and yet some people follow me

I wish that some of my followers who don't ever interact with me would unfollow

I have like over hundreds of followers. But only a few couple handful actually talk to me or like my stuff or repost my things or even care about me. I really wish the people who follow me that don’t care enough to talk to me or like my stuff or reblog would unfollow me. Because it just makes me depressed seeing hundreds of people following me yet they don’t interact with me. Idk it just sorta makes me feel alone even though I’m surrounded by a whole bunch of people. But thank you to the few people who do interact with me. You all mean the world to me and I love you guys.

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So.......... What's on the menu for Thanksgiving this year?

Shockingly, I haven’t had a chance to plan it yet this year. I know that I need to take it easier because last year pretty much landed me bedridden for a week following the event, and I was dealing with the consequences of pushing myself too hard for months after. 

I will likely do my usual bacon-herb-butter stuffed turkey, a few pans of stuffing, colcannon, gravy, and some pies. I just don’t know what pies and what side veggies. That, and I’m going to be asking people to pitch in this year and bring a dish to share if they have the ability to.


NEW GIVEAWAY! £50 worth of goodies!

SO! This is is a 15k giveaway as a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me in this amazing year! While I haven’t actually hit 15k yet, I will have by the time this giveaway ends so I thought I may as well start it early! I will ship internationally and all shipping is 100% free! I will have another giveaway in July of some high quality headphones to promote an E-Book a family member is releasing so look out for that. :)


  • Reblog to enter (likes don’t count)
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Giveaway includes:

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Good luck!

I’ve made several posts in the past regarding Gamzee and where he stands in the comic, but there is one subject that I haven’t fully touched on yet and a misconception that puzzles me: The belief that Gamzee does not have a character arc.

I see people often considering Gamzee as a non-character, a force of nature rather than an actual part of the cast who works only according to the narrative’s whim. While there is some truth in that considering how enigmatic his presence and motives tend to be, there are plenty of clues, hints and foreshadowing that signify his growth as a character within Homestuck.

There is, what I believe, to be an overreaching, consistent plot that Gamzee is following in the comic and it all boils down to his agency.

So let’s talk about it… Also, please note that there are quite a few animated gifs in this, so just a heads up.

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Is that what you want to do? You wanna sit here and label me just another case of some crazy ass combat vet who lost his mind, huh? Maybe that’ll appeal to some shit-bag jury in some shit-bag court. It wasn’t on a battlefield … That’s not where my life went to shit.

PSA ;; MUTUALS ONLY means MUTUALS ONLY. It does not mean ‘force yourself on me and I might make you a mutual’, it means IF YOU ARE NOT A MUTUAL, DO NOT BREAK THE RULES. Liking starter calls / replying to opens meant for mutuals only / sending in-character asks / asking for a roleplay when you’re a non-mutual counts as FORCING YOURSELF ON PEOPLE. Please, please, stop doing this. This only serves to make the roleplayer you’re forcing yourself onto guilty and nervous and annoyed, and this only serves to get you rejected and hurt. JUST PLEASE STOP


Decided to get some studying in this morning before my lecture and arrived early to my lecture hall which was peaceful and empty. I got a lot done and felt prepared for my class. 

In case you haven’t met me yet, I’m Abigail and I’m new to the community so I’m looking for new people to be friends with and follow! If you reblog this, I will check your blog out and follow back! Don’t be afraid to say hi, too! I love meeting new, motivational people!!


Hello! I hope  everyone’s fine! I’ve hit 5k some days ago which is an astounding amount of followers to have in over 10 months ! This is also my first follow forever  and i’m really excited  。゚(*´□`)゚。

Honestly since i lost my blog i never expect myself to use tumblr again yet im still here .I’m so thankful to all of you! (//∇//) I haven’t had time ( lazy™ ) to properly thank all of my lovely and awesome followers, precious mutuals, and celebrate all of the amazing blogs that continue to fill up my dash with wonderful things so here are some blogs that I adore and I recommend you to follow them all .Thank you for following me and for making my dash beautiful everyday! ♥

i especially want to thank the friends i’ve met from skype .I met a lot interesting people with nice personalities and had /have a lot of fun..Some of you became an important part of my life even if we live so far away.. i want you to know that i’m really greatful for this *sheds friendship tears* . I love you all so much ,I’m so happy to dealing with you losers everyday.

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Have you ever wondered if everyone is going through the same thing as you? Or if they’ve already been through it or maybe they haven’t yet but they will soon. Because the truth is, we’ve all been in that place. We may call it different names, we may think we’re the only ones but we’re not. But i just hope for the next person who’s going through it has someone there to help them along the way, because i don’t think i’d want someone else to go through the things like me and other people have been through. Sometimes some people deserve better, and the people who hurt them deserve what’s coming.

I’m considering retiring the #not a gender tag. I feel like the people who do blacklist it, if there actually are any, are probably mostly cis people who don’t care about trans issues, and I don’t want to cater to them in any kind of way. This will always be a mostly humor blog, but I’m not going to stop occasionally reblogging important serious topics just cause it makes some transphobes uncomfortable. If I post things that upset transphobes, good! I don’t want them following my blog. I don’t want cis people stomping all over something by and for trans people yet again.

Honestly the problem I’m having with cis people acting shitty and disrespectful towards me is getting out of control and I feel the best way to shoo them away from my blog is to post content (sj) I know they’ll hate seeing on their dashboards, and tagging it with some general sj tag (I will still use appropriate tags for specific issues) would defeat the purpose. So I hope you’re all looking forward to a handful of reblogged sj type posts every week about transphobia, transmisogyny, race, gender, and sexuality, and how those all intersect.

Some of you may have missed the profound significance of what happened today when Jim Pace, Lee’s dad, joined Twitter.

First, let me remind you that Mr. Pace is someone who has stated that “Facebook is the largest invasion of privacy I know except for Twitter.” He is also a former Green Beret, so you better pay close attention when he does something out of the ordinary. Like today.

He opened a Twitter account and only followed three people: Lee Pace (his son), Sally Twellman (his daughter) and Richard Armitage. It was a quiet, yet incredibly powerful declaration.

However, I know a few of you will still doggedly insist that Richard and Lee are “just friends and nothing more,” probably to your last breath.

Nothing more.

So, I can’t help but think: at what point does that belief, in the face of so much evidence to the contrary, start to belittle their relationship? When does perpetuating who you want Richard or Lee to be instead of who they really are start to become a negative energy on their lives? And what right do we have to demand that they come out “officially” in whatever manner we deem appropriate to assuage our doubt?

I sometimes wonder what some of you really expect. For Richard and Lee to announce their relationship to the world during a press conference, complete with a rendition of “Puttin’ On The Ritz” in top hats and spats? (Although, to be fair, they have surprised us in a myriad of ways since joining Twitter in the last month, so who knows? Stay tuned.)

There is obviously a lot of love, spirituality and strength in the Pace family and Mr. Pace has shown his support for his son today. He has also clearly shown that it extends to Richard as a close member of his family.

I just wish everyone could see that.

I am a Christian, and right now, I am so disappointed in my community.

This week there was a mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando, which at my last check caused the death of 50 and injured at least 53 more. It was the biggest mass shooting in United States history. Many people have mourned the loss of the victims, including many Christian churches.
However, I’ve also noticed a LOT of “christians” heading onto social media to express opinions such as “those perverts deserved it” and “my children will be a lot safer now with those people off the street.”

To those people out there, are you kidding me? Some man literally kills 50 PEOPLE, and you’re first thought is “he’s doing God’s work.” As Christians, we follow the new testament, where Jesus preached love and acceptance. He said “I give you a new commandment- to love each other as I have loved you.” And yet, you STILL have the nerve to look at a tragedy like this, lift your hands in the air and praise God for smitting out the sin. Please pick up a Bible and show me an example where Jesus killed someone that the world believed was a sinner. Go on, take your time. I’ll wait here while you leaf through each page, verse by verse, while you look for a passage where Jesus killed someone for sin.

Well now that you wasted about an hour trying to prove that, let’s bring up the fact that you still think that it was still justified because the people at the club were “sinners” (I would debate you on that point, but that’s for another rant at another time). The entire point of our religion is that Jesus died to take away our sins. Like, he literally hung on a cross for hours, dying to save us. And yet, even though the physical manifestation of God died for us “sinners”, you still believe that this psychotic gunman went the extra mile by killing these people- even though it is the polar opposite of the basic tenants of Christianity?

My final point is that because of all of these hateful posts online, I no longer feel safe in my own community. You may have gone through this messaging thinking I was straight, or not even giving it a thought, but I’m not. I identify as pansexual, and I also identify as Christian. That’s quite the combo for some people, and I know that there are people that are going to read this and start fuming. How dare I, a sinner, follow a religion that preaches the forgiveness of sin? It’s a scandal. Because of my sexuality, there are people in my own community that want me dead. I’ve seen the posts for years, and honestly became somewhat numb to it. The fact is someone could shoot me or any of my lgbtq friends in the street just being who we are, and that’s absolutely terrifying, but that’s a reality we have to face every day. I could be laying in a pool of my own blood in the street, or holding the body of one of my friends in my hands, and members of my own Christian community would nod stoically and say “this is the will of God.” Why on Earth is that ok?

I am a Christian, and I am disappointed in my community. Something has got to change.

drawing tumblr people

so um hi

I really like to draw, but I’m not very good at faces yet, so I thought it would be fun to draw people on Tumblr ^-^

Because I usually don’t get that much notes, I’m going to draw everyone who reblogs this and if you could follow me that would also be very nice, or at least the first 500 or something if that amount of notes is even possible with my smol blog (your blog must include selfie tag) (if you use a different tag to tag your selfies you can always tell me!)

As I said before, I’m not very good at drawing faces yet, so there may be some differences in style because I’m still figuring everything out.
I’m still in school as well, so it might take a while before I’m done.

so um yeah

let’s hope this doesn’t get like 2 notes

First of all I’m sorry the gif looks weird. It was originally better but it came up to about 3MB so I had to cut it down a lot. Anyways, I’ve been on tumblr for quite a while but I made this tumblr roughly around 6 months ago and I already have almost 600 followers and I’m like ???? hO w???? I don’t know about you but to me that’s A LOT and I’m so goddamn happy. Thank you all for following my sad excuse for a blog guys. If you’re not on this follow forever I’m sorry it probably just means I’ve recently followed you and I really don’t know you well yet, also, I follow over 1000 people so I apologize if I forgot some people. Please know, I love every one I follow and my followers a lot .


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Hello Everyone!! I’m so sorry I haven’t been very active lately but it’s midterm season again and I’ve been busy with life, so forgive me!! Even though I’ve only had this blog for 2.5 months, this community has definitely made a positive impact on my life, and I’m so thankful to everyone who follows me/who I follow! 

There are so many great studyblrs that I haven’t discovered yet, and so many people who need recognition for all that they contribute to this community. Since I’m not following many people, this is also a great chance for me to follow some more studyblrs :’) even if you don’t win, there’s still a chance I might follow you!!

DISCLAIMER: My intentions of posting this are not to have a competition of which studyblr is the best, but rather it’s a way for me to find new blogs/friends, and give alot of new studyblrs some recognition. I tried to put in as many categories as I could think of to maximize the amount of winners

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Mushroom Lettuce Wraps
Tonight I used my leftovers from last night’s dinner to make some yummy lettuce wraps. If you haven’t tried cauliflower rice yet.. get on it!! I have a few recipes for cauli-rice in my previous posts and will have more in my ebook! I’m also building a website, so let me know what you’d like to see on there! Earlier today I asked where all my followers are from and it’s freaking awesome to connect with like-minded people around the WORLD!!! So I’m really motivated to get these things done for you all!