and yet some people follow me

If you haven’t noticed it yet I changed the name of my art account to @im-on-a-murder-break where I’ll be posting my art and reblogging/ posting A LOT of Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth stuff.

Now with college move in literally a day away I might not be as active in posting things or reblogging things, so just bear with me for a bit so that I can gain some traction and figure out how to adult. 

That being said, please feel free to follow my other account @im-on-a-murder-break if you like Achievement Hunter or Rooster Teeth or my art, which I haven’t posted a lot of… I’ll get on top of that once I get my scanner up and working.

Wow! So a week or so ago I reached a huge milestone, 2,500 followers, and I just want to thank each and every single person who follows my blog. It means a lot to me, even if I don’t fully understand why anyone follows me in the first place :’) I know a lot of you followed me after Rebecca Mader reblogged my post, and for that I thank her and I thank all of you! I still can’t believe that happened. I hope you all don’t regret following me. And if you haven’t come and said hi yet, please do!

I’ve met some of my best friends on this website, and I love getting to know everyone and fangirl with you all. Thank you for being so kind to me! I have a giveaway planned for my next milestone, but for now here is a follow forever. There are so many amazing people with amazing blogs on this website, I hope I didn’t forget anyone. Bolded people are extra special to me and have my all time favourite blogs. And a huge shoutout to the lovely Ayla for making that wonderful gif for me. ❤︎

A-C: @aestheticparrilla// @agentmartinellii// @agentscullycarter// @agntpegcarter// @alwaysthe-queen// @aregaloutlaw// @awfully-vanilla// @banditregina// @beautifulouatladies// @bekki-lowndes// @bekksrich// @belleoftheballpoint// @bexmader// @butterflies-and-feathers// @calmskiesfierynights// @captain-saviours-heart// @charlotteflax// @charmingsregina// @claredandjakeo// @commandercosima// @cruellasdarling

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V-Z: @waltermills​// @wayearp// @white-little-devil

     holy guacamole  … for starters,  thank you all for being here. i mean, really, i can’t remember the last time i had so much fun on a rp blog. especially since i realize how slow i am. and yet you guys are here! you’ve all been nothing but amazing, and i appreciate all of you, again thank you so much for these last months, i’m so glad that you enjoy my bucky enough to stay for a while. i’m doing my best and i’m really proud of some of the stuff i’ve put out!! this is a complication of people i’ve gotten to follow and fall in love with over this course. i know this is a smaller milestone, but it’s huge for me. i love you all so much, without further ado …

  me, but on another blog …

@childwar  //  @preybird  //  @deadreyes  +  my pinterest + aestehtic side blog.

  my dudes™  a.k.a  the best hoes a fellow hoe could ask for : //

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         +  everyone who i maybe missed, i’m not the best at this pls forgive me, it wasn’t on purpose.

tsukidaisy  asked:

What would be your rec for Tokyo Ghoul? :o


—-People reblogging this, please read the Tokyo Ghoul Manga instead—-

I probably will go with either of the following: 

  • Parasyte: Many people say it’s similar to TG. I don’t think so. The bit about parasitic creatures as well as the philosophical and natural debate that unfolds at the end of the story makes the story worth-watching… as well as reminiscences some underlying themes in TG.
  • Ajin: I watched it recently and now slowly reading the manga. It’s the closest I have come across to TG. The anime is CGI so it might be annoying for some. However, it is definitely worth enduring as it unravels shocking themes and actions. 
  • Psycho Pass: If you do get to the core of the morale of the story, although it’s of course subjective, it resembles some themes in TG. Though generally speaking… it’s very different from TG. I prefer it over Parasyte. 
  • Btooom! The manga updates irregularly so I forgot to read the recent chapters. The anime is underrated but well made. It’s really different from TG. What I liked about it though is that the author does offer characterization to all characters… enough for you to understand their motives, even if you do not agree with them. This is something I especially appreciate because I rarely saw it elsewhere than TG. 

This beautiful banner was made by the even more beautiful @mcrtalities

OKAY SERIOUSLY??? HOW?? WHO?? WHEN?? WHY?? WHAT?? WHERE??? (Is that all of them? Yeah, I think so). This blog is almost 6 months old and there’s OVER 750 OF YOU??? I AM NOT WORTHY OF THIS. This is literally more than half of the amount of followers I have on my personal and I just???? I seriously can’t believe this. I can’t believe that some of you have been here since the beginning AND ARE STILL HERE. LIKE HOW HAVE I NOT SCARED YOU ALL AWAY YET???? I’M KEEPING ALL OF YOU THOUGH, OKAY? OKAY, GOOD.

Every day I keep meeting more and more amazing people on here and writing with so many of you is just so inspiring and fun. I seriously can’t believe that some of you even want to write with me/love writing with me because I am but a simple potato. 

Okay so as ya’ll should know by now this is the part where I get hella sappy and blab about a select few special people. And as always it’ll be put under a read more BECAUSE I ALWAYS GET RIDICULOUSLY SAPPY ALONG WITH ME SCREAMING ABOUT THEM AS I INTRODUCE THEM. And also if I forget to tag anybody on here I’m sorry! 

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tumblr decided to stop sending me new follower notification emails, so now you’ll have to. work extra hard for senpai to notice you, i guess?

Do you like to read, write, craft (lmao) or do anything creative? Then this is the net for you!

It’s simple, all you have to do is:

⭐️follow me pls

⭐️follow the net blog

⭐️apply using this form

⭐️reblog this post! (Im sorry, likes will only count as bookmarks)

~cool new friends/mutuals!
~likes/reblogs on your work
~group chat with people with similiar interests
~maybe some skype calls??? idk yet

Important Notes
•i track #creativephan
pls pls plssss keep notifications on for the net blog, there will be updates often!
•applications will be due by September 4th (unless changed)
•many people will be accepted! (Depending on how many apply🤔)
even if like 3 people apply we will still have this up!
•Bullying, in any shape or form, will not be allowed.

300+ Followers!!

Originally posted by urirove

Oh my god you crazy people. I’m away on holiday and yet here we are. Somehow - I have managed to gather over three hundred people to each of my blogs and for that I am entirely thankful <3 This summer has been amazing and this is just an extra little bonus. To each and everyone of you I want to send all the huggles and all the kisses ~ it honestly does mean a lot to me that people are wanting these two on their dashes ^-^ I do need to make a call out to some people though - all of whom you should all follow!

Big Big Thank You To:

@dramaticpurpleprince @godxofxegypt @spirit-ofthering @shadowspiritthief @yadxnushi and @thinkofitlikechess / @pastthevaulteddoors

The above have been amazing to me since I’ve first interacted with them as well as having muses that have affected my own muses rather strongly and helped them to grow as a result <3 I thank you all for all the support you’ve given to me, all the encouragement and all the fun times! May our ships continue on their rocky paths :3

Huggles and Kisses To:

@destiny-be-damned @vampy-yami @beautyofillusixn @kingdeath-t @ceo-of-nothing-in-particular @kisarabewd @marik-dominant-prominent @yomisscreaminglessons @impetuous-shadow @dimensionthosesexydice @browneyedpuppywheeler @caecusursa

For your support and the amazing threads that we’ve been working on ^.^ I enjoy everything that we write together and it’s always a pleasure to see you guys on my dash *squeezes*

Admiration from Afar:

@goldenpuzzle @shadowgodling @guaardian @baby-panda-yugi

@a-boy-king @kingofdoorsbitch @infinite-conundrums @cannibalmariku

We have only just started or maybe still have to really interact but I’ve enjoyed seeing you on my dash and I’m glad we get to interact at least a little. I shall work on trying to poke you more in the future for sures! :3


I know there are people I’ve missed out and sorry for that - I am terrible at names I swear >.> But seriously a huge thank you to each and everyone of you. It means a lot to have you all here ^-^

14 steps to making Suicide Squad a better movie

Okay y'all, I edit things on a fairly professional level in that this is a thing I’m paid to do and stuff.

As an editor Suicide Squad made me insane. Structurally this movie needed a decent rewrite and a major overhaul in the editing room(a big part of that overhaul would involve shooting whoever was so hell bent on all of those MUSIC CUES)

So do me this favor and imagine Suicide Squad with the following changes.

This is going to be full of spoilers so I hope everybody has seen the movie by now

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                              “What the hell is a ‘Stiles?’”

                                                                              “Whose Stiles?”

I’m not even sure how I managed to get one hundred followers on this blog and now I somehow have four hundred. This is insane! I had to celebrate it somehow so I decided to make one of those follow forevers to share some of the love I have for you guys. Thank you so much for following me and putting up with me even if we haven’t interacted yet! I can’t include everyone on here but there’s some people I have to mention right off the bat. They’re not in any particular order beneath the ‘read more.’ After that list there’s another for those I simply adore.

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It has been some time since I’ve done a follow forever and, having amassed a recent milestone, I thought it high tide to conduct yet another! The purpose of this post is to thank those who have decided to follow me - but most importantly, to appreciate the friends I have garnered in the time elapsed since my last follow forever. I appreciate all of you from the bottom of my little heart! –– xoxo, dani.

MOON OF MY LIFE ;–– @cesareborgiax​, of course it should go without saying that bec gets her own honourable mention by dishonourable deeds. you bully me 24 / 7, and yet some how i still talk to you!!!… funny. anyway, bec, my life would not be the same without you (for better or for worse…) and honestly you’re one of the most important people in my life atm. terribly sad that we don’t talk so much RN but now that you are in confite i hope that changes. you have improved as a writer so much since we skype roleplayed, an event i DO NOT want to remember, come hell or high water, and i thank you for sticking by me!!! ––; xoxo dani and the saggeteriousess (the lord of the manor.)

MY SUN AND STARS ;–– @lucasnorrth, eve, eve, eve ; how i love… theeve. in the short time i’ve known you, you have turned my life on a volte-face for the better. your writing inspires me and your sheer dedication (especially when it comes to killing that tv guy of yours) is a beacon of light for me. we hate the same people and lust over the same aging british men, and honestly, life becomes so much better when you have someone you can trust with your secrets and be trusted in return (i hope). i wish with all of my heart that the few months we’ve spent as BFFS will continue & span over many years to come!! ––; xoxo dani.

THE BAE SQUAD ;–– @the-queenbitch, @genrps, @janeseymcur@alsternen, @ncitsbecky, @theboleynqueenn, @hailthequeens, @sylviaplathwrites, @dixonbeth, @northernisms, @ilanawexlering, @maurawrites, @evaduartes, @mattdaddamnyo, @geillisdvncan, @oqhelia, @herawritings, @matthewdaaddario​ !! (love you tea guzzling binches)


Job 19:1 - Then Job answered and said,

 Job 19:2 - How long will ye vex my soul, and break me in pieces with words?

Job 19:3 - These ten times have ye reproached me: ye are not ashamed that ye make yourselves strange to me.

Ecclesiastes 7:5 - It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools. (song = set of words)

A bunch of sellouts who are glorified in our communities, but yet want to come together and talk about the oppression. Whether we want to say it or not, these are some of our leaders, why, because alot of our people follow these uncle Ruckus’s. Willing to destroy our peoples mind for some “capital gain” or in other words money. In the end I don’t want to be in any of these shoes. Alot of these so called leaders know what’s going on but they don’t care they just want to get paid. Wake up Israel, these sellouts help keep your people down. Shalom.

WOOO! 200 followers! Honestly didn’t expect to get this far…totally expected to get buried under all of the MUCH more talented artists out here. They all had to start somewhere right? Thank you for all the support!

Anyway! Got a request?(*cough*they’re free*cough again*) DO THE THING!

More stuff to come! 

istudyhumanhope  asked:

Hey (: Is there some sort of masterpost or side about enby history, because I know they we long around and everything but I need more specifics I guess? I want to come out to my family and they are very rational so this could may help them a lot to understand and keep me safe.

I’ve actually been searching for something like this for quite some time and have yet to come up with anything. There are individual articles that talk about history/culture involving nonbinary people, but there doesn’t seem to be a master post anywhere. If any followers could help, that would be greatly appreciated!

- Abby

Rant Time

I kinda hate that I hate certain things, like when people message me. I like to try to be the friendliest person I can be, but I just can’t put up with somethings.

Especially because sometimes, it feels paradoxical. I like to message the people I like and admire, I hate being flat out ignored. But I know a few people who message me often, sometimes every 3 hours, yet I want to tell them to fuck off?

I just kinda am not used to it. A few years ago, no one acknowledged my existance enough to talk to me. Yet here I am, 800 followers, some of which actually would like to talk to me and be my friend. Am I just bad?

Gee, hatter how come your mom lets you have 1700 FOLLOWERS?!

Quietly staring at thatnumber a moment for emphasis.

No seriously what DID i do for 1700 of you guys? It feels like just yesterday i was excited about a couple HUNDRED. And honestly I thought I wasn’t going to reach this number, I bounced around in the 1600s for so long I thought I’d never REACH this number… And yet here we are. Wow, guys, like… I don’t deserve this, I don’t.

But this is about you guys, not about me.

You all are such amazing people for helping me get to such a CRAZY milestone! You followers make me remember why I LOVE ROLEPLAYING SO MUCH. You followers make me happy beyond what I can put into words!

Of course, I’m a bit biased to some of y’all ;3

So here it is, y’all, my latest and PROBABLY last follow forever!!!

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