and yet with much respect

Let me say something real quick

Idols shouldn’t have to ask for privacy, it should be common sense when they are away spending time with friends and family you don’t follow them around making them uncomfortable and taking pictures of them.
They are human beings at the end of the day, just because they are idols doesn’t mean you should treat them differently

“I deserve a photo I support them and buy their music”

Some left home at a young age so they can go and debut, they go on strict diets, they constantly lose sleep to practice, they get critiqued and critised over the smallest of thing and on top of that they are always putting their careers and our happiness over their health. But hey that doesn’t matter because you buy their music and deserve that photo

Idols sacrifice so much for us already yet some of you can’t respect a basic human right and give them the privacy the deserve.

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Have the vets ever seen Levi crying or smiling?

All the time. He’s actually very emotional, just not towards the kids, because he doesn’t trust them as much yet and also needs to build respect

A continuation of this! My first collab with an artist, the base sketch was drawn by @tides-miraculous and then the coloring was done by me. Because god dang it we love JadedFox so much dude. The gentle yet jarring realization that the respect and admiration you feel for this other person who drives you crazy… is perhaps a little more. 

I finally saw Hidden Figures and I am STILL not over how amazing those women were. But I suppose as a programmer, Dorothy Vaughan stood out to me the most. She had the foresight to teach herself, and then all those ladies, Fortran FROM SCRATCH, in order to program the IBM mainframe. Like that moment in the film when she’s leading the way towards the mainframe room with all those badass women of color programmers behind her it was just so glorifying to see!

It’s just…how have their stories not yet been told? (I know why but still..) soooo so much respect I think I have a new hero now


harry potter challenge ϟ ¼ favorite villains: barty crouch jr.

Imagine how he will reward me when he finds I have done it for him. I gave you to him - the thing he needed above all to regenerate - and then I killed you for him. I will be honored beyond all other Death Eaters. I will be his dearest, his closest supporter… closer than a son…

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Might I request entry to the Birthday Unending? I bring with me a fragmented soul and tales of corruption that only the cards can truly divine the meaning of. I will not flinch in the eyes of the corn and I cannot dance any longer, for this world is fast and it spins in a melody I've never been able to understand. All I ask for is somewhere to breathe among the noise. For this, may I yet enter the unending celebration of the cards?






As Long As I’m With You

I wrote this at work when I was insanely bored. I just got to thinking of our precious Fire baby and how we never get to see his thoughts. This may be deeper than he is canon-wise.. yet I think it’s not because he is actually very mature, we just don’t get to see it because he is very carefree and laid back. But I hope you do enjoy this :)

Summary: It’s always more fun when we’re together. One of the most powerful things that Lucy has ever said to Natsu. But how did Natsu take it? What were his thoughts on it? After their experience with the Eclipse Gate at the GMG, he really starts to wonder…

Natsu stared across the guild hall. He was sitting alone at the bar one rainy day, most of the members had already left for the evening.

There hadn’t been much excitement throughout the day either. Laxus and the Thunder Legion were out on a job, Gray had given up and finally let Juvia cook dinner for him, Erza had decided to stay home for the dad and reassess her armor, and then Lucy said she was tired from their last job and planned on staying home for a few days.

He sighed heavily, laying his head on the bar. He could have just gone out with Happy on a small job… But…

“It’s always more fun when we’re together.”

It had been a while since she had uttered those words on Tenrou Island. They had just got home to their new guild hall after their win in the Grand Magic Games a few days ago, after all.

“What did she mean by that?!” Natsu squeezed his eyes shit. He was at a lost.

Looking over at her again, he smiled behind the folds of his scarf. Lucy and Levy were excitingly talking about a book they both read, Lucy’s whole face lit up, it was adorable.

He furiously scratched his head, he didn’t know what to do now!

“Natsu, what are you doing?” Happy put his fish in his lap to stare at his friend. He had been watching Natsu for a while now; he would look at Lucy, put his head down, act all weird and put his head back down. Then look at her again and start over.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You’re acting weirder than Lucy.”

“I am not,” he groaned, trying to keep the goofy grin off his face, “she’s the weirdest person we know.”

“Whatever you say,” the blue feline was done with the conversation, he happily dug back into his meal.

Natsu hummed before he glanced over to Lucy yet again. She said that in the midst of battle, her head was being crushed by that insane sumo… yet she wouldn’t run.

Natsu had ever had so much respect for one person than in that moment.

And then after that, he watched her die…

Well, not her. Her future self. But it was still Lucy. He watched the life drain out of her eyes. It could have easily been his Lucy that was hit.

His Lucy… he buried his head in his arms. She wasn’t his. She never would be. He was her best friend and partner. That’s all he’d ever be.

“Here you go,” the beautiful white-haired bar maid set down a tankard of Fire Whiskey in front of the dragonslayer.

“Thanks!” he grabbed it and immediately guzzled it down.

“My, my. Calm down, sweetie,” Mira watched Natsu for a moment, “Are you OK? You’ve seemed a little down today.”

“Uh… I’m good!” He grinned sloppily, raising the drink back up so she wouldn’t bother him with more questions he didn’t have answers to.

Mira didn’t seem convinced, but she smiled and walked away.

“You lied to her,” Happy whispered.

“I ain’t lying!” Natsu growled, spilling a bit of the fire, “Nothing’s wrong!”

“Sure, ya dummy,” Happy’s white wings shot out and he flew over to Wendy and Carla who were leaving the guild. He tried to share his fish with Carla but to no avail.

“I’m fine,” Natsu rested his hands on either side of his drink, “I'm… fine…”

But one more look at the blonde Celestial Wizard told him he was dead wrong.

What was wrong with him?

He realized on Tenrou Island that he cared about her more than a friend and he had no idea how to handle that.

He realized during the GMG that he couldn’t live without her and really had no idea about dealing with that.

And now… he was afraid he’d never get to tell her. Because he wasn’t what she was looking for. He was the furthest thing from a nice, intelligent, well read, quiet, princely type of guy she told Levy she was attracted too.

He could protect her and provide for her… but could he make her happy? He thought he did a pretty good job of that for a long time, but his oversensitive hearing debunked that idea. He wasn’t even sure if Lucy was physically attracted to him at all… Not that it mattered. But he was always kinda half naked and she never seemed bothered by it. He always freaked out when she was naked, but he hid it well enough to fool everyone. It wouldn’t be fair if she wasn’t effected either!

So… what do I do with these feelings?” he asked himself, raising his hand to pull on his scarf, wishing for the millionth time Igneel was here to help, “I don’t want them to go away.”

He stood from his bar stool and headed over to her table. She may not feel the same, but that was OK. She was his friend first, no matter what. And for now, that was enough. Plus, he made it his personal goal in life to keep her safe. There was no way anyone was going to hurt her while he was still breathing.

That’s why in a few weeks, when he left after the battle with Tartaros, she would be the only one to get a proper goodbye from him. He was leaving to become stronger, so he would be able to protect her.

But he didn’t know that the dark guild was getting ready to attack. He didn’t know he was about to have another run-in with Zeref, or learn about END…

Right now he was just a member of the strongest guild in Fiore. And he believed he had all the time in the world to spend with Lucy.

Grinning, he ran the last few steps to her and threw his arms around her, “LUCYYY!”

“Gah! Natsu! What are you doing?”

“I’m bored, let’s go do something!”

“I told you I’m not going on a job for a few days.”

“I didn’t say let’s take a job. I said let’s do something. Let’s go to your house and play games!”

“I don’t want to play games, I’m talking to Levy.”

“But I’m boredddd!” he held on tighter to the blonde, not noticing how pink her cheeks were at the contact.

“I am not going to go home just because you’re bored! Go to your own house and do something with Happy.”

“Happy went home with Wendy and Carla. Guess I’ll go see what kind of food you have…”

“Wait! Don’t go to my apartment without me!”

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Alan is liz's next of kin and gets a phone call from the hospital

I sort of twisted ‘next of kin’ into ‘emergency contact’ I hope that’s alright, too (˵¯͒⌄¯͒˵)

Liz slowly wakes to the sound of voices conferring in a mindful whisper just outside her hospital room.

It’s probably Red, she thinks. Talking to her doctor, asking him if she’ll be alright again soon (or a much more likely scenario being that he is currently bribing the staff to let her leave early so he can steal her away to be treated by his rogue band of on-call medics instead).

With a muffled groan, Liz burrows further into the comfortably downy cushions of her bed, desperately wishing that she could stave reality off for just a while longer. She can practically see the disappointed look on his face already, hear the accusing tone of his voice as he tells her that he ‘thought we had agreed on you being more careful in your and Donald’s misadventures out in the field, Lizzy’.

Although, if she’s completely honest then it’s not so much his concern that is making her heart clench, but rather the stabbing pangs of guilt biting away at her at the thought that Red had probably flown all the way down to Massachusetts just because she couldn’t keep herself out of the line of fire long enough to make a simple arrest.  

And god, she feels like such an idiot, taking unnecessary risks like that.

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Mutual...Respect (The Flash, Leonard Snart x Reader)

Summary: After months of being together, you finally convince Leonard to tell Team Flash about the two of you. Going to Cisco for help, however, is more mortifying than you thought it’d be…

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: For once, I don’t think there are any warnings. If there are, please let me know and I’ll add them!

A/N: Fulfilling a request sent in by anon! This is my very first time writing for Leonard Snart, so please bear with me on this! Since I haven’t watched Legends yet, this is set in Season 2, before the timeline was reset. Probably not too relevant to the plot but just so there’s not any confusion.

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Falling in love with Leonard Snart was not on your bucket list.

Then again, neither was aligning yourself with vigilantes and working with the Flash, but at least they were good, not on the fence all the time and “in between” good and evil.

Plus, Barry didn’t freeze your feet to the ground and give you severe frostbite (you almost lost, like, six of your toes), and you kept asking yourself why you couldn’t have fallen for him instead. Seriously, when you do the comparisons, Barry seems like the better choice, and yet here you were, rambling off to Cisco, about your confusing love life.

“So…let me get this straight,” Cisco said, giving you a slightly confused look, “you like Captain Cold, who threatened me to spill Barry’s identity, who kidnapped Caitlin, who literally froze you to the ground, and who has a really hot sister that actually likes me and -,”

“This is not about Lisa, Cisco.”

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Hey Dob Stans, Let’s Talk...

So first off, I want to say that I don’t know if Dob is going back.  I personally don’t believe it, but that’s not what this is really about.  Secondly, this is for the stans, I don’t care to fight or discuss with the haters, they’re not worth the time. The only reason I’m even talking about this is because I know a LOT of you are up in your feelings and I just want to hit you with this friendly reminder:

If Dylan O’brien decides to go back to Teen Wolf, the only thing that makes him is a good and forgiving person. 

It doesn’t make him a flop, it doesn’t make him a failure.  It doesn’t make him gullible and it says nothing about his net worth, his cache in Hollywood nor will it have any negative impact on his future career and more importantly… my love for him and his craft. 

Y’all know I am petty af and this show has freaking hurt and burned me and because of that I would love nothing more than to see it burn to the ground so I can salt the earth it’s scattered on and nothing can grow there again. 

I’m not Dylan O’brien. 

Dylan O’brien who last year nearly got dragged to death, survived, persevered and shot as a lead in an upcoming franchise making film.  Dylan O’brien who traversed continents only to come back and fulfill his contract to a show that has a character he will always cherish and love. 

Dylan O’brien who is now preparing to traverse more continents to film a movie that will directly mirror the set on which he got injured.  Dylan O’brien who has always treated his fans with respect and decency and is always lauded for how kind, and generous he is.  Dylan O’brien who can do whatever he wants, when and however and he wants because he’s freaking earned it.  

I know Teen Wolf has used and abused him and treated him like crap. I know about stretching him thin and then using his name to try and hide their complete incompetence.  I know about using him to openly lie to the media and fans about their nonsense. I was there when they hinged an entire season on him knowing he wouldn’t be available and then decided to launch a romance knowing that he wouldn’t be there. I know about the ideas he had that they stopped listening to, about the scenes he had to say no to, about the ones they made him do anyway. I know about the times they told him no just because they could and I know how they’ve consistently shown exactly how little they respect him while denying (and yet somehow exploiting) how much they need him. 

What I don’t know is what it would take for Dylan to preserve the integrity of Stiles. I don’t know the relationships he’s formed with the people on set (not just the cast) and how he separates them from the show itself.  I don’t know what kind of pressure he’s getting to return and how it feels to try and preserve the love you had for a project while in the middle of its downfall.  I don’t know what could be said to convince him to come back, but I do know if he does, while I’ll be disappointed, I won’t stan for him any less, I won’t be worried about him.  Our boy is a trooper and he’s gone through hell; if coming out the other side for him means doing Jeff a solid and wrapping up this crap show then that’s what it means. I’ll just probably take a smooth break and wait until Amas comes out!

When Dob deserves to be dragged, y’all know I do so (albeit with great reservation because bae), but there are enough unknown variables involved in making a decision like this, that I don’t think it’s fair.  Dylan has shown us that he has the ability to make excellent choices. I don’t know what could justify him going back, but I trust him to know and understand his limits and the impact of his decisions. Call me a hypocrite, call me a stan, but he’s been through enough with this crap show, that he knows what’s up, even when we don’t. 

I’m still under the impression that all of this will be moot, but if you’re starting to waver over something we have no stakes in, and no control over, it’s time to refocus.  If anyone can withstand this mess completely unscathed, It’s Dylan. Rest in that fact and focus on the amazing future he’s going to bring us. 

This is a time when journalism, obviously, is much maligned at the moment. People say that they don’t trust much of what they read in the media and they really don’t have much respect for journalism, and yet at the same time, journalism has been historically one of the ways that presidents have been brought to account. Were it not for journalism, Richard Nixon and the break-in at the Watergate would never have been discovered. … I do find that among people in Washington who write about politics and think about it, we feel like this is exactly the kind of work that we were trained to do. This is exactly the kind of thing we all set out to do, which is to say, we work for the public. Our job here is to hold people in power accountable, and we’re going to do the best we can to do it.
—  Evan Osnos, staff writer for The New Yorker, speaking with Terry Gross

the saddest part of the whole WengerOut thing is that most of these fans have actually experienced all the glory days with him, they have enjoyed every one of his successful years. a lot of us newer fans have only read about those days and watched videos, and yet we have so much respect for the man and all that he has done for the club. it makes me sad that the fans with the first hand experience of the wins and celebrations can so easily disregard, if not forget, all his achievements and would go so far as to force him to leave. i dont deny a new manager may be good for the club in some aspects, but sometimes loyalty should stretch further than your love for your club, to the person who has been through it all with you and is probably more concerned with its present state than any fan can be.

I’ve noticed something interesting. All students​ I’ve ever met from Africa are some of the most brilliant people you’ll ever meet. They’re always trying to learn beyond. They’re all very much of high moral standing and respectable people. Yet somehow, African Americans don’t reflect this. Many have these opportunities yet never take them. It’s frankly very depressing to see the large difference between them. I chalk it up to culture, but it’s still very interesting to me.


Leonard Snart x Reader

Summary: After months of being together, you finally convince Leonard to tell Team Flash about the two of you. Going to Cisco for help, however, is more mortifying than you thought it’d be…

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1800

Note: This was a request I fulfilled a couple of weeks ago for a group blog I’m with, @fanfiction-writers and I thought I’d share it with all of you (also to make sure I get something else posted and so you Snart lovers can get a fix)! Now, this was my first time ever writing for Leonard but I’ve started watching Legends so y’all will definitely see more of him (and the rest of the team) in the future! Also, go check out the group blog! We are always looking for new requests and we write for a HUGE variety of fandoms. There are tons of amazing writers in the group and all of you should definitely check ‘em out!

Originally posted by hopelessidiotsinlove

Falling in love with Leonard Snart was not on your bucket list.

Then again, neither was aligning yourself with vigilantes and working with the Flash, but at least they were good, not on the fence all the time and “in between” good and evil.

Plus, Barry didn’t freeze your feet to the ground and give you severe frostbite (you almost lost, like, six of your toes), and you kept asking yourself why you couldn’t have fallen for him instead. Seriously, when you do the comparisons, Barry seems like the better choice, and yet here you were, rambling off to Cisco, about your confusing love life.

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Jackson Wang should be every human’s goals and personal aspirations

like what kind of pure soul he has? He’s grown into such a bright, cheerful and lovable man, he has so much respect for everyone yet he is so approachable, he’s so sweet and caring and always makes sure to not leave anybody out, he works so hard to achieve his dreams and encourages everybody around him to do so, he’s always so warm and caring, he has so much love to share, he’s a perfect human being??


two characters that has more in common than you might think!

me and my friend found out that two certain characters share the same (japanese) voice actor~! 

so different and yet so much alike ` o ´)/ ?

Dating Shin Hoseok (Wonho) Would Include

- eating ramen together

-  him being sly and asking for a peck on the cheek but that the last moment he would turn his head and bAM KISS

- you would hear him singing in the shower and you were just like wHY DOES MY BBY NOT HAVE MORE LINES

- ok but then stuck came out and you choked because ??? well he lifted up his shirt

- and he was like “yeah i know i’m sexy”

- and you’re just happy he loves himself ok

- he buys you a lot of gifts

- to actual ramen to matching sweatshirts that has ramen on it

- ramen is your guys life

- sometimes he just walks around shirtless and he’s like ;;))) you wanna touch these

- and you’re just like YES PLEASE

- ok but he openly talks about bedroom things and the members are sick of it 

- sometimes when you guys are bored he’ll just come to your apartment after sneaking out of practice and he just sees you on the couch wrapped in a blanket watching a movie with ramen and he’s just like gUESS WHOSE JOINING YOU

- he loves pda ok

- he’ll hold your hand all the time

- he calls you “babe” or “baby” or some other nickname

- sometimes when you go into the kitchen to go get a snack or something and he’ll follow you and you’ll just random start having a make out session randomly ???? ok but he’ll just randomly back you into the counter then your phone goes off and you’re just so disaPPOINTED

- ok but if you aint like that you’ll just go and get the snack and he’ll still follow you but he’ll just tickle you

 - one day he’s on tour and he just sends you a derp selca

- and you just burst out laughing in the middle of the store you’re in and you need to send one back and people are just like ???? ok but what is this fellow human being doing

- when he doesnt have a schedule the next day he comes by your place and be like ok get in fuzzy socks we’re gonna start dancing and then bAM there you are dancing to hero


- if you’re hands are holding something he’ll just get all pouty then get a bright grin and wrap an arm around your waist

- (but not before without touching your butt ofc)

- you’re his #1 always

- always always always

- he likes to hold you in his arms a lot and loves it when you sit on his lap

- but sometimes he needs to be held and ur ok with that

- ok but sometimes he’ll just sit on your lap and say that your thighs are comfy and you’re just like o ok boyfriend

- sometimes you catch him looking at you and he gets a bright grin on his face and will just hug you and you ask why and he’s just like-

- “because you’re the best person ever”

- and you die a little on the inside

- being best friends with hyungwon and wonho complaining that hyungwon cheated on him with minhyuk and you’re just like ??? ok what am i you’re abs or something

- and he’s just like yeah i love you like i love my abs but i love you more

- ok but sometimes when he’s busy you have meme competitions and wonho just comes back and he’s just like whOA OK HOLD ON THEIR PARTNER 

- and it’s just because you tried to impersonate pepe and he’s like hyungwon is that u??? and hyungwon was just face palming in the background 

- basically dating wonho is the best. he holds so much respect for you yet both of you are literal memefilled derps. ok but date him pls. and you get abs. wonho abs. ok but pls love this sunshine

Dating Series Masterlist

It takes an incredible amount of mental and emotional stamina to recognize that you’re at a point in your life where a relationship would not be in your best interests. It takes even more willpower to resist the urge to fall into useless or even harmful flings with someone who would never love you the way you deserve, yet tells you they could. I used to have so much respect for those people who could accept that they weren’t ready for a relationship and then just simply not date. Now that I’m in that boat myself, I see how hard it is. I feel the pain, the loneliness. I see the empty bed at night and the empty spot beside me at the table when I’m drinking my morning coffee. And dammit, this shit is hard. It’s a lonely period of life. But I keep telling myself to focus on the here and now, to accomplish my goals, to just live life as it’s given to me, and before I know it five years will have passed and the right man will be at my doorstep with a bouquet of black-eyed-susan’s and an arm for me to hold. And it’ll be at that moment that I will look back at this season of life and be so thankful and proud of myself for not wasting my love on someone who didn’t appreciate it.