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Mizuki Hisahito 水樹 寿人

“I’m the captain, Mizuki. Nice to meet you all.”


“So you see you and me
We’re gettin close to the danger zone
Show me how tell me now
Should I stay or should i go
Cause I’m caught between yes and no

Cause when you kiss me
I feel everything that I been missing
I try to slow down but my heart won’t listen
And its tearin me all up inside
And when you touch me
I feel a rush but I’m afraid that it might crush me”

Kisses Don’t Lie, Rihanna

He seized Hawke’s wrists and held his arms out to the sides, his large green eyes searching his lover’s face, “This isn’t you. That monster has poisoned your mind.”

“Not me,” Hawke echoed, going limp in his grasp, “It’s always been me. Everyone expects so much, expects me to have the answers, but nothing I’ve done ever mattered. What good have I been to anyone?”

So for FenHawke week, especially with the theme being canon divergence, I decided to promote some of my fics with illustrations.

Yes. Fine! You caught me. I write fanfiction. I never did until Dragon Age did a thing to my brain. I still have some residual shame to admit I started writing fanfiction at my age but I think I’m in good company.

The above illustration is from my very first fic: Waking Nightmare. Which is yet another fic about Fenris rescuing Hawke from the Fade. 

I swore I’d write just the one and get it out of my system. And then I wrote like 5 more. All FenHawke. Help. 

Part One | Part Two| Part Three

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HONEST OPINION ON EVEN/ISAK PLEASE i had no idea you watched this show!

I do watch this show, yes. You’ve caught me.

@enjoloras makes fun of me for binging it so quickly that I had to start over.

But! Honest opinion:

I love! These two! They’re so dynamic!

Whether it’s Isak coming to terms with his sexuality, being honest with himself after years of forcefully trying to be as heterosexual as possible. Whether it’s Even slowly trying to accept that he isn’t alone, that just because he’s bipolar doesn’t mean he’s broken, doesn’t mean it’s inevitable that everyone will leave, that he’ll hurt everyone he tries to love.

It’s two kids who are learning and growing, two kids who think they’re inherently wrong, two kids who make mistakes. Who dance to ridiculous music in the kitchen, who leave drawings in their crush’s coat pocket, who take a while to understand each other.

At its core, Isak/Even is enduring. Yes, there are up and downs. Yes, there’s heartbreak. But! There’s also forgiveness and acceptance and compassion and learning!!!! And way too many eskimo kisses!!!

Also this gets me every time

This was rambling and too long but!

I love it when fanfic gives you long backgrounds on the characters and their relationships every time a new one shows up in canonverse fic.  Yes, you caught me.  I, a person reading BtVS fanfic, had no idea that Buffy was a vampire slayer who goes to high school and is friends with Willow and Xander!  Thank you, fic writer, for saving me all that confusion.

  • Albus: I really don't like you dating Rose.
  • Scorpius: Why not?
  • Albus: Well, because. You know a lot of embarrassing stories about me, and she knows a lot of embarrassing stories about me. Together, you two know all my humiliating stories and that's not fair.
  • Scorpius: Oh yes, you caught me. I am only dating your cousin to gain more blackmail on you.
  • Albus: Wait, "more?" Embarrassing stories doesn't necessarily mean blackmail. What blackmail do you currently have?

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Us: Constantly shit on TERFs, block them, spread TERF block lists and callout posts - Inclusionists: Um... Could it be that exclusionists actually really like TERFs!

Honestly…. I blocked 200 TERFs the other day and I’m nb, but yes, you caught me, i am a terf……

Election of 1800
  • Madison: Hamilton’s on your side.
  • Jefferson: And?
  • Madison: You won in a landslide
  • Burr: Yes you've caught me. Now the chase is done.You must admit I gave you quite the run. Mr. Tortoise, here's your rabbit stew. Looks like we're stuck together which is strange but true

John and Sherlock getting caught in a sudden, heavy rain shower and making a mad dash for the nearest cover. John managing to shake his coat off and run his fingers through his hair to get most of the water out and still look presentable before turning to Sherlock and bursting out laughing at the sight. Sherlock’s normally bouncy curls are soggy and dripping in his face, obscuring his eyes, his coat hanging heavily on him causing him to slouch, and looking very undignified. The frown-pout on Sherlock’s face shows his displeasure and is all John can see below the shaggy, dripping mop. Sherlock shakes his head, spraying John with water droplets, but his hair is still a mess and John is still laughing behind raised hands to shield him from the water. Sherlock just glares at him through the parts in his drooping curls. John steps in and wipes the hair out of Sherlock’s eyes, saying “You really need a haircut,” before pulling Sherlock in for a giggling kiss. They end up making out until the rain storm ends.

literally i just saw a blog in the recommended list that’s url was “beyoncebeytwice” and i have no idea who you are but nice url

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Headcanon: Fred and Bolt are half brothers who bicker but also get along sometimes and are rly competitive. They compete for the affection of Princess, but she's ditzy so she's completely oblivious. Also Dottie has a secret crush on Bolt who doesn't pick up on it, but Fred figures it out and he THINKS Bolt knows, so Fred flirts with Dottie to get back at Bolt. Dottie becomes confused and develops feelings for Fred as well but doesn't realize he's playing her. Wow this is so in depth lol

As The Cat Meows.

-  Mod Mids

I am pure evil

so tonight my niece kept trying to follow me in the bathroom and twisting the doorknob so I couldn’t lock it…ya know annoying kid stuff,and then I came up with a brilliant plan told her the knob was stuck and she goes what and lets go of it and I lock it and she continues asking is it really stuck? really? really!? and I am like dying of laughter and say yes it really is and this goes on for a few minutes and she finally goes “I’m getting dad” and runs out and I make my escape xp

@emma-dirthalen @not-cassandra yes, yes, you’ve caught me. Samson and I have been caught in a torrid whirlwind romance ever since we met in moonlit Kirkwall, we’ve been kissing on the battlements and it’s a wonder no one’s caught us until now. That’s quite enough.

@corruptedtemplar, if you’ve had your fun, there’s something I must speak with you about.