and yet i want to be her


Important Gus updates:

- has put on 0.5kg in 2 weeks!! Such a good bun!!
- no more eyedrops!! Such a relieved bun!!
- little skin infection!! Such an itchy bun!! (She went to the vet today and I caught it early - she’s basically not used to grooming herself yet and it’s got irritated, but she’s had some medicine and she’ll go back in 2 weeks)
- doesn’t want pats because I took her to the vet today and she hates me now!! Such a grumpy bun!!
- playing with her toys more by throwing them all over the place!! Such a destructive bun!!
- was so well behaved at the vets, even when they shoved a thermometer up her bottom!! Such a brave bun!!


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Alison Clues by Episode - “These Books Were Made for Stalking”

I couldn’t help but notice Alison’s expression when Spencer ensures Hanna that they’re all in this together. Not making eye contact, looking down and to the left, frowning…doesn’t really go along with the supportive message that Spencer is trying to get across.

Oh look, here we are right back with Alison playing the victim and Emily comforting her. Once again we see how easily she can manipulate Emily into doing whatever she wants, acting however she wants her to. This is yet another reminder that Ali’s behavior is anything but consistent, and that she still has the girls - or at least one of them - wrapped around her finger.

Hmm…so Alison has a spare key to Spencer’s barn, the exact same place where the board game from A.D. appeared. Interesting. Why did they feel the need to make it so clear that Alison has easy access to the barn? And while her insistence that Emily doesn’t go in there alone can come across as caring, it can also come across as suspicious…why doesn’t she want Emily playing the game without her there? And as a final point on this, notice that the game pieces are moved when they look at it next, like A.D. has been in there to change things around. And who did we just find out has an extremely easy way in and out of that same location? (Credit to @thebestplltheories for being the first to point this out!)

So now A.D. is all involved with the Addison situation, forcing Emily to get her into trouble? The only person besides Emily and Paige (both of whom are very unlikely suspects at this point) who knows anything about Addison and what she’s like…is Ali.

The way that the number 317 is emphasized is very odd and exaggerated. Should we be paying attention to that specific episode? Looking back, one of the biggest pieces of information in 3x17 is the reveal that Alison thought she was pregnant…and we later learn that she wasn’t.

Me rewatching THAT scene for the 234345th time like it was the first time.


*flirty banter going back and forth* I’m liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiking this

OMG OMG OMG HE’S LOOKING AT HER LIPS *hang ooooon, I can’t swoon just yet*

All of this led him to her. This is so sweet I might just turn off the lights and leave this world.


OH I SEE. THE HEARTEYES™ AND BLURTING HIS HEART OUT FACE™ ARE SO ON. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I’M DYING OVER HERE. AND HE WOULD NEVER WANT TO UNDO EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED. THIS IS SO BIG. REALLY, WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT everything that happened, it’s a lot. And he’s really saying he wouldn’t change that because it brought them together. This is like THE declaration of love. THE ONE TRUE SUPREMELY AWESOME AND SWEET AND MATURE declaration of love. It’s really a lot of crap to go through because of someone, and he wouldn’t undo it. Just let that sink in. I’m totally dead, people. Flatlined. I don’t exist anymore. My spirit is typing this from the afterlife.



oh but look at the looks. They are definitely going to pick up right where they left. I’m confident. AND THE THINGS THAT WERE SAID. OMG OMG OMG no no no. IT WAS THE BEST NO KISSING ALMOST KISS IN THE STORY OF TV.

Ok everybody. Episode is ended. Nothing to see here more than a crazy lady who wants to kill her future son in law. *relives and goes back to rewatching the bar scene*

production is well known for their blatant rigging of canada’s favorites yet they have let precious icons ( cass, gary, sindy ) go home and actual flops ( kevin, william, dillon ) prosper. i see no reason why they can’t use this week to redeem themselves by saving their last entertaining factor in the house aka miss ika wong and her only loyal ally demetres for the sake of drama.

Military sister (3/?)

request: yes

plot: the reader is part of the batfam or batsis and wants to join the mlitary and this is her adventures

A/n: also the last paragraph is part of part 4 which I haven’t even written yet but… enjoy!

word count: 1,509

warning(s): blood, guns, killing (doesn’t go into it)

tagging: @shadowrunner101 @tim-help @ti0261 @comicbookworm @gokusanfan @confidentcorgi

part 1  part 2  part 3 (you’re here)

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Lux is my main champ and I know her kit like the back of my hand. The only problem is when I play with my boyfriend & his friends (they have been playing for 5+ years), we get matched against much more skilled/experienced players. I almost always go to shit no matter what. But if I play on my own I’m always playing with toxic people so I’m scared to play without my friends, yet it’s too hard to play with them. They say they don’t care, but I feel like they are only nice to me because I’m a girl.

Artwork by nyami

Ahh Lux is my second main after Annie and tbh I always feel the same way :( I’m the only girl that plays regularly with my boyfriend and his friends, and at first I was too scared to play with them at all before I was level 30 because I thought they would be mad when I did badly. Even though I play with them almost every day now, I always think that they’re just tolerating me because they don’t want my boyfriend to be angry that they excluded/flamed me. Sometimes, I do terribad and I get upset to the point of silent tears, but other times I play really well and can even carry the game sometimes hehe ^_^ I mostly try to put those thoughts away and just play the game :D You’ll find that if you try it, you might even do better since you put away the negative thoughts!! Most of the time it works for me haha but everybody has bad games :) You can always play with me/the mods/people in the Discord server if you want as well so you don’t have to play with random toxic people!! Good luck <3

-mod jenna (sorry…after doing this confession i couldn’t help but write a huge paragraph because aahhh i can relateee and i’m a lil happy inside that i’m not the only one that feels this way… :3)

softly, sweetly (pt. 2)

A/N: alright this is part two of my calum fic and it’s honestly a Mess please disregard any typos or all around trashiness lmao. and again please lmk if you want more!! 

Pairing: Calum Hood x Y/N

Word Count: 990 sorry it’s short ffs

I do take prompts/requests!

[part one] 

Friday rolled around at the speed of a snail, possibly a sloth. You couldn’t settle on a good comparison quite yet. Nonetheless, it was finally Friday, and Friday meant football game, and football game meant after party, and after party meant Calum Hood. Of course, almost everything meant Calum Hood when he preoccupied about ninety percent of your daily thoughts.

As your friend had so eloquently put it, you were dragging her along for the rollercoaster ride entitled “Can I Get Calum To Like Me?” Quite literally dragging her, in fact. Your friend was in tow behind you as you purposefully strode towards the football field the game would be taking place at.

“You know, even after all the games you watch, I don’t think you know the first thing about football,” your friend accused with a playful tone. You shot a glare over your shoulder, mostly because that statement rang true.

“I know you kick the ball into the goal. What else is there to know?” The two of you finally reached the swarm of people mostly comprised of the student body, all waiting to take seats or buy tickets.

“I dunno, maybe the rules?” your friend feigned thoughtfulness before ducking away at your swatting hand.

“Shut up and buy a ticket.”

The two of you took your regular seats at the very top of the bleachers, the space having been kept empty since most of the student body knew that’s where the two of you sat at every game. See, you were social enough to attend the game, but not enough so to sit within the mass of your fellow students. The spot you’d claimed as your own long ago had a nice view, though, and by nice view, you meant you could watch Calum’s movements clearly.

Calum’s team won the match easily, and your school’s half of the bleachers stood in cheer, including you. People began to stream down the stairs, feet clanging on the cool metal surface. Your friend insisted on staying behind for a minute until everything calmed down. Well, insisted as in held you by your shirt when you started to get up.

“Relax, Calum will still be down there after everyone clears out,” she rolled her eyes at you, her signature expression. Your cheeks flushed with a dusting of pink, but you only mocked her eye roll with your own.

“Okay, come on, it’s been a minute,” you got up again, this time your friend rising as well.

“Did you really count?”


You reached the bottom step first followed by your friend a minute later, and your heart nearly leapt into your throat when you turned to nearly bump into Calum himself. You could’ve figured out it was Calum just by the smell, but not in the creepy way. Rather, the way in which he smelled horribly of sweat.

“Oh, god, it reeks of pubescent boys,” your friend groaned before you elbowed her in the side to shut up.

“Gee thanks,” Calum’s smile was wry, and it twisted up the corners of his lips before his eyes landed on you and lit with recognition. “You’re Luke’s neighbour, aren’t you?”

Your heart jumped into overtime at his words, at the fact he actually knew who you were. You could only manage a dumbstruck nod, still processing the situation. Calum laughed for a moment, and you thought it was the shortest but sweetest moment you’d ever had.

“Hm, you stare a lot, don’t you, babe? I know there’s a lot to stare it, though,” his eyes held a glint of amusement and cockiness in them, and you got the feeling this was his normal demeanor.

“Don’t you have an after party to get to?” your friend interrupted the conversation. It was more a one-sided talking and other-sided staring than an actual conversation. Calum turned his brown eyes to her, eyebrow arched at her challenging tone. You turned your head to look at your friend as well with your own displeased look.

“I can tell when I’m not wanted,” he threw his hands up in surrender. “You wanna come to the party, too, babe?” You nearly choked on your own spit at his proposition. Calum Hood was asking if you wanted to go with him, but you realized there was a catch. You’d be ditching your best friend for him.

You glanced between the two of them, both giving you pointed looks and expecting you to agree with their sides.

“Um, give me a minute, yeah?” you turned to Calum before grabbing your friend’s arm and leading her to the side.

“Why’d you do that?” your annoyance finally seeped out into the cracks of your frustrated voice.

“Do what? Try to keep you from throwing yourself away on a total dickwad?” her voice was sharp with the surface of anger, making your lips tilt down into a frown.

“He’s not a dickwad! He called me babe, and he even asked for me to go to the party with him,” you only realized how pitiful your words sounded after they’d left your mouth. You had a terrible habit of speaking before you thought out what to say. Your friend, however, was the opposite, and now, she was thinking.

“One, that babe was ninety-percent patronizing, and two, he just wants to make out with you, probably more, but that’s gross.” You shook your head at your friend’s words. This was unbelievable. Was she really just now having this conversation with you?

“I think you’re being ridiculous,” you started before she narrowed her eyes at you.

“I’ve quietly put up with watching Calum with you for years, and only now, you think I don’t know what I see? Go with him if you want, but he’ll break your heart,” she warned before turning to walk away. You walked the opposite direction to Calum, heart fluttering from a mixture of nerves and nausea.

Would he really break your heart?

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Omg I never knew about this rape case. Can you please post the letter she wrote and spread the word? I would if I had tumblr. This is so sad, her voice has been suppressed purely because the word of a famous footballer >>> that of an average lady right? Disgusting! And to think no one is talking about this on tumblr, a place know for it's so called justice warriors. Guess things chance when the accused is your favorite. Really hope you post the letter! It needs to be read by everyone here!

the paper has the complete letter, they haven’t posted it (yet). Only bits and pieces in which she explains what happened, what he did, how she never wanted his money and that he ruined her life. It broke my heart. You can read more about it here and here . This is a part of the letter that the paper decided to publish: 

Susan K.’s letter to Ronaldo is also part of the out-of-court settlement. Clause 10 states that the text must be read to Ronaldo by his lawyer, Osório de Castro.

In it, Susan K. writes: “I don’t care about your money that was the last thing I wanted!! I wanted justice! There really is ‘no justice’ in this case.” She mentions “medical records” listing the injuries she sustained from Ronaldo. Susan K.’s story is that of a traumatized woman. “My life will never be the same,” she writes.

Her letter to Ronaldo ends with a P.S. She writes that she is sorry about having agreed to the settlement, and adds in bold letters, “Today I would give anything to go back and change my decision!! It has been over a year since you raped me.”

The final two sentences sound like a helpless plea: “I hope you realize what you have done and learned from this terrible mistake!! Don’t take another woman’s life as you did mine!!”

I want Zeno to mess with Mizari’s mind using his devotion to Kouren. Like, “Okay, kid, you can have a piece of me. You’ll gain everything I have. However, do you really want it? If you only want this to protect her, you will succeed, if only for so long as she lives. Then she’ll die. And you’ll remain here, in a world without your master forever and ever. You’ll have no reason to live, yet you won’t be able to die. No matter how hard you try. You won’t be able to be with her in heaven.”

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Oh god imagine a scene where Lena doesn't know about winn's past and she says something about being related to bad people and he's like "tell me about it" and she's really surprised and he tells her his story and then he says "We have a lot more in common than just being tech nerds" and they keep talking and Lena asks him "Are you ever afraid? Of turning evil like them?" and he's like "All the time" and they start bonding?? Thanks Brenda now I want this brotp even more

I BEG YOUR SWEET EVERLOVING PARDON!?! I do not recall asking to be stabbed by feels!!?

Also, I love you. 💗 This would be so amazing. I understand why it hasn’t happened yet, but if they do not explore the relationship between Lena and Winn any time soon…. It just needs to happen. They would be so good for each other!

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Why did Lucifer's son kill Dagon though? Did he dislike Dagon and Dagon's planned future for him? Or did he believe being with Castiel was just safer? I can't tell if this baby is just self-serving and desperate to be born or he was using Castiel to defeat the evil demon.

Yeah, I’m guessing the kid decided he wasn’t down with Dagon controlling him. He isn’t even born yet, and already he’s got an agenda…

And he’s got Kelly and Cas convinced that his agenda is the Right Thing To Believe In.

Which is mortifying. Because heck the baby’s subsumed their free will. It’s not as clear with Kelly, because she’s seemed to always have wanted to care for her baby, but when Sam offered her the grace extraction cure, and a chance at a normal life for her and the baby… she flat-out declined it. She honestly believes that the baby must not only be born, that he must be born with all of his powers.

And that’s the one thing Cas has openly feared since they first discovered the nephilim’s existence. I mean, this was a huge part of the reason that Sam and Dean ended up in that prison at the end of 12.08– so Cas could escape with Kelly to end the nephilim. And as such it’s the source of all of Cas’s recent string of “failures.”

And I’m betting it’s one of the reasons all the angels in 12.10 had been so willing to go along with just killing the supposed nephilim, and hadn’t even allowed Akobel to speak on his own behalf… because nephilim have this power to control the minds of angels.

At least, that explanation makes sense to me.

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Good greetings wonderful blog! There this scene with Draco during sex telling Hermione to say she love him even if she did not mean it. He did not care, he wanted to hear her say it to orgasm. He loved her and she did not know this.

Hmm… I distinctly remember a fic where Draco tells Hermione to say that during sex… it was something like he tells her to “say I love you, I don’t care if you don’t mean it, just say it.” It kinda shocks her, but she does it. I want to say it was a marriage law trope. Does this sound familiar to any one?

❤️ @refictionista


aryaaforever said:

Its the Silk Thread! By LuverGurrl411

Thanks aryaaforever!

The Silk Thread by LoverGurrl411 - M, WIP - Dumbledore’s dead, the ministry’s desperate and crumbling around them, and war is on the horizon-but the only war that truly matters has yet to begin: the war of hearts. In between silence and hatred lies a twisted desire that will either consume them, or help them survive Voldemort’s rise to power together. Marriage Law Fic. AU Seventh Year. HBP Compliant. 

❤️ @refictionista

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i met my girlfriend just over 3 months ago & like we've already got our own home together. ano to most people this is super fast but she is literally my everything and the future i see with her is just so amazing. BUT when we was drunk one night i got a bit confident and stupidly said 'let's just get married' (not sure wtf i was thinking it's been 3 months and i don't wanna get married yet) but man i would marry her little butt tomorrow if i could, am i a weirdo for wanting things this early on?

I met this guy 2 months ago and he says he wants a future with me, but only time will tell! Sometimes time is relative, but remember love is patient!!!


I wanted to let you know that I’m still alive and still playing, here is a modern couple I’ve been playing and finally using the University expansion.

Liv Sørensen, an ambitious medical student from Saaqartoq. Her Junior year she met Will Gallaway, a business major from Cape Garner Island at a party. And they’ve been inseparable ever since.

d There’s going to some story for them and a back story I just haven’t decided yet, I’ve been playing them. ****Yes I’m still playing the Mackenzie Legacy and I’ll be posting an update Monday.

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Have you ever thought of doing a Hanella storyline where Hank gets protective of Stella after he finds out Jim has tried to make a move on her (yet again). Does that sound stupid? Idk it's just an idea that I kept thinking about today haha

If they had an encounter with Jim, Hank would probably be a bit rankled by it, but I don’t know that Stella would let him get as snarky as he’d want.  That could happen.


Song: Lights on by Gio Navas
Anime: Noragami by Adachitouka

*Permission to use this song was granted by Gio*

For any of you who don’t know Gio is a fandom singer who writes songs about books/tv/and anime and you guys should def check her out!! @themusicalbookworm

x x x 

Alright so this one was a little hard to make bc all the scenes I wanted to use hdn’t been animated yet!! Not to mention I have more trouble with ballads lmao. Also my program kept crashing bc I edited in so many on-screen lyrics, but I couldn’t help it!! They lyrics are so pretty!!

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So! This is just for fun, I actually don't know your sexuality but, if you had the chance to marry literally one character from the One Piece universe regardless of genre, who would you chose?

Am I allowed to say all?

But seriously, there are legitimately a lot of characters that I would probably want to marry and I can’t pick just one so I’ve narrowed it down to a few!

Luffy- He’s sweet, kind and also head strong. He cares deeply for his friends and loved ones! Plus, he doesn’t care what others think and will do whatever he thinks!

Vivi- She’s one of the nicest and compassionate characters in OP. She’ll stop at nothing to take care of her kingdom and the people she cares about! She’s also incredibly head strong!

Sabo- This guy is one of the biggest dorks yet a badass! He’s nice and tall so big, cute, strong cuddles! He’s also really protective and a sweetheart!

Ace- This man needs so much love and I would be prepared to give him that love!

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Except Becca met R/icky through D. D introduced them when she started G/lee and didn't have mgmt yet. Yet now she has no contact with D. That all went down when the G/lee cast went to the AHS premiere and M went along. Becca posted a pic he didn't wanted posted. It all went south.

Oh this little bit is an education for me today. Cause as I said… i just dont really pay attention to her. Just has never been a reason to. Well I think the little pr friendships are a hoot. I mean some of them are so obvious that you can quote the script before stuff happens.

But I know folks at that event (i was in italy at the time), I will have to ask 😁


“Thanks for walking me home.” Ty said.
“No problem puppy.” Evie smirked.
“Hey!” he said “I thought you’d be the one not to call me that.”
“We’ll see I guess.” she said “I don’t know you that well yet.”
“True, I’m a nice guy though. Promise.”
“That’s what they all say.” she chuckled “Anyways, gotta catch some Zs now. See you later dude.”
“Yeah goodnight.” Ty smiled.
She watched as he walked away into his building and then looked up at the starry night sky. A pleasant feeling of content rushed over her and she smiled to herself. She liked the night, the quiet. Working nights suited her well, even though she didn’t get to see Maisie as much as she wanted.

Someone told me that I should find my own girl. The one that I could be with; the one I could love. But I don’t want that stuff yet. Not because I am scared, but because I wanted to love my next one with all that I am. I am not gonna force myself to love someone just because I feel lonely. I am contented living alone. It’s not the ideal set up, but it suits me. For I am not ready. I don’t want my next one to doubt herself every night just because I can’t treat her the way I should be. I don’t want her to feel that she is alone. Above all else, I promised myself that the next time I go into a relationship, it would be with someone who I could love with all that I am. It may take a while, maybe forever, but I am fine with that. In the meantime, I’ll focus on being the best person that I can be. So when the right person comes, I swear I am gonna love her for everything that she is and for everything that she isn’t.
—  Promises