and yet she's not bitter


“I used to tell Walter, ‘Never start a fight… but always finish it.’ I didn’t start this fight… but by God, I’m going to finish it.”

modern day myrrha, laying back on her giant, plush bed in her expensive business blazer, stark white shirt half-unbuttoned, pencil skirt, sheer nylons, glass of wine in her hand

she checks her phone

8 missed calls from a dude she slept with who thinks they’re ~meant to be together~

most recent text message: her weed guy

contacts list: like 10 people long, no more than that

myrrha sighs and chugs the wine

You know what I love the most about Waverly Earp? 

  1. When she was four, her mother left
  2. When she was six her father and sister were killed
  3. Her only close family was then taken away, put into a mental health place, then foster care.
  4. She then left when Waverly was 18 and didn’t come back for three years. 

Waverly has every right to be bitter and angry with the world, yet she is the sweetest, kindest, most adorable person ever, even though the world has been nothing but cruel to her since she was four years old. 


Beatrice didn’t get jealous. She never had a reason to. The only thing she wanted was for her family to become human again and once that goal was reached, nothing else mattered. Yet here she is sitting alone against the school wall, the bitter air making her shiver, wondering how to get rid of the pain. Because, whether she’d admit it or not, Wirt does matter to her.

We weren’t even friends. She tells herself that, over and over, but it still comes back to the same thing. But somehow you became my best friend.

“Hey,” his voice is unmistakeable.  She glares up only briefly to read the expression on his face. Grinning too much like usual, but something’s hidden behind it. Concern.

She takes a moment to move herself around before she even thinks of responding, “Hi.”

“You know, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but you’re at a dance,” that know-it-all attitude of his makes her feel like she’s aching.

“So?” she mumbles.

“Sooo, you’re suppose to be inside. Dancing. Yet you’re out here in the bitter cold doing… W-What is it you’re doing exactly?”

She feels the heat rise on her face, but with Wirt here and all of his attention being on her, she tries to cover it up by looking away, “I just needed some air.”

“Okay,” she hears his feet shuffling around until he’s sitting next to her, “I guess I need some air, too.”

She breathes in, the bitter air is almost painful, “What about… Sarah?”

There’s a silences that makes her want to turn to him just to see the expression on his face, but she refuses.

“What about her?”

“Won’t she miss you, with you out here getting some air?” she was upset and she couldn’t explain why, but it was showing in her words forcing him to see it as well.

“Hm? Sarah? Why would she?”

“I don’t know. You tell me,” she wishes she could take away the aggression that’s clear in her voice.

“Beatrice, are you… jealous?”

She snaps around to him and the look of shock he gives her makes her feel strange, “No, I am not! I just don’t want to keep you from your friend.”

“But you’re my friend.”

“Oh, right. Girlfriend then. Your girlfriend,” as soon as she says it, she regrets it. Wirt can only look at her as if everything was too confusing. She wishes he’d go back to smiling, she likes his smile.

He starts talking again and she’s back to looking away, “ Remember that time we got stuck in the armoire?’ he let’s out a raspy laugh. How could she forget? It was the first time she’s ever told anyone about the bluebird incident and the first time she ever felt like she could really trust Wirt.


“You were so afraid of being alone with me, remember? Looking back it’s kind of funny, isn’t i-”

“Why are you bringing this up?” she interrupts before crossing her arms over her chest. She looks down at the bow in between her arms and regrets letting Wirt persuade her to wear it.

“Because it was a nice memory,” he says, she slowly looks over to him once more, one eyebrow raised as she waits for an explanation, “Because it was the first time  that we were together when you didn’t insult everything I said.”

Looking back, she had to agree. Before that day, everything she said to him was either sarcastic or just insulting.If not out loud, then just said to herself. But then, their dynamic seemed to change. No more sarcastic jokes, no insults. Just sincerity.

“And now look at us.”

Beatrice stares at him, mouth slightly hanging open, ready to speak without anything to say.

“Beatrice, Sarah might be my friend, but you’ve become my best friend. I don’t want you to be jealous.”

“I’m not-” her words catch in her throat at the touch of his cold hand against her cheek. He looks her dead in the eyes.

“I don’t want you to think that she means more to me than you do,” there it is again. Sincerity. Every word is dripping with it and it makes her feel weakened.

“But you like her. Like like her,” the words hurt, Maybe she is jealous. The look of concern on his face disappears. Now it’s just amusement even though nothing she said was funny. She just knows that grin is on his lips.

“Close your eyes,” he tells and she’s skeptical, but she closes them. She can hear the sound of him sighing, it’s shaky, and his breath hits her lips, “Beatrice,” it’s the only thing he says before he brushes his lips over hers. It’s surprises her, but it doesn’t disgust her and that thought almost frightens her. Her eyes slowly open while he rests his forehead against her shoulder.


“No… No. That was… what was that?”

“Proof that I don’t like Sarah,” he mumbles and she swears she can feel his face heating up, “And I’m hoping it didn’t mess us up.”

At the sound of us, her smile pops back up, something that hasn’t happened since he brought her here, “You didn’t.”

“Good, because I kind of like you.”

“I like you, too.”

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Our newest alter is named Atlantis and we don't know how old she is yet but we do know she's the oldest and Hisomu is bitter because before she showed up he was the oldest at 17 so sometimes a sulky 17 year old boy fronts in a 15 year old afab body and it's a Mess



Elysion - A story revolving around two paradises (part 2)

Gates opening for the umpteenth time. Revolving paradises. Was the masked man repeating a mere tragedy? The world shall come to an end and be born anew.

The daughter mistook her harvest, the older sister had her younger sister sacrificed, and the woman danced to the tune of the stars. What is the answer brought about by these endless stories?

A different horizon woven through inevitable sin and prayers of lament - everything about it will be revealed. Come, those of you who bear deep wounds in your hearts. Those of you who harbor deep darkness in your hearts.

 The masked flute-playing man is waiting.

“-Welcome to the paradise parade!”

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                            She was brave and fearful, strong and fragile, delicate yet brutal, sweet and a tinsy bitter, she had grace and used to fall on her face, she could seem apathetic sometimes and soon she would be full of life again; that woman was such a marvelous conundrum, I could never figure her out for she was… Impossible.

What Zayn did was petty and childish, don’t say “its just a RT”. He did it on purpose. He did it to draw attention. HE dumped Perrie. HE has no right to be bitter. Again HE dumped Perrie and yet SHE hasn’t said ONE THING about him, good or bad. SHE would never go that low as to degrade his music. All of you praising him - you are even bigger assholes than he is. Go on and laugh as much you want, but lemme break it to you - Zayn hasn’t ended their career, just watch. While LM are performing with Taylor Swift in front of 60 000 people, Zayn is @ home RTing Shady Tweets. Whos the real winner here?

Jessie Mueller & Kelli O'Hara (aka Francesca Johnson) - Halloween 2015.

I have started actively working dragon age swears into my vocabulary and I muttered “By the dread wolf” and my grandmother looked at me and asked “Is that like, a wiccan thing? Cause if so that’s kinda cool hell of a lot better than being a dirty catholic” and I almost cried

okay everyone always does knight emma and queen/princess regina but what about knight regina and princess emma? 

Why does my sister hate to see me happy?

On the way to the Nashville zoo yesterday, I took my family by the Bluebird so that they could see it, and my older sister said “I am so tired of hearing the word Taylor! I’m so tired of her!” And then I kept telling her how she always tries to diminish my happiness, how she’s always so bitter, yet when she talks about something she loves, she wants everyone’s approval. And she kept telling me how annoying I am. Then she goes “I am not jealous of you at all. You hung out with Taylor once. She’s said your name. You don’t know her!” I said “YES. I DO!” My parents stood up for me and said “Actually, yes she does!” Then my sister goes “YOU DONT. Do you text her? Do you have her phone number? No. You don’t. You and her are not best friends like you seem to think!” Then my parents kept telling her to shut up. Then, my younger sister said how she liked this certain car and wished she could have it, and my older sister said “Hey, well apparently Reanna is best friends with Taylor. Have her buy it for you.” Being all sarcastic and stuff. I just can’t take it. It’s like my happiness doesn’t matter. I can’t help that Taylor is what makes me happy, that’s just how it is for me, yet I’m thought nothing of by her. I tried so hard to fight back tears.

I always envisioned your sisters being your best friends…

I find it kinda funny that Sindy is the least bitter. Sindy is the only one in there that was locked away for 3 weeks in the sequester house, now locked away in the jury house for about 6 weeks. Yet has only been in the Big Brother house for 4 weeks in total. She has something to be bitter about yet she is still having the time of her life. I’m proud.