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Father’s Day - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1091

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Unedited and Unbeta’d

Feedback and Constructive Criticism always appreciated

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“You ready?” You glanced down at JoJo who was still dressed in green pajamas, shifting from foot to foot. You’d taken the time this morning to pull her hair back in a French braid to keep it out of her face, but it had already started to fall out, framing her face.

“Let’s do it!”

“Alright, let’s go!” You picked up the tray of food and nodded your head, letting her lead the way. She bounded down the hall and to your bedroom, stopping at the door. She opened it carefully, peeking inside. “Is he still asleep?”

“Uh huh.” JoJo giggled. “He’s hugging your pillow, Mommy.” You opened the door further, glancing inside and shaking your head. Dean did indeed have his arms wrapped tightly around your pillow. You’d only been out of bed a little over an hour and he was already acting like you’d been gone for an eternity.

“Go ahead.” You whispered. “We’re not gonna let him sleep all day.” JoJo skipped inside, crawling up on the bed while you waited in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe. She crawled on top of Dean, who in his sleep, released the pillow and turned to grip her waist. He was used to her crawling on top of him in the middle of the night or early morning, very rarely did it ever wake him.

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Puppy Love

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Prompt: You and your dog, Max, run into someone at the park who just so happens to be insanely hot, single, and into you. (AKA the one where you and Sam have dogs and then go back to his place and have sex with each other)

Tags: AU, fluff, omg doggies!!!, Sam’s basically perfect ugh, smut, light spanking

Words: 2,592

Note: A+ for the original title amiright? also, sorry it took so long for me to write something, ugh. hope you like it!!

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Finish Line

(gif is mine)

Pairing: Racer!Steve Rogers x Reader (AU)

Summary: Two time Formula One champion Steve Rogers faced one of his worst fears during his race in Austin, TX.

A/N: I dont know what this is, okay, this had been stuck in my head for days ever since I found out that Sebastian Vettel is having a kid and ahhhhh I just really need to get it out of my system. Sorry for so many racing terms I chuck in there. 

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Hansol has his own IG account

And I’m gonna explain a thing or two

First of all, CALM DOWN! Him having his own IG doesn’t mean that he left SM!!

Yes, it looks like Hansol has an Instagram account, but nothing is confirmed. Now, a lot of fans are jumping to conclusion and saying that he left SM.

Maybe he really left SM, but can you blame him? He’s been introduced as an smrookie back in 2013. That was more than three years ago. If that isn’t reason enough, SM is a shitty entertainment that doesn’t treat their idols the way they should. 

But there’s also a chance that SM are trying something new.
Maybe this is their way of getting attention, I mean it worked, we’re all talking about it (Friendly reminder that even bad publicity is good publicity).
There’s still a possibility that he’ll be in NCT and this is SM’s way of teasing us.

There’s another thing, that no one addressed so far (at least I haven’t seen any posts about that) and that’s that Hansol might be a solo artist.
He is a talented young man and there are so many people who have their eyes on him, waiting for his debut and for him to take over the world. So maybe SM decided that he should have an Instagram account and get more popular like that. By the way, it hasn’t been a day and he has 13k+ followers which is amazing.

I just want y’all to support, no matter if he left SM, will debut with NCT or go solo. He is our Ji Hansol and deserves our love and support.

Mark Imagine - Secret

A/N - So it’s been a couple of days since the last upload, sorry! As I’ve said before, exam revision is getting the best of me so I’ve not been able to dedicate as much time to writing. Just be patient guys and I’ll try and post as much as I can~

Errr, I’m not very good at using Tumblr, but I hope I’m doing this right… Uh, could I request a Mark imagine where the reader and him have been dating for a little bit, and he wants to tell all the fans, but they’re both kind of anxious…I don’t really care where it goes from there. x3 Thanks! :P 

“Hey, (Y/N)?”
“Yes, Mark?”
“I’ve been thinking about things recently, and I want to tell the fans about you. Us.” A million thoughts rushed through your mind. You’d been dating Mark for around three months now and the both of you were extremely happy in your relationship. Ever since the first date, you knew you had fallen for him hard and now three months in, you still felt those same butterfly feelings in your stomach whenever he smiled at you. Telling the fans about your relationship was something you knew would be inevitable, especially since Mark had wanted to be open about your relationship with the other members, not wanting to be secretive around them. A part of you wanted the same for the fans, so that they could see just how happy Mark was but another part of you was scared and you couldn’t deny it. Your relationship with Mark was one of the biggest secrets you had kept to the people outside of your closest friends and family. Mark was no doubt just as worried as you but had always seemed much more relaxed, especially now.

You looked at him nervously, not even bothering to hide how anxious you were to go public with your relationship. He held your hand soothingly, gently running a finger over the soft skin. His smile was reassuring and kind. 
“I get that you’re nervous, I am too. But I really think they will like you just as much as I do. It’s all up to you though, if you want to wait then I’m fine with that.”
“No, I’m ready to tell them. They have a right to know about us. But how will we tell them?”
“I spoke to one of our manager’s and she said it’d be too formal if it was through some news article or whatever and that we should just do something more personal before the company officially confirms it.”
“Okay, when do we tell them then?”
“Whenever we want. It’s up to you. I’d like to do it through V App though if that’s okay with you.”
“Well how about we tell them now? Let them know about our little secret.”
“Let’s do it,” you replied, grinning at the thought of finally being able to tell the world about your love for Mark.

He got out his phone and signed into the group’s V App account that allowed them to broadcast live. You both took a deep breath as he clicked the button to start broadcasting. Mark waited for a few people to start watching before he began talking. You weren’t on camera yet, waiting for him to share the news and invite you on screen. 
“Hey guys, I’ve not got much to say right now but there’s something I want to tell you guys,” he explained, translating the message for the non-Korean speaking fans watching so they wouldn’t have to wait for subtitles after he had finished broadcasting. 
“It’s pretty important and I’ve been wanting to share this with you for a little while now. I hope you’ll all continue to support me after this and show a lot of love.” He gestured for you to move closer so that the fans could see you. 
“This is (Y/N). We’ve been in a relationship for a few months and I care about (Y/N) a lot so please give us your love and support.”
“Hi everyone, I’m (Y/N). And don’t worry, I’m not stealing Mark from you at all,” you added giggling as you saw a lot of positive comments flooding in. Everyone was saying how cute you looked together and how attractive you were. Any rude comments were completely overrun by positivity and it fulled you with complete and utter joy to see the support for your’s and Mark’s relationship.


I posted this on a thread, but thought I’d repost here.


They aren’t getting paid, they love providing fans with hours of entertainment, tears, and laughing, til it hurts. I admire these amazing people, more than I can say, BECAUSE they are talented, and as said in the beginning, most have school, kids, jobs, or any combination of all three.

It infuriates me something fierce, when these dedicated individuals are put down, and ripped apart, for doing something they, and their fans love!

Yes, I said THEIR fans, because we may be members of fandom communities, but do you really think that we would read their stuff, if we weren’t fans of their writing, too? Would we sit through huge, multi-chapters fics, like Bell, Book, and Candle, by the fantastic @skittidyne ? Or read smaller ones, like Adventure of a Lifetime, by the always sweet @haikyuuliberos ? How about all the amazing stuff by @ellessey-writes and @esselley ? There’s soo many more I could list, because there are so many amazing fanfic writers out there.

These people deserve respect. Not only are they providing us with great stories, they also provide artists, like me with inspiration for our pieces. Some have even helped me, and who knows how many others, gain the courage to post our work, for others to see. Do you know how amazing it feels to have a writer you admire get excited about your art, or to have them tell you it’s good, and to post it, or even ask to post it for you? It’s beyond words, really.

I know this was long, but they’re wonderful, and deserve praise.

M 💜✌

Also, im working on a fic rec list, to spread the awesomeness of my favourite writers.

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do you know who all the boys are dating? i'd like to follow them on ig if i can :-)

Yes- Matty is dating Gabby Brooks, her insta is here. George is with Caroline Ellis, here, and Adam is dating Carly Holt, who you can find here. Carly is the least known of the three, but she created that insta specifically for public use, and she’s okay with fans following it:) Also, Ross is dating this saxophone player named John, who you can find here

here’s that Pentilyet baseball AU nobody asked for

Fun with WIPs. Also, in honor of the beginning of baseball season.

In which Josephine Montilyet is the new GM for the struggling Frostback City Inquisitors.

“I realize the at the team has had some… messaging issues… between Sera’s trash-talking and Bull being Bull,” Josephine says. “But Tethras is an enormous help; with his charitable work and being as personable as he is, his skill as a catcher is almost beside the point–although the fact that he is in fact a talented one doesn’t hurt. And,” she says, “I think there’s a great deal that can be done with Pentaghast.”

Leliana and Cullen exchange a look. Josephine doens’t miss that, but she continues on.

“An All-Star, a Cy Young recipient, a loyal pitcher for the Inquisitors for years despite being courted by, let’s face it, more World Series-ready teams… there’s a great deal that can be done with that.”

“Yes, obviously,” Leliana says. “But we’ve tried that before.”

“All I found,” Josephine says, “is one bobble head day three years ago. Tethras has had a bobble head and a t-shirt, and has starred in no less than four ad spots over the last five years, and while he’s a fan favorite, it’s still somewhat incomprehensible that he has had two theme days and our star pitcher has only had one.”

Leliana and Cullen exchange another look.

“You see,” Cullen says, “when we had the Cassandra ‘Seeker’ Pentaghast bobble head”–he pauses to make finger quotes around her fan nickname–”when we introduced it to her, she spent the entire meeting, ah…”

Leliana picks up the thread: “Saying nothing, but popping the head off the bobble head, meticulously disassembling it, and leaving all the parts on the table. Carefully arranged in order by size.”

“If we want our star pitcher to stay with the Frostback City Inquisitors and not leave us for, oh, say, the Val Royeaux Lions,” Cullen says, “we’ve considered not… annoying… her to be important.”

“I see,” Josephine says. She flips her folder shut and graces them both with a smile. “Our would-be hometown hero is a tough nut to crack, then.”

That elicits a laugh from Leliana as she pushes her chair back. “Well, if anyone can crack that nut, I suppose it’s you, Josie,” she says.

The Only Exception - Part 6


Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: you don’t believe in romantic love, you find it pathetic. But maybe, you make an exception when you meet James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.

A/N: there is no Bucky in this part, sorry! And the part in italics is the past. Hope you enjoy this one! Of course Bucky will be in the next chapters.

Tags: @supersoldierslover @barnesandnoble13 @vivianbabz @petals-overdaisies @damnbuckyishot  @brazien @siobhanrebecca @shamvictoria11 @independentgirl @elwenia @flaipa

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(Credits to the owner of the gif)

You were texting Wanda, and even though your attention was on your phone, you could feel the eyes of someone on you. You looked at this someone, Albert. He was looking at you with a roguish smile. “What? You are scaring me, Albert! Why are you staring at me like…” you tried to describe his creepy face, but all you said is: “…like that?”

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PART 4 of “Anon, you want the proof? You can’t handle the proof!” AKA Ms. Flute barely coming up for air after three years–still going strong with all that “bestest fan” stuff. You’d think after all this time she would have at least spared Mackenzie…but nope. Not even Sam gets a pass–she manages a dig at him too.

So, there you have it, Anon…it took a 4 part reply to give you a sample–yes that’s not all of the Tweets–of the Flute’s continued assholery in the Outlander fandom.

To think that a person who has said these things about Sam and Cait’s loved ones will come face to face with them at the NYC meet and greet September 30 and act all nice, as if she’s the most supportive fan ever, frankly makes me sick. But, hey, at least Sam and Cait can wince and laugh behind her back that they got a big chunk of money out of her for their charities. The event being for charity is the only thing that’s a consolation.

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Hello from Brazil! I read WS for the first time three weeks ago (stopped my life to do it) and was amazed. You have a talent that I've never seen in fanfic writers. The way you describe things, and how you deeply develop the characters thoughts and personalities and feelings... I can easily say that you are my second favorite writer of all (only after Dan Brown!). Tell me, how can I translate your fics on AO3 to portuguese? Tight hug from a huge fan : * (PS: please turn WS into a book!)

Thank you very much!

Yes - I don’t mind translations as long as permission is granted, credit for the original story is given to me as the author, and a link back to the original work on AO3 is provided.

Thanks for asking!

Hey, you thirsty little shippers! Guess what?


It doesn’t matter if you’re a survivor or not!

It doesn’t matter if you ship as a coping mechanism or not!

It doesn’t matter if you keep your shipping private or not!

It doesn’t matter if you ship things that would be harmful in real life or not!

Ships aren’t “good” or “bad”! Those are ridiculous value judgments imposed on abstract concepts by the simple, squishy brain-matter of beings with limited perspective!

The only thing that matters at all is your behavior as a shipper. Do you respect your fellow fans? Do you give them ways to avoid seeing content that makes them uncomfortable, like using appropriate tags or putting a warning on your blog? Do you understand that what’s okay in fiction may not be okay in reality?

If you can say “yes” to those three questions, congratulations, you’re doing everything you need to do! No matter how awful a ship might seem, it’s not real, and it can only hurt real people through irresponsible or malicious behavior by fans.

It’s kinda like peanuts! Some people like them. Some people think they’re gross. Some people only like peanut butter, not peanuts on their own. Some people are deathly allergic to them! But the peanuts themselves aren’t good or bad - they’re just there, lying to us all like the little jerks they are, calling themselves nuts when they’re actually legumes. The point is, if you want to put some peanuts in food that you intend to share with a lot of strangers, you should let them know it includes peanuts so the people who don’t like them or can’t eat them can avoid that food. But you’re not a bad person for cooking with peanuts just because they could, hypothetically, hurt someone. That’s true for pretty much everything.

- Bill

Firebird - Chapter 11

FINAL PART!  Thank you to everyone who has liked, reblogged, and encouraged this series!  I love you all! :)

word count: ~700

Firebird Series Masterlist - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10

You got to the bakery around 10:30 and let Eva head home, since she had taken care of the morning rush. You quickly got into your routine, smiling the entire time because of memories of the past 24 hours.

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Ship meme: Leon x Chris

notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies

and answer: While I have other preferences for both these guys, I can definitely see this playing out.

  • Who is the most affectionate? Leon cause he is such a tease! He likes seeing Chris get all flustered and stumble over his words. It’s worse when he’s had a drink or two (or three or ten)
  • Big spoon/Little spoon? Chris just likes holding and cuddling. But Leon ain’t having it when he’s had a drink or two (or three or ten)
  • Most common argument? When Chris shouts “God damn it Leon!” you know shit hit the fan! Chris knows what it’s like to have a drinking problem. Seeing Leon struggle with the same addiction would kill him. Chris also has this tendency to think he knows best and his way is the right way. Leon is a guy who does this on his own terms. Both are super alpha, and will bunt heads a lot.
  • Favorite non-sexual activity? Chris does what he can to distract Leon from his addiction and the hardships they deal with. There is nights of binge watching Breaking Bad, and Leon listening to Chris babble about how great the show is.
  • Who is most likely to carry the other? This is what Chris does to get back at Leon for teasing him. Leon doesn’t like looking vulnerable either :)
  • Nicknames?

         Chris: “Lush”

         Leon: “Boss”

  • Who worries the most? After the event of Vendetta, I’m sure Leon’s eyes were open to the situation he was putting himself in. He knew he needed to make a change, but recovering from any addiction is not easy. This is why Chris worries so much.
  • Who tops? As said, they are both alphas. For them, it will depend on the mood they are in and who initiated it. Leon’s teasing gets him into a lot of trouble though. :)
  • Who initiates kisses? Both. That ultimate battle for dominance.
  • Who wakes up first? With Chris having the position he has at the BSAA, he’s always got some kind of work to do. Leon, forget about waking him up. he gets up when he wants to. Work can wait.
  • Who says I love you first? Leon will be the one to take the plunge. Chris is more of a physical kind of person. His love shows in his actions, but Leon will be the one to finalize the deal, but he will say it in a casual way as to not make himself look silly.
a question of boardmates

you’re moving in! where do you want to stay? 

  • most likely to welcome you: pepe (like an excited puppy), marcelo, andoy, goyong, and tonio (who faux-intimidates you, but pepe just says to ignore him lmao)
  • goyong volunteers to show you around, but it’s marcelo who does it with an air of formality
  • first ‘family lunch’ with the whole gang and celo asks your final decision. goyong stands up and sings abba’s ‘take a chance on me.” IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND, I’M THE FIRST IN LINE. HONEY I’M STILL FREE; TAKE A CHANCE ON ME

FIRST FLOOR: La Solidaridad / the ‘golden triumvirate’ ft. antoñito

  1. is it noisy? yes, when graciano and tonio are around
  2. um…how noisy? malas mo gurl pag nagka-‘murahan fest’ yung dalawa ng gabi; hindi ka talaga makakatulog 
  3. perks? you get to be floor mates with the master homemaker and these boys are very passionate when it comes to current events, so may kasama kang magalit with all that’s plaguing inang bayan 
  4. emergency dance party with pepe whO UP ?! *cue a-punk*
  5. graciano and tonio belt the 1975 songs with exaggerated opera voices. fOH CUHRYING AWT LAWHD SETUHL DAWHN


  • the ball of sunshine in the group
  • has a drawer for his cartoon pajamas
  • he started the breakfast-for-dinner thing (with the help of marcelo). like, a plate of hash browns, bowls of cereal with an ice-cream scoop ‘island’ in the middle, cheese omelettes — you name it and he’ll surprise you with his twists
  • doesn’t get sick easily but if he does it’s usually food poisoning
  • currently binge watching: the three musketeers, vikings, and wolf hall. he’s a big fan of historical tv series


  • he cooks for everyone — and by ‘everyone,’ even the magdalo (2nd floor) and magdiwang (3rd floor) boys because he’s the only one who can come up with A+ restaurant quality meals 
  • always scolds graciano for being untidy
  • every sunday before going home to bulacan, he goes through all the rooms just to make sure that the boys are organized with their stuff 


  • don’t mess with his 555 sardines
  • can speak in rapid fire spanish laced with bisayan curse words when provoked and no one really knows how he learned the language but one of pepe’s friends, jose andrade, says that graciano’s not faking it 
  • STAGE MOM — well, he is to his best friends. last event he attended was poetry night at a cafe. pepe had a small piece to perform and graciano forced all the boys to come as support 
  • okay, he loves florida kilos. (actually, his guilty pleasure album is ultraviolence)


  • insisted that he be roommates with pepe but marcelo refused because he knows that the two are always up to no good when they’re together
  • juan visits during the weekend to check on him
  • sends pepe screamers on facebook and the little meme always falls for it 
  • can hold a conversation with literally just swear words but when his mom calls to ask him how he’s doing, tonio transforms into the World’s Most Polite Son
  • is a picky eater. he doesn’t like marcelo’s ‘vegetarian nights’ and his meals must always have a flavored drink (either juice or soda, because water alone is bland for him)

SECOND FLOOR: Magdalo / miong, poli, goyong

  1. is it noisy? nope, unless may kasamang girlaloo si goyong (study partner daw)
  2. perks? um…may kanya-kanya silang mundo? the only time mabubulabog ka is pag nag-inspect ng rooms si momcelo
  3. minsan kakatukin ka ni goyong para magpa-tutor (or mangopya, if you two happen to be in the same program)
  4. [from ‘the true decalogue’] curfew in magdalo is 11:30 PM


  • actually a quiet lad; mas madaldal pa si poli when he gets worked up
  • sometimes he joins andoy and jacinto in their jam sessions (he has an acoustic fender)
  • is roommates with poli and they share the same bed so the latter would just nudge or poke him if he needs something 
  • he and the magdiwang boys help marcelo clean up after family dinner 
  • when marcelo has to stay late at uni for his chief editor duties, miong orders for the fam; he’s like the phil dunphy of the household
  • his favorite film is ‘where the wild things are’ 


  • a bit territorial, even if he hates to admit it
  • when he’s really busy, poli can go a day without eating anything. but of course miong wouldn’t ever let that happen, so he prepares finger food (mostly vegetables and fruits) and munches beside the batangueño until he’s tempted to take a break and eat
  • picky as well; but unlike tonio who just passive-aggressively says “hay naku,” he has meals solely for him. don’t get annoyed though — the boy has allergies kaya he’s only allowed certain foods 
  • wrote ‘the true decalogue,’ also known as the house rules na hindi naman sinusunod
  • listens to tame impala while studying !!! (nahawa ni goyong). be above it is totally poli


  • at uni, he’s everyone’s ultimate crush. but at home, he’s pepe’s go-to conspiracy theory guy and maginhawa mate. he dances to weight of living, pt. ii with graciano, and is always up for outbreak zombie run with tonio (one time nadapa si luna hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)
  • “UGGGHHH sana magpalit na lang kami ni marcelo ng room.” — yup, goyong loves hanging out with the solidaridad boys but he doesn’t want to bring up the topic of switching and hurt miong’s feelings. awtsu
  • you’ll probably like his room. it’s like an indie record shop paradise. also, the ‘do not disturb’ sign is up right now because he is writing a heartfelt review of two door cinema club’s ‘beacon’
  • created a jeje group chat with tonio, graciano, pepe, and jacinto (who usually just seenzones them all). goyong is “bh0sxz-hEnerAAAhhhL”

THIRD FLOOR: Magdiwang / andoy, jacinto

  2. um…okay…perks? first of all, no curfew and hindi madalas si marcelo rito. it’s like an art penthouse up here
  3. it’s only andoy and jacinto, so if you decide to stay with them they’ll make sure that you don’t feel out of place
  4. they blast curated songs while doing uni reqs, or just lying around fiddling with their phones 


  • K U Y A af. he’s the one who mediates kapag nagkaka-screaming match sina tonio and pepe (…they can be that childish) o di kaya pag may nakaaway nanamang telemarketer si graciano
  • he can actually cook but he’s too shy to offer marcelo some help; parang ‘inangkin’ na rin kasi ni celo yung role. andoy doesn’t want to steal someone’s thunder
  • the designated household grocery shopper. he actually has an sm advantage card (“in a way, ang #nanaycore mo na rin.” — excerpt from goyong’s congratulatory text after andoy won a gift certificate in the mall raffle)
  • willing to tutor any of his boardmates. usually his tutees are goyong and jacinto 


  • smol son; youngest in the household
  • is called ‘emilyoung’ by andoy and goyong

Goyong: “Yes naman, may inside joke na tayo.” 
Jacinto: “No, Goyong. Stop.”
— Goyong and Jacinto’s Relationship: A Summary

  • is he just like poli? The World Will Never Know *jacinto_sullen_look.jpg*   — goyong’s tweet (he is @BOYGENERAL)
  • jacinto just doesn’t get why goyong is so fond of him ???
  • he loves george harrison’s solo work (and a little bit of ringo too)

Now that I have your attention don’t run away because I HAVE A THEORY about Reibert that… well, I think it’s pretty clear.

Parental advisory(?): This piece of shit contains spoilers from chapter 72 & 74 of SNK, which you can read HERE, thanks to Crunchyroll.

So, the theory begins:

In chapter 72 we all Reibert fans were dissapointed because, well, they had separate tents:

I like reminding you the suffering.

When that came out, I said like a joke that “maybe the ape titan was with them so Reiner and Bert actually slept together”. I said it right here so you can look at the date.

And theeeeen, after chapter 73, we had chapter 74 and something that support my “joke”. And that is nothing but Armin. Yes, our cute Armin confirmed Reibert. How? See:

Here Armin says there were three cups on the floor. We suppose nobody uses two cups, and we are right because then Armin says “there were more than two people on the top of the wall”, what is more important than it seems.

WHY? Because they are confirming not that there were three people drinking but ON TOP OF THE WALL, what means that when Reiner and Bert were seeing that beautiful sunset in chapter 72, they had company, as I don’t think the Ape titan left days ago for looking for titans to attack, with just a few hours (and considering they didn’t exactly know at what time the SC would arrive), should have been enough, because we have seen before that titans calls for other titans are quick.

And so, Reibert is canon and nobody can say otherwise. Enjoy, cute reibert fans! It’s a day to remember! <3

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I want to ask you about jensen ackles and what the homophobia thing is about? like he seems to be very lgtb supportive lately but is there any real evidence of him being a homo phobe? not hating by the way, sincerely curious about why this has always been a topic in the fandom

Hey! :’)

So, do you ever get a question in your inbox and you’re like; OH LORD NO, I DON’T WANNA TOUCH THIS WITH A TEN FOOT POLE?

This is that question.

First of all, I’m going to leave Destiel completely out of it, because otherwise y’all are gonna be shouting ‘BIAS’ faster than I can publish this message.

Look, I think that if you’re asking for anything ‘concrete’, outside of him having said that certain things weren’t ‘manly’ (this kind of macho behavior doesn’t necessarily equal homophobia), there are two things that really stand out.

The thing is, the first one is questionable. It’s about the fan who brought up being bi, and hinted that she related to Dean because of it. The audience was booing her loudly, and Jensen said something along the lines of ‘don’t ruin it for everyone’.

This article pretty much covers that side of the argument:

But then later on, the girl who asked the question made a post about how it was all a misunderstanding, and that what Jensen said wasn’t aimed at her. She was upset because of the audience booing her, but she claimed that Jensen hadn’t even properly heard the question, and that he was just randomly talking to the audience to entertain them while the staff discussed whether or not to let her finish said question.

In the end they decided to not let her finish (staff, not Jensen), because they wanted to keep the panel ‘fun and light’ and this was changing the entire atmosphere (idk who the ones booing were though; homophobes? Bibros? Leaving that open.) Either way, the girl stated that the only thing humiliating about it was the audience, but that Jensen barely knew what was going on. You can still read her post here: Click!

Not much later fans were already questioning if it was truly her posting it, some saying that if it was her, she might have done it only to not aggravate Jensen fans/bibros in the fandom.

But again, all of this is speculation. The video is pretty vague, and it’ll probably forever remain a mystery what truly went down. Which is why I find it hard to use it as an argument for this, because the stories are so conflicting.

The second thing that probably stands out to most people, was the quote about Brokeback Mountain:

Someone asked Jensen if he would ever do a cowboy movie.

Jensen’s reply was: “I would say yes, but then Brokeback Mountain came out, and my desire to do a cowboy film completely tanked.

Which roughly translates to; Oh yeah, I love cowboy movies, I’d do it in a heartbeat, but then this one cowboy movie including a homosexual romance happened, and it has stained my view of these kind of movies forever.

Of course you can argue that he happened to mention that one cowboy movie because he simply disliked it for the plot/the acting/whatever. But if you’re not overanalyzing it, I completely understand why that comment would sound rather homophobic to people.

Now, whenever we reach this point in the conversation, everyone brings up Jensen’s gay aunt and a whole other discussion starts; can you be homophobic or make homophobic comments even though you’re close to someone who is actually gay? (The answer is yes, in case you wondered, but I’m not stating that this applies to Jensen though.) Or what’s being brought up is Jensen in the past playing a character that was strongly hinted to be bisexual. And everyone discussing ‘does it matter, does it not’. 

Anyhow, this being said; please keep in mind that all of these things happened over three years ago. Whether you’re a Jensen fan or not, I think that it doesn’t take an expert to see that the guy has changed a lot over the past few years. How he interacts with fans, how he’s more comfortable in his own skin, how he’s more open and understanding, is willing to share more of himself, and is clearly enjoying himself more at conventions now that he feels more connected to the fandom.

And that doesn’t mean that you immediately have to be cool with every possible problematic thing he’s ever said, but I’m the kind of person that believes that people can grow. I believe that they can be educated  and change for the better with the right support.

And I don’t want to say it out loud, because I don’t want to be /that person/  that makes this post about /that thing/, but if you honestly think about it, it isn’t hard to guess where this influence is coming from in Jensen’s case. Being more open, trying to understand the fans and the fandom, trying to understand others and be kind to them even though you might think they’re ‘different’, and because you take the time to understand them, being able to see their points of view and supporting them. Supporting the things that matter to them, and in return they will give back and support you and your beliefs as well. Speaking out to everything that isn’t right in the world, supporting groups that need celebrities to be their voice because otherwise they won’t be heard… Helping the fandom by helping to set up this project that reaches out to fans who are struggling with mental health and other problems.

Because if we’re going to leave all of the shipper-y/tinhatting/hateful nonsense behind for once, and we’re just going to look at them as two human beings, and we’re going to be honest about it, it’s not hard to tell that Jensen looks up to him A LOT.

And if we’re going to look the other way around; considering the kind of person that Misha is, he has little tolerance for people who hate on others because of who they are (his recent vendetta against Trump tells you all), he holds the LGTB+ community dear, and although I don’t doubt that the guy would be able to remain professional and tolerate someone with these kind of views for the sake of having to work together, you can clearly see that he not just tolerates but absolutely ADORES Jensen. So I’m having trouble believing that Misha would become this close with someone/value someone this much, if he didn’t know deep down that this person’s heart was in the right place. That this person just needed someone to guide them a little bit and show them some different points of view to make them understand what’s up and what matters.

This week alone, is proof that Jensen might genuinely have changed his views.

Jensen could’ve made a clinical tweet about the Orlando shooting (ala Trump) as his duty as a celebrity, but instead he chose to join the many people who were hurting in changing his icon to the gay pride flag, later on posting a selfie and again mentioning all of the victims in Orlando and dedicating it to them.

When someone wanted him to wear the bi flag in a photo op this weekend, and the fan explained him that it was about bisexual Dean, a very popular headcanon in the fandom that means something to a lot of fans, he said ‘sure let’s do it’, and he’s even looking positive and confident in the photo op, not doing the infamous ‘grumpy face’ or something along those lines. [Phoenix con 2016]

And I get it, us humans we always go for one extreme or the other, and the fandom has always been divided into fans who absolutely demonize the guy, and fans who put the guy on a freaking golden pedestal; there is no in between when it comes to Jensen Ackles.

Me, I like to see him as a human being. A human being that screws up, sometimes says the wrong thing, sometimes is a douchebag because he blabs without thinking, like we all do at times. (Lord knows I do.)

But also a human being who’s made an impact on a lot of fans, has made many girls who felt insecure about their looks feel special during photo ops, and has definitely made an effort to open his heart to the fandom, and with that to the things that they stand for, thus supporting those things.

(PS: Whoever sent me this question, just letting you know that you’re driving me to drink, LMAO.)

so @onyourleft-birdboy and I were talking about Tim always having the greatest of hiding spots, and that one time he managed to scare Bruce and it was his greatest moment to date and he always talks about it like

“Bruce remember that time I scared you?”

“Tim that was literally fifteen minutes ago.”

“Yeah but remember?”

and Tim caught the moment on film, and has copy after copy of it. he’ll play it in the Watchtower in front of all the other heroes whenever Bruce pisses him off (which is a lot), and Bruce can’t turn it off dammit because Babs is totally helping Tim keep it on screen. so the whole JL gets to watch the Batman jump nearly three feet in the air over and over again.

they all find it so funny (especially Hal like Tim is his favorite batchild now) and they’re always high-fiving Tim when they see him and he’s just beaming under all the attention. Bruce is like “can you guys not?”

he eventually gets a little fed up (especially with Hal freaking Jordan) and-

“Tim. I’ll build you a car no two cars if you manage to spook Hal.”

“So you’re bribing me to betray my newfound fan?”