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Together Forever (Herc x Laff) fanfic

Lafayette POV

The early evening has finally arrive and my beloved Hercules hasn’t return back home yet. I couldn’t help but feel paranoid about Hercules cheating on me again. Ever since the incident three years ago when Hercules first cheated on me during our relationship. It took almost an entire year to forgive Hercules for his sin. I couldn’t imagine my life without Hercules but the thought of him cheating again, I couldn’t bare it once more. Feeling my heart cracking slowly but painfully.

For the past three months mon amour has been avoiding me as he heads out for work and along with designing new clothes. We been very distant with each others since Hercules gotten popular in the fashion industry. When he does come home from work all we ever do was cuddle in bed and make out. No making love like we use to, I miss his lips pressing against my neck, my chest, everywhere else on my body, but also my lips. As we make love roughly Hercules would harshly pull my hair as he slide his tongue into my mouth, kissing all sloppy but also passionately.

Though now it’s like Hercules doesn’t want to touch me like that anymore which breaks my heart every day and every night. I felt the tears wanting to escape from my eyes but I refuse to shed another single tear on Hercules. If  Hercules decides to cheat on me then find, who needs him anyway. Cause I don’t, not ever again will I want Hercules in my life again if he decided to cheat on me for a second time.

Racing toward our closet as I tore down Hercules clothes onto the ground. Once I break up with Hercules, he’ll pack his stuff and leave my apartment once and for all. I continue tearing down each of Hercules down until I notice  a small folded piece of paper. Looking at both of in a very confusing way. Picking up paper as I slowly unfolded it, probably a love letter from his mistress or playboy. Part of me felt guilty but another part of me didn’t give a shit.

My beloved Lafayette,

My sweet beloved Lafayette, when I first met you, my heart began racing as if  I running out of time. When we first kiss my entire world has changed since now you’re my life and my world. I can’t imagine it with anyone else but you. Every day and every night that isn’t a moment where I don’t think about you. You change my point of view toward to the world along with Alexander and John, but mostly you, my sweet baguette.

I’ve been in and out of so many downfalls that I thought my entire life was a waste and thought I didn’t belong here on this earth. That all change when our eyes met each others which cause my heart to skip a beat or two. You make me laugh and show my true emotion that I hardly show to others. When we first made love I knew that you’re the one for me.

Despite for cheating on me after our first year in relationship, I have no one to blame but myself. I was so afraid of losing you since you’re the only star worth looking . My heart broke into millions or billions piece of when I saw your tearful betrayed face. I knew I couldn’t forgive myself but yet you do did even it took you a year just to forgive me when most people wouldn’t.

All i’m saying my beloved Lafayette, will do me the honor of being with me forever? Together forever?


Your beloved Knight, Hercules Mulligan

“Lafayette…” Whispers a voice

Turning around to see my beloved Hercules as tears were streaming down my face. He was wearing a black tux while holding a single red rose. I felt ashamed for believing that my love would cheat on me again. Rushing toward to my love as I jump into Herc arms as they wrapped themselves around my waist. His lips press against my own as we kiss passionately nonstop before sliding his tongue into my mouth.

I could the blush appearing on my face as we french kiss deeply as I moan a couple of times. My heart was racing with my mind going blank. Hercules broke the kiss in the need of oxygen as a thin strand of saliva connected to our tongues before breaking apart.

“Lafayette, my love. Forgive me for ignoring you, it wasn’t fair of me” said Hercules

“It’s find love. I should’ve trust you more instead of jumping to conclusion. I’m sorry for believing that you cheated on me again” I replied

“I understand  my sweet baguette, I could’ve never forgive myself for cheating on you years ago. I don’t know how you could’ve forgiven me”

“By love and faith, mon amour”

Hercules kiss me on the cheek which cause my heart to flutter lightly before slowing getting down on one knee. I couldn’t my eyes at the moment since it was too good to be true. Tears rolled down my face but this time is the tear of joy.

“Marquis de Lafayette, will you do me the honor of being with me forever? Together forever? As my husband” He asks

It took me only a good amount of 10 seconds before jumping into his arms as I place my lips against his.

“Oui, Mon amour”


Alright then. In this masterpost, I tried to offer the most complete selection of Jason appearances possible, which, btw, means a lot of things where his importance isn’t exactly… major. I left out one panel appearances tho, because those are really for when you’re waaaay past the point of no return. But, if anyone’s interested.. I have several of them. I’m also not passing any judgement. No matter how bad the story, I tried to include it.

Any broken links, any continuation doubts, just want to talk about the comics, send me a message! 



*The issues of Batman and Detective Comics from Pre-Crisis Jason stories should be read as Batman/DC/Batman… up until Batman #400


#357/ #358/ #359/ #360/ #361/ #362/ #363/ #364/ #365/ #366/ #367/ #368/ #369/ #370/ #371/ #372/ #373/ #374/ #375/ #376/ #377/ #378/ #379/ #380/ #381/ #382/ #383/ #384/ #385/ #386/ #387/ #388/ #389/ #390/ #391/ #392/ #393/ #394/ #395/ #396/ #397/ #398/ #399/ #400/ #401/ #402/ #403

Detective Comics

#524/ #525/ #526/ #527/ #528/ #529/ #530/ #531/ #532/ #533/ #534/ #535/ #536/ #537/ #538/ #539/ #540/ #541/ #542/ #543/ #544/ #545/ #546/ #547/ #548/ #549/ #550/ #551/ #552/ #553/ #554/ #555/ #556/ #557/ #558/ #559/ #560/ #561/ #562/ #563/ #564/ #565/ #566/ #567



#408/ #409/ #410/ #411/ #412/ #413/ #414/ #415/ #416/ #417/ #418/ #419/ #420/ #421/ #422/ #423/ #424/ #425   

Detective Comics

*#575-#578 are a flashback and don’t have Jason in them

#568/ #569/ #570/ #571/ #572/ #573/ #574/ #575/ #576/ #577/ #578/ #579/ #580/ #581/ #582


*Batman #401 and DC #568 are technically parts 1 and 2 of this series. Pre and Post-Crisis continuation is messy in the Batman titles, but Legends is set in Post-Crisis. Batman #402 and #403 are Pre, however, as far as I know. I’m honestly not sure 

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6

Blue Devil 


Action Comics

#556/ #594

Batman Annuals

#10/ #11/ #12/ #13 

Superman Annual


New Teen Titans

#18/ #19/ #20/ #21/ #24/ #26/ #27/ #28/ #29/ #30/ #31

Nightwing Year One

#101/ #102/ #103/ #104/ #105/ #106

The Cult

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4

DC Retroactive: Batman - The 80s


A Death in the Family

*Separate issues + digital TPB

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ TPB


*These issues don’t have Jason in them, but they deal with the aftermath of his death, including instances of Sad Bruce, so I added them

#430/ #431/ #432/ #433/ #434/ #435

Deadman - Dead Again

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5

Gotham County Line

#1/ #2/ #3

Batman and Demon


Nightwing: Secret Files and Origin

*On first part only


All New Batman: The Brave and the Bold


Gotham Knights

*#34 is on the Black and White story “The Delusions of Alfred Pennyworth” at the end of the issue

#34/ #42/ #43/ #44/ #45



#608/ #609/ #610/ #611/ #612/ #613/ #614/ #615/ #616/ #617/ #618/ #619

Under the Hood

*#642-#644 aren’t missing. They just didn’t have any Jason on them

#635/ #636/ #637/ #638/ #639/ #640/ #641/ #645/ #646/ #647/ #648/ #649/ #650

Green Arrow

#69/ #70/ #71/ #72

Batman Annual


Red Hood: The Lost Days

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6

World War III - Part 1: A Call to Arms


Brothers in Blood

#118/ #119/ #120/ #121/ #122

Countdown to Final Crisis

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6/ #7/ #8/ #9/ #10/ #11/ #12/ #13/ #14/ #15/ #16/ #17/ #18/ #19/ #20/ #21/ #22/ #23/ #24/ #25/ #26/ #27/ #28/ #29/ #30/ #31/ #32/ #33/ #34/ #35/ #36/ #37/ #38/ #39/ #40/ #41/ #42/ #43/ #44/ #45/ #46/ #47/ #48/ #49/ #50/ #51

Teen Titans

#29/ #47


#44/ #45/ #46


#177/ #182/ #183

Battle for the Cowl

#1/ #2/ #3

Batman and Robin

#3/ #4/ #5/ #6/ #23/ #24/ #25

Li'l Gotham

#2/ #10/ #12/ #17/ #20/ #21/ #24

Tiny Titans

#23/ #29/ #33/ #39/ #45/ #47


The World of Flashpoint

#1/ #2/ #3

NEW 52

*Till the moment of posting this

**I don’t pay all that much attention to New 52. so if you spot anything missing, let me know

Red Hood and the Outlaws

*#0 should in between #12 and #13

**Annual in between #20 and #21

#0/ #1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6/ #7/ #8/ #9/ #10/ #11/ #12/ #13/ #14/ #15/ #16/ #17/ #18/ #19/ #20/ #21/ #22/ #23/ #24/ #25/ #26/ #27/ #28/ #29/ #30/ #31/ #32/ #33/ #34/ #35/ Annual #1/ DC Presents #17/ Future’s End #1

Death of the Family

Bat #13/ Bat #14/ Bat #15/ RHatO #15/ TT #15/ Bat #16/ RHatO #16/ TT #16/ Bat #17

Batman and Robin

#10/ #11/ #12/ #17/ #20/ #33/ #34/ #35

Batman Eternal

*Specifically in #10-#12,#15,#18-#20,#25,#26,#28

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6/ #7/ #8/ #9/ #10/ #11/ #12/ #13/ #14/ #15/ #16/ #17/ #18/ #19/ #20/ #21/ #22/ #23/ #24/ #25/ #26/ #27/ #28/ #29/ #30

Justice League


Secret Origins


Batman/Superman Annual





Teen Titans

*You can argue Jason isn’t really Red X but. Why would you?

Season 3, Episode 2, “X”

Link 1/ Link 2

Season 5, Episode 9, “Revved Up”

Link 1

Under the Red Hood

Link 1

Nightwing Web Series

Episode 1/ Episode 2/ Episode 3/ Episode 4/ Episode 5

Arkham Knight

*Not out yet as far as I know, and not my area of expertise, so here’s a link for you to learn more about it



late night sneaking out with jaebum ✨🍸🌃

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The one downside to the Frozen short was that it made me very sad, but not for anything that happened in the short. Rather…for what didn’t…

…some of you will know what I mean…and why the finale made my heart ache.

Oh if only she’d given him to someone who could actually help him…it’s like he’s a spirit in the land of the dead, watching over her but never actually being seen…and it hurts.

Oh Birger…you shouldn’t be with me, you should be with her…where you belong…


Look at me diving in head first into this mess with no regrets

a 2 hour drive leads to the vaguest sketch in the world aka a noodle and a bunch of circles

add 3 hours to that later that night and another 20 minutes this morning and you’ve got a better lookin’ noodle and a sleeping friend

I left.

I came back.

There’s no turning back now.

I give up.

I’ve been consumed yet again by the brightly colored small horses and a draconeq-whatever-the-fuck he is. A giant chaotic noodle.

Stay (Drake x MC)

Book: The Royal Romance
Pairing: Drake x MC (Mika)
Rating: K+/T
Summary: After the game of truth or dare, MC can’t sleep. AKA, I wanted some more Drake and MC interaction after the most recent chapter. :)

Drake is nearly asleep when she comes to him. Bleary eyed and confused, he pads to his door when he hears the gentle knock. He isn’t entirely surprised to see her standing there, but he knows he shouldn’t let her in, should tell her it’s late and she should get some sleep before their day of traveling tomorrow.

The look on her face is one of exhaustion and frustration, and he wants nothing more than to make her feel better, so he steps aside and allows her entry, closing the door behind him. Although he’d laughed it off at the time, she really is his one weakness. Especially now, with the memory of her whispering that she wants him, and her lips against his, so fresh in his mind.

She’s on him in an instant, hands gripping his hair, mouth pressed to his in desperation, pressing him into the door.

Stunned, he doesn’t respond right away, and she wrenches away from him. It’s then that he sees the tears flowing down her face. Almost like a reflex, he takes her face between his hands and brushes the tears away with his thumbs.

“Hey, hey. Talk to me. What’s wrong?” he asks, voice low and concerned.

She steps into him and slides her hands out of his hair and down his back to wrap around his waist. He mirrors her movements, sliding his arms around her back, then presses his cheek against the top of her head.

“Talk to me,” he whispers.

She takes a shaky breath and starts talking into his chest. “Are we just…not gonna talk about what happened last night? I kissed you. You kissed me back. I told you I wanted you. And now today…it’s like nothing even happened.”

She pulls back, and the look on her face is crushing. “I know you said we shouldn’t, but…I can’t pretend it didn’t happen.”

“Mika…” he trails off helplessly, unsure what to say. What is he supposed to do? She’s here for the prince, for his best friend, not for him. He’s just a commoner with trust issues and a cynical streak a mile wide. None of this was supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to develop feelings for her, and she definitely wasn’t supposed to start having feelings for him. Now he feels like he’s damned no matter what he does.

If he gives into her again, he’ll destroy Liam, potentially destroy House Beaumont, and cause a national scandal. He’s certain he’d be asked to leave Cordonia and lose Liam’s friendship forever.

But if denies her, tells her it was all a mistake and meant nothing…how can he do that to her, to them? The thought of never seeing her again causes his throat to tighten and he feels a sense of dread.

“I can’t do this,” he hears Mika whisper.

He whips his head up. “What are you saying?”

“I’m going to talk to Liam tomorrow,” she replies, voice shaky but certain. “I can’t lie to him, to myself, anymore. I’m going to drop out of the running and go back to New York.”

“But…what will you do?”

It’s not what he wants to say, and he berates himself for not telling her to stay, not telling her that of course last night meant something, not showing her exactly how much it meant.

She looks up at him with a sad smile. “Well, I’m sure my old job isn’t gonna want to hire someone back who gave a one hour notice, but it’s a big city. I’ll find something. I mean…there’s nothing for me here.”

“It meant something,” he finally manages to blurt out.

She furrows her brow and opens her mouth, but nothing comes out.

He takes her hands in his. “Just…listen?” he pleads.

“Okay,” she whispers.

“I don’t even know where to start,” he begins. He lets out a nervous laugh.

“I tried, Mika, I really tried, not to feel this way about you. I thought if I was just, well, myself, that you’d see me as this massive jerk like everyone else seems to. But you just kept pushing back and being…nice to me and making me feel like you wanted me there. Like you actually liked talking to me and being around me, and somewhere along the way, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about you in ways that I shouldn’t have been.”

He looks up and meets her gaze, bringing a hand up to her cheek as he notices tears threatening to fall from her eyes again. “I don’t want you to go back to New York. Not alone, anyway. God, Mika, I’m so in love with you.”

She cups his face in her hands and closes her eyes as she leans into him.

“Drake,” she whispers, and he shivers as her breath hits his neck. When she pulls back this time, the tears that had been filling her eyes are gone and have been replaced by a warmth that makes him imagine all the possibilities for them and think about a future with her.

Her eyes and her hands slowly travel from his lips to his jawline, down across his bare chest and stomach, lingering at the waistband on his pajama pants. “I want to be with you,” she whispers in his ear, rising on her tiptoes.

Pulling back slightly, she smiles and presses a gentle kiss to the side of his mouth. “I love you,” she murmurs, pressing a kiss to the other side of his mouth.

Drake can’t stop the smile that spreads across his face. And yet, he’s still somewhat in disbelief that she wants him, is choosing him, over the life that she could have here.

“Are you sure?” he asks.

She laughs and swats his side. “Shut up. Yes, of course I’m sure.”

Drake tangles his fingers in her hair and kisses her deeply, and can’t help but smile again as he feels her whimper into his mouth. “Stay?” he asks.


Ghosts Can't Play Exy pt.2

Once again a special thanks to @persistentplutonium for helping me with this AU and for @andrewsneil and anyone else who liked the first part! There will definitely be more following this one because these last two have just been backstory and i haven’t yet been able to type up the plot yet! tw for minor gore. 

  • Okay so Andrew knows something is up with the assistant coach 
  • Anyone with eyes can tell 
    • he disappears at random times, always coming back seemingly out of nowhere 
    • He just has something about him that doesn’t seem real 
  • Neil was there when they arrived, smiling slightly 
  • Andrew immediately dislikes him 
  • He’s hot tho 
  • Andrew knows the story with the foxes, they take in kids who have nowhere else to go 
  • But Neil, unlike the other foxes Andrew has met, seems like he’s one of them
  • the people like Andrew and Renee, the ones prepared to kill
  • So Andrew goes looking for Neil’s file in Wymack’s office and comes up blank
  • No record of Neil Carter, assistant coach from Atlanta
  • Only a Neil Josten, striker for the palmetto foxes, diseased 
  • So Andrew decides to look through Neil’s things for some sort of clue on his past
  •  Neil doesn’t stay in the tower, though he spends most of his time there 
  • The only reason his bed stayed uninhabited for so long is some sort of dibs policy and the accidents that kept happening to those who took up residence there 
    • (See: Seth Gordon, who was told not to and did it anyway, causing himself a lot of strife) 
  • So now his stuff is spread between his locker and Wymack’s house Andrew breaks into Neil’s locker with no trouble, taking out the duffle from inside and finding Bones 
  • Human bones 
  • “What the shit, Josten?”
  •  He takes a small one and walks back to his dorm with an unsated curiosity 
  • Apparently Josten is either a serial killer or a necrophiliac 
  •  Neither possibility was one Andrew was expecting, tbh
  •  Neil does his rounds late at night, exhausted and incorporeal 
  • He checks through his duffel rot keep inventory the few pieces of himself he has 
  • And he finds that one of the bones are missing, and knows who to blame 
  • Andrew wakes to find his belongings trashed and the bone back in its proper place 
  • he may be angry, but palmetto is suddenly ten times more interesting
  •  Kevin Day comes, a kid who loves exy just as much as Neil 
  • Neil loves his dedication 
  •  They’ll talk for hours about strategy and the way the foxes can improve 
  • They work together to help coach the foxes and whip them into shape
  •  But Neil actually encourages the foxes instead of just berating them all the time
    •  (Kevin just does it because it’s a defense mechanism and something that was the norm in the nest and I love him but from the outside he looks like an ass and let’s face it he is kinda an ass, he’s cool tho
  • Kevin tells Andrew, Neil, and Wymack about the Moriyamas 
  •  He tells them how if Riko asked, he’d go back, but that he doesn’t want to 
  • Neil says that Kevin’s a fox now, not a Raven, and Riko will never lay his hands on Kevin again 
    •  At this point he looks more defined and there than he has in a while His colors pop out more, he’s more real and more “alive” 
    •  Except Wymack’s face is pale, his brown eyes wide with worry and fear 
    • Apparently he sees something that Andrew doesn’t, and Neil catches on so he quickly dulls down to the barely-noticeable kid he was normally 
    •  Someone trying to hurt Kevin, one of his foxes, made him angry
    • Anger means he gets stupid 
    •  Stupid enough to lose control of his appearance and start looking more like he should 
    • His found limbs missing on his ghost form, oozing wounds in the places that his body was hurt or cut apart, his face cut into a permanent smile and covered in burns, his intestines spilling out of his stomach 
  • Kevin just shakes his head, oblivious 
  •  “You won’t be able to, they’re too strong.”
  •  He takes Andrew’s deal instead of acknowledging Neil’s promise 
  • But Neil doesn’t need for Kevin to acknowledge it, he’s gonna do it anyway because he won’t let Wymack lose another fox 
  • Not after him
  •  So he waits 
  • Andrew takes Matt to Columbia and Neil’s protective instincts flare 
  • But he realizes that this is good for Matt, so he’s actually very encouraging of it 
  • It’s October, when it happens 
  • Andrew’s lot are told the story of Neil Josten 
    • It’s full of contradictions and has been told and retold so many times that the exaggerations become the truth and there’s so many variations that no one knows how to tell the story right 
    • But Andrew hears “neil josten” and remembers the file he found in Wymack’s office 
  • A seed is planted in Andrew’s mind
  •  “What if pretty boy’s a ghost?”
  •  He wants to quickly dismiss the theory, but it would actually explain a few things 
  • Over the course of a month, it grows and grows in Andrew’s mind
  •  He starts accepting it as a fact 
    • (One of his nicknames for Neil becomes Casper, Pretty Boy is only what he calls Neil in his mind) 
  • Neil is on the rooftop often It’s his favorite perch 
  • Andrew likes to go up there to smoke, so they do quite a bit of peaceful coexisting up there 
  • Neil likes the smell of the smoke, reminding him of his mother who died years prior, a woman he only had pictures of now 
  • It’s here where Andrew decides to test his theory 
  • They’re just sitting there, have been for maybe ten minutes when Andrew pushes him off of the roof 
  • There’s this tense moment where Neil is sprawled out on the pavement below, when Andrew begins to doubt his theory 
  • But a second later Neil materializes on the roof, angry and annoyed and looking every bit like he’s supposed to 
  • Andrew, to his credit, doesn’t show any signs of fear or disgust
  • His crazed smile is still in place as he stares at a fuming Neil
  •  “Oops”
I can't fucking win

So the other day I was hosting and I didn’t have a choice and I had to double seat one of the servers, so I decided to help him and I went to get the second table their drinks (it was just 5 waters nbd). My GM yells at me because I can’t be away from the host stand for one minute. Whatever, my fault for trying to help.

So yesterday I was hosting again and we were pretty slow, it wasn’t quite dinner time yet. I was just standing at the host stand, waiting for customers to come in, so I can do my job and host. So this lady got carry out and comes up to me and says “don’t work too hard”. I know she’s being fucking sarcastic and she can go fuck herself. If I even try to help other people do their shit I get yelled at. So I’m just going to stand here until people come in. Sorry for doing my job. I’d also like to mention that she walked out of there pretty quickly, probably didn’t want to wait for my reaction. Because I talked shit after she left.

tl;dr If I go help my coworkers I get yelled at by my managers. If I do what I’m supposed to do and I do MY OWN JOB I get shit from random people.

anonymous asked:

when talking about coffee in his ls phil said "i never give things up" and idk this just struck me and made me all giddy, because it's true, isn't it? i feel like phil is a person who is just very loyal and devoted and when you look at his relationship with dan that just becomes so much clearer? so when he said that i just thought of his relationship with dan and it made me all soft, because i can't imagine phil giving up dan for any reason in the world

how dare. how dare you come into my inbox and break my heart this way. criminal. callous. rude. 

(shit, u right tho, i didn’t think i’d be crying yet again about some other aspect of this live show someone help me)

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Hey, maybe you'll be able to help me with this because it's got me scratching my head. I read a fic recently which was very star trek-esque where Yuuri and Victor had dated in the past, and in the present end up working together (post breakup) on a ship (in space). Yuuri is a nurse, I believe. Can't seem to find this fic again and unfortunately don't remember the title. :(

Omg! I don’t think I’ve read this yet!

Anyone know what this fic is?

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Wow the whisky gif, I just love that few seconds were captured. I was the one who asked you to enlarge the gif after I saw your other gifset with Graham. Love love it! Please reblog gifsets like this to make it more positive around here? Let's attract the positive! (ps looking at that glass sharing again, can't help but compare the bar photo of the other pair, looks uncomfortable with them, but here so so so natural!)

Very natural and aware of each other. I especially like the other gif I reblogged this morning when they had the “Rachel” fan and Sam was confused, it does look a lot like Cait’s hand was on Sam’s leg. It’s the little things that they do without thinking about it. They’re attention is on the panel, their co-stars, the audience, etc and yet they still have that connection to each other. And I know that happens with working together for hours upon hours, but it’s an intimate connection. They cross each other’s boundaries and invade the other’s personal space, but are comfortable with it. And seeing Cait with Tobias, you can see that she can and does respect boundaries with others.

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I've always kinda been on Lars' side, he's suffered the most from Steven's magical girl lifestyle and I can't help but feel bad for the socially-awkward guy that gets lit on fire or mindswapped every time he tries to make friends

All this time we were dissing Lars and Sugar was playing us yet again WHAT NEXT WOMAN

Okay, I’m doing it because it needs to be said. People calling for Eugene’s death and/or writing him off for what’s happened in this past season can take several seats while I review the particulars of this situation. 

Things that led up to Eugene’s capture by the Saviors: making a bullet meant for Negan’s head that he neither wanted to make, nor felt was a good idea and told Rosita as much, only to be browbeaten and bullied by her into doing so (and guilted with the death of his best friend, no less). Admitting to having made said bullet despite Rosita and Tara trying to cover him, as even though he was pants-pissingly scared he didn’t want anyone to suffer for his own actions/inaction. (Whenever people asked Josh on FB Live if Eugene would sacrifice himself for someone else I want to scream THIS SCENE, BITCHES. THIS SCENE. HE ALREADY HAS.) 

I also need to reiterate, I think, that Eugene was taken by force. He was kidnapped. He didn’t sneak away from Alexandria in the night and slink over to the Saviors and ask to be part of them, he was kidnapped, as in taken against his will. 

By the time he arrives at the Sanctuary he has very few options; he can decline any invitations to join and then be left to Negan’s mercy (so either Lucilled or imprisoned for awhile or both), he could escape when Rosita and Sasha appear and then not only be on Negan’s most wanted list but also make the target just a bit bigger and the stakes that much higher for the Alexandrians, OR he can join and maybe use that intelligence of his against Negan and the rest. 

I get that it’s still a bit ambiguous what his true intentions are (we’ll pretend the subtext has been vague for the sake of the argument, even tho it really hasn’t) but even if, at this time, he has no plans to go against Negan directly how anyone can blame him for doing what he’s done is beyond me. His only other option really was to die/put Rick’s group in even more danger. Is that really what people expect of him? And because he hasn’t allowed either of those things he deserves to die anyway? That’s so disproportionate and unfair.   

The reason I love Eugene is because I feel he brings something a bit more human and identifiable to the show. The other characters are great, but I don’t think most people would be like Michonne or Rick or Rosita or Abraham in a situation this dire. I think most of us would be more like Eugene, even if we’re not all as highly intelligent and resourceful as he is. He’s the one character who always shows true, unabated fear…and yet, still manages on through some really gut-wrenching situations. Eugene shows us that bravery isn’t the absence of fear. 

The fact that people would write him off so quickly for using the skills he does have to survive is disheartening, discouraging and frustrating for me. It’s also incredibly unfair and fails to take into consideration all that has gone in to getting him to where he is now. 

anonymous asked:

I used to be a hardcore Lucio Main with over 100 hours logged until the update! For some reason now it feels like I'm playing an entirely different character?? I cannot get a grip on how he's supposed to work anymore and I can't quite figure out why. Do you or anyone have tips on how to get back on my feet with him again? Finding a new Main is hard and I miss my boy :(

sad to hear, its never fun when someone makes changes to your main. sadly my expertise with lucio is limited, so im not the best person to give you help. ill ask a mate for help, he is extremly good with lucio, he didnt like the update that much either, ill ask him if he has gotten used to the changes yet

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Do you know the fic where Kurt is a single father and goes back home to live in Ohio. He meets Blaine who is a vet and they (obviously) hit it off well and date happily. Quinn and Finn are married and have a kid but Finn is cheating on her with Rachel who is Blaine's receptionist at the clinic and she ends up getting pregnant. I can't remember if this is completed or a wip. Thanks for the help!

You’ll have to download the PDF file since the fic is no longer online.

In The Jungle by BritBoJangles

With his life in shambles, Kurt moves back home to Lima to start again. While trying to finish his degree, he takes job at an animal shelter, working under the insufferable, yet stunning, Dr. Anderson. Things go awry when they try to mix business and pleasure. The pair must decide if their relationship is worth dealing with ill-fated events and an immovable object named Keenan.


You know why I absolutely love this moment?

Because Emma is upset. She misses her family, she misses her home and she’s crying. And she's heartbroken because she thinks she’ll never see them again. And yet, the moment Hook smiles at her she just can't help but smile back.

He makes her feel good, even in the worst moments. He’s there for her, he lifts her up. And Emma hasn’t had that before in her life, not before Henry. Not someone who stuck around. And he just makes her smile with one look even while she’s crying. 

And Hook? Hook is happy because Emma’s admission of home brought back her magic. It made her whole again and he loves that. He wants the best for her because she means the world to him. And he hasn’t had that in a very long time, someone to love and care about and be proud of. And he’s just so proud of her, so in awe of her all the time he can’t help but smile when she succeeds, even if it’s while she’s sad. Because he knows her admitting that Storybrooke, that Henry and Snow and Charming are her family and her home, was a big deal for her. And that allowed her magic to come back. And that will allow her to go home. 

These two just make my heart melt in moments like this. It’s so quiet, so little. A smile for a smile. And they can't help it. And that’s what makes it so beautiful.