and yet she knows them


Dear Windows 10 and every other company producing apps, etc., that allow me to view whatever my child does online,

1. Thanks, but I can parent on my own. I’d rather my daughter trust that she can talk to me if she runs into a scary/upsetting/dangerous situation online than that I know every site she visits and person she talks to.

2. I respect her fucking privacy. If she feels more comfortable using Google for a sensitive question, or discussing concerns with friends instead of me, that’s her business. If those answers don’t suffice, I’m here. But I know how embarrassing some questions are.

I want to raise a daughter who knows I trust her and respect her as much as I love her. And if she is afraid or makes a mistake, she can come to me without judgment to help fix the problem.

Just a friendly reminder...

Candy is a teenage girl. A teenage girl with teenage feelings and a teenage crush. Lately everyone has been calling her out about her feelings towards Priya but, honestly, who has never been a little jealous? Who has never resented someone for something when they don’t know them yet? It’s natural, so sure she can be a bit extreme, but it’s something that could very easily happen. And the thought that a girls crush might like someone else genuinely hurts, and as hard as you may try, deep down you feel a little something sour for the one your competing against. So yes she’s not taking the best approach, but she’s a teenage girl and it’s something to expect. And in case you haven’t noticed, Priya’s gorgeous. It’s fine for candy to be scared, jealous even. It’s natural and not something to be called out for.

Elise Bauman on periscope

Answered my question about kickass vegetarian recipes with a kale salad which I had eaten the night before

Karaoke of choice is any Amy Winehouse song

“sweet potato”

Does not understand what swag or technology is

Ships Shaysima on orphan black



When you and someone you look up to have all of the things in common *u*

Dragon Age Report!


I finally met Zevran today.

I went from telling my boyfriend to leave off about how I should romance him because “I’ll make my own decision when I meet him thank-you-very-much” to “I will be banging Zevran like a window shutter in a hurricane” in .05 seconds as soon as Zevran said anything to me.

Apparently the fastest way to my heart is through a sexy voice.

I then promptly told my boyfriend I was leaving him for Zevran and he said “understandable”; it subsequently occurred to me to invite him along, but he pleaded not swinging that way, only to muse the well, it IS Zevran, he’d have to see… I settled on wanting them both.

I also… lessee… beat up a merchant who sold fake manuscripts to the mages (he attacked ME! I didn’t start it!)… kicked Zevran’s ass and then taunted him about it because I apparently like toying with him (also no-one’s ever shorter than me I’ll take it while I can get it, and also also the more questions I asked the more he answered. Did I mention SEXY VOICE?)… and then fought a desire demon on may quest to obtain Shale. We’re one inventory-space short of “too much stuff - time for silly hats” again, so I hope she can take a lot of these crystals off my hands.

Also it took exactly one conversation to go from “screen door in a hurricane” to “I will buy you all the things and there will be ROMANCE” and sorry Leliana I’m glad I hadn’t flirted with you yet because I like you as a person and dumping you would have been awkward.

I repeat:



I always feel so bad for any boy band that does a collab with Zuka…

You just can’t outcool them and they always try so hard to keep up but it’s just. No contest.

(Shinee though, Shinee just might be able to give them a run for their money, also Tohoshinki, but they’d have to really work at it)

lmao either criticize them both for being petty, but bringing this ‘she’s a racist white girl’ thing in like lwow yes she deserve all the hate the fandom gave her for the past years + the shade that zayn give her now’ is rly bad like if she is ignorant and appropriate cultures that is one thing. zayn sleeping with other ppl whilst they are together is another.

it’s like you guys don’t want little mix fans to defend their fave or something but we can defend zayn like.

                        “She still is.” Allison & Lydia  - omenmortis

Legends say that spirits are supposed to find the light and that when they
don’t find it, they still have pending business trapping them to Earth.

                              Allison was unable to find her light.

And slowly she started gaining conscience of her surroundings and situation. She was dead and trapped in the limbo, she knew that much. She was at peace with it. She had ACCEPTED it that night after knowing she had saved THEM. Yet she was trapped by other’s guilt. Others that she could not leave knowing they couldn’t let go of her as well. 

One of the strongest shadows lead her to Lydia. She was surprised to discover her best friend’s guilt. And it saddened her to be able to reach her. It took her a long time to be even able to see Lydia with clarity. It took her longer to be able to focus on notions of time, being present in long periods of time. She was unable to reach. To connect. But there was somewhere easier… The dreams. Dreams that led the strawberry blonde to her. 

One night, after seeing blurs of her best friend bleeding on the floor of the police station she was finally strong enough to connect as Lydia slept due to strong pills. She found herself sitting on the grass of a Beacon Hills’ park, her best friend sitting next to her and enjoying the dark lake in front of them.

Allison smiled, feeling at piece like she had not in a long time. She had missed seeing her friend with such ease. So clear and focused. So close. She missed her brightness. She wasn’t aware how long it had been but it was rare not to see Lydia surrounded by shadows that trapped Allison as wel..
“I missed your smile…. —It has been a while since I’ve really seen it.”

Forged In War (part 1)

Title: Forged In War

Part: One

Fandom: Red vs. Blue

Rating: M (for later chapters)

Main Characters: Kimball, Carolina

Pairings: Kimballina (eventually)

Warnings: Character death

Summary: Many things are forged in war. They say that the bonds soldiers share as they fight side by side are as strong as those tied by blood and family. And, sometimes, those bonds become much, much more…

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they kept showing bella on the videos for vevo certified and I got so mad, because thats just feeding into exactly what she wants. More attention.

I HAVEN’T EVEN WATCHED THEM YET WTF WHY WAS SHE THERE (I already know the answer but it still upsets me)

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put idol group in inbox: nine muses

  • The song that made me a fan: hurt locker
  • My top 3 biases: idk them all yet but i know kyungri and shes so hot rip 
  • My top 3 songs: hurt locker, drama, ticket/no playboy
  • My top 3 MVs: drama, gun, wild

tysm for sending me a group!!!!!

also ill take this opportunity if anyone has links/crashcourse posts for ninemuses i would like to get more into them!!!!!!!

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hc + ghosts


Vartouhi actually only recently learned about ghosts. She believes in spirits, so she thinks ghosts must exist as well, though only on Earth, but she doesn’t know what to make of them yet since she hasn’t encountered one. Balahyans believe Itzel, their Goddess, vanquishes evil souls, so only benign spirits walk the other plane of existence. Further, agents of the Goddess help wean lingering spirits off of their attachments to the living world. So there is no reason for Vartouhi to believe there are ghosts on Balah.


I’m all moved in. So many of the girls in my dorm seem to be… Not my kind of people? Half of them are in the same sorority. Still, I’m trying not to pass judgement until I get to know them better. Haven’t met my roommate yet, she moves in tomorrow. The view from my dorm is pretty great, and the weather today is amazing. Yesterday, when I was actually moving, it was awful. Rainy and humid and awful. But I can see Beaver Stadium from my window, as well as the rest of the dorms in the area. And my dining hall has pretty good food. I went exploring today, walked to most of my class buildings. Don’t know if I can go inside yet or not, so I didn’t. I went to the library, explored there a bit, put two books on hold… There’s a hall dinner in about an hour, and I haven’t napped yet today, but I’m too lazy to take out my contacts so I can nap. 

TL;DR - I’m at college and it’s mostly ok.

Telebrick || Jamie & Jas

It was a casual summer day in the hidden village in the capital of South Korea named Vighulir.  The owner of a pastisserie shop in this magical place was relieved as the wave of customers was slowing down even though it meant less profit for them. The lack of workers at Sweet Kiss was showing it effects on every single person at this place. Helping the waiters with all plates and cups left on the table, the middle aged fawn found a flat rectangular brick on the floor. Ever since she left the alps, these things seemed to be everywhere and people lost their mind if they didn’t find them. Yet she never got to know what they were called and why they were so loved because of her busy work life as a patissiere. As the little suddenly aggressively vibrated and gave off strange sounds, the fawn shrieked out of shock and started to stamp her hooves on the flat brick only to be stared at with wide eyes without being aware of it. “Stop please!”  


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He whimpered, momentarily torn. If she couldn't read, she couldn't- but she wouldn't know. Not unless she really did know the doctor and she was lying. Could she know the words, but not spell them? Yet, it wasnt fair to expect her to be using pictures for communication alone. Slowly, against better judgement, he drew pictures for her, with their accompanying word. Car. Bird. Apple. Cat. Rat. Bat. Mom. Dad. Yes. No.

She only recognized a few of them: apple, bird, yes, no. The others were memorized for later dissection. She recognized the drawing of a car as a car but didn’t know the spoken word and so the letters were yet meaningless.