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Okay, so first of all- English is not my first language so there are probably a thousand mistakes here. Secondly, this is my first “fanfic” ever so bare with me haha. I just couldn’t help myself after drawing this picture. I hope you like it!


Mike didn’t think he was ever going to see her again. Over the last few months he almost started to believe what people were telling him. That she was gone forever. That she was dead.

Yet there she stood, slightly hiding behind chief Hopper in Mike’s hallway.
- “El..!” He was in shock. All of the feelings he had felt the day she disappeared, the day she defeated the Demogorgon, the day he kissed her- it all came rushing back as he ran up to her and threw his arms around her in a tight hug. His heart was pounding, both from nervosity and excitement and he could feel tears of relief running down his cheeks, but he didn’t care to wipe them. He didn’t even care that everyone was staring at them. His parents, Hopper, Nancy and Steve. All he cared about was that El was finally here. He held her even tighter before slowly letting go to take a step back. He dried the tears with his sleeve. El was confused.
- “Sad?” she asked.
She looked different, almost hollow. Her hair had grown quite a bit and her skin was pale as snow. She was skinnier than he remembered too. And there was something in her eyes that he had never seen before, as if everything she’d been through since her disappearence had stored up in there, making her look sadder than ever before. But he smiled.
- “No, not sad.”
He hadn’t realized just how much he had missed her, even explaining things to her. He continued. “Sometimes when people are really really happy- they cry. I just… I missed you. A lot. That’s why I’m crying. I’m just happy.”
She slowly nodded to confirm that she understood.
- “I’m happy too.” she said and smiled shyly.

Eleven didn’t leave his side for the entire night. She sat close to him on the couch while they were watching tv, sat next to him at dinner and he could just barely go to the bathroom alone.

When the night came however, Karen insisted she slept on the bed they had put in the basement for her and El reluctantly obeyed. Mike could tell that she was upset, so he ran up to his room to get her the blue sweater she had borrowed when they first met. He had kept it safe in the bottom of his drawer ever since then, just in case she ever got back. She accepted it with an soft smile and went to put it on; and after saying good night, she went to bed. Mike followed her example and went upstairs to his room to do the same.

A few hours passed and Mike was far too excited to fall asleep. All he wanted to do was run downstairs to the basement so he could be with her. Just to see her and make sure that this wasn’t all just one of the dreams he used to have of her returning.

Suddenly he heard a quiet knock on the door. He already knew who it was, or who he hoped it was, when Eleven slowly opened the door with tears of panic in her eyes.
“Mike…” she pleaded.
“You can’t sleep?” he asked, worried from seeing the look on her face.
She shook her head. “I’m scared.”

Without saying another word, Mike moved over to make space for her on the bed and lifted the covers so she could crawl in right next to him. As she lied down he slowly, nervously put his arms around her, protective as always. She moved a little closer to him and he started to fear that his heart was beating so hard it might explode out of his chest. He held her tightly, ran his fingers carefully through her hair and whispered:
- “Don’t you ever disappear from me again, El. Understand? Not ever…”
She could feel the warmth from his body. She finally felt safe. Right there in his arms, the only place in the world she ever wanted to be, she was safe.
- “I won’t.”
- “Promise?”
She smiled the most genuine smile she had ever smiled.
- “Promise.”

Waitlist HC

-Senior year sucks

-There are so many changes that Keith isn’t ready for

-Starting new again

-Having to share a room with total strangers

-No longer being able to hang out with Hunk or Pidge

-But worse of all no longer being able to spend time with the man that makes his heart skip a beat

-Keith regrets never telling Lance how he feels, especially since he’s been friends with Lance since 3rd grade and developed feelings in 8th grade that have yet to disappear

-But he can’t tell Lance because it’s their last year and who knows if they’re going to the same school in the fall

-When it finally comes to applying they all find out that their number one school is Garrison because let’s face it they’re all interested in astrophysics

-Since they all applied they agree to open all their letters together

-And everyone gets in

-Everyone but the one person Keith really wanted to be there

-You see Lance got waitlisted

-He jokes around and claims he expected it while Hunk looks seconds away from tears

-Because as much as Keith likes to think he’s close with Lance, their friendship has nothing on the sibling like bond Hunk and Lance have

-Pidge is furious, they won’t say it but they are just glaring at the wall because Lance wasn’t accepted when he should have

-Meanwhile, Keith is just shocked, he thought that certainly Lance would be admitted in, now he really can’t tell Lance he likes him

-For a while things are kind of sad but then they get bad

-You see Shiro’s family are rich corporation owners

-So when Shiro is kidnapped it’s not that big of a surprise

-The problem is that the people who have taken Shiro as a captive haven’t asked for a ransom or shown any sign of life after the initial video taunting the family and through the tragedy of it all, Keith decides to save Shiro, but to do that he can’t be distracted by school

-Keith rejects Garrison

-Not even one day later Lance receives a phone call

-Lance and the others accept not knowing that Keith didn’t

-Keith doesn’t tell Lance about his crush on him, or better yet that he loves him

-With time Keith finds Shiro, and although Shiro lost his arm other than that he will be okay

-After celebrating Shiro’s return and the gangs admittance to Garrison(they still don’t know about Keith), Lance corners Keith

-In the sense that Keith had been avoiding him and well, Lance found a way to get Keith alone

-Lance then confesses that he loves Keith probably has for a long time and suddenly Keith can’t help it he just starts laughing hysterically

-Because man isn’t it ironic that the reason he didn’t tell Lance was because of college and the future and now that he isn’t even going to A college he learns that it’s mutual

-By the time Keith regain his composure and gets ready to say yes to Lance and just kiss him Lance is gone

-For days Keith tries to communicate with Lance but he always gets intercepted by Hunk

-At one point Hunk looked straight into Keith’s eyes and told him “Do you know the amount of courage and pep talks it took for Lance to be able to even believe your friendship wouldn’t be ruined by his confession ?!”

-Keith now feels like shit

-He ruined one of the best things in his life because he kept waiting, and when the other got tired of their little game he didn’t respond well

-Keith doesn’t want to give up but he has no idea what he can do to fix it and the next thing he knows the others are getting ready to start school

-Before they leave however, Pidge goes to Keith and tells him of how miserable Lance is and if he’s going to do something he needs to do it soon

-For once they leave, Lance may find it easier to move on

-Keith then rushes to Lance’s house to go apologize and tell him of his feelings only to learn that Lance already left without the others because he didn’t want to be there anymore

-So Keith drives all the way the way to the Garrison, and finds his way to Lance’s dorm room and knocks

-Lance opens the door, he looks awful, his face has broken out, his eyes no longer have the little sparkle, he looks exhausted and sad

-And that’s when Keith loses all ability to speak and just starts crying, Lance not wanting to cause a big scene ushers Keith into his room

-After crying inconsolably for a good 5 minutes, Keith starts to ramble, spilling out all his feelings and confessing one thing after another

-From rejecting the Garrison to loving Lance since he was 13 years old

-By the end he just looks up at Lance and just begs for Lance to give him another chance

-And then the next thing he know Lance is kissing him

—a school year later—-

-After everything that happened with the Garrison, Keith decided to go to the local community college for his freshman year and then to transfer to the Garrison

-Keith is accepted the second time as well

-While moving into his new dorm room he finds hands snaking around his hips

-It’s Lance going for a kiss

-Keith is happy that he’s in Garrison with all his friends and the man that makes his heart skip a beat

-And if in a few days they are known as the cutest item, Keith will neither agree or deny taking part in spreading the accurate information


Who is this? Are you the same person? Come off anoooonnnnnn :) 

These have been sitting in my inbox for a while (sorry) I combining them bc I’ve given up on the whole, ‘5 sentences’ thing and also I don’t have it in me just yet to write two! (sorry again) This was supposed to be funny and got out of hand. My bad.  


The grains have been scooped and the filter set.  Coffee gurgles and sputters to life but only out of habit, for this morning she is in no need of caffeine. She just needs something to do. She is already ball of foot tapping, lip-chewing, nervous energy, startling when she thinks she hears her bedroom door creak…..nothing. Her terry cloth robe is wrapped tightly around her middle to ward off the chill, unaccustomed to mornings on her kitchen tile barelegged and bare-footed. She really should’ve put on her pajama pants, but something has fundamentally shifted this morning, and she’s feeling bawdy. All at once a particularly visceral memory from the night before surfaces, and her hands are covering her face, suppressing a giggle and a look of sheepish disbelief crosses her features before a smile and a shake of the head. 

 "Good morning.” 

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Here’s some assorted daily draws from the past few weeks. Sorry for the silence. There’s some other stuff, but I’m not ready to share any of it yet. I’ve successfully draw at least one thing, sometimes more, everyday for over a month and some change now. Who knows if it’s helping.

I’ll work on posting art daily or at least when I’m able because again, some of it I’m not ready to share and some is conceptual stuff that may or may not contain spoilers (jazz hands).

And thank you to those who sent me nice messages a few weeks ago when I was really down. I was really down again tonight so I read them again and it brought me back up a little. <3

Tale of Gency (Chapter 1)

Laboratory of Love

A soft yawn came from the otherwise empty room, one which was quickly stifled by the slender hand of its origin. Angela had been working for hours once again, feeling so close to yet another breakthrough and yet all so far. For hours she’s been focused on the prototype in front of her, meticulously working on it without a single moment of rest. Analyzing, tweaking, experimenting, being disappointed, and repeating the process all over again. She was no stranger to such process of course, every scientist was very well aware of the tiresome path to success. She’s been at this for days of course, each day with the same determination and optimism, and each day without any new success. It should not be this difficult, and yet she could not finish it. Perhaps it was due to all the thoughts that continuously cycled through her head, distracting her from her work. Or quite possibly, perhaps it was the deadline that was all too soon approaching. In fact, this wasn’t simply just another improved medicine or antibiotic, this was more special than that. This project had not only a significant place in her heart, but also carried an important deadline as well. While she rather disliked being rushed in her work, it was in fact by her own wish that she had set this deadline. Though it really was frustrating her now, considering that the deadline was actually to be the day that is so soon coming. After all, it was Genji’s birthday.

While Angela knew that the awkward cyborg may be a bit too shy for any bolder surprises from her, she figured that he would greatly appreciate this one at the very least. He had already managed to sneak into the base one day and coincidentally overheard their plans to throw a surprise party, hence completely ruining it and persistently insisted on not doing such a thing for him. His selfless and sweet nature was a charm that made her heart throb with happiness; it was also sometimes a bit bothersome as she felt that he rejected certain things because he didn’t consider himself worthy of them. Of course he was courteous and polite about it all, however it doesn’t change the fact that he still thought of himself as less than what everyone else sees him to be. As such, they had managed to make yet another event this time, under the guise of a date for him and her.

While Angela had been a bit hesitant to have them so directly bring up their relationship in that manner, she did feel as though it was a good time to finally take him out to something nice. As such, she reluctantly agreed to let them deal with the location and other details of the date itself. With the help of Lena, she had managed to find a lovely dress for the occasion, crafted just for her size. She had insisted on simply buying a premade dress but her protests fell on the deaf ears of the nimble girl that flitted around the shop looking at fabric and pouted at her in an attempt for a chance to personally take down her measurements. Angela had finally relented and simply used the measurements she had taken for her Valkyrie suit, seeing as she had stay in practically the same fit physique, much to Lena’s disappointment at her lost opportunity. However, all these events had taken up much of her time, leaving so little for her own personal project.

As the new serum, fizzed out once more, its contents not dissolving and reacting in the way she had wanted them to, Angela let out a loud sigh and leaned back into her chair, looking up at the ceiling deep in thought. These thoughts were interrupted by a soft and polite set of knocks on the door. She blinked in surprise and looked at the door before a soft smile appeared on her lips. She pulled herself out of her chair and opened the door, saying at the same time, “You know you don’t have to ask permission every time you want to enter my lab, Genji.” Ah, if only she could gather the courage to say the same about her personal room.

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Help, my roommate put on the final fight in ygo while we were high and I went on several rants about all my feelings about Yugi as a character and as a by product Yami as a character and man

I have several very strong feelings

This was gonna be something but I never got around to finishing it lmao 

so here have a rough draft I guess

maybe i’ll finish it if i can think of other characters 


Day 19: Favorite Plot Twist

My favorite plot twist? Oh yeah. That one every time Jack and Phryne DIDN’T BANG. When all signs pointed to the fact that they would DEFINITELY BE BANGING they pulled the old bait switch on us and everyone’s pants stayed annoyingly on.

Let me elaborate.

Image 1: PHRYNE. WAT R U DOING? Feeding him with a fork when he could be eating it off your body. You gotta level this thing up, babe.

Image 2: THERE WAS SEX TO BE HAD HERE. And was it had? NO.

Image 3: You guys see all those tents around you? Pick one, get inside, and GET BUSY

Image 4: Let me just put that hat back for you, oh hey our mouths are kind of close maybe we should see what happens when we put them like, against each other, whaddya say? NOPE NOT THIS TIME EITHER.

Image 5: We’re alone. I’m touching your hand. A murderer/psychic told you to quit pretending you don’t want me to ride your baloney pony. OR YOU COULD JUST MAKE SARCASTIC REMARKS INSTEAD

Image 6: IMPENDING COOOOIIIITTTUUUSSSSS!!! Haha nope, jk guys, the only boning we’re gonna do is with our eyes

Image 7: Y’all are ridiculous, you know that? Aunt P went to mess with the baby, you could have EASILY snuck him upstairs and gotten to stuffing that muffin. Nah not this time, we’re just gonna like smile at each other a lot


Image 9: This is possibly the worst. There were candles. There was darkness. They were at the threshold of her damn bedchamber. When I saw it the first time I was like, this is it. He’s gonna go for it. And she wants it BAD. He’s about to get that pickle TICKLED. (I could practically hear the writers laughing at my pain as he walked away)

I can’t take another season of this. It’s already destabilizing my ability to think clearly. I demand copulation in season 3, the sooner the better. STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEART MFMM


The most important memory… Hasn’t disappeared yet. From now on… I’ll make them for you. No… Will you help me make them? Will you marry me?


An OFFmatsu dump after this post because the idea still plagues me. Read caption for clarification.

 I’ll maybe draw Sugar!Totoko next? And scan my sketchbook. I have a Final Batter, a Japhet!Todo and a Judge!Ichi in there.

Someday it’s gonna be enough to build a whole blog maybe.