and yet again i can't help it

Attempted drawing a character for a comic me and some old friends thought about starting up again

I thought the sailor moon style would be perfect for it, and was also messing around trying to make it look 80s

It’s also 5:30 am and it looks okay to me, to here’s to hoping I don’t wake up hating this huehue

now just to find out what to put as the background


Alright then. In this masterpost, I tried to offer the most complete selection of Jason appearances possible, which, btw, means a lot of things where his importance isn’t exactly… major. I left out one panel appearances tho, because those are really for when you’re waaaay past the point of no return. But, if anyone’s interested.. I have several of them. I’m also not passing any judgement. No matter how bad the story, I tried to include it.

Any broken links, any continuation doubts, just want to talk about the comics, send me a message! 



*The issues of Batman and Detective Comics from Pre-Crisis Jason stories should be read as Batman/DC/Batman… up until Batman #400


#357/ #358/ #359/ #360/ #361/ #362/ #363/ #364/ #365/ #366/ #367/ #368/ #369/ #370/ #371/ #372/ #373/ #374/ #375/ #376/ #377/ #378/ #379/ #380/ #381/ #382/ #383/ #384/ #385/ #386/ #387/ #388/ #389/ #390/ #391/ #392/ #393/ #394/ #395/ #396/ #397/ #398/ #399/ #400/ #401/ #402/ #403

Detective Comics

#524/ #525/ #526/ #527/ #528/ #529/ #530/ #531/ #532/ #533/ #534/ #535/ #536/ #537/ #538/ #539/ #540/ #541/ #542/ #543/ #544/ #545/ #546/ #547/ #548/ #549/ #550/ #551/ #552/ #553/ #554/ #555/ #556/ #557/ #558/ #559/ #560/ #561/ #562/ #563/ #564/ #565/ #566/ #567



#408/ #409/ #410/ #411/ #412/ #413/ #414/ #415/ #416/ #417/ #418/ #419/ #420/ #421/ #422/ #423/ #424/ #425   

Detective Comics

*#575-#578 are a flashback and don’t have Jason in them

#568/ #569/ #570/ #571/ #572/ #573/ #574/ #575/ #576/ #577/ #578/ #579/ #580/ #581/ #582


*Batman #401 and DC #568 are technically parts 1 and 2 of this series. Pre and Post-Crisis continuation is messy in the Batman titles, but Legends is set in Post-Crisis. Batman #402 and #403 are Pre, however, as far as I know. I’m honestly not sure 

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6

Blue Devil 


Action Comics

#556/ #594

Batman Annuals

#10/ #11/ #12/ #13 

Superman Annual


New Teen Titans

#18/ #19/ #20/ #21/ #24/ #26/ #27/ #28/ #29/ #30/ #31

Nightwing Year One

#101/ #102/ #103/ #104/ #105/ #106

The Cult

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4

DC Retroactive: Batman - The 80s


A Death in the Family

*Separate issues + digital TPB

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ TPB


*These issues don’t have Jason in them, but they deal with the aftermath of his death, including instances of Sad Bruce, so I added them

#430/ #431/ #432/ #433/ #434/ #435

Deadman - Dead Again

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5

Gotham County Line

#1/ #2/ #3

Batman and Demon


Nightwing: Secret Files and Origin

*On first part only


All New Batman: The Brave and the Bold


Gotham Knights

*#34 is on the Black and White story “The Delusions of Alfred Pennyworth” at the end of the issue

#34/ #42/ #43/ #44/ #45



#608/ #609/ #610/ #611/ #612/ #613/ #614/ #615/ #616/ #617/ #618/ #619

Under the Hood

*#642-#644 aren’t missing. They just didn’t have any Jason on them

#635/ #636/ #637/ #638/ #639/ #640/ #641/ #645/ #646/ #647/ #648/ #649/ #650

Green Arrow

#69/ #70/ #71/ #72

Batman Annual


Red Hood: The Lost Days

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6

World War III - Part 1: A Call to Arms


Brothers in Blood

#118/ #119/ #120/ #121/ #122

Countdown to Final Crisis

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6/ #7/ #8/ #9/ #10/ #11/ #12/ #13/ #14/ #15/ #16/ #17/ #18/ #19/ #20/ #21/ #22/ #23/ #24/ #25/ #26/ #27/ #28/ #29/ #30/ #31/ #32/ #33/ #34/ #35/ #36/ #37/ #38/ #39/ #40/ #41/ #42/ #43/ #44/ #45/ #46/ #47/ #48/ #49/ #50/ #51

Teen Titans

#29/ #47


#44/ #45/ #46


#177/ #182/ #183

Battle for the Cowl

#1/ #2/ #3

Batman and Robin

#3/ #4/ #5/ #6/ #23/ #24/ #25

Li'l Gotham

#2/ #10/ #12/ #17/ #20/ #21/ #24

Tiny Titans

#23/ #29/ #33/ #39/ #45/ #47


The World of Flashpoint

#1/ #2/ #3

NEW 52

*Till the moment of posting this

**I don’t pay all that much attention to New 52. so if you spot anything missing, let me know

Red Hood and the Outlaws

*#0 should in between #12 and #13

**Annual in between #20 and #21

#0/ #1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6/ #7/ #8/ #9/ #10/ #11/ #12/ #13/ #14/ #15/ #16/ #17/ #18/ #19/ #20/ #21/ #22/ #23/ #24/ #25/ #26/ #27/ #28/ #29/ #30/ #31/ #32/ #33/ #34/ #35/ Annual #1/ DC Presents #17/ Future’s End #1

Death of the Family

Bat #13/ Bat #14/ Bat #15/ RHatO #15/ TT #15/ Bat #16/ RHatO #16/ TT #16/ Bat #17

Batman and Robin

#10/ #11/ #12/ #17/ #20/ #33/ #34/ #35

Batman Eternal

*Specifically in #10-#12,#15,#18-#20,#25,#26,#28

#1/ #2/ #3/ #4/ #5/ #6/ #7/ #8/ #9/ #10/ #11/ #12/ #13/ #14/ #15/ #16/ #17/ #18/ #19/ #20/ #21/ #22/ #23/ #24/ #25/ #26/ #27/ #28/ #29/ #30

Justice League


Secret Origins


Batman/Superman Annual





Teen Titans

*You can argue Jason isn’t really Red X but. Why would you?

Season 3, Episode 2, “X”

Link 1/ Link 2

Season 5, Episode 9, “Revved Up”

Link 1

Under the Red Hood

Link 1

Nightwing Web Series

Episode 1/ Episode 2/ Episode 3/ Episode 4/ Episode 5

Arkham Knight

*Not out yet as far as I know, and not my area of expertise, so here’s a link for you to learn more about it


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Hey, maybe you'll be able to help me with this because it's got me scratching my head. I read a fic recently which was very star trek-esque where Yuuri and Victor had dated in the past, and in the present end up working together (post breakup) on a ship (in space). Yuuri is a nurse, I believe. Can't seem to find this fic again and unfortunately don't remember the title. :(

Omg! I don’t think I’ve read this yet!

Anyone know what this fic is?

willesqueleto  asked:

I've always kinda been on Lars' side, he's suffered the most from Steven's magical girl lifestyle and I can't help but feel bad for the socially-awkward guy that gets lit on fire or mindswapped every time he tries to make friends

All this time we were dissing Lars and Sugar was playing us yet again WHAT NEXT WOMAN

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I used to be a hardcore Lucio Main with over 100 hours logged until the update! For some reason now it feels like I'm playing an entirely different character?? I cannot get a grip on how he's supposed to work anymore and I can't quite figure out why. Do you or anyone have tips on how to get back on my feet with him again? Finding a new Main is hard and I miss my boy :(

sad to hear, its never fun when someone makes changes to your main. sadly my expertise with lucio is limited, so im not the best person to give you help. ill ask a mate for help, he is extremly good with lucio, he didnt like the update that much either, ill ask him if he has gotten used to the changes yet

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Do you know the fic where Kurt is a single father and goes back home to live in Ohio. He meets Blaine who is a vet and they (obviously) hit it off well and date happily. Quinn and Finn are married and have a kid but Finn is cheating on her with Rachel who is Blaine's receptionist at the clinic and she ends up getting pregnant. I can't remember if this is completed or a wip. Thanks for the help!

You’ll have to download the PDF file since the fic is no longer online.

In The Jungle by BritBoJangles

With his life in shambles, Kurt moves back home to Lima to start again. While trying to finish his degree, he takes job at an animal shelter, working under the insufferable, yet stunning, Dr. Anderson. Things go awry when they try to mix business and pleasure. The pair must decide if their relationship is worth dealing with ill-fated events and an immovable object named Keenan.

Levihan Week 2017 Day One: First

I’m making a short return to Tumblr to participate in the Levihan Week on Tumblr! (I offered help on the prompts, so I thought it only seemed right. I threw this together yesterday in a car with my mother and her cousin frustrated because we kept getting lost XD) Very Levi centered, I always loved this about their relationship and its the only thing I wish they could have put in the anime.

I may be returning again to Tumblr for this BUT only this week. I think I’ll only be on hiatus for five-six more weeks. I’m rambling lmao!


(Title) Kindness

It was unexpected. Kindness was foreign to Levi. The only people that had ever been kind to him were his mother, Farlan and Isabel. So a stranger being kind was naturally unheard of.

In the Underground, everyone looked out for themselves and even if they did have companions, they saw their companions as expendable. Levi thought that was stupid- why bother having friends when you aren’t loyal to them? 
He’d always been loyal to Farlan and Isabel. One could dare say they were like family. The scruffy pair were all he needed. Levi didn’t need anyone else.

Just because this strange woman was being kind to him didn’t mean he needed her. Why would you need a stranger?
But everyone needs kindness, and the snot nosed Scouts he met so far including Erwin Smith had treated him as a weapon.
Levi knew he was fast and very dangerous, and had abilities unique to humans. However, everyone was different. How he saw it was that it didn’t matter that he was faster and more dangerous than anyone. (That definitely helped stealing in the Underground though)
The fuss to Levi was unnecessary.
Or so he thought.

“I saw it you know.” The trio heard a breathy, excited, giggly murmur just loud enough for them to hear. He could tell his two friends blood ran cold like his. Maybe they were too loud? Had they given their plan away? Had one of them said the wrong thing?

Cold metal greeted his warm hand.

Then the intrusive woman spoke again in a much louder voice, more cheerful than secretive. The innocence was evident in her shrill voice.
“The decisive moment of course! That was really amazing!”

The bizarre woman walked away with no trace of defeat, (despite her sparkling chocolate eyes fading a little as her Titan-sized grin slipped) another odd thing was that she was so upbeat, but her words and attitude to him stayed in Levi’s mind. She directly spoke to him, asking him questions similarly to Erwin yet she had a more informal tone. She acted like she was speaking to friends, the way she happily sat down with them and slapped Farlan and Isabel’s backs. The act of kindness was unknown to them too, the two also used to being treated like criminals. She didn’t look down on any of them. Her intentions were clearly to talk to Levi, but she was very happy to talk to them too.

It annoyed Levi and Farlan and Isabel, yet they felt that with someone like her around, the Scouts wouldn’t be so bad. That was why meeting her stayed in their minds.
Levi would never say, but it was nice that she was the first person to be kind to them.

As much as he tried to, he couldn’t forget her name. Her kindness mattered to him, although he knew what a cruel world this was: so he was hoping that was the only thing about her that mattered.

Okay, I’m doing it because it needs to be said. People calling for Eugene’s death and/or writing him off for what’s happened in this past season can take several seats while I review the particulars of this situation. 

Things that led up to Eugene’s capture by the Saviors: making a bullet meant for Negan’s head that he neither wanted to make, nor felt was a good idea and told Rosita as much, only to be browbeaten and bullied by her into doing so (and guilted with the death of his best friend, no less). Admitting to having made said bullet despite Rosita and Tara trying to cover him, as even though he was pants-pissingly scared he didn’t want anyone to suffer for his own actions/inaction. (Whenever people asked Josh on FB Live if Eugene would sacrifice himself for someone else I want to scream THIS SCENE, BITCHES. THIS SCENE. HE ALREADY HAS.) 

I also need to reiterate, I think, that Eugene was taken by force. He was kidnapped. He didn’t sneak away from Alexandria in the night and slink over to the Saviors and ask to be part of them, he was kidnapped, as in taken against his will. 

By the time he arrives at the Sanctuary he has very few options; he can decline any invitations to join and then be left to Negan’s mercy (so either Lucilled or imprisoned for awhile or both), he could escape when Rosita and Sasha appear and then not only be on Negan’s most wanted list but also make the target just a bit bigger and the stakes that much higher for the Alexandrians, OR he can join and maybe use that intelligence of his against Negan and the rest. 

I get that it’s still a bit ambiguous what his true intentions are (we’ll pretend the subtext has been vague for the sake of the argument, even tho it really hasn’t) but even if, at this time, he has no plans to go against Negan directly how anyone can blame him for doing what he’s done is beyond me. His only other option really was to die/put Rick’s group in even more danger. Is that really what people expect of him? And because he hasn’t allowed either of those things he deserves to die anyway? That’s so disproportionate and unfair.   

The reason I love Eugene is because I feel he brings something a bit more human and identifiable to the show. The other characters are great, but I don’t think most people would be like Michonne or Rick or Rosita or Abraham in a situation this dire. I think most of us would be more like Eugene, even if we’re not all as highly intelligent and resourceful as he is. He’s the one character who always shows true, unabated fear…and yet, still manages on through some really gut-wrenching situations. Eugene shows us that bravery isn’t the absence of fear. 

The fact that people would write him off so quickly for using the skills he does have to survive is disheartening, discouraging and frustrating for me. It’s also incredibly unfair and fails to take into consideration all that has gone in to getting him to where he is now. 

I haven’t had sex in three years and I’m literally dying on the inside

agent-sapphire  asked:

Hi again! I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOUR SHEITH FAMILY IT'S KILLING ME AND I WANT MORE SORRY ;//A//; Question; Does anyone in the Sheith family get into an argument? It's probably very rare with Daddy Shiro and Daddy Keith, but has the kids ever threw a tantrum? (Hunk is very unlikely.) //and maybe angst----- //shot

You all need to stop giving me angst, man. :)) It makes me so sad. The Voltron Family is a happy family okay? T^T #stopthedrama :))) lmao /yet i still do it

It was a stupid thing really, Lance knew that. But he couldn’t help but feel so annoyed and jealous. They were all eating dinner.

Pidge: I got a perfect score on my addition and subtraction test today!
Shiro: That’s very good! The rest would be such a breeze to you.
Hunk: I got a perfect score on my multiplication test too! My teacher said I was the smartest in her class! *blushes*
Keith: *smiles* That’s my boy.

Lance heard all of this. He wanted to brag about something, too but he didn’t get any perfect scores like Pidge or Hunk did. He wasn’t exactly the smartest kid academically but he was still pretty smart.

Pidge: *smirks* I saw Lance’s test paper. He only got one correct answer. *laughs* Everything was in red.
Shiro: Pidge. *warning tone*
Pidge: What? It’s true though! He was hiding his test paper and he crumpled it! He was embarrassed, Daddy Shiro.
Lance: Shut up, Pidge.
Keith: Lance. That’s very rude. Apologize to your sister.
Lance: She started it! 
Pidge: I was only stating a fact.
Lance: *mocks* I was only stating a fact. No one asked you, okay?! So shut up!
Shiro: Lance. I’m warning you. 
Lance: I’m so tired that all the time Pidge and Hunk get praises for their test scores and I don’t.
Pidge: It’s because you don’t get perfect scores like we do. Duh!
Keith: Pidge.
Pidge: I’m just telling the truth! Lance really isn’t—
Lance: *drops his fork* I’M NOT SMART OK! I know that, Pidge! SO SHUT UP! I don’t get perfect scores like you and Hunk! I don’t get praised by my teachers ok! They think I’m a troubled kid! I know I’m no one’s favourite here!
Shiro: Lance, that’s not true.
Lance: I know it, Daddy Shiro, ok? Your favourite is Pidge and Daddy Keith’s is Hunk. I’m no one’s favourite because I’m not smart or amazing. I’m the middle child that no one likes who’s so average with no talent. 
Pidge: It’s because you’re not trying hard enough, Lance.
Lance: I’m trying just as hard as you and Hunk, okay?!
Pidge: Then you should study harder.
Lance: AND I AM!! It’s not my fault I can’t remember most of the stuff. I get easily distracted and it’s so hard.
Pidge: Maybe try to focus and stop thinking about other stuff for once.
Lance: *sneers* You think you’re so smart, huh?!! THIS AND THAT! NO ONE CARES, PIDGE!
Pidge: Because I am smart, Lance. And you’re not!
Shiro: Pidge!
Lance: *glares at Pidge* I really hate you so much. *stands up and walks out*
Shiro: *stares at Pidge* *sighs* *looks at Keith* You talk to her and I talk to Lance. This has gotten out of hand.

Shiro went up to Lance’s room only to see him curled up. His heart broke when he heard sobbing.

Shiro: Lance…
Lance: Go away, Daddy Shiro. Go back to Pidge because she’s your perfect smart baby girl.
Shiro: *sits on Lance’s bed* You know, there’s this boy I know that could make a lot of people laugh and put smiles on their faces without putting so much effort. But he was really sad when no one was looking.
Lance: *turns around* Why? Why is he sad?
Shiro: Because he thought he wasn’t good enough for anything else. He thought that maybe if he made people laugh, they would forget that he wasn’t as great as them. But you see, this boy had the purest and kindest heart. He’d rather make people happy instead of thinking of his own happiness. He had the most talented hands and the best ideas and he expressed them through drawings. He’d draw things to make his brother and sister happy whenever they’re sad. He’d draw his brother piloting a robot and he’d draw his sister flying an airplane. He’d leave them in their bedrooms quietly for them to find the drawings themselves. 
Lance: Hey, I did that to Pidge and Hunk! They wanted to be pilots!
Shiro: *smiles* Lance, I wish you could just see how amazing you are to me. You may not get perfect scores like Pidge and Hunk but you excel at something else. You were able to ride a bike on your first try. You’re quick at learning new things. Academics isn’t everything so don’t be disheartened because I could always help you with that if you’re struggling. You’re no one’s fave because you’re everyone’s fave. We all love you so much and I hope you know that.
Lance: *sobs* *hugs his Daddy Shiro so tight*

I’m so worried for Ellie. Not for what’s gonna happen to her but for who she became.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to see my baby grew up as a badass woman, but… she’s so full of rage, hate. I know there’s a more than valid reason for that (even tho we don’t know it yet), but is there still the same girl who loved making dumb jokes in the middle of the apocalypse?
I’m just so afraid I’m not gonna see her smile again.

!! Here’s a reminder that Eat Jin live on V app is just a few days away!!

Eat Jin live airs on June 11 (KST)! There is no known time of when it will start at the moment (presumably at 12AM KST but that’s not confirmed anywhere, it may air at a random time). For those confused about V app having paid videos there has been no announcement of Eat Jin being on Vlive + so it is highly likely that it is free!

Now here’s your important reminders for the show:

  • Do NOT ask for other members (This is Jin’s show, asking for others when he’s on is very disrespectful!)
  • If Jin does have a member or multiple members on the show please give all the members the same amount of love and attention! 
  • Give lots of hearts
  • Compliment Jin as much as possible, tell him you love Eat Jin and you’re glad he’s doing it back on the V app
  • No rude or sexual comments please

Never commented during an Eat Jin live before or any other live before? Also have you never not tuned into an Eat Jin live before? Here’s why you should consider doing it and making this day important for Jin: 

So in short we are very lucky and should be very grateful that Jin is doing an Eat Jin on the V app again! I know time zones make it hard to watch live streams but if you can, please make this Eat Jin very special for Jin! This is our opportunity to let him know we really love and appreciate him! :’)

Also it would be great if anyone reading this has a large following on twitter and can help spread this! Thank you~

if big hero 6 had a gag reel
  • Hiro: Tadashi is gone! *he slams his fist so hard on Baymax he pops a hole on his chest* ...T-that wasn't supposed to happen...
  • --------
  • Tadashi: Someone has to help! *runs but trips on the first few steps* D-darn, and I looked kinda cool running off like that...
  • ------
  • Fred: ...D-Dad? *loud fart noise*
  • Stan: ...*gets up and leaves the set without saying a word*
  • ------
  • Fred: Welcome to mi casa! That's Spanish for my house! Oh wait, was I supposed to get that wrong...?
  • -----
  • Tadashi: I'm not giving up on you. *grabs Hiro by the legs and tries to lift him but accidentally bumps his head on the floor and then on the bedpost*
  • Hiro: Times like this I wish I was the older brother in this movie so I can do that to you too.
  • ------
  • Yokai: *when confronting Krei, his mask won't lift up* H-hey, I think this thing is stuck--h-help? I think we got a real setback here!
  • Krei: *mutters to someone offscreen* He doesn't know I tampered with his mask, don't tell him.
  • -------
  • Gogo: *runs Wasabi's car directly in the path of the camera*
  • Director: ...There goes a hundred thousand dollars off my paycheck again.
  • -------
  • Wasabi: We can't go up against that guy! We're--ummm--
  • Gogo: How hard is it to forget one word? Nerd!
  • -------
  • Yokai: *after a montage of him tripping off of his platform of microbots countless of times* I am getting too old for this...
  • -------
  • Baymax: *while Fred is singing Fred's Angels, he starts beatboxing*
  • Hiro: Okay, I didn't teach you that... *looks at everyone*
  • Everyone: *bursts into laughter*
  • -------
  • Gogo: *throws her disc, it hits the camera instead*
  • Director: Goddamn it, not again!
  • -----
  • Hiro: *falls off the moped as they were getting away from Yama*
  • Yama: *helps Hiro up* Whoa, that was one heck of a fall--you okay?
  • Hiro: ...are we filming Tadashi's death scene yet? *is dazed*
  • -----
  • Aunt Cass: Are you two okay?
  • Hiro and Tadashi: Yes, Auntie.
  • Aunt Cass: *pinches both their ears* Then what the f--- were you thinking--
  • Hiro: You can't swear in a Disney movie, Auntie.
  • Tadashi: See? He told her.
  • -----
  • Hiro: *throws Mochi up the stairs, glass breaking and other things breaking are heard*
  • Baymax: You missed, Hiro.
  • -----
  • Callaghan: I want my daughter back.
  • Krei: *on the side, making faces as he mimics Cal*
  • Callaghan: *looks at him, covers his face with microbots, and then chuckles about it* Not this time, Krei.
  • ------
  • Cass: Stress eating! *chokes on donut* G-great, that's more stress that I don't need--cut! Cut!
  • ------
  • Baymax: *in the middle of their fight with Yokai at Krei Tech* L-low batteryyyyyyy--
  • Yokai: Uh-oh, someone didn't charge their nursebot before filming...
  • Hiro: Could you not.
  • -------
  • Fred: School mascot by day, but by night-- *flips around, accidentally lets go of his sign and it flies into the camera, destroying it*
  • ------
  • Tadashi: Hiro-- *signals for him to follow him to his lab, but forgets to open door and hits it facefirst*
  • ------
  • Honey: *on the side, applying makeup to Baymax's face*
  • Baymax: I fail to see how makeup will make me a better healthcare companion.
  • Honey: Don't resist it; it brings out the roundness in your face.
  • Hiro: You know that'll all be ruined once we get to the fight scenes, right?
  • ------
  • Baymax: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain? *displays Hiro's internet history on his chest rather than the chart* Oh no...
  • ------
  • Callaghan: But you should know that Mr. Krei has cut corners and ignore sound science--
  • Krei: *on the side, mimicking Cal's words while making a face*
  • Callaghan: *makes a bewildered face at him*
  • Krei: Oh, I thought we weren't filming.
  • Hiro: Why do these two have a higher paycheck than I do again?
  • -------
  • Tadashi: Someone has to help!
  • *before he could run in, a sudden storm suddenly rages down on the entire set*
  • Hiro: I guess you're not gonna die today, huh, bro?
  • -------
  • Baymax: Tadashi is here. *points to Tadashi on the director's chair; everyone laughs*
  • Hiro: *laughs into the camera* And you thought we would kill him off, did you?
~CHRISTMAS~! RP Starters
  • "Ho-ho-holy shit it's almost Christmas."
  • "I see that you purposely gave the gingerbread men horrified expressions. I suppose it's so we feel bad as we eat them?"
  • "How come you're not on top of that tree, angel~?"
  • "You better not pout, you better not cry, you better good I'm telling you why— the in-laws are coming make a good impression."
  • "I'm not saying that you can't reach the top of the tree to put on the star...but you could just ask for help."
  • "Did you know it's scientifically proven that Santa won't come any faster if you keep sticking your head up the chimney?"
  • "So...just you and me...y'know..chillin'...totally normal except HEY THERE'S SOME MISTLETOE UP THERE WOULD YOU LOOK aT tHAT WHAT A COINCEDENCE!"
  • "I brought you some hot chocolate while you wait for Santa."
  • "What do you want for Christmas again?"
  • "Why does Frosty the Snowman look like a demon?"
  • "Let's drink our sorrows out with the elves and some eggnog."
Mommy's First Hero
  • Little do the egg and toaster know that they've influenced each others lives far longer than they realize.;D
  • -------------------------------
  • Bully 1: Where'd that little shrimp go? He owes me 1000¥ More for lunch.
  • Bully 2: He's probably near the playground!
  • Bully 3: Let's go!
  • -As they rush off towards the park, from around the corner of a building he peaked to check if the coast was clear.-
  • Genos: [-sighs-] Finally. I thought they'd never leave.
  • -Yet again, Genos was having his lunch in hiding from his usual band of bullies who liked to pick on him.-
  • Genos: [-sits down on the steps of the building he'd taken shelter in, having a small bento with the usual rice and pickeled raddishes his mother made for him.-] I can't believe they'd actually beat me for something like this everyday....Well, I better savor this since this'll likely be the only trip I'll ever take outside of home.
  • -As he ate his humble lunch, he couldn't help but enjoy his rare solitude as he watched a few birds fly over him towards a tree. As he felt like he could relax for a while, his guard immediately went up as the door behind him opened.-
  • Saitama: Ugh, what a pain in the ass. That teacher really doesn't know the meaning of mercy, does he?
  • -Genos blinked as he looked up at the tall guy who came out of the building. He was a rather ordinary looking student, most likely a freshman. He had jet-black hair and very comfortable jersey, with an expression that seemed lackluster as he stared gloomily at a test paper in his hand.-
  • Saitama: Hm? What's a kid doing here? You lost?
  • -He blinked as he looked down at him with a disinterested yet curious gaze. But before he could answer, he heard those kids from before hooting about getting some snacks from some elementary kids, and quickly dashed behind him to hide.-
  • Saitama: Hm? [-He blinked as he looked at him using his legs like a wall, and watched as three burly boys came running towards the small park on the opposite side of the campus.-]...Ah, I see.
  • -Having figured out what was up, he decided to help him out.-
  • Saitama: Follow me. I'll show you a good place...
  • -Blinking in confusion, he simply did as the young man told him and followed him. The "good place" he was talking about was the roof of one of the campus buildings overlooking the city. The two of them sat on the ledge, looking out at the view while Genos continued to finish his lunch.-
  • Genos: Thanks for showing me this place, Mister.
  • Saitama: Don't call me "Mister." I ain't old. [-he growled with annoyance.-] And it's no big deal. I've been through that kind of stuff growing up, so I know it's best to go to places that are high and secluded.
  • -As Genos eats his food, Saitama hums as he stares a the sky, kicking his feet back and forth.-
  • Saitama: So~ You kids out here for a field trip, or something? I've never seen your face around here before, so I assume your not from around here.
  • Genos: [-nods as he finishes his first few bites-] It's to see the difference between a rural enviroment and an urban one.
  • Saitama: [-gags at the sound of that-] I always hated those kinds of field trips since they always expected us to write something insightful.
  • -Genos blinked at this reaction and couldn't help but snicker before finishing his last few bites. He was sure funny for a guy who was older than him.-
  • Genos: [-claps his hands-] Thank you for the food.
  • -Saitama, now lying on his side looks up as Genos closes his bento up and wrap it back in its scarf.-
  • Saitama: Well, come on. I better get you back to your group before some teacher nags me for taking a brat up to the roof like this. Wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea like I kidnapped you or something...
  • -As he brushed the dust and debris off his pants, Genos looked up at him curiously.-
  • Genos: Why did you help me earlier? Didn't you have to go somewhere?
  • Saitama: Huh? What makes you say that?
  • -He points to his test paper, which he looks at curiously.-
  • Genos: It says on the note that you were supposed to report to that teacher immediately-OWCH! [-whimpers as he knocks his head with the knuckle of his fist.-]
  • Saitama: It's rude to look at adult's stuff like that.[-miffed at the kids creepily observant yet blunt response.-]
  • Genos: ...Sorry.
  • Saitama: As for why I helped you out...[-He crumpled the paper into his pocket-] It's like I said. I was in your shoes growing up. It wasn't really my business, but it would have left a bad taste in my mouth to just leave you like that...the way most people did for me...
  • -Hearing such a simple reason brought a smile to his face as he nodded. Although there were a lot of shitty people like the three bullies, there were still some guys who weren't all that bad like this man.-
  • Genos: ...I see. Thank you, Mister.
  • Saitama: I told you not to call me "Mister." [-He grumbled.-]
  • -Some Years Later-
  • -As the Minis watch TV with reports on heroes saving a town, Gou looks up at Genos as he sits in his lap.-
  • Gou: Mommy, was Daddy 'always' your hero?
  • -He looked up as Saitama scolded Roku for trying to knock the controller out of his brother's hand with a flame pellet.-
  • Genos: ...Mm, Well he reminded me of someone who was my 'first' hero after he took me in as his disciple...but let's keep that a secret, okay?
  • -Gou smiled and nodded as they continued to watch TV together.-
Warren Worthington/Angel x Reader(fluff) "Can't help falling in love with you"

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A/N: This is the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written I swear to Odin

Warnings: Fluff overload

Word Count: 1,053

You trudged down the creaking steps of X-Mansion. Your eyes were laced with sleep and your hair distorted from tossing and turning in bed.
You yawned yet again.
You hadn’t been able to sleep at all that night, not even a little bit.

Your bare feet lightly clapped against the tiles as you entered the kitchen and turned on the light, shouting in shock when you saw Warren sitting on one of the stools by the table,drinking a cup of coffee.

“Why. Were you in here, in the dark?” You asked, moving to switch on the kettle.
“Didn’t want to wake anyone up. Why you up?”
“Couldn’t sleep” you said, pulling yourself into the stool across from him.
“Same here”

Warren was dressed in incredibly baggy pyjamas, they mudt have been two or three sizes too big for him, because the sleeves that were supposed to come to his biceps, reached his elbow instead.

“What you drinking?” You asked, nodding at the cup clasped in his hand.
You arched a brow at him “annnnddd?”

He looked down at the liquid in his mug.

You sighed, taking the mug out of his hand and rinsing it out in the sink once the kettle boiled. Refilling it as well as your own with hot chocolate instead of coffee and vodka.

You handed him back his mug once you’d popped a few marshmallows in it.
He chuckled a little.
“Thank you, but I’m not 12 Y/N”
“Yeah, your 22 and you ain’t gonna make it to 42 if you keep going the way your going. Vodka and coffee will keep you awake, hot chocolate will calm you down. Come on”

You got up off you chair, mug in hand and reached your free one out to him.
He accepted it and rose to his feet, following along after you as you brought him to the living room.

“Why are we in here?” He asked with a raised eyebrow as he gently lay his mug down on the coffee table in front of the couch.
“Hank doesn’t put the fire out before bed,meaning it’s still warm in here, unlike the kitchen”

Warren unfolded his wings a little, so they could fit over the arm of the couch when he sat down, the tips of his toes touching yours while you did the same, mug in your lap.

“How come you can’t sleep?” You asked him, looking up at him from beneath your eyebrows.
He sighed a little, rubbing his temple.
“Just…nightmares. The usual”
You nodded, taking another sip of your chocolate.
“You can tell me, if you want. But under no circumstance am I asking you to”
You told him and he looked up at you instead of his lap.

“Thanks Y/N, but I’d rather not. Maybe one day”
You nodded “sure”
“What about you, why can’t you sleep?”
“I honestly had no idea. Think my brain is just being a bitch”

He nodded in understanding before noticing a record player in the corner of the room
“I-is that a record player?” He asked you and you turned around to look at it.
“Sure is, it was the professors when he was a kid. He doesn’t mind people using it if you want to”

Warren swung his legs down on the ground and walked over to the black record player, extending his wings before bringing them back in again as if he were stretching them out.

You turned away form him and focused on your chocolate,,already feeling more tired than your thought possible.
You heard a song begin to play and couldn’t help but smile.

“My dad used to play this all the time when I was a kid”
You told him as Elvis Presley’s smooth voice began to play quietly.
“He’s a classic” Warren replied, walking back over to you and extending his hand.

“Warren, I don’t dance ”
“I’ve got two left feet and 15 foot wings,if I can do it so can you" You playfully sighed and took his offered hand and standing up, placing your cup next to his and resting your hand on his shoulder.

“There you go, now you put your other hand here” he took your hand and brought it to his side so you could wrap your arm around the middle of his back, careful not to scrape your hand on his wings.

He gently swayed you too the music while quietly singing the lyrics to himself.

“Shall I stay? Would it be a sin? If I can’t help falling in love with you”
He sang softly.

You smiled and leant your head against his chest, feeling the vibrations of the words drumming through his chest.

It was so soothing.
The sound of the music, the gentle darkness of the night, the feeling of Warren gently swaying and singing, the softness of his bed shirt against your cheek.

“Darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be,Take my hand, Take my whole life, too”

Warren placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head. You felt so sleepy now, but you didn’t want to sleep.
If only you’d been this way an hour ago.

“Like a river flows,Surely to the sea”

He relaxed his wings, letting them hang gently against his back and he wrapped his arms around you a little to tighter.

You felt him gently nudge you away from him, arching his arm,
allowing you to twirl slowly before he pulled you close to him once more.
“For I can’t help falling in love with you”

The song finished with you still wrapped up in his arms, still being swayed by his gentle movements. “

You okay?” He asked
“Perfect” you replied, snuggling close to him as you felt him laugh quietly.

“You sure?”
You sighed contently “yeah…I’m sure”