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Drew ♡ Akko

 Only one episode and I’m already enjoying the chemistry between these two. XD

It’s definitely following some traditional standards of shoujo-esque couples, while adding in a few non-traditional ones to make things a little more interesting.


So I made a new art friend recently and we both found that we shared a passion for shipping characters together. SO what better way for us to kick things off then to ship a bunch of our OCs!

Most of mine however are usually tied to stories and other concepts/ideas so they’re not really the well that I dip into to sorta do this thing with. So I opted to create some new ones to pair up with his! The first one I sorta brainstormed was this easy-going Swiss-German guy named Rocco who I paired up with his snarky stoner Chinese gal Ju-Lee.  

They live together I imagine, and they do cute day-to-day stuff and then also smoke weed a lot (among other “adult” recreations). I dunno what Rocco does as a job yet but I imagine he co-owns some shop or small restaurant maybe? Just a tall hairy Swiss sausage dating a chubby Chinese dumpling. We’re both busy people, but more art will probably follow from him and me intermittently going forward. 

Rocco belongs to me, and Ju-Lee belongs to [Feathers-Ruffled] 

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Hey’all! It’s nearly Christmas aka Viktor’s birthday!!! But I’m here again to celebrate *drum rolls* my fifth tumblr anniversary, unbelieveable, am I supposed to be proud hah a ha this is a sin I should say this fuckign site has been a big part of me… eww ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Anti's Antic's (Pt.2) Dark's Darkness

Unspurprisingly, torture is not an easy thing to write.
Oh yeah, btw, There’s a torture scene. It gets pre spoopy.
This took a great deal of work, so please if you have any advice, comments or tips it would mean a great deal to me if you left some down below if you enjoy it. It keeps me motivated when people do that. Thank you <3
This was once again inspired and partially made for:



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<3 <3 <3 without further ado here is PART TWO:

Anti was still for a moment, his glitches coming to a halt as he needlessly breathed in and out. His eyes were the only thing that moved; darting around and looking for his opponent, Dark. What is he gonna show me…? Anti wondered briefly.
Then the struggle began… a tight cold hand clapped over Anti’s mouth and then another hand wrapped around the front of his abdomen. Dark’s pale fingers were like claws, urging him to stop struggling, to submit. It took a few extra seconds for Anti to process what was happening before he appeared somewhere else entirely. Dark released him for a moment, to let him soak in the environment and atmosphere.

The Persuasion room was a dark, dim, and damp-feeling place. It was lit only by the pair of fluorescent lights that hung tiredly from the ceiling suspended on thick coil-like wires. The walls were made entirely out of solid concrete as well as the floors, there didn’t appear to be a visible door anywhere in the room. Rusted drains were placed in the floor- situated around a chair that was rather horrifying in appearance. The chair was pushed back at an uncomfortable looking angle and the cushion was torn beyond repair. In addition, it was stained with blood and… the unknown. Draping from its sides were bloody chains that dangled down like dead things.

“Lovely Isn’T iT?” Dark asked, interrupting an observing Anti. Dark strode to the area behind the chair to regard it just as Anti was a few moments prior. He ran his pale fingers down the abused surface of the cushion. Screams of the damned echoed through his mind like sweet music, the animalistic nature of them brought him into a bliss-like state. He remembered them all. Every. Last. One.

And simply by imagining it, Dark was undone. He sighed shakily and a malicious grin flickered across his face to shadow it.

Anti stared at him for a moment and grinned back a bit tightly. He was less interested in whatever fantasy Dark was having and more interested in the layout and objects of the room. Anti knew he had been in Dark’s sick ‘Persuasion’ room before. It wasn’t a memory he wished to bring to the surface, and frankly it was a fuzzy one at that - one he had locked away for safe keeping never to be removed or revisited.

Anti’s exploration of the room was cut short by being forcefully teleported by Dark into the disgusting chair. Anti noticed the putrid scent of dried guts, mildew, and other moldy substances.

Anti only cackled up at Dark while he scrunched up his nose, Í̷̺͈š̷͔̓ ̸̜̂̿t̶̮̉̂h̷̯͆̔î̸̞͐͜s̸̰̍̓ ̷̨̠̋w̵͓͌h̷̺̓e̷̛̺r̶̖͖͐̍ḛ̵͍̅̚ ̷̨̱͛̚y̶͎͊ͅo̶͎̐̓u̷͔͈͝ ̸͙͑b̴̹͋̆r̵̛̩͒i̶̝̞͂ǹ̵̯̻g̷̼̣̅̒ ̷͇̄͗y̵̛̦ȏ̸͇u̸̼̤̎r̶̰̾ ̴̪́f̷̦̓ă̶͍̈́v̸̢̮͛ȯ̸̧ų̶̺̽r̵͉̱̈́į̷́ṯ̷̙̀e̴͖͘ ̸̀͘͜ğ̶̹̬ư̴̡̓e̵̬̗̾̔ś̴͚͉t̶͍̀͝ș̶͕̔?̶̹͛͆ ̷̥͠ͅÌ̵͓͂f̵͖͍̓ ̴͚̬̅͝s̴͕͘o̵̳̠̐ ̶̢̐̑Ȉ̷̻̎ ̶̥̭͒ŵ̷̱o̴̢͛͜u̶̪̇̀ľ̸̥̥d̶̝̆̑ ̸͔̇̆l̸̲̈́̀ǫ̴͙͑v̴̫͊e̴̼̬͑̕ ̵̻̌a̴̠͂ ̴͍̲͝t̴̩̒ͅo̵͎̩͝u̷̟͉͝͝r̴͎͛͑͜ Anti laughed, glitching out of the chair to wander the room a bit more. He stared at the walls, which were lined with tools and weapons of the various mediums of torture. However, he didn’t have much of a chance to admire them before Dark had shoved him back to the chair. Anti glitched out of the chair once more, snickering like it was a game of tag. Dark was unimpressed and sick of the game, and after quite a few back and forth attempts he discovered a solution. With a quick motion, Dark snatched a baseball bat off of the wall and made harsh contact with the side of Anti’s head.

Anti’s jaw broke at the impact, and he crumpled. Dark then teleported him back to the chair, slippery little bastard… Dark thought.
“pLEase ReMain Still… it is EnTirELy pointless to attempt tO esCaPE…” Dark snarled, and tightly clasped the restraints over Anti’s torso, legs, arms, and neck. “Ill jUst KeeP cOminG BaCK…”

A disoriented Anti struggled under the bonds weakly. He gritted his broken teeth, which were reattaching and regrowing by the second,
Ọ̸͎̈͂h̴̖̀͆ ̴̡͂͝ỵ̷̲̌o̶̹͒̅u̴̝̾'̸͔̆r̸̝̻͘͝e̴̯̽ ̶̭͇̓r̵̤̈́͆ě̵̥s̷͖̔t̷̢̂r̷͇̱̂â̷̧̳i̵̳̅ṉ̴̋̀í̶̝͈n̴̳̆͝g̸͕̔ ̶̢̅́m̵͖̻͆͋e̸̖͔͒,̶͔̖͆ ̶̜̺̆͋ń̸͉̃͜o̶̹͋w̸̬̾̕?̴͍͊ ̶͙̪̓͠H̷̹̓o̸̲̾̚w̷̤̿̈ ̶̗̟̇k̶͉͚̆i̵̛̝ṉ̴̅̈́k̸̥͒͐y̵̬̚ ̴͍̜̃́ọ̸̈́f̸͙͗̽ ̸͈͉̾̔y̵̖̒o̴͈͓̓̓u̷̠͗̿,̵̨̤́͘ ̶̗͍͑̒Ḓ̸̂á̷͎̏r̶̝̰̂k̶̯͓̊y̷̥̜͊͘.̵̻̥͝ He said, his voice garbled by the shattered pieces. 

“I could very well keep you here forever… and You CHOoSe to MOck mE?” Dark said through his teeth, his eyes darkened with every intake of breath. He couldn’t wait to make him suffer… in ways he’s never suffered before.
He spit, putting as much power into his gesture so that it would hit the chest of Dark’s ‘precious’ suit. He hit bulls-eye and laughed at his own job well done. The voices chimed in, echoing afterward like in a sitcom.

Dark’s face contorted in disgust and a gray cloth appeared in his hand, he brushed off the surface, flicking off the pieces of bone. “You coULd hAve LeFT A sTaiN yOU VulGAr litTLe..”
Dark didn’t finish his sentence instead, his hand clamped down hard over Anti’s throat in a second, crushing the vertebrae instantly. Anti’s eyes bulged… out of his control. Dark spoke, his hand tightening more and more, “You always fail to remember. Always fail to REaliZe… that I am very… very capable of harming you.”

Anti was unable to move, speak or even make a wheeze. Dark had not released it, thereby blocking its ability to heal. Dark stared into Anti’s eyes with a hungry menacing look, his mouth stretching into an unsettling smile. Dark clicked in the wrist cuffs around the shackles. And with concentration Dark was able to will it to block Anti’s glitching teleportation whilst holding his neck still. This was enacted through inputting third-dimensional rays into the metal. Which also was gifted with an x-ray within the metal; inhibiting his glitches. Dark’s hand let up now that there was no way for him to flee.

“Now, I’m going to make it very clear…. You will not be permitted to leave until I see fit. Try as you might you cannot escape- I have already put third-dimensional rays into your shackles. Can’t you see the effects of it have already begun? Your dREadful glitching has ceAsEd.” Dark derided, his expression humbling. “You see, the x-ray that pulsates from the cuffs at this very moment is at a high enough velocity that your form is too confused -and mangled… to properly complete your glitch.”

Anti squinted at him, his jaw tightening in disbelief. He tried to make himself glitch out of reach… but to no avail, “T̶̙̅͠h̸̫̚a̴̘͊͑t̵͕̐'̷͎̮̔͗s̵͉̊ ̵̩͝p̵̛̙͝r̵͔̅ê̴̟͠ẗ̴̗͔ẗ̸̰̲́ỳ̶͖̗ ̸̪͊͜c̴̦̩̆͐l̷̩̓ê̵̩͠v̶̻͐̚é̸̻r̷̢̜͋,̵͉́̅ ̸̞͈̒̀D̸͍͙̓̀a̴͔͝r̸̖̩̃k̸̠̄͘y̴̜͆” He wheezed, feeling his neck bone piecing itself back together bit by bit. The voices began to laugh and jeer along with him as he eyed Dark. Dark’s mouth turned down into an enraged scowl at the sound of it. It felt like he was being mocked, then again Anti could make anyone feel that way.

W̸̭̺͝e̵̙̿͋l̵͕̑̈l̴̖̏͒?̵̦̂̆ ̸̡̱̕͘S̸̢̾̏h̵̪̻̽͠o̴̡̅ẅ̶̨͖́ ̴̼͍̏m̸̨͔̚ȅ̵̬ ̴̥̘̈́͑ẅ̷̝́̾ḫ̷͒a̴͔̎̽t̶̪̞͌ ̷̥͂̓y̴̥͕͝ó̷̞u̸̗̾̈́'̶̪̝̿͛v̶̼͎̄̕ė̷̙̟ ̶̗͔̏͛g̷͓͙͑́ŏ̸̲͓̽t̸͒͜͝.̵̩̘̓ ̸͙͇̇̽N̵̟͑ͅô̶̲͜t̶̘̄ ̵̟̺̍ľ̶͜i̴̠̾k̷̛̺e̷͔͔͐ ̷̛͖̖Ĩ̷̼ ̴̧͔̇̃c̴̟͗a̵̧̹̿̊n̶͍̙̅'̴̦̃ẗ̶̛͈́ ̴̳̀ḧ̷̤̎e̴̙͘ä̶͓́l̸̳͍̽̌ ̸̛̱͂f̶͍͒̎r̶̲͉̕͝o̶͔͗m̴̘͌̚ ̷̨͍̏̃i̴͖̭̓́t̷̢̢̔.̴̘̝̓” He stated fearlessly. Anti may not like pain, but he knew he would just keep on recovering until Dark got his fill.

“You know…I find it funny… that you don’t remember…” Dark said, strangely calm and collected once more- as if he had never been angry to begin with. “I can cause you much more than physical pain.”
Anti’s eyes went wide, and if he had a heart-rate it would have increased. His jaw slacked open slightly, he tried to form words but visibly was struggling and confused.
Dark noticed this and his expression turned to one of delight, “What’s this? You were so talkative before, now you have not a thing to say? How absolutely predictable.” Dark was practically giggling with glee.
G̵͆̐͜o̸̖̐ ̷͇͝a̸̰͌̌h̷̹̀̚ȅ̶̲ͅa̸̡͑͘d̶̥̤̀͊!̵̳͐́J̶͎̄ů̸͔͎ŝ̸͚ţ̵̕ ̶̹̓̎t̶͌̌ p̸͇̣̈́̑u̶̫̇̏n̵̖̲̏̕c̶̙͇͆̈́ḣ̵͔́ ̷͖̟͂m̸̼̽̈è̵̠͍ t̶͕͌̌ḣ̵̭̉e̴͖̘͂n̴̗͌͆ y̸̢͔͛ơ̴̜͙͠ú̶͌ͅ ̷̩͂͝b̶̡̺̓î̸̭͐͜g̴͉͊ ̶̣̪͑͝p̶̠̞̌u̷̥̥͑̉s̴͎̓̆š̶̞̒y̴̖̭͒̅.̶͕͉͊!! Anti suddenly yelled, making a face to further cover his inner most anxieties brimming the surface. The memory made it’s comeback for an instant. Anti knew that if he coundn’t keep it contained… It would spill over and if it did… it would bring an emotion with it. One that Anti knew he would be unable to contain. He wouldn’t… couldn’t think about it.
Dark picked up the bat, running a hand down it as he looked at the dangerous wires attached to the end, “Indeed…”

Y̸̟̑ȏ̷̢̼ů̷̱ ̸̳̗̀s̷̠̠̚u̷͙̔͛r̸͈̉e̵͈̻̾ ̵̼͝l̴̪̗̇̅i̸̻͐̓ͅk̷͎͕͗̕è̸̬̕ ̵̣̌̄t̵̢͓̓o̸̘̙͆̈́ ̸̡͎̈́͘s̷̝̟̚͝t̵͉̗͒r̷̪͗o̷͇̣̿̋ḳ̷̘͆̋e̸̯̻̐̃ ̶̠̲̓s̷̤͋̎t̶̨͔́u̸̗͙͐f̵̧͘̕f̵̾̋͜ͅ.̴̣̹́̍ Anti observed, his goal to rile up Dark until he exploded.

Dark’s 3-D effect increased at mind-boggling proportions as he cracked his neck once on each side. Dark then gripped the base of the bat and lifted it up to- “How could I have forgotten?” Dark asked himself aloud and set the bat down on a metal tray for the time being. He then pulled off a dreadful device from the wall. It consisted of a simple leather based belt-strap with a sharp, long metal protrusion laced at the middle, “Do you know what ThiS is?” He asked, but didn’t wait for a response. “A medieval torture devices, one of my favourites. The Heretic’s Fork. Why don’t you try it on?”

N̸̞̄ȏ̸̺͚t̵̟͍̓̕ ̶̡̊l̵̲̲̑͛i̷̹̋̃ḱ̶̠̟́e̸̻͊͝ ̵̻͍̈́Í̶̲̱ ̷̘̊͠ḧ̴̯́ǎ̷͎̾v̷̨͗é̴̦ ̵̗̋̅a̷͎͌̽ ̶̢̞̿c̶͙̈́̓h̵̺̑ô̴̳͕i̴̻̼͒̈c̴͇̏ê̵̜̭̆,̸͈̑̚ ̴̰̟͑d̶͈͊o̵͓̙̊̾ ̵͉̋̉I̴̬̩̓̈?̶̫̗͆ Anti barked, glaring sharply at him.

“Rightly so.” Dark responded with a smirk, placing the sharp edges of the Heretic’s fork between Anti’s chest and neck. Anti gave him a dirty look that shared he would not go down easily.

With a forceful push inwards they pierced the skin, and Anti threw his head backward, thrashing about in his restraints- he was careful not to make a sound by biting down hard on his own tongue. The sword protrusion dislodged at his quick movements and Dark made a grunt of annoyance; thrusting the object to stab back into Anti’s neck and upper chest. Anti cried out involuntarily, his back arching as if on puppet strings. 

Dark shook his head at him in disapproval, “Would you please stop writhing? You’ll only cause more pAin to yoUrseLF if you dOn’t.” Dark advised, and buckled the strap tightly around the back of Anti’s neck. He pulled it into the tightest notch, reveling in the sounds of discomfort made by Anti.
Once it was placed on, Anti had no way of moving his head or chest without further harming himself. The pain was stifling at first, but Anti bit his tongue,
Ỉ̷̟͝ṯ̵̡̕'̶̹̿s̵̆͒͜ ̸̛̗͒s̷̘̎̒ŏ̸̗ ̶̨̯́̃p̴͈̎̋ṟ̸̄̾e̸̖̖̔t̷̯̾t̵͇̺͋̅ÿ̴̦́̾o̸̹͠n̴̘̬͂́ ̵̻̉̽m̸͈͝ḙ̸̕ he tittered dryly. Anti then narrowed his focus back to observing Dark’s next move.

Dark returned to the bat and lifted it up with a strong two-handed grasp. He brought down the first blow against Anti’s right arm; shattering the bone in three. It caused the fork to delve deeper into his chest and neck. Anti groaned; the pain came all at once and he had barely any time to react further when the second blow hit. This time Dark’s bat hit his chest.. and broke at least two ribs.

“I find it delightful how helpless you are.” Dark said, lifting up the bat to strike twice more. Anti stopped wincing, but his sounds of pain could not be withheld anymore. He couldn’t not give Dark what he wanted… He couldn’t turn his head away from the image in front of him either. He was forced to endure it.

“It’s pathetic, really.” Dark murmured, leaning into his face with his wicked grin. Then Dark stood up straight again, walking with the bat back and forth in front of him. “You’ve always been an entirely useless waste of space.” He sighed, his eyes slit as he narrowed them at Anti. “It isn’t surprising that there are less who follow your endeavors than there are mine.”
Anti looked down at the concrete floor, set on ignoring him. He wondered why he wouldn’t just hit him again instead.

Dark was thoroughly aware of what he was doing. Even still, he knew that each of his words was a blow to the wall that Anti had so carefully built up over the years. Dark was perfectly fine with watching it crumble. Piece by piece. Until there was nothing left but begging and complete submission. Dark was set on teaching him manners, to never touch things that didn’t belong to him. To not be impulsive and ludicrous or juvenile. To teach him the true meaning of respect.

After all of the anger, berating and torture Dark had put Anti through. Anti was already losing composure, and it would only take a few more degrading sentences to tear him away.

“So unSTable… you put up a front of carelessness that those around you perceive as maDneSS. But it is you who pays for it… Isn’T It?” Dark barked out, demanding an answer. “Nod your hEad, hm?” Dark chuckled cruelly.
I̸̺̣̋ ̴̥̫͝c̵͚̋͘o̷̩͌͒u̴̗̔͝l̷̠͍̏̃d̴̫̆n̴̯̉'̵̼̎̑t̴̟̾̕ ̶̬̥̐n̷̯̏̊o̶̬͂̿d̵̪̤̀͆ ̴̠̬̋͆e̴̛͕̺̽v̵͈̏̚ȅ̶̦̺n̷͉̐ ̵̪̞̄̊ĩ̶̳̯f̶̘͇̈́ ̸̙̼́I̴̞̊ ̷̠̭̾w̵͕͍͛à̷̞͐n̵͕͔̾̈t̸̺͌e̸̛͓͛d̴̟̭͑̕ ̷̫̲̊͘t̷̳̺̽ö̴̝́ ̷͍̚Ḋ̴͖̟̅ȁ̵̗̃r̵̻̐k̵̬͑!̸͉͂̊ Anti bellowed in his face, he was going to hit his breaking point. He could see the ambient pulses behind his vision threatening to take him places he did not want to go to. Dark hit his side with the bat again, mercilessly shattering his bones repeatedly for another ten minutes. 

Anti was breathing hitchedly from the strain that all of the pain put on his muscles, his head was tilted back and his fingers were clenched into shaking fists. With eyes shut tight he felt himself haphazardly begin to come into place again. Only to have the healed bones broken once more.

Crack… snap. 

Again and again, bone after bone. Dark experimented with cutting limbs just to the very edge, causing Anti to scream shrilly, and recover just as quick and break into a weak grin. None of it was enough for Dark. He had to be harsher… crueler…
But then Anti had an idea, he gazed up at him with his grey glowing eyes surrounded by darkness
S̴̫͎͂-So̸͚̺̐̀ ̷̤͌w̶̮̖̓h̴̛̠̭a̷̮̽t̸̡̘́͒ ̵̭̞͊i̵͙͂f̸͙͙̿̔ ̵̪̤̀I̵̥̯̔̉ ̴̖͛̅p̷̮͖͝ủ̶͙̖ṯ̷͍̎̒ ̴̖̱̽ò̸͈̱ñ̸͈͘͜ ̸͚̃͗a̸͍̱͌͝ ̵̪̉f̵̡͒ȓ̵̰̱̓o̷̰̊̀n̵̢͓͌t̶͈̩͐.̵̧͍̈͝ ̷̝̄Ş̴͔̇͝ó̵̥͛ ̴͓̊̋ͅd̸̩̂͗͜õ̶̼͝ ̴͉̎̍ͅÿ̵̺́̚ő̴͔̇u̸̬͝.̸̲̾ Anti whispered between small grunts of pain.

Darks head snapped down at him unnaturally, “How sO?”

Y̸͎̆̓o̵̧͘u̸͖̦̓ ̵̧̏k̶͎̭̆n̵̖͑o̵̥͔̐w̷͕̄̀ ̵͎́ṫ̶̹h̵̏̍͜a̶͖͔͌t̵͙̋͆ ̴̙̍͋y̸̙͗̈́o̶̝̣̐͌u̸̡͝ȓ̷͓̗ ̴̫̘͊c̴̝̜̚r̸͔͎̎̽e̷͙̣̍à̶̬̙t̶̛͔͂o̸̩̥̓ř̸̨̼ ̶͋͗͜h̸̛̭̚ā̶͖̻t̶̏ͅe̵̫̔̓s̶̨̠̊ ̸͖͚̊͝y̴̹͠o̶̹̺̎͝ṷ̷̈́̔,̵̮̖̈́ ̸̨̑́a̵͔̓͐ń̸͔d̶͙̈͑ ̴͓̮̀t̷̟̃ḧ̶̹̞́̀a̸͓̎t̷̛̠̬̃ ̶͈̬̌̀n̶͈̈́͆o̶̟̥̐̂ ̸̱̝͝ơ̶̠̓ǹ̸̳̇e̴̦̋ ̵͖̓͐ä̵̭́̔ͅc̸̗͌t̶̛̠̜ȗ̴̟̯̑ȁ̴͕̖͛l̶̹̥͌l̸͕̼̆͂y̴̜̳̎͛ ̸͖̌̀l̴̪̩̉ỏ̴̦v̷̟͈͆̍ȇ̴̟̬̉s̶͍̃̕ ̶̡͍̈́y̴̳̒͌͜o̸̝̱͐ű̶̖̑.̷̬̇̕ ̷̡͎̈́S̵̳͌̓ỏ̸̧̞̕ ̶͖͙̓͘ȳ̷̠͕͂ö̵͙̫́̈́ṵ̸̟̅̑ ̸͓͊̆ḧ̸̙̭́i̶̥̯͂̕d̴̲̒͆e̶͉̓͛ ̷̳͚̆́i̴̖̫̅t̴̮̊͝…Anti responded, squinting as he pushed out word by word- hoping desperately that it would cause an outburst. But Dark remained still, and maintained eyecontact. Anti may have known his insecurity… but he was not clever enough in his state to make a decent blow.

“My creator may hate me, but my lovelies follow me for a purpose. I’ve had quite enough of your foolish GAmeS, Anti…” He growled. “You are the true ScUm of existence, and you are well aware of it too. You will never belong anywhere you go.” Dark stated plainly, his eyes half lidded as he stared down at him.
Then he continued with the beatings, shouting out various names at him. “You’re worTHeSs.” 

Another bat swing across the chest.

“Good for NoTHinG at aLL..”

One in the stomach.

“Degenerate and PoInTLesS…”

Back of the head.

Dark took a break to wipe down the bat that was dripping with a dark green blood-like substance and other fleshy pieces. He sighed and straightened his tie, relieved he had taken off his suit jacket earlier that day. It was getting messy.. he adored it. Yet hated it at the same time.
Anti’s head was downcast weakly on the Heretic’s fork, the repeated hitting made him impale himself through his chin, and his shoulders were moving quickly up and down as he made quick pained noises. He had entirely given up on struggling or cracking any jokes.

But Dark wasn’t finished.

“You see… in the end, it’s always you who pays the price. It’s always you who is the one singled out. It’s always you who ends up… alone.” Dark smacked Anti at the last word, hard across the face. The sharp protrusion of metal ripped up the bottom of his throat and chin with the brunt of the slap. Anti sputtered into coughs, breathing hard and fast despite not requiring use of his lungs.

Anti began to whimper, S̸̡̠̾-̴̺͙̽Ṣ̶̅̉ṯ̵̘̾o̵̦͇̒p̷̦͈̒͘.̸̨͎̀̄.̵̡̌̊.̴̝̉ͅ he stammered, holding back the urge to break down. He lifted his face up, rising slowly as the green substance gushed out from his neck. P̸-̶P̸l̴e̸a̷s̷e̴ ̸l̴-̵l̷e̸t̶ ̴m̵e̷ ̷g̴o̴.̸.̸.̵ He whimpered, a voice crack near the end of the sentence showing how much damage had been done. “D-Dark… please.”

Dark lowered his hand, not being able to help his surprise. He had done it. It was so easy… Anti was begging him to stop, saying his real name.

Anti was crying out, but this time…It wasn’t the pain that caused it… no… but the wave of emotions that uproared from what Dark had said.

Anti felt real pain, for the first time in a very long time. Mental pain that raked through his subconscious like a knife- sharp and unyielding. His defenses were relinquished by none other than his old friend- and now an enemy. Dark.
Dark did this.

The feeling of betrayal was short lived, simply put, the mental pain overpowered it. His eyes began to dart back and forth at nothing as his chest shuddered with the tell tale signs of a rattled sob. Anti could not establish what was real and what was not. He could not see what was in front of him. He feared he was losing control of everything.

His mind endlessly reeled over Dark’s words again and again, scattering any little organization his thought process had to begin with.

It’s always you â̴̤̞͈̜͍͙̩͖̝͑͐́̋̑̉̚l̵̨̟̪̙͒͝͠͠w̸̨̞̱̙̓̏̋͊͗̇͝a̷̙̺̪͖͛̎̂̎͜ȳ̴̨̮̟̦̱̮̪̂̃̔̋́͒̊̑̕s̶̛͇̪͇̝̼͍͖͛̇̎̐͠͠Always… â̴̤̞͈̜͍͙̩͖̝͑͐́̋̑̉̚l̵̨̟̪̙͒͝͠͠w̸̨̞̱̙̓̏̋͊͗̇͝a̷̙̺̪͖͛̎̂̎͜ȳ̴̨̮̟̦̱̮̪̂̃̔̋́͒̊̑̕s̶̛͇̪͇̝̼͍͖͛̇̎̐͠͠ â̴̤̞͈̜͍͙̩͖̝͑͐́̋̑̉̚l̵̨̟̪̙͒͝͠͠w̸̨̞̱̙̓̏̋͊͗̇͝a̷̙̺̪͖͛̎̂̎͜ȳ̴̨̮̟̦̱̮̪̂̃̔̋́͒̊̑̕s̶̛͇̪͇̝̼͍͖͛̇̎̐͠͠Always you…

Always you who ends…

You… you… you you who ends…

Who ends… who… ends up

Alone. A̶̛̭̪̜̳̣̪̲̞̼͈̗̲͙̼̹̳̿́̀̆͊́̍̑̌͆͑̚l̸͖̤͖͔͓͖̮̟̗͈̺͒̊̌͜͝ơ̸̲̅̊̒͊̾̑͒͗̐͘͝n̸̻͈̲͔̲͕̭̩̱̻̰͛̍̃̅̏̾̿̏͌̐͒͐̆̀͌́̅̑̉̀̓̅̽̂̀͒̆̄̃̅͋̅͛̈́͊̍̓̉͗͘͘̚̕͘͜͠͝͝ę̷̗̣̤͚͍͖͚͖̫̼̼̘̦͓̮̰̮̳̺̮̪͍̜̼̣̼̜̲̼̤̣̻͕͚̙͍̠̱̳͈̞̯̳̪̯̫̲̯͔̣́̾͌̓̐́̕͠ͅ 

Anti’s sight blurred again. He could see… now he was somewhere new. And when he was finally able to comprehend the scene before him…

He was already broken.


The following text contains shitty English grammar and may contain spoilers for the forth season of Sherlock. So SPOILER ALERT everyone who has not watched it yet.
Some of these were put in our three sick heads by other people and some of these are our guesses that were build after two days of NON-STOP RAGING CAPSLOCKING.

This post is just to collect everything together, because our heads is so SO messed up right now.

Ok, let’s start with..

1. That video of Moriarty in the end of “Behind the scene” on PBS or wherever. By the way it was noticed after downloading 15 hours later. Come on people, we can do so much better!
It cannot be the creator’s last kiss to the audience, it would be stupidest shit EVER.

2. What’s next? We were promised the television history, the groundbreaking expierence. However, no matter how much I liked it, even I can’t deny there are too many plot holes and questions occurred. And also there are 20 min cut out of every episode (they were promising 100 min/ep) 

3. This wierd show Apple Yard Tree in prime time on BBC ONE, which, by the way, changed it’s synopsis from tomorrow - added details. And this what they also added a couple of hours ago:
Amanda Coe
Louise Doughty
Emily Watson
Ben Chaplin
Mark Bonnar
Susan Lynch
Steven Elder

4. The piece of news with wierdly unprofessional for news language: “THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARE HAVING A FIELD DAY” - YOU CAN’T JUST SAY IT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!!!!!

5. Ok. Also this news piece about leak suspiciously mirrors that unathorized third party… thing (here)

6. Oh yes, about that story: you’ve noticed, it’s called “The Lost Special”. I mean come on.


8. THIS: 

9. AND APPARENTLY YAHOO KNOWS MORE THEN WE DO (look at the Episodes section)

10. This season there always was something leaked some time before the episode premiere. Of course Russia had the worst one. Because who would not trust it - oh that bad bad Russians! I really would not be surprised if it’s Mofftiss who seeded the episode on Piratebay or whatever. 

11. The tricky number 3 (watch the second episode)

OK. It MAY be a great number of coincidence, but come on! Is there any when we are talking about Mofftiss?

The game is still on and as Gatiss said “It’s good to play games on people” 


Here are some pals hanging out! This has originally been flatly colored with a beach in the background as commissioned by @arc-hammer (don’t worry I emailed them the colored version they paid for) but I don’t like how it came out so I’m going to cower behind my shame and post the line art instead. Landscape backgrounds and I just aren’t meant to be ;v;

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The Zodiac killings began in 1966 and ended in 1974 without the perpetrator ever being apprehended. The case was cloaked in mystery as investigators sifted through thousands of possible leads. To this day, many questions remain as to the identity and whereabouts of the killer. The actual number of victims is also undetermined, but most agree that the offender murdered between 6 and 49 victims. Following a letter sent to the San Francisco Police Department that read “Me-37 - SFPD - 0”, many concluded that the Zodiac had murdered 37 people. During his reign of terror, 21 coded letters were sent to newspapers and police departments. Some of the letters have yet to be deciphered, and there are some questions surrounding their authenticity. The killer earned the moniker of ‘Zodiac’ from the letters he sent to the newspapers. He began each letter with the phrase ‘ This is the Zodiac speaking.’ He was also known for leaving his signature mark of a crossed circle on or around his victims. In a few cases, he carved the sign into their bodies


as 2016 comes to and end, i would like to thank you all for your kindness and patience with me. this year was extremely challenging yet rewarding in regard to my personal growth. aside from that, it was really shitty but we can make it through 2017 together ♥ ♥ ♥

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(Oh, and I’m working on a comic based in a HC from @zens-ponytail! Hope you like it!)

Friends and Dreams

Please don’t share your dreams with the entire world, and forgive me if this seems a bit negative.  I assure you that is not my intention.  By all means do dare to dream, and always follow your heart, just don’t shout your plans, hopes and desires to every ear within hearing range.  Why?  Sadly my answer is simple, it’s because most people do not care, and as crazy as it may sound, some will even actually hope you fail.  Don’t worry, I’ll never understand that one either. Yet before I give us all a severe case of depression, do not fret, God and the universe have sent us some most special souls for the very purpose of sharing such things.  They’re called friends, and the true ones will gladly listen.  So, how do you know when someone is a friend that you can trust with your heart?  Might I suggest you give this a try.  Metaphorically only, the next time you’re on life’s mountain top, higher than you’ve ever gone before, ready to take one step more, look around you.  There amongst the throng of naysayers and those hoping you’ll fall flat on your face, will be a small yet loving group, wearing knowing smiles with fingers crossed, whispering I can’t wait to watch you fly.  I guess friends and dreams are like love and springtime, they just seem to go together.    Love, Mike         

great drawing advice that almost nobody ever follows.

after reading this list you may think “wow, yes, this is something i should totally do”.  be VERY CAREFUL of these unhelpful and counterproductive thoughts, because people who think or say this almost never do it. i don’t know why. as soon as someone vocalizes that they “really should” follow some advice, the spell will be broken and they will no longer feel compelled to do it. do not admit that it’s “something you should do, some day.”


You may not have read the list yet and are about to tell me that art is a personal journey and that there “other ways to get better.” You may very well be right, but HOW SURE ARE YOU WHICH ONES WORK????  Did YOU make a list? Have you done them and seen noticeable improvement?  I HAVE done these, i DID make a list, and these four steps are almost patent guaranteed to get you better at drawing at a sometimes exciting, sometimes soul-crushing, but always steady pace.

1. constantly try to draw things you’ve never done before. a pose, a prop, a scene, an action, an emotion, new lighting. if you can’t figure out how to draw something(even if you knew how to draw it already and have suddenly forgotten), then google what it looks like.  Don’t guess or you will only ever be as good as your best blind guess, and repeating the same guess multiple times will not change how accurate it was at the beginning.
When to do this: Pretty much all the time. It is not hard to think of one new thing to put in a drawing. You don’t even have to come up with special ideas, just—when you get an idea for something you want to draw–and it doesn’t have anything new in it–just think of a way to add something new, even if it’s “showing the idea, unchanged, but from a different camera angle than usual”. It keeps your brain limber and growing.

2. Always do SOME life drawing (try to include environments, not just people).  Yes, even if you only want to draw cartoon people.  No, this has nothing to do with “But I don’t WANT to Draw Realistic People, I want to draw cartoons. I want to draw my own style.” You STILL CAN draw cartoons in your own style.  Because this is like karate-kid-style training for your brain. If you don’t wax the car and paint the fence, you will get your butt kicked at the big fighting tournament. i know waxing the car is boring and when you’re an adult you’ll probably pay someone else to do it, but this is not about that; this is about GROWING YOUR ABILITY TO DRAW FANTASTIC CARTOONS WHILE YOU DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE WHOA WHAT???
When to do this: try to do it at least once a month or two.  If you do it “once every five years,” you aren’t allowed to wonder why ‘it doesn’t work.’

3. Use construction lines for original stuff, even when you know how to draw it already. (unless your style is so simple that it’s like Cathy or Hagar the Horrible)  Basic construction lines take no time at all and they let you figure out important things like where the feet touch the ground and how to foreshorten the arms, before you get carried away detailing eyelashes for 40 minutes. Or before you “draw a head in the middle of a big white canvas and then don’t know what to do with the body and the limbs stretch away into the whiteness like half of an octopus and you end up never drawing the feet for some reason.”
When to use this: DO constantly use when drawing original stuff. Do NOT use for life drawings, because your brain will get distracted by the nice simple shapes and forget about the lumpiness and detail of reality.

4. while we’re on that: don’t draw in the middle of a big white canvas. always make sure you know what size your picture is going to be as soon as possible, and fill the canvas all the way up to the border, as if the surface of the canvas was actually a rectangular window into another world.
your brain doesn’t look at the world around you as “half a person floating in an immense white void”, and it’s very unhealthy for the Visualizing part of your brain to think of the world that way. It literally makes you worse at art. Neuroscience has proven this.
When to do this: As frequently as humanly possible. Neglect will lead to rapid deterioration.

ideally you will do all of these. i cannot guarantee you will get better if you do only one of these things half the time, and ignore all the rest. 

(i know this sounds abrasive but please believe i do not hate you, dear reader. i love you and only want you to get better. But out of all the people who have ever complained to me that they wish they were better at drawing—who I have ever given this advice to—I think maybe only one person has ever taken it.  So I am trying to be EXTRA FORCEFUL here in order to spur people on to actually try the advice. If this has had the opposite effect I am sorry.)


Is that what you want to do? You wanna sit here and label me just another case of some crazy ass combat vet who lost his mind, huh? Maybe that’ll appeal to some shit-bag jury in some shit-bag court. It wasn’t on a battlefield … That’s not where my life went to shit.

so tbh this year was so terrible…

but there were some good things that happened to me, like i finally passed my exams, graduated (but havent received my degree yet lmao) and have a great time here, even meeting more people here which are just pure awesome! whenever talking casually or letting me yell about my OCs or sending each other stuff or just rebloggin from each other…here i feel great!

ok enough brag from me

first of all…i wanna say a few words about these people…SPECIAL THANKS!

(not a particular order)

@alessandroilcavaliere - we havent talked too much recently but i understand that you are busy with university, which im very proud of you and all the hard work you put into! i wish you the best of luck in your work and we can talk anytime you want! take care!

@colonelkepler and @hyperionangel - you guys are literally very sweet and kind, and i love ya both! i wish both of you good luck in the New Year! 

@cosmoillusion - ZEF! you are just literally one of the greatest persons i ever meet here, such a lovely nerd and talented gifmaker and also a great friend and i thank you for everything! я люблю тебя (i love you!) (hope i wrote it corectly)

@mandaocity - i know we havent talked alot but i wanna thank you for the wonderful fic series you wrote about Rhys and Vaughn…I LOVE THAT FIC SERIES SO MUCH!

@nokikissa - also i know we havent talked so much but i also wanna thank you for the art you create, and also special thanks from me and my Vaughn for his drawings! im always happy to see new art from you, even that may not be a common fandom! best of luck!!!

@incrediblyinterested and @her0isms - you guys are so awesome and your OCs and their stories are very interesting and i wish both of you luck! 

@ravialle - YOOO!! i know we may talk once in a days, but you are just great and thank you alot! you are one of the first persons to meet here and you are pure awesome ok? i wish you the best of luck at university! i love you!

@seattle138 - dude!!! i know we havent talked alot but you also are one of my oldest mutuals here and just wanna say that you are great and awesome and i wish you luck! take care!!

@seattlespapertrail - FAM!!!!!! you are literally such a treasure, you are just so cheerful and so awesome, and supported me alot and i thank you for everything! im very proud of you and what you do and i wish you luck! love ya!

And here are the other mutuals and non mutuals that make my blog awesome! (BOLDED HAVE A SPECIAL SHOUTOUT! - cause im not good at words but you also duddies are great!)

@aetulias @alexaberkeley @altairfreshener @assassinscreedfanscommunity @assassinscreedstuff @badweather @brotherhoodofenclave @cacomagen @canis-x-lupus @cdralenko @chronialaccelerate @conduiitz @corvoooattano @cr1titkal @crazy-chicken-misspelled @crosswalksandcrossedhearts / @itstrevorphilips @daddygengar @danseyboyapples @daudsblink @deichqueen @delsinsmixtape @dorkydorian @drakeceptiion @electricitytrick @elenafishers @elizabooze @eximperial @eziooooooooooooooo @fabstan @failout4 @fetch-walker @fiofaun @flordewitt @foxjockey @fukatuchi @gamers-denial @gamersdaily @gaminginsanity @ghosteh @gwynbleiidd @highchaosemily @horationelson @idiosyncraticcapriciousness @iures @jayninereturns @jessakaldwin @jingle-baeker @kayxclankforever @kingkelpbeard @lamarrdavis @legitalicat @los-santos-customs @mangoinabeanie @mayorjohnhancock @minazukiruka @minnyrd @miyku @mmurdocksdevils @mrs-leisurewear @nefious @neverdewitt @nucleardevastation / @sohvaperunah @openguo @oshawhy @pinkerton727 @playstationpersuasion @pureplaystation @rafe-adlers @rahgot @redrockettruckstop @sassy-assassin @scarrletwitchcosplay @scrambledeggheaded @sentientsentinel @shaforostov @shayham @softellie @soldier76main @spacerist @splicerspawn @stillupsetoverlegacy @sv-sims @symetra @takahashispowernoodles @talizoruh @television-for-dinner @thatbellagaze @the-last-conduit @thelastofgaming @thiefs-end @thisgamerblog @travisfanclub @twostepsfromrivia @uncharted-bucky @uranium-glow @vokun-mal-dovah @yusuf-tazim-da-lalala 



(message me if i forgot someone)

The year is ending and I thought I’d do a follow forever! Among the mess that was 2016, I /personally/ had a good year. I got to see many of my favorite artists live: B.A.P, Dean, Beyonce and I.O.I (sob, I can’t accept their disbandment yet), I got to go to South Korea this summer, I figured out some stuff for my future, and I met a lot of great people in general and here and on twitter so I’m really thankful for that.

I realize for people who followed me from last year and even earlier this year when I was still a bigbang/bts/kpop blog (mainly bigbang), my change to a kdrama blog with some kpop is not what you signed up for, but I created this blog for kdramas and it feels nice to go back to that instead of relegating it to a sideblog. I still love kpop, and of course I still love and adore bigbang so for the people who still follow me, thank you!!

I’d like to thank all of my followers for following me even though there are times when I’m not too active here. I also want to thank the people I follow for filling my dash with great things. And for all the friends and people I’ve talked to, even if it was just a few exchanges, I really enjoy talking with you *~* I hope you all have a great new year!

*a few of the blogs here might be mutuals with me on my sideblog @hyejintv!

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I’m pretty sure I forgot a few people, but I still love you all ❤️

well well well,, it’s been a short and honestly frickin’ wild ride (no swears cause trying to keep a clean image for the youths™) but we finally hit 1k,, haha what i’m not late guys 2k !!! (look i know i said i would do a follow forever at 1k but guess what i didn’t so what are you gonna do about it, huh?) anyways i want to keep it short and sweet but ~  holyy molyyy guys i haven’t even had this blog a full 2 months yet??? like that’s absolutely wild ~

so in the short time i’ve had this blog i’ve made some awesome friends and met a lot of people with a lot of cool blogs and basically i’m so thankful to everyone who puts up with me and actually reblogs my shit and sends me messages and asks like you guys are all so amazing,, so uhh basically everyone on here i’m giving you a hug or just a high five if you’re not into hugs or even just supportive, excited jazz hands because i love you all so much 💕 💕

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I wanted to wait to make this post when I hit 3k followers but I’m impatient and feeling sappy (I’m sappy when I’m tired okay don’t judge me) so here have yet another sappy post about how much I love you all

To my friends and fellow writers, you all inspire me. I’m so lucky to be able to be part of such an incredible group of people that are all so incredibly talented. This little community is such a lovely place where we all do our best to encourage and build each other up, it makes me so happy to watch as other writers help their friends, or they read their friends work and are always so positive in their responses. I love watching the way everyone is so incredibly inviting and caring towards everyone else.

Thank you for all working to make this a safe, and welcoming place. You’ve all helped me through some pretty tough times lately, you’re amazing.

@imaginebeinghamiltrash @daveeddiggsit @adothoe @alexanderhamllton @fragmentofmymind @manuelmirandamn @and-peggy-yall @manuelmiranduh @secretschuylersister @down4usnavy @hamiltonsquills @love-doesnt-discriminate @protecting-my-legacy @whatdimissmotherfuckers @fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines @ourforgottenboleros @sunshinemiranda @cinnamonbuneliza @diggs4life @tempfixeliza @ham4fan-fiction @wrotemywayoutimagines @anonnymousefangirl @lookaroundlookaroundhowlucky

Wonholypeach First Follow Forever 💜💜💜💜💜

So before I begin and to clear up any confusion I was originally @wonholito030193 and just changed my url today! (All hail Wonho’s holy peach🙏🍑)

I started this blog 5 months ago after months of fangirling alone. I needed an outlet for all my Monsta X feels and I don’t regret my decision one bit. In just 5 months I have reached 500+ followers. That may not seem like much too some but it means the world to me. I appreciate all the love and support I have received for my edits and writing. I am lacking in many ways yet you all still support me and for that my heart is warm💗 I have met some awesome people and made so many friends all over the world. I hope that you decide to stick with me and my excessive thirstiness over Wonho and all things Monsta X and I promise to repay you with better edits in the future. Below are just a few of the many people and blogs I love. I’ve never even talked to some of you but just seeing you on my dash makes my day 😊

A - E

@ayeyojooheon @ameehhhhh @babywoon @bryony-raylene @cookieangelwonho  @cngkyns @chubby-burrito @changkkung @chiqkihyun @dorkyun @ew-wonho @eternally-nocturnally

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