and you all know how much i love backstory

you know what else i love about the man from uncle???? all the subtle hints of backstory they give us, but don’t elaborate too much on. like how did illya get his scar? gaby being a ballerina, when did she begin to work on cars? solo wearing an apron and trying to make something for gaby to eat, does solo love to cook? is it a hobby? we get so many glimpses of interesting history and characteristics to the main characters and still even if its not enough its enough to want me to learn more about them. and i really think it shows how great this movie was written, it shows too through fanfic writers. when they use the little information that is given to the audience to make amazing fics

natasha “the mom” romanoff

i’ve never done headcanons before so these might suck and i literally just pulled these out of my ass bc i’m emo

“mom”!nat + “son”!peter

  • alright so peter would definitely fanboy about meeting natasha
  • like ?? peter “spider-man” parker meeting natasha “the black widow” romanoff??
  • peter would make the spider connection between the two as an attempt to bond

                 o   “black widow, like the spider! it’s almost like we’re related!”

  • natasha would shrug it off because peter’s a kid
  • because like steve she’d wonder what a kid like peter would be doing with the avengers
  • she’s obviously used to being around of guys acting like idiots (cc: the scene in AoU when they try to lift Mjolnir)
  • but a kid on the team?? that’s new territory for her
  • natasha tends to push peter away because she likes to come off as cold and unbothered

                 o   nat loves children, she’s ‘aunt nat’ to clint’s kids for christ’s sake

                 o   but the extra priority/headache that came with caring about a kid                           who puts himself in danger made nat become very distant with                             peter

                 o   but then she’d see him around the avengers tower from time to                             time with tony, looking at how excited he was to be working with                           ‘the’ mr. stark

  • seeing peter around the tower made natasha subconsciously look out for the kid

                 o   whenever peter would get too into what he was doing with tony nat                       would find herself subtly reminding them to eat, although it was                             mostly to remind peter

                 o   she’d always remind peter that he’s a kid – he shouldn’t forget that                       these were his best years

                 o   during sparring she’d make sure peter could hold his own (she’d                           even offer to practice with him)

                 o   “it’s hard the first couple of weeks – you’re new at this. if you want                        to practice, i’ll be there.”

                 o   he’d feel a little insecure for her picking up on him not being as                             advanced, but she’d reassure him

                 o   “ya’know, when stark met me i kicked happy’s ass. so, there’s a                            little leverage for ya”

  •  tony would tease nat a little once he’s picked up on her sudden interest in the new kid
  • but, he would never make her feel bad for it, knowing her past
  • he’d make sure to team nat and peter up, he knew that besides him, nat would do her best to make sure peter was okay
  • also, nat’s a nerd and so is peter they would nerd out about so much
  • nat’s so used to taking care of people that she’s be totally caught off guard when peter shows that he wants to take care of her too

                 o   since peter really only has may, ned and now tony, he’d be very                           protective of his new family that he’s found in the avengers

                 o   he’d notice nat showing a softer side toward peter, and he knew it                         was rare

                 o   he’d make sure he’d pay extra attention to where she was during                         fights

                 o   not that she needed it, he knew she was just fine. he’d just rather                         be safe than sorry

  • peter and nat would get super into their backstories with each other
  • peter would probably stumble over his words when he expressed how thankful he was for people like tony and nat

                 o   “it’s been really hard, without ben… it’s been even harder knowing                        how distant i need to keep may. but, you – you all make me feel a                        little less lonely”

  •  and nat knows all to well what loneliness is so she understands how much peter needs her
  • she knows he has his aunt, but nat knows she’s there for peter in a way his aunt can’t be
  •  and they both just love being part of a family together

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so, with the announcement that the vegas draft would be happening during the NHL awards, i’ve been thinking about some things.

we’re probably going to lose some really beloved players to this vegas team (looking at you, MAF), and that’s going to SUCK. it is. and you know what? this team is probably going to be terrible for the first few years at least.

but that being said–i’m kind of excited for it at the same time.

i’m a relatively new hockey fan. i’ve only been following for one season. and while i really love this sport and i love my teams, i know how intimidating it is to get into a team when there’s so much HISTORY behind it. there’s so much you feel like you’re supposed to already know about this team, all the players on its roster, its entire backstory.

there won’t be any of that with the golden knights. no “name their goalie from 1972-1976,” no “well YOU don’t get it because you weren’t THERE when [xyz] happened.” this could be a really great opportunity for potential fans to get into the game without the fear of coming off as “bandwagoners” or “fake fans.” it’s pretty hard to gatekeep a team that doesn’t exist yet.

and that’s not to mention the fact that if we do lose some of our favorite players to vegas, that’s just another reason to root for this team to succeed. if one of my faves has to get traded to the middle of the goddamn desert, i’m still going to root for him out there, even if he’s not on my primary team anymore.

so yeah, i get how upsetting this is going to be. but i’m not ready to just totally write this team off, and i hope other people aren’t either.


this might’ve been the best episode so far. i loved so many things, it was so well-written and so well acted. i’ll probably just keep rewatching it for the next 3 months

(okay now that i got it out of my system, i can write sth more coherent and not just freak out but those moments were the best parts of this episode)

- magnus explaining the vision was just so amazing? honestly, what would they do without him?

- magnus feeling powerless… just please stab me in the heart it’ll hurt less. we’ve seen this throughout the whole season and it only hurts more and more. magnus can do so much yet in so many situations even his best is not enough and you can see how much it affects him. he always wants to help, he needs to help. but sometimes there is nothing he could possibly do and it hurts him so much

- badass alec is my aesthetic ngl and telling victor that he’s not bad… for a diplomat

- i’m so happy alec called out victor on this whole situation. victor didn’t tell izzy about the risks? sure, he might’ve mentioned something but he didn’t say how exactly serious it is. and he cares about the downworld? sure, he showed it when he was torturing raphael

- magnus and alec being worried about each other in this episode shows just how truly they love each other. it’s not too soon, it’s the best timing. they are always there for each other, trying to protect each other. and when they were apart, all they could think of was if the other one is okay. this is true love

- magnus felt so hurt and betrayed when raphael was about to kill clary. raphael’s people were stopping his hands so he couldn’t help her. seriously, just stab me in the heart it’ll hurt less

- magnus was so gentle with madzie, trying to show her that he’s there to help her. that he’s not the one lying to her. and when she came to him because she trusted him… i wanna cry again. she met alec and magnus once and she was ready to save their lives and trust them with her own. she might be with catarina now but to me she’ll always be their daughter

- alec was so terrified that magnus could be dead. the thought that he could lose him was unbearable. he needs magnus so much, he loves magnus so much. they both need each other. i’m so glad they found each other so they can make each other happy

- that whole malec reunion thing was the best scene in the history of television
alec desperately looking for magnus in the crowd, then the hug because they just needed to make sure they are definitely okay. magnus explaining to him that he wasn’t there. alec talking about his fear, how truly terrified he was. magnus admitting how terrified he was as well. THE LOVE DECLARATION WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. the kiss. the forehead touching. the second, even more desperate hug.
they are so in love with each other, they can’t live without each other. and no matter how hard it may get, they means so much to each other. this is too much, i’ve cried for like 2,5h because of this and i still wanna cry some more

- jace saving simon JIMON CONFIRMED (fight me on this)

- i would’ve killed you
i would’ve let you

- can we talk about how much jace sacrificed in this episode cause i am not okay? first he saved simon which could pretty much kill him because simon couldn’t stop himself from feeding. then he was ready to DIE because he thought he could destroy the sword. and when he could finally have some happiness back in his life, he decided not to tell clary she’s not his sister because he thought she’d be happier with simon
wow can someone just hug him and tell him how amazing he is? please

- jimon slaying together is my everything, they work so great together
dom and alberto have such an amazing chemistry on screen and i hope we’ll get to see more of their scenes in 2b because every single scene in 2a was perfect

- jace facing his abuser and defeating him! this is what i was waiting for

- simon trying to convince valentine… of course it was never going to work but it shows how precious simon is. he’ll try anything just to save clary and i just really love him

- daylighter simon! he was so happy, i’m so happy. 

- CANONICALLY ACE RAPHAEL I AM LIVING THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL (yes, i’m mentioning it again cause i’m still so excited about this)

- luke telling jace about his parabatai bond with valentine. it seriously broke my heart? only jace can understand how it must’ve felt like. and luke is clearly trying to reassure him but the pain is still so clear in his voice

- i get why luke tased maia. but it’s still so not okay? he betrayed her or at least she feels like he did. and she has every right to feel this way. she locked her up, even though he knew she’s claustrophobic. and maia has a point, luke chose clary over the pack so many times

- meliorn did warn luke and the plan did fail. this is gonna get so bad in 2b, isn’t it (i really wanna be wrong about this)

- luke fighting with valentine and stopping him from using the sword. it’s the 2nd time when luke had to stop him from destroying the world. a person who he loved with his whole heart

- I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IZZY alec and victor thought that 4:2 was kinda hard and then she came and absolutely destroyed those 4 people while being incredibly weak because of yin fen. THIS IS WHY I LOVE IZZY, she deserves the world

- izzy and alec are okay, this is everything i needed. it was so simple yet so important
and victor seeing this whole scene and how much izzy was affected. i just hope he’ll realise how badly he fucked up

- but rizzy is dead so it’s a beautiful day

- clary… i have such mixed feelings about her? yes, she slayed and she was a badass but she was also this little girl at the same time, always thinking her way is the best way so everyone should just listen to her. even if they’re more experienced than her

- madzie this is not how you treat your father! even though you saved his life but you should listen to him in the first place!

- madzie has been through so much because of this psycho. she’s killed for him, she saw simon literally bleeding out in front of her. she’s just a child, i have no idea how she’ll deal with all of this. but i realise that magnus made the best possible decision for her. being with catarina might be the only thing that could help her and she’ll be definitely safe with her

- i’m glad we finally got to see victor’s backstory. even if he actually killed someone who he claimed he loved. i don’t know, it just felt like he really wanted to convince alec that he could never be with magnus and that’s just… no

- downworlders communicating with each other while making decisions, downworlders fighting together side by side. THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL (even if it didn’t end well…)

- i’m so so happy that dot is alive. and magnus taking care of her and making her feel better is my everything 

- i just hate valentine SO MUCH? he’s been abusing and manipulating everyone in his path just to have it his own way. i just… i can’t stand him, i can’t even look at him

- valentine finally admitting that he’s not jace’s father is the only good thing that he did. at least incest is dead

- i’m so sad that alaric died, he really didn’t deserve this. he trusted luke, he wanted to make everything right and yet valentine still killed him

- and now sebastian is coming… this is bad. really bad.

crushobroden  asked:

If P-Chris had a season for him, how would you like it to be?

first of all, this is my dream, okay?

Well, I’d like to know his backstory, of course, for example, what’s his family like (I have this idea that his parents maybe don’t pay much attention to him and that screwed him up a little, and that he has a younger sister, like 10 years old or something and he loves her to death, and he’s super sweet to her and would do anything for her) and maybe how him and William met and became so close, and formed that brotherly bond, and, of course, I want to see his and Eva’s relationship develop more and maybe get some flashbacks of how it started like a friends-with-benefits type situation but over time it just turned into something more and how he coped with that (because I feel like Chris is not all that secure with himself, even though he presents that very macho, playboy facade, and that he’s actually sorta scared to really be with someone but he just feels so comfortable with Eva that he finally realises he shouldn’t worry about it and just let their relationship go where it’s going, you know?). All in all, I want to see how his character has developed, because there has definitely been a change in him since season 1.

So, yeah, those are some things I’ve thought about, I’m sure there’s more, but it’s all I can think of right now. Thank you for that very nice question, my dear, it makes me really happy when people message me ^^ Take care and lots of love from me :)


Valor and Love will lead the way
To clear the debt the lost god must pay
And the severed family line will began the Great War
When Wise Girl’s blood is spilled once more

anonymous asked:

Ii legit only have four hopes for season 3: hunk love, sheith backstory, sheith reunion, and Shiro going back to being black paladin. honestly, if i get those four, I'm good with whatever else they throw at me

Anon i too very much want those things ;;

Hunk was his team’s engineer at the garrison, right? Even if Pidge is more minded towards inventing things, I’d think Hunk would be better at fixing stuff and maintenance and things like that. I’d really like more of Hunk doing tech stuff, and also, I’d like to see him take charge again like he did on the balmera–and even when they rescued Allura. Also more of Hunk bonding with the team on missions like the Weblum one pls,, 

That prekerberos story is like,, something that haunts me, lmao. There’s all this buildup and implications of some deep backstory and I really just want to know what happened with them. I think now is honestly the best time to divulge that information, since they’ll probably parallel Shiro’s disappearance now with Keith’s memories from Kerberos. Also, when they reunite, I would absolutely love a hug or forehead touch or at least just another reprise of “It’s good to have you back” “It’s good to be back.”

And honestly so much of Shiro’s personal arc and how it intersects with his role as the black paladin is about learning to accept himself and come to terms with the fact that he isn’t a bad person because of his trauma and like. I feel like it would just be a ton of steps backwards to remove all that character development, particularly when even Keith–Shiro’s chose successor–is so adamant about Shiro realizing just how important he is to the team. 

gotham 4x02

  • let’s just start with the fact that bruce was in jail
  • let’s also mention the fact that lucius helped with bruce’s “rock climbing”
  • “damn it’s like christmas”
  • oswald needs to fucking chill. lay of my girl ivy, you don’t need to tell her to stfu every minute
  • also can we also mention ivy completely drank random shit and her eyes turned black??? yEs poison ivy
  • another mention: tabby can fuck off with not including ivy ;-; poor baby everyone is so RUDE to her jesus
  • harvey,, didn’t,, go,, with,, jim,,?? woww
  • bruce was being all slick and sneaky and smart yeeeeet
  • alfred = Overprotective Butler™
  • i love oswald but he’s a lil much rn
  • jim’s worst fear is lee committing suicide and die hating him?? oh my god i’m sobbing i STILL SHIP IT
  • jonathan,,, why,,, poor guy
  • barbara + selina + tabitha team? i’m living
  • also i need the backstory of how she was resurrected like, no i need an explanation
  • babs,, you’re looking great sweetie. you also seem very emotionless and i’m concerned.
  • honestly i hate all the cops at the gcpd they’ve always been whores, never supporting jim
  • i wanna know how oswald stopped being afraid like that’s the main thing that bugged me did he drink fucking water? i thought we’d see a bit more of fear oswald damn.

btw: i will do this for every new gotham episode so check out my last one!!

I guess he and my mother loved each other at some point…

                         I WASN’T AROUND FOR THAT PART

anonymous asked:

Without any proof or evidence and only going on my killer instinct....hehe....I still contend that Kristen's lock necklace is HUGELY significant to her. She seldom takes it off - and I love how the photos you reposted below remind us of that - can we say Met Gala 2016? There it was. Reminds me of how much a piece of jewelry I own means to me - and I seldom take it off. It is the one story that I wish I knew the backstory on. Happy weekend MN - fo2

Hello Fishy!!!

I totally, 100%, am in agreement.  We know from the past just how significant jewelry is to Kristen.  We all remember the gold ring, the gold necklace etc.  All pieces of jewelry, if not explicitly confirmed to have been gifts to Kristen by Rob, inadvertently confirmed at the very least.

I know we are not the only ones in agreement that the lock necklace is a prized possession with much significance.  

The first time we saw Kristen wear this necklace was at Jillian Dempsey’s jewelry launch party.  Yes, it’s possible that it was a gift from Jillian.  And though I do believe Kristen and Jillian have a strong bond, I have a hard time believing that it’s the kind of bond that would garner that necklace so much love.

I believe that Rob purchased that necklace for Kristen.  One as a gift for Kristen and two to support Jillian.  So in some ways the piece has even more significance.

As you know Fishy, Kristen was also pregnant with SP when this necklace made it’s first showing and I’m not the only one to have noticed that the lock looks suspiciously like a diaper pin.  So we can another sentimentality to it.

Don’t you find it interesting Fishy, that throughout all of Kristen’s presumed girlfriends: Alicia, Soko, Alicia, Anna and now Stella that two things have remained constant in Kristen’s wardrobe?

Yep, that’s right the Welcome to the Jungle sweatshirt and her lock necklace.  We KNOW the first person to ever wear the sweatshirt was Rob, so I think it’s a safe bet that both these items are Kristen’s way of representing what’s really going on in her life and keeping what’s her’s close to her at all times.

As the fandom says sharing is caring and so is wearing.  LOL

My thoughts on Turn Season 4 Episode1

Short pants + long socks = fashion
Oh gross Benedick Arnold (it’s a pun)
No HERCULES so soon?
Mmmmmmmmmm that theme song
Those Alexander eyebrow wiggles
Anna Strong. MY GIRL MY GIRL
Finally talk about Selah
For once I agree with Abe
Bois going to be blazing(the rations)
Why Simcoe? WHY?!
Ben is no traitor! George!
Simcoe just burst in like the queen of the castle
No Rob is not going to be put in jeopardy not by Simcoe
Anna know best Ben just accept it
“Knockin?”- Caleb Brewster 2k17
Oh no CALEB!!! He’s in trouble oh god. Hurt him I dare you Benedict!!
Lady Washington is so sweet and kind
Caleb the actual sass master
wow ummmm okay….walking in on That must be awkward sorry Anna
Caleb telling Benedict the truth about himself gives me life™
George freakin out about renovations gives me life
I love the spork so much
George and Martha are relationship goals and I love it
I love this Caleb/Simcoe interaction it’s brilliant
Oh god Simcoe suspects Abe oh my god oh my god
Anna is so pure
Caleb!! No Caleb!! Simcoe go die in a hole!!
You’re asking with your eyes I can tell
Simcoe backstory? Nope he still sucks still not redeemable
“Now I know what Mary has to deal with”
Oh god seeing the human side of the redcoats was such an important thing. I wish we got more of that like with André
CALEB!!! Caleb no!!


(The artwork above is not mine, it is an edited version of another artist)

Ok so Fauxteen ( / and his Drag Race/Steven Universe crossover got me feeling all sorts of ways. Go check out his other work and support it because it’s all incredible!

I’ve always loved the idea of having a RuPaul’s Drag Race superhero crossover team ala Justice League, X Men, Sailor Moon etc. and his Steven Universe crossover is the best thing I’ve seen that comes close to that. (Other than Fire Crotch and Melanina henny.) So I decided to come up with a concept for a Drag Race super hero team, and use his artwork as a concept piece.        

For the design of the team, I wanted the queens to be unified with a similar texture but each have their own signature color and aesthetic. I took the standard colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & pink) and added a few others (turquoise, brown, black & white) to round the number to 11.

Each Queens Assigned Color:

Bebe - Brown
If you google image search Bebe, or go to her website, she is always wearing brown and is always in some sort of animal print, and these two go great together. Her iconic Cameroon look was cleary the inspiration for her outfit in the piece. The color brown also has a great animalistic quality to it which goes hand in hand with her brand. (The outfit seems to be inspired by her Cameroon look)

Tyra - White
When I think of Tyra, I think of her in her iconic wedding dress which initially had me place her with white. What I love is that white represents light, hope and purity amongst many things, which is why it’s the color worn by brides and angels. It’s ironic to put Tyra in white, almost in the same way she calls herself “America’s Sweetheart.” It gives me life thinking of her in a pristine angelic outfit knowing the attitude she has. <3 #jump #twice (The outfit seems to be based on her Season 2 promo picture, but as well, the wedding dress which had the same shape)

Raja - Blue
Not necessarily inspired by a look, but when I think of Season 3, I always think of the color blue because of the promo trailers for the season. I’ve naturally associated that with Raja, and the color fits her very well. It’s sleek, cool and royal which matches Raja’s qualities. When it’s right, it’s right. (The outfit seems to be based on her entrance look, wearing the cyclops hat)

Sharon - Green
Green’s hard to pull off and Sharon can pull off anything. I’m instantly reminded of her pride boat look, as well as her crowning look when she wore green. It’s also the color associated with witches which fits her brand very well. (The outfit seems to be a combination of her Season 4 promo look, as well as her crowning look)

Chad - Pink
Chad’s the closest a winner has come to being a Barbie girl. She was often critiqued for being too perfect, too pretty, and too polished. Pink goes well with Chad’s princess aesthetic, being a showgirl, and having the bubbly personality she does. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her AS1 promo look, as well as yellow bang cut wig she wore in Season 4)

Jinkx - Orange
I always think of orange with Jinkx mostly because of her hair. Many outfits come to mind as well including her Season 5 crowning look, and her Season 8 reunion look. Something about the warmth of orange and the cookiness of it matches Jinkx and her broadway aesthetic very well. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her Episode 1 Hollywood look)

Bianca - Black
Bianca is one that could’ve been many colors, such as red or purple, but I decided to go with black. She is known for claiming she has a black heart, as her forte is reading people and throwing shade. She is known for being “evil,” and the color black is associated with darkness. However similar to Tyra, having Bianca in black is ironic for we know that she actually has one of the biggest hearts. It’s fun seeing her look so evil when you know she’s the opposite. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her Season 7 reunion look, and her wig from the Season 6 black & white runway)

Violet - Purple
Need I say more? Her name and essence matches the color perfectly! The femininity of pink but so much edgier.(Her outfit seems to be inspired be her Death Becomes Her look)

Bob - Yellow
From Bob’s logo, to her crowning look, to many of her photoshoots, Bob always seems to wear yellow and the color seems to match her very well, more so than any other winner. It’s very bright and sunny, and since Bob is all about making people laugh and stealing the show, she really is always the brightest one in the room. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her Book Ball look)

Alaska - Turquoise
Alaska’s like Sleeping Beauty, she’s either very blue or pink to me. For this design, I decided to go for a turquoise color. This matches her new association with snakes very well. It also fits with the original concept behind Alaska, in which her character is an alien from the planet Glamtron. Not to mention the color turquoise is very arctic (as in the state of Alaska which I often forget to associate with her.) She was probably the most versatile to pick a color, but I think turquoise is a right choice. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her AS2 promo look, and her wig being classic Alaska)

Sasha - Red
The bitch is always in red, and so many of her outfits have splashes of red to them. As well, after her performance to So Emotional with the rose petals, the color red fits her even better now. (Her outfit seems to be inspired by her entrance look which no tea, no shade has the same silhouette of many other outfits of hers. The wig is obviously from So Emotional)

For their actual powers, I only began to brainstorm but wasn’t having that much luck. Maybe Bebe can turn into a jungle cat, and Jinkx can put people to sleep with her singing (Hey Jigglypuff! I just saw Jigglypuff girl!) or maybe she can control the weather (“monsoon”). If you have any ideas let me know!

Also I’d love to here your ideas on a backstory, why they all fight together and how they got their powers, as well as what Ru’s position is in all of this.

I tried to think of one and came up with a rough draft below that needs a lot of work.

I’d love to see other ideas or concepts behind something like this.



Long ago… before time as we know it… the world was made up entirely of the Gods. We know the famous ones, there was Zeus the king and god of thunder, Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty, Poseidon the god of the sea, Ares the god of war, Hades the god of the underworld and so on and so on. But there was one god that seemed to escape the history books, and that god was known as… RuPaul! She was the god/goddess of one of the most powerful forces in the universe… queerness! (YAS GAWD!) She spread her eternal message of loving thine self before loving someone else and was easily the most fabulous god and one of the most powerful. Everybody loved her and looked to her for direction in the most troubling of times. Ru was in fact the god who invented colour and the rainbow itself. Many of the Gods had items that sourced their powers; Zeus had his lightning bolts, Poseidon had his trident, etc. RuPaul however carried the source of her powers upon her head in a luxurious crown. The crown was bejewelled with several gemstones along the surface, each gemstone a different color with a different power and meaning behind it. There are many stories from the ancient days about the goddess RuPaul, but those are for another time.

As the world began to evolve more and more throughout time, the gods naturally faded away and became one with the world…

When the world was in it’s 20th century, it was not in a progressive era that it should’ve been and was in need of some saving. In early 1960, a woman by the name of Ernestine became pregnant with a child. One day, a strange physic woman came to her and told her that her child was the incarnation of a legendary god, and that she was to name the child RuPaul. By the end of the year, Ernestine gave birth to the child, and as instructed, named him RuPaul. Ru began to grow up in the world without knowing who he truly was.

Then one day as he walking home, a young Ru walked past an old antique shop he had never seen before, and decided to go inside. The shop was filled with many wondrous things, and no one was in there except a mysterious woman who seemed to own the shop. Ru took a look around, and eventually came across a dazzling crown with various coloured jewels along the surface. It was like something out of a dream and he just had to have it! So Ru took the crown to the the front of the store and began to search his pockets for some money. The woman behind the counter just smiled at him and said “take this one on me.” Ru was so grateful, and just before he left the woman asked him for one more thing. She said she had one too many records in the store and asked him to take one off of her hands. She then gave him his very first record, a record containing the music of Diana Ross. With much appreciation for the gifts from the stranger, Ru left the store. That night at home, Ru was dancing around his room wearing the crown he got earlier, and truly feeling his fantasy. He decided to then play his new Diana Ross record. The music began, and as soon as she started singing, Ru’s crown lit up and all the powers within Ru were awakened. As time went on, Ru slowly began to learn who he really was, and what powers he possessed.

Around the time of the late 70’s, Ru went out in the world and began working as a female vigilante, using her powers to defeat crime against crime. She wore a fabulous iridescent costume and quickly gained public attention, making a name for herself. She met the likes of a woman named Michelle Visage who became Ru’s sidekick and trusted advisor. As well, she often worked alongside another vigilante by the name of Lady Bunny, who became Ru’s partner. Adventure after adventure, Ru sashayed and shantayed her way to victory in every battle. She saw many beauties of the world, as well as much of its darkness. Then, Ru made the biggest mistake any god could make… she fell in love. His name was Georges, and he was a farmer boy Ru met one night on the dance floor. Other than Michelle and Lady Bunny, he was the only one who knew Ru’s true identity.

One day, a new villain emerged on the scene. This villain however, was no ordinary foe Ru had faced in the past. He went by the name of Lord Padmunt and he possessed a tremendous amount of power, as well as led a powerful army of minions. The only one who could stop him was RuPaul, but Georges told her to be careful for she didn’t know the strength of his power. Lord Padmunt and Ru were great rivals who battled many battles for quite some time. With the powers of a god, Lord Padmunt could never defeat Ru. But then one day, he discovered her secret lover. He captured Georges as his prisoner and told Ru to surrender her powers, or the man she loved would die in front of her eyes. This wasn’t going to stop Ru who was determined to defeat Lord Padmunt. She managed to defeat him and banished him away, but in a terrible battle that severely injured both herself and Georges. Ru had a wide slash alongside her leg while Georges suffered a blow to the head. Georges was so severely hurt, that he was to remain in a coma for the rest of his life. Ru felt a tremendous amount of guilt on what had happened. As a god, she could easily heal herself of her injuries, but she didn’t have the abilities to heal Georges. Out of her love and respect to him, Ru surrendered her powers so that she could live the rest of her life as a mortal and have to endure the same pain inflicted upon Georges. With no powers, Ru swore to never fight another day in her life. Without her love, she went into a dark place and hid herself from the world, living in secrecy. The only two who knew of her whereabouts were Michelle and Bunny. The world believed Ru had died. And as their beloved hero was now gone, the people of the world strived to make it a better place in her honour and legacy. For some time, they actually did, and the world became a peaceful and more progressive place. But as we know, nothing last forever…

Much time had passed, and it was now the year 2008. The world was in happy place as Obama was just elected president. Ru watched the outside world through her television and was at peace in the direction things were headed, while knowing there was still more work the people of the world had to learn and do for themselves. However one day she was visited by her friend and former associate Michelle, who had come to deliver some news to Ru. Michelle had heard word of mouth through the grape vine, that a billionaire was trying to climb the ladder of the world to reach a more successful place. His name? Donald Trump. Michelle told Ru that this Trump character had plans to run for presidency and to hopefully become the successor to Obama. Although unqualified, Trump seemed to have a plan that would lead him to office without fail. Michelle would never bring news like this to Ru nowadays but she knew that this time it was important. She showed Ru a picture of Trump, and as soon as Ru glanced at his face, in an instant Ru recognized the smirk on Trump’s face and the gleam in his eyes. As a master of Scrabble, Ru also recognized that his name was an anagram of a name Ru once knew very well… Lord Padmunt. If he could manage to make his way to the highest position in the world, then there was no telling what danger lay ahead. Since Ru gave up his powers so he could grow old and live a mortal life in honour of Georges, he had previously vowed to never fight again, and he still vowed to honour that promise. But he knew something had to be done about this.

Ru went to a room in his lair with the highest amount of security, a room he hadn’t been to in years. In this room was his legendary crown. Ru took his crown and removed each of the eleven gemstones that were on its surface. Ru knew that by the end of 2016 to early 2017, Trump would become president. In this time, Ru knew he had to search far and wide to find eleven chosen ones who possessed enough charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent as Ru did to follow in his footsteps. He would give each individual a gemstone which contained a fraction of Ru’s powers. These would give the chosen ones many wondrous powers like the ones Ru once possessed. Michelle was worried about finding people qualified, but Ru assured her they were already out there. For as she had been reincarnated, so had all of her powers. With the help of Michelle Visage, Ru began his search…

[This is one method, where the queens are regular men who obtain super powers rather than pre-existing super beings who form a team]

In 2009, Ru came across Nea Marshall Kudi, a prince of his people in Cameroon who came to America and began working with wildlife and the UN. Ru found him to be the chosen one of his first gemstone, the golden brown sphalerite. This gave Nea the ability to transform into warrior, Bebe Zahara Benet. The world had a new hero and the first of her kind.

In 2010, Ru found James Ross, a runaway groom who was trying to escape his past and provide a better life for his young child. He worked his way through life by going to school during the day, while stripping at night. Ru gave him his second gemstone, the white diamond, and this gave James the ability to transform into warrior, Tyra Sanchez. While still having their own adventures, Bebe and Tyra also began to work as a team.

In 2011, Ru discovered Sutan Amrull. He was a creative makeup artist and photographer, who was highly spiritual. Ru gave him the blue sapphire which turned Sutan into the warrior, Raja Gemini. The team was now a trio.

In 2012, Ru found Aaron Coady, a club goer heavily involved in the punk rock scene, always getting into trouble, who often experimented with witch craft. Ru found him to be the chosen one to receiving the green emerald, which gave Aaron the ability to turn into Sharon Needles. Sharon joined the group as its fourth member.

Later that year, Obama was already leading into his second term, and Ru and Michelle knew they had work harder to finding successors to Ru’s powers before the end of Obama’s second term. They came across Chad Michaels, a former pageant winner, and current Vegas performer who possessed all the qualities in receiving the pink rose quartz. Chad Michaels now possessed the abilities to turn into super hero, Brigitte Love. However, in a bizarre plan that ended up working, Chad still referred to herself as Chad Michaels in hopes of using reverse psychology to protect her identity.

In 2013, the team came across Jerick Hoffer, a struggling Broadway actor who was best suited for the role of Ru’s next gemstone, the orange spessartine, which gave Jerick the abilities to transform into Jinkx Monsoon.

In 2014, Ru and Michelle began to keep a watchful eye on Roy Haylock, CEO of a successful company that catered to literature and reading. As the bad bitch in charge, she was the chosen one to receive the powers of the black gemstone, the schorl, giving Roy the great power of turning into warrior, Bianca Del Rio.

In 2015, the world was fascinated with its latest “It Boy” in fashion. A youngster by the name of Jason Dardo. Ru realized that this young model was in fact the chosen one to receive the powers of the purple amethyst, transforming Jason into vixen, Violet Chachki.

At the beginning of 2016, with three gemstones left, Ru and Michelle came across comedian Christopher Caldwell. After years of the team wondering who would be the chosen one to receive the yellow gemstone, Christopher fit the bill. He obtained the yellow citrine and became Bob The Drag Queen.

With two gemstones left, and Trump’s presidency coming closer and closer, Ru and Michelle worked twice as hard to find the two remaining chosen ones. But something funny happened. Justin Honard was a close ally of the team. He was dating Sharon around the time she joined the team, and although Sharon wasn’t suppose to, she revealed her identity to Justin. Because of this, Ru and the team kept Justin close as an assistant despite his difficult relationship with Sharon that ended up turning into a beautiful friendship. As they continued to search, in an epic battle against an enemy where Justin was held captive (similarly to how Georges once was), Justin was revealed to being the chosen one of a gemstone, and it turned out one of the chosen ones was under their nose the entire time. They threw him the turquoise gemstone transforming Justin into Alaska 5000.

Just as Trump was elected president, in 2017 the team finally found their final member. An artist who owned his own gallery by the name of Alexander Steinberg. He was given the red ruby, and it transformed him into warrior Sasha Velour.

As a new era of hatred begins, it’s the responsibility of RuPaul’s gemstones to help save the world…


@illegitimatestark // @vengefulwinter : You are like a sister to me, and you’ve become such a huge part of my life honestly. Di you are an amazing person. You speak up when you know something is wrong, you’re a bloody good friend. You’ve been there for me when i was at my absolute lowest, when i was so low i couldn’t see a way out and you helped me get through it. You helped me get back to a happier version of myself. I respect you for so many reasons, you’ve taught me how to deal with certain aspects of my life. You’ve never judged me for things i couldn’t control. You are an amazing person and an absolute talented writer. Your portrayals of every single one of your muses constantly have me in awe honestly. You capture their voice so well that i can hear them in your writing. The thought you put into your backstory for Jakz was so deep and well thought out that it had me change one of my rules regarding OC children. You had me wanting to write with you and you still do to this day. Thank you for being you, for being so creative and inspiring on a daily basis. Thank you for your patience with me, because i know that sometimes i can be the most frustrating person on the planet. Know that i love you, and all your muses. Jakz Stark is one of those really fleshed out OC’S, you can see how much work you put into making sure that she was not only relevant in her own story line, but also that Tony’s arc was not changed either. You really thought about it, and you have multiple verses that can help accommodate everyone. Honestly i am really glad i met you, i don’t know what my life would be like without you. Also my muses absolutely adore yours, tony just wants to cuddle them all and protect them from the world. Whenever you need to rant, or if you’re having a bad day, just know i’m on your side and i will listen if you need to talk whether it’s three am or 4pm, i will always respond to the message even if its when i’ve just woken up. <3

@dualclaws : Dany, we have been through a lot and i am really thankful for the place that we’re in right now. We haven’t always been in such a good place, and things have been hard but we’ve both grown as people, we’ve helped each other really, i know that you’ve helped me. Your friendship is something that i am incredibly thankful for, as well as your ability to be incredibly empathetic to those around you. It’s inspiring, to see the way you connect with people, because you truly are a good soul. You want to help people and as a person you’ve become stronger. I’m incredibly proud of the person you’ve become Dany and your writing is incredible. The passion you have for Laura? that’s something to be cherished. It’s something i hope you never lose, because honestly you understand Laura Kinney, you know her strengths and her weaknesses. You’ve done a hell of a lot of research and your face claim choices reflect that. You do your best to stay true to Laura’s portrayal in Logan, but you also keep up with the comics and study them. I love your main verse, it shows how much you truly care and the how much time you’ve spent carefully planning out your vision for Laura. That’s important to me, that it’s YOUR vision, because as much inspiration you take from Mangold and 616, you also have a unique perspective and to me that’s important. Yes you’re writing is very in character, and thats a beautiful thing but it’s also entwined with your perspective and how you see Laura as a person. It’s wonderful truly.  I’m always here when you need to talk, when you’re having a bad day and you need to call someone? know that 9/10 you can always call me and i will do my best to be there.

@notacyclonefan : Chelly you are…..well sometimes i think your Steve Rogers personified, your writing is that beautiful. You really capture his essence, who he is behind the shield and that really resonates with me. Because you know that he’s so much more than his title on the field and honestly the way you write him is unique. You incorporate his flaws, you remind people of the fact he actually does have a sense of humour. Chelly you bring him to life and writing with you is honestly one of my greatest joys. Not only are you a talented writer, you’re a super positive person. You make me smile, even on the days where i feel utterly miserable and i hope i can do the same for you. Chellybean, you have such a beautiful outlook on life, i love the way you can make anything into a pun, and how you can make a joke out of the smallest thing. You brighten my day and you’ve always been so supportive and encouraging. You’re such a good friend, an amazing person inside and out, and one of my favourite people in the world. Never stop being you <3 I’ve always got your back Chelly

@threeclaws : We’ve never actually spoken before but i just want to say that your presence on the dash is a blessing. Your threads with @dualclaws are honestly wonderful, you write Logan brilliantly and i love your vision for him. You are talented and appreciated and i just wanted you to know that.

@siberianwreckage : What can i say about Holly? well i can say that you are honestly inspiring. Your graphics truly are gorgeous. Not only do you make beautiful things, but your writing has me emotional every single time because of the depth in it. My muses absolutely adore your Bucky, in fact Tony is constantly grabby hands for him. You are also a great listener, and it means the world to me. I hope that i can always do the same for you, just know that i will always be here for you. I love your passion for animals, every time you send me a picture of a deer and it’s fawn i can’t help but grin from ear to ear. Not just because their cute, but because at one stage you literally woke up super early just to take that picture, and that’s proof of how much you care and love animals. I love that you feed squirrels, you take care of the creatures around you. You have such a big kind heart Holly.  Never change because you are amazing.


@qceenmother , @erodedauthenticity , @xscarletvvitch , @expendablc // @vleermuiis ( anna i love you so so much ) , @fightingsouls , @engineeringmonkeywiz , @tcmbraider , @mutantproud , @swellofpity , @mcrtii , @badasshybridqueen , @warstopper , @sightedmundane , @pepperpxtts , @cxpt , @captainbrogers , @readyforyours , @witcheswrath , @hiddensteel , @tragicloss , @vnmblasts , @youusedme , @jemmasimmonsbiochemist , @gammagreen , @thundrer , @kiiindheart , @battlehardencd , @fatigucs , @keepmarching , @loathedlineage , @haosvestica , @orphanis , @vireous , @influencedbyfear . @snarkofstark , @prettyhcrts , @harleenie , @amongwclves , @bringerofthestorm , @ledgerfilled , @movefcrward , @servinglies , @witchyserena , @ofbecomings , @theevolutionaryapex , @symboltothenation , @stolenparticles , @hackedpower , @warricrhearted , @weightofmyshield , @queencfdisaster

   And to everyone else i follow, know that i love you all and that each and every single one of you is loved and appreciated<3

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi v9 c7.2: Y’know, I think many of us fans seem to fall into the rooting-for-Takano group, and honestly, who can blame us, when all we really only see are the Takano backstories. But I think this chapter gives us so much more insight into just how fucked up Ritsu was after they were separated, so much that I’ve personally begun understanding his bullheaded resistance. He got fucked up, okay? Royally fucked up, and he didn’t have anyone to share it with. :<< Poor kid. I’m still rooting for Takano mind you [because Konishi… I know my reasons are shallow], but I’d love to understand Ritsu even more.

Skam without the texts

Can you imagine watching skam without the textmessages?

I can’t…

Because then I wouldn’t have know that Isak will never hate Even. I wouldn’t have known that Isak texted Even and told him to let him know if he wanted to talk. I wouldn’t have known Jonas had texted Isak to know if he talked to Even already. I wouldn’t have known his mom was looking forward to seeing Isak in the church he was baptized in I wouldn’t have known Vilde heard gossip about Even and confronted Isak with it. They had a little misunderstanding about her intentions, but she apologized for it. I wouldn’t have known that even tho Isak wasn’t in school on Monday, he texted Sana to hand in his assignment. I wouldn’t have known Magnus is just the best bro EVER! Just supporting him and helping him in understanding Even just a little bit better and letting Isak know no one is the same.

Overall I wouldn’t have known just how wonderful Isak’s friends are and just how much they all grow with everything they do.

And this is just from last week.. You miss all these things if you don’t know about the website and how skam works.. And I feel so bad for the people who don’t know this..

i'm so messy with rants (spoilers)


this episode made me love ymir even more than i did before - and i REALLLLYYYYYYY loved her beforehand. knowing her backstory and knowing all the reasoning for everything she ever does made me appreciate her so much more. it makes me even happier because now she is proved to not be a “angry lesbian” like she’s perceived by a lot of fans. now the fans who believed that are shown that there’s so much more to ymir than they chose to believe. we’re shown who she truly is deep down and the person she truly is is a person who cares. someone who cares more so than anyone could imagine. the person who ymir is is someone who is so much more complex and beautiful than we were shown.

after all of what we were shown, i still refuse to believe she’s dead. ymir has more depth, meaning and story behind not only her herself but how titan creation began. for her to be killed by her just being eaten by a titan and without seeing historia at all since she left???? that’s just disrespectful and disgusting.

fuck no, she’s not dead. i refuse

anonymous asked:

What do you think of "The Prince's Tale" as a chapter?

I think it’s pretty startling, to be honest - from start to finish.  I love the exit line, of Harry feeling as if Snape could’ve just left the room, and I love the start where, somewhat ironically, Voldemort says:  “You have fought valiantly. Lord Voldemort knows how to value bravery.”  …and we later learn that one of the bravest men of the series had just been cruelly felled by him for his own personal gain.

I think it’s devastating for Harry, that he finds out the truth about the talented, powerful wizard just a few hours too late - that he could’ve had Snape on his side, and just like Dumbledore, and Sirius, and Lupin, and all of the others…he’s another father figure laid to waste.

I thought it added some much needed backstory to Snape, and it explained an awful lot about his interactions with the Marauders.  I knew as soon as I read Half Blood Prince that it was 90% likely that Snape was a working class kid ‘done good’, and he wasn’t just hiding out in a Muggle dunghill out of convenience.

So it was good to have that validated, and it wasn’t shied away from - he was presented as a neglected kid, and I liked that juxtaposition between the dramatic and severe Headmaster who we’d encountered a few chapters earlier, “It is I!” and the neglected impoverished kid that he’d once been.

Heartbreaking, really.

I’ve said before that it’s not how I would’ve written it - but given the story we had in canon, it’s a chapter that I’m very very fond of.

It review

27 years ago, a horrific event happened, one that disturbed and disgusted people everywhere and changed the course of human history… that event was the release of the godawful miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s massive doorstopper horror tale It, a miniseries that was lighter on scares than a Care Bears movie and had precisely one adult actor who was even trying… that actor being Tim Curry, who as Pennywise was delightfully, deliciously hammy. Tim Curry was the one sole redeeming element though, because between butchering the book, leaving out a lot of good stuff, and having the best effects a cheap TV budget can afford, this series just fucking blows. With how horrendously unscary this is (despite what people who were five when they saw this will tell you) and how piss-poor the adaptation was, is there any conceivable way to get It adapted properly into something that will impress audiences instead of make them laugh at how crappy and rushed it is?

I think the box office numbers of the latest attempt to adapt the novel should give you a good idea of the answer.

It, the 2017 movie, is easily one of the best Stephen King adaptations ever made. It makes changes here and there, but still manages to keep all the elements of the book – the unnerving atmosphere, the feeling of helplessness, the camaraderie between the Losers – and make a novel that just seems so dauntingly unfilmable come to life. Well, half of the novel anyway; this only covers the time the Losers encounter Pennywise as children in the 80s.

So how does this tale of terror unfold? It begins with little Georgie, out playing in the rain with a paper sailboat… a sailboat that slips down a storm drain and into the sewers. Thankfully for Georgie, a nice clown named Pennywise was in the sewer and got the boat for him! Yay! Not-so-thankfully for Georgie, Pennywise rips his arm off and drags him down into the sewer as he screams for his brother! Not yay! Of course, his brother Bill doesn’t know this, and so when summer comes he and his group of pals – the awkward Jewish boy Stan, the nervous and panicky Eddie, and the loudmouthed joker Richie – decide to start investigating. Along the way, the Losers get the help of the tough-as-nails girl Beverly, the chubby Ben, and the black kid Mike, and together the Losers start looking in to the disappearing children… only to come across their worst fears, and sometimes a very creepy clown. Can these kids survive their summer and get to the bottom of the mystery… or will they float too?

Keep reading

100 Followers - Imagine: Being Kidnapped by Millennium and then Guarded by a Polite Captain

Whew, this took forever, and I’m sorry for that! This is much, MUCH longer than the last one. A lot more backstory too. I apologize for the lack of Captain. It was difficult to get him in there without it becoming weird of why he would be there, so yeah, sorry. I really hope you all like this. Do let me know how I did on this, I always love your comments (which I read on EVERY post) and talking to you all. Please enjoy and thank you!


Hellsing Fanfiction - Reader-Insert

Reader x Captain (slight, can be interpreted how you please) 

Feedback is appreciated, and I apologize in advance for my terrible attempt at a German accent XD


Something cold and metallic pressedagainst ______ aching skin. The touch was a strange mix of pleasantand painful. As their eyes pried themselves open, the peculiar feeling quickly transformed into an irritation. They were in a cell, which only meant one thing: damn Millennium.

Groaning, they pulled their sore body to their knees. In the dim light, the small square room was even more dismal. A perfect cube with one side holding criss-crossed bars and the other a plain metal sheet that wrapped to hold them. A metal prison that stank of gunpowder and antiseptic, with only an oddly brown-colored toilet in the corner and a thin mat in the other.

It shouldn’t have surprised ____ that their conditions were so terrible. They were a part of the enemy after all. It embarrassed _____ to be in this situation, especially after having finally rose in the ranks of Hellsing. After starting off as just another cannon-fodder soldier, they climbed their way to the top, or rather, was one of the few that still stood and still clung to their sanity. Most either died or went insane after having witnessed all of the horrific sights that Hellsing dealt with, many of which had to do with the No Life King himself, who had no qualms with devouring the enemy right in front of the new recruits. Somehow, _____ managed to become used to the screams and splashes of blood. Maybe because they knew it was for the best, or because they thought it was kind of cool, or maybe because they rationalized that at least it wasn’t them. Whatever the case, ____ remained, through all of the battles, through the arrival of the Draculina, Seras, through the hiring of the Wild Geese, and through the initial fight against the Millennium members. And this did not go unnoticed. Sir Integra was impressed, not an easy feat, and Alucard appeared to be amused by _____’s talent of not dieing, despite the odds. During Jan Valentine’s assault on the manor, ______ survived, and that was the final tipping point. After such heavy losses, ____ was promoted, even standing above the newly recruited Wild Geese (which, of course, Pip Bernadotte laughed at this before being smacked around by Miss Victoria, who did not appreciate seeing a senior officer belittled as they were). When it came time to escort the No Life King, it was no surprise that _____ was assigned to accompany the Wild Geese in their guarding. At first, ___ was excited to find that they were going to be visiting such a pleasant place and began to daydream about perhaps getting a well-deserved break. However, it appears fate had other plans, or rather, Millennium had.

Everyone was busy during that night when Tubalcain Alhambra and several other Millennium soldiers attacked Alucard, including a rather tired ______. They had been asleep at the time, but was awoken quickly by the sound of gunshots. They had been stationed in the hotel as well, as a precaution, yet, this seems to have been a mistake on Hellsing. While attempting to gather up their guns, several men rushed in, far more prepared than _____ was. They fought the vampires the best they could, however, was overwhelmed by the numbers, which just seemed to continue to grow. When their gun was knocked out of their hands, they knew it was over. However, instead of devouring them as they believed, they were hit over the head with the butt of one of the enemy’s guns and immediately blacked out.

And now, _____ was under the gracious care of Millennium.

The bruises on their arms and legs from the fight had not healed, only worsened from the apparent rough treatment of their unconscious body during the move. Blood stained their hair, crusty around the area in which they were hit. Gingerly, they wobbled to their feet, fighting off the nausea that was rising in their throat. They were sick from the impact and injuries, but also could not deny the hunger pangs that were rising in their belly.

_____ made their way to the bars, and peered past the cross-stitched metal. There were other cells, yet none of them appeared to be occupied. The faint light from the bulb hanging from the ceiling, however, did not help with their vision. The silence was unnerving; no one was around by them. Why kidnap them, but then not even bother to guard or interrogate them? Wanting answers, ______ did something that only seemed rational at the time.

“Oi,” ____ yelled into the hall, “why am I here?” Their voice reverberated off the metal walls, sending a shiver down their spine from the sheer emptiness.

When there came no answer, they huffed before turning around to slump down onto the mat. They huddled there, holding their knees to their chest, just realizing how cold it was in there. A growl emitted from their stomach and they held it, pressing their palm against the soft spot in hopes of silencing the ripple. The continuous inner cry was interrupted by the sudden clang of metal against metal. ____ glanced up, their eyes widening at the sight.

The Captain.

Not known by any other name but his position, The Captain was only a rumor, a whisper, a I-hope-to-God-he’s-not-real-because-otherwise-I’ll-shit-my-pants-murmur. However, ____ knew right away from his appearance who he was, just from the stories of white hair and red eyes, and his clothes, which matched the military-grade outfit for captains. He was tall, much taller than _____, and broad-shouldered with a face hidden behind his collar and hat.

Here was the Captain, a mere legend, standing before _____, with a tray in his gloved hands.

_____ was speechless, only stuttering out breaths in an awkward attempt to form words. The Captain, on the other hand, was quiet as well, yet carried a superior air around him. With their back still against the wall, _____ tried to slink back farther into the shadows. When he realized that they were not going to come towards him, the Captain took a step forward, causing ____ to flinch. He did not attempt to approach them further, but instead bent down to place the tray on the ground. Their eyes locked with his when he went to stand back up, but they quickly looked away. Their stare remained on the colored-toilet until they heard the sliding of metal and footsteps fall away. When they were sure they were alone, they vaulted their body towards the tray. A simple sandwich, apple, and glass of water appeared to be the most delicious thing that ____ had seen in a very long time. They devoured the food and drink without a moment’s hesitation. Afterward, they crawled back into their corner, their thoughts racing and their skin still achingly cold.

As ______, thought over their current situation, wondering how the heck they were going to escape a Nazi prison, heavy footsteps echoed through the hall, making their way towards _____’s cell. ____ stood up, preparing themselves for the inevitable encounter.

“Ah, did out prisoner enjoy their meal?”

____ remained silent, refusing to answer the man. First, they stood toe-to-toe with the infamous Captain, and now, in the flesh, was the Major himself. A portly man with grin plastered against his face, the Major was dwarfed easily by the Captain, who stood to his right. _____ kept their eyes on the Major, but couldn’t help but catch glimpses of the Captain and his own crimson orbs.

“It was fine,” _____ finally replied, “thanks.”

The Major clasped his hands together in a dramatic fashion. “Wunderbar. I know it vasn’t much, but I’m glad to hear that it could fill some of zhat void in your stomach.”

____ quietly scoffed at the man’s mock-enthusiasm. “Thank you again.” It was best to try and remain polite. The last thing they needed was to go and piss off the reason this war began.

“You are most velcome. Now, onto business. You are probably wondering vhy you are here. Well, you see, our Doctor has taken an interest in you and your apparent inability to die, despite the dire circumstances.”

_____’s eyes widened. ‘Doctor?’ Who the hell was the 'Doctor?’ Was he the one that was turning those soldiers into ghouls? Oh shit…

“So, you brought me here,” _____ said, “because you want to experiment on me?”

The Major’s grin stretched farther. “You could say zhat. You impressed us, all of us, and zhat is not an easy feat. Do not worry though,” he spread out his arms, “I promise zhat it won’t be as bad as it sounds.”

“I don’t want to be a vampire.”

The words left _____’s mouth before they could stop themself. It was true, they wanted to remain human, please and thank you, but they really did not want to make their captives angry. However, despite _____’s initial thought, the Major’s grin did not fade, but instead, somehow seemed to stretch even further.

“Ah, I know zhe feeling. Do not worry, we wouldn’t dare take away your humanity. Zomething like that is far too precious to lose. For it is your spirit that keeps you alive.”

Okay, now the guy was starting to sound like some inspirational poster. _____ wanted to meld into the wall, but they remained, still under the watchful eye of both the Major and the Captain, whose gaze had not left them.

“The process will be difficult, true,” the Major continued, “but it will be vorth it. We hope.”

“Well, what is it then?” ____ asked, regretting the words once more, but their curiosity would kill them before any sick experiments would if they were not told soon. However, they were not given an answer. Instead, the Major shook his head, the sickening smile never leaving his face.

“You vill see soon.” He locked eyes with them once more. “For now, you vill stay here, with the Captain here checking on you once in a vhile.”

With that last comment, the Major left ____ to themselves, the Captain trailing behind.

Having kept count of the days by sheer memory, ______ was up to four days in the cell. It was the same everyday: the Captain would come by three times a day with a tray of food (always a sandwich, apple, and water) and then stand there for just a little while before leaving. Each time he was there, _____ made use of the temporary company and attempted to talk to him. Perhaps out of need for company, or perhaps their sanity truly was slipping. Whatever the case, they were the only one that talked between the two, the Captain remaining ever stoic and silent. Usually, their “conversations” consisted of ______ thanking him before reminiscing about the past, mainly events from their career in Hellsing.

It was on the fifth day, they noted, that something was different: it was much colder than it had been. They sat on their make-shift bed, holding themselves, and attempting to stop their violent shivering. When the footsteps arrived, carrying the Captain and his food tray, they did not bother to look up. They did, though, when they heard a sudden whooshing noise, and a darkness cover their view. An incredibly warm cloak was now placed over their shoulders. It was tucked close to their collarbone by two nimble hands. The body to which these hands belonged to was now, as _____ noticed, shirtless. The Captain had leaned down to their level and was adjusting his very own cloak around them. Because of his height, his chest was more at eye length than his face, making the cloak seem to be made out of ice in comparison to the hotness that enveloped ______’s cheeks.

“Um,” ____ said, “thank you Captain.”

He said nothing, instead, standing up from the shivering figure, stepping over the tray, and leaving, allowing _____ to keep his coat. After coming out of their daze, they gingerly ate the food, careful not to stain the coat. Normally, ____ would have purposely tried to ruin anything Millennium had, but due to the Captain’s abnormal kindness, they decided against it. He came back a little later, carrying a pile of blankets. He took back his jacket, but made sure they wrapped the fabric around them first. They thanked him once more, before he slipped away.

All of this was too confusing for ______. They were sought out by Millennium, imprisoned, being prepped for some sort of experimentation, and now the infamous Captain was bringing them blankets. What was with all of this? Why was he so polite? Why did Millennium want them? It was almost too much.

Within the next few days, the Captain came around more often and stuck around more. To ____, they enjoyed the company, but was growing concerned by this need for extra protection. Was it almost time? However, he remained polite, making sure that they were brought food and blankets. At one point, he even brought them a sponge and a bucket of water to wash off. Of course, he turned around like a gentleman to give them privacy.

It bothered _____ how much they were going to miss him and his visits when it came time, him and his damn politeness.


Yeah, sorry about the shit ending. I had no idea how. You all can make up the rest I suppose :)