and yet he chooses to protect and serve our little planet


thor week: day 1 - “why are you a thor fan/what draws you to thor?”

Ask me to describe Thor in one word and it would be this: selfless. One of the main reasons I am so in love with Thor as a character is his utter inability to put himself before others, no matter their status. 

“Brother, however I have wronged you, whatever I have done that has led you to do this, I am truly sorry. But these people are innocent, taking their lives will gain you nothing. So take mine, and end this.”

Mortal lives are fleeting compared to those that reside on Asgard. To them, we may as well be mayflies - here one day, gone the next. And yet in the scene with the Destroyer, Thor - wielder of a power far greater than we could possibly comprehend - is willing to sacrifice his life to save a town full of people who barely even know the god exists. 

And then again in T:TDW, Thor refuses to entertain the possibility that more soldiers will have to die in the fight against Malekith. His selflessness and unwillingness to see his father condemn thousands of their people to death is the catalyst for the second half of the film - it’s what leads him to draw Malekith away from Asgard, into a playing field where the odds of success were extremely low and odds of his death extremely high… and yet he does so without complaint.

Time and time again Thor throws himself into battle for the people he loves and doesn’t expect a thing in return - it’s this trait that I admire most of all, one that ultimately humanises him, and makes him that much more relatable.