is all over, I’ll be there for you, as your friend, but right now, I have to put all my personal feelings aside to keep us alive.” She paused and looked at him, taking his hand gently.

“To keep you alive.”

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And what do you think about Hyoga? He's also handsome.

“Hyoga’s a great warrior, a friend I can always rely on even if he might act rather aloof, and… I’ll never forget how he wouldn’t leave me behind. And I can’t possibly look at him without remembering the one time I could actually save someone’s life without hurting anybody else, so I’m also grateful for that. And yeah, he’s also handsome. Are you trying to imply something?”

When you love someone… truly love them, friend or lover, you lay your heart open to them. You give them a part of yourself that you give to no one else, and you let them inside a part of you that only they can hurt—you literally hand them the razor with a map of where to cut deepest and most painfully on your heart and soul. And when they do strike, it’s crippling—like having your heart carved out. It leaves you naked and exposed, wondering what you did to make them want to hurt you so badly when all you did was love them. What is so wrong with you that no one can keep faith with you? That no one can love you? To have it happen once is bad enough… but to have it repeated? Who in their right mind would not be terrified of that?
—  Sherrilyn Kenyon, Devil May Cry
15 Things I learned in 2015

1. You need people. The rain will pour, and the sun will shine, but no matter what you need people to walk along side you in this journey we call life. Doing it alone will only lead to defeat and a hell of a lot of loneliness. 

2. You are special. No matter what that girl who hates you says, or the boy you’re in love with says, or even someone you thought was your best friend says, you are so incredibly special. There is only one you in this entire world, and that makes you worthy of all the happiness in the world.

 3. You can’t control other people. No matter how much you wish you can, you absolutely can’t. People will make mistakes, people will hurt you, and people will get hurt by you, but you can only control what you do. Keep that in mind when you’re overwhelmed by the need to change a situation in your life that you in fact can’t. 

4. Your love is one of the greatest things about you. You can give it to anyone, but you must be careful of who you give it so willingly to. Some people don’t deserve it. Some people need it, but won’t appreciate it. Some people want it, but you don’t realize it. There are so many ways loving people can go wrong, but you must love them anyways because love can fix so many things. Love will hurt, but please keep loving.

 5. Find your person. Find the best friend who would do absolutely anything for you. Find the person who loves you, who is rooting for you, and who is constantly in your corner. Some people may seem like they are, but find that person who is absolutely, 100% on your side. That doesn’t mean they always agree with your decisions, but they always want what’s best for you. 

6. Your baggage is not a flaw. We all carry some sort of baggage. Some people carry only backpack, which can fit in a small compartment, while others of us would have bags that reached the overweight limit. Find someone with the same amount of baggage. Find someone who appreciates your baggage. Find someone who can help you carry it. Your baggage is not your downfall, it is simply a part of life. 

7. He is not important. No matter who your he is, he does not outshine you. You are important, and don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you’re not. He does not deserve your tears, he does not deserve your time, and he definitely does not deserve your love. 

8. Don’t fall victim to your own life. Life happens. Tragedy happens. Sadness happens, but you can’t wallow in your self pity. It’s yours to decide, so take the wheel and be the captain. 

9. Take care of yourself. Allow yourself to sleep in. Pamper yourself. Love yourself. Give yourself permission to take some time off. You are the only person who truly knows how you are doing, so you must take care of yourself as best you can. 

10. Change is scary but necessary. When faced with a big opportunity, do not run from it without taking another look. You may be given the opportunity to move halfway across the country for college. Please do it. Do not worry about leaving home. Do not worry about losing your friends. Do not worry about losing him. Those who matter will stick around, and those who don’t didn’t matter to begin with. Take each opportunity for what it’s worth because change can be the beginning of an incredible life that you weren’t even expecting. 

11. Find your happy place. At first, it may be hiding from you. It may be wearing a mask of unhappiness and terror, but if you stick it out you may find you are truly happy somewhere. Surrounding yourself with people who love you can make a lot of places your happy place. Find it. It will help you thrive and grow in ways you never expected. 

12. It’s okay to cry. Cry when you’re sad. Cry when you’re happy. Cry when your best friend isn’t your best friend anymore. Cry when you lose your dog. Cry when you graduate from high school. Cry when you see your best friend for the first time in four months. Cry when you have to leave her again. Cry when a boy breaks your heart. Cry when you find a new one that fills that broken heart with joy. Cry because you want to. 

13. Learn to spend time alone. As stated before, you need people, but you also have to learn to rely on yourself once in a while. Your best friend can be busy. Your mom may not be around anymore. You may have to deal with things on your own. Spending time alone helps you figure out how to cope with your feelings. You know you the best of all, so spend time with your own thoughts. Spend time exploring that vast space that is your mind.

 14. You do not need another person to complete you. Yes, it is nice to have someone to be your crutch in life, but that is not how you learn to stand on your own. Support is necessary, but not all the time. You are totally complete on your own, and another person is simply there to complement you. Don’t rely on others for your happiness, it will just leave you unhappy in the end. 

15. Being content is not a bad thing. There is so much emphasis on being incredibly happy that it is often forgotten that being content is perfectly fine too. Liking you job is fine. Liking your school is fine. Liking your friend is fine. You don’t always have to be jumping for joy about everything that is happening in your life. Of course, you don’t want to be simply content forever, but being content is not a bad thing. There are times where you just have to look around, sigh with relief, and realize that you’re making it. You’re surviving, and that is good enough.

-Excerpt from a book I’ll never write // #129 // to a year of making more mistakes and learning new things

things that make me giddy and happy: sunday morning brunch, chocolate kisses, puppy kisses, not being able to put a book down because it’s so good, when people say they like my smile, holding hands, forehead kisses, spaghetti, when someone looks me in the eyes while talking to me, bubble baths, good spotify playlist, pretty sunsets, pretty sunrises, the full moon, long walks, laughing till my tummy hurts, long hugs with people you care about, quiet i love yous, loud i love yous, the north shore of hawaii, cinnamon rolls on my birthday, strawberry ice cream, picking blue berries, waking up in the mountains, chaco tan lines, really good movies, driving alone and singing really loud, twinkle, the moment i realized my sister was my best friend, looking at the stars and realizing i could totally do anything i set my mind to, realizing i’m loved by many, knowing that i have a chance to make an impact in this world.


=| wow you’re friends sound nice… seriously im sorry that sorta of things happen to you… i’m not really good at giving people advice… personally i would just ignore and probably laugh if someone kinkshamed me cause there a lot of things to worry bout and things to do…

*offer my lap* try to stay positive kay never hurt to cry it out too. does clear the head

On the topic of drama in the fandom, I would suggest more become more familiar and comfortable with blacklisting, unfollowing, and blocking. This is not an easy hurdle to become acquainted with and I still struggle with guilt for doing any of these things, even if they make me feel better in the long run. 

This site will not tailor itself to you and only you can determine what content you see. If you disagree with someone’s portrayal in any capacity or if how they feel about an issue or what they post makes you uncomfortable to encounter, I urge you to blacklist, unfollow, or block instead of guilting them or sending hate. It does not matter how you feel on the matter. Blacklist, unfollow, block.

Do not surround yourself with hateful people. Do not compromise yourself, your morals, values, and what makes you happy for someone else’s benefit. You will never make everyone in the world happy nor should you be asked to do so. Your blog is yours. If you encounter something that upsets you, whether it be someone’s portrayal of their character’s sexuality or something else, blacklist, unfollow, block.